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FP Jones/Andrews family /Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 5

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AN: This fic has gotten such a positive reaction and I’m so glad all of you are enjoying it!

Catch up here: (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,956 (This chapter is a little short, sorry!)

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic,

“You dragged me over here because you can’t find your wallet? That is what you need me for?” You laughed with disbelief, FP only shrugged his shoulders and rose his eyebrows. 

“Hey, the more people, the quicker I find it.” FP said as he continued to look around the trailer to which looked like a bomb site.

You wanted to say some snarky comment about him having any other friends but in all honesty you were happy he had called you and even thought of you when it came down to something like this. 

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What are your HCs if someone were to find Victor and Yuuri's very raunchy homemade sex tape? Would they be able to look at Yuuri Katsuki the same way again

It takes Yuuri a moment to reconcile the number of alert bubbles on his lock screen with a reason to panic, but when he unlocks his phone and spies the little red bubble with "529″ above the messages icon, a cold hand has gripped him by the diaphragm and begun squeezing a frigid reality into his chest.

With shaking hands, he opens his missed calls—658, what the hell—and skips right to the voice mails that have stuffed his inbox completely full. Beside him, Victor mumbles something about grass into his pillow.

Everybody he’s seemingly ever met has tried to reach him at some point during the night, and their messages are all variations of the same theme.

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My Timeline of Top Surgery & Recovery with Dr. Raphael in Plano, Texas.

This is just a master post of my top surgery experience & recovery. I had double incision mastectomy with nipple grafts in Feb of 2016. I also had lipo. The total was $6,750 ($6,000 for the masc and $750 for the lipo on the sides.)
Pictures will be made available at request.


  • Because I do not live in the Plano area I drove 5 hours to Plano the day before my surgery and had my pre-op apt that same day.
  • At pre-op I met with one of the nurses and with Dr. Raphael. This is your opportunity to talk to him about your chest, incisions, to bring up concerns and so on. In my case, my mom asked all the questions because she wasn’t as versed as I was on what was going on. 
  • At pre-op they give you a lot of things to sign, they take before photos, and just go over the basic run down of everything you need to do before surgery.
  • Try to plan your pre-op apt as early as possible that day. You will have to go get your prescriptions the day before your surgery and you don’t want to run into the pharmacy closing on you or any issues with the pharmacy not accepting the scripts. I went to Walgreens to get mine filled and they gave me a hard time which led to an hour run around between Walgreens and the doctors office.
  • I was prescribed extra medicines because I had issues with nausea in previous surgeries. If you have concerns about nausea tell the nurse at your pre op and they will get you what you need to prevent you from getting sick. They will walk you through possible medicines you may need based on your medical history and/or allergies you have.
  • The anesthesiologist will call you the night before your surgery. They will tell you not to eat anything too heavy for dinner and to make sure it is pretty bland. I couldn’t eat any dairy either. Also, clear liquids for the most part. Of course they advised me not to eat after 10pm for safety. 
  • Make sure you have a support system with you. First of, you can not have surgery without someone to be with you but I took my mom, my best friend and his brother with me. The surgery center also will not let you have surgery without people to care for you afterwards.
  • Pack or get yourself some button up shirts. You will not be able to get into t-shirt well if at all that first week or so. If you are trying to get into t-shirts that first week you will more than likely pull something as you are not supposed to be lifting your arms at all. (Think about the arm range of a T-Rex. That will be you.)
  • I am a pretty hairy individual so I shaved my chest a couple days prior to surgery. About a week before surgery you should start prepping your body for surgery. You will wash your chest with Betadine Skin Cleanser. You should get this information when you set your surgery date. If you don’t get it, email the office.
  • You will take 500mg of Vitamin C daily in addition to any multi vitamin you may be taking. DO NOT take any extra Vitamin E because it may cause some bleeding.
  • Do NOT take any aspirin or ibuprofen one week prior to surgery and up to two weeks after surgery. (i.e. Bufferin, Anacin, Advil, Motrin, Datril, Excedrin, Anacin-free, etc.)
  • NO SMOKING. Especially 1 week prior and two weeks after surgery.
  • Also, you will have to stop testosterone 2 weeks prior to surgery.


  • My surgery was at 7am and lasted about 3 hours according to my best friend.
  • When you get there you will check in at surgery check in desk on your right after you go through the doors.
  • When they call you back you will change out of your clothes into the hospital gown and socks. (I took this opportunity to take my last selfie in my binder.)
  • You then will be escorted to your surgery bed. The nurses will get you all cozy and warm (I personally overheat easily so I had to have them cool me down a little bit) and start your IV. The anesthesiologist will make an appearance to just walk you through some things. Dr. Raphael will also come in and draw the incision marks and other surgery related things on you.
  • After everything they will use your IV to put you to sleep and start wheeling you to the surgery room. I remember being wheeled to the back and everyone being all smiles. I knocked out right when then they put me on the surgery table.


  • I woke up and I only remember them asking me if I wanted something to drink (sprite? ginger ale?). I also remember being wheeled out to the car and my best friend and his brother getting me in the car. I remember being placed in the bed in the room. I remember taking a post op selfie and being able to use the restroom by myself.
  • Wearing sweat pants and/or athletic shorts are a must after surgery.
  • My first meal after surgery was mashed potatoes and gravy. Something pretty light is always best.
  • You can only sleep on your back and you have to sleep elevated.
  • I personally had a problem staying awake the first 3 days after surgery or so. I would fall asleep in the middle of doing things. 
  • You will have a post op the day after surgery. Here they will teach you and whoever taking care of you how to care for your dressings for the next week.
  • Your chest is dressed with pads to soak any blood from your incisions. If you had lipo you will have a half pad on those entry points below incisions. Over that is 2 ace bandages that are wrapped tight to deal with swelling. (They are meant to be tight but if you have trouble breathing then loosen them. They are there for support.) The ace bandages will be wrapped over your chest and your lipo points. The ace bandages stay on majority of the time unless you are changing the pads. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR TAPES OR ANY OTHER BANDAGES! Only change the pads once a day.
  • Dr. Raphael does not use drains.
  • I developed a minor rash around my lipo points because I had to much moisture there from the neosporin. If that happens to you stop putting the neosporin there.
  • At your one week appointment they will remove the dressings and you will see your chest for the first time.
  • Reveal day is very emotional for most people and I knew that I would forget everything that the nurses told me in terms of my continued aftercare. My tip is to have someone record the entire exchange so you can re-listen to the aftercare instructions later.
  • At one week I was told I could drive again, I could sleep on my sides, I could shower again, and that I could wear t-shirts again. (I personally waited to drive longer than that though because I did not feel comfortable at all.)
  • You will continue to wear the ace bandages for a month. It’s hard to think about binding after surgery but its to contain swelling, so don’t cheat your recovery.
  • For your nipple care, you will be given Adaptic (non-adhering dressing) that is meant to keep your nips moist. you will apply some vasoline to the Adaptic. Then you cover that with a gauze pad and medical tape or fabric tape. (All things you can find in the first aid aisle at the store. The nurses will give you some to get started.) You will do this until you run out of the Adaptic they give you. Which should be about a month to 6 weeks.
  • The tapes on your incisions will fall off on their own. Don’t pull them off. They should all fall off on their own around 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • After they fall off you will place provided silicone strips for your scars for a while.
  • At the time of surgery, I was delivering pizzas for a living. I will admit that I jumped the gun on returning to work too early. I ended up going back after 3 or 4 weeks. When you can go back is determined by what kind of work you can do.
  • At 6 weeks, my left nipple looked to have healed wonderfully. I pulled the last of my visible sutures, as instructed, that day. My right nipple still had a little spot to heal but seemed to be healing just fine.

Random Tips:

  • If you have a hard time taking pills like I do. You can try taking them with apple sauce.
  • Make sure you have Miralax and Fiber. Pooping after surgery is really important because the pain meds will stop you up.
  • Don’t over do it. Sit down and rest. I am the type of person that will do everything but I can not stress how important it is to sit down and rest and not try to be Superman. Watch your range of motion, even if it feels, “just fine”. It will have effects on your healing.
  • Netflix. Netflix. Netflix.
  • I don’t hear this referenced too much but for those of you who play instruments, I play violin among others, I would suggest waiting the entire 6 weeks before playing again. 

The nurses will honestly give you everything that you need for recovery. There is no need to worry about recovery supplies. They really give you everything. Make sure you read all of the paperwork they give you in terms of pre op and post op. I did have surgery in Feb of 2016 so things make have slightly changed. This is also MY experience and MY experience alone. My health is different than yours so please listen to the nurses and doctors. I shared my experience to help others have an idea on what to roughly expect.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me asks!

Work > You

Request from stephanielee9000: Can I have Christian smut plssss? It’s like both of you had a fight as have not been talking to each other for almost 2 weeks and you went to the club (he is there too) wearing something that turns him on and you kinda make him jealous by dancing with other guy…others are all on you

“I don’t fucking care, Christian! You told me that we were going to my friend’s wedding together and now you’re bailing on me?”

“I need to get this video out and I’m not even close to finish. And it’s only a wedding, I’m sure you’ll be fine going by yourself”.

“No it’s not just a ‘wedding’, it’s about a promise you made to me. How am I suppose to tell everyone? They are expecting two guests! And what about the plane tickets? Are you going throw away your ticket? Do you know how much money that shit cost?”

“Just tell them I’m sick or something and don’t worry about the plane ticket. I’ll call the airline and cancel it. No biggie”.

You looked at Christian with tears in your eyes.

“This isn’t the first time you have bailed on me, Christian. Lately, you’ve been putting work first. I know you have a lot of passion with what you do, but can you please put me first for once?”

“Babe, it’s not as easy as it seems. I really need to finish this video, the guys and I have so much left to do. I’ll personally call your friend and apologise to her, okay?”

You gave up on the argument because you knew Christian wouldn’t change his mind. Being with him sometimes was stressful because he comes home late and he usually puts his work ahead of you. He was even late to your one year anniversary dinner. You had to wait in the restaurant all alone and was embarrassed because people thought you were being stood up. 

“Whatever do what you want”.


You flew back to Australia to attend you friend’s wedding the next day. You had planned so many things to do with Christian while the two of you were back home. You purposely planned the trip to last 2 weeks so that you two would have time to do visit family, friends and maybe road trip somewhere. But with Christian being Christian, your plans are thrown out the window. 

The two weeks that you stayed in Australia, you didn’t even try to contact Christian. He tried to contact you but you simply ignored him. This isn’t the first time you’ve ignored his calls and texts. You posted photos on Instagram and saw that Christian liked each everyone of them so you knew that he knew you were safe and doing okay. Well it would have been better if he was actually there with you…


“Hey, wanna go clubbing tonight? Or are you too tired from your flight?” 

You landed back in Korea not too long ago and currently waiting for a taxi to take you home. You didn’t bother calling Christian to see if he was able to pick you up nor did he try to contact you. 

“Hey! Um yeah sure, I’m up for it. Where is it?”

“Awesome! I’ll message the address and let’s meet at my place, okay? We’ll go together”.


You opened Christian’s apartment door and saw his usual shoes were gone so this meant he was not home. You noticed the living room and kitchen was spotless and couldn’t help yourself to feel proud of him. You were glad that he didn’t trash his place while you were away. Then on the kitchen table, you saw a little box with your name on it. You noticed it was Christian’s writing:

Welcome back, baby! I missed you so much so here’s a little something for you. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up so please call me when you see this message xoxoxo.

You opened the box and saw a silver necklace with a moon pendant. Christian always told you he loved you to moon and back. You tried calling Christian but it was straight to voicemail so you texted him instead. You told him that you got home safely and will be going to the club with your friend later. 

Christian messaged you back just before you left home and he asked which club you were going to. You replied to him and that was it. He didn’t say anything else. You’re now afraid he’s mad at you but you thought, he always put work first so tonight, you’re putting your friends first. 


You arrived at the club with your friends. You wore a dress that had a plunging neckline and it stopped just above your knees. You paired your dress with a new pair of heels and also wore Christian’s necklace. 

Your friend’s friend bought drinks for everyone and you tried not to drink a lot tonight since you’re still a bit jet lagged. A few hours passed and now you found yourself on the dance floor. You eyes began to wander around the club and it stopped at a certain table. You focused your gaze and try to figure out who the person sitting at the table was. This person looked very familiar and then it clicked. It was your boyfriend. 

Christian was sitting at the table and he also saw you. He was now staring intensely at you, and couldn’t help but to eye you from top to bottom. You could have sworn he licked his lips at you and you knew that look. You were waiting for him to come to you but he didn’t. He just sat at the table looking at you. Frustrated that he didn’t bother to greet you, you started to dance alongside a group a guys. One took notice of you and began to come closer. The DJ then started to play the remix version of Mommae by Jay Park. You took the opportunity to make your boyfriend jealous. You swayed your hips to the beat and against the stranger. 

Christian saw what you trying to do and he didn’t even flinch. He just poured another drink and watched you put on a show. By the time, the song ended Christian was still sitting at the table and you didn’t even realise the stranger was talking to you.

“Let me buy you a drink?”

“Um no thanks. I’m not drinking tonight,” you answered. 

“Such a shame. Do you want to join me at the bar then? I’ll drink, you talk and I’ll listen. What do you say, pretty face?” The stranger proceeded to come closer to you and he put his arms around your shoulders. 

You tried to move his arms off you but he didn’t budge. 

“Excuse me, I have to go back to my friends”.

He still wouldn’t let go.

“Look, I’m not interested in whatever you’re looking for, ok?”

“Really? Then why were you grinding against me just a few minutes ago?”

“It’s because she was putting on a show for me”.

You turned around to see who said that. It was Christian, of course. Christian pulled you away from the stranger.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard him. I was just putting a show for this guy here”.

“Yeah man, you were just a prop”.

The stranger scoffed and stuck his middle finger at the both of you. You laughed as Christian turned you around and put his arms around your waist.

“Hey there”.

“Hey you,” you greeted him back as your arms wandered around his neck. 

“What would you have done if I didn’t come and rescue you, [Y/N]?”

You scoffed at his question.

“Rescue me? I can take care of myself, Christian”.

Christian grinned and leaned in towards you.

“Are you saying that you have been taking care of yourself for the past two weeks?”

He leaned back out and gave you his mischievous smile. You knew exactly what he meant when he said ‘taking care of yourself’. 

“Hm, maybe just for tonight I want you to take care of me. I’m tired of taking care myself. Doesn’t ‘feel’ quite the same, you know?”


“Hey! Be gentle with my underwear. You’re gonna tear it,” you yelled at Christian.

“Baby, I have seen many more of these at home. A whole drawer of them so I’m sure it’s ok if one gets ripped,” he snapped back at you.

“I just bought these and can you just take it off normally?” 

Christian and you left the club and now you two were in his car. Christian had put the passenger’s seat down and you sat on top of his almost naked body. Within seconds of getting into the car, Christian had already stripped down to his boxer then he started to undress you. 

“Normally? We’re in a car with limited space. Why don’t we just put your underwear to side?”

You shook your head at him and you leaned back to the dashboard and attempted to take it off. You struggled as Christian watched on, grinning and licking his lips at the same time. Once you got it off, you threw it at him.

“Thanks for the help, babe”.

Christian snickered at your comment and grabbed you by the hips so that you sat directly on him. You leaned forward and kissed his lips. You took control of the kisses while Christian ran his hands up and down your body. You were in full control of his mouth and you accidentally bit on his lips too hard.

“Ow! Babe?!”

“Aw I’m so sorry. It’s not bleeding so you’ll be okay,” you reassured him as you rubbed his lips with your fingers.

“I can’t say the same for you”.


Christian lifted you up and pulled his boxers down. You reached for a condom in the glove compartment and slid it on him. He watched you intensely as you put on the condom.

“I’ve missed your touch”.

You grinned at him shyly as you leaned back into him to continue placed kisses on his lips, cheeks and neck. This time Christian took control and his hands cupped your ass as you began to grind against him. Your movements were slow and every time you pushed against him a little harder, Christian let out a soft moan. You always loved it when he did that. Christian ran his hands down you and it was like you had read his mind, you lifted yourself up to allow him to touch your core. 

“Shit babe, it’s soaking down there”.

“And you’re complaining?”

Christian smiled at you and held his member so that you could slid onto him. He guided you down with one hand and you couldn’t help but to let something between a whimper and a moan. Once he was completely inside of you, you started to move your body up and down on him.

“Shit..oh my god…”

Christian held onto your upper thighs to support your movements and at the same time he was also pushing himself into you. You head banged against the roof of the car and it started to hurt so you leaned back into him. Being in this position allowed you control your movements better and you could move in which ever way you wanted. You used this to your advantage so you tried several movements before setting on one that made you feel good.

The car windows started to fog as both of you filled the car with moans and grunts. Christian’s hands made their way towards your ass and he squeeze it hard and you knew his prints will be visible later. 

“Oh… my god, Christian…ooh”

“Yes..keep going baby..fuckkk”

You held onto his shoulders as you continued riding him. Christian started to kiss your neck and chest areas and this took you overboard. The way his lips left your sensitive areas sent shivers down your spine. You were getting close and your movements began to slow down, but Christian didn’t allow that.

“Baby keep going..c’mon..shitt”

“I can’t..any..more..fuck..”

You head buried against his neck and seeing this, Christian cupped his hands around your ass and he started to push you up and down him. You held onto him for dear life as he thrust in and out of you. You could feel him deep in you and with each thrust you were getting closer and closer. 

You lifted your head away from his shoulders and began to kiss him, but that didn’t last long since you were about to come. 

“Oh my god..babe..oh my god…I-I-I”

And in that moment you reached climax. You closed your eyes as your body started to quiver and shake. He held onto you as you felt your orgasm pass through your body. Not long after, Christian came. His head fell back and you kissed his neck while he was going through what you just went through several seconds ago. 

“I forgot to tell you this earlier but welcome back babe, I’ve missed you so much”.

“I’ve missed you too. I shouldn’t have ignored your calls and messages. I’m sorry”.

“Don’t be and I promise from now on, I’m putting you first. Work comes second, okay?”

Before you could reply to him, you heard someone knocking on the car window. 

EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff

When you walked in and showed Min the matching his & hers phone cases he was surprised. Then he starting thinking about how cute the idea was and put it on his phone immediately. You even suggested having matching backgrounds. He happily agreed and you took a cute photo together for the fun of it.

You knew how much Lu liked collecting watches so when you were at the mall with friends and saw a super nice matching pair for men and women you just had to get them. When he saw them as he settled down at home after work he got super adorable. “Baobei, this is really nice.” He would put his on, you would put yours on, and then he would snap a picture and post it on Instagram about how great “His Y/N” is.

Kris (Yifan):
Your cool guy was always known for rocking a pair of shades. So, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity when you saw matching pairs of Ray Bans. After you greeted Kris when he walked through the door you grabbed the glasses off the kitchen table and brought them over. He gave a shy grin as he placed them on. Then he offered to put yours on for you. “We are looking good Babe.” He pulled you into his arms and kissed the top of your head.

Jun was actually the one that brought up getting something couple related. This dork was all for going all out. So, when you came home from the mall with matching shirts for you both he became super excited. “Awe, Jagi. You really listened to me.” This man would give you a super affectionate hug and then immediately try it on. He would then make you put yours on too. Not that you cared, you loved seeing him be super cute.  

Since Yixing was always travelling back and forth you wanted to get him something that would remind him of you when you were apart. You really wanted to engrave something with your initials so you bought two necklaces that were sort of like dog tags and did exactly that. When you showed them to Yixing he thought they were sweet. “Now you will always be close to my heart,” he said as he placed it over his head. You wrapped your arms around him as he gave you a kiss.

“What do you think of couple’s bracelets?” You asked as you and Baek were spending some quality time together watching a movie on the couch. “I think they are nice, why?” You giggled and jumped up to grab the bag that you had placed in your bedroom. “Ta da!” You pulled out the bracelets and gave him a smile. He laughed and responded with a goofy grin as he gestured for you to put his on for him. You also put yours on. He looked at the bracelets as he intertwined his fingers with yours, “I really like them Jagi.”

When you saw a pair of matching couple’s hoodies you just could not resist. When Dae came home you told him to wait as you changed into something. Dae being the naughty boy he is thought it was something scandalous, so when you waltzed out in a giant hoodie holding another one for him he started giggling. After laughing he pulled you in for a hug and then he put his hoodie on as well. “Wae! Why are you so cute?!” You both cuddled nice and warm in your new hoodies as well as each other’s arms.

“Jagi, are these ours?” Chanyeol walked out of your bedroom with the matching hats you had just purchased. You gave him a sheepish grin, “Do you like them?” The dork put on a giant grin and placed the hat on top of his head. “Are you kidding, I love them!” He ran over to place yours on top of your head and engulfed you into a tight bear hug. “Gosh my girl is too cute!” he said squeezing you tighter.

You and Kyungsoo liked to go out and do things a lot. You thought it would be cute to buy matching backpacks for when you two were out and about. Also since Soo was always traveling to promote his group and to film you thought it would be a nice little gift he could use a lot. Neither of you were in to goofy looking his and hers clothing so this was a great compromise. When he came home after rehearsal you greeted him and then went to get the bags. “I thought you could get a lot of use out of it. Plus we could match out in public.” He just broke out into one of his cute smiles and brought you into his chest with a hug. “Thanks Jagi, I will take it everywhere.”

You had noticed Tao looking at a pair of shoes when you were out shopping a few weeks ago. You decided you surprise him by buying them for him and another pair for yourself. When he came home from a day at the studio and you gave them to him and told him about your pair he got super cute. “Baobei we are going to be the swaggest couple out there.” You giggled and he gave you a kiss. “Swaggest, really babe?” You joked as he pulled you back in for a hug.

You had noticed a nice pair of matching couple’s rings when you were out and about with your friends one day. Since you and Jongin had been dating for quite some time you wanted something to signify your relationship. So, you ultimately decided to buy them. After you and Jongin ate dinner you told him that you got a surprise. You pulled out the rings and he got the biggest smile on his face. “I will wear it so that everyone knows that I am yours.” He put it on and gave you a sweet kiss.

Being the fashionista that he is, you knew Sehun would never turn down clothes. You decided to get matching leather jackets to celebrate your anniversary. When you walked into your bedroom to find him relaxing on the bed you pulled the jackets out. “Happy Anniversary babe,” you said as he got up to try it on. “It looks great,” he said looking in the mirror. “Of course, you always look great.” You responded with a sly smile. “Yeah, but you look better.” You gave a shy laugh as he came over to hug you tightly. “Thanks Jagi, they are really nice.”


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Mom!!! Your blog literally makes my day every time I read one of your posts whether I'm crying or not (which btw totally emo over 9 years with shinee wow). can you do shinee on picture day (like for high school or college or something idk) if you haven't already?? p.s. I LOVE YOU

i am still emo over 9 year old babies, join me and my tears baby ILY2


  • his mom called him in the morning to make sure he looks presentable (onew: mom i’m in college pls / key: stop wearing a sweater vest rn)  
  • slept with wet hair and now the back of his head is just straight up flat and looks like a diamond facet and his bangs are sticking out in all the directions 
  • dunked his head real quick under the faucet for a do-over 
  • borrowed a straightener from someone on his floor 
  • carefully makes his hair v neat and straight 
  • maybe a bit too straight so he gelled it to the side (jong: look, a nerd) 
  • blinks when the flash goes off 
  • redo 
  • ~pretty eye-smile~ 


  • shit he’s forgetting something isn’t he 
  • doesn’t know what it is but he can f e e l it 
  • hey kibum you look nice today (key: *up-downs him* it’s picture day and you are in sweats / jong: fuck let me borrow your shirt / key: lol you wish) 
  • struggles 
  • the top of of his sweatpants somewhat peeks out under the button-down that is now on his body bc he’s insisting on half-tucking it 
  • but better that than a sweatshirt with a giant dinosaur on it (key: *swallowed up in said giant hoodie* i am a ball of rage) 
  • beaming bc him and key are next to each other in the yearbook and they’re matching and that’s hilarious 


  • woke up really early to get ready 
  • 5am is too early to be woken up by psy’s “i luv it” (minho: *lobs something from across the room, still asleep* do nOT love it) 
  • has poses and the soft smile DOWN to a t 
  • put whitening strips on (minho: what’s on your teeth / key: shit i forgot to take them off after 30 mins) 
  • his teeth are sensitive af now and he can’t stop running his tongue over his gums 
  • 10/10 do not recommend 
  • prepared his bomb af outfit a week in advance 
  • super salty that jjong burgled away it away 
  • still wore it better tho 


  • wearing a polo shirt buttoned all the way up 
  • “it’s hard to breathe but i look nice” 
  • brought a pocket comb and has not stopped combing his hair since they got on line (taemin: *resisting the urge to ruffle his hair for the umpteenth time*)
  • when he sits for the pic, looks like a freaking statue 
  • 1. bc v handsome 
  • 2. he’s completely still
  • doesn’t even to blink (jong: ming pls your crazy eyes are showing) 
  • unfair how photogenic he is (onew: wanna share some of that talent with me??) 
  • bows and thanks the photographer who is maybe in love with him now 


  • the line for pictures is soooo long 
  • legs are tired so he sits down 
  • @ everyone looking at him: what
  • checks his face on his phone before his turn to fluff hair and make sure he licked off all the cookie crumbs 
  • sits on the stool but doesn’t know what to do with his hands 
  • didn’t realize that they would show up in the photo and now you can see him awkwardly cradling them in his lap (key: aw look at your baby hands / taemin: sTOP) 
  • says cheese when the flash goes off 
  • really hopes that his pics turned out okay this year 
Pets and Fuzzy socks 5

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Plot: You are a vet tech who one day gets a dog in at the clinic, who’s owner happen to be Tom Hiddleston. 

Warning: Fluff McFluff, ANGST, hint of smut, mentions of abuse mental and physical,

Author’s note: Things are getting a bit hot in here!

Disclaimer: Not my gif or photos

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Chapter 5:

A month flew by. A month filled with work, nook-time and of course texting and video chatting with Tom. I told Leila all about Daniel and what happened, she wanted me to take some time off, but I loved my work more than anything. She did convince me to talk to a therapist.  Dr. Hallie was an amazing help, and really helped process what had happened. After another month I began to feel like myself again and Dr. Hallie and I agreed I would contact her if I needed a session.

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You Feel Insecure About Being “Bigger,” Then Them: Hyung Line.

Before reading I just want to remind y’all that no matter what size you are, whether it’s a size 2 or size 20, you are perfect the way you are. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you differently. All that should matter is your happiness and your health, that’s it.

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Hyung Line. Maknae Line


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Min Yoongi:

Originally posted by sugagifs

You were curled up in bed attempting to read an article on your phone. Yoongi was working late in the studio and told you not to wait up for him. It was still early for you so you thought some internet surfing would be good, until you stumbled upon an article titled, “How to Lose Weight Fast!” You weren’t stupid, you knew you were bigger then Yoongi. Sure, once and a while you thought about the difference between you two, but he was usually there to comfort you.

However, you were alone this time.

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Smut Request List

This is just so you know if your request have been accepted. If your request isn’t here it means you either did not give me a prompt or you told me to base it off of something. It’s hard for me to base a fanfic off of something because sometimes, I don’t get what is going on in the thing I am suppose to base it off and researching is just too much work given the amount of requests I’ve received SORRY :,(

So to be fair, first come, first serve (:

THANK YOU ALL FOR REQUESTING AND PLEASE BE PATIENT. Also I’m not that experienced in writing smut so please be nice to me, but I put effort and thought into every little detail <3 And I will start working on these requests after I have posted the previous non-smut requests :) each story will be at least 1k-5k words.

Total Requests: 20

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 13: The Time There Was A Meme War

Recommended Song: I Luv It by PSY

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Jungkook started something he could not finish and you begin to question yourself.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 3745

Length: 13/?

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Not Good Enough

Request: Hi i saw you post about picking a bias and picking a number as well is it still ok to do??? If soo, Bang yongguk and number 14 please :D p.s i didn’t know if this is the right place to give you this hahaha

14)  Someone tells you that you need to lose weight. Your bias responds.

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: B.A.P. Yongguk x Y/N

Type: Angst/Fluff

It wasn’t often that I had the chance to witness an angry Bang Yongguk. Usually whenever he was upset, it came off as a bit perturbed, maybe even frustrated, but never outright angry. 

I had just come back to our apartment, groceries in hand, when I found him hunched over my very pink laptop at the kitchen table. His hands were laced under his chin and his eyebrows were knit in frustration. 

It had been two weeks since Yongguk and I had become publicly official. Of course his fans were surprised to learn that he was actually dating me, who started out as a BABY, and met him at one of the fan meets. I always assumed idols didn’t pay much attention to the girls filtering through in front of them, but as I’ve learned, B.A.P. doesn’t exactly follow traditional idol perimeters. 

“Jagi?” I called out. Nothing but silence filled the air between us. I assumed he was working on music. Usually if he was frustrated, 9 times out of 10, it could always be traced back to a line that wouldn’t rhyme or a beat that wouldn’t flow. 

After a few moments, I continued what I was doing until I heard slamming come from the dining room. I slowly stepped around the corner and into the area. Yongguk had disappeared, but left my slammed laptop closed on the table. He had also taken the glass he was drinking out of in one swoop onto the floor. He reappeared into the room, a towel in hand as he began to mop up his mess and pick up glass shards. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concern lacing my voice. 

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he sighed, trying to give me his best gummy smile. “It’s nothing.”

“I think that’s a lie..but okay,” I muttered, crouching beside him and attempting to help. 

“I’ve got it,” he nodded, giving me a stern look. “Really.”

“Well alright,” I said, lifting my hands. “I’ll go back to unpacking the stuff from the market. What do you want for dinner by the way?” 

I turned the corner into the kitchen and looked over the bar separating us. He continued his slow, methodical cleaning in silence. 

“Yongguk?” I called again. He had appeared in the kitchen as I turned around, dropping the glass shards into the trash. 

“I’m going to shower,” he said, throwing up another smile that didn’t reach his eyes. 

I nodded, scrunching up my face. What was up with him? 

Yongguk disappeared from my sight and I heard the shower kick on from the bathroom. I continued putting groceries away when an idea struck me. I carefully peaked around the corner to make sure Yongguk had actually gotten into the shower and tiptoed into the dining room. I lifted up my laptop and pulled up the search history and clicked the first link. Maybe this would let me know why Yongguk was upset. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see a fan taken photo of Yongguk and I leaving a record store from the previous day. It was one of the first days he had off in awhile and he was looking amazing. I stood beside him, wearing my favorite outfit and holding a Starbucks cup. We were both smiling at each other. 

“How could this possibly cause him to get upset?” I muttered, scrolling down. I quickly shot a glance to the comments section which had over 1,000 entries. 

The first comment, which had about 50 thumbs up, was in regards to me.

“Aish, you would think an idol would date a prettier fan if he was going to. Tell her she needs to go on a diet if she’s going to date our Gukkie!” 

My heart felt like it had ceased all beating and it felt like my blood turned to ice. I had never really acknowledged it, but I always knew I was a curvier girl. I was okay with that, so I didn’t understand why other people couldn’t be. 

“Hah!” one reply read. “Take away her coffee and give her a salad!” 

“You all are so mean,” one commenter posted. “She just looks so big because Yongguk is so small.”

I closed out of the window and wiped a tear from my eye. I slowly closed the laptop and heaved a heavy sigh. People would never understand. My life was not any of their business. 

I picked myself up out of the chair and began to wander across the room. There was only one way I could find solace in how I was feeling and it was currently in the shower. 

I slowly stripped myself of the clothes on my body and stopped in front of my mirror. I had nothing to be ashamed of…or at least I never thought I should be ashamed. 

I walked quietly into the bathroom and entered the shower. Yongguk was standing with his back to me, the water dropping onto the back of his neck as he breathed heavily. It crested at his shoulders, spraying water around him. He was gorgeous. Really those fans had been right. How could a girl like me deserve something as beautiful as him. 

I wrapped my arms around his waist and sighed. 

He didn’t even jump or move, only placing a hand over mine on his stomach. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. 

“For what silly man?” I chuckled, marveling at his wet skin that I had my face rested upon. He was perfect, so perfect. 

He spun around, taking me in his arms again, and placing my head on his tattooed chest. The water hit both of us evenly and it felt amazing. 

“For their words,” he sighed.

“How’d you know I read it?” I squeaked in embarrassment. 

“Because I know you,” he grinned. “And you were worried about me.” 

“Always,” I nodded. 

He held to me tighter and kissed the top of my wet head. “Never, ever think you are not good enough. Especially when it comes to being with me. Understand?”

I nodded again, listening to his deep voice reverberate through his chest in time with his heart beat. 

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” he cooed, running his hands through my hair. “And they’re right. I am an idol and I’m expected to be seen with a certain type of girl. They just don’t realize that that ‘type’ can be any girl that compliments me. That compliments who I am…

…And God, they don’t understand that I love you just so fucking much.”

“I love you too,” I choked out, not being able to tell what on my face were tears or regular water. “So much.”

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open during construction

This is a post about weddings, and maybe about life. I was married on March 20. My husband didn’t go to college. I went to a school that in some parts of the country you can brag about until someone else brings up Yale. I graduated with a degree and bad grades that I never put on my resume, and they never mattered, for what it’s worth. (Thousands of dollars. They were worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and they never appeared anywhere but in a text to my parents.) 

My first job out of college, I got because I knew someone. I quit that job. The job that supported me between that job and the next comes-with-health-insurance job was on a boat. It was also because I knew someone. That someone was the boat captain and we were dating. Sorry—we were sleeping together. Is it feminist or very not feminist that he paid me?

Anyway, the next real job I got was because I knew someone.

Only my third job did I get on my own merit. And when I quit that third job two years later on good terms, my boss told me that when he’d interviewed me, he knew that I wasn’t the best candidate, but he liked my attitude. Back then, I wore pencil skirts with pumps.

The next job I got, I also knew someone.

It wasn’t until my fifth real job that a headhunter found me, interviewed me, and hired me. And then, a year after working for that company, I made an internal shift to my dream job because they were small and agile at just 30 people. In the year following, they would hire 130 additional people. Like most people, I have impostor syndrome and work as hard as I can, 80% of the time.

Right, I was talking about weddings. I got married on March 20 at the end of a fire road. Fire roads in Los Angeles, in case you’re not familiar, are dirt and gravel routes that allow fire crews access to open land to fight wildfire. But most of the year, people use them for hiking, dog walking, and bike riding. We used ours for a wedding.

I wrote the wedding script. I’m still not sure if that’s what it’s called. We had our friend Dev ordained through an online ministry service, because for some reason outside of the separation of church and state, your marriage certificate requires it. The script finished with, “I now pronounce you wife and husband,” because I come first. Dev’s wife, our dear friend Halley, took photos. She’s a writer.

What I’m saying is we walked down a dirt path, where I gathered a bouquet I picked from the ground, to have a friend read out loud some words I had written that included jokes about shitting and dogs and crappy houses, to get married in front of just our parents and a writer who was taking photos. I ordered the dress I was wearing from a site called “Lulu’s”. It was $60, and it was beautiful. That was our wedding.

We’ve been married for two months. We just got our marriage certificate in the mail. We’d fucked it up the first time by not writing in that Dev was a “minister” because he isn’t. We didn’t want religion involved in our wedding. Adding it as an addendum later felt fine. My husband doesn’t believe in religion. I believe in astrology only when it tells me my career is going to take off.

My career has taken off, compared to not having one at all. I’ve been reading fewer horoscopes, and I’ve been writing significantly less. I am pursuing a career. My husband is pursuing a dream. He is currently making unemployment dollars. I pay rent and attention to our budget. He cleans the house. Sometimes, I struggle with it all, but most of the time, I don’t. Most of the time the person I love and married picks me up from work, makes me dinner, I read a little, and I fall asleep with him and both our pets piled on top of me. I forget the weight of my ambition when they replace it 

This is the part about life. If your life has the opportunity to be good, let it. We can, of course, complicate things. We can add invitations and seating arrangements and showers. We can add mandatory partner checklists and gender roles and tradition. We can add whatever we like. But we should add the things that make us happy, if we are so able.

When I was young, there were many versions of myself that I pictured. But one that lingered was of a coiffed woman in a penthouse in New York. She made money and nothing else. She married in an art museum in an indigo gown. Her husband wore impeccable clothes, and they went to galas. He had a fancy degree, and a fancier pedigree. I don’t think I ever imagined us together, only imagined him like a check in a box. 

But that’s not what happened, and thank religion. I live in a house with no insulation but a great view in a strange town where you can always hear the coyotes. My husband’s fanciest pedigree is his dog and his kindness. I make money, but I also make art and love and occasionally the coffee. The only thing I would call impeccable is my taste in adoptable cats. Most of my life I imagined all these things I needed to do by an age, by someone else’s standards, by this checklist that never ends. As soon as I got straight A’s, as soon as I got 10,000 followers, as soon as I got that offer, as soon as I, as soon as I, as soon as I, ad nauseam.

As soon as I stopped and felt my legs underneath me, as soon as I stretched my arms high into the sky and felt my spine lengthen, as soon as I noticed how scrunched my face was and relaxed it, as soon as I remembered I could play Spice Girls literally any time of the day I wanted, as soon as I did that, I was happy.

I still get grumpy. I still get greedy. I still envy and boast and posture and plead. I’m still disgusting at times, and not because I eat in bed or use the restroom without washing my hands, but because I’ll see a beautiful photo and purposefully not like it. Because I’ll say something sucks because I wish that I had it. I still get jealous when I find out someone’s household income. I still forget that my income, my income alone, is more than most people in the world will ever make. I still get mad that it takes time to write a novel. I get mad at time, and it feels nothing time and time again.

On reality TV shows, the contestants who are ousted so frequently say something like, “you’ll be seeing me again!” but we never do. They’re forgotten, only to be dragged through the mud by a person making $5 per post on the internet because they were once average looking and are now older. You’ll be seeing me again. It reminds me of businesses trapped behind scaffolding, heralding fresh banners saying, “OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION!” Please don’t forget me. Please don’t let me die. But we are not businesses. We don’t die when we’re forgotten; instead, we are forgotten when we die. We have no mortgages on these bodies but time. 

So I stretch my skin and feel grateful. I don’t own a home. I can’t buy a new car. I don’t have an agent. I can’t beat my old times. I don’t have a following. I’ve never been to a gala.

But I am, at least, open during construction.

You Did Well, Jonghyun

Description: You were in a relationship with SHINee’s Jonghyun but you simply knew him as Kim Jonghyun, a person you loved with all your heart. Everything you knew came to an end when he decided to end his life. Losing someone you love so dearly is always a painful experience. Learning to live without them is an even harder thing to deal with.

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Word Count: 12k


The weather is cold. My body becoming just as numb as my heart. The tears streaming down my face practically turning into ice. I keep blinking away the glossiness of my eyes to clear my vision as I see the love of my life off, something I never thought I would do until I was much older and it was a part of life.

Each step of the funeral became harder than the last. Walking with his coffin towards the car, I nearly collapse but manage to move towards the car. Looking at my late boyfriend’s members. They’re all strongly holding back their tears. Kibum loses himself a few times but still managed to keep himself composed. Minho, leading the way, he manages to stay so strong since the beginning of the three-day funeral.

Kim Jonghyun was an idol of one of the most popular male groups. He had a beautiful voice along with a personality to match. He was also my boyfriend. We were together for years and I knew him more than just as a celebrity. I knew him well but nothing could’ve prepared me for this day. The day he took his life.

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wait for the colours to turn to gold

length: 5k

genre: fluff, AU, strangers to lovers

summary: fashion blogger!Dan and movie reviewer!Phil are neighbours, and when Dan sees Phil about to ruin a shirt by hanging it on his balcony, he has to stop him in the name of fashion

notes: thanks to @spacecattle for the great au, @cafephan for threatening me if i made this less than 5k, and @problmemeatic for dragging me via google docs

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Another World – Thranduil x (human) reader

Part 1/?

Could you do an imagine where Thranduil somehow gets transported to the present day, and you have to explain everyday things to him?

Yes. Yes I can.

Another boring day. Summer holiday, nothing to do, no one to see, no one to be. All you had to do was watch season after season of your favourite shows, which could never get boring really, but when everyone else was posting photos of sunny holidays, and you were laid in your pyjamas, you knew you needed to find something to do.

“Okay, that’s season 2 finished,” You said to yourself “Let’s make a snack, then watch the next one.” Again, to yourself. You prised yourself off of the sofa, and headed towards the kitchen, busying yourself in trying to reach a bowl from that just-a-little-bit-too-high cupboard. You knelt on the surface, grasping for the white bowl.


No, that wasn’t the bowl. That was from upstairs. You loved your cat, Tom, but why must he always break everything. With a sigh, you trudged up the stairs. As you reached the top, Tom ran past you. Must have been running from the crime scene. You followed the direction that they came from. Your spare room was the only room with the door open, slightly ajar.

Pushing the door open, you stepped into the room. The cat wasn’t running away from an accident, he was running away from a man.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” You shrieked. The looked just as shocked. “WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY FLAT?” He lost the look of horror, and now watched me with a superior look. “I am Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood realms.” He lifted his chin slightly, “Now, mortal, tell me where I am, and how I can get back to my kingdom.”

Okay, so now he was claiming to be a fictional character. Great. Not only did he just turn up in my house, he was mad.

“Um, no. Tell me the truth. No fictional characters, no lies.” He scowled, and drew himself up higher. Not that he wasn’t already a lot taller than me. “HOW DARE YOU! I should have you killed for that!”

“Ah, but then I won’t be able to take you to the psychiatric ward.”

“What on Middle-Earth is a sy-key-atrict ward?” He exclaimed angrily. Okay, maybe he was real. No! What am I saying! Of course he’s not real.

“Okay, cut the cosplay shit, tell me what is happening.”

His eyes darkened, and he took a step closer. His hand went to the long silver dagger protruding from his robes.

“You see this? This is what I use to get rid of the people who do not obey my command as King.” He paused for a second. “Now, are you going to stop speaking in riddles, or do I have to use it?”

You gulped, and his (rather large) eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer. “Y, Yes, m, m, my lord.” You shakily replied.

“Good.” He placed the dagger back in its holster. “Now, how do I get back to Mirkwood?”

Shit. What do you say now? Sorry but that doesn’t exist? That would go down well. “I don’t quite know how to get there.”

“But you know where it is?”

“Errr, no.” You slowly replied.

He looked down at you, clenching his jaw, as he let out an exasperated gasp.

“But you can stay here until you find a way.” You quickly said, before he could get angry again.

“Fine. Now tell me where I am, mortal.”

“You are in a land we call Earth, and I am pretty certain that it is a completely different world to yours.”

Maybe you should have worded that better.

“Well I saw that from all this witchcraft you keep here.” Thranduil answered rolling his eyes. “Now. I require assistance in getting back, so you must first teach me the way of your world.”

Dear God. Isn’t that just amazing. Well it’s not like I have a choice.

“Okay, first you need to blend in. Let’s get you something to wear, and what the hell are we going to do with your hair?“

“You will not go anywhere near my hair!”

“Fine! But you can’t walk around in those robes.”

You turned, and he followed you out of the door, muttering under his breath.

As you entered the kitchen, he gasped. “What is this!?”

“This is a kitchen, and these are magical tools for creating food.”

He stared about the room, and you carried on around the house, showing and explaining the various items.

“And what does this do, mortal?”

“Firstly, don’t call me mortal, my name is (Y/N), and secondly, that is a light switch. Press it.”

He suspiciously looked at you, then lifted his finger to the switch, cautiously pushing it. His mouth dropped as the room lit up. He pressed it again and again, watching as the room flashed. He suddenly remembered your presence, and cleared his throat, standing up straight.

“Well, I suppose this place will do for now.”

I will definitely be adding more parts to this, but I hope this is okay for now.

The Boy Who Selfies - Hinny Drabble

So in honour of Harry James Potter’s birthday I decided to write a little Hinny drabble.It’s super cheesy but then I’m Hinny trash so I don’t even care at this point!Also apologies for the absolutely awful title but I could not for the life of me come up with a better one. Hope you enjoyyyy :)

You can also read it on my ff.net page if you prefer that format.

The Boy Who Selfies:

Harry was sat on their plush sofa on a rather lazy Sunday afternoon in their small but cosy flat in the centre of muggle London. Stretched out with his arms resting behind his head, his sweat pant clad legs resting on the other arm of the sofa whilst a copy of Quidditch weekly was levitating above him, the pages magically turning when he had finished scanning a page.
His hair was much more tousled than normal as he hadn’t bothered to even try to tame it with it being a Sunday.
Soft foot steps could be heard making their way through the flat and before long Ginny came bounding into the living room, plopping herself on top of Harry rather ungracefully causing the wind to be knocked out of him,  catching him off guard.

“Omfff Gin a bit of warning would be nice…you were very close to flattening the crown jewels there.” Harry whined as he let his arm snake around her hips lightly.

“Ooops sorry can’t have that I’ve become quite fond of them.” Ginny grinned at him, rubbing one hand lightly on his stomach and toying with her mobile in the other.

Ginny was also wearing her usual lazy Sunday outfit which consisted solely of Harry’s old Gryffindor Quidditch jersey that came to mid thigh. Sometimes accompanied with a pair of knickers underneath, sometimes not…
Ginny’s hair was slung into a messy bun with fiery strands escaping all over the place, framing her face.

“I’m glad, funnily enough I am also quite fond of them.” Harry hummed as he wriggled his butt to provide a slightly more comfortable position to where his said jewels weren’t being suffocated .

Noticing something in Ginny’s eye he quickly deducted, from now years of practice at reading her, that she was up to something.

Noticing Harry studying her quizzically Ginny broke into a grin.

“What are you up to Weasley?” Harry gibed and prodded her hips.

Ginny grinned wider yet and brought her phone up and waggled it in front of him.

“So Hermione introduced me to snapchat the other day and I want us to take a selfie together.” She grinned.

“Sorry a what?”

“A selfie Harry. It’s when you take a picture of yourself. Self…e…” Ginny raised an eyebrow at him. Usually it was Harry introducing her to muggle things so this made a change.

“You know I hate pictures Gin.” Harry began, resting his head back down and resuming his reading. Ginny pouted.

“Ohhh please Harry there’s this really cute filter that makes you look like a dog, I know you’ll love it.” Harry looked back up from his magazine to Ginny. She pouted still, fluttering her eyes dramatically at Harry as she brushed her fingers up and down his bare chest.

Harry rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on Harry. If you don’t like the pictures I promise I’ll delete them. Just give it a go…for me…” Ginny pleaded making her eyes even more puppy like than said snapchat filter.

Harry huffed, waving his hand to make the magazine drop down to the floor and sat up forcing Ginny to slide further down from his lower torso on top his lap.

“Fine but only to make you happy. You do realise you are ridiculously manipulative don’t you?” Harry joked.

“Only when it’s for your own good.” Ginny smirked back and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“How is taking a self-me for my own good?”

“Self-ie Harry.” Ginny corrected courtly.

“Yeah whatever selfie smelfie.” Harry grumbled into Ginny’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist.

“Ok right let me just open up the app, and then Hermione said you have to turn the camera to face you….ok there now I see us. Ahh look how cute we look…well actually I look cute you look like I’ve just told you I ate all the Treacle Tart.” Ginny snorted.

Harry huffed and pulled his face away from Ginny’s shoulder where he had been resting.

“There that’s better.” Ginny chirped as Harry positioned himself beside Ginny in the frame of the photo.

Ginny pulled a ridiculous face and Harry couldn’t help but laugh and before he knew it the sound of the shutter went off and Ginny had captured their first selfie.

“See it’s not that hard.” Ginny said turning to Harry to smile warmly at him.

“Fine yeah not that painful.” Harry grumbled but smiled warmly back at her.

“Alright time for the dog filter!” Ginny exclaimed excitedly.

“Hermione said something about holding down in the centre and seeing a circle thing…ahh yes that it. Now we can scroll through the filters…” Ginny began shifting through filters, each changing their appearance. One multiplying them across the screen, another removing their nose and another changing them into Bees. Finally she came across the one she had been looking for.

“Ahh hahh found it.” Ginny shouted before bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Oh merlin this is great.” She snorted taking in the filter of them both with dog ears, nose and tongue. Ginny the sandy-red dog and Harry the spotted black and white Dalmatian.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh along with her, her giggles contagious and if he was to be honest the filter was pretty fun.

“Ok open your mouth Harry and see what happens.”

Harry opened his mouth and a long tongue came out. Harry laughed loudly and Ginny snapped the photo. It captured Harry’s eyes crinkled at the sides in laughter, Ginny’s eyes sparkling beside him and grinning widely.

 “Ok, ok I admit this is actually really fun.” Harry said, pulling Ginny closer in to his side and kissing her temple.

 “I knew you’d love it.” Ginny beamed. They flicked through more of the filters, taking turns to snap ones of each other, giggling like school girls the whole time.

“Thank you.” Harry sighed as he nuzzled at Ginny’s neck a while later.

 “What for?”

“For always making me laugh and helping me to not be such a big grump all the time.” Harry said as he pushed a strand of Ginny’s hair that had escaped from her bun behind her ear.

 Ginny looked taken aback slightly for a moment at Harry’s soft words before breaking into a breath-taking smile.
“And thank you for giving in and taking selfies with me, it was fun.” Ginny beamed.

 “Mmm anything to please you…Merlin you have me wrapped around your fingers.” Harry chuckled into her neck.

“Anything?” Ginny raised her eyebrow.

“Oh god I should not have said that” Harry groaned and Ginny laughed.

“Don’t worry Potter it’s nothing too drastic. Let me post one of these selfies of us….and kiss me.”

Harry grinned and pulled Ginny flush with him before crashing his lips to hers. As soon as he had taken her lips in a deep kiss he heard the familiar sound of a shutter.

Pulling his lips away from Ginny’s he saw her arm outstretched and a photo of them in a deep embrace. Turning back to Ginny he furrowed his eye brows at her but burst into laughter at the cheeky grin on her face, eyes sparkling in that distinctly Weasley way.

 “Ooops I must have slipped.” Ginny grinned.

 “Right put that phone down now…we don’t want anyone accidentally coming across any photos with what I am about to do.” Harry wiggled his eyebrows before pouncing on Ginny causing the phone to fall to the floor.

The room filled with giggles…then gasps…then moans.

 A few weeks later Hermione showed Ginny the wonders of Instagram and the first picture posted was of their first selfie. Ginny grinning widely as Harry rested his face against her shoulder like a sulking child… the photo captioned as ‘Mr Grumps… the boy who broods ;)’

ANNNND HERE THEY ARE!!! ^^ the crack ship babies requested last week!

1. @blazsword-second​ 

Cayo Reef - i just love his little dorky smile, he find wonders in everything he sees but loves the beauty of the beaches and shores the most, flying over the shores and swimming under the waves to see the wild life below. he developed such an interest from the biggest whales to the smallest choral, so much that he wanted to constantly studied them and became an expert of marine life.

2. @moon-wolfie​​

Elinore Wolf - she didnt care much for the city life, where the streets were bustling with ponies, shops, goods. everything you could ever need seemed all to easy and under appreciated. so she moved to the Everfree Forest, and their she lived, making everything she needed by hoof and magic, the was known by others as the “Mare in the woods”, with such mystery about how she survives the untamed woods and why she keeps to herself, she was rarely seen except for every once in a while when some one sees her at the edge of the tree lines, the only dicription of her best fitting is that she wears a coat that is not her own fur, and is wild and unkempt as her main. her eyes green and deep and he forest itself, that is all that could barely be described before she fades into the dark woods once again.

3. @lupushowler​ 

Wing Tip - taking traits from his mother and father he stayed rather small but his wings grew wild and big, i just loved making wing tip happy and cheery i dont have much of a story but i loved how his freckles spread across his body.

4. @dewdusts​​

Andrew Dusk - Andrew grew up hansom, he took well advantage of his good looks and charm landing himself as a top model for Photo Finish and and Manehatten Runways.

5. @ask-luciavampire​ 

Harvest moon - Harvest was a defiant Heir to be, she did not want royalties or glory, shy simply wanted to help those who deserved it and remove those who wanted to take advantage of others misfortune. you should always been cautious around her, like her mother Lucia, she has quite a short temper.

6. @iceyaxe

Wild Berry- she is a pony who would by considered shy but when it came to fruits she could not find a greater passion. Berry always found a liking to finding new ways to mix berries together to  make all kinds of unique flavors and products that no pony had ever thought of.

7. @emo-lover

Thrasher - he is one of stallions that dosnt like to say much, but has the look that makes you glad he dose not speak, because who knows what he would say to you, because just his massive stature alone and leering eyes makes many feel abit intimidated. some say his favorite hobbies is looking down at you and judging you silently.

8. @daisycandy1025

Thomas Piper - Thomas grew up very respectful under the guidance of his father and kinder from his mother, his passion involves with woodworking and developing many lovely instruments and trinkets from flutes to tobaco pipes to little wooden puzzles.

9. @ask-sexy-solaris

Prince Sunrise - Sunrise grew up in royalty and took it in a humble stride, he never wanted to lead a kingdom or even a town, instead he found his interest in the vast knowledge that is held in the Majesty of books. he would be up before the crack of Celestias great sunrise to read and learn and organize the royal archives and libraries till the Night casted over, he was some times even found slumbering in the library, surrounded by books and scrolls, all which he had read time and time again. After a point their was not a book in equestia he did not know and that is how he found his calling, becoming the Keeper of knowledge, he guided and organized the lands books and libraries, he would ensure every city and town had all the knowledge they would ever need and ensure education to all would be a mere page turn away

10. @asklittlebat

Ambrosia - she had taken life a little to seriously, their wasn’t much joy found in how life was around her from what she saw so she rarely ever smiled, however one day somepony trying to cheer her up said her “turn that frown, upside down” so she did, literally, she went and hung herself upside down from the ceiling, and found it quite enjoyable, so their she would stay whenever she could, everyone had to adjust looking up if they ever wanted to find her. 

11. @ask-treats-sweets​ 

Creamy Treat - Creamy grew up always with a play on his words, from what he picked up from his fathers he gained a smooth and quick witted response to everypony, this was also true to those he found a liking to, with a flirtatious and suggestive talk, he would leave many in a bit of a sexually conflicted fit. to some ponies who know him well also know him also as.

“Smooth Criminal” 

“play master”

“Sir. Teas-a-lot”


“The Real Virgin Killer”

12. @ifadeu337​ 

Silver Wisp - due to complications during birth, Silver was born blind, never seeing the world with vision, her other scenes took charge on how she sees the world, what she scenes best with is her smell, she can tell who you are just from your scent, or where she is by identifying a familiar smell. even though she dosnt show it, the thing that brings her the most joy is going to the flower shop, the soft and genital smells of the flowers help cleanse her from the world temporarily.


Thank you everyone who sent in your request, i really enjoyed drawing each and every one of your children, it was such a thrill making up each character and having them be unique in their own way, i hope you love them and would love to know what you think ^^

as i said before, the pony that was drawn for you, is yours to keep, if you dont like the name or the background your free to change them, i only hope you can give them a good home in your heart ^^

again thank you everyone, and for patiently waiting for this mass post i hope everyone is having the best weekend ever!!!

Also further crackships will be closed i am not accepting any more at this time till i feel up for more, (dont want to get to overwhelmed) ^^  my next thing on my to do is working on my next update starting Monday!