i am an idiot

So, this is me strung high on pain medications cause I went ahead and got myself a concussion. 


Sleep deprivation led to my jelly of a brain deluding me into thinking it’ll be totally okay to try and swing from drapes that my friends and I were hanging for an event at my university. 

Needless to say, I wasn’t a successful Jane or Tarzan and crash landed. I don’t know what hurts more, my head or my butt.

Either way, here’s me feeling woozy and light as a feather.

Kind humans, message me and talk to me please ? I want to get to know you all better and also selfishly, will be distracted from what seems like a hammer repeatedly striking against my brain (whatever little of it, I have left.) 

Seriously, what was I thinking?
I’m stupid.


It’s rat, isn’t it?


Okay so my fricking ask box wasn’t open when these lovely people @snowbazzledazzle @laviedunepatateetduncorset @devinisnotokay tried to send me an ask so I am so s o r r y that I am not the sharpest crayon in the box please forgive my stupidity and now send me an ask because I think I fixed it. If not I’m quitting tumblr because I obviously cannot handle the responsibility of being a good parent to my blog.

When they gonna become closer and closer in the years, I can see Otabek and Yuri develop many dorky best friends habits. Sitting next to each other after their own performance, legs stretched and leaning one on the shoulder of the other,  they starting to “misinterpret” programs of people who they didn’t really care of hurting feelings. And Otabek always find the right lyrics for the themes.
Commentator:  What an intense step-sequence! JJ’s program is about the rise and the fall of a man who-
Otabek:  And there is the king JJ, after going to the beach, screaming  at the seagulls “STOP POKE MY KNEES!”-
Yuri: *can’t breath*

So I was made aware of this two months ago and still feel like an idiot. But apparently, it’s popsicles and not popstickles. now, I feel even more stupid because I have seen it written out but always said popSTICKle.  I thought it reference the STICK not that it was an icicle. Nobody corrected me for my entire existence because apparently the t was so subtle when I said it that nobody noticed. my entire life has been a lie. this was two months ago and I still feel like an idiot