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WOW so many announcements today!! ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶ the concert was Amazing and p3dan + p5dan + pq2!!!! i can’t believe p3 actually got a dance spinoff im so excited to hear the remixes and see everyone is HD!! and pq2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here’s to hoping atlus shows our girl ham some love!

I started learning how to draw persona style back around p4dan so I could fake some p3dan art, and now min has an official one and here I am doing it for ham again!! I’ve improved a lot with it since then, so im super happy!!!

another question on my mind: will miku be returning to persona? 

a sighting!

just kidding :P but lol srsly i wonder if we’ll end up seeing miku again…

please do NOT re-upload / edit my art (both above) or remove my caption, thanks!!


For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have recovered it and made it your own… You will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart.


I was watching all three lord of the rings movies (extended edition) today and I had a fucking ridiculous thought.

What if cas comes back Gandalf-style?!

He passes through the shadows and comes back as Castiel the White. Complete with white suit, white trenchcoat and white dress shoes.

No, wait. That would basically make him endverse!lucife! That would be so wrong …

But then another thought struck me.

When Gandalf came back and Aragorn said that they thought he was saruman, Gandalf replied: “I am Saruman.  Rather, Saruman as he should have been.”

So if, in this analogy, Lucifer is Saruman and Castiel is Gandalf, Castiel is Lucifer as he should have been.

Think about it. The Istari were send to middle-earth to protect and guide it. Saruman to strayed from that path when he aligned himself with Sauron.

Gandalf is the only one who stuck to the original mission and guess what? So is cas. (Loving humanity and all that)

I guess what I’m saying here is: I want them to make even worse wardrobe choices for Cas for the sake of symbolism.



I decided to do a little throwback and switch up my collage style like what I used to do back in the day. (I say like I’ve been editing for 30 years when it’s not even been a year yet what am I doing.) I might do more edits like this or kinda veer off the beaten path, just because I’m kinda tired of the same moodboard/aesthetic formula. I could keep making them forever and you guys would probably be fine with it but I’m up for a challenge DAMMIT. XD Let’s just see where this goes. I’m also just realizing how long this caption is. +100 points to anyone who read the whole thing, you’re the real MVP.


Welcome back– officially for Generation 1 of the Ivy Legacy!

Thank you for your patience on my hiatus. <3 

I needed some time off, to clear my head and destress and of course to focus on finals, too. 

Posts will be coming v v soon :) Figured I’d introduce to gang with these super cute family photos, which are all thanks to the pose making magic powers of my bb @shysimblr <333 

If you can’t already tell by the twins’ age, there’s been a bit of a time jump! ;)

Also, I am trying out some new editing styles and posting styles, so, bear with me <3 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy what Gen 1 has in store, and I hope you love these lil kiddos as much as I do :D

Dale Pike: Script End Scene

Sharing this for those who may have read the script and are wondering about its legitimacy.  

The script from Dale Pike is written by Dale.  In addition to Dale having said that they had written it, the end scene is different from the style which is used by the BBC Writers.  

Each BBC Writer has their own unique way of ending a scene.  It is kind of like a signature in a way.  Just a little unique touch.  The following are screenshots from the scripts released by BBC.

Steven Moffat: End Titles

Steve Thompson: Black Out, End of Episode #

Mark Gatiss: End

Dale Pike: Fade Out., End of episode.

The end scene does not match the end style of the other BBC writers. 

The scripts released by BBC were released after Dale had written their script and they did not go back and edit their script to make it match that of the BBC writers.  That said, Dale went through a lot of trouble to produce this script and make it look like it was real, but it was indeed writen by them. 

They are a good writer, and I am disappointed to see that skill having been used in this way.  The script could have been released on AO3 as a fanfic and people could have enjoyed it without it being implied and posted as something it is not.  I am glad Dale came out in the end as it indeed being written by them, but I think it is important to show proof as well for those who may still be questioning it  so am sharing this.

Also for those who may be on the fringes; @loudest-subtext-in-tv and @ivyblossom are both extremely well known Sherlock fans.  Loudest is a meta writer, and Ivy is an exceedingly skilled fan writer.  Dale Pike had gone onto twitter and then proceeded to create two Twitter accounts that pretend to be Loudest and Ivy.  The twitters were “loudestTubSext” and “IvyBlosom”.  They then linked to the real Loudest’ old defunct tumblr and claimed to own it. They do not. The real loudest lost her old tumblr name some time ago and that is why the end of their name is now “TV”.   Every now and again posts under the “television” name will cycle through tumblr.  It belongs to TV, not Dale.

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Come back

I had run and not looked back. I couldn’t , it was just to painful to look at the face that swore never to be tray me. His eyes used to be so gentle and kind. Glistening with any light that hit them.

Then he told me the truth. About it all, what he had done and made me believe. He told me I was nothing but a bet before.

“(Y/N)! Wait please let me explain!” His voice felt like an echo banging on the inside of my head. He shouted my name over and over. I was not so sure how far Harry was willingly to run after me for.

I was wheezing and had to stop to hold my rib cage. A sharp pain shot through my abdomen and it wouldn’t go away. I was not a runner obviously if you could tell.

“(Y/N) you have to let me explain everything,” Harry had caught up to me already, “ you need to let me finish. You were a bet yes I know it was idiotic and stupid. Not to mention selfish, but I swear to you on all things I love, I ended up falling in love with you.”

Tears were forming at my eyes because of the pain and the boy standing right in front of me. I couldn’t speak. I just listened hoping he would just leave me alone.

“I promise you the love was never fake. I loved you from day one when I got to know you. And every day on. You have to believe me.”

And finally I had something to say to him. I stood up straight and got right up in his face. Looking in his eyes, “ If you loved me from day one you would’ve been honest with me! Do you know how stupid and embarrassed I feel? No, you don’t because you’re an ignorant boy.”

Harry stood quiet as I tried to catch my breathe once again.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). I really am. I love you.” I turned my back to him. I needed to find someone that I want to be with , and they want to be with me.

“Well I don’t. Not anymore Harry.” With that I ran off again ignoring all of his calls. For this would be the last day I spent with my so called prince. Something he would never be to me again.

If I Could Fly | Louis Tomlinson

A/N: Track 6 out of 17.  From my Made In The A.M. (Deluxe Edition) Series! Find the rest of the songs on my Masterlist!

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Fat snowflakes float down to the already coated ground, building on the depth. I try to run to get to the perfect spot, but my boots keep getting stuck with each step I take, making me almost lose my balance a couple of times. A heavy knitted scarf is wrapped around my neck, and a beanie is placed snug on my head. I love the snow. I love the things you can make with it and the fun it brings the snowball fights, sledding, skiing, snow angels. I love being trapped in the warm house and watching it fall. I love how beautiful it looks. How it sparkles in the sunlight, making it look like billions of diamonds instead of frozen water coating the grass.

However, the snow can’t compare to the beautiful girl struggling to keep up with me. Her head is bowed low, trying to keep the flakes out of her eyes and her arms crossed to keep her turquoise pea coat closed. I look back at her and smile. She hates the snow, but she insisted that she would stick it out just for me. That’s one of the many things I love about her. Her heart is full of kindness, always so giving and cheery. She always wants to make people feel special even if it risks her own happiness. I’ve never met someone who cares so much for the human race.

That’s why I fell in love her, only she doesn’t know it yet. That’s why I’m going to tell her, on this lovely December afternoon, under my favorite maple tree, right next to the snowman we built yesterday.

“Why are you dragging me out here? Didn’t you have fun yesterday?”

This makes me chuckle. “I always have a good time with you, but just come on! It’s right over there.” She groans and keeps following me, stepping in my footprints like a little kid.

When we reach the tree, the branches are caked with snow. It almost looks like a Hallmark greeting card. Our snowman still stands, his top hat is dusted with white and his carrot nose is a little crooked, so I fix it. She leans against the tree, arms still crossed. “This scarf is a little off, too.” I twist it around, so the tied part hangs in the front.

I walk over and lean against the tree, too, looking out at the rest of the park. Not too many other people are out right now. Wouldn’t surprise me though, it’s almost five, and the weather isn’t exactly favorited by others. “What did you bring me out here for Lou?” She asks again, her teeth chattering together.

Looking over, I see her eyes on mine. Rogue flakes are stuck in her hair. I bite my lip nervously. “I brought you out here because I-I wanted to say that..” My sea green eyes avert to the ground.

“You okay?” She asks a hint of amusement in her voice.

I flick my head back up and say it with the utmost confidence. “I’m in love with you, (Y/N)… I have been for a while, and I really didn’t know how to tell you.” She stares at me, eyes wide. “I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving for another tour without telling you how I feel. There are so many things that made me fall for you. All the things that you do.” I smile, my eyes watering from overwhelming emotion. “I just love you, okay?”

“Okay,” She says softly with a huge smile then plants her feather-soft lips on mine. I’ve been waiting for that for so long. It’s everything I imagined it would be and more. My hands lace around the small of her back tugging her closer to me while her tiny hands rest at the base of my shoulders. I smile in the kiss and pull away, resting her forehead on mine.

“I love you, Louis.” She whispers, her breaths of air visible from the cold.

“And I you,” I say. “I have to ask, will you be mine, love? I’ll feel better knowing that when I leave for tour that I’m yours.” I gathered her in my arms in a tight bear hug, planting pecks all over her face as she laughed.

She said yes.

These past five years have been the best I’ve ever had besides the ones I’ve spent with the boys. Sure, we’ve had some rough patches like every couple, but we’ve worked through everything because that’s what strong relationships do. We talk out our problems instead of shoving them aside. I know it’s hard for her with me being away for such long periods of time. I call her when I can and Skype with her so I can see her beautiful face again. However, when you see her sitting on the bed you share, on the verge of tears when she says how much she misses you and there’s not a single thing you can do about it; it’s tearing me into a million pieces.

It doesn’t help that every single tabloid in the world wants nothing to do, but kill your career and your flourishing love life. Lies spread on every single magazine and website. I absolutely hate it. I tell her all the time not to believe them, but sometimes she gets a little paranoid about them. I am hers and only hers. I haven’t looked at another woman like that since she became mine all those years ago.

Today is our six year anniversary, and I have quite the evening planned for the two of us. Since we just wrapped up our latest tour, I managed to get home just in time for it. “You’ll sure she’ll like this?” Liam asks me as he adjusts his bow tie.

“I sure hope so, even though she is a girl of simplicity.” I always go all out for this special day. Whether it’s a thousand roses, a fancy dinner, I always want to impress my lady. This year, I decided to celebrate where I first asked her to be my girlfriend; the huge maple tree in the park. The boys helped me decorate it with Christmas lights, so it sparkles like it did in the winter. I also rented out the whole place and had a grand piano and three microphones delivered to sit right beside the old thing. Petals of red roses are sprinkled across the top of it and lead right to the spot where the boys and I are.

I look at my watch and check the time, almost six o’ clock. “Where’s your girlfriend Niall?”

He shrugs his shoulders and adjusts his Irish stripped mic on the stand. “She’ll be here. You know she’s fashionably late a lot.”

My leg starts bouncing as I wait impatiently, sitting at the piano. Anxious to just start playing those keys for her. A hand comes down on my shoulder, and I look up to see Harry giving me a half smile. “You look nervous, but she’ll love it mate. Trust me.” I give him a curious look. “Since it’s you, she’ll love it.” His green eyes flick up, and he pats my shoulder again. “She’s here.”

He walks back over to his mic stand, and I turn and see her standing with her best friend; she wears a wine colored dress that cascades down to the floor. Her brown hair is curled loosely around her shoulders.

Absolutely breathtaking.

She opens her mouth to speak, but I hold out a finger to stop her, eager to get started. “First, I’d like to say that I love you and happy anniversary. Just listen.”

My fingers start playing the keys gracefully, and the boys start to sing each of their parts.

“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you.

I think I might give up everything just ask me to.”

“Pay attention, I hope that you’re listening cause I let my guard down, right now I’m completely defenseless.”

“For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only.”

“I’ve got scars even though they always can’t be seen. Pain get hard, but now you’re here, and I don’t feel a thing.” I glance over at her and smile after my verse. Her eyes glisten like the lights above her. I love her.

“Pay attention, I hope that you’re listening cause I let my guard down. Right now I’m completely defenseless.”

“For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only.

"I can feel your heart inside of mine; I feel it, I feel it. I’ve been going out of my mind; I feel it, I feel it. Know that I’m just wasting time and I hope that you don’t run from me.”

“For your eyes only,”

“I show you my heart.”

“For when you’re lonely,”

“And forget who you are.”

“I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only, I show you my heart for when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart; now you know me for your eyes only. For your eyes only. For your eyes only.”

The last note rings on my fingers then I stand up. “Thank you, boys.” They nod in acknowledgment, and I walk over to her. Tears are falling down her cheeks, she quickly wipes them away with her hand. I kiss her forehead, then I drop to one knee, finally pulling out the velvety black box I had stored in my tuxedo jacket. She lets out a gasp, her hands fly to her mouth. “(Y/N), you know I love you more than anything and that I’d do absolutely anything for you. You’re probably the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, and I love everything about you. So I’m asking you to marry me, love. Will you?” I tip open the lid, revealing the ring.

I happily slide it on her finger and kiss her with as much passion as I can muster. I hear the boys and her friend cheering behind us.

She said yes, again.

A year later, and we are back at that same maple tree under the same lights with the same people plus a few. I’m currently face-to-face with my beautiful bride, smiling uncontrollably. We just finished saying our vows, and the preacher has asked the most important question, starting with myself. “Louis, will you take (Y/N) to be your lawfully wedded wife?” My eyes drift down her body, and my smile grows. She looked damn good in that wine colored dress, but she looks even better in white. “I do,”

“And do you, (Y/N), take Louis to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

I love her.

“I do,” She says and giggles.

“Then I now present to your ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson!” Our attendees cheer at their loudest, and I give her a tender kiss or two or three, then take her hand in mine and walk down the aisle to the limo waiting on the curb.

Instead of yes, she’s said I do, and that’s the most precious thing she’s ever said to me.


Hey all!

After an EXTREMELY LONG HIATUS, I am back in the habit of writing an illustrating for Ironbeak’s Journal again. So where are the new entries? Well, this week, they are actually … the old entries. I’ve been doing some editing of art and writing on the first 30 or so entries to bring them in line with the style of the more recent ones (the ones where I’ve actually planned out what I’m doing in advance and have a better handle on what Ironbeak looks and sounds like).

And I’ll be continuing to edit art and text through tomorrow.

Most of the text edits are minor, but I wanted to assure anyone who’s rereading and has a really good memory that they aren’t going crazy. The only major overhaul of an entry occurred with Log 20: The Reading Room, which is now quite a bit different to bring it in line with the lore I’ve decided on for the Glitch.

Here’s the old version for your enjoyment (or not–I always wanted to redo this one cause it bothered me, lol).

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scrapping the bvs and civil war post and gonna make a suicide squad + editing post bc i keep going into the tags and seeing variations of ~the editing was a mistake~ is really weird to me. not bc people dislike it but bc there are people out there who really think filmmakers just vomit out the content they spent YEARS developing and constructing. 

EVERY. SINGLE. EDITING. CUT. IS. 100%. DELIBERATE. TO. ILLICIT. RESPONSE. whether a movie is good or bad bc of the editing is all in the eye of the beholder, but to say that the filmmakers somehow edited wrong? lol what? continuity is one thing. but i guarantee the editing was grueling and illuminating for ayer. I can surmise that from two things: the interviews where he said that the movie he started with wasn’t the movie that came out in the end and the novelization, if it was an adaptation of the earlier scripts, it really shows how ayer ended up prioritizing certain characters and plots. the movie begins with deadshot, harley and amanda, with the music as thematic unifying markers (that is sustained throughout the movie), and it ends with harley and deadshot being the primary players in enchantress’s fall, and amanda putting them all back in prison. u really think this wasn’t a deliberate choice to prioritize characters. u really think floyd looking out that small box at griggs and the close up and the editing back and forth isn’t a CHOICE to show how literal boxed in deadshot is, how little power he has? come on. 

at times suicide squad’s editing makes you feel disoriented, uncomfortable, claustrophobic and it distorts time. hmmmmm. i wonder why a movie about incarcerated unrepentant criminals who wish nothing more than to escape the hellhole situation they’re a part visualizes and conceptualizes those feelings? 

i’ll go into it when i write it, but i am familiar with ayer’s style and know his work. he’s more prone to fluidity (like tracking, handheld shots) and stillness. this tells me even more that the editing for suicide squad was deliberately experimental and counter to the normal superhero conventions. 

I have a lot to say about Supergirl Season 2 apparently! It’s probably going to end up being around 20 minutes long and I am both incredibly anxious and excited to piece it all together. I’m almost finished with the initial edit and then comes the fun task of adding in all the scenes, pictures and other fun things I mention in the video - so expect the Supercorp bridal style carry in all it’s beautiful glory.

As a fair warning if you like Mon-El and/or Karamel don’t watch it, I spend a while dragging him and the relationship to pieces.

^ this is one of the many faces I make when talking about him. Anyway back to editing!

anonymous asked:

Oh my god how did you do the neon sign in the second to last image from that last Elektra edit you posted??

it was SUCH  a bitch to do i am so glad someone thinks it looks like neon because i wasnt sure sjhdkjhka but ANYWAY it’s just a lot of layer styles so im just gonna post my settings. u get layer styles by double clicking the layer you want them on along the sidebar. also if this doesnt make any fucking sense at all which it probably wont because it was a lot of trial and error for me and looking at other neon type graphics, come back to me and i’ll just upload a psd so you can just change stuff and keep my original settings 

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And today’s AU of the day from the iwaoi thirst squad @tei-gen and @crossbelladonna is Corpse bride AU (happy end edition because I am the biggest dweeb)

(I just wanted,,,bokuaka to do that piano duet scene,, but I forgot about the angst ending whoops ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽)