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golden-spider-duck said: I request… Arcade… trying to keep ED-E from spilling any Enclave beans.

just two cool dudes with a harmless passing interest in lasers

ok but… one of my fav kind of ship tropes is just where the other half of the ship is (for whatever reason) waaaayy bashful and awkward, even just plain bad (at first!) at initiating pda BUT wants to & eventually learns to do it because!! they love their s/o and want to! show it!! 

my late bday gift for @gaylawyerhell !! ❤️️ ilysm, i am so happy to be friends with someone as passionate and caring and loyal as you!! and so grateful you indulged me in lawyer hell and the dads… i know it’s only been a little over a year since we properly started screaming at each other talking but it feels like a lot longer, in a good way!!

(important to note that i got the insp to finally finish this after revisiting turnabout goodbyes again and… gosh.. they’ve come so far since then and i’m so happy….)

Jungkook Fanfic Rec (2)

So as promised here I am back again with my fanfic rec! Honestly I should be ashamed of myself for being such a Jungkook hoe… or nah! These awsome writers give my life with their materpieces and I could have probably simply reblogged their masterlist but oh well… go follow them and support their amazing work! :)

Have fun reading you sinners (as always there is a terrific amount of smut in there sorry not sorry)

Jungkook fanfic rec 1

If you find any mistake in my tag or link let me know!


Roommates: pt. 1, pt. 2 (not smut for now but expect some good one ;)

Monster: one, two, three, four (m)

Kairos: pt. 1

All’s Fair (m)

Can you teach me how to give a blow job? pt. 1, pt. 2 (m)

The five W’s of falling in and out of love: pt 1, pt 2 (a)

Player Player: pt. 1, pt. 2

Interwined: prologue, part 1

Protégé - Part 1 - Part 2 (m) - Part 3 (m)

Addiction (m) | 01 | 02

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 | (a/f/m)


Lightweight (m)

Body (m)

Sweet Tooth (m)

Friday Night (Prologue) pt. 1  (ft. Jimin)

Sketch (m)

Mr. Jeon (m)

Beneficial (m)

Kalopsia (m)

Just for Tonight (m)

Truth or Dare…(m)

Date #7 (m)

Rain baths (m) it’s polyamorous!yoonkook ok?? fuck my life

His muse (fluff with an hint of smut)

Black Magick (f)

Get under the car. (f)

Any Girl (f)

Bedtime (f, college au)

Love Me Like You Love Chicken Nuggets (f/a)

Stiffy (f)

Spoons (f)

Do(n’t) Play With My Hair (f)


“I sleep well anywhere” (Drabble, f)

Punchline. (f)

More Than Friends (f)

Energy (f, college au)

Kaleidoscope Heart

The Little Things (f)

Obliviously, obviously obvious (college AU)

Matching (fluff)
Photographs (angst)

Drabbles by @taegonia

Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed? 

Wanna bet + You heard me. Take it off. 

No I’m not going to lick chocolate off your non existent abs

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so attractive


psych challenge: (2/4) relationships: carlton lassiter & juliet o’hara 

you inspire me, partner. always have. you have believed in me since day one. you have given me courage and strength and taught me accountability and how to ration my ammo in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

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au where bitty dates dean winchester. they bonded over dean's love of pie. i am so ashamed that i used to be obsessed enough with spn to know this reference

I can’t believe I’ve been on tumblr long enough to have half the words in this message on my blacklist

dont rb unless u have a cluster b PD
  • someone: hey! uh i noticed that u made a mistake/have this flaw/etc? i can help u !
  • me internally: splits, starts getting teared up, hears distinct agonized screaming in the back of my head, is suddenly ashamed of every part of myself and wants to kill them and myself, cant move or speak properly because i am so humiliated and angry
  • me externally: haha sure thanks

warm up ft. solangelo and the shirts piper buys for them. will is a massive fuckin’ dork and nico looks good in clothes that are not all black



  • M.itsuru Kirijo



  • Mitsuru does not have her ears pierced, but she would be amiable to the idea if it were suggested by a close friend like Yukari.
  • She’s surprisingly adventurous with her food post-p3. The protagonist introducing her to fast food opened her eyes to the fact that everything is worth trying at least once - and that a high price doesn’t necessarily equal the best taste.


  • What free time
  • Reading - she tends to prefer adventure books and classics, and tries to avoid romance novels where possible (she’s not a massive fan of the classic romance tropes, especially those relating to the ‘happy ever after’. She doesn’t like the idea that the story ends after the protag finds their love interest.).
  • Applying make-up/styling hair - her appearance is quite important to her, as she’s always been taught to appear impeccable in front of sponsors and business partners and the like. Over the years, she has learned to quite enjoy taking the time to look good, and doesn’t mind getting up early to make sure she has time for that to happen before school. Sorry, Hidetoshi - your president wears make-up. Regularly.
  • Studying - I know, I know, this shouldn’t count as a hobby. Truthfully, though, she takes great pride in her perfect grades, and genuinely enjoys learning. An integral part of her self-esteem comes from the fact that she is intelligent and high-achieving, and growing up in a very male-dominated environment has motivated her to stay on top of her game at all times.


{ Shout outs to Sera for splitting this into romantic and platonic, definitely a good plan }


  • Aragaki Shinjiro (childhood acquaintance + co-founder of SEES; grows slowly into mutual support based on a similar approach to their difficulties) - @bloodsplatteredmoon & @deathboundinautumn
  • Sanada Akihiko (childhood friend + co-founder of SEES; frequently seen together; one of a very small number of people that she’ll actively seek advice and guidance from)
  • Arisato Minato (leader of SEES and canon(?) first love; that maxed social link tho) - @demanumortis & @hekigankiseki
  • Kujikawa Rise (met during the Inaba Incident: Arena Edition; resists the affection and eventual flirting until she doesn’t anymore) - @kujirise
  • Staci Gelum (the proof that opposites attract; a very rocky start becomes something more when trust forms between them)- @ofgelum
  • Joel Reznor (got to know one another over a fencing match; comes to love his confidence and intelligence)@kyubikotei
  • Takeba Yukari (A tense start evolves into a beautiful companionship; each challenges the other to think differently) 


  • Arisato Hamuko ( Field leader of SEES; selected to prove that women can be every bit as successful as men with leadership - and proud everyday that they have not proved her wrong) - @notyourprinccss & @orokana-riko
  • Narukami Yu ( Leader of the Investigation Team; respects his sincerity and bonds over leadership (and scooters bikes) - @narxkami & @orbofsight
  • Shirogane Naoto (The other’s dedication and clear intelligence allows them to click very soon after their first meeting- @shironao
  • Sanada Akihiko (Is worthy of being on both lists; their platonic friendship is super important ok) - @goodjxb & @seexsouthpawboxer @downtomyunderoos
  • Tachibana Jin (Senpai! Met once during a return trip to Gekkoukan for the elder ) - @kaminotsumahajiki
  • Narukami Yu(uko) (childhood friend [AU] - grew up together and were reunited upon the other’s admission to Gekkoukan) - @kodoyuuko & @jijitsyu
  • Odagiri Hidetoshi (Fellow council member; though she takes a less stern approach to discipline unless it’s thoroughly earned, she can appreciate his integrity) - @shojikisa


  • Trusting Ikutsuki
  • Letting the Shinjiro Incident™ occur and escalate to the level it did


  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of horror movies

TAG PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME THING: this went around the first time such an embarrassingly long time ago that I could probably tag people and they wouldn’t remember if they’d done it before or not swe a t s. uhhhh lets tag some new mutuals @shinjibro @listlesshermit  @idolbeauty aaaand also anyone who feels like it

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*not strong enough to be defined as true phobia

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten shows & tag ten people.

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1. Jerome Valeska - Gotham
2. David Haller - Legion
3. Jughead Jones - Riverdale
4. Simon Lewis - Shadowhunters
5. Ian Gallagher - Shameless
6. Cisco Ramon - The Flash
7. Charlie Bradbury - Supernatural
8. Jessica Jones - Jessica Jones
9. Frank Castle - Daredevil
10. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

Thanks to @perennialfeathers​ for pointing this Malak out to me! Guys. Guys. Gramps.

“I was trapped within Innominat’s domain. I’m ashamed that I fell into such a simple snare. I must train myself anew under the esteemed Prime Lord Zenrus. But I’m in for one heck of a scolding first.”

And you know this map? Perniya Cliffsides? It’s Ladylake. And where this Malak is right now is on the path up towards Elysia back in Zestiria. This waterfall we see is the one Sorey and Mikleo stood over when they saw their first real glimpse of the outside world.

There’s 4 Malaks on this map. This one, one more water, an earth, and a wind. Unfortunately they’re all using generic models or otherwise I could identify them but ah well. I’d like to think they’re Elysians.

Just as a wild guess, I’d like to say this guy is Kyme ( Zenrus’s successor after Zestiria ) and the other three are Moymor, Shiron, and Cynthia. Both Shiron and Cynthia have a clear mistrust of humans, which is understandable after what the Abbey did. Meanwhile Moymor is the only water seraph other than Taccio ( and possibly Medea ), and I think Taccio would be a lot more recognizable if it was him


(Me: I wrote something else because I totally don’t have any other fics waiting for me to finish them.

Marichat May: Wait but you d—

Me: shut up and wait your turn.)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: T

Summary: Marinette’s little rendezvous ends with unexpected results.

Word count: 1358

Author Notes: Lowkey inspired by the orange lipstick debacle from TLATB by @bullysquadess hey mom

Also on AO3.

Series: nobody asked for this

They were so caught up in themselves that, at first, they didn’t notice the bell.

“Oh, merde!” Marinette took a shaky step back, eyes wide. “We’re going to be late!” She ran her hands over her hair and clothes, smoothing them as best as she could, while Adrien fixed his shirt and collar.

He looked back up, only to see Marinette’s back as she sprinted to the library. “Hey, Mari, wait!” he cried, but she didn’t look back, nor did she stop. Adrien shrugged, sighed fondly, and shouldered his book bag before following her, albeit at a slower pace. A secret smiled curled on his lips.

He didn’t mind being tardy, if it meant that he got to press Marinette against a brick wall and kiss her senseless.

Marinette opened the library’s side door discreetly, and tiptoed her way back to her seat next to Alya at the table, near the back of the library. Along the way, she picked up a random book from a random shelf, and brandished it like a shield in hopes of not stirring her friend’s suspicions at her lengthy absence.

“Phew!” she exhaled dramatically, sliding into the chair. “This was such a difficult book to find!” She waved around the book for emphasis. “But after a while, I did find it. On a bookshelf. In the library. Where I’ve been this whole time.”

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This is so weird but the love and support on this blog is so good??? Everyone's out here helpin each other and giving advice even tho we're all p much Suffering and the mod is doing an A+ job and I dunno it's just nice to have a place to talk about shit like this without feeling ashamed or completely grossed out at yourself and. Ahh!!! Good. Everything is great.

omg i’m so glad <33 i am really proud about the vibe we’ve developed together on this blog, it’s so great having yall here <33333333333