i am annoying this might not even make sense

I want to confess something: I am a lot to handle.

I don’t talk very often but if I do I talk a lot, so much I annoy even myself.

I love movies but I can’t keep my mouths shut when I watch them, always criticising even if it’s my favorite film.

I read too much and when I do I might get so absorbed by the story that I don’t live in the real world anymore, always wondering what will happen next.

I love discussions so much that sometimes I will discuss a topic that doesn’t make any sense just for the sake of having a discussion.

I love it when I am with friends but afterwards I need to be on my own for quite a while wanting to see no-one and shutting everybody out.

I love to spend time in silence just listening to the noises around me and I hate it when somebody interrupts me even if it seems as if I was doing nothing.

I love music but I will always sing along very loud and off-key no matter where I am.

I am a happy person but I can get in a mood and then I will be in one for a very long time.

I think too much often resulting in me questioning our existence and the sense of it all.

I write a lot but most of it nobody will ever see because it’s too private.

I love boys and I love girls but I rarely get a crush on anyone.

I am a strange human being and a lot to handle but I think we all are strange in some way because “normal” is merely a construct that doesn’t exist in reality.

So this is my confession and if you can accept me the way I am I’m happy to share my life with you but if not then I’d suggest you get the heck out of it.

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since i do my best to avoid kl@nce at all costs, whenever i accidentally stumble across it i'm always surprised at how popular it (still) is haha. i'm just like "wait... this isn't sh3ith...". nothing against the shippers, but i'm still going to let out a little bit of salt and grumble about how sh3ith makes way more sense (but i am pretty biased lmao)

lol me. i mean it’s not even being biased. objectively speaking sheith makes way more sense. obviously that doesn’t matter for shipping but yea…i am annoyed. i hate seeing it on my dash. it’s rare thank god, since i unfollowed most blogs that post it (im petty sorry…@ the people i unfollowed: if we were mutuals i still think of you as such and i might follow you again but im at a point currently were i have to avoid seeing this ship cause it makes me nauseous. it’s nothing personal.) 

When the baby was born and paparazzi followed him with the same questions in front of the sunglasses shop, he didn’t say anything. He dodged them, running towards the car, not a word, not a smile, anything.

When celebrities don’t want to talk about something they are asked they stay quiet, they pretend the paps are not there or they repeat “thank you” until they get in the car. Is not something they decide to do, it’s HOW IT’S DONE.
Also that pap walk was super staged so it’s not that he didn’t know the question.

I don’t get if this is a poor attempt at showing “he protects his family he doesn’t want to talk he hates paps” which is quite ridiculous considering he posted a picture of half of the baby face publicly on instagram two days before and has exposed this child EVERY SINGLE DAY from day 1. Or maybe it’s to show that the paps just found him and D*nielle out and about and he was annoyed bc so private111!!!! i am not even comment the option because they were papped every single second of this outing, eating outside, Oli at another table, going grocery shopping without buying anything only to be papped from THAT close every move so yeah “so private!!111” makes zero sense and it’s quite ridiculous again considering it was all staged. Or, third option, it’s some kind of sudden change to the narrative about this baby, maybe he’s doing it on purpose to show he’s not happy as he looks on social media and people might wonder why.