i am back!!! on this blog

To all my followers. Updates on the Pinoy-Culture blog.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? It has been what a year since I really posted anything on here?

It’s due to a couple of things. Life, as I am back in college studying for nursing plus work leaves me not as free to manage the blog as I used to. Another reason is that I don’t log into Tumblr much anymore, only logging in a few times every couple of months. I have thought about how I can still run Pinoy-Culture and decided that the blog will end here. I won’t be posting anything here anytime in the near future. I will leave the blog up and running as a resource for those of you using it as a teaching tool for your students and for your own benefit but as of now the blog is dead. It’s been a good several years since I first started the blog in 2012 and I miss running it and meeting several of you from the community. But alas things come to an end. So it is goodbye to the blog for now.

However this doesn’t mean I am gone from the community. While the blog won’t be updated any longer I have decided to continue sharing information on our people, history, and cultures via Instagram.

I am on Instagram through my personal account on a daily basis and I feel that it’s more effective in spreading awareness and sharing info than the blog. It’s also much easier to communicate with you guys than on here.

So follow me at pinoy_culture@instagram as that is where I will be posting from now on.

- Ligaya

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all you big blogs are the fucking same. supporting your friends publicly call out another writer for saying her thoughts on her blog and twt so they can get their gang of followers to go and attack her? pathetic. I can't believe you'd support that because yes ivory I've seen all your likes and replies on their call out posts. consider yourself unfollowed.

You know what.

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Uh!!! Of course number 1 for the ask thing, I'm rather curious about it!

1. Of the fics you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

this is a very hard question! i am not really afraid to be proud of my work, and so i thinking looking back at my published stuff i like all of it because i spend time and effort on it. each of them was trying to achieve something different, and so it’s hard for me to judge them against each other. i won’t lie, sometimes the response to a fic colors my impressions of it– like, i think the chiaroscuro series is some of the best writing i’ve ever done, but i’m super burned out on it right now and so thinking about it bums me out. but on a positive note i guess one i’m very fond of is “don’t count on me to let you know when”, because it was short!! and i actually managed to do everything i wanted to with it. i still think it’s one of my most coherent and complete works, and so i’m very proud of it. but yeah my favorite probably changes regularly. 

fic writer questions.

S o come late Janurary, I’ll have 5 classes to focus on. For right now, I’m gonna be laid back with stuff since it’s almost final exam week.

I’ll probably focus on ten threads.

Three to four I have a good idea of who will have a thread with me. The rest is up in the air.

Like this for a thread with me and do not care how long it takes to respond because… life lol. You’ll most likely end up becoming an exclusive too, since I am also a private and selective blog now.

I’ve been meaning to let everyone know that I still intend to do a giveaway on my blog! I was planning one mid-fall but then it seemed like my feed was inundated with giveaways for the month of October (not surprised, witches 😘) so I decided to hang back a bit and wait until the winter months to do one.

So! My new plan is to do one at the turn of the year. And I am still planning for two winners!! Everyone has been so warm and welcoming in the witch community and I treasure you all!

Not to mention that every time I would say “I’ll do one because I’m at 3k followers.” Y’all would blow that out of the water lol and then I’d be like “well I’ll do one because I’m at 7k followers” and again! Haha I can’t keep up with y’all :) by the time I get it planned I’m way past what I previously was!

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*deep inhale* I just wanna say your blog is amazing, and you are too, its nice to see a blog like yours every once in awhile, I followed you a p good while back and was gonna send an ask but I got too shy and nervous, but here I am now to say keep being amazing fren ~Asku


//DONT BE SHYYYYY I’m on Discord if you want to RP/Talk to me! You’ll have to come off Anon if I’m going to tell you my tag. But seriously your words made me smile today! I’m too flatteredd–adfgghdfjfgh


#sarah reads LoS block it or whatever. I have feels and B is sleeping. I need to vent.

-ugh fake relationship trope how I hate the angst you cause.

-I love Ty and Kit and I love Kit’s angst and passive aggressive cookie rebellion.

-Mark your Cristina feelings are showing.

-Oh Clary 😥

-Diego is a fuckboy I said this to B in book one. He reminds me of my ex and I am having none of his bs excuses.

-The kids are really missing an opportunity that Kit presents. Why are they not pranking the hell out of the Centurions with Kit’s mundane knowledge?

-Okay but weren’t they brought back to be better shadowhunters? Instead they’re just highly trained racist, sexist, bigoted assholes.

-Zara Dearborn is many, many expletives that I will not sully my blog with.

-Gwyn of the Hunt throwing gold acorns and trying to flirt is hysterical. You get yourself some Diana.

-He did not just kiss Livvy 😭 I ship you with someone else stop it.

Season’s Greetings from your local Pointy Girls


“rank XII within organization XIII. larxene is the group’s only female member, and also has a very sadistic nature. she controls lightning, and uses it to thrash opponents with rapid attacks while also attacking them with her weapons: electrified throwing knives.” 

This Is Not Ok, Ever!

I can’t believe I have to make another post about Voltron. 

I sent one message to someone who needed support about being ok with age gaps, who was receiving hate. I happened to use my marriage as a positive example. (For those of you who are new, I met my husband when I was 19 and we have been happily and equally married for 16 years.)

Now I am getting my inbox filled with people telling me that age gaps are gross and have no business happening in real life. (Believe me, I toned down the language greatly)

I get that Voltron now has cannon ages, I get that a seven year age gap is to large for some of you to be comfortable with. Please if you are uncomfortable with dating someone seven or more years older than you, don’t do it.

However, do not come into my inbox and try to invalidate my marriage. Just because you at 18 are not mature enough to date someone several years older than you does not mean every 18 year old is. 

Stop telling me I am wrong to be with someone 18 years older than me, stop trying to convince me how awful and disgusting we are, stop butting into something that is none of your business. And stop tackling subjects that you obviously have no understanding of.

This is real life. Get off your computers, go outside and experience it. Learn, grow and mature so that your opinions have weight behind them. 

I repeat, THIS IS REAL LIFE, Voltron is a cartoon. You do not attempt to invalidate millions of people to try and make your FICTIONAL paring more real or valid.

reasons i am josh lyman;
  • lots of Opinions
  • v emotional about politics
  • a Mess
  • needs to get shit together, honestly
  • trust/delegation issues
  • in love with donna moss

feel free to add

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 

I don’t want to be your mother


You mean the stuff covering most of Alphys’ possessions?

Aw, sir, c-come on!


Oh God, here we go again. 

Th-they’re just teasing you, sir. B-because they know they can g-get a reaction out of you.

Yes, well, if they tease me one more time, this blog is gone for good-



[Under the desk]