i am amused beyond belief

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lexa has to go to another clan, for making war plans but clarke wants to go with her because its a three day journey and she doesnt want to be alone so she follows her secretly

of course, she gets captured. she doesn’t know what she was thinking; spying on the commander who has bodyguards and spies of her own. it doesn’t make it any less humiliating. 

for the second time in her life, she’s brought before heda, her hands tied and her head covered. she hears lexa bark out orders before the cloth is yanked off her head and lexa audibly gasps. 


she grins sheepishly. “uh. hi?”

lexa goes red in the face and clarke is afraid she’ll kill her guards on the spot. just as slender fingers grasp at a knife handle, clarke hurriedly speaks. “no, lexa! they didn’t mean to. it was dark out there. i had my hood on. they didn’t recognize me. they were just doing their job. really, it’s me you should be stabbing.” lexa’s eyes, wide and green, stare at her. bewildered. clarke shrugs.

lexa sighs.

“leave us.” her guards, bless them, turn and walk out of her tent without another word; but not before one of them subtly smirks at clarke. great. she’ll be the talk for several days, probably.

“clarke, what is the meaning of this?” lexa’s at her side in an instant, kneeling and not caring about her long coat getting dirty as she cuts the restraints and frees clarke, helping her up. “did something happen in polis? why didn’t you simply send for me?”

well, this is the part where it gets even more embarrassing for her. clarke decides to own it. there is nothing wrong with wanting to be with her girlfriend. there is probably multiple things wrong with spying on her and following her without her consent, but clarke choses not to focus on that for now. “um. no, nothing happened. i just… didn’t want you to be alone.” here. that’s a perfect way to save herself some dignity. she’s simply worried for lexa. she’s not being needy and clingy and creepy. 

lexa’s eyes twinkle with mirth, suddenly, and of course the commander sees right through her flimsy excuse. “clarke,” she begins, smile slowly growing. “did you wish to accompany me?”

at least lexa’s giving her an out. for that, clarke might be able to forgive her barely restrained chuckles. “…yes.”

“you could have asked to.”

no, she really couldn’t have, because that would’ve made her seem desperate. and stalking lexa doesn’t. her logic is flawless, really. “well, i didn’t.”

lexa can’t hold her chuckling in anymore and as much as clarke hates her for it, she loves her laughing more. “i am aware.” she shakes her head, then, amused beyond belief. clarke is glad at least someone is getting a kick out of it. “come. you must be hungry and tired. i have apples. i know how much you like them.”

clarke does like herself some apples. but she likes lexa more.

the commander squeals in surprise as clarke tackles her to bed instead, helping her out of her coat. “i am quite hungry. but not for food.”

lexa lets out a full belly laugh at that, but her eyes grow dark and clarke is impatient to discover if she’s as hungry for her. “you are something else, sky girl.”

clarke leans in for a kiss, placing her forehead against lexa’s when they break apart for some air. “no. your girl.”