i am an alex day fangirl

This is off topic but I’ve never related to anyone more than Kristen Bell lmao. 

I have been obsessed with sloths since I was a kid and every time I have a bad day I go to watch the video of her crying about how much she loves them on Ellen. (Although lately my animal obsession is raccoons. I really want one haha and a lot of people here in the south have them as pets).

Her and her husband made a video in which they dress up as Jonerys and makeout in the end. I mean???? Someone as obsessed with Jonerys as I am??? Who forces their partner to participate??? (Which I do, too. Poor Alex ahaha).

She is just an emotional fangirl and we have the same name and she spells it the same way. Idk I love her.

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I'm going to be honest... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT ALEX IWOBI IMAGINE!!!! IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! This is coming from someone who isn't a fan of any PL team or player (I'm not sure if you remember me telling you this before; I'm sorry). But okay, if I have to choose a player to like, it's Alex Iwobi. I watch some Arsenal vids at least. Also, fuck Tumblr for limiting characters in my message when I'm not done fangirling yet so expect two more messages from me. :)

I saw this at 6:30 this morning before going to school and it’s 4:56 where I am right now, and I’m not lying when I saw that this GENUINELY made my day. I couldn’t stop smiling everytime I thought about your message, like my cheeks actually hurt dude. FIRST OF ALL like okay so there’s so much I wanna say rn like 1) u must be a great literature student bc damn look at that A* analysis of freaking fanfiction 2) thank you so much omg ur the sweetest EVER. Honestly please don’t be shy and come off anon and message me bc you sound like a gr8 person tbh and it would be my pleasure to get to know someone like you !!! Thank you so much again I can never say how much i appreciate this ! 💖💖💖💖💖☺️



One of the (many) reasons why I love Legend is because the lead characters are PoC.

Day is half Mongolian, June is Native American and a melting pot of ethnicities, Kaede is Japanese. How many authors actually write their characters as PoC?

Despite this, I find it really sad that FANS of the Legend trilogy don’t recognize these characters are PoC. How does Alex Pettyfer, Jamie Campbell Bower, Hunter Parrish, Jeremy Irvine or Ross Lynch resemble half Asian?

How does Phoebe Tonkin look Japanese in any way?

As a fangirl who is biracial, I am proud that Marie Lu made these characters of such a wonderful series ETHNIC. I just hope other fans can be proud of that too.

Ok, rant over :)

Haven’t done one of these in a VERY long time! So I figured 6.8K was close enough!! I’m so excited to have so many of you to make edits for, write fanfiction for, and vent to! I Love all of you way more than I give you credit for. So I know how annoying these can be so lets stop talking and start listing! Oh goodness this is going to be long….

Now these are in no particular order so don’t get sassy ʘ‿ʘ I love you all equally 

the-fault-in-our-youtubers - Alyssa I love you so much! You are amazing, I know I haven’t texted you a lot lately :( but I KNOW I can text you anytime and you will be there for me. You’ve edited tons of stuff for me and you even GIFED MY YOUTUBE VIDEO which was amazing. Please text me! I love you :))) 
jointheyoutubefamily - Kianna, you were one of the first people I ever talked to on tumblr and you will always be my BAE. <3
whoistroyeanyway - Alex I love you to death! I can’t believe we were both huge fangirls of eachother before we even started messaging eachother and now we are good friends. BTW I LOVED your coming out video and it just made me smile so much thank you for helping me! I AM going to meet you one day I promise!! 
ayetroyler - Jenna you deserve the world. I’ll be honest I let a lot of talk and drama bend my opinion of you in the beginning but I’m glad I messaged you because now you are my fav! You are the best :)
tyleroakleyisthebae - MEG You started the group chat that started it all for me! I met so many awesome tumblr people because of that and I’m so happy to be friends with you! 
awkwardsawesomeness - Abi I love you. We need to skype again!!!! AND THANK YOU FOR sUPORTinG MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL I LoVE YoU 

☆ People that aren’t in the youtube fandom but I still want to mention because LOVE ☆
☆ cl1n1cal - Thanks for the theme and thanks for being my friend since like forever
☆ celestial-punk - You’ve taught me so much 
☆ worldisuqly - You owe me chocolate, flowers, and balloons see you thursday :* stay gay
tidymischief - hey babeeebbebebbeebeee
lucifer-the-fallen-pancake-angel - You will always be my sparkly fairy godmother 
nobodycaresaboutrupsha - girl where have you been

And now the long list of wonderful people that have been on my dash and I’ve loved you so much and if you haven’t messaged me before you need to message me now and if you have messaged me message me again and I just love you all so much! 

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I have been gaining plenty of friends and you guys make my day. I love seeing you on my dash and in my ask box and all over tumblr. Thank you so much for being a part of my life and if I missed you just yell at me okay because I LOVE YOU. 

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