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starshollowisonahellmouth  asked:

Top five favourite characters? Top five brotps? ONE GG storyline you would erase? ONE GG storyline you would have added? Do you have any crackships? Any sexuality headcanons?

You are an angel. Do you know that I was just about to resort to doing a little WORK? Thank god you intervened just in time…

Top five favourite characters

These are the five I love most as fictional characters because I find them enjoyable, relatable, complex and just generally entertaining or interesting. I’m not sure I’d love them in real life, and there are some GG characters I probably would love in real life who don’t quite make the cut!

1. Rory Gilmore

You and I have talked about this at length, and I hope we’ll remain members of the Rory Defense Squad for years to come! I could write several Dostoevsky-length novels on how much I still love and relate to her. We have a lot of the same interests, attributes and flaws. We even seem to share similar taste in men and a similarly complex addiction to coffee. 

2. Lorelai Gilmore

So flawed, so frustrating, so immature, yet so vibrant, complex, independent, spirited and alive.

3. Logan Huntzberger

I know. He has some awful traits and tendencies. I am probably awful for loving him as much as I do. I’m aware of my problem :) But, like Lorelai, he’s just got such a genuine zest and passion for life. (I find myself really drawn to that in characters and in many real people as well, probably because I’m a lot more like Rory or Luke). He’s also clever, perceptive, intelligent, generous, bold, direct, creative, energetic, affectionate, warm, witty, kinder than he’s generally given credit for, a better communicator than almost anyone else on this show, and I could keep going for another several paragraphs but you’ve put up with me long enough! 

4. Paris Geller  

My all too relatably insane, neurotic, fascinating Paris! 

5. Richard Gilmore

I almost picked Sookie, Lane, Michel or Mrs. Kim, but I really love the actor who plays Richard and his relationship with Rory is one of my very favorite things about the show, so he got my vote. 

Top five brotps?

Lorelai and Rory

Rory and Richard 

Rory and Paris 

Jess and Luke

 Lorelai and Emily (It’s a frustrating, repetitive dynamic that sometimes makes both characters a lot less likable to me, but it’s also a huge part of the show and a complex, fascinating realtionship that gives us some of the series’ best scenes)

I promise to talk about storylines I’d add and erase in another post because I have a slew of thoughts and this post is already far too long!

Do you have any crackships?

Paris and Jess. Their scenes in There’s The Rub were enough to make them my top crackship of the show. I think they’d either be incredible together or completely implode, but it would be fun and interesting to watch either way. 

This was the high point of my Monday! Thank you!