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Welcome to DaretoPlay’s new blog owner Laura

The time has come for myself to pass my Nancy Drew blog on to someone more dedicated to running this blog than I am. 

I didn’t want to let this blog go completely, so Laura will be the sole owner of this blog! However I will blog every now and again and keep on track with all things ND. 

Please welcome her and I’m sure she will revamp this blog to be the best that it can be! It’s been wonderful chatting with other fans in the ND fandom and sharing the ups and downs of this crazy ND universe. I will still be around, but looking forward to seeing what Laura does with this blog.

- Alyssa xx

I am beyond proud of this band. What an amazing tour it’s been so far this year. Constantly traveling the world. Country to country. City to city. Performing amazing gigs. They truly love their fans, and we love you. Thank you for everything babes. I’m so happy for them. Good luck on the remaining dates! I’m also so glad I got to see them on this tour. I’m genuinely so grateful. Definitely a memory to cherish forever. xx

*I’m also so sorry I couldn’t post for the remaining leg of the North American Fall Tour. Due to my acc getting hacked etc. I will do my best to post from here on!


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Hermione, Draco, Neville

Hermione Granger: A subject you know a lot about.

oddly enough, greek mythology - i was very obsessed with percy jackson when i was younger (still am really) so i convinced my parents to buy me a whole load of mythology book for adults, and i really loved them and learnt heaps! (obviously i also know lots about harry potter, but that goes without saying)

Draco Malfoy: Closest green item to you.

my carpet that i’m sitting on right now is green. kinda ugly green, but still

i already answered neville in a previous post :)

thanks for the ask! xx

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hello! my father sexually assaulted me as a 9-year-old child and I have severe trauma and possibly PTSD from it. many men assume that because of my "daddy issues" (this is the term they prefer as it minimizes what happened to me) I developed a daddy kink or some magical skill to suck dick. because I've received so many of these inquiries I'm assuming it is appropriate for me to assume/ask this: all army veterans who have seen their friends shot and killed MUST have a gore kink! am I correct?? :)

(gore kink anon) I just wanted to point out that my ask was meant to be read with the utmost level of sass, I have so much respect for army veterans but I’m so fucking done with douche bags expecting me, because of my abuse, to be a total slut.             

Totally get ya! People often have a lot of double standards!
-Winter xx



If you know me, you’d know that I am a highly visual person. I love learning from images and layouts, and my spatial intelligence is probably my strongest type of intelligence. Because of this, I often use mind maps to study, and so do a lot of other people. However, there are people who don’t really know how to make and utilize a mind map effectively. That’s what this post is for! Here’s how you can make your mind maps more effective and thus enable you to retain more information. (P.S. you might wanna zoom in)

By no means am I an expert in mind-mapping; these are just some habits I have when making a mind map that successfully does its job of helping me remember the topics I’m studying.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an ask!

xx jo

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Can you please explain this "one word fic" on ao3 to me? I am totally clueless tbh. xx

Okay… you ready for me to go #deep into the conspiracy ;) Let’s look at “The One Word Test” by “””””Dale Pike”””””

S & M… are Sherlock and Mycroft…. and Mark and Steven.

M briefly sees S’s smile, before it’s quickly covered again. To be fair, S isn’t quite the actor that M is.

Mark is the actor. (As Mycroft).  Steven has already joked before, and most recently in the Cambridge Q and A that he can’t act. 

Ever since that train ride — Do you know what I’ve always wanted to do…? Ah, yes, and do you know what would be unforgettable? — they can often communicate near-telepathically.

That train ride. …What’s that famous story of Mark and Steven first talking about Sherlock on a train hmm….

Mrs/Ms Pike is a mixture- foreshadowing Mary (her jewellery, the wedding ring, her saying “wet job” (as in Mary’s wet jobs for the CIA), her Mary head tilt…

But, she’s also S & M’s client. She is us.

She expresses fear to S & M about “what she thinks is going to happen.” Their “plan.”

“Ms Pike, would you say that you know what this case is really all about?”

Her eyes turn fully to him for the first time. “Wouldn’t.”

Odd phrasing. Things that are oddly phrased usually have meaning. “Then wh—“

She holds one finger up to her lips. Shhh.

M actually chuckles now. “Well. We’re in a locked room at the moment. The secret is safe with us, don’t you think?.”

Pike is worried about the secret getting out. But M says ‘we’re in a locked room’ (the heart of the conspiracy?), and ‘the secret is safe.’ And here’s the most damning bit about who she represents for me:

Furrow gradually shifts to frown. Frustration. She wants to get this.

M sighs. Don’t be too upset. It was fun. But now the game is—

Pike looks up sharply at S. Begins to grin again, just perceptibly. Everyone in the room knows what the case is about; she doesn’t need to say that. Cocks head to the right. Another angle, then. Her eyes scan, reading inwardly. Text, text. It’s all in the text. Her lips part in remembrance of things most passionate and most pure, her fingers spread into a five and she silently counts through them, down to the last word.

She wants to get the game. M is about the say the game is over, but is cut off- as she makes her deductions. Text, text. It’s all in the text. Right there, the true story. We were told…

And then she says their Plan is a Big Mistake. (Reichenbach-ing the show? Leaving us in turmoil?) She hints that people will talk (badly) and S is frustrated:  “People do little else,” S snaps. He doesn’t say That’s half the bloody point. The point is that people will say nasty things in reaction, a great backlash….

Also see @avimicah’s meta here on the ‘one word’/Pond/Doctor Who connection…very telling!

But then, we end on a more comforting note….

But M had seen the door crack open for a moment. She obviously didn’t plan showing this; it’s the one thing in her manner that has not been carefully controlled since her entrance to the flat… but there it is. Why this case matters to her.
Oh, Mr Holmes. I owe you so much.
M hasn’t done this sort of thing as much as S has, but he can tell when a client just needs a little reassurance. Talk them down from the ledge, softly. Softly.
“People will talk, Dale,” he says, with gentleness. “What should they talk about?”
Her faint image in the glass is a shadow that crosses the world outside. “Truth.”

The case matters to us, because we ‘owe’ the love story ‘so much’. It’s important. Representation matters. Who we are matters. And M knows this. Has to tell us. SOFTLY, SOFTLY.
People will talk, and we know that, in the end, they must talk about the truth. The true love story.

Now, who the exact author of this story is, is up to you… BUT I’d say the author’s notes become much more funny if you see them as being written by a real writer….

Apologies for:
1) Spoiler alert for Series 4. Or 5. Or whenever they get around to it.
2) Atrocities. I could probably be a good writer; if someone would just teach me how to use ellipses properly. And…


Update: It’s been over a year and two episodes since I posted this. And wow, does it ever still hold up.

Nice grammar joke. Who does that remind me of….and a jibe about how long “they” take to get around to series 4 and 5…. making fun of the writers?… or teasing, self-deprecating, self aware humour……

And then, some gems from the final footnote:

4) Watch that unforgettable adventure narrated by Peter Falk.


Dear S & M (& ST… sorry, but you were hard to work in):

S & M…. who has the initials ST? …Ah, Stephen Thompson…. and he was much harder to work in because this was S & M’s plan, cooked up on that train…. 

Basically, read that story. Welcome to the heart of the conspiracy. ;)

Today my debut novel, If We Were Villains, came out and I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with some of the amazing people who made it happen. But before I run off to the launch party tonight, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you, the lovely people of Online whom I will not get to thank in person. 

I quite honestly never expected to have so many wonderful people following me here or anywhere else, and I will be the first to admit that I still don’t quite understand what you’re all thinking or how I haven’t managed to scare you away. You have sat through weeks of me shitposting about grad school and stumbling through the publishing world and liveblogging Homer, and I just want you to know that your support has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I’m young and publishing is scary and your excitement has buoyed me through some rough nights of revision and some long hours of anxiety about whether this thing I wrote is actually worth anybody’s time (or money). 

You’re all wonderful, and I am so lucky to have you in my corner. Thank you for the last few years. Your support and enthusiasm means much more than you know. I can’t give you much in return but this book, so I hope it is worth the wait. 

Here’s to many more theatre stories, grad school meltdowns, and updates you didn’t ask for. 

Xx M

Submission - @timethehobo said: I can’t stop thinking about them and I’m fairly convinced it’s because of you. Thank you. X)

I am feeling ridiculously spoiled and grateful at the moment and i cannot thank you enough! This is absolutely beautiful, bub. You’ve perfectly captured the spirit of Edwards’ recovery after his grievous injury and i can feel the genuine affection and muted fear which Jonathan is experiencing as he waits for Edward to awaken. I’m…amazed.

Your enjoyment of my Scriddler works blows me away dear and i legit can’t work up the words to explain how much xx


Saturday Night Live pretty much destroyed me, and I couldn’t help but writing this after that night. I wrote this in like zero time so I am sorry if it kinda sucks but I had to write down my thoughts immediately lol enjoy pals - M xx.

You could tell that he was upset just by the way he entered the dressing room.

It was easy for you to decide why Harry was so upset, just by the way you were watching him so carefully on the live stage. Your mind filled with worry just how his hands ran through his hair so aggressively and how his eyebrows crinkled, creating creases on his forehead. You could tell by the way he walked away from the microphone that the notes he hit weren’t the ones he had in mind, and the thought of him being so disappointed in himself hurt your heart.

Of course, Harry tried shrugging it off, he didn’t want you to worry. The assured smile he flashed to you as you waited for him didn’t fool you; even when he reached to give you a kiss on the lips you knew that these were just attempts to avoid talking about his first solo performance.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you do one where y/n and Harry used to be best friends but then when harry got big he focused on his career and left y/n behind. Y/n has always been in love with harry and then one day he asks to meet her as he’s in her town and basically says he’s always loved her and has never forgotten her. Thanks!!

TFLN #11

Harry Y/N

Hi Y/N, it’s been forever and I don’t even know if this is still your number, but if you’re around Holmes Chapel any time in the next couple of weeks I’d love to catch up, we used to be so close and I miss having you around. All my love, H xx

I’m living in London now, you’re not the only one that’s been successful in the last 7 years, I might be around in a few weeks’ time, but you’ll probably be gone by then, maybe next time you’re in London, or am I just a Holmes Chapel friend?

Of course not, like I said it’s been forever, I didn’t know you were living in London or I would have been in touch sooner

I know it’s my fault that we lost touch, things got crazy and I barely had time to ring my own mother but I should have made time for you

Things got crazy for me too H, probably not as crazy as your life, but it would have been nice to have you around for it

I was always just a phone call away

Except your number changed so often I lost track, the only things I knew about you for years was what I saw in the papers and God I hope most of that wasn’t true, because if it is you’re not the same person that I was friends with for so long

I’m not a womaniser if that’s what you’re getting at, I haven’t been on a date in over a year

I’m sorry we lost contact, but I’m here now, and I’m not going to let things get that crazy again, can we give this another go?

We’ve been best friends since we were three H, what’s a 7-year break to people who have been friends their entire lives?

I promise it will be different this time, I’ll still be busy, but I’ll make time for you

So how’s the London life? What are you doing with yourself now? You were at uni in Manchester last time we spoke

I’m a psychologist now, I’m about to open my own practice, just putting the final touches on the offices

That’s exactly what you always wanted right?

It sure is, like I said, you’re not the only successful one

Never said I was, I’m proud of you Y/N, if I ever need a psychologist I know where to go

I only work with children, but that’s only a minor detail 😉

Hahaha a MINOR detail

Hahahah Christ H, you haven’t changed

I’ve missed this

I’ve missed you

More than I’d like to admit

You were never just a friend to me H, I always wanted something else, that’s why it hurt so much seeing all those articles about you and the models you were ‘dating’, I never wanted to believe them, but I never had the guts to talk to you about it


Fuck, I’ve freaked you out

Pretend I didn’t say any of that

Y/N, none of those girls were any more hook ups, if they were even that, I always thought I’d blown it with you so I tried my best to move on, but none of them were even close to as incredible as you, I’ve been in love with you ever since I can remember, and now that I know you feel the same, I don’t think I can wait to see you again, I’m going to come to London first thing tomorrow morning

We’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for xxx

Sorry this one was kinda long but I had so much fun writing it, thank you to the anon who requested it and a special shoutout to @lexi5678900 for being a supportive angel always xx

Send More requests xx 


[ Therapy ] • 3

 Therapist!Negan x Reader

A/N: *sharply inhales* HERE WE GO! This is the last part of Therapy. I thought of this idea, and I’m really nervous to post it because I’m not quite sure if it’s what people might expect. Keep in mind there is a huge plot twist, and it does get kind of dark in the end. Oh gosh, I am nervous to post this but I do hope you guys enjoy the chapter! It is intense, and full of angst. xx I am going to be catching up on fics within the next few days, but the next thing I’m posting is Chapter 21 of Why I Love :)  I’ve got one more challenge piece, then I promise I’m pumping out requests. 

Tags: SMUT - TW: attempted sexual assault, suicide, inappropriate doctor/patient relationship, blackmail, angst, stalking ** I am not promising a happy ending please don’t hate me for that lol 

|| Masterlist || Part 2 || 

Originally posted by mypapawinchester


Tick, tock, tick, tock… 

The grandfather clock marked off each passing second, its lonely sound echoing in the quiet foyer. The dim light that hovered above the entrance reflected off the glass panel and painted a soft yellow light on your arm. 

This felt strange

Stepping away from the front door, you were going to follow the path down the narrow hallway until you saw something out of the corner of your eye that caught your attention. 

On the blank wall near the staircase was a single photo hanging all by itself. You shifted your footing towards the stairs, climbing up a few steps up until you found yourself facing the sweet portrait before you. 

Enclosed around the black wooden frame, was a photograph of a younger Negan looking devilishly handsome in a tuxedo. He was clean shaven, sporting a head full of luscious, dark hair while resting his arm over the shoulder of a well-built, moustachioed man. 

Standing next to that man was a woman in a gorgeous wedding dress. The train cascaded down like an avalanche of snow with its ends trailing along the grassy field that tainted the mesmerising white. Her exceptional beauty radiated straight from the photo and nearly knocked the wind out of you. 

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Sweet Creature - Pink Series pt. 1

Hello lovelies! Here is part one of that angsty, slow burn, friends to lovers series I’m starting! The series will be called Pink and there will be 10 parts in total, each one inspired by/including one of the songs on Harry’s album.

Word Count: 5k

Enjoy! .xx -M

“So, you’re ready to get back into the game again, huh?” you ask around a mouthful of scone, crumbs tumbling from your lips as you speak.

“Yeah, I think I am. It’s been a long break, and I think I’m ready to really start writing again,” Harry smiles, the future career he’s planning seeming like more and more of a reality.

“Well, I for one, am excited. Always wanted to know what you’d do on your own.”

“You’ve heard some of my own songs,” he questions, sipping his tea.

“Well yeah, but like, none of those were written for your own personal album, H, they were more for fun. I wanna see you in your element,” you say.

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How can I tell whether I'm mature enough/ready to live on my own? I feel like I am, but I want to be sure. What do I need to know? What do I need to be able to do?

Take a look at this list. I find that “Adulting” is ever-evolving, and on a day to day basis it’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what skills I use. But this should be a good place to start! If you have any specific questions about any of these thinks, please ask xx

20 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

1. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

2. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, so find a secure place to store them.

3. Learn to cook. Obviously, cooking skills are not going to come overnight! Checkout some cook books, online recipes, or even watch a couple episodes of Chopped. The more fast, cheap, and easy meals that you’re able to prepare before you move out- the better. Here’s my Cooking 101 post.

4. College. If you are going to college or planning to go to college, talk to financial aid about becoming an “independent student”. If the school classifies you as independent, financial aid will pay for a greater portion of your education. Also please don’t have your parent’s call the school on your behalf, start taking initiative and making these calls yourself. As someone who worked in a college call center for four years, a good 80% of the phone calls I got were from parents, and legally a college can’t tell them anything.

5. Accumulate furniture. Check out thrift stores, Dollar stores, and especially yard sales. Buying all of your furniture at once can be expensive and stressful, but accumulating a few pieces over time (space permitting) can be a more effective way.

6. Doctor’s appointments. Start making your own doctor’s appointments! I love this script by @spectrumsuperhero that’s applicable to all of your doctor’s appointment needs.

7. Start building credit. At 16, you’re probably too young to apply for an actual credit card, but having some credit before you move out will help you loads in the long run. As you might be aware, some landlords ask that their tenants have a credit score before renting to them. Don’t be discouraged! It’s just something to think about.

8. First Aid. Learn some basic First Aid. I’m going to toot my horn and link my postbecause I sat through literally six hours to get certified in this stuff, and if I do say so myself, my post is rather thorough.

9. Learn to clean. Learn some basic cleaning skills- how to wash dishes, how to vacuum, what sprays clean what. These may seem like simplistic things, but many people grow up not having to do household chores. I guarantee you that not every apartment you live in will have a dishwasher, so learn some dish skills now! Learn to clean.

10. Go Shopping. Make a shopping list and go shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. Crowded stores can sometimes be unnerving, remember the more practice you get at it, the more at ease you’ll be.

11. Learn to wash clothes. Doing laundry is something that I never did while living in my parent’s house, and the first few times doing it on my own turned out… interestingly. Get your laundry skills in tip-top shape!

12. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not require your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be. Get as familiar with public transportation around your city as much as possible.

13. Separate bank account. Still sharing a linked bank account with your parents? Get yourself a bank account that they don’t have access to. One of the first steps towards moving out and “Adulting” is being able to take care of your money.

14. Build your resume. Keep working on and updating your resume, even if you already have a job. You never know when you’ll need to find another one, and you don’t want to hastily throw together your resume with little notice.

15. References. Similarly, get yourself a list of professional references. These references can be teachers, guidance counselors, family friends, etc. References are useful for job applications, housing applications, and networking. Always ask before putting someone’s name down as a reference.

16. Health insurance. Start learning about what health insurance coverage you currently have- how expensive it is, how it’s paid, how long it lasts, etc. Find out if you will be able to stay on this insurance after moving out of your parent’s house.

17. Buy a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit is a must have for whatever apartment, room, or house is your next home! Spend $20 and buy a decent sized one that includes things like cold compresses, burn creams, and gauze.

18. Buy a Bed. The average person sleeps around 229,961 hours in their lifetime. That’s a lot of time in bed! Buy yourself a comfortable mattress (you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years), luxurious sheets and/or a memory foam pillow. Nice beds can be expensive, so start saving up for one now.

19. Learn basic repair. Get yourself a toolbox and learn some basic repair. You can find extensive articles online about everything from unclogging a drain, to tightening screws, and using caulk. Get familiar with these tools now, because you never know what type of landlord you’ll end up with. They could come promptly when requested to do repairs, or they might not.

20. Learn how to write a check. Okay but seriously- this is important. Do not let me catch you moving out of your parent’s house without knowing how to write a check. Here is @howtogrowthefuckup‘s two cents.

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could i have a Yuta scenario where the reader kinda hates him and his cocky personality, but lowkey has a crush on him and he accidentally sends her a drunk sext one night that leads to a little more sexting...

oh boy, I honestly had so much fun writing this! I haven’t written smut in a while but I think I did okay. It’s fairly graphic (imo) so be warned! I hope you like it xx also forgive me it’s like 6:00 am i didnt edit shit

tight trousers [M]
Pairing: Yuta x reader (female)

Yuta Nakamoto, your neighbour from down the hall. It was your worst luck that you both shared the same floor in the big apartment, and that too right next door.

Because you absolutely hated this dashing, handsome son of a bitch. He was arrogant, cocky, inconsiderate of his neighbours and you never failed to let him know how much you hated him whenever you walked past him in the mornings.

But, there was a part of you that couldn’t deny the attraction to him. He was definitely one you couldn’t forget, which such a beautiful face like that.

Except, you couldn’t tune out the sounds that seeped through your walls whenever he had a girl over. You had to stuff your ears with cotton and have your head sandwiched between the pillows because that was something you sure as hell wanted to forget.

The funny thing is, things take a turn for the unexpected in the most surprising ways, and that was what happened tonight, when you had just settled down into bed, scrolling through your phone a last time before turning out the lights.

It was a Friday night, and no surprise that Yuta had been out drinking. You could clearly hear his slurred singing as he staggered down the hall, the jingle of his keys as he fumbled to open the door, the slam of said door as he noisily stomped through his flat.

There was silence for a while after that. Finally, some peace. I can get some sleep.

Your phone buzzed with a message. From…


Yuta?? You thought, sitting up straighter, wondering why in the heck he was messaging you. Why did he even have your number in the first place?

You remembered having given it to him when he first moved in next door. Back when you thought he would be a good neighbour. Hesitantly, you opened up the chat to a string of almost illegible messages. The asshole was clearly drunk.

But what startled you the most was the picture at the very end of the IM. A clothed shot of his crotch, his palm resting just below his belt very teasingly and you took note of the bulge in his trousers that were far too tight.

You gulped; you were not one to partake in sexting, but quite honestly, the picture had turned a few knobs inside you, your thighs subconsciously pressing against one another. You decided you were going to text back.

Leaning back, resting against the headboard, you lifted your shirt a little, just under your breasts. Your fingers graze your nipples as they poke out from the fabric of your shirt, and you take the shot, making sure your parted lips were in the picture too.

It took you a couple of moments to hit send, but… you finally did. The unexpected photo had lit a fire within you, consuming you, your body burning with desire.

There was a reply almost instantly, not a picture but a text message.

“Wow, babe, I honestly sent that to you as an accident, but I’m not really regretting that decision…”

There was something about the way the message was worded that got to you, you knew you couldn’t just stop things here.

You snapped another picture, lifting your shirt up to expose the lower half of your breasts, still hiding your nipples from view as you took another picture. Satisfied, you sent it and sighed contently, sinking into your pillows as you parted your thighs, your good hand holding the phone and waiting for Yuta’s response as your other hand slipped past the lining of your underwear. It was then that you realised how wet this was making you, your fingers meeting with warm fluid in an instant.

The phone buzzed, and you looked to see another picture. It was another crotch shot, except his trousers were lowered enough for you to see the bulge in his boxers, his fingers tenderly running across the outline of his crotch.

You gasped as your fingers began to rub circles around your clit, your hips moving to a gentle rhythm you had set up and it was in no time that you had begun to moan softly, head thrown back against the pillows. Your hand dropped the mobile and began to play with your breasts, your back arching off the mattress as you sighed contently. 

The phone began to ring, temporarily stunning you out of your reverie as you looked at the caller ID.

“Yeah?” You answered the call in a breathy voice, and Yuta chuckled from the other end.

“Glad to know I’m not the only one with my hand down my pants.” He whispered, his voice was also strained and breathless and it was quite exhilarating to hear the small grunts as he spoke to you. 

“I-” You tried to speak but you ended up moaning into the phone little instead. It was embarrassing, until you heard him swear and say something along the lines of, “Fuck, that was hot.”

Filled with renewed confidence, you picked up the pace as you moaned into the phone more freely, knowing that Yuta was getting off listening to your voice was such a thrill and before you knew it-

“I’m close, I’m so close, fuck-” You whined into the phone, your fingers pressing and rubbing your clit, your body beginning to move faster as the familiar waves of an orgasm were fast approaching.

“That’s right, babydoll, come for me. Let me hear you, all of you.” Yuta grunted, you could tell that he was reaching the end of his tether too.

With a final flick of your finger, you came, your whole body shaking as the pleasure bloomed from your core and erupted throughout your whole body, his name leaving your mouth in endless whimpers. 

“Such a good girl, you’ve made such a mess here, babydoll.” Yuta sighed.
“I could take care of it for you…” You whispered, immediately regretting the boldness, not knowing where this confidence came from. There was a brief moment of silence, after which Yuta chuckled once again.

“I’m not one to say no to such a kind offer. Front door’s open, babe. Let yourself in.”

Four’s a Crowd (Park Jinyoung-Mark Tuan-Lim Jaebum Imagine)

A/N: Hey! So I want to make a quick apology to the anon who requested this. I’ve been extremely sick and because of it, I had no access to my phone or laptop but am now home and tried to get this done as fast as possible so it’s kinda messy which I’m sorry for. But hopefully you enjoy this. If it’s not what you wanted, I’ll rewrite it and try to not be days late xX

Anon asked: Hey can I have a smutty situation with Mark, Jinyoung and JB with overstimulation? You have tears in your eyes but they still keep going?

Originally posted by tuanisanangel

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harrylillies  asked:

99 . I love your writing, bubs. xx

I’m glad you like my writing even if it’s usually a mess.I adore your blog and..Thank you for requesting!

“ ’M gonna get a new tattoo,” Harry uttered out hoaresly one night,when the two of you were in bed facing each other.His right arm was draped over you from the moment he brought you closer to him,but still he hadn’t removed it.

It was nearly 1 AM but the two of you were awake,knowing that when he was off on tour,you’d barely see each other.Every minute,every moment you both shared was valued highly especially when there’d be a time where you’d no longer share them for quite a while.

“Why?You have enough don’t you?” You retorted,removing your hand from where it was placed in between the two of you,to pinch him.

“Stop tha’,” he whined. “And I don’t have enough tattoos.“

“You do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes, you do,” You replied,rolling your eyes.“I can count them for you if you want.”

“Please do.”

“Harry!” you exclaimed,raising your head from the pillow to look at him,but with the light turned off,there’s wasn’t much to see.

You couldn’t see him but you could hear him laugh.


It had been days since Harry brought up the idea of getting a new tattoo,so you thought that he must have gotten over it.But you’d forgotten the fact that when Harry had an idea,he did exactly that.

So here were you in the kitchen,pouring some water into your glass when Harry entered the kitchen,gleefully.

You turned around to face him,eyes narrowing as you did so.He wore a smile on his face that meant he was up to no good.

“What did you do?“You questioned,suspiciously,hoping that he hadn’t done anything dramatic even if he was known for that.

“Got a new tattoo like I said would.”

“Can I see?” You were confused.Why was he so happy about this tattoo?What was so special about it?

You strolled towards him as he lifted the hem of his shirt.

“Where’d you get this quote from?” You asked as you read over the words,careful not to touch the new inked words.

“Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?”

You expected an answer as you took a step back but instead he gave you something else.

“The tattoo was inspired by the song you wrote”

“What?!” You spoke.“What song?I’ve never written a song in my life.”

“Yes you have,” Harry said,adamantly.

“You’re the songwriter in this relationship,Styles.” You commented,eyes flitting towards his face.

“But you showed me your song last week when I was watching the telly!” He wasn’t giving up so easily.

“You fell asleep as soon as we started watching!” You yelled,as the memory of him snoring beside you replayed in your head.

Realisation dawned upon him then,as he sheepishly looked towards the kitchen floor.He knew he fell asleep because he remembered his back aching when he woke up.

“Are you saying I got this tattooed because I dreamt of you writing me a song?” He was in the wrong,but he was still stubborn as hell.


“Oh God,” he groaned.“What am I supposed to now?”

“Write a song.”

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OHMYGOD! I cannot believe how horrible people are to you. I'm so sorry. Ugh. Anyway. I'm trying to figure out if I can get you something from your wish list. Given that I am literally continents away. Sigh. Anyway. Hugs. xx

thank you, this is very kind!

by the way, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world as long as you can access amazon - since we live in the UK, amazon will just send it straight to us. the magic of technology!

Another thing…..I will never NEVER NEVER stop saying thank you to Taylor herself for bringing each of you into my life. The friendships and relationships she’s helped bring me, are for life. I can’t even form sentences well enough to explain it, but I’m just so beyond thankful. I hope I can tell her one day just how thankful I am for making each of you smile on your saddest days and having music to comfort you when I cannot be there myself. I will love her always and unconditionally for that. Goodnight. Xx

This crazy thing called love. || 2

Authors Note: Hi!!! I swear this was a lot better in my head, but oh well! I am kinda really excited to be writing this. Enjoy !! Xx

Part One, HERE

I tap my fingers on the bartop, anticipating for the bartender to subsequently give me the time of day as he bustles around tending to everyone else’s needs.

“Ah, finally found ye’,” Harry’s voice takes my attention as he leans his forearms on the bar, cocking his head to look at me with the same green eyes and crooked grin.

I playfully scoff and roll my eyes, I’m very aware he wasn’t trying too hard to find me; I’m ceaselessly at the bar by this time of the wedding. “You weren’t trying too hard to find me… flirting with one of the bridesmaids again, Styles?” I tease, subtly flicking my eyes to the towering blond in a cocktail dress that excellently shows off her flawless, long legs.

To my surprise he doesn’t jerk his head in the direction of the lady, instead, he side-eyes her, not giving her the time of day before his eyes are back to rest on me. “Yeah, I wasn’t trying too hard to find you, but for your information, love, I wasn’t flirting..”

“Quickie in the coat closet?” I smirk, watching him bite his lip, his nose crinkling, brows knitting into a frown.

He gives a bitter laugh, “One time, it happened once… in my defence I was drunk.” He mutters, “and if I remember right, you got me drunk.” He nudges me benevolently, turning his attention to the bartender, flicking his hand to grasp his attention.

“I did no such thing,” I defend unostentatiously.

In my defence, harry and I can’t be left unattended at weddings, one of us perpetually gets on the tipsy side, habitually, it’s him. Again, it’s probably the commitment issue that throws him into the deep end of hard liquor.

“Two Jack and Cokes, one tall and on the rocks, one neat,” Harry orders graciously.

I give Harry a generous smile, “Just what I was wanting,”

He nods, “It’s what we always order,”

“I’ve been sitting here for a while waiting for one.”

Harry lifts his shoulder in a half shrug, “You just don’t know how to work a charm with a busy bartender, you’re too sweet to show force.”

“I am not,” I shake my head, “you’re just cocky,” I respond, pointing out the obvious, as I always do.

He is never too shy when it comes to being assertive and getting what he wants, he knows how to get what he craves, he knows how to be firm, straightforward, and most of all, he knows his power and charm, he uses that to his advantage.

“Mmm, perhaps,” he acknowledges, “or am I just overly confident and determined?” he challenges with a lacklustre smile, one that undoubtedly possesses all the women he comes across.

“Cocky, Harry.”

“Well, cockiness got you your drink.”  He responds, propping his chin on his hand, his eyes beaming brilliantly at me.

I tilt my head in a nod, appreciative of him ordering me a drink the exact way I desire to take it. Harry’s attention is taking by his phone and he gets himself lost in it while I rotate between tapping the air with my foot while drumming my fingers against the bartop, doing my best not to entirely complain about my boredom. Harry isn’t always the best wedding date, he tends to lose himself considerably often at these things, again—commitment— it is a bitch to him. I rest my cheek in the palm of my hand, observing the people across from me chuckle to themselves and share loving gazes between each other, not shy with making it known they’re madly in love with each other… something I hope to one day have in my life— love.

Keep reading

Sweet Creature - imagine

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Hi darlings! I wrote this after hearing Sweet Creature for the first time. If this goes well I kinda want to do a whole series, one for each song! lots of love xx

Tiresome. It’s what Harry’s mood had constantly been lately. Everything was tiresome. By now, the excitement had died down. His album was out and had been for a while. The TV and radio shows were slowly dying down too. It wasn’t that people were forgetting. You knew this. But Harry was still worrying.

“I just feel like ’m gonna have gone from the ‘uge hit to nothin in a matter of days”

He was tired. Every night he would come home at around 1 am. You were asleep at that time, you always were. It was almost on purpose that he came home at that time now, because something about seeing you sleep relaxed him. Not in a creepy way, of course. It was just the way you lay, spread out on the bed, one leg bent, the other straight. An arm underneath the pillow that held your head, resting gently. Hair spilling over the side of the mattress. His old plain white t-shirt that you had adopted those many months ago decorating your body. Making you look so peaceful. It was the only peace in either of your lives anymore. When awake, you fought like cats and dogs. Harry’s schedule took a heavy toll on him, therefore impacting you. It was never anyone’s fault, but constant annoyance from each other was always present.

Harry sat down at the edge of the bed. The rings you had brought for his birthday over a year ago glinted in the moonlight streaming in through the blinds as he slowly got undressed. In just his black boxers now, he paced over to the window and leant back on the sill, the cool night breeze on his back. Sometimes it all got a bit much. The longer he looked at you, watching you chest rise and fall, the fuller his heart became. Despite the persistent disagreements between you two, you were a part of him, and he knew it.

Sighing, he mumbled under his breath; “I just dunno anymore love.”

It was a simple sentence, and quiet. But Harry’s rusty voice stirred you. Slowly lifting your head, you saw the figure by the window. Little butterflies danced in your stomach, the way they always did when you saw him.

“Sorry sweet didn’t mean to wake ya.”

Smiling, you slid off the bed and went over to your boyfriend. Harry’s face was wet from tears he hadn’t even noticed had fallen. You brushed your thumb lightly under his bloodshot green eyes, before slowly massaging your hands over the rest of his face. He closed his eyes, and you could feel him slowly softening under your touch. Suddenly, a sob escaped Harry’s lips, and he crashed his head into the hollow of your shoulder. He was missing something. Home, his mum and sister, his friends. you didn’t really know exactly what it was, but you tried you best. Tried to squeeze the pieces of him back together.

Harry didn’t know what it was either. He didn’t know why he was crying. But your small hands caused so many emotions to flow inside his veins, and he decided he didn’t care anymore. Leaning back, he slowly lifted his head and brought your lips to his. You had a very open relationship, and you thought you had explored every inch of Harry, his lips in particular. But this felt different. It felt raw and new, He was scared, you could tell. But he wasn’t scared of you. Eventually, you opened your eyes, brushing his dark locks away before resting your forehead on his.

“D’ya wanna come to bed Haz?”

He hesitantly nodded, and followed you across the room, his large hands still nestled tightly in yours. Harry climbed in first and waited for you to follow. Lifting the plain white sheets, you lay behind him, curling your legs under his and wrapping your arms around his waist. He grabbed your hands, and brought them to his mouth, running his chapped lips along your knuckles.

“Am I supposed t’feel like this? Feel like I’m not allowed t’be. Feel like I’m supposed to be really happy, ‘n I dunno why but I just don’t. He murmured to your fists. Kissing his back, you sighed.

“I dunno Haz. You’ve done what you wanted, right? I mean Christ, a billion shows, a whole album. Maybe it’s just the shock of everything going to plan. You’re doing this by yourself, no bandmates. I mean you’ve got Mitch and all them, but it’s not quite the same as what you’re used to, and I think that’s finally settling in. Of course, it’s ok to feel this way.

You could feel his trademark grin forming against your hands. He tilted his head back so it was resting right next to yours, Placing a small kiss underneath your earlobe, he whispered:

“You really are my sweet creature.”

Ahhhhh! I’m still kind of getting used to this whole writing gig, but please let me know what you think! I currently have a Kiwi imagine in process, so ill probably post that soon!

lots of love xxx