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HOLY CRAP ok so there was an anon that said queef and it was me but I swear I meant quiff I was gonna say something about quiff Luke but i sent the question in too fast before I could write anything oh my god I'm so embarrassed


not to be gay but like…….I love my friends and you deserve the whole world and if there is anything I could ever do to make you feel happy or validate you I am always here 

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game

Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in

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ZEN: ..the lack of straight people in this group is overwhelming

Jumin: Don’t stress yourself over idiots like those… babe.

Eridan things the fandom likes to forget

-Eridan did not have a consistent black crush on Sollux, rather the other way around (See Kanaya: return to the core)

-He can hold on to his lusus with his legs alone

- he doesn’t actually like to swim and has probably never visited Feferi

- He is concerned about the aquatic environment (though this feeds into his bigoted hatred for landwellers)

- He knows millitary tactics

- He likes history

- He was gossip buddies with Karkat to the point where Feferi thought they were something else

- He actually did have friends prior to SGRUB despite what a little bitch he is ( these include Karkat and Kanaya)

- Karkat was the one person Eridan considered a “true friend” 

- Karkat (who had just witnessed the deaths of his friends) revokes his friendship from a past Eridan BEFORE he kills anyone. This possibly feeds into him going murderous in the first place.

- He had red crushes on Feferi, Nepeta, Jade and Karkat

- He had a black crushes on Rose, Vriska and possibly at one point Sollux which may have been abandoned like the other ones.

-He wanted Terezi to be his auspistice which she rejected immediately

- Eridan was probably the most “socially functional” troll based on what we know of Alternian Society. A useless trait in the game, but probably increasing his odds of survival prior to the game.

- He actually prioritizes his old friendship with Feferi than any crush.

- Feferi had no intention of staying friends with him which he admits feeling hurt by, but getting somewhat over it

-He’s not a Nice Guy, he is 13 and feels hurt but understands his feelings aren’t reciprocated and he can do nothing about it.

- Eridan killed Feferi in self defense, she was going for the kill too.

- Same with Kanaya

- Eridan didn’t start the fight with Sollux and actually wanted to avoid it but took part in it on Sollux’s insistence.

- He doesn’t believe in Magic. At all.

- Vriska has blocked Eridan multiple times on Trollian

- Eridan took Gamzee’s advice at one point.

- Eridan dislikes Gamzee and finds him irritating

- He did think he was doing something wrong prior to his murder spree

-He felt lonely and ostracized 

- He is 13.