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things we lost in the fire

so you know that fic war kay and i are fighting? well. here’s my move. checkmate.

AU in which 10k died, and then he didnt

The hospital is on fire. You’ve been taking refuge there, a nasty virus sweeping the state. 10k, Addy, and Vasquez got it. They were puking blood, their skin covered in boils, their eyes glazed over as memories ravaged their minds.
Addy and Vasquez got sick first, and recovered first.
But not 10k. 10k is still inside. He’s still sick. So, so sick.
They have them all locked into one of the wards, all the sick ones. They can’t let them out. Fire licks its way up the building, and the other sick patients run around the ward, trying to get out.
“We can’t leave him!” You scream, tugging against Warren’s hold.
“We don’t have a choice!”
The doors to the sick bay are locked by one of those on the outside, and you see 10 standing against it, a palm pressed against the glass.
“Let me say goodbye!”
“We don’t have time, Y/N!”
You jerk away from Warren, and press your hands against the glass, on top of his.
“I love you. I’ll always love you.” You say.
His mouth opens slightly, blood coating his lips, and you can see the moment he realizes that this is it. This is the end.
You can see the moment his heart breaks. Because it happens at the same time yours does.
You want nothing more than to strike the glass until it shatters. To run away with him, to hide him.
But if the virus spreads, it’ll kill whatever humans are left. It’ll make them helpless while they suffer. It’ll be like a buffet for the Z’s.
This whole mission is to save the world. And as much as you want to, you can’t throw it away.
No matter how much you love the boy stuck on the other side.
“It’s okay.” He mouths. A sob bursts through your lips, and then Vasquez is grabbing you, pulling you back.
“We need to go!” Someone screams. Heat smacks against you, and you give 10k one last look, one long look, trying desperately to tell him everything. Then you’re being dragged back, the moan of a Z pulling your attention away. You pull the machete from your belt, and jam the blade into the Z’s skull.
Then you’re fleeing into the night, away from the fire, leaving 10k behind.

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Iron Legends -- Chapter 8

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, plus appearances from Natsu, Lucy and others.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Sci-fi

Summary: The old lab had always been fuel for a good story, something you would half-heartedly joke about going to sometime.  Some did, and when they came back they never talked about it again.  The legends circulated, telling of ghosts, monsters, and anything else someone would be likely to conjure up about an abandoned building.  But even with all the stories meant to keep everyone away, there are still those for whom the intrigue is too tempting.  

Note: Not a super thrilling chapter and kind of short for all the effort, BUT this is building my bridge to something.

Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9

“Thank you!  Come back soon.”  Levy flashed a bright, customer service smile at the patron was headed out the door with their new books.  The jingle of the door closing finalized their exit, and she set about closing up the store for the day.   It had been four days since Halloween, and additionally four days since she had actually seen her dragon.

The first day after Halloween was difficult.  She had been so spaced that multiple times customers had to try more than once to get her attention, and she hardly got anything done.  When she got home that evening she was exhausted, and her thoughts kept her awake for most of the night.  

The following days got easier only in the aspect of being able to keep herself occupied.  Her efforts to decipher how she felt, however, had made no progress.  Consequently, her productivity after that first day was better than it had ever been, and with her short stint off work she had been more than willing to pick up shifts for the people that had to cover her.  After all, it was only fair, and it also kept her here from open to close.  Which wasn’t awful; the constant activity and steady flow of tasks did wonders to keep her thoughts on one track for the majority of the day.  Still, when she wasn’t working, she expected him to show up any minute.  With no luck.

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