i am ashamed to be white

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have you ever had to deal with any biphobia at a pride event?

Yeah. Nothing crazy though? but definitely the implication that i didn’t belong there. Side-Eyes, eyerolls, etc. Id rather not go into detail because it’s not important.

What was important was a moment I had with this older Bi man. I was decked out in Bi colors and had a shit ton of Bi colored beads on and he came up to me like “hey friend! can i have some!” we were about to walk the Parade for Pridelines - a really cool organization for LGBT youth - so everyone had signs that said “I have Pride because…” and they would fill it in. His said “I have Pride because I am Bisexual, I’m married, and I have HIV” so I get up and I was like “yeah man ofcourse!”

“thanks! it’s cool to see people being prideful about being Bi. Those colors are sparse this year” and i was like “Yeah, I’m sure there’s more but some of them feel like they can’t.” “Which is bullshit” “Right” “I want to thank you for being decked out. I clearly didn’t dress up in colors like I wanted to” he gestured to his white shirt and shorts and then continued “but I saw you and I suddenly felt ashamed for being so scared. How stupid is that? I’m 60, went through the AIDS epidemic, and scared over wearing Bi colors.” We chuckled a bit and I said “Hey man, that’s part of the reason why I did it. I was nervous too but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t because other people need to see that not only we exist but that we belong” “Well Thank you for pushing through that and helping other Bis out here who see that and feel validated. You’re doing good things by being dressed up.” And we hugged it out for what seemed like forever.

That moment made my entire pride to the point where I even forgot I encountered petty biphobia here and there until you asked this ask.

if Hamilton had come out during the Glee Era, this is what the episode basically would be

- Opening scene: ND in the classroom talking among themselves. Schue walks in wearing full period costume. Everyone is confused and a little ashamed. Schue tells them he’s discovered they’re all failing history, and one of them tells him history is just SO BORING. 

 - cut to a scene of somehow all the kids in the same class in various stages of unconsciousness while a Professor Binns type teacher drones on about the war of 1812. 

- Schue assures them history is TOTALLY COOL, informs them about Hamilton, tries to white rap his way through either Guns and Ships or Yorktown. Santana makes that “why am I surrounded by white fools” face that she always makes. Hamilton is the assignment this week, even though COMPETITION looms in the future, but when have they ever actually practiced before the week of? 

- Blaine has been super friendly with some guy from Dalton or from Hairgellers Anonymous or something, is constantly liking his posts on FB. Kurt sings “Burn” over a montage of Blaine ignoring him in ridiculous situations that no one would ever be on their phone during. 

- Rachel has decided this week is one of the weeks where she’s aggressive about becoming a star, sings Satisfied. 

- Tensions are getting high, so Artie flawlessly white boy raps through “What’d I Miss” while Mike dances, to lighten the mood. 

- The kids are learning about Hamilton, but Schue is worried they’re not REALLY learning the point he’s trying to get at. 

- Probably the Unholy Trinity sings “Schuyler Sisters” 

- Schue walks back in on the kids excitedly talking about the show and/or history in general. Smiles that smile he smiles when he thinks he’s a good teacher. “See you guys? History is now. You’re the founding fathers. You’re the underdogs. Your time is coming, you just have to wait for it.” 

- New Directions: YEAH! 

- The group sings “Wait for It” in the auditorium either in full costume, or wearing just vaguely matching outfits. Finn takes lead, but Mercedes comes in on the middle solo. 

- They all smile at each other at the end, while Schue makes that face again. 

- Sue is in the background glowering that ND has managed to not fall apart yet again.

It’s 2005 and I am 7, and my mom does my hair up in little braids with bright beads and barrettes that match my clothes. My teachers complain that they’re distracting. My mother tries to reason with them that braids are just about the only to manage my hair. They don’t care. The seed is sown.

It’s 2006 and I start getting my hair pressed. My Sundays are spent with aloe vera leaves pressed to the burns on my neck. I start to hate rain and develop a fear of heat tools that lasts to this day.

It’s 2008 and all the girls at school brush each other’s hair. Becky asks if she can brush mine. I want to fit in so I tell her yes. I want to disappear when she runs away yelling to the class that I have grease in my hair.

It’s 2008 when I ask my mom why my hair isn’t like the other girls’. She tells me it’s just how I am, and that my black hair is nothing to be ashamed of. I want to tell her she’s wrong.

It’s 2009 and I sit on the floor in my living room crying as the chemicals burn my scalp but I don’t move until twenty minutes have passed. After its been flat ironed it’s silky and straight - but it’s not straight or silky enough, not white girl straight. I touch the chemical burns on my scalp and wish I had left the perm on longer.

It’s 2010 and I’m three weeks late on my perm. That awful, bushy new growth is starting to grow under my perfect straight hair. I hate it. I think it’s ugly and dirty and I wish it’d just go away. I remind my mom to grab the extra strength relaxer.

It’s 2011 and I’m going through my scene phase. I want nothing more than to tease my hair and put it into backcombed pigtails and clip dream catchers into it. But I can’t. It bushes out at the slightest hint of moisture and tangled in the bat of an eye. I hate my hair in both its natural and treated forms.

It’s 2013 and my hair can’t take anymore. It’s damaged beyond repair and I’m forced to cut all thirteen inches off. I’m left with the natural hair I’ve hated my whole life. I cry for weeks.

It’s 2013 and my first healthy curl has appeared. I think it looks pretty. For Christmas I wish for more.

It’s 2015 and I have a fro as big and round as the sun. My curls frame my face like laurels. I put on my hoop earrings and love how I look.

It’s 2015 and I feel the need to reinvent myself. I cut it all off again, from twelve inches to three. I cry for days.

It’s 2016 and my curls are more defined than ever. My natural hair is my glory. I style them into a flat top or a coiff or whatever I feel like. I consider growing them out again.

Your hair journey will not always be pretty. It will not always be healthy. You will not remember all of it fondly. But no matter how rough or how long, it will always be worth it.

Dear Tumblr:

I am not ashamed to be white. Telling me that I am a monster just because of my skin colour and what some white people have done in the past is the most pathetic excuse to victimise yourself. I wasn’t born in the 50s and I have never stated anything about segregation being a good thing.

If this offends any of you Tumblrinas, you can go fuck yourself.

No offence but why do we care about what middle-aged white men think of Harry? It’s not because they suddenly admit to liking Harry that Harry’s credibility has gone up or something. 

Also I don’t get why we are celebrating the “I wasn’t a 1D fan but…”/”I am ashamed to admit that…” tweets? These people looked down upon us and One Direction in the past and only now that they have gotten more exposure when it comes to Harry, they suddenly like it. Well guess what, Robert, go listen to some 1D albums and you’ll find many songs similar to what Harry is doing right now. You would have liked 1D but you just never gave them a chance because of the ‘boyband’ status. You never gave them a chance because their fanbase consisted mostly of young females. There is no shame in liking One Direction, ffs. But if you think that way, I’d rather not hear your opinion on 1D or Harry. 


i want to write for hamiltime but i’m also nervous/uncomfortable bc of the obvious reasons.  that being said, i spent a lot of time on wikipedia articles trying to be fairly historically accurate lmao.  this is a little au in terms of hamiltime timeline but i wanted to include the hamilsquad and i can’t do that in act ii time bc one is dead and the other two are awol.

title: down for the count
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 5643 (i am incapable of writing anything that isn’t slow burn wtf)

(requested by @notalwaysfair: the reader (female) could be friends with the Hamilsquad or/and Washingtons niece and Thomas have to prove the squad that he loves her?)

Thomas never backs down from a challenge.

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i grew up
in a whitewashed country
with whitewashed children
with their minds wired
to make racist comments 

they tell me
to appreciate
the stereotypes laid out for me
(you’re a model minority, they say)
and the bullshit they spew in my face

but they also tell me
my eyes are too small
and they grab their eyes
and slant them upward
while mocking my language

my language
can i even call it that?
i can barely speak it
i am an imposter, a fake
they ask me where im from
and i dont know what to say
(i was raised in an orphanage
for the first two years of my life)
(i am from america)
(i am from china)
(i am from nowhere)

they reduce this beautiful language
to sounds and ching-chongs
and they ask me if i eat cats
(she’ll eat your dog, too)
they tell me all chinese people have bad teeth
and the one language they know about
is nothing but sounds
(i wish i could swallow my hatred
and bitterness
but i can only let it spill out) 

dont they know?
there are tones
characters are not symbols
simplified vs traditional
it is mandarin chinese
there are hundreds of dialects
this language is beautiful
(i fell in love with it
i cannot speak it well
i am ashamed)
but america lets its children
turn it into sounds and jokes and
songs mocking the language
they don’t know anything about 

they laugh at me
for telling them to stop
(the asian can talk)
(the asian isn’t submissive after all)
(aren’t asians socially awkward?)

they sexualize the women
(asian girls are hot)
and desexualize the men
(asian men have small penises)
why am i so terrified
of white men looking at me?
i am nothing i am no one i am sick of being sexualized
why am i a part of your asian fetish daydreams? 

they turn my culture
into aesthetics and anime
and into fashion styles

they pronounce the cities wrong
open fortune cookies and congratulate
themselves for using chopsticks
they call me their token asian friend

every a+ i get
its because of my black hair
and my small eyes
and the country i was born in
(all asians are smart)

they look at the words
“made in china”
and crack a joke
about my country
i grind my teeth

they ask me
to speak the language
the beautiful language that they mock
and i want to say
in english
and boldly
but i am quiet (not because i am chinese)
and i keep my mouth shut (because i will be laughed at, because i am chinese)

i am asked
where am i ACTUALLY from
and i want to scream
because no one 
actually gives
a shit

they tell me
there is no such thing
as discrimination / prejudice / racism
against asians because
our usual stereotypes are positive
we are smart
we are successful
we are good at math

these words dont make me feel
or successful
and i was never good at math anyway
these words make me want to
scream and
crush their insults in my fists

they tell me to appreciate this
but i can only hate it
and keep myself silent
because no one cares
it’s just a joke, of course

—  one day i will learn to love the things they laugh at / j.m (via ghaffas)
The reason I find culture appropriation a problem

If I was to wear a kimono into class one day in high school I would have been told to “go back to China, you chink” even though I’m not even Chinese. While if a non person of color did, they would be praised for their “unique” style choices. Up until very recently I stayed away from anything obviously connected to my race because when I was younger I was severely bullied about being Asian. I can’t speak Japanese, I can’t make traditional dishes by heart, I never wanted to wear kimonos or embrace my culture at all. Today I’m very disconnected from my culture, as well as the other cultures I was born into but do not look like I obviously belong to. I regret letting kids saying mean racist things to me keep me away from who I am. But now many of those things I was taught to be ashamed of are now trendy and popular. Culture appropriation is an issue because non poc can cherry pick the “beautiful and inspiring” parts about my cultures but I will be shamed and made fun of if I did the same thing.

Same goes for any culture. It’s just not okay.


Ok I usually stay quiet, but I really want to touch on this subject. Iris told Barry and Wally that she wants to prove her life matters. If she’s leaving this world then by god she will leave her mark. The thing is, we know she matters. She matters to us. 

There are very few women characters in a superhero genre that I have seen this well written (in terms of DC and live-actions). I love some of the other women on the show like Caitlin and Linda, but Iris… Iris is alive on the screen. She can be forgiving and she can be angry. She can hate people for lying to her and keeping secrets. She can keep her own secrets. She can love and be loved. She can be funny and sarcastic. She can be overwhelmed. She can cry. She is human. You know how much I love just listening to her talk? No matter what is going on in my life, chances are Iris has gone through it and beaten it. She is someone to look up to. 

Personally, she has inspired me in more ways than one, particularly with my self-esteem. I’ve said this before I’m sure, but I’m white. I also am on the heavier side and have been since I was a kid. So most of my life I wore things that hid my body. I was ashamed, ya know? I didn’t feel worthy of letting people see me so I hid behind jeans and loose t-shirts and jackets. Anything that covered me up. Seeing Iris the last 2 ½ years has helped me so much. Like look at this woman:

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Like she holds herself with so much power and strength that no matter what she’s wearing, it works. And Candice Patton is a GORGEOUS woman. I mean stunning. If she has helped me get over a lifetime of body issues then I can’t imagine what she’s done for other people. For other girls, in particular women of color. I was lucky growing up, I know that, to have lots of pretty white actresses to look up to. But Candice Patton as Iris West teaches confidence rather than beauty.

That is the mark that Iris has made. She made it day 1 on this show. No matter what happens, Iris Ann West has made her mark. She does matter. 

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(1/6) as a kl shipper, i wanna say from the bottom of my heart: thank you thank you thank you. so many times i've wanted to shout stuff like "why do yall hate k/eith so much" and "you guys never cared abt s/hiro or a/llura, let alone s/hallura" and "why do you want so bad for this writer/artist to be a p/dophile godDAMN" like, holy shit. u beautiful salty jem of a pearl at the bottom of this tumultuous fandom ocean. -

- (2/6) even your blog title is golden, bc it feels like so many people are so deluded, trying to make a ship, something you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy, into a sort of spiteful activist bullshit-filled “movement” like what??? and telling folks to unfollow if they ship s/haladin bc they’re “cleaning out they’re blog”, like, fuck off??? sorry but here’s a salt-filled rant and i don’t know where else to put it so here! -

- (3/6) side note, i’m rly trying to get across to you that i’m NOT being sarcastic abt how much i want you to keep doing your thing, bc now they’re trying to tackle RACISM. in grosser and grosser ways every day! calling some of the only asian rep i see in media “white-passing” and saying that l/ance can’t have a last name that isn’t 1000% authentically cuban, whatever that means, buncha hypocritical racists. i have never been so angry and ashamed of a fandom. -

- (4/6) it’s gotten to the point where i, someone who ships kl and NOT sk (just my personal tastes), am rly happy to see any sk on my dash bc that poster must have been so brave! to post something as simple as sk hugging or smooching or whateverthefuck, i don’t care! you do you! fuck all these nasty haters, THEY’RE the toxic ones who just want someone to hate! yall deserve props! -

- (5/6) also, my compliments to the chef regarding that pining k/eith theory, it’s So Good, like i ghostwrote it somehow. the whole “projecting onto l/ance” thing (which is being done to a painful degree, i can testify) tries so hard to remove or overvalidate his flaws that it’s laughable. making lance into an insecure martyr angst-sponge hybrid with no agency and no room for personal growth, it’s sooo bad. -

- (6/6) and villainizing everyone else! reminds me of that jaden smith tweet: “when i die, then you will realize” shit he wrote when he was like 14. transparent af, like we get it, you’re insecure. and sometimes i WANT to hop aboard the black paladin lance train, but it’s always this idealized version of him that’s almost unrecognizable, and it’s at the expense of better black paladin candidates. goddamn ok, that was all my salt for the time being! much love, thank you and goodnight!

This is one of those asks that I’d love to keep in my inbox forever, but I’ve spent the last three days trying to come up with a response because you deserve one.

I think we’re all aware that tumblr is an explictly shitty place when it comes to “activism”. There’s this black-white-mentality that anything and anyone needs to be put in a box based on whether they agree with someone’s world views. Everything needs to conform to a specific label too, fiction is only allowed to be healthy, you condone what you enjoy etc., and the #1 argument by people on this site, also widely used by antis, is “Think about the children” but also “Expect everyone else to take care of you”.

People actively go into tags of pairings they hate and then yell about how triggered they are. Really? I’ve been repeatedly told to kill myself because I liked something they didn’t (and I’m talking about my 99.5% discourse-free main blog, not this one where I passively seek out conflict). You either conform to the popular way of thinking (shipping, in this case) or you’re irredeemable trash and a threat to the public. Any shit you get over having your own opinion will be justified because you deserve to be punished for thinking on your own. Tumblr mentality is the modern equivalent to medieval politics.

Fandom always has a terrible side - I know - but the Vo/tron fandom has become a place where people tear each other down rather than block the content they don’t want to see. Converting people to one’s own thinking has becume such an essential part of “activism” to the point where people forming their own opinions and learning about an issue on their own pose a threat.

In the Vo/tron fandom you see this toxic mentality with K/ance, rabid L/ance stans, anti Sha/adins and so on. You said everything I’ve been trying to say since I made this blog, and it saddens me that people can only safely voice their opinions and concerns when hidden behind the Anon feature.

Fandom isn’t always fun, but the Voltron fandom has become a place where people are too scared of posting their art or speaking up because they’ll legit receive death threats over liking a fictional ship. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at pushing back against the anti side or if I’m just making it worse at this point. But salt, spite and messages like yours keep me going. 

Being White-passing and Native in America

I am a white-passing mixed white/native nonbinary individual living in Indiana, USA. I am bisexual and nonbinary. My mother is Eastern Cherokee and white mixed, and my father is white. There are three main federally recognized Cherokee tribes: the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band, and the United Keetoowah Band. We are Eastern. 

Daily struggles: Being white passing, people don’t normally know that I’m mixed unless I tell them – and then they don’t believe me when I say so. I feel insecure about reclaiming any part of my culture, due to my white-passing-ness. Cultural appropriation is abundant in America, and it sucks. 

Food: My dad is the cook in the house, so what we eat is mostly influenced by him. But I will say that Native Americans are largely lactose intolerant. It’s a thing. My mom and little sister don’t drink milk, and I’m lactose intolerant too but I drink it anyway.

Holidays: We celebrate Christian/American holidays, for the most part. Yes, even Thanksgiving. We celebrate it at my Cherokee grandma’s house. She has a figurine of a stomp dancer placed in the dining room, and every Thanksgiving she replaces it with a statue of two white pilgrims. I don’t think the white side of my family notices.

Home/Family life/Friendships:

My grandma has all of our heirlooms, papers, and family history concerning our Nativeness kept away somewhere. “Upstairs in a box somewhere” is her verbatim, I think. She’s ashamed of our history, and what we’ve been through, and therefore has never shared anything with us, good or bad. This is cultural assimilation still at work. I am angry that I’ll never know what my family house was; that I had to Google what “tsalagi” means; that slowly, my family history will die out, and it’s not even my grandma’s fault. I understand her. 

My mother is abusive. This is hard to process, because on the one hand, she’s awful to me; but on the other hand, I have a strong desire to connect with my culture and my heritage, and one of the only ways I know how to do this is through her. 

Identity issues: I have considered using the term two-spirit as an identifier for my gender, since I don’t identify strongly with any other term, and it helps me connect with my heritage. However, since I am white-passing, I feel like I don’t deserve this title, and therefore I don’t identify with it.

I also usually don’t use the term “POC” for myself. I’m blonde, for fuck’s sake. I usually just say “mixed” or “part native american” when identifying myself.

Things I’d like to see more of: Natives in love! Natives not doing Stereotypical Native Things©! LGBT Natives! Natives travelling, natives with families and young natives!

Tropes I’m tired of seeing: The Unholy Trinity: native savage, holy savage (spirit man), native princess. Avoid these three tropes, y'all. Thanx

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What do you think the boys would say to yui on white day?~ P.s. I love your blog~ thank you for running it. You are doing an amazing job ^.^

Heheh, thank you!


♥Shu: Hn… Where you expecting something from me? I don’t usually think this is an important day, so… Hey, don’t look at me like that.

♥Reiji: Here, I bought you some roses. It’s just a formality, don’t overreact, please. You gave me chocolates so I had the responsibility to give you something in return.

♥Ayato: What? Is it today?! Well, it doesn’t matters, right, Chichinashi? Besides, I think there are some chocolates on the fridge… What? No, they’re not Kanato’s chocolates

♥Kanato: Hm~? Well, I suppose I could share my candies with you. Only for today. Here, I’ll give you half of what I have. Don’t ask for more!

♥Laito: Bitch-chaan~, look what I got for you! Yes, try one of these chocolates… They’re tasty, right? Oh~? Your body is feeling hot? Heheh, I don’t know… Maybe I bought some “special chocolates”, fufu~!

♥Subaru: Here, take those. -he would just throw a little bag of chocolates at your face because he was too ashamed to hand them to you.-


♥Ruki: “White Day”? Seems you were expecting a gift… Sadly, for you, I don’t celebrate those human festivities, Livestock. Besides, am I not gentle enough letting you live?

♥Kou: Ah~ of course! You gave me chocolates on Valentine’s day, so now it’s my turn to reciprocate, heheh~ Just be careful, those might be a little hard for your delicate teeth~

♥Yuma: Just… What are you talkin’ about, Sow? Are those peaches I’m always giving you not enough?! Sheesh…

♥Azusa: Eve… I found this big… Chocolate bar that comes… With a hint of chili pepper… Fufu… We can enjoy it together… And after that… I could bite you… And your skin will burn… Because of my spicy fangs…


♥Carla: Were not in the human world now, woman…-he just wouldn’t understand why you would expect a gift from him, if it’s just about a puny human festivity.-

♥Shin: Is that something humans do?! Well, it seems you haven’t gotten used to the demon world… That thing doesn’t exist here, silly. Get used to it.

While I’m amazed and proud of the marches going on around the country & world..

The rightfully bitter part of me is annoyed to see all these white women out there holding signs and chanting for their equality. 

Like where were ya’ll when my people were out there against immigration? When we had/have people in power dehumanizing us? Saying we were criminals depleting the system and stealing jobs from Americans? 

As a Chicana, it’s a hard pill for me to swallow, so I won’t. I won’t apologize for how I feel and I won’t feel bad for ‘alienating’ any of my white followers because now you know how I feel. How we feel.  How I feel everyday when I walk out of my house. How I feel when someone tells me to “Go back where you came from.” Okay I will, I will go back to Monrovia, California. It will be my pleasure. 

But at the end of the day, you will never know how I feel. How having brown skin makes the world different for me. How ashamed I felt once to be Mexican, because society was telling me how shameful I was. How lazy, gang banging, stupid and ILLEGAL I am. When in fact NONE OF THOSE ARE TRUE. Not a single one of them. And it hurts. Hurts so bad to see my people treated like shit. Hurts me to my bones. 

And it hurts to not see white women come out in droves to stand with us against the systemic racism we face each day. Pero when it is beneficial to them, no mames! They have those pretty signs and spirited chants.

But remember my friends we help this country flourish. We give and give. And we get shitted on. Pero no mas, not anymore. We are too proud, we are to good. We are too hardworking. 

And we fucking know it. So yeah, I am a brown woman and proud.  I want us to have equal rights. I want my people to be treated with the dignity they deserve. 

I’m not trying to make anyone angry and if you do get mad, why? 

Think about it.

And I get it, not all white women voted for Trump.

Just, you know.. 53%. 

Jon x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine looking after Ghost whilst he’s missing and when Jon discovers it was you who took care of him, the two of you bond. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

could you do a Jon Snow imagine where the reader is introduced to Jon after Ghost’s disappearance (you know how Ghost was missing until the 5th episode of season 4)? so maybe she had been taking care of Ghost that whole while and he became attached to her, which is why Jon and the reader form a bond :p TY! idk if that made sense, I hope it did lol

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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I have white privilege. 

I have never been followed in a store. 

I have never been stopped by police. 

I have never worried that my name was “too ethnic” on a resume.

I have never been asked to speak for my entire race. 

If I behave poorly, it is not attributed to my ethnic background. 

My identity as a Canadian is never questioned. 

I am never told to come back where I came from. 

I am never asked to denounce or answer for the crimes of other white people. 

People are never surprised to learn that I went to a good university. 

No one dismisses my achievements as “affirmative action”.

When people protest immigrants, they are not protesting immigrants that look like me.

I grew up seeing people who looked like me in leading roles on television and in the movies.

It is easy for me to find books about people who look like me. 

I have never been made to feel that I must bleach my skin to feel beautiful.

I have never been made to feel that my natural hair is something to be ashamed of.

I do not see graphic images of white corpses on the news.

People do not use euphemisms to refer to my race. 

My history was taught in public school.

I have never been the only member of my race in a classroom.

If I am ever murdered or go missing, I know that it will make the national news.

I am not made to feel unwelcome in expensive or “high-class” establishments. 

If I commit a crime, it will be seen as my failing, and not a failing of my race. 

People never assume I am lying about my credentials. 

My natural facial features are prized by the beauty and entertainment industries.

If I tell people I have an advanced degree, they will probably believe me. 

It is not socially acceptable for politicians to bash my race on television. 

My opinions are valued.

Unarmed people of my skin color tend to survive encounters with police.

If I choose to speak my ancestral language or eat my ancestral foods, I will not be accused to being “un-Canadian”. 

To be clear, I don’t feel guilty or ashamed of being white; there’s nothing wrong with it, and none of us chooses our skin colour. But I’m aware of how many advantages I’ve been given in this life that others do not have. And whenever I can, I try to break down white privilege, and help people from more marginalized groups succeed. Whether it’s as simple as educating a racist family member or as complicated as a lifelong career in social services, I will always do my best to be aware of my own privilege, and lift up the voices of others.


Vilma Julieta


This Goes Out To My Mother

I’d like to thank my mom for never making it unknown to my sisters and I growing up that we are half black because of her. To never be ashamed of that. Discrimination against any other race was never tolerated because it would be hypocrisy and self hate since we are no Blanca Nieve (Snow White, lol). I am honored to come from such a beautiful, afro-centric culture in a specific region of Ecuador. When I’m in the motherland I look up to all of my older generations and take in their wise teachings on life and noticing the variety of beautiful shades of brown in my family. Seeing the bounce of my mothers curls, the curves we have, the food we taste, the music that sinks into our blood and fills our hearts, it all gives us so much pride to be black in latin america. It’s the best of both worlds.

Post’s narration by Priscilla J Gaona, one of LOCL’s founders.

Getting real fucking tired of the misandry and racism against whites and all the other backwards shit going on, in the world and on places like Tumblr.

Guys aren’t the fucking cause of all evil and neither are white people.

Saying everything is men’s fault is just as sexist and saying everything is white people’s fault is just as racist.

I’ll say that again because not a lot of people seem to be getting it.

Saying everything is men’s fault is just as sexist and saying everything is white people’s fault is just as racist.

You’re not some fucking activist saving the world when all you do is spread hate against people. Maybe a man did you wrong, maybe a white person did you wrong, but do you really think you’re being any better by tarring every man and white person with the same brush?

And guess what. This might come as a fucking big shock to people, but disagreeing with you does not necessarily make someone ignorant, misogynistic, racist, or privileged.

How dare you assume things about me and my life simply because I happen to disagree with your extremist slandering against whoever it is that you feel has done you wrong.

How dare you say I am choosing ‘the side of the oppressor’ because I don’t believe what you believe.

How dare you decide that I should feel ashamed of who and what I am because you don’t have what you feel entitled to. How dare you claim that my anger at these things is because I’m privileged.

How dare you presume that you are the only people who can feel oppressed, wronged, shamed etc. How dare you presume you’re the only ones who know injustice and pain.

I believe in the values of equality and justice, but I will not support people who fight bullshit with more bullshit.

I will not support people who blame an entire societal group, ethnicity, religion etc for their misfortune.

And I certainly will not support people who think that because they have suffered it gives them the right to treat everybody else as if they’re inferior.