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OUTOFCHARACTER. This is very impromptu but I would like to give a nice shoutout to @beheadingtoujou, @crosscourt, @hazuukashi, and @hcnorcoded for their support ooc-wise! If you’re looking for roleplay blogs with characters who are ACCURATE and muns who are generous, please do think about following them!

The Cult of Nee-San ( @amheus , @mendcx , @backhandbaby , @invegold, @allegroharmony, @robotichxpe, @scftspken [breyon breyon where are you come back from the dead], @aikidofighter , @kxaito, @mxgia, @artiist ) are also roleplayers I HIGHLY suggest for you to follow for breathtaking portrayals and muns who deserve the world. They are also very close to my heart!!!

@lxckyclovers, @mxssias are also roleplayers who I admire and am thankful for. Please do consider following them as well! To YOU on my dash who I follow, I thank you generously for your amazing portrayals and allowing my time roleplaying to be as fun as it is. Personals who’ve I’ve spoken with, thank you plenty for your inquiries and interactions as well!

This is kinda like a bootleg follow-forever but not really because this doesn’t have nearly as much roleplayers as I wish for it to have on? I just hit a milestone recently minus a few set-backs so I just wanted to post this! Thank you for your time!

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hihihihihi i love u so much omg ur so inspirational! i was wondering if you could answer something for me. what do i do if i am writing a story and posting to tumblr and in the middle im not feeling it anymore and want to change? should i just do it or what do you suggest?

Originally posted by dadgan

hihihihihi!! That’s so sweet omg, thank you!!! It’s so weird to think anyone would find me inspirational xD anyway!! If you’re not feeling your story anymore it’s perfectly fine to just stop and change!! It’s your blog afteral! You could just instead put the story on hiatus and take a break to write something else?? 

But honestly if you feel like you’ll never go back to it, just scrap it !! Don’t worry what anyone else is gonna think :))

TD until the end

This show gets a little ridiculous with their callbacks. Many pertaining to Beth, many not. But this is how I see it. She is coming back. I have never looked at another dead character in TWD (maybe Denise) that had me thinking there wasn’t a story left to tell. Many friends and I have thought of the impossibility of her death given the storyline they were telling. She is strong and she will be back stronger than ever.

To the haters that continue trolling our blog, feel free to give me hate for this. I don’t mind. We have a belief that you do not like. Let me give you a hint, that is life. Sometimes there are disagreements and that is okay. Just move on and don’t let it get you riled up. 

I am going to be here until she shows up regardless of how long you decide to come into the tag and tell me I am wrong. That I am reading way too much into the show.

The funny thing is, the casual viewers are thinking into it now. Not just us. The writers have casual fans questioning the death of certain characters, it is just the way the show runs. 

Beth may not be back this season, she might, but callbacks are callbacks. And our belief is our belief.

Beth is alive in our opinion and my mind can not be changed. It’s time to settle the differences and move on. 

You stay strong in your belief that she is dead as we will with ours that she is alive. 

Differing opinions should create discussion not fights. 

Do what you wish, but I will be waiting here for Beth.


To all those who follow my blog for the story: I am thinking about a time skip from the current arc.

Hi there, CasualColt here, I am planning a time skip for the current arc with Scifresh and Nevada. To be honest, I have wanted to transition the blog slowly back again to an ask/story blog for a while but didn’t know how to make that gradual change. To be honest, i was lost in how to make the transition as smooth as possible. All my ideas for the arc were to build up to the reunion of the main characters but as the only guy behind this blog, I saw huge gaps in my story as i progressed further.

All in all, i hope to do a small time skip to the next stage of the story and make the blog an ask/story blog, people can give me feedback and suggestions for what the story should progress to. As of now, I’m brainstorming Chapter 1 and will love to hear suggestions.

Thank you for your time and have a good day!

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I'm still coming back to your "blog" but am apparently too lazy to finish an argument... logic much? Everyone is entitled to have whatever opinion they please, and stopping them from expressing that opinion is a detriment to free and open debate. Maybe you're the lazy one for just yelling at me for being a bigot without providing any actual evidence to rebut my claims.

The point is you haven’t provided any claims either. All we’ve done is pull out our opening statements, my dude. I haven’t inhibited your freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means the government can’t arrest you for expressing your opinion. It doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with you or say that you shouldn’t speak over autistic people.

I don’t even know you, I don’t even know what you’ve said in your entire life aside from the messages you’ve sent me. What kind of “evidence” could I pull? I’m going off of the handful of anonymous messages you’ve sent me.

I said you were lazy because you jumped straight to the end of the conversation after it literally just started by saying I had “run out of arguments” just for stating my stance on the matter.

And I never called you a bigot. Now you’re just making stuff up, which is also a lazy argument tactic. Unless you’re calling yourself a bigot, in which case, hey. You said it, not me.

Also I love how you put quotes around blog. As if this isn’t literally a blog. It’s tumblr. That’s where blogs go.

–Mod Mercy

That long article about blog terminations circa 2014 made me so nostalgic about tumblr ofc, but also my teen years in general. Yeah I am still a teen at 19 years old, but as a sophomore in college looking back at the beginning of this journey in my sophomore year of high school I just feel very strange about it all. It’s been 4 years, and I shamefully still read fics which is why I got on tumblr in the first place and that’s whatever, but like this was such a thing…a major thing…that article talks about how the “weird smart kids” from their towns connected with the weird smart kids from other towns to create this dadaist absurdist humor in which self-deprecation was key but internally in private conversations a world of emotional vulnerability was fostered and people felt less alone and that’s so true

but at the same time I’m definitely looking at it with this nostalgic rose-tinted lens because though tumblr helped me realize that a lot of people feel the same way about things that I do, it made me so much more critical of myself like the explosion of hate and obsession with getting attention from followers was not good and the good thing about separating from the internet world is recognizing that nothing is ever that deep lmao and no one is ever going to be that hypercritical of you so pretty bittersweet 

definitely the coolest thing though is getting to see what all of the people I was once really close friends with on this site are doing with their lives like it just contributes to the whole idea of normal people feel the things that I do and that’s fine and we’re all great and will have great lives

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Do you remember the person who had the 26 revives Final Steps run? That was me. About a week back I made a party finder for a total of 26 attempts at it and specifically asked everyone to make things as difficult for me as possible. I have now trained myself not only to solo heal, but to ignore all the stupid things a party can do. I am at peace (internal screaming).

“ I am at peace (internal screaming).” is the new motto for this blog

- mod proxy

ok I really need to follow more blogs

I had to unfollow a whole bunch of people a while back because my dash got full of negative gunk. I am very picky about who I follow now. However, this has left me with a very quiet dash and I find myself reblogging from the same three or four people! 


If you blog about one or more of any of these things, please like or reblog this post for me! Or you can signal boost to your friends and I can check them out. Can’t guarantee I’ll follow, but I would be happy to take a gander at your blog!  

Nintendo (Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, Splatoon)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Disney (pretty much anything relating to the parks or the films) and Pixar



Y2K stuff

Space, NASA, space exploration, astronauts (I have a space sideblog so that would help me find new content for that!)

Mystery Skulls Animated

Bendy and the Ink Machine

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Marvel (I’m not suuuper into it but like, Iron Man, Captain America, Agent Carter, The Avengers)

The Lego Movie

These are just a few of the things I like to reblog and honestly? it sounds mean but like if you post a lot of opinion or political or sjw stuff I probably won’t follow I’m sorry but that’s the stuff I’m trying to avoid :(


Wow, ok. So I know I’m probably considered dead by those who follow me, but I just wanted to say hello again, and I am not dead. You can expect a lot more posting (reblogging) from me now, I am officially back! (not like anyone missed me, but oh well<3)

✨3K Celebration!✨

I promised when I reached 3K followers I would do blogrates, and I did reach 3K a few months back but I ended up in the hospital with my heart condition so I’ve been a bit delayed. I’m currently waiting for the date of my surgery, so I have some time now to show my appreciation to you guys. 3K came very very quickly and I am so thankful to each of my followers. I’ve met some fantastic people on here, and I hope to continue expanding my friendships as you all are so very kind! ♥ 

Now please don’t let this post die because I’m hoping to find new blogs to follow through this!!


mbf dis hoe

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Ode to Tumblr

I want to start this post by offering the sincerest “Thank You” I could muster to those that reached out to me concerned, wondering what happened to my blog, asking me if I am OK.  I can safely say there are about 20 out of 66 that followed me that extended me this gesture.

For the record, I am fine.  Everything is good.  This blog is here but it will just take up space and have absolutely no meaning to anyone.  I have moved my blog back to Ello (ello.co).  I feel compelled to give you the reasons why as so many of you have asked for an explanation.

  • Ello allows me to comment on posts, with pictures, video or anything I want and not have to reblog to do it.
  • You can reblog if you wish but are not obligated to in order to put your two cents in so that everyone can read your comment.
  • Ello has no advertising….
  • I am not constantly blocking porn bots on Ello.
  • Ello is not high school, which it seems Tumblr has turned out to be.  We discuss relevant topics.  We share ideas.  We don’t bicker over politics, sexuality or constantly beat the dead horse over topics like sexuality, depression, that fact that you can’t get a date, the “what’s wrong with me” posts, etc.  Now, I know that these are all important issues.  I get it.  But you have to admit that something is wrong when 9 out of 10 posts are about the same thing.  Fix the problem and move on.
  • Ello has no cliques.  I make new friends every day on a variety of different levels.
  • Ello has no selective algorithm.  Ello shows you everything, not just the things that “It Thinks” you will like.  As I sit here I wonder how many of you will see this post immediately versus a few days from now, versus a week, month or year from now simply because Tumblr thinks that is what you want to see.

There are only two drawbacks to Ello that I can see right now.  First, the Art community has taken it over.  Lots of photography, lots of Artwork, lots of graphic design work.  Secondly, Ello has no formal messenger app like Tumblr does.  But I feel that is a good thing.  I sometimes wonder how many backstabbing messages Tumblr has in it’s archives. (So, high school…)

I am keeping this blog because I know that there are a few people that will never leave here and these people are important to me.  As many of you have seen, I do respond to asks still…and I do respond to messages sent to me.

Some of you have accounts on Ello….all you need do is reactivate them and get active there again to follow me if you wish.  I would love to have all my followers come and join me on Ello.  We would make a great community.  You would make a whole bunch of new friends there.  Tumblr was a great place to post, but I have graduated from High School many years ago………

……….I’m on Ello now, and as you can see, I’m a lot happier……..

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I was the one that helped spark the cheesecake/pineapple debate so nothing really phases me anymore on this blog lmao but a man is at least a human while the leaf is a plant??? Maybe it creates eggs and provides nutrients until they hatch into tiny Canadians that roll out of the egg ready to play some hockey and drink Tim Horton's coffee I dunno

I am in awe welcome back my dude! Also seriously you shouldn’t be surprised it’s Canada like they have money that smells like maple leaves how couldn’t they plant birth people. Feel welcome to drop by anytime dude you’re a legend around here

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I am dying to know. Why is your icon the Count.

Hey there, curious anon!

OK, so back when I first started this blog, my primary fandom was (and still is, technically) “Dark Shadows” and associated content, vampires in general included. So I came up with a name: dorkshadows was a brilliant pun I couldn’t pass up.

Then I had to pick an icon. Who else embodies dorky vampires better than the suave yet memetastic Count Von Count of Sesame Street fame? And thus, the Count became my icon. 

would just like to let everyone know that my life is crazy busy atm, hence not being around on the dash anymore and neglecting updates and fics i’ve promised over the months. i truly am so sorry about that but that just seems to be how my life is going atm??

so from that, i’ll be putting this blog on a semi-hiatus while i get my shit together & life in order, but i do promise with every peice of my being, i am coming back to this little world and my pitch fam, it just might take some time. i love you all. truly.

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weird thing is that I've browsed through your blog before and seen your name pop up a heck a lot but then fully discovered through my stalking of the new pv 2 reaction vids on Youtube (which may I saw yours is the most beautiful) that you have a channel that led me right back to this blog and so now here I am following you, as I probably should have been, hello hahaha

Haha! Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

And thank you again! Glad to know you are following me. You are in for a lot of shenanigans and memes. xD