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Welcome back– officially for Generation 1 of the Ivy Legacy!

Thank you for your patience on my hiatus. <3 

I needed some time off, to clear my head and destress and of course to focus on finals, too. 

Posts will be coming v v soon :) Figured I’d introduce to gang with these super cute family photos, which are all thanks to the pose making magic powers of my bb @shysimblr <333 

If you can’t already tell by the twins’ age, there’s been a bit of a time jump! ;)

Also, I am trying out some new editing styles and posting styles, so, bear with me <3 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy what Gen 1 has in store, and I hope you love these lil kiddos as much as I do :D

Dale Pike: Script End Scene

Sharing this for those who may have read the script and are wondering about its legitimacy.  

The script from Dale Pike is written by Dale.  In addition to Dale having said that they had written it, the end scene is different from the style which is used by the BBC Writers.  

Each BBC Writer has their own unique way of ending a scene.  It is kind of like a signature in a way.  Just a little unique touch.  The following are screenshots from the scripts released by BBC.

Steven Moffat: End Titles

Steve Thompson: Black Out, End of Episode #

Mark Gatiss: End

Dale Pike: Fade Out., End of episode.

The end scene does not match the end style of the other BBC writers. 

The scripts released by BBC were released after Dale had written their script and they did not go back and edit their script to make it match that of the BBC writers.  That said, Dale went through a lot of trouble to produce this script and make it look like it was real, but it was indeed writen by them. 

They are a good writer, and I am disappointed to see that skill having been used in this way.  The script could have been released on AO3 as a fanfic and people could have enjoyed it without it being implied and posted as something it is not.  I am glad Dale came out in the end as it indeed being written by them, but I think it is important to show proof as well for those who may still be questioning it  so am sharing this.

Also for those who may be on the fringes; @loudest-subtext-in-tv and @ivyblossom are both extremely well known Sherlock fans.  Loudest is a meta writer, and Ivy is an exceedingly skilled fan writer.  Dale Pike had gone onto twitter and then proceeded to create two Twitter accounts that pretend to be Loudest and Ivy.  The twitters were “loudestTubSext” and “IvyBlosom”.  They then linked to the real Loudest’ old defunct tumblr and claimed to own it. They do not. The real loudest lost her old tumblr name some time ago and that is why the end of their name is now “TV”.   Every now and again posts under the “television” name will cycle through tumblr.  It belongs to TV, not Dale.

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a five year retrospective

I was looking at my archives this morning and the realization came to me that I have been posting and showing my photographs on Tumblr for over 5 years! Since December of 2011 to be exact. 

I am not shooting very much right now as I have been mired in inertia for the past 3 months. The good news is I am heading out on a road trip to Saline Valley in less than two weeks. Unlike the last time I was there in October, when I did nothing except to soak naked in a hot tub for 3 days (seriously it was both liberating and relaxing), I do plan to practice some photography, hike, explore and maybe travel off road to the Devil’s Racetrack Playa on one of the days.

Why then a Retrospective of my work?

Personally, I think every photographer should look back at their work regularly and frequently. My belief in this was formed and founded in a quote from Annie Leibovitz that was first published in an article about her that appeared in Fast Company Magazine:

“Those who want to be serious photographers, you’re really going to have to edit your work. You’re going to have to understand what you’re doing. You’re going to have to not just shoot, shoot, shoot. To stop and look at your work is the most important thing you can do.” -Annie Leibovitz

This quote has stuck with me for years and I do regularly look back at some of my older work as part of a critical self exam. Am I growing or stagnant? Is my style changing? Is this good or is it total crap? Am I over processing the photograph? Is it still real? Each and every photographer will have his or her own criteria and questions.

The difference this time is I will be looking back at my older work with you my followers. Let’s face it nobody looks back at anyone’s archives for more than a few minutes at a time on Tumblr and maybe this will bore everyone and all my followers will dump me and run for cover. Or maybe you will enjoy the ride and others may follow.

As part of the exercise I will make a comment or two on each photograph and maybe give you some personal insight as to what I was thinking when I took the photo, edited it and whether I still like it…or not. 

Please feel free to comment?


‘Someday Someday’ :: Tumblr Edition, #15

“Okay,” Harry stood close behind me in the small ice cream shop, his hand hanging at my side but not resting on it as we investigated the cabinet, “Choc­-peanut is good if you’re a peanut girl. Or mint choc­-chip is fantastic … Hokey pokey is a standard. I’ve had that blueberry white­ chocolate one before—”

“—You’re a chocolate person,” I observed, craning my head back to look at him.

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paperjam-bipper  asked:

(1/2)concept because your tags on that gifset made me laugh: moana and maui are going off against some baddies back-to-back style like they're used to. there's not that many, so the threat isn't that big, which is why maui is very confused (and lowkey panicking) when he hears the sound of moana dropping to the deck behind him. He turns to check on her only to find that she wore herself out so much fighting that she literally collapsed from exhasution.

Did you mean like this? ;)

Maui’s fought beasts before, monsters of the type that humanity can’t even fathom - crabs with hundreds of legs, jellyfish with thousands of stingers and arms that could loop around Motunui three times and still have venomous thread to spare. Beasts like those belong in the deep, deep sea, far from mortals and even farther from wayward boats held together only by wood, rope and seafaring determination.

This - octopus or squid, one of the two, Maui’s focused way more on the tentacles than the actual head - has entirely too many legs. He’s going to have words with Tagaloa once this fight is over, because honestly this is an ungodly number of limbs on any creature, especially one that can survive so close to the surface. Stinging suckers by the thousands and an apparent insensitivity to sunlight? That’s where Maui draws the line. If it takes him, the Demigod of the Wind and Sea, more than a couple hours to beat it, it’s too powerful.

At least Moana’s enjoying herself. She’s swinging the oar down with so much force (even though he’s personally and painfully aware that she does not, in fact, sharpen her oar) that she has on a few occasions severed a limb or three. Then, even if it doesn’t come quite all the way off, she leaves a sizable dent in the offending leg, and that’s good enough for him. Also good enough for the creature to rear back for a few seconds, giving Maui enough time to drive the pointed edge of his hook into the nearest sucker.

Another thing to talk to Tagaloa about - purple blood on monsters? Bad idea. The artful splatters clash horribly with the bright green of his lavalava, and he really doesn’t appreciate the look.

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For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have recovered it and made it your own… You will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart.


And today’s AU of the day from the iwaoi thirst squad @tei-gen and @crossbelladonna is Corpse bride AU (happy end edition because I am the biggest dweeb)

(I just wanted,,,bokuaka to do that piano duet scene,, but I forgot about the angst ending whoops ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽)

Free Commission!

Hi Guys!

I know I have been super inactive the past month! I have been so busy with school work, that acnl had to take a backseat. From Aug to April I was doing my very first animation project which took up 70% of my time! But now that it is the summer semester, I have more time for stuff and I have decided to do commissions weeeeeeeee

I want to do acnl commissions for this community. So I am looking for a mayor character to draw so that I can put it on a pricing list. This is to show how much it costs for which stage or level of rendering.

And I thought I would offer it to anyone who wants their mayor drawn :D And yes, I will be doing this for free to anyone who wants it.

But I kinda want to select a nice-looking mayor to draw,, so yes! I will be looking for a mayor with a good colour scheme and nice matching of clothes and hair etc

Just reblog like, and I’ll visit your blog and look for a picture of your mayor!


Thanks everibudi :3

Edit: people are assuming that I’m drawing their mayor like how I did it in the picture above. But actually, I will be drawing probably a full body in a more realistic style! the picture above was just a 5 minute doodle I did to make this post pretty :3
#8 A Little Too Much Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Hello! I’ll edit and put it in format as soon as I am back. This is part 2! I hope that you like it, please tell me about it.


He had forgotten me. He had literally just forgotten me at the party. I stood at the door dumbfounded, with no idea where to go because I didn’t get my car and I wasn’t going to call him. Or go back home for that matter. I went back to the bar and had a couple of shots just to control my outburst. I was going to have my fourth when, “alright, that’s enough tiger,” someone took the shot from my hand. I looked at him confused, teary eyed.

 "I’m Miles,“ he put his hand forward. 

 "So?” I wiped a tear.

 "What’s your name?“ He asked. 

 "Why do you want to know?" 

 "I was actually going to offer you a ride back home…” He shrugged his shoulder. “I saw your boyfriend leave…” I almost got up to leave, “hey, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

 "How do you know that?“ 

 "Umm, you entered with him, followed him out and he left without you…” He explained. “You’re very hard to miss…” He smiled. It was quite honest. “Where can I take you?”

 "Can I decide on the way?“ He nodded and we walked out.

 Harry’s Point Of View

 "Mike? Hey! I wanted to ask…did she? Yeah…no! Man, I fucked up! I’m going to lose her, I can’t find her anywhere!” I was so worried. She was not picking up the call of anyone of her friends either. Where could she go with this Miles! She didn’t even know him! 

 I called up all her friends in the city. Worried as hell, I got everyone worried too. My mother was screaming at me and my sister stopped replying. I parked my car in a corner and banged my head on the wheel. I couldn’t stop the tears falling out either. How could I do this? I love her. How could I forget her! What have I done! I kept checking my phone every five minutes just to get some reply from anyone. Was she safe? Why wasn’t she answering? Is she alright?

 I woke up with my head on the steering wheel four hours later. No message from her, just a few worried ones from my mother and her friends. I drove back home to check if she was there. 

“Babe! Babe!” I ran into the house and checked every room but, she wasn’t here. I sat down on the sofa with my head in my hands, crying out loud. I tried calling her again. It rang…no one picked up again. I tried again and again, until… “Hello?” Who the fuck is this?”

“Is this Harry?” The voice said.

 "Yes, where is my girlfriend!“ I demanded.

"Hey, don’t worry! She is sleeping…cried herself out. I’m Miles, by the way…”

 "Where are you? I’ll pick her up!“ He told me the address and I thanked him for taking care of her. I reached his house and rang the doorbell. He opened the door, shirtless and I was instantly jealous. Did something happen last night? Shut up Harry, you left her.

 "She is kinda mad…” He said, “said, I betrayed her by telling you the location…she’s in the room.”

“Thank you.” I walked inside the room to see my baby sitting on the bed, wearing his clothes. I couldn’t help but, feel angry. You put her in this situation, Harry. She looked up, her eyes bloodshot. She had been crying.

 "Why are you here now?“ 

 "I’m so sorry…I can’t explain how sorry I am bab.." 

 "Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me that, you fucking bastard.” Her words cut my heart into two halves. “I’ll collect my stuff later. You can leave. You get what you want…”

 "This is not what I want. I am so sorry! Honey! Look at me!“ I held her face in my palms. "Please don’t leave me, please don’t do this, please forgive me…” I cried into her lap. 

 "You should have thought about this before, why this pretension?“ 

 "I am not pretending.” I said, angrily. How could she say that? 

 "I can’t be with a guy who lies about not having a girlfriend. Specially in a party that he brought her too and the, conveniently forgetting her too.“ She said with a straight face. 

 "I didn’t say anything about being single. What are you saying? I know I forgot…I don’t know what happened!”

 "Oh, stop it! I heard the girls say it! You had Amanda clinging to your arm all night…just leave!“ She pushed me away. 

 "Amanda mentioned it, I didn’t correct cause we shifted to another topic almost instantly. I wasn’t holding her baby…I am so sorry. I brought my work in between. They were movie producers, discussing a new project and I got so engrossed. And, when you came to me, I don’t know what happened. Please come home…I am so sorry.” I cried in her shoulders. She pushed me away and picked up her clothes. I hated I put her in this situation. She didn’t say anything and fixed the room and then, walked out. 

 "I am going to go back with him..“ I heard her say. ”

Are you sure? You alright?“ I heard him ask. 

 "I don’t know, I can’t do this here though….I’ll wash your clothes and return them…" 

 "Hey, no worries…really!”

 "Thank you for all your help!“ I walked out and saw her hugging him. I cringed at the sight, hating it. 

 "You can come here anytime. Really…I am sorry for informing him..”

 "It’s alright…thank you so much.“ She walked out of the door. I nodded, a thank you statement, I couldn’t speak, couldn’t meet his eyes even if they held pity. 

 She was quite the whole ride. Didn’t speak a single word. I could just hear her faint breathing and the ticking of her phone as she replied to the messages of everyone I annoyed last night. She got out of the car and ran up the stairs of our house. I wanted it to remain ours. I could hear her run the water in the tub when I reached the room. Her clothes were off and she was tying her hair into a bun. She was so beautiful to me. I couldn’t believe I had her and I couldn’t believe there was a complete chance that I could lose her. I didn’t deserve her, not after what I did. I have no idea what happened. 

The door was kept open and I saw her slip in the water. I shook out of my clothes and climbed in behind her. With no words being exchanged between us, I pulled her close so that her back touched my chest and held her close. "Are you going to leave me?” I whispered against her shoulder. We remained silent until she broke down, crying in my arms, 

“How could you forget me? I thought you loved me, I was so sure you loved me, I didn’t even see this coming, how could you do this to me!” I had no words. I hated myself for it. I don’t know how I payed more attention to my work and let her go. I was sure it won’t every happen again. That is, is she could trust me again. I told her so, and kept kissing her skin.

 "I don’t trust you now, it’s all destroyed. I feel like I have no support, no stability now, it’s all gone and what’s the use if…“ 

 "Shhh…” I covered her mouth. Her big eyes stared into mine shocked. “Don’t finish that. I know, I know, I lost your trust and stability on this relationship but, I love you and as long as I have you and you have me, we can build it up again. I swear baby, I won’t hurt you like this ever again. You and I, we can build it and make it stronger. I can make us stronger if only I have you…I am so sorry, please forgive me. Take your time but, please don’t leave me, please don’t give up on me, please stay…” I cried, letting go in her arms. We stayed in the tub with her holding me when, I felt her hands brushing my hair. 

“It will take time…” I nodded. “Loads…” She repeated.

 "Whatever you need…I love you baby…“ I went to kiss her lips but, she pulled back.

 "If we do this…I swear, if you ever pull this stunt again, I will leave and not retur…”

 "It won’t happen again, I promise!“ I cut her, "I’ll make sure of it…please…” She wiped my tear and brought her lips to mine pulling me into a soul crushing kiss. I could see how I didn’t want this to go, that I wanted her for as long as I could have and I’d do anything to fix this. 


“Hey baby…” I kissed her forehead in the morning. It had been 4 months since that day and I had been trying my best to build us up again. It was working, I could see her resume to my love, and stop being the scared girl she was the last few months. I finally, made love to her yesterday.

 It was our 2 year anniversary. She didn’t want to call it a two because our earlier months were quite hazy but, I wanted to count them. I wanted to remember how lucky I am, and have a reminder about the same. I kissed her neck and went down to her stomach, kissing her hips and then, coming to her pussy. She was still naked and I wanted to keep her that way. I gave her a long lick which made her moan. She shifted and blinked her eyes, waking up, 

“This is a lovely sight to wake up to…” She moaned and spread her legs, I continued eating her out, just teasing her so, that I could have her frustrated. I did and she quickly pushed me into her, filling her up and causing her to arch her back. This was such a beautiful sight. I could take a picture and capture it. 

I kissed down the valley of her breasts, licking and biting her as I thrusted into her hard and fast just how my baby liked it. 

 "I am close…“ I said against her neck. 

 "Me too, oh, I love you…” She confessed and I couldn’t be happier. She had finally said it back. This confession brought us to the edge and we both let go. 

“You love me?” I confirmed. 

 "I do. I love you so much!“ She said, removing the sweat from my forehead and kissing me. 



How was it? I’m waiting for your opinions, comments, criticism. It really helps me write better so, SAY HI and we’ll talk. (Honestly, I’m an excellent help)

 Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you have a great Christmas Day and amazing holidays too!! 

 Thank you for all your support! 

 - theStylesproject

roll up the partition, please


“Like I said Harry, two can play at this game. And I’m just getting started.”

And before Harry can react, she grinds down on the bulge in his Prada slacks, causing him to let out a raged moan as she sees the driver’s eyes flicker to the rear view mirror.


y/n loves to tease and harry loves calling y/n peaches.

inspired by Beyoncé’s song “partition” !!


Y/N and Harry had a very adventurous type of relationship. And along with that, their sex life was no different. From sex on the pool table at Liam’s lake house, to a blowjob on a private jet filled with sleeping people; it was fair to say they were extremely daring when it came to their sexual affairs.

So, when Harry places his hand on Y/N’s thigh at the Dunkirk movie premiere in London, he has no idea what’s to come from the seemingly innocent act.

“Harry, get your fucking hand off my thigh.” She breathes in a tone that Harry always loves to hear, so sassy and sexy. He adores doing this, seeing her get all worked up by such a light touch. He thinks it’s a bit arousing and even a tad endearing that he has this much impact on her from such a gentle touch. But then he remembers that she has the same exact affect on him.

And he fucking loves it.

She rolls her eyes and he has to bite his lip in order to keep in a chuckle.

“Alright then, Lover Boy. Two can play at this game.”

The rest of the night is filled with teasing and such, a typical night if you ask Y/N and Harry.

So, when they get to their car after the after party is over, Harry literally cannot wait till they get home.

She climbs in first and he has to suck in a breath as her dress rides up to the point where her black lacy thong is visible and he knows - he fucking knows it’s on purpose.

His arm is around her waist the second he sits down, and she squeals a surprised sequel as he lifts her up to sit atop his lap.

“You know that move was on purpose, Peaches. Don’t think you can get anything by me, I know everything about you.” He whispers in her ear, lightly nibbling on her earlobe.

She fights back a moan, composing herself, as she smirks and leans down just enough so only he could hear, “Like I said Harry, two can play at this game. And I’m just getting started.”

And before Harry can react, she grinds down on the bulge in his Prada slacks, causing him to let out a raged moan as she sees the driver’s eyes flicker to the rear view mirror.

“Driver, roll up the partition please.”


harry needs to appear in my bed asap or we gonna have some problems.

but dang flabbit robbie ray, can u even imagINE FUCKING TEASING HAROLD STYLES I AM YODELING

yeah it’s fine !

((i’m on mobile rn so i can’t link my masterlist but i’ll go back and edit this l8er))

EDIT :: here’s my masterlist !!

- amanda ;)))


I Am Doll Parts, 2015

For my gender studies class this semester, I was asked to make an artistic representation of my gender role journey and socialization “from early infancy to the present time”.
In some ways I feel like I’ve tried on a lot of different hats so to speak in figuring out what it means to me to be a woman. There is only one hat in this paper doll book (it’s a party hat, in case you were wondering), but I thought that the paper doll book format would be an interesting, interactive way to show all of the phases I have been through so far in my life and all of the different roles/costumes I’ve tried out. Also, I have a pretty awesome sense of style if I do say so myself.
In addition to the interactive component, I profile very personal subjects such as my decision to leave the Mormon church, my intimate relationship with an older man, and the first time I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All of these experiences and more have been pivotal in becoming the woman I am today. I am glad to have had this opportunity to reflect back on my life thus far and am proud of how this project has turned out. I hope you all enjoy it too!

EDIT: The Rocky Horror page says something about finishing my first year of high school when I was in fact finishing my first year of college. Oops!


The boxing bruiser Bouquet-Jouu and the knight of the sunrise Nikkou-Joou combine in the battlefield to create Ikebana-Joou! Viking warrior! Child of the gallows god and enemy of the Kabal hordes.

I like this one but I may rework the face. I hope I’m not repeating myself - I’ll check and come back if I am I’ll delete this - but I’m kind of going by Brave anime mecha rules, so once they combine there’s a bunch of extra details that aren’t actually there like calves and shoulder muscles and stuff and that’s just a part of the style. 

EDIT: Added some make-up :D

this is just me writing down some thoughts for door’s da:i verse now that i’ve actually picked it back up and am committed to finishing the damn game. will expand / edit as i go along.

  • she travels to haven after the events of da2 and the forming of the inquisition, leaving ( what’s left of ) her home in kirkwall & life at the hanged man, settles into a job at the singing maiden.
  • gets herself in contact with leliana ( either via flissa or varric, maybe? ) starts putting her talents for gathering information to use for the inquisition / works in leliana’s spy ring.
  • favours the rogue fighting style; her preference is for dual daggers, but can work a bow after a bit of training.
  • excels at lockpicking.

anonymous asked:

who are some of your favorite youtubers?

okay this is gonna be a LIST GOD!! i guess it’s gonna be my YT masterpost



  • American Ballet Theatre- MISTY COPELAND IS A PRINCIPAL NOW 
  • Broadwaycom- bts of broadway shows and interviews with actors and stuff
  • FUNimation- im p sure everyone knows FUNimation company!!!!!
  • Kabaiivansk02- lots of on stage ballet videos that i shouldn’t be able to watch because of copyright laws but anyways!!!
  • Kaelynn Harris- a gorgeous black hip hop dancer!!!
  • Kathryn Morgan- a former soloist at NYCB she does lots of teaching videos and some makeup and lifestyle too
  • New York City Ballet- honestly Balanchine’s aesthetic makes me gag but the editing is nice and the dancers are v well trained i must say 
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet- in seattle
  • Royal Opera House- MY DREAM COMPANY HOUSED IN COVENT GARDEN!!! they have actually quite a lot of rehearsal videos as well as backstage behind the scenes stuff like costumes and set and videos of opera as well
  • San Francisco Ballet- in San Francisco 


  • Anna Akana- a Japanese American woman that does funny videos and produces her own short films while trying to break into the acting world and some videos of just life advice so her videography always looks really professional imo
  • Cecile Emeke- this channel focuses on black lives in London/UK but she has a short series called Ackee and Saltfish of two black girls with funny banter but her Strolling series brings up a lot of issues that needed to be discussed about their spaces 
  • CommunityChannel- a Vietnamese- Australian that makes so many funny ass videos like they’re the kind of videos that i laugh and im like “why is this so funny” 
  • Issa Rae- she honestly got me into almost exclusively watching shorts by poc (especially black women) and she has so many different shorts on her channel about black people and stuff that happens to them whether it be funny or more dramatic 
  • I Love Lucy and Bekka- two brown girls star in these comedic shorts that are so dumb and funny i love them. i mean the series is kinda done now but i mean you can always rewatch 
  • Mytoecold- sheer foolishness and i love it
  • Qaadir Howard- he is a mess
  • TatiAnaMercedes- i love their videos some of their old ones are sf funny and i just love to listen to them talk about their lives and they have amazing serious sit down videos talking about queerness, fatphobia, body posi, blackness, and white supremacy and MUST 


  • Aasimtv- he’s cute and has nice menswear videos
  • ASOS/ASOS Menswear- ASOS has cool styling and i have a playlist saved of their french videos/ ASOS Menswear has AMAZING editing
  • Bianca Harris- a MUA of color she’s so pretty her videography/editor is a genius
  • Blvckbeauty- fun black girl with v fun styling videos and nice editing 
  • Chriselle Lim- a v fun Korean mom with a cute chubby baby, nice styling, skincare and makeup
  • Claire Marshall- do i really need to say anything?????  like everyone knows her vlogs she’s amazing her video quality is tops and editing on top of amazing lifestyle and makeup videos (she’s korean)
  • Clothesencounters- everyone knows her!!!!! such nice editing and the coolest styling videos out there!!!! (she’s korean) 
  • Desi Perkins- a gorgeous latina with TOP makeup videos!!! i like her cuz her makeup isn’t always toned down or “wearable” so it’s so much nicer to look at/watch
  • Destiny Godley- a very fun black woman!!! amazing makeup artist even tho sometimes she’s extra im not even gonna lie but it’s cuz she loves makeup so much so im down
  • Dietblond- very cool styling videos and info about the fashion industry!
  • EMPOWA- v cool styling videos that are always like less than 2 mins and cool
  • Gigi Gorgeous- a v fun and funny trans girl with cool makeup videos and she has older videos just telling stories about her life and it’s just a mess i love it
  • HeyFranHey- my organic natural beauty black momther!!! tbh her upload schedule isn’t set but i rewatch her videos all time i dont even care
  • IAMKARENO- tbh i don’t really check for her but when i do watch her videos her editing is always nice and innovative w cool clothes (she’s Chinese) 
  • idressmyself- a v cool laid back girl of color w cool style and a few makeup videos here and there 
  • Irene Mahmud Khan- V OVER THE TOP MAKEUP!!! but i love it actually (she’s a cute Indian woman and uses her husbands music it’s cute)
  • itslinamar- a really cool chill Indian girl that makes a lot of really cool styling videos and talks about music and movies!!!
  • Jackie Aina- another black beauty makeup artist she’s honestly so great she makes you laugh in her videos and i just like to listen to her she gives me church mom vibes 
  • LustreLux- honestly i kinda see her as Desi Perkins’ other half but her makeup is a lot more safe and muted so id say she’s more for beginners and she’s not an actual makeup artist she just likes makeup
  • makeupD0LL- she’s a rly cool black MUA and honestly sometimes here makeup looks a bit heavy and her highlight is p over the top but i still love her and her voice is so cute!!!
  • NaturalNeiicey- she’s such a pretty brown girl with pretty hair she mostly does styling 
  • pixiwoo- they are my white makeup moms cuz they makeup is not a game and they aren’t ignorant of brown girls cuz they’ve spoken about doing makeup on darker skin before so you can actually believe them when they say stuff like “this would look good on darker skin tones” and not look at em crazy
  • Rachel Cobb- a v cool thrifting girl with cool styling!!!
  • Rachel Whitehurst- another funny makeup artist and she talks about depression and sexuality in a few vids that i’ve liked
  • RaynaFleur- a v fun black girl with really cool styling videos but she’s pretty inactive at the moment but her old videos are nice!!
  • Rian Phin- tbh who on tumblr doesn’t know her like she’s so cool with cool editing and talks about cool music and she’s just really fun with nice styling and DIY videos
  • Shirley B Eniang- honestly my mom!!! and goregous black woman in London she has such grown woman makeup (everyone knows her red lip) and styling videos and she’s recently decided to commit more to youtube so she’s gonna have all these new videos coming soon im v excited for it
  • Shlinda1- another very fun black mom with more church mom vibes and she talks about natural hair and makeup and lifestyle and she’s so funny and cool
  • Shope Delano- her uploads are kinda spotty rn cuz of school but she has really cool videos where she just talks about things that are important to her like self esteem and such and has really cool styling videos!!!
  • SimplyBianacaAlexa- a recent follow but i love her hair!!! she just started making videos in spanish cuz i think she’s Black and Puerto Rican
  • SoothingSista- she’s like Clothesencounters second half she makes cool styling videos and nicely edited vlogs and very toned down makeup (aside from her eyebrows but they look nice!!!) the only thing is she got a lil 👀cuz she got a grill but we won’t talk about that!!! (i think she said she’s Chinese with ¼th Spanish)
  • SunKissAlba- my other organic mom!!! she’s literally gorgeous her skin looks plastic is so flawless and beautiful she’s latina and does makeup and lifestyle and healthy eating videos and sometimes has her fine ass husband in em and they’ve been doing vlogs to talk about their home life cuz their son is special needs so i think it’s cool that they are opening dialogue about that
  • Svetlana D- i like the quality and texture of her videos they’re usually pretty short with cool styling (this is the girl i commented and said her music choice went off and she said “what does off mean” BYE)
  • Tara E.- she’s just a lil college freshman but i like her voice and she’s all about minimalism and cool vibes imo
  • Tasha Green- she’s another cool grown girl with nice styling and a fine ass boyfriend 
  • Tasselfairy- i just followed but she’s sooo cute!!! cute brown girl stylings and plus sized fashion!!!!
  • Teni Penosian- no shade her makeup is always nudes and neturals and slick boring but she’s an aspiring actress of color so i like to listen to her talk
  • The Pastels- three gorgeous brown girls with fun vibes!!!! they do cool makeup and styling and the editing is amazing of course and i love the music and i have nothing but good things to say about them!!!
  • Veronica Gorgeois- im p sure she’s an esthetician so i am obviously obsessed with all of her skincare videos
  • Yaschan- a lovely brown girl with lovely style and a nice vibe to her videos


  • Chameaunoir- he’s been inactive for forever :/ but i liked the atmosphere of his menswear videos
  • Janice Beauty- my black beauty guru mom she’s so sweet i just like to listen to her
  • Lecoindelodie- she has rly cool style and nice fashion/haul videos and her editing is so clean looking i go back to her videos a lot she has a lot of lengthy ones as well
  • Marmitor- learn som french recipes from this white woman
  • Shera Kerienski- shes a woc and her banner says fashion, sneakers, and curly hair so basically!!! 
  • Tesfayne- a cool brown girl that does lots of styling videos!!! i like her voice too


  • Heyitspriscila- a lot of videos of recipes but she has some makeup/lifestyle stuff too
  • SunKissAlbaParaTi- the spanish counter part to my mom’s main channel


  • Dario Carlucci- tbh im not completely sure what he does but he makes lots of vlogs and fitness videos and sit down talking/answering questions videos so why not
  • Irene Asamoah- a black girl with fun beauty hair and styling videos




  • Cooking With Dog- PLEASE this is the cutest channel it’s a lil dog named Francis cooking with this lil old Japanese woman it’s so cute and all the food looks so good tbh only when she speaks is it in japanese but they have japanese subs and the voice over that gives instructions on how to cook is in english ITS SO CUTE
  • Japaneseformorons- i mean it’s just quick lil Japanese lessons videos i idk what the man is but i think he’s married to a Japanese woman so she talks in some of the videos as well
  • MEGWIN TV 毎日面白動画- PLEASE im still tryna figure out what the hell this channel is about but it’s so dumb and funny i love it…
  • mugumogu- there’s not much talking cuz it’s literally just videos of these two lil cats named Maru and Hana i think they’re siblings and they’re so cute but if there is speaking it’s in japanese 
  • ochikeron- she’s just a very nice cook!! she speaks in english but has japanese subtitles 
  • runnyrunny999- he’s my bf honestly he’s so cute and makes the nice dishes and has such a smol voice and he talks at the end of the videos and always wears this goofy hat and cute glasses
  • sasakiasahi- my mom!!! she has so many costume makeup videos and lifestyle stuff like hauls and reviews and her and partner give dating advice and about half of her videos have english subs

i hope my extra ass list helps!!!