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I'm RIDICULOUSLY confused with my sexuality. I'm pretty "meh" about sex in general, I don't really feel arousal (but, say, every once in two months, I'll feel the need to masturbate or something), I have a boyfriend with a high sex drive and sometimes it's real overwhelming but at the start of our relationship we were pretty sexual. But in general, I really don't care for sex and could happily live without it.. I don't feel like I feel sexual attraction at all either.. wtf am I

It sounds like you have a low libido, and also no attraction to other people. So in other words,  you’re probably an ace with a low sex drive.

- Fae

I am both confident and terrified about approaching dudes that I find attractive, at the gym
He keeps looking at me?? But I don’t know if it’s safe?? Does he have a gf I don’t freaking know!

I wish I could telepathically tell him to come talk to me

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Hello friend, I see you are attracted to girls, I too am attracted to girls, girls are great and being gay is aswell. This was a super awkward ask but hello

this is my favorite ask

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I've identified as bi for a while, but as time goes on I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian, and now I'm super confused, cause I am mostly attracted to women, I mean some times there's a guy I'm attracted to, but I wouldn't want to be with him. any input?

I actually feel the same. My advice is really to try your best on not labelizing yourself because it will bring you more harm than anything else. Just be yourself, you don’t have to explain who you like and how to people.

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hi I just wanted a bit of advise if you don't mind. I'm a girl and I am also attracted to girls and I'm very comfortable with that and am happy, but I really don't like the word lesbian being used to describe my sexuality (even though I haven't personally had a bad experience with the word) and I use the word gay because I am more comfortable with that. Should I use lesbian? is it wrong of me to dislike the word being associated with me if I haven't had a bad experience with it? thanks :)

Hi! No, you shouldn’t feel forced to use a word you aren’t comfortable with! It’s perfectly okay not to use it and I sort of feel the same way.

Personally, the word lesbian still makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Not because it’s a bad word, but because I associate it with some negative things. I grew up hearing it as an insult, a weakness, something predatory, a porn category, a stereotype etc. 

I’m working on reclaiming it as my own. But as of now I prefer gay or queer. And there’s nothing wrong with that, just as there’s nothing wrong with calling yourself a lesbian. It’s simply up to each individual.

I’ve been thinking about sexuality quite a bit lately??? (I guess my own) & it’s wild cause sometimes I can’t tell if what I’m thinking or what I think I’m thinking is actually my own judgement or if I feel that way because a lot of people I associate with feel that way.

Like I can see really cute/pretty girls on here or Twitter & just sit back & admire them. Then it somehow leads to me thinking stuff like “do I just appreciate this person for their aesthetics or am I kinda sorta actually attracted??” It’s a headache in the sense of what I’m thinking is/could be normal for anyone no matter the sexuality or I’m just thinking that way cause others I’m close to think that way.

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Wait.. what? I am so confused. How can an asexual person have sexual attraction? I am very confused.

Gray Asexuality or Gray Ace is when someone can have a low intensity of sexual attraction, maybe like with a certain person or in a specific circumstance.

Demisexuality (which is part of the spectrum of asexuality) is feeling sexual attraction only after forming a romantic bond from. 

All of this is very complex and not black and white. I just feel like fandoms like to talk about asexuality but not really try to understand it?

**anyone can jump in if I’ve said something inaccurate**


You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

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they’re quidditch babes. a sequel to my harry “gay panic” potter comic

harry “bi panic” potter is queer is heck ! 

I’m slowly falling in love with Tom Holland and there is nothing I can do to stop it…