i am an idiot


Τριγυρίζει καιρό τώρα
μέσα στο στόμα μου.
Χώνεται κάτω από τη γλώσσα,
κολλάει στον ουρανίσκο,
κρύβεται ανάμεσα στα δόντια.
Τα βράδια - έχω προσέξει -
κινείται πάντα περισσότερο.
Ξυπνάω και δε μ’ αφήνει σε ησυχία.

Μου λείπεις.
Ορίστε, το ‘βγαλα από εκεί μέσα.
Μου λείπεις.
Εντάξει ;
Πάρτο τώρα. Δικό σου.


It’s rat, isn’t it?

So at the end of my run today I came across this tree, and for some reason I, being an idiot on a runner’s high, decided it looked like a great tree to climb. Never mind that I haven’t climbed a tree in years, or that it’s about 2 degrees out and my hands are  freezing. It’s a tree, and I decide to climb it.

The branch in the background there was a great leg-up to get to the first branch. No sooner have I settled onto the lowest branch than I look down and realize - I have no idea how to get down again. It looks much higher once you’re up there. And the branch that helped me up in the first place is now in the way if I want to jump down again.

But hey, I’ve come this far, so I clamber up a little further into the tree, all the while thinking “you idiot, why are you going higher when you don’t even know how to get down yet?”

Climbing up a tree loses its appeal surprisingly fast when it’s cold and there’s no-one with whom to share your excitement at being up a tree. So I headed back down to the lowest branch and considered my options. I need to get down. Temperatures go below freezing at night this time of year. So I either need to work up the courage to call out to someone walking by (not going to happen any time soon) or just take the leap.

Eventually, I steel myself and make the jump. I land clumsily, but with no ill effects except for muddied hands to break my fall. Feeling like an idiot, I dusted myself off, and headed home for celebratory tea.