i am always karkat


Expect lots of puns and Friends references from me.

Anyway, random comic from months ago. Had this in my system for a long time now and I had to make this joke. I am a piscian, I am bond to fish puns

wow, fantastic baby!

its fucking red on red like anyone will notice once its dry

mandatory “we might die today fuck i don’t want to lose you”-hug i’ve wanted to draw for ages now. i like to imagine they had their heartfelt good-bye in private before meeting up w/ john & co so they could like cry a lil on each other w/o vriska jeering in the bg

in case you’re wondering why this is so smudged, there was more dialogue but i didn’t like it so i blurred it out

EDIT:  this comes now with its own HOLY FUCK fanfiction by @demisexualkarkat

Psh!  Kiddo.  You’re assuming I haven’t had eyes in the White House since, oh, around 1837. Of course, some of the residents have needed a little more…persuading than others. The current guy, for example–for him I’ve really had to go for the hard sell.

I’m sure he’ll come around eventually.  They always do~