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tumblr user @yaxawa has already been called out multiple times but since theres no comprehensive 1 off post with major receipts im posting this

nina yaxawa is 18 years old and reblogs lolicon art frequently and unapologetically. i am not saying she is a pedophile but thats extremely Not Ok to do regardless 

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warnings for lolicon art, mild nsfw, sexualized underaged characters

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I’m getting ready to take an indefinite break from this blog, but before I do I want to get this post out, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

For all our talk about fundies, I don’t think we talk about John and Esther Schrader enough. Esther is Anna Duggar’s sister. Her husband John is a grifter of the highest order. I know I shit on the Bateses and Duggars for their half-assed missionary work, but John Schrader puts them all to shame.

Your Schrader in-a-nutshell primer.

John and Esther got married in I think 2002, and have since had nine kids. John got a missionary spot to Zambia several years ago (I think the youngest two kids were born there and she’s pregnant again.)He eventually lost the financial backing of whatever church that was paying for their work, and the only church backing them now is the church where John’s own father is pastor.

During this time, John grifted SO MUCH MONEY from Christians online. He talked on and on about an airplane and flying lessons that he DESPERATELY NEEDED in order to serve the people of Zambia. He was given the money for that, and suddenly the opportunity for the plane disappeared, and he never spoke of it again. (I think this might have been what caused the original church to pull their financial support) I think he was asked a lot about the plane, because recently on FB, he posted pictures of pieces of a plane, which was pretty laughable. He’s not a mechanic, I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to build a flyable plane.

His wife and children are sickly looking, but John always appears well-fed. He spends money on an unbelievable amount of nutritional supplements for himself, but none for the wife or kids. His posts online are always all about HIMSELF, and when he has to talk about others, he always manages to circle back to John. He used his sisters’ death of pancreatic cancer as an excuse to grift money from well-meaning but ultimately very stupid Christians.

Their family is 100% Poisonwood Bible waiting to happen.

I had screenshots galore of this, but alas I got a new computer and didn’t take along any of my old screenshots. I do have a few new ones though. 

Anyway, Johnny boy is currently having a rough go of it. One of the Zambian disciples he collected has left the John’s church and is calling him out publicly as are some other people on his FB.

Then John had to do some damage control 

Both Roderick and Boyd who he references up there have also since left. 

For all his talking about himself constantly, John Shrader is the least self-aware person on Earth. 

So where am I going with this? I don’t really know. He’s just one of my favorite fundies to hate. His Facebook page is public, and it’s a wealth of jaw-dropping posts by John about John. (Be careful not to comment, he’s quick to block)

So more and more followers are leaving, and I guess some are threatening him and his family and the church. Some are saying that the Shraders are doing illegal shady things and are contacting Zambian authorities. See below where John actually THANKS God for the threats against him and his family. 

Anyway, of all the shit he’s pulled, nothing made me more angry than this recent post. He got a new Zambian follower who sadly passed away just over a month later. John made this guy’s death all about John, and even managed to get a dig in at the man’s hell-bound wife who didn’t fall for John Shrader’s bullshit. It’s really the most unreal thing I’ve ever read. 

Anyway. I don’t really know where I’m going with this post. I just wanted fellow fundie watchers to be on the lookout for this guy. At some point you’re going to here a news story about an American wife and her gaggle of children having to be rescued from Zambia because her dipshit husband pissed off the wrong people. And you’ll know in advance who it is. 

There is SO MUCH MORE to the insane story of the Shraders, but I dont really have the time to get it all out, and like I said, all my old screenshots aren’t on my new computer.

I’ll be gone for a while from this blog, but I am going to be keeping an eye on Shrader’s FB and I’ll let you all know if anything further happens, or if you guys see anything about him, you can let me know :) 


The "Steal from my Program, I destroy your reputation" revenge.

(warning: long story)

While this is my main account, I dont think anyone who cares about me IRL that matters in this case is aware of what I have done. This story goes back to my college days.

Back in the late 00’s I was a student in a small college near a city. I was like most other students, idealistic, a slacker, and a tryhard about a few things. I really loved music in particular. Well, as the decade was winding down, my university swapped presidents. The previous one had been perceived as odd and weak and old. They replaced him with an Irish descended lawyer.

Now this guy was the epitome of the creepy, slimy car salesman. Short but burly, former boxer I think. Loud mouth, lots of bragging too. Liked “the ladies of the university” despite his marriage and their age. Lots of promises, little delivery and most of all, almost no principles other than lets raise money and put it towards “development”. One of his ideas was to take a trust fund specifically for the Music department and raid it for over 50% of its original value , leaving the balance at under 3% of the original value.

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Hey wonderful people. I didn’t think i was going to have to make another post like this, especially since it’s only been like six months since I made the last one. But here I am.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a ftm twenty one year old living at home with my incredibly homophobic, republican, verbally and mentally abusive christian parents. I include ‘christian’ because they use God against me. They do not agree I have mental illnesses (of which i have been clinically diagnosed) and refuse to pay for any kind of therapy for me. I haven’t seen my therapist since last September. My mother picks fights and then plays the victim for sympathy. My father doesn’t want to listen when I try and explain how abusive she is. I once tried to tell her she was, and she threw it back in my face mockingly. They tell me that they don’t care if I’m upset that they don’t accept me because God’s plan is bigger than anything else. They care more about God than they do their own kid. My sister is no help either, as she thinks I am overreacting.

I’m currently in 1k of debt due to having to buy my own meds for depression, anxiety and bpd, pay for my car and the work that had to be surprisingly done when it quit working a week ago. I have a full time job but still can’t move out of the house because my parents claim I‘m not responsible enough and don’t have enough money. My goal is to get to 500 dollars by the end of July to help with bills and saving.

That being said, please please please reblog this. I understand not everyone can donate, but if every follower of mine donated fifty cents, I’d have over 3 thousand dollars. Reblogging this will raise awareness and I will be so eternally grateful you can’t even imagine. Any and all money donated will be saved in my papypal account. If you have any questions about donations, or about what I’m going through (need proof etc) I am more than happy to give it. Just message me! I also am selling some things on Depop to help as well!

Thanks again, Caleb.

My paypal is paypal.me/NinaRice (I had to use my legal name) and my Depop store is under ghstboycaleb

I’m just really scared I’m not going to get out and learn to live a life I’m happy with.


I don’t understand whats the big deal with saying you don’t want kids. Yes I am only 14 years old, but when I think of my future I can never imagine kids being involved. I am the type of person who would rather play with dogs than with children. I feel very uncomfortable around babies and I can only tolerate looking at them. I don’t want to hold them, play with them or anything. My aunt is staying with us for a month and she recently had a baby. The baby sleeps with me in my room. I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready for school and every 2 hours I get woken up by the baby. This only proves to me that I will not be able to handle a baby. Unlike everybody else in my house I don’t have the patience to deal with this.

Despite everybody being very well aware that I am just not very fond of kids they all expect me to want them. My mom feels my lack of desire to have kids is selfish. My parents aren’t the main reason why I don’t want kids but they are way up there on the list of reasons. My siblings and I only made their lives way harder than it used to be. Before we came to live with our parents in America they were living an easy and carefree life, then we came and everything just went downhill from there. They aren’t as financially stable as they used to be and from the memories I have of when we first came, they aren’t as happy either. My parents are very very close to a divorce. My mom loves to complain about how she regrets having kids. She loves bringing up how before we came their life used to be so easy. There weren’t any dishes in the sink, they had money to travel, and blah blah blah. When I was younger I used to feel guilty when she said things like this but now I feel absolutely no sympathy for them. I didn’t ask to be brought into this world and neither did my siblings. They chose to have 4 kids. Its their fault their lives are as hard as they are now. I just dont understand why my mom cares if whether or not I have kids. I would’ve assumed she wouldn’t want me to have kids and live a hard life like them.

If at any point in my life I want a kid I will not conceive a child. I would much rather adopt. Not a baby of course, I would much rather adopt a kid between the ages of 8-11. Even if I decide to adopt its not gonna happen while I’m in my 20s. This will only happen while I’m in my mid to late 30s. I have to have the financial stability to not only raise this child, but also still have money to take care of my self and have fun.