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Oh man, if Fen'Sulahn has Beauty, Melarue and Masarral, Sylaise's people must be terrified. That's too much gorgeousness in one room! Also I am in love with Saethil, I'd die for her she's gorgeous. Does she have a significant other in the AU?

Oh man, like it’s probably terrible for Sylaise’ people because Fen’Sulahn’s got this weird aesthetic that totally doesn’t fit Arlathan standards, but her people always look stunning anyway, even the ones that don’t fit perfect aesthetic values because most of them don’t care. They tend to just shrug it off because why worry about what the uppity elves in Arlathan think about color palettes and the size of entrance columns when you have dogs? 

But also I imagine at first it was like, “Ok, Fen’Sulahn has Beauty and Marassal and they’re gorgeous but at least we’ve got Melarue.” and then Melarue gets traded and they just throw up their hands in defeat, “Are you KIDDING me!?!?” Sylaise is still salty about losing Mel, though at least they have remained in Arlathan as a manager of the Pleasure District. That would have been a huge loss if they’d gone to Adahlan and stayed there, since most of the Pleasure District’s smooth running is thanks to them. They also run Fen’Sulahn’s Arlathan estate when she is not there. 

And Saethil is very flattered, anon. She doesn’t currently have anyone special she’s attached to, though many people assume she’s in a relationship with Fortitude, but they’re just very good friends. There are also plenty of rumors that she’s one of Fen’Sulahn’s favored bed partners, which isn’t entirely untrue, they’ve enjoyed each other’s company before. But no significant other as of yet! 

for good or bad, I made it clear to my dad just how deep in this depression I am, including how suicidal I feel. One, because therapy. I have to communicate with people more. Two, because it’s about time my dad cut me some slack. >_> I’m freaking trying. 

I feel tremendously guilty for making him worry so much more. But I maintain that truth is pretty much always better than a nice lie. 

me right now:

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how many unanswered asks do you have

a lot so im rlly sorry if yours haven’t been answered but i don’t want to pollute peoples dashes with asks so i am very selective. i try to always answer the advice ones but y'all shouldn’t ever worry about me publishing anything if you come off anon asking for advice. and i most definitely will answer

I know the lyrics were written by CL.... but it’s strangely perfect how they fit each of the girls individually.

CL: Does anyone know how it makes me feel?

People keep blaming CL for 2NE1′s disbandment, and they assume she stopped caring about her group once she got her solo gig in the U.S. But she never stopped caring, ever. So she’s saying, “Does anyone see how affected I am by this? Do you know how hard I fought to keep 2NE1 together? Or do you all just see me as some two-faced bitch who let the group fail?”

Dara: Will I be able to go on without you?

People always say that she has no talent and is just a pretty face, and sometimes I worry that she genuinely believes it. It’s absolutely not true, but how many times can you hear “you’re worthless” until you start to internalize it? She might honestly wonder if the end of 2NE1 means the end of her career, and the end of the fans’ love for her.

Bom: Don’t trust the broken stories. Don’t lose faith.

Some people honestly still think she’s a drug smuggler. Antis and netizens twisted the story so damn much that she’s been demonized solely for taking a prescribed medication…. But Blackjacks know the truth, and I think she sees that now. But she’s still saying “Please don’t believe those messed up rumors. My story is so different from what they’re telling you. Please believe me, and please believe in me.”

You said your biggest fear was letting the people you care about down and I realized how lucky I am to have never worried about that. Because the people who care about me most are proud of me no matter how horribly I fail, and they always have been. Because I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve hated myself but they haven’t left my corner yet so I think they’re there to stay. And there’s nothing in the world that’s better than knowing some people are always there to stay. No matter what, you have people who are unconditionally proud of you when you don’t deserve it, rooting for you when you’re not rooting for yourself, and telling you it’s okay when you’re sure it’s not. That’s more than enough and more than any of us deserve.

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

have some fun vivienne facts!

  • if the inquisitor romances dorian, vivienne receives a letter from an acquaintance in tevinter expressing shock at the “disturbing rumors” of their relationship, and vivienne responds by ripping the acquaintance a new one
  • repeatedly expresses sorrow at civilian deaths (”the defenseless are always the first casualties of war”)
  • cole said this about her harrowing “no, I will not fall, no one will control me ever again…shaking, hollow, harrowed but smiling at templars to show them i’m me, i am not like that”
  • despite her insistence that cole is a demon, she was worried for him
  • unlike solas, she is afraid of demons
  • finds it delightful that varric is writing a story with her as the villain
  • “my dear, if i didn’t want people to fear me I wouldn’t dress like this”
  • wants to send a sternly worded letter to varric’s tailor
  • was born in wycome 
  • has read hard in hightown
  • “i am the most dangerous thing in the room, darling”
  • treats bull like a favorite son and teaches him to dance
  • bull compares her to a qunari dreadnought, which she enjoys
  • greatly admired divine justinia
  • sees templars as a useful tool
  • “that which makes you different can be a burden or a source of strength”
  • was taken to the circle at such a young age that she doesn’t remember her parents
  • passes information on to sera and the friends of red jenny
  • worries for dorian’s safety in trying to reform the imperium, tells him to be careful

I have noticed that lately the subject of LGBT characters in the community has been speculated again and that Mei and Zarya are probably the next ones to be.

I’m one of those people that does not get into the decisions of anyone, not even in their sexual condition (the truth is what matters least to me, I’m just an ideologically heterosexual person), and I’ve just been asked … what would happen if Mei Was the next LGBT character ?? Your meihem drawings will continue?

My answer is simple: yes, and this year I will draw double if you wish xD
It is more than clear that some haters are even more toxic to the ship heterosexual (attentive, I do not mean all, I am not generalizing) but I understand that they will always complain about something and I will not stop Draw my Ship … I still wonder … what is the damage one does to them by drawing xD?

I say to those people, worry about living happily and achieving their goals, hating drawings is the dumbest thing they can be doing.

Have a nice new year!
With love Dany ~

(Sorry for my bad English)


i’ve always been a soft-spoken, shy individual who bottles up all her thoughts and opinions and keeps most of them to herself and sometimes(depending on the topic) close friends and family. i hate arguing, i hate confrontation, i hate complaining to others. i’ve always been worried about bothering other people, even if it’s for my own personal benefit and is necessary. i am a freshman in college and currently in my second semester, living in the dorms and surviving off a meal plan at my schools dining commons. at the beginning of the first semester, my parents wrote to the head of the dining commons about the lack of vegan options and they wrote back telling my parents there would be a whole station dedicated to vegan food. that was a load of bs. as the semester went on, i dreaded going to the D.C. as i found there were hardly any vegan options(if any at all) and i was left guessing whether things like beans and rice, vegetables and various other dishes were vegan. sometimes, because of this guessing, i left feeling sick and uncomfortable because after not consuming animal products for years now, my body knows when it eats something non-vegan and signals me. for months and months, i feared ever writing to the head of the D.C. myself to discuss this issue because well, i’m scared of confrontation and don’t want to complicate anyone’s lives. however, as time went on i felt more and more disgusting as i ate there and resorted to spending my own money on other things to eat. keep in mind, my parents are paying tons of money for this required meal plan. this was not okay and i needed to say something. i finally emailed the head of the D.C. and politely ranted about how unaccommodating the D.C. was for a vegan…

well, i just had the meeting with the head of the dining commons and it went really well! we talked about labeling all the food and putting little symbols distinguishing whether the food is vegan or vegetarian. also coming up with more vegan options. she introduced me to the head chef and he asked me for ideas and said they’ll make me vegan pizzas, vegan grilled cheese, distinguish among the employees which burger patty is vegan and no long fry them, add vegan chicken nuggets, allow me to take the tofu from the salad bar and get it stir fried and he’s going to check all the breads and bagels and stuff and see which ones are vegan!

i am so proud of myself for finally pushing aside my insecurities about standing up for myself and what i believe in order to get what i need. i walked out of the D.C. feeling so great and like a boss vegan advocate who is speaking for not only myself, but the future of vegans(especially the ones coming to my school). i don’t know if this was interesting to anyone, but i just wanted to share this so if you didn’t know already, ITS OKAY TO SPEAK UP. it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!! here’s to a future of happy college vegans😊🐷♻️🐄☮️🐓💕

also!!! huge thank you to @theblondeyogini for helping me come up with things to discuss!😘

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I'm surprised by how chill I am about this, like it's too transparent to make me worry, but the lack of security, that is NOT OKAY. Make him do what you moist assholes want but MAKE HIM SAFE. I'll take whatever stunt but MAKE HIM SAFE.

I know. I’m so tired of fans being the only people concerned about the boys’ safety when they’re places with fans and paps. It’s always been this way, but after the arrest debacle, you’d think Louis’ team would do SOMETHING to ensure his safety while they’re having him be in these situations.

And yet…….nothing.

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Hajimama, I'm falling into depression and I really don't want to but everything is piling up. I just want someone to listen, instead of trying to come up with solutions. It's just getting so tiring, keeping up this act that I'm happy and convincing people I'm okay when I'm not. And I wish I could be okay, but, once again, I am not. Sorry if this is annoying, someone showing up and taking about something so trivial. Hope you have a good day, mama.

No, no, don’t worry. You can always come to my inbox when it’s open and just let it out! I can totally understand that feeling though. I hope you get better soon! I love you! 

“Yuri!!! On Ice” - Viktor and Yuuri’s “performance”

I am seriously worried about Makkachin, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about this episode that I really want to point out.

This past week everybody has been thinking about how, after the kiss scene, the story would have developed considering the setting would be Russia and all its Anti-LGBT laws. I’ve heard people saying that Episode 8 hadn’t addressed the issue and I’m here to tell you, guys, it did.

First of all, Viktor is handling the press alone. Usually, we always see both him and Yuuri being surrounded by journalists and Yuuri addresses them (while Viktor demands food) but here they didn’t. Viktor probably is trying to use his popularity as “Russia’s Hero” to keep the press on their side and maybe because every time Yuuri is left to handle the press on his own he ends up declaring his undying love for Viktor one way or another and being arrested is not really their goal at the moment. Also, when a journalist asked him if he wouldn’t prefer to compete against greatly-talented Yuuri, Viktor looked at her like this:

“If only you knew what I’d like to do with him, dear.”

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My positive ace story: I am an ace who is extremely out (well at school) I always mention it because it’s such a big part of my identity, my friend group consists of mostly straight cis guys so I was worried a lil bit because hey, this could be risky. Long story short I had absolutely nothing to worry about it took a while for them to completely understand but they’re cool with it and haven’t implied anything negative about it, some of them even helped correct a misconception someone had about asexuality it was hella rad. beyond that most people at school are v accepting as well :) while I’ve had to deal with some microaggressions from strangers it’s been mostly positive.

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can I please ask you a favor? I am a new Louis loving larrie who wants to follow nice people who loves Louis like I do (in addition to you obviously!). can you help me out? have a nice day :)

First of all: welcome! I hope you will enjoy it here 😀 

You know, I am a bit hesitant about recommending blogs to follow because I always worry about forgetting someone. But how about people who see this ask and feel like they fit the description reblog it and you can check out their blogs. Sounds good?

So: Louis loving larries - help a new larrie out and maybe get a new follow <3

Note to Self: Stop being afraid to get on your personal rp blog when you haven’t been on your rp accounts. Who cares if they see you on? You don’t need a muse to reblog things. You do need a muse to write. If you don’t have a muse, it’s okay to distract yourself with reblogging things. You don’t need to be scared of what others will say. You don’t need to explain yourself. Just… relax.

I hope I will find someone who will accept me the way I am and stay with me no matter what. That person deserves the best of me. Someday.

I am tired of trying. Right now I just want to go with the flow and just focus on my family, friends and my own self-growth. That’s vital.

If I manage to text or call once in awhile, consider yourself lucky because I think about you. I only have few people that I truly care about them.

Some people just don’t deserve my attention, energy, time and money. I should’ve invested all that on something or someone else.

Know when to walk away. Something just didn’t work out no matter how much efforts, time and energy wasted. You deserve better.

I know how it feels like to feel empty. When people keep asking “are you okay?” and your answer will always be “I am fine no worries.”

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hey my dude................... what about queer platonic jeffmadssss (i'm not asking you to draw it, i am asking you for your opinions on it) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have absolutely no problem with it. I’ve always considered Madison one of the closer people in Jefferson’s life and I genuinely enjoy the idea of them enjoy each other’s company and helping each other out in situations.

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Just some thoughts on your latest post, Remember that you shouldn't live for other people, ALWAYS do what makes you happy ☺. Know and realize ,that this is Your life, and no one else can live it for you. If and when you decide to come back to the community on your terms, I am sure that you will be welcomed 💛💛💛💗💗💗

Thank you for your message. I really have a hard time worrying and getting anxious about what others think, but I’m trying to work on that. Being here makes me happy, and I don’t want that taken away from me. I will stick around and make my happy posts because that’s what I want to do 😊

11 Facts I Share w/ Bangtan

I’ve been tagged by @laytmblr​ to share 11 facts I have in common with Bangtan! Hm, where do I start?

  • I love deep talks about life, just like Namjoon. I love staying up late, talking about everything from worldly worries and human insecurities, to my hopes and ambitions; what plagues people’s minds the hour before they drift into sleep, what gives them the motivation to wake up the next morning.
  • I am my friends’ Park Jimin, I always have my ears to the ground, waiting to pick up the slightest sounds of their frustrations and upset emotions. I always make sure that all my friends know that they are not alone, and that I’m there for them. I never want them to feel like they are fighting their battles alone.
  • Like Yoongi, it doesn’t matter to me what you look like, how you grew up, what your race or gender is. Like @laytmblr​ says, as long as you’re a good person, that’s all that should matter. There’s too much hate in this world to judge someone by anything other than their personalities.
  • Let’s live coolly to the maximum. You only live once, so wake up at ease in the morning and work doing your best.” - Taehyung says this is his motto, and truth be told, if I had a motto, this would be exactly it. To me, it doesn’t matter what you work as, if you work hard, you’ll eventually become the best at what you do. It might not be big as being a worldwide superstar, but you’ll be a celebrity in your own world, because that’s what the people in your life will admire you for. I remind myself of this outlook on life daily.
  • I share Jungkook’s taste in street fashion. I’m a casual dresser, but I still like to look well-groomed and neat. I am almost always wearing T-shirts, and I love layering them with jackets. Don’t even get me started on wearing beanies. Beanies are life. I also have a pair of black boots I keep dear to my heart - if I had the money, I’d totally get me some Timbs too, just like the ones Kookie has.
  • Seokjin and I are Saggitarians! I always enjoy reading horoscopes and learning more about them; even if they might be silly to some. This is a pretty big deal to me, since I know no other Saggitarians in my life! Y’all should look up facts about Saggitarians - it might give you more insight into what traits I might share with our Bangtan hyung!
  • I have a very strong passion for dancing, like Hoseok. I’ve always wanted to take dance as a serious hobby, but I’ve always been too shy to perform in front of an audience, let alone a class. However, knowing Bangtan has changed that - I’m actually going to be performing Playing With Fire by Blackpink & Dope by BTS in July! I might not have been dancing as long as he has, but I’d like to think that I enjoy it as much as he does!
  • My closest friend at the moment, says that I resemble Min Yoongi the most, in terms of personality. I’m one of the most laid-back people you will ever meet. I look sleepy most of the time ( thanks to late nights ), and although I might seem like nothing really bothers me in life, the truth is, I’m just really good pretending they don’t. I also have a lot of shit on my mind that should probably be let out, but I prefer to keep it inside.
  • Jungkook loves video games. I love video games. It’s why I’m in my line of work in the first place; animating 3D characters for video games. I grew up with video games, and like him, I would play them with my older brother, and sometimes fight over them. My life revolves around very few things, and video games take up a big portion of the pie chart that is my life.
  • Namjoon’s taste in music, we’ve both got that down pretty similar. Almost everything from the [ rmusic ] hashtag that Namjoon makes on Twitter is something I’d listen to. He’s got some good R&B and Hip-hop suggestions going on, but he also appreciates a lot of indie. He doesn’t limit himself to just a small scope of things in life, and I like to think I’m that way, too.
  • A lot of Bangtan’s albums are about seizing the day, not giving a shit about what anyone thinks of you, keeping your loved ones close, and appreciating the most beautiful moments in life. They truly believe what they sing, and I live my life sharing those very same ideologies. All I can say is, if you listen to BTS and understand the depth behind their lyrics - then it’s as if you’ve already gotten to know me through their music. 

Thank you for the tag, @laytmblr​! It was fun reading your eleven facts too! I hope I didn’t bore you all with this post!

Off the top of my head, I’m going to tag: @oppamyhearteu, @sugaspiano, @human-flaws, and @kawai-ikitsune​! ( I’m sorry if I missed out anyone who think they should be on here - consider yourself tagged if that’s the case! )

Honestly, I’d tag all my followers if I could. For the rest of you reading, you have my full permission to post your own 11 Facts You Share With BTS, and say that I tagged you anyway! I would love to get to know you better! <3

Oh my god I need to stop ruining everything with my ridiculous brain. I’ve spent ages looking at other people’s accomplishments and feel vastly inferior and now don’t feel like I deserve to even be friends with all the beautiful talented and witty people in my life. Initially it was fun to see what people are up to and I was happy for them all but I feel so pathetic and useless in comparison to some of the people in my life who have got so much going on. I feel like returning back into being a social recluse and giving up on everything I’m not perfect at. How on earth do I deal with the fact that I am always worried that I’m inadequate? What can I do about that? I genuinely feel I’m not good enough for most people.