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it’d be kinda neat if fanfic book covers became a Thing. Like, just edits in the style of book covers. Front has the the title and author of course, back cover has the summary and maybe a few actual comments that people have left on it.

like, honestly how is this NOT a thing?? why have I only thought of doing this NOW? why am I so slow with writing and edit stuff that I have to pick my favorite child and not just make a bunch of shitty fake book covers for my stories????


For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have recovered it and made it your own… You will gain an irreplaceable Fullmetal heart.

#8 A Little Too Much Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Hello! I’ll edit and put it in format as soon as I am back. This is part 2! I hope that you like it, please tell me about it.


He had forgotten me. He had literally just forgotten me at the party. I stood at the door dumbfounded, with no idea where to go because I didn’t get my car and I wasn’t going to call him. Or go back home for that matter. I went back to the bar and had a couple of shots just to control my outburst. I was going to have my fourth when, “alright, that’s enough tiger,” someone took the shot from my hand. I looked at him confused, teary eyed.

 "I’m Miles,“ he put his hand forward. 

 "So?” I wiped a tear.

 "What’s your name?“ He asked. 

 "Why do you want to know?" 

 "I was actually going to offer you a ride back home…” He shrugged his shoulder. “I saw your boyfriend leave…” I almost got up to leave, “hey, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

 "How do you know that?“ 

 "Umm, you entered with him, followed him out and he left without you…” He explained. “You’re very hard to miss…” He smiled. It was quite honest. “Where can I take you?”

 "Can I decide on the way?“ He nodded and we walked out.

 Harry’s Point Of View

 "Mike? Hey! I wanted to ask…did she? Yeah…no! Man, I fucked up! I’m going to lose her, I can’t find her anywhere!” I was so worried. She was not picking up the call of anyone of her friends either. Where could she go with this Miles! She didn’t even know him! 

 I called up all her friends in the city. Worried as hell, I got everyone worried too. My mother was screaming at me and my sister stopped replying. I parked my car in a corner and banged my head on the wheel. I couldn’t stop the tears falling out either. How could I do this? I love her. How could I forget her! What have I done! I kept checking my phone every five minutes just to get some reply from anyone. Was she safe? Why wasn’t she answering? Is she alright?

 I woke up with my head on the steering wheel four hours later. No message from her, just a few worried ones from my mother and her friends. I drove back home to check if she was there. 

“Babe! Babe!” I ran into the house and checked every room but, she wasn’t here. I sat down on the sofa with my head in my hands, crying out loud. I tried calling her again. It rang…no one picked up again. I tried again and again, until… “Hello?” Who the fuck is this?”

“Is this Harry?” The voice said.

 "Yes, where is my girlfriend!“ I demanded.

"Hey, don’t worry! She is sleeping…cried herself out. I’m Miles, by the way…”

 "Where are you? I’ll pick her up!“ He told me the address and I thanked him for taking care of her. I reached his house and rang the doorbell. He opened the door, shirtless and I was instantly jealous. Did something happen last night? Shut up Harry, you left her.

 "She is kinda mad…” He said, “said, I betrayed her by telling you the location…she’s in the room.”

“Thank you.” I walked inside the room to see my baby sitting on the bed, wearing his clothes. I couldn’t help but, feel angry. You put her in this situation, Harry. She looked up, her eyes bloodshot. She had been crying.

 "Why are you here now?“ 

 "I’m so sorry…I can’t explain how sorry I am bab.." 

 "Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me that, you fucking bastard.” Her words cut my heart into two halves. “I’ll collect my stuff later. You can leave. You get what you want…”

 "This is not what I want. I am so sorry! Honey! Look at me!“ I held her face in my palms. "Please don’t leave me, please don’t do this, please forgive me…” I cried into her lap. 

 "You should have thought about this before, why this pretension?“ 

 "I am not pretending.” I said, angrily. How could she say that? 

 "I can’t be with a guy who lies about not having a girlfriend. Specially in a party that he brought her too and the, conveniently forgetting her too.“ She said with a straight face. 

 "I didn’t say anything about being single. What are you saying? I know I forgot…I don’t know what happened!”

 "Oh, stop it! I heard the girls say it! You had Amanda clinging to your arm all night…just leave!“ She pushed me away. 

 "Amanda mentioned it, I didn’t correct cause we shifted to another topic almost instantly. I wasn’t holding her baby…I am so sorry. I brought my work in between. They were movie producers, discussing a new project and I got so engrossed. And, when you came to me, I don’t know what happened. Please come home…I am so sorry.” I cried in her shoulders. She pushed me away and picked up her clothes. I hated I put her in this situation. She didn’t say anything and fixed the room and then, walked out. 

 "I am going to go back with him..“ I heard her say. ”

Are you sure? You alright?“ I heard him ask. 

 "I don’t know, I can’t do this here though….I’ll wash your clothes and return them…" 

 "Hey, no worries…really!”

 "Thank you for all your help!“ I walked out and saw her hugging him. I cringed at the sight, hating it. 

 "You can come here anytime. Really…I am sorry for informing him..”

 "It’s alright…thank you so much.“ She walked out of the door. I nodded, a thank you statement, I couldn’t speak, couldn’t meet his eyes even if they held pity. 

 She was quite the whole ride. Didn’t speak a single word. I could just hear her faint breathing and the ticking of her phone as she replied to the messages of everyone I annoyed last night. She got out of the car and ran up the stairs of our house. I wanted it to remain ours. I could hear her run the water in the tub when I reached the room. Her clothes were off and she was tying her hair into a bun. She was so beautiful to me. I couldn’t believe I had her and I couldn’t believe there was a complete chance that I could lose her. I didn’t deserve her, not after what I did. I have no idea what happened. 

The door was kept open and I saw her slip in the water. I shook out of my clothes and climbed in behind her. With no words being exchanged between us, I pulled her close so that her back touched my chest and held her close. "Are you going to leave me?” I whispered against her shoulder. We remained silent until she broke down, crying in my arms, 

“How could you forget me? I thought you loved me, I was so sure you loved me, I didn’t even see this coming, how could you do this to me!” I had no words. I hated myself for it. I don’t know how I payed more attention to my work and let her go. I was sure it won’t every happen again. That is, is she could trust me again. I told her so, and kept kissing her skin.

 "I don’t trust you now, it’s all destroyed. I feel like I have no support, no stability now, it’s all gone and what’s the use if…“ 

 "Shhh…” I covered her mouth. Her big eyes stared into mine shocked. “Don’t finish that. I know, I know, I lost your trust and stability on this relationship but, I love you and as long as I have you and you have me, we can build it up again. I swear baby, I won’t hurt you like this ever again. You and I, we can build it and make it stronger. I can make us stronger if only I have you…I am so sorry, please forgive me. Take your time but, please don’t leave me, please don’t give up on me, please stay…” I cried, letting go in her arms. We stayed in the tub with her holding me when, I felt her hands brushing my hair. 

“It will take time…” I nodded. “Loads…” She repeated.

 "Whatever you need…I love you baby…“ I went to kiss her lips but, she pulled back.

 "If we do this…I swear, if you ever pull this stunt again, I will leave and not retur…”

 "It won’t happen again, I promise!“ I cut her, "I’ll make sure of it…please…” She wiped my tear and brought her lips to mine pulling me into a soul crushing kiss. I could see how I didn’t want this to go, that I wanted her for as long as I could have and I’d do anything to fix this. 


“Hey baby…” I kissed her forehead in the morning. It had been 4 months since that day and I had been trying my best to build us up again. It was working, I could see her resume to my love, and stop being the scared girl she was the last few months. I finally, made love to her yesterday.

 It was our 2 year anniversary. She didn’t want to call it a two because our earlier months were quite hazy but, I wanted to count them. I wanted to remember how lucky I am, and have a reminder about the same. I kissed her neck and went down to her stomach, kissing her hips and then, coming to her pussy. She was still naked and I wanted to keep her that way. I gave her a long lick which made her moan. She shifted and blinked her eyes, waking up, 

“This is a lovely sight to wake up to…” She moaned and spread her legs, I continued eating her out, just teasing her so, that I could have her frustrated. I did and she quickly pushed me into her, filling her up and causing her to arch her back. This was such a beautiful sight. I could take a picture and capture it. 

I kissed down the valley of her breasts, licking and biting her as I thrusted into her hard and fast just how my baby liked it. 

 "I am close…“ I said against her neck. 

 "Me too, oh, I love you…” She confessed and I couldn’t be happier. She had finally said it back. This confession brought us to the edge and we both let go. 

“You love me?” I confirmed. 

 "I do. I love you so much!“ She said, removing the sweat from my forehead and kissing me. 



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 Thank you for all your support! 

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Of Leo and Lily

provocative-envy‘s birthday bash actually starts tomorrow, but i am trash and hate editing  am really excited about rare pairs so i’m posting this now. (regulily coffeeshop au that needs a lot more worldbuilding/actual backstories of characters/a coherent timeline/i played so fast and so loose with canon/it was only meant to be a drabble, i cry 2500 words later)


He is literally reaching behind his back to untie his apron springs because it is finally time to close—good God, he hadn’t realized how much work this would be—when a girl storms in like a hurricane, getting mud and snow all over his just swept floor and he watches in horror as she rips the beanie off her long dark red hair and collapses onto a bar stool.

“Er—” he starts, but she is already speaking.

“Look, I’m really sorry and I know this is an awful thing to do because you’re about to close and I’m so sorry but can I please please please have whatever kind of coffee has the most caffeine because this has been possibly the worst day of my life, like a three-flavor-shots kind of bad day and I—I can make it myself, if you want, I used to be a barista in high school or I can help you close—actually I would love to do that because I have a very great need to clean something but I currently have an even greater need for coffee so—please?”

And then she’s staring up at him with bright green eyes—and seriously are those real because no one has eyes that green—and he gives a beleaguered sigh before retying his apron, measuring out espresso, pumping three different flavors into a cup. “What kind of milk?”

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Imagine- Harry Styles #1

You’re laying on your bed when your best friend Harry runs into your room. “Aaaah!” you cry as he jumps on you. He presses his forehead against yours and smiles. “Am I hurting you?” “Nope!” you reply. You smile back at him and push him off you. He flops down on the other side of the bed, laughs, then looks over at you. “Why’s it so cold in here!?” You shrug. “No idea, Haz.” “Cuddle with me?” he suggests innocently. You look at his pout and can’t help but giggle. “Of course,” you say. “Alright, take off your clothes.” You look at him, shocked. “What?” he says with a laugh. “If both of us get naked and lie underneath the blanket, the heat of our bodies will-” He is interrupted by you suddenly smacking him on his chest. He winces in pain. “Ouch!” he cries, grinning. “It was just an idea…” He rubs his chest, and you laugh.“Yeah, sure.” Typical Harry. Always making suggestive comments. But you knew that’s not all he cared about. He was a really sweet guy. Just a bit “out-there” at times.You get up and turn on the TV. He watches you and folds his hands behind his head, reclining while you put on yours and his favorite movie to watch together. “Cute little shorts you’ve got on there, love. But they’d look much better on the floor.” You spin around to look at him and place one hand on your hip, then raise an eyebrow.

“You do an AWFUL lot of flirting, yanno.”
“Not my fault you’ve got a nice bum.”
“Do you do this with all your girl friends? Hm?”
“No….I only do it with my best girl friend.”

You smile brightly at him. “Right…because I’ll never think anything of it, since we’re so close. I get it now.” You grin slightly, then sit back on the bed. “Yeh…” he mumbles. Harry sits up and pulls you in between his legs. You lean back against his chest.Being in his embrace felt like lying on a big pillow. So warm. So comfy. After a while of watching the movie, it began to rain. The pitter patter of the water droplets in your ears started to get you sleepy toward the middle, so your eyes drooped down. Harry’s cell phone rings a few minutes later, and you’re awoken, but he does not notice because your eyes are still shut. “Hello? Oh.. hi, Lou.Nothing really. Watching a film. I let Y/N fall asleep on top of me. She looks quite angelic if I’m honest.” A soft chuckle followed. “Don’t worry, she’s a deep sleeper.” His voice seemed a bit nervous after that statement. “What? …No….Oh, God, no. I’d never tell her that.” Silently, you’re panicking. What would he never tell you?

“Lou, it’d ruin everything. Our friendship would go down the drain. What am I supposed to tell her?……Ha, the truth!? Oh, yeh, sure. I’ll just wake her up and say ‘Hey Y/N, guess what? I’m completely and utterly in love with you!’….That’s ridiculous. I could never.” You smile bigger than ever, since you’ve loved him for a long time now. You just never knew what to say to him. Your eyelashes flutter open as you look up into his big green eyes. “You just did,” you whisper. He looks down at you, incredibly astonished, but seconds later you turn all the way around to face him, cup his cheeks, and kiss him firmly on the lips. He is so stunned that he drops the phone on the floor and wraps his arms around you, kissing you back. The speaker button on Harry’s phone had accidentally been hit when it fell. Both of you hear Louis, but ignore him. “Hello? Harry, are you there? What happened? I heard a thump. Hello!?” Harry slowly breaks the kiss and looks at you. “You sneaky little bird. You were eavesdropping!” “What can I say? I’m a baaad girl,” you reply, laughing as you grip his grey t-shirt. He smirks. “Taking after my naughtiness I see.” “Harry!” Louis yells. “Who’s naughty!? Harry, answer! I want to know who’s naughty! HARREHHHHHH!” You start to crack up, but Harry just keeps on staring into your eyes with a smirk that won’t quit. “Do I get to call you mine?” he asks. “Yes, Hazza,” you answer, blushing. You hear Lou’s giggle. “Oooh! I get it now…”
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I wrote about looking back on a lost love and understanding that nothing good comes without loss and hardship and constant struggle. There is no ‘riding off into the sunset,’ like I used to imagine. We are never out of the woods, because we are always going to be fighting for something. I wrote about love that comes back to you just when you thought it was lost forever, and how some feelings never go out of style. I wrote about an important lesson I learned recently…That people can say whatever they want about me, but they can’t make me lose my mind. I’ve learned how to shake things off. I’ve told you my stories for years now. Some have been about coming of age. Some have been about coming undone. This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result…Coming alive.

“I’ve finally summoned the strength to take on whatever anybody says because I know I’m going to come back with something stronger. I’m proud of it and I can take it, because I am a much harder critic on me than any nasty gossip rag. And that’s a good thing and a bad thing, but I just want to make myself and my family proud. And this time around, I really think I’ve done that.”

I shrunk the frame to a size I am happy with (it was out of proportion for an item that had the smallest slots), redid the tea light candles so they fit in small slots next to each other without MOO (I really hate linked footprints and not being able to edit them). I think I need to make the glass vase more transparent and I need to work on the mipmaps for the books. I also then need to go back and look at adding styles to these items along with a few other objects I have made. I have 1 more item to make though. Then everything will be ingame. Then the fun part starts, the actual testing and fine-tuning (unless i think of something else to make). 

Everyone talks about unknown 5sos songs like the only reason or over and over but i am never getting over Greenlight i love it and michael’s back vocals make that song more amazing give more credit to greenlight!!!!!!!!


Hampton court in the making!

I have been very quiet lately, mainly due to personal problems, but I’m finally getting my creativity back and restarted my own Hampton Court for my Tudor SImmies to live in.

It is no way near finished yet. It will have the great hall, chapel as well as being furnished in a complete Tudor Style.

As you can see I have attempted to create the fountain, I wish i could make it better, and might edit it in the future but for now, it is recognizable enough. 

The one thing I am gutted about is the scale, anyone who has played the SIMS3 before will know how small the largest lots are, so I have had to downsize the scale of the palace and I’m unable to fit the back of the palace on the lot, but I will try my best to capture the accuracy as much as possible. It’s not such a problem with the back part of the palace as that was not Tudor so I have been looking at old blue prints to see where everything goes.

More Pictures will follow the more I create.