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I have to ask, where are “all these people” going after ME:A like it was the worst thing that ever existed? Maybe it’s a result of the people I follow, but the vast majority of negative opinions I saw were disappointment, not trollish anger or shitting on people that enjoyed it. Even in places like Kotaku. I can’t fault people for feeling defensive, but it does feel like a bit of a straw man argument deployed against legitimate criticism and the disappointment from people like me, who felt the full burn of ME3′s trash ending and yet still paid full price to take another swing at the ball, and were left feeling cold. (Again, could be a result of my experiences in my own internet circle and habits. Dunno. For the people who enjoyed it… I’m happy for you. I wanted to be there too.)

Anyway. The DLC news isn’t news to me, since I’d assumed it was the case for a while now. It’s very sad to see it all just… limp away into obscurity like this. As to the future of the franchise, I think the IP is still too valuable to EA to let it die off.

The trick, then, becomes what form it’ll take in the future. I already opined at length about Bioware’s strange identity issues and seeming inability to see value in the story and relationship building side of the games versus the CoD crowd-courting shooter side. With their next major release squarely sighted on competing with Destiny (lolwhut), I can’t help but feel that, however many warts they had, the voice of a unique storytelling-focused franchise is falling silent. I fear EA will, in the manner of most major corporate entities, learn entirely the wrong lessons from ME:A’s failure, and going forward, attempt to ‘try something new’ and lose what made us love ME in the first place. The very flailing, it must be said, that was already a significant contributor to ME:A’s ungraceful five-year bellyflop.

I hope for the sake of fans of DA that its fantasy roots keep it going where ME has failed. And I’ll keep playing and supporting it so long as they do. But for those of us with a sci-fi love… it’s a bleak picture indeed.

anonymous asked:

Something I noticed that you come off as if you dislike the individual people who send you asks, even when you say you like their question or you are happy when asked certain things. You come off sometimes as harsh in the teasing and playful words, not on purpose of course, but it's there at times.

You really don’t know me my friend, you shouldn’t judge just by the way I answer asks XDD that is very impolite
also, I think that I always try my best to answer everyone and try to make them feel comfortable even when they ask things that makes ME UNCOMFORTABLE or that are just a NOPE or that have already been answered a million times.
And STILL you have something to say about the way I answer, when there are people that are even more rude or don’t answer asks at all?
Maybe you are smol (and if you are not, I ask myself why you wrote this to me because as a fellow adult, you should understand better than anyone else). I think that you should appreciate the effort I put in this instead of criticize because you “feel something off”.
Thanking someone and being happy because they spent their time to write to me, even if the message is a bit meh, it’s common sense for me. Even if I answered the thing a million times or when people ask for spoilers or try to push their ideas on a story that as I said, has already been written time ago… it’s normal? I am indeed happy that they still wanted to write to me? Why are you trying to find something to criticize me writing things like “even if you write that you are happy” or “you dislike them”? How can you say that? How can you even know what I feel just from some typed words without seeing me face when I see that someone wrote to me because they liked my work?
I honestly am dumbfounded that you went to such lengths!

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Name: I mean I have one…

Nicknames: None, really.
Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 5′3″

Orientation: Demisexual (that’s the closest I can figure to it anyway)

Nationality: From the USA
Favorite fruit: I have one and I know I’ll figure out what it is as soon as I post this, but I really like raspberries so maybe those? God I just went to the grocery store this morning and saw all the fruit I should know the answer to this.

Favorite season: Spring because warm!

Favorite book: You’re asking a very complicated question. I really like The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss though. And…also lots of other books.

Favorite Flower: I don’t know if I even have one, tbh. I like bright, simple flowers.

Favorite scent: I like sweet scents that smell like food. 

Favorite color: Blue. Cerulean. That blue.

Favorite animal: DOGS. And deer. I love them.

Coffee | tea | hot cocoa: Tea. I looove hot chocolate, but I can only drink so much of it within a certain span of time.
Average sleep hours: 6 or 7? I tell myself to go to bed at a time where I’d get 8, but that hardly ever works out.

Cat or dog person: Dogs all the way. I like cats, but my love for dogs knows no end.

Favorite fictional character: This one is about as hard as the book one…I mean do my own OCs count…otherwise…I can give characters I really resonate with? Haru from Free!, Handa from Barakamon, Licht from Servamp, Aoyama from Aoyama-kun…you’re probably understanding the type by now.

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3 if you count the sheet? I’m fine sleeping with just the comforter year round, though.

Dream trip: Japan!
Blog created: Like a month/month and a half ago? I think it was around the beginning of July.

Number of followers: 86

Random fact: I moved out of my parents’ house this year and as far as being an adult goes, I think I’ve made a lot of progress.

Man I was hoping the tagging part would not be a thing because I’m afraid of tagging people but I’ll try. I’m so sorry if you’ve already done this or been tagged and I’m tagging you again: @mypoorfaves, @my-so-called-trash-blog, @caramelfuzz@siktornikiforov


  • Peter: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • Wade: I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now.

you know what, shout out to autistic people who can’t manage their emotions for shit

autistics who have meltdowns once or multiple times daily from emotional overload

“overly sensitive” autistics

autistics who try to control their response to things that upset them but can’t

autistics who are greatly upset by seemingly small things

autistics who get told that it’s “not a big deal” and that they’re “overreacting”

autistics who are mocked for being upset

you’re freaking wonderful and i hope that you have a good day with minimal upsetting events. you deserve to feel okay and your emotions are always valid and real, don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise.