i am always broke because clothes why did i quit my other job

✰ * º ❛   friends sentence starters   ❜

‘  *reading obituaries* suddenly i wish i was reading my own name.  ’
‘  you don’t even have oven mitts on!  ’
‘  wow. i could so easily freak out right now.  ’
‘  do you think it’s easy for me to see you with somebody else?  ’
‘  hey, you remembered to put clothes on this morning.  ’
‘  no more falafel for you!  ’
‘  we were on a break!!  ’
‘  you’re such a tattletale.  ’
‘  i love you goddesses!  ’
‘  everyone i know is either getting married or getting pregnant or getting promoted and I’m getting coffee. And it’s not even for me!  ’
‘  it’s   ’
‘  this is all a moo point. yeah, it’s like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter. it’s moo.  ’
‘  so, the ebola virus. that’s gotta suck, huh?  ’
‘  my gynecologist tried to kill me.  ’
‘  you can’t tell, but i’m trying to break the tension by mooning you guys.  ’
‘  boy, you are not a morning person.  ’
‘  yeah, well, i’m a slut.  ’
‘  how you doin’?  ’
‘  i am warm… for your form.  ’
‘  i’m really looking forward to you and me having sexual intercourse.  ’
‘  are you saying that you don’t wanna get with this?  ’
‘  hey, you’re a pathetic loser, right?  ’
‘  sometimes i wish i was a lesbian… did i say that out loud?  ’
‘  if i were a guy and… did i just say, ‘if i were a guy’?  ’
‘  i guess things were just going to well for me!  ’
‘  i don’t have a plan. i don’t even have a ‘pla.’  ’
‘  he’s so pretty i want to cry!  ’
‘  prepare to feel very bad about yourself.  ’
‘  i’m sorry that’s who i am. i’m a positive person.  ’
‘  no, i’m a positive person. you are like santa clause on prozac at disneyland, getting laid.  ’
‘  i’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!  ’
‘  she was nice. i mean, she’s a little slutty, but who isn’t?  ’
‘  honey, this is not your fault. just because you guys had a fight, it does not justify them sleeping with someone else.  ’
‘  from now on, i am not getting out of this chair, ever. okay? from now on, this chair is the one.  ’
‘  i wish i could, but i don’t want to.  ’
‘  alright, i took the quiz and, it turns out, i do put career before men.  ’
‘  look at him, he’s so cute. i just wanna go over there, grab him, and kiss him!  ’
‘  i think, if it was a little colder in there, i could see your nipples through that sweater.  ’
‘  what’s wrong with me… oh, don’t open that door.  ’
‘  let me think, let me think… oh, i don’t care!  ’
‘  i have no idea what’s going on, but i’m excited!  ’
‘  i tend to keep talking until somebody stops me.  ’
‘  when i first meet somebody, it’s usually panic, anxiety, and a great deal of sweating.  ’
‘  are we greeting each other this way now? because i like it.  ’
‘  it looks like you fell asleep with a hanger in your mouth.  ’
‘  you wanna play twister?  ’
‘  once, i got dumped during sex.  ’
‘  here we are, with our future before us, and i only want to spend it with you.  ’
‘  welcome to the real world. it sucks. you’re gonna love it!  ’
‘  hey, you cry every time somebody talks about the titanic.  ’
‘  if worst comes to worst, i’ll be your boyfriend.  ’
‘  who loses 57 coin tosses in a row? you know? heads, she wins. tails, i lose.  ’
‘  shut up! shut up! SHUT UP!  ’
‘  i’m so glad we’re having this rehearsal dinner, you know? it’s so rare that i get to practice my meals before eating them.  ’
‘  you always believed in me, even when i didn’t believe in myself.  ’
‘  you’re fake laughing too, right?  ’
‘  it’s sunday morning, i am not running on a sunday.  ’
‘  ugh, dammit. why did i open my mouth?  ’
‘  wow, we really are bitches.  ’
‘  so why don’t you be a grown up and come and watch some tv in the fort!  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m gonna do with my life.  ’
‘  i’m full, and yet i know if i stop eating this, i’ll regret it.  ’
‘  kill me. kill me now.  ’
‘  i want to sit in a comfortable chair, watch television, and go to sleep at a reasonable hour!  ’
‘  what must it be like to not be crippled by fear and self-loathing?  ’
‘  a stripper at a bachelor party, that is so cliché. why don’t you guys get a magician?!  ’
‘  i’m curvy and i like it!  ’
‘  i don’t share food!  ’
‘  if i have to, i’d pee on any one of you.  ’
‘  the fridge broke so i had to eat everything.  ’
‘  you can’t have s-e-x when you’re taking care of the b-a-b-i-e!  ’
‘  you’re over me? when were you… under me?  ’
‘  these are just feelings. they’ll go away.  ’
‘  i used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me.  ’
‘  i mean, sure, i have my bad days, but then i remember what a cute smile i have.  ’
‘  offering people gum is not cooking.  ’
‘  i bought him a $500 watch and he wrote me a rap song.  ’
‘  you know you should go outside and be with the three-dimensional people.   ’
‘  no, inside good. outside baaaaad.  ’
‘  they’re always saying ‘let’s go here, let’s go there.’ like we can afford to go here and there.  ’
‘  i hate my job. i hate it. oh, i want to quit, but then i think i should stick it out.  ’
‘  you think i have $1200? i’m home in the middle of the day and i got patio furniture in my living room.  ’
‘  neat! i’m gonna die alone!  ’
‘  okay, could you just stop talking for a second?  ’
‘  i’ve sort of had feelings for you.  ’
‘  today, it’s like there’s rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, then me.  ’
‘  why am i friends with these people?  ’
‘  i eat by myself in the alley because everyone hates me.  ’
‘  i’m a lone wolf. a loner. alone. all alone. forever.  ’
‘  my life is an embarrassment! i should just go live under somebody’s stairs.  ’
‘  if i died, the only way people would know that i was here would be the ass print on this chair!  ’
‘  i always thought if you and i got married, that would be the one that stuck.  ’
‘  hi, i make jokes when i’m uncomfortable.  ’
‘  i am not ‘blah’, i am a hoot!  ’
‘  i just realized i can sleep with my eyes open.  ’
‘  up until i was 25, i thought that the only response to ‘i love you’ was ‘oh, crap!’  ’
‘  if the homo sapiens, were in fact ‘homo’ sapiens, is that why they’re extinct?  ’
‘  do you think i need a new walk?  ’
‘  you don’t own a tv? what’s all your furniture pointed at?  ’
‘  just think of it like this: the third day. monday, one day. tuesday, two day. wednesday… when? huh? what day? thursday! the third day!  ’
‘  eye-contact? i hope you were using protection!  ’
‘  you were right, and from now on, yo make all my decisions for me.  ’
‘  you said your boss wants to buy your baby?  ’
‘  why god, why?!! we had a deal!! let the others grow old! not me!!  ’
‘  last night i was finishing off a pizza and she said, ‘a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!’ i don’t need that kind of talk in my house!  ’
‘  you’re druuuuunk. mom and dad are gonna be maaaad! …maybe i’m a little drunk.  ’
‘  let her know i like her? are you insane?  ’
‘  what’s it gonna take for you to forgive me?  ’
‘  isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?  ’
‘  you’re crying over a doritos commercial.  ’
‘  that fake british woman is a real bitch, but she sure can dance.  ’
‘  i think it’d be better for my ego if we didn’t stand right next to each other.  ’
‘  seriously… good luck on marrying me.  ’
‘  there is no ‘us’, okay?  ’
‘  i fell for you and i get clobbered. you then fall for me and i again, somehow, get clobbered.  ’
‘  it’s just not worth it.  ’
‘  we are never gonna happen, okay? accept that.  ’
‘  you know what? you’re the one who ended it.  ’
‘  i ended it because i was mad at you. not because i stopped loving you.  ’
‘  imagine the worst things you think about yourself. now, how would you feel if the one person you trusted the most in the world not only thinks them too, but actually uses them as reasons not to be with you.  ’
‘  you were worth the wait.  ’
‘  that’s our baby.  ’
‘  you deserve to be with someone who appreciates and who gets how funny and sweet and amazing and adorable and sexy you are.  ’

Obsidian Jungkook Demon AU *requested*

This was so much fun to write! I’m sorry it took so long to do, so i made it long for you you!

Genre: Fluff, comedy, some Light Smut

Word count: 2705

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I don’t know why I had gotten and urge to take a walk tonight. It was cooler than it was during the day, the sun down and the humidity gone. I had a strange urge to go down towards the waterfront. There would be many boats docked there and mostly like a few drunks wandering around due to the bars down there.

I neared the shoreline and smiled. It was always so peaceful here. Despite the sounds of the city it’s like when you reach the water they fade away. I sat down on one of the rocks by the water. Letting the cool water run over my toes. It was a clear night, and the moon made a shining Path in the water. Very very few people were out in the beach. And the ones that were had a bonfire going half a mile away.

It was always so calming. I took a deep breath and relished in the salty air. It was invigorating. I was aimlessly scanning the beach, when something caught my eye. Laying a few feet away in the sand was something shiny. I slid off of the rock and padded over towards it. I bent down and pulled it from the sand. It was a necklace, sliver with an intricately designed ball at the end. And Inside the ball was a ruby and a piece of obsidian.

The closer i looked the more i noticed about it. The intricate designs shaped tongues of fire. The top of the ball was jagged and it looked a bit like a crown. And right under the hook where the chain and ball connected  a name was written. Jungkook.

“Jungkook?”  a cold wind passed me and i got the chills. “Jungkook?” another cold wind. Were the two connected?  I took a deep breath, if i said the name again i felt something would happen. “Jungkook?”  another cold wind, stronger than the other two.  I felt like someone was behind me and slowly turned.

There, sitting on the rock I had been on, was a man. He was illuminated by the moonlight, but most of him still in silhouette. He was wearing a black dress shirt and maroon blazer. Tight black leather pants adorned his legs. His eyes, what should be white was black. What was even stranger is that his irises were blood red, glowing slightly.

Hello there kitten. I took a few steps back. He had an eerie aura around him. His hair seemed to be a warm chestnut, or something close to it in this lighting it was hard to tell.  It seemed curled slightly and devilish smirk graced his face.  He was staring at me intensely at me, like he could see through me. No not through me, into me. Like he could read my thoughts.

Cat got your tongue? I took a few more steps back, his voice made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He let out a low rumbling laugh as I’m sure my eyes were practically popping out of my head. Did I surprise you that much? Well I’m sure I did, who would expect me to show up.

I shook myself from my trance before speaking who are you?  Why are your eyes like that?  Wh… he held up a hand signaling for me to stop rambling. Kitten, you know who I am you’ve said my name three times. Also that I you for summoning me. It was getting pretty boring watching you from afar.  

But you still haven’t  answered my question. So your name is Jungkook. And I summoned you? Your eyes are telling me you aren’t human, so what are you?  He gave another low chuckle that sound more like thunder then and actual laugh. You are clever kitten. I am- as you know- Jungkook. I am the youngest of the seven princes of Hell.  I am in fact  a demon.

I stared at him in surprise. You said you were watching me. Is that why I had the urge to go to the beach tonight?  So I would find your necklace?  He nodded, that devilish smirk never leaving his face. You aren’t going to ask how long I’ve been watching you?  I raised an eyebrow is that. How long have you been watching me?  

I’m not going to tell you . For fucks sake really.  He had a sarcastic personality, noted.   I rolled my eyes at him and turned around. I planned on walking away in hopes of him leaving me alone. Nope he was walking next to me in a matter of seconds.

I felt him staring at me as we walked so i looked over at him.  He no longer was dressed up. Now he was in a simple pair of grey sweatpants and a black tee shirt. The army boots were now Timberlands and his eyes were a warm brown. Now that his face was illuminated completely by the light, he was quite handsome. He seemed to notice my surprise and chuckled.

Now that he looked human he seemed familiar. Like i had seen him in passing before, or from a distance.  What exactly do you want with me? He smiled at the question. Before looking me dead in the eyes as saying I want you to be mine.

It has been three months since Jungkook and i met. And well, he moved in with me. That night on the beach he followed me home and well, he hasn’t left.  He and i had an odd relationship. I was both annoyed and scared of him but we also became very comfortable around each other. It was odd.

Jungkook never did anything that would cause me to be scared of him but the fact that he was a demon- a prince of hell- was unsettling in itself.  Over the past three months we had become friends. I

I still was unsure of what he meant when he had said I want you to be mine. But i had a few ideas.  He was a bit of a flirt and never left the house unless i was. I had a job down the street, I was a barista. Simple Enough since I took a year off of college. I wanted to be able to get enough money for when I went back.

Jungkook slept in my bed with me. I didn’t have a spare room and he was stubborn and didn’t want the couch. And somehow we would wake up tangled in each other every morning. I as well was a stubborn person and even I couldn’t deny that I was growing feelings for him.

We spent late nights talking and getting to know each other. And so far I’ve found out that he is the youngest of seven brothers. Their names were Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung. He told me childhood stories and such. And I in return told him mine.

It was odd to say the least. Even weirder when I actually thought about it.  I mean, i went to a beach late at night and accidentally summoned a demon prince who now lives with me. I mean… what has my life become? Today was no different, or at least i thought.  I woke up with my head buried in jungkook’s neck and his chin resting on top of my head.

His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist and my leg was thrown over his hip. My other leg and his two were wrapped around each other and we were pressed so tightly together you couldn’t really tell where one began and the other ended.

It was always like this.  I chuckled and flicked his nose. He scrunched it and smiled before his eyes popped open.  You know for a demon prince you are pretty soft and cuddly.  He snorted at that.  You  know i’ve been following you for years. And for one reason. I am fascinated with you. You make me feel something i didn’t know i could. Love.  I felt my cheeks redden   and before i could respond he kissed me. I melted into it, soft and sleepy and warm.

But the kiss turned heavier, more lustful. And we broke apart with a gasp. He rested his forehead against mine and smiled. Are you sure you’re ready? I snorted and nodded always.  He flipped me over so he was above me and straddled my hips. The same devilish smirk appearing on his face from the night i met him. He leaned down and kissed my lips, then jaw, then neck. I whimpered at his kissed, he found the sensitive part of my neck.

Ah! Jungkook-ah why are you so fascinated with that one place.  He only chuckled but continued his assault. He finally pulled away with a growl and leaned back to admire his work. Mine  was all he whispered as he began taking off his and my clothes.

He was surprisingly sweet as his hands took there time taking off my clothes. His eyes were a mix of love and lust, I could only imagine mine mirrored the same. He leaned down again and placed soft kisses along my collarbone. I ran my hands up his toned stomach and he let out a breathy moan.  I smirked, i liked fact that i get him to make sounds like that.  

He only sped up his work taking my clothes off faster, until i was left with nothing. He ran his hands all over, and i took his fascinated to my advantage and flipped the two of us.  I dragged his sweatpants down and raised my eyebrow Really, no underwear? He only chuckled before pulling me back to him. And well you can probably guess what happened after that.

A few months after the two of us began officially dating i might his brothers. He was worried that they would overwhelm me, and also he was insecure. Y/N they are so rowdy and a lot better looking than me. What if they steal you away from me?  I sighed and shook my head Jungkook-ah, my little bunny, my love. He snorted at the nicknames and i continued You are handsome beyond belief. Stop being so insecure because i only have eyes for you.  I’m excited to meet your brothers, yes. But i would never have feelings for them like i do for you.

He seemed to relax at that and smile. I trust you Y/n, I’ll relax, they should be here any minute. He chuckled before leaning forward and stealing a kiss. Just as there was a knock at the door. And they are here. We both got up off the couch and headed for the front door. I grabbed the handle and opened up. I was greeted by six cheerful faces and smiled back Hi! Nice to finally meet you all! Come in!

They all walked in get comfy!  I’ll start dinner in a bit. I watched Jungkook and the boys greet each other before they all settled in the couches and chairs two of them taking the floor. I walked over and sat down next to Jungkook and smiled. Well let’s start with introductions, this everyone is y/n. They all made a bow in my direction before one by one introducing themselves.

I’m Seokjin, the eldest brother.  I love cooking and jokes, I pretty much take care of these boys. I smiled at the boys let out small chuckles and groans. I’m also the single most beautiful creature you’ll ever see. i chuckled at that.

I’m Yoongi, the second oldest. And the laziest. I don’t do much but sleep. I chuckled at his monotonous voice before he chuckled as well. Ahh Yoongi hyung will put you in your place if you miss behave, but don’t be fooled he’s a huge softy. I snorted at jungkook’s comment and Yoongi filed his eyes at his brother.

I’m Hoseok, third oldest! But you can call me Hobi, I prefer that. I’m the hyper one of the group. Behind me Jungkook mumbled and the loudest.  I playfully squeezed his leg and he chuckled. Ah i heard that Jungkook. But anyways that me.  I smiled at his cheerful face.

I’m Namjoon, the brains out of all of these fools . He was greeted by a chorus of groans and I laughed I have a 148 IQ I’m not making that up! But anyways I’m also clumsy as hell. They call me god of destruction and I can’t blame them. He came me a dimpled smile and I have one back.

I’m Jimin! The small one of the group much to my disdain. I am the caring one, making sure everyone is ok and taking care of them if one gets sick. I do get teased a lot that I should have been and angel than demon but I get pretty scary when I’m mad so… I chuckled and he gave me a wink, flirty just like his brother it seems.

And finally the last one who I was assuming was Taehyung. I’m Taehyung, but you can call me Tae! I’m the childish one or so I’m told. I also tend to space out a lot and lack emotion. I sound sarcastic but I’m not I promise. I snorted at that. And they call me 4D but I guess they are right. I and the others chuckled.

It’s so nice to meet all of you. Definitely not what I was expecting for demons, but I like this a lot more! They all smiled and we spent the next 3 hours talking. You guys I’ll start dinner, I’ll let you know when it’s done!  Jin smiled and got up too, I raised and eyebrow and looked at him I love cooking so I figured I can help!  I smiled and we headed to the kitchen together.

Over the next few weeks the boys visited everyday. And because they liked this world so much, they moved in. We also moved to a much bigger place to accommodate for eight people. And life was pretty great.

And that was two years ago. And well… Jungkook and i  are engaged. To this day i’m still confused on how i summoned a demon. And i’m now marrying that demon?

I don’t like thinking about it much, it makes my head hurt. Jungkook had taken me on a trip to Hawaii and proposed to with a scavenger hunt.

I had woken up that morning to an alarm clock going off and  bouquet of flowers. And a note it had read follow the petals. So i did. And they lead me down the path to a beach. And i saw Jungkook sitting on a blanket waiting for the sun to rise. I sat down beside him and that’s when he took my hand. Y/n we have been dating for two years now.  And i want to spend eternity with you. So, will you marry me?

And of course i had said yes. That was five months ago. Our wedding was in two hours. I was already in my dress and my hair and makeup was done. My close friends chatting excitedly. I wasn’t drinking though, i couldn’t due to the surprise i had for Jungkook.

The ceremony went surprisingly smooth. And before we knew it we were on our way to the reception. It was only the two of us and I figured now would be a good time to tell him. Ah Jungkook-ah I have a surprise for you!  He looked at me with a curious expression. His eyes were his demon eyes. He’d rather those eyes then the human ones.

What surprise do you have?  I smiled at him and began Jungkook, needless to say I love you. And I love your family. Those boys are so goofy and quirky. And I’m glad they live with us. But I think we are going to have to make room for one more. I watched his eyes go from mine down to my stomach and smile. You’re pregnant?  I nodded and smiled tears welling in my eyes as he stared at my stomach. We’re going to be parents!  His smile grew, we are.

sorry this took so long! i hope you like it!!

Looking at You (Final Chapter!)

This is our last chapter together! Thank you so so much to everyone who tagged along on this fic, it was quite the ride and I love you guys!

Catch up on Chapters 1-11 HERE.

Can’t wait to hear what you all think of this :)
Enjoy :)


“Hey guys.” Tony stopped in the common room area, and the team looked up expectantly. “I’m heading out for a few days. Just wanted to let everyone know, because you all have developed this fairly annoying habit of tracking me down if you lose sight of me for more than a minute so… you know.”

“Bye Tony!”
“Travel safe.”
“Bring me back something.”
“Wasn’t he just gone on something?”
“He has a company to run it’s not like Iron Man is his only job.”

The team tossed various goodbyes at him and went right back to their business.

Bucky was sitting on the far end of the room and looked up quickly, meeting Tony’s eyes with a small smile. He knew Tony had had this little trip planned for a week or so but was disappointed that he was leaving without a proper goodbye. They hadn’t been able to spend the last couple nights together, and Bucky already missed him.

“Ahem.” Tony cleared his throat obnoxiously, and the team looked back up, Bucky included.

“I will miss you.” Tony said loudly, staring across the room into Bucky’s blue eyes.

“Uh, we will miss you too, Tony.” Clint offered hesitantly and Steve nodded slowly.
“Yeah, Tony, we will miss you too.” Sam chime in, and Bucky just smiled to himself at the teams confusion.

“And–” Tony started to speak again and stopped, biting his lip anxiously. Bucky leaned forward in his chair, wondering what could possibly have Tony nervous. “And–” Tony started again, straightening his shoulders. “And I love looking at you.”

Then he was gone, nearly running out of the room as the team all stared at each other awkwardly.

“Um. I’m going to assume that he’s drunk.” Natasha said with a shrug. “He always used to get super sentimental after a few whiskeys.”


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Part 1 | Part 2

The free class had been on a Thursday and Rosie had spent the entirety of dinner that night explaining to John what they had done in class.  She even then gave him demonstrations as she still had her outfit on.  Sherlock could not get her to change out of it but decided the enthusiasm was good.

She was sad when she had to get ready for bed but Sherlock had promised her they could practise everyday until Tuesday’s class which they did.  They usually ended up practising while John was at work because he had a busy schedule the next few weeks because one of the doctors was still off on maternity leave. Sherlock didn’t mind though, he loved taking Rosie to her classes and watch her progression. She concentrated diligently and was usually the first in the class to master the moves they were taught and then she would help Evan and the other girls who didn’t quite get it.

The first two weeks of class were pretty much the same, the third week they began to expand their moves.

This time they were made to stand in a straight line while they learned the first and second position with their feet.  In first position their heels are almost together as if kissing and in second they’re a step apart.  The teacher then when on to teach them the arm positions for positions one through five.

The next lesson they learned was the plié.  She chose a volunteer from the class and brought her up front, her name was Vanessa.  First she had Vanessa stand in the first position and then bend her knees while keeping her heels flat on the ground and making a ‘diamond shape’.  The second position for the plié was the same, but instead of making a ‘diamond shape’ this time you made a ‘house shape’.  The teacher went around and individually helped each of her students with the instruction and they all seemed to pick it up fairly quickly.

The next position she taught them was the posse.  This is where you bring your one foot up to the leg and where you connect your toe to your knee, making sure the knee is facing out to execute the move properly.  This move took a little longer to master because of the balance issues.  She gave them each homework or practicing this move until they could do it without wobbling too much.

Now that more than half the class was over, the teacher decided they had enough time for one more move. “Alright class to wrap things up before cool down, we are going to learn one more move, the echape sote.”

She began by starting in first position with both arms and feet and then you jump out to second position with arms and feet to finish.  This caused the room of toddlers to giggle and it was by far their favourite move of the day.  They practised this move several times before doing cool down stretches and being released to their parents.

“Remember children,” the teacher called after them, “to keep practising.  You are all doing a wonderful job and in two weeks we shall start some new moves that I think you will all like.”

All the children chattered and clapped and Rosie went over to Evan and told him he did a good job today and that she’d see him next week.  Evan’s mum commented to Sherlock about how polite and encouraging Rosie was and that if it hadn’t been for Rosie, Evan wouldn’t have come back and Sherlock stated she had that effect on people.  Evan’s mum almost asked Sherlock for coffee until she noticed the wedding band on his finger and was relieved she noticed before making a fool of herself.  Sherlock seemed to sense it and just smiled it away and told her he’d see her and Evan at class next week.

This time John had beat Rosie and Sherlock home from class and he was in the kitchen making tea when they walked through the door.  “Daddy! You’re home!”

She ran out and grabbed his hand and drug him to his chair and made him sit. Sherlock clicked the kettle off and also joined them in the front room in his chair.  Rosie took her coat off and laid it on the coffee table and turned back to her parents.

“Look at what I learned today.”

She began with the first and second positions and moved into the plié, then the posse and then echape sote. And John grinned from ear to ear.  “I don’t know, you soon may be giving your papa a run for his money.” He winked at her.

She looked at him quizzically but continued talking about her class, “I helped Evan and some of the other girls with some moves and the teacher said we are all doing good practising on our own and in two weeks we get to learn some new moves.”

John reached across and took Sherlock’s hand and squeezed it, “this was such a good idea.  I can’t wait until Marci comes back from leave so I can go along to a class.”

Rosie shrieked, “Daddy, that would be wonderful, I can’t wait!   How soon does she come back?”

“Two weeks sweetheart.”

“That’s just in time for you to see the new moves we’ll be learning!”  Rosie squealed as she bounced up and down on her feet.

“Why don’t you go put some play clothes on and we’ll call out for takeaway tonight to celebrate?” John asked her.

She frowned, “But I love my ballet outfit.”

“I know you do sweetheart, but we don;t want to get it stained,” he said scooping her up and tickling her belly.  She giggled and agreed as long as they could have Thai.

They all agree and John let her down so she could run up to her room to change.

As soon as she was out of sight,John walked over to Sherlock and pulled him into a kiss.  “Let me guess, you’re the proudest parent there.”

“Absolutely John. You should see her, She lights up the room and everyone follows her lead but it doesn’t go to her head.  She takes after you in that respect.”

“I can’t wait to see her in two weeks.” He leaned in and kissed Sherlock again.

When they broke, John chuckled, “I better go call our order in.”

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When He’s Here - Dylan O’Brien

Paring: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, fluff, fluff and the sexiness of Dylan O'Brien shirtless

Word Count: 2083

Release Date: April 13, 2017


*The inspiration of just reading shit makes me get ideas….* - Admin


“You know what, I quit!” you screamed at your boss, your body having this urge to throw something at your boss’ face.

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Jimin Scenario: You Were Beautiful.

Request: Heyy,Can you please make a Jimin songfic about DAY6’s song called you were beautiful because i love love love you guys’s songfic and my bias is jimin but theres only one songfic with him as the main characterㅠㅠ,Thank you so much for your beautiful writings💓

Genre: Romance.

For Jimin thinking about you, thinking about your relationship, all the events, all the moments you lived together was like watching a movie, a bit shy and slow at the beginning, romantic and full of happiness at the middle, like all the movies it had had its conflicts, without a conflict how could a movie be interesting? Yours hadn’t been a boring relationship, you had had your bumps but overall Jimin smiled when thinking of it, only that in this movie he already knew the end, and unfortunately this one had ended bad for him.

Laying on his back on his bed he thought about you, as he did most of the nights, and not only because he felt lonely, but because he couldn’t erase the custom of waiting for that “Goodnight” text, always accompanied by an “I love you!”, you’d never forget to send it and Jimin had never stopped waiting for it even after you broke up.

Jimin took his phone and went through the little routine of checking out social media, instagram, twitter and all that, answering a few things, reposting others. Then he ended up where he always did, your contact number and the empty conversation, your last connection had been just a few minutes ago so you were probably awake. He wondered what could he say, if he could say anything at all, how to start a conversation and not made it all awkward and lame. He didn’t know, he just wondered if he would be able to have enough courage to talk to you again, he wondered if you ever thought of him like he did of you. Because he always did, specially at night, Jimin hadn’t failed to realize every time he let his mind wander a little it always went to you, what your relationship had been, the things you did, the things you were. 

He sighed, staring at your picture some more before going into his gallery, it was hard knowing he still had all these pictures and videos of you, Jimin liked to think he was ready to move on but every time he encountered with the decision of deleting these files he found out he couldn’t.

His fingers moved across the screen and he pressed play, he knew very well how the video went on but the squeal you let out on second four always made him giggle. You were out in the snow, a little sky trip that at that moment had left you with sore muscles, a certain cold but more in love than ever. Jimin was the one filming, he listened to his own voice as he saw the video he had taken, the beautiful snowy landscape and in the center you, laughing and doing silly faces.

-You look pretty Y/N, aren’t you a snow angel?-

-I am an angel, you’re right on that-

He heard himself laugh at your flirty tone. -My angel-

-I will show you my wings- you said before laying down on the snow.

Jimin laughed in the video. -What are you doing?-

-I am an angel, aren’t I?- you said as you moved your arms and legs drawing in the snow.
The video was unfocused for a moment, Jimin remembered he hadn’t been able to not kiss you after that, he crouched down, putting the camera aside not even noticing that it would capture your kiss or the sound of your laughter after that.
He sighed as the video ended, in all his memories you had been beautiful.

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Imagine meeting Dean and Sam in jail. (Based on 12x09)

Where are we?”

One of those places that officially doesn’t exist.”

“Just look at it- There are only two guards there but-”

“Five guards at the back.” Sam completed his brother’s sentence as they spoke in hushed tones.

“You know what that means right?” Dean asked as he looked up from his food, or what they were forced to call food for however long they were in this place.

“It leads to somewhere they don’t want us getting to.” Sam mumbled, giving a side glance at the guards that walked around the place; making sure everything was in place and no fights broke out.

At first they had thought they were the only ones in this place, whatever kind of jail it was, but when they were led out of their ‘cells’ they got to see they weren’t alone. But all those people that were around them didn’t seem like normal criminals that was for sure. Maybe the government had more secrets to it than they thought and maybe, just maybe, the supernatural part of life was not that much of a secret to them.

“And it is exactly where we are going to get to.” Dean mumbled, his jaw clenched.

Sam paused for a moment, looking at his brother seriously “Dean” he said carefully “Are you alright?” he could see it with each day passing that his brother was not alright. It was subtle at first but then it got more obvious.

“What?” Dean blinked “I’m fine Sammy.” he brushed him off and Sam sighed.

He looked around him, a habit he had gotten from the moment they got into this place. Luckily, and as usual, no-onewas approaching them. The other criminals, or so at least Sam called them, were more intimidating  than the two of them but from the first moment Dean had shown them to not mess with him or Sam and as that they didn’t. Most of them were humans but Sam suspected that one or two weren’t and as that he had been trying to find out more about them and this place. Not that he was in the right place to, anyway.

Sam sighed as he shifted in his seat and rested his hands on the table, looking seriously at his brother “Dean” he said more sternly “Seriously-” he pursed his lips “This is no good for you. Something is going on, I can see it. Jut tell me.”

Although Sam could begin to see that his brother was slowly losing it, he wanted to help him let it out. They had been planning and thinking of every possible way to get out of this place and although Sam was mostly holding well… Dean wasn’t entirely himself anymore.

“Look, Sammy-” Dean put on a fake smile “I am fine, ok? I’m just peachy! Why shouldn’t I be? When I am locked up in this fucking place with no idea of what time it even is! There is absolutely no reason to not be alright!” Dean ended up growling after he snapped at Sam and the younger Winchester sighed.

They’ve only been gone-”

Six weeks, two days and ten hours.”

Sam opened his mouth to speak to his brother but a loud sound caught his attention.They both jumped and the guards were immediately on alert. Some of them walked towards the source of the sound as did everybody else.

“Take your hands off her!” it was a feminine voice followed by a loud thud and groaning as the criminals, let’s call them, cheered.

“What the hell is going on?” Sam breathed out to Dean who only shrugged.

They pushed and walked past and in between the men and some women to see what it was all about. They frowned and shared a look when the only thing they could see was two well-built men fighting with a third, less well-built and quite petite for a man, or at least the kind of men they were used to seeing. The guards pushed past them and grabbed on the three people, pulling them apart and quite honestly saving the two of them as the third had the upper hand in beating them up.

“Let go of me!” the voice was heard and at that moment they realized it wasn’t a man. It was a woman. She pushed her hair out of her face and the guards did let go of her because she didn’t seem in the mood for another fight.

“We have talked about this!” one of the guards boomed “No fights allowed!” and he looked at her as she scoffed.

“Tell that to your boys there-” she pointed to the criminals “They think harassing a woman, whoever she might be, can just go by.” she snarled “I wasn’t going to let it slip.”

“Setting peace in here, especially in that way, is not your job!” the guard, head guard they knew, spoke in authority.

“Setting peace has always been my job- even before you existed as a possibility.” she said coldly “So no, pretty boy I am not going to do you that favor. If you want to be the one to set peace though make sure your boys keep it in their pants.” she scoffed and the guard kept a hard look but in the end sighed.

“Take them in their cells.” he said to the other guards who got the men out of the way and the rest just left; no-one doing a thing to you.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes “Men.”

Sam and Dean stood there for a moment, looking at each other before Dean was the brave one and took a step closer towards you. You had your back to them but in some creepy and almost… supernatural way you sensed their presence.

“If you’re wondering- it wasn’t for show.” you looked over your shoulder “They had it coming.”

“And you just- took them down like Harley Quinn because they… harassed a woman?” Dean blinked and you shrugged, turning to face them but mostly Sam. You shrugged, smirking.

Dean stood there for a moment, almost too occupied by staring at you and taking it all in. He had seen the other women in here, the prisoner clothes all similar but despite the worn out look on your face there was something that made you stand out amongst all of them. Your eyes held a sparkle in them but at the same time they gave out signs of exhaustion and… a kind of abandonment Dean for some reason knew all too well.

You looked broken and hurt but you were masking all of it with a smirk. Dean certainly knew how that felt all too well. Aside from that Dean found himself entranced for a moment, in a way he couldn’t understand. Like it was something deeper, something falling into place that actually scared him. He had felt this pull… with Amara but back then he knew and felt it was forced. Now it just felt… natural.

Your eyes snapped at him and you raised an eyebrow. Dean blinked, clearing his throat as he shifted and looked away for a moment.

“Is it not enough of a reason?” you raised an eyebrow.

Sam blinked, glancing at his brother “No we- we didn’t say that. Of course it is- it is an important reason.” he breathed out “But we were just surprised and- wondering where-”

“I learned all of that?” you asked more softly when you looked at him and Dean hated it so much but he felt his heart twist in an unpleasant way that he knew to describe with only one word. Jealousy.

You laughed softly when you looked at his brother “Long story boys and-” you looked around you “You don’t have all that much time in here.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Dean asked, keeping a hard voice tone.

Gosh he hated how greedy he was for your attention.

“Well-” you smirked “Something tells me you will be out of here… very soon.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow “And what are you? A Prophet and we don’t know?” it was supposed to be a joke, despite all of the things Dean knew about the Supernatural but he never expected that response from you.

You chuckled, more freely this time “No, not a prophet but-” you got closer to him – and mind you, Dean held his breath – you smirked “I helped pick each and every one of them.” you winked and walked past them.

“Wait-” Dean asked you as Sam was still too stunned “Who- who are you again?” he blinked and you paused, turning to look at him.

“Why put labels already?” you asked “I think we’ll be seeing a lot of each other, in and out of here.” you tilted your headto the side “You’ll get  to know me better.” you shrugged.

Dean opened his mouth to speak but you beat him at it “But if you insist- Name’s (Y/n). It is a pleasure to meet the legendary Winchesters- from up close that is.” you shrugged and hey shared a look.

“We…” Sam whispered as you had already turned to walk away.

“Didn’t tell you who we are.” Dean completed in a low voice and you paused in your step, not turning back at them again.

“I know.” you shrugged “But I never asked either, did I?” you narrowed your eyes, looking in the distance.

“What are you?” Dean asked firmly, his voice rough but giving out a feeling of… betrayal and hurt. He would have wanted this to be real so much and this possibility, the chance of you being something supernatural, he hated to admit… hurt and scared him.

You smiled and they heard your soft laugh “No spoilers.” you grinned “But oh, I almost forgot-” you turned to look at them with a smirk “Greetings from your father.” you winked and left them to stare at the way you left.

That was something they didn’t expect.

Jerza Week 17 Day 3 - Saviour

Rated: K

Words: 2K+


When raindrops started hitting her face, Erza heaved a sigh. She wasn’t quick enough to reach home before the rain poured down from the dark clouds that had gathered in the sky over the past hour. And she had forgotten to take the umbrella she had placed on the table before she left home to go to complete her job. How could she be so mindless? But she seemed to be distracted quite easily recently. The disbandment of Fairy Tail wasn’t something she could easily leave behind and move on without thinking about it again. More than a few times, when she was on her way to get a job done, or simply doing housework at home, her mind wandered off to the old time when she always had friends who accompanied her no matter she was taking a mission or simply staying at the girls’ dormitory.

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Porque es nueva para mí esta sensación

Third day of ficweek is here, yay! Thanks to Bianca @from-red-string for her encouraging words and support.

Ficday 3: “Hello I’m your boss and you’re the new employee who just saw me shove an entire cupcake into my mouth.”

To say this had been a terrible week would be an understatement. The fruit shipment for the juice bar had been late, the stage lights had stopped working, there was a leak in the girl’s bathroom and the routine she needed to choreograph for the upcoming competition was nowhere near ready. In fact, the only good thing about her week so far has been that Ámbar felt sorry for telling Aunt Sharon at their last brunch that Luna was not planning on attending the next fancy rich people gathering at the Benson mansion (something that had made Sharon Benson look at her niece with absolute displeasure and retire to her room claiming to have a headache), and had sent her a box full of her favorite cupcakes as an apology. Ámbar has never been good with emotions or people, but if that means she makes it up with gifts like this one, Luna isn’t going to complain.

She took the gift with her to work at the Jam & Roller, knowing she is probably going to need a sugar boost during the day. Simón had smiled when she’d told him who the cupcakes were from, probably happy to be reminded of how much his girlfriend has changed in the last few years. It has been a long time since Ámbar wanted Luna and her adoptive family out of her life.

Luna is in her office, writing a check for the plumber who came to fix the bathroom, when Pedro barges in, not even bothering to knock. “Hey, boss! Just wanted to let you know that Nico and I checked on the stage lights again and they’re working just fine!” His eyes go from her to the box sitting on her desk. “Oh, are those red velvet?”, he reaches towards her cupcakes and she smacks his hand away; he just looks at her offended, cradling his arm.

She points at him accusingly. “Those are mine, Pedro! If you touch them I’ll make Simón switch your conditioner for mayonnaise!” “Hey! I get it! They’re yours and I shouldn’t go anywhere near them, there’s no need for violent threats”, he says, slowly backing off from her desk. “I’ll be working in the juice bar if you need me, and don’t forget the newbie Simón interviewed will be coming later for you to show him around and tell him what he’s supposed to do.”

“Crap, that was today? I had no idea. I guess I forgot to add it to the calendar after Simón called.” Luna had put Simón in charge of hiring a new employee after she realized she needed someone to help her coach the new skating team since she was always so busy with managing the place and schoolwork. He’d been conducting a few interviews and finally found someone who filled all the requirements last week. She knew nothing about the new coach, except he was a guy and that Simón was pretty impressed with his skating skills.

Luna had become the manager of the Jam & Roller a couple of years ago after she graduated from Blake South College. Tamara had offered her the job after she received an opportunity to further her career outside Argentina and Luna had jumped at the chance. Her aunt had been very opposed to the idea of Luna working in such a place instead of devoting all of her time to her studies, but with Ámbar’s and her grandpa’s help; she had convinced Sharon that she could work and get her degree in Environmental Science at the same and that the manager position would look great on her resume.

“Yeah, he texted Simón to tell him he was on his way already. You sure you don’t want one of us to introduce him to the job instead? You do seem a little… busy”, Pedro says with a concerned look. Luna just sighs, “No, it’s my job to introduce new employees to their duties. You go check that we have everything we need.”

He nods at her and takes his leave; forgetting to close the door behind him. Not caring enough to close it herself, Luna slouches on her chair and rubs her forehead, trying to remember if there is anything else she is forgetting; nothing comes to mind. She looks longingly at her delicious cupcakes, giving up on keeping them all for later. She grabs one with pink frosting, peeling off the colorful liner cup and inhaling the sweet scent. Gosh, it smells like heaven and Luna doesn’t care about anything else anymore. Her worries, the stress, her exhaustion: everything melts away when she finally gets the first bite of red velvet perfection. She moans from happiness and licks the pink cream cheese frosting off her lips; so consumed in her sugary bliss, she doesn’t even notice someone standing in the doorway until after she decides “to hell with it” and shoves the rest of the cupcake into her mouth.

She hears a cough coming from the entrance of her office and finally registers she isn’t alone. A tall guy is leaning on the doorframe, looking both uncomfortable and like he’s trying to hold back a laugh. That’s when Luna realizes she still hasn’t swallowed her cupcake, probably making her look like a chipmunk. She chews and swallows as fast as she can, feeling her face heating up. The guy is still there, staring like he doesn’t quite know what to make of her. She can only stare back. He looks about her age, maybe a few years older. His clothes look expensive and perfectly ironed, he would have no problem fitting in with her Aunt’s social circle. His face makes her do a double take, though; not only because he’s incredibly attractive, but because she’s sure she knows him from somewhere.

He clears his throat, breaking her from her thoughts, “Hello, are you the manager? Simón Álvarez told me to show up to this office today, I am the new employee.” He looks at her expectantly, and she shakes her head before answering, as if that would help, “Yeah… mmm, yeah,” she wipes her now sweaty hands on her jeans and holds a hand out for a shake “I’m Luna Valente, welcome to the Jam & Roller!”

The minute he takes her hand, she feels as if she’d been given an electric shock; his skin burning against hers. She tries to keep a neutral expression and not looks as flustered as she is. What the hell is wrong with her?

When he takes back his hand, she feels as if her body temperature had dropped ten degrees. “Nice to meet you, Miss Valente, I’m Matteo Balsano.”

“Oh no! Just Luna is fine… Miss Valente sounds way too formal.” She freezes after saying this, remembering something. “Wait, Matteo as in Ámbar Smith’s ex-boyfriend? Gastón’s best friend?”

He looks confused now, “Yeah, how do you know that?” She winces, realizing she probably sounded like a creepy stalker. “Oh, we went to school together, you and I! I was a year below you. My best friend Nina is dating Gastón, he actually talks a lot about you… And Ámbar is sort of my cousin.” She said that too fast and now has to take a long breath.

Matteo’s eyes light up in recognition; he really has the brightest brown eyes she has ever seen. “Yes! You’re Sharon Benson’s niece, right? I thought you looked familiar, now I know why!” He’s beaming at her and she does her best to resist the impulse to get her phone out and take a picture of his beautiful face.

She tries to make her voice come out as more than a squeak and fails. “Yeah, me too! I’d never really talked to you before, though, since you and Ámbar broke up before I came to Argentina and Gastón and Nina didn’t start hanging out until last year; but I definitely saw you around a lot. Not like I was actively looking for you or anything,” she backtracks, “I mean, you were one of the most popular guys at school and we had drama class together… and you’re like a legend here at the roller; they did use to call you the King of The Rink, after all.”

He chuckles and sends an amused expression her way; she really hopes her cheeks aren’t as red as she feels they are. She really doesn’t know why she’s acting like a total idiot in from of this guy. She’s used to being awkward, but this is a whole other level. She needs to get her crap together. She’s his new boss, for heaven’s sake!

“Oh yeah, that…” He looks a little embarrassed by her mention of his former title, which seems weird to her; the Matteo she remembers watching from afar used to be very proud of himself for being considered the best. “I remember you too, one never forgets his ex’s not-cousin who comes back from the dead.” He smiles at his own joke and she can’t help but do the same. “No, but seriously, I do remember you. We did a scene from Romeo and Juliet together for a drama assignment, I remember you couldn’t get your lines right so we ended up winging it.”

The memory comes to Luna’s mind, clear as day. “Oh my gosh! I had totally forgotten about that! Everyone was laughing at us so hard!” He nods enthusiastically and grins at her. “The teacher never let us work together again. I also remember you being an amazing skater. I left the team a little after you joined, but I watched the competitions and you always killed it. I was actually impressed at how you managed to improve so much in so little time, you were quite a clumsy skater when you first came, if my memory doesn’t fail me.”

Luna can’t fight him on that, she was indeed a total mess when she first started learning. “It really is great to see you again, but I’m a little confused as to why you’re here. I thought you were studying diplomacy at Oxford.” She honestly wonders what on earth he is doing in Buenos Aires, as the new employee of the Jam & Roller, no less. As far as she knows, his family is loaded and he got a full scholarship to the British university, being a legacy prospect and one of the best of his graduating class; at least that’s what she heard from Ámbar and Gastón.

He looks uncomfortable by the change of topic, his hand coming up to his hair in a nervous gesture. “Uh, I actually quit school. I realized that diplomacy wasn’t what I liked to do so I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a singer and composer instead. My dad didn’t like the idea very much, so he sort of disowned me and told me to find a place to live on my own. Argentina is the only place I still have friends at, so… Here I am.”

Wow, never in all of her life would Luna Valente have imagined the most popular guy in the history of Blake South College to be in her office, looking like he needed a hug. All of her mental power went into resisting the urge to throw her arms around him and tell him it would all be alright. She could never imagine her parents doing something like that to her… but maybe her aunt would if she could. She remembers her being absolutely mad when she found out Luna was majoring in Environmental Science and not Business Administration. Sharon Benson had hoped for her niece to follow in her footsteps and inheriting the family business, but Luna’s mind was set on studying something she was passionate about and not something someone else had picked for her. Luckily, Ámbar had decided to study business and was happy to fulfill all of Sharon’s expectations, which had placated her aunt’s anger, along with Ámbar’s speech about how careers having to do with the environment were listed as some of the most relevant for the future of business managing.

“Well, I think you did the right thing in standing up for your dreams, if that counts for anything. Anyway, I’m glad that it’s you who got hired. You’re gonna be an amazing coach for the new roller team, I have no doubt about that.” She gives him her brightest smile, hoping it somehow might make him know that she truly means everything she just said. This Matteo in front of her seems very different from the Matteo from a few years ago: softer, less guarded, more mature. His smile has certainly changed; definitely more genuine now. And of course, the old Matteo - as handsome as he’d always been- had never sent her heart racing as much as the one staring at her this right second, an unreadable but warm look in his eyes. Luna isn’t sure she ever wants to stop being lost in them.

“Thanks, Luna. It does mean a lot and I’m really glad to be working with you, boss”, he says with a smirk. Oh boy, is she just crazy or did that just made him ten times more attractive, if that is even possible?

“Uh, yeah! That’s great! Hmm, I guess I should show you to your locker and tell you about your responsibilities and stuff.” That came out like a question, it shouldn’t have.

“I’d love that. I’m actually excited to start working.” He looked it, and the expression suited him so well it was ridiculous. She should really get herself in line; she can’t be crushing on someone she just talked to for the first time in years, who she didn’t even use to be friends with in the first place. He is Ámbar’s ex-boyfriend and her new employee! What the heck is she thinking? “Okay, then let’s head out and start!” She walks toward the door and he steps away from her path, smiling. “After you, boss.”

She holds back a chuckle at his antics and is about to head out when she feels his hand on her wrist, pulling her back. Her world stops for a second and her heart beats like crazy as she turns to look at him. Matteo’s face is too close, his breath tickling her skin as he looks down at her, clearly amused by something. “You might wanna clean up a little before stepping out. Your chin and nose are covered in pink frosting.”

Luna is sure her cheeks are redder than tomatoes. Of course she has to make a fool of herself in front of Matteo Balsano, of all people!

She’s about to lift her free hand to clean herself up, but he beats her to it. She didn’t even notice him getting out-out a handkerchief from the breast pocket of his vest, she’d been too absorbed in her embarrassment. He wipes the frosting off her face gently, his tongue sticking out in concentration. Luna is no longer sure she’s breathing. When he’s satisfied with his job, he skillfully folds the handkerchief with one hand and puts it back in its place. He is still holding her wrist and his thumb is drawing lazy circles on her skin; she shivers, trying to regain her composure.

Luna clears her throat and Matteo seems to remember he still hasn’t let her go. He looks a little flustered when he does, but maybe she’s just imagining it. “Uh, thanks. We should… we should get going now.”

“Yeah, right. We should.” Matteo’s cheeks have taken on a red tint and she finds a little relief in knowing that maybe she’s not the only one affected by what just happened. She really hopes she can get over whatever is going on with her soon, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to survive working alongside him every day if every time he looks her way she keeps forgetting how to think rationally. These butterflies in her stomach, she’s never felt something like that with anyone else before; and just how pathetic of her to get infatuated so quickly with a guy who’s clearly out of her league. Attempting to clear her head, she leads the way to the locker room and he follows.

After showing him to his locker and giving him a brief explanation of everything he has to do, she lets him leave. It’s a slow day and they won’t have team rehearsal until tomorrow. He seemed very committed and excited about his job, and she tried to tell herself that no, that doesn’t make her heart melt. She watches him from the entrance of the Jam & Roller now, making his way across the parking lot. He suddenly stops and turns, a huge smile on his face. “Thanks for everything, Luna,” he shouts, “I promise I won’t let you down.”

She beams back at him and waves goodbye, her brain not able to come up with a response. Matteo keeps walking away from the building, and as she watches his figure retreat, she makes a mental note to thank Simón for hiring him. No matter how stupid he renders her with his presence, she can’t wait to see him again tomorrow.

KBTBB: Scars

“Anonymous said: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, and ota reaction when they discover their girlfriend scars from her abusive ex?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Eisuke Ichinomiya
Your boyfriend had a business meeting later in the evening and he wanted to bring you with him. He had troubles with picking a dress for you and asked the bidders opinion although he regretted it at the end. 

“I think Pretty Lady should wear something backless. She has really nice curves and could totally pull it off.” Baba suggested. Somehow he got everyone on board with his suggestion. “The kid does have the body for it.” 

After your shift you went straight to the penthouse and Eisuke was waiting for you. He held the dress out and told you to change. “I think you’ll look great on this.” You looked at the dress and frowned immediately. “Eisuke… The dress is gorgeous but I don’t think I can pull it off. I told you before that I don’t do backless dresses.” 

“I do recall you saying that but you never told me the reason for it.” He crossed his arms. You unzipped your uniform and turned your back to show Eisuke the reason. “Because of this. I have ugly scars on my back due to my past relationship with this guy. Some of them are healed already and some are still getting there. That’s one of the reason why I don’t want to wear backless dresses. I don’t want to humiliate you.” 

Eisuke stood there with his jaw clenched. He didn’t know about your past relationship. He didn’t know that your ex treated you like that. “Y/N… You’re beautiful no matter what. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. I’ll alway treat you like a Queen.”

He went to get you a new dress and dialed Mamoru’s number. “I need you to find someone for me.” He hung up. How dare that guy hurt someone precious like you. He’ll never forgive him. 

Ota Kisaki
“Koro!! I’m home!!” Ota yelled as he set his things down by the living room. He wondered where you are because you didn’t respond to him. He walked around to check every room but you weren’t there. The only place left was the bathroom. 

Before he could even knock, you already opened it. “Ota!” Your eyes widened upon seeing him stand in front of you. “Welcome home. I’ll get your food ready.” You dashed to the bedroom only to be caught into Ota’s sweet embrace. 

“Koro… Are you teasing your master?” His lips was very close to your ear. “How about I paint you right now? You’re giving me some inspiration right now.” 

You started to panic. “No! I told you before right? You’re not allowed to use me as your muse after I shower!” 

“Why not?” Ota pouted. “Because…” You weren’t sure whether to tell him or not but since he’s not going to stop asking you caved in. You pulled him towards the bedroom and showed him the scars on your body. He didn’t quite understand how you got those scars because this is the first time he’s ever seen them. Even when the two make love to each other, these scars were never present. “I… I put make up over my scars. My ex was very abusive and I loathed myself. I told myself that I wasn’t good enough for him that’s why he was hurting me and that I deserve to get hurt. But I wanted to forget my past, that’s why you never saw my scars. That’s also the main reason why I don’t want to be your muse after I’ve taken a shower because that’s when I see the real damage.” 

Ota was loss for words. He didn’t know that you were abused in your past relationship. You’ve been through a lot and he recognized. He pulled you into his chest. “I’m sorry that someone could ever hurt a beautiful woman like you. He’s the one that caused all the suffering you’ve gone through and even with those scars, you’re still beautiful to me. But if I ever see that bastard I will knock him out and teach him a lesson.” 

Mamoru Kishi
He swayed from side to side when he entered your shared apartment. He kept making sounds which made you wake up and go towards the sound. You weren’t sure who it might be therefore you grabbed the bat for your own protection. Oh how you wished it wasn’t a robber that broke in.

The living room was now at your sight, you heard footsteps coming close and you gripped the bat tighter ready to swing. At the last step you manage to swing the bat but when you saw Mamoru, your body stopped. “What the hell Mamo! I could’ve killed you if I wasn’t able to stop my movement. You’re quite lucky you know.” You rubbed your templed and set the bat down.

It was very dark in the apartment. When you found the switch you switched on and turned around to see Mamoru with a few bruises and a busted lip. “Damnit Mamo, I know you’re a detective but please be careful.”

Then something something unexpected happened. Mamoru cried in front of you and embraced you. You weren’t sure what was going on but you hugged him back. “Sweetheart this is nothing compared to what happened to ya in the past. I… I bumped into your ex and he confessed that he used to beat you while the two of ya were in a relationship. And those scars that you said that you got along time ago made sense to me. I thought it was due to your clumsiness that you earned those scars but today.. I found out that it was because of him. That bastard made my blood boil and I beat the hell outta him.” His embrace tighten around your waist. “Sweetheart you’re precious to me and I’d never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“Hearing you say those words makes me feel happy and glad that I have you. All that matters now is you and me okay? Don’t worry about my past, worry about us and whatever the future has for us.” 

After treating his wound the two of you headed towards the bedroom. “I love ya sweetheart. Remember that.” He gave you a sweet kiss before falling asleep in his arms.

Soryu Oh
It has been a while since you saw Soryu around. He was busy with the upcoming trades and he wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly.

He’s been coming home around two in the morning and you could see his eye bags. Tonight you wanted to wait until he came home and help him relieve stress.

At exactly two in the morning Soryu came home. “Y/N? Why are you still awake?”

“Um… I wanted to wait for you.” You motioned him to sit down on the chair. “I know how hard you’ve been working for the last few weeks and I thought I’d give you a massage.”

Soryu didn’t have the energy to decline the offer and allowed you to massage him. He was glad he accepted it because he was finally able to let loose and relax.

“Mmm. That felt really nice Y/N. Now it’s your turn.” Your eyes widened at his suggestion. “Do you really think I’m the only one that’s working hard? Eisuke told me that you’ve been doing well and working hard throughout the past few days. I also noticed how stiff you are.” He came closer to you but you took a step back. “S-Soryu it’s fine really. I’m okay.” You smiled.

Soryu only frowned at this but respected your decision. When he pushed strands of hair away from your face he saw something he should’ve never seen. Just below the back of your neck there was a scar. He doesnt know how big or small the scar is since your clothes were covering since this is the first time he’s seeing it. Is that why you always had your hair down to hide your scar? Once you noticed it you covered it with your hand.

“Y/N…What’s -”

“Nothing to worry about Soryu.” You cut him off. “No Y/N, this is serious who did this to you?” He was now angry.

You wanted to lie to him so bad but you just couldn’t do it or at least find away around it somehow but you knew that wasn’t going to work. You didn’t want that to ruin your relationship with him. “Um… Well… Before I got a job at Tres Spades, I was dating this guy. We had a good relationship at first until he started abusing me. He’d whip me with his belt whenever I left the house even though I’d tell him I needed to go to work. And when I got sick of him, I left him and moved far away. So here I am… I understand if you don’t want to be with me cause these scars are permanent and ugly.”

Soryu was speechless, he couldn’t believe that someone would hurt an angel like you. He hugged you, “Y/N I’d never leave you. Hearing your story makes me want to protect you more. You didn’t deserve to be with a guy like him. But to hurt a beautiful body like yours I’d never forgive him.”

“Soryu… Just forget about him okay? He’s not worth it. Past is past, I have you now and that’s all it matters to me.”

This is one of the plenty reasons why Soryu loves you. You’re brave, strong, loving, caring, and an independent woman. He promised himself that he will protect you at all costs. 

Nice Guys

Author’s Note: This is a sort of combination of two similar prompts - one where Reid tries to act more like a ‘bad boy’ to impress the Reader after hearing she thinks he’s too nice, and one where the Reader tells her friends she’d like to see him dress in a more rebellious fashion, but then assures him that she loves him as he is.

He doesn’t mean to listen in on her conversation. She just happens to be talking as he rounds the corner towards the bakery where they’re supposed to meet. Two of her friends are with her, and he stops short, backtracking so that they don’t see him. It’s the words coming from her mouth that spur such a reaction from him.

“Spencer is just one of those too nice kind of guys, you know? I swear the man is a saint. Always doing things for me or surprising me with grand gestures. His job is literally to save lives.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” The response is a voice he recognizes, her friend Nyesha.

“No, of course not,” she insists. “It’s just that’s not usually my type.” A fact he’s quite aware of. From the day he met her, he knew that Y/N was different. The women in his life had always been fairly open, straightforward – save for a few exceptions, but those were extreme cases. She was ever a mystery. And how he loved solving mysteries.

The clothes she wore were almost always dark in color. She walked with a poise that gave her the illusion of gliding effortlessly. The smile she gave could rival the Mona Lisa’s. A hint of happiness, a dash of intrigue. She was a puzzle he wanted desperately to understand, and everything about her was alluring. At times she could be distant, even cold when provoked, but once they started dating, he never had to doubt that she loved him. That, she had always made abruptly clear.

A third voice makes a comment he can’t hear, and she responds, “I don’t know. It might be interesting to see him dressed up all cool and suave. Brooding. Like James Dean or Johnny Cash.”

“Like John Bender in the Breakfast Club,” laughs Nyesha. “Which makes you Molly Ringwald.”

“No way am I a Princess! I’m the Basket Case,” Y/N counters. “But just picture Spencer in something like a leather jacket and combat boots. Or a trench coat. He’s always so Mister Rogers with the ties and the sweater vests.” Does she not like his sweater vests? Reid has always been well aware that he’s not the most fashionable person, but is it really that bad?

When the third person switches the subject, he quickly takes advantage of the moment to come out from the alley and greet them, before they can begin to talk about him again. The trio wear perfect poker faces, not a single one giving away the fact that he was the one they’d been discussing only seconds earlier.

Y/N smiles and kisses his cheek, and while their date is nothing less than amicable and enjoyable, that conversation plays in his head over and over again.

That’s not usually my type.

Cool does not come naturally to him. Research does. When he gets home, he studies all that he can about the men she mentioned, imprinting the image of Johnny Cash into his mind, memorizing the effortless cool that James Dean wears.

He goes out to a store in search of clothing that matches their style, and purchases hair gel he hasn’t used in years. Then he stands in front of the mirror for hours in an attempt to make his expressions and his voice resemble someone far more suave and charming than himself. It is completely out of his element, and he can’t help but feel ridiculous. For her, he’d gladly bear it. All he wants is to be loved by her. To make her happy.

Later that weekend, when he turns up at her apartment, he has shed his sweater vests and ties, trading them for leather boots, a long black trench coat, and dark jeans. He has carefully slicked back his hair, and leans against the doorway hoping to look relaxed and carefree. Inside his heart is pounding, waiting for her to answer the door. It doesn’t help that he’s intentionally arrived twenty minutes after he was supposed to for the sake of appearing ‘cool.’

He hears her calling, “You’re late!” before it finally swings open, and when she sees him, her entire body freezes, shocked. Her eyes widen and her jaw drops, but no words come out.

“Hey, babe,” he says, with a curt nod. “I was busy.”

“Busy doing what?” He’s been preoccupied with work before, but in the past he’s always given her a heads-up when his plans changed. That’s what nice guys do. He’s trying to be the opposite today, trying to fit what she likes.

“Don’t worry about it.” When she merely crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows at him, he adds,“You gonna let me in or what?”

She stares at him for a long, discerning moment, before hesitantly agreeing. He steps inside, kissing her deeply and without warning as he does so.

It is that gesture that allows her to properly find her voice once more. It’s not often he sees her so stupefied, shaken. Evidently taken aback by this turn of events. “Wh-what’s going on? Why are you dressed like this?”

Reid shrugs, working to maintain that indifferent, “devil-may-care” charm. It’s a challenge when he’s feeling so unsure. He cares. He cares a lot.

“Like what? There’s nothing wrong with being authentic in a society that demands conformity.”

She shakes her head. “But this isn’t authentic! It’s not you. You like James Dean or Johnny Cash or… or… Oh god, you heard me the other day, didn’t you?” Her confusion becomes a frustrated sigh, and she runs a hand through her hair. “You heard me talking to Nyesha and Lorraine.”

Lorraine, that’s the third girl’s name. He wants to deny it, but there’s no way out of it at this point. “Yes. I did. You said I wasn’t really your type, that I was too nice. I wanted to be someone you would like, and you’re always so cool and mysterious. I didn’t want to look out of place next to you.”

Sympathy softens her eyes. “Spencer, you don’t have to do anything to impress me. I used to date jerks who broke my heart, and you’re the complete opposite. I love you because of that, not in spite of it. Sweaters and sci-fi conventions and all. You’re the sweetest and most thoughtful man I’ve ever met. The fact that you would do something like this simply to make me happy proves that. If anything, I’m the one who’s out of place.”

“That’s not true!” he says. “You’re incredible. You make me happy every single day. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you if you weren’t a good person.”

She laughs softly, and wraps her arms around his neck. “Then it’s settled. You and I belong together. Just the way we are.” Resting her forehead against his, she runs one hand over the lapel of his coat. “Though I must admit, this is a little sexy.”

Heat floods his cheeks, and he lets out a shaky laugh. “Is that so?”

“Absolutely. A little mystery, a little surprise, it can be a good thing. I don’t care how you dress or what you look like, so long as you remain the man I love.”

When he kisses her this time, it is far more gentler, softer than before. It’s a familiar kiss, one that is not born of a forced façade, but the mutual affection and adoration they’ve shared for months.

She loves him. She thinks he is good enough; knowing that is good enough for him.

Imagine loving Harry Winston

You were the daughter of Otto and Luann Delaney, you grew up around Croweaters, porn stars, bikers and outlaws your whole life, and you also grew up with the two future members of SAMCRO, Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller and Harry 'Opie’ Winston. 

Originally posted by divaliscious

When you were around 16 you found yourself feeling another feeling when the gentle giant was around, and after having a discussion with Jax’s new girl, Tara Knowles, you figured out that you harbored a crush for him. However when you finally realized, he met Donna. 

You figured she would be like the other girls Opie dated, she would be around for a week, they would have sex and he would dump her. And then they would never speak again, and you would try to be the girl who broke the pattern. 

Originally posted by oldtaraknowlestellers

However one week together turned into two, which turned into two months, which turned into two years which turned into married at 26, where you were the maid of Honor, at request of your new found best friend. 

 After that day you became like a crow eater, just bouncing guy to guy, you had slept with most of the Redwood Originals, and even Jax a couple times. And then you got your chance at loving Opie again. 

 The night Donna died, the night Opie called you in tears was the night the feeling reemerged, for you rushed to the house and ran into his arms. His eyes were red and his voice was hoarse as he sobbed onto your shoulder. You rubbed his back and let him cry onto you, as his children slept. That night was the night you got some hope back, and decided to wait before bringing your romantic feelings up to Opie. 

 He didn’t need time though, he just needed a heroine addicted, blonde bombshell, porn star in a short skirt. He started dating Lyla and you found yourself in the same position as you had with Donna. And then they got engaged and you knew it was all over. 

Originally posted by jaxnathanielsteller

 The day after the wedding you found yourself sitting in Opie’s dorm, playing with your phone when he walked in. 

“She… She doesn’t want to have a baby.” He whispered as he leaned against the door. 

“What did you just figure out she had no intention on quitting porn?” You asked as he sat next to you, leaning against the head board. 

“I don’t know why? I mean I told her…" 

"I get what you told her, but I told you a while ago, she is just like Luann, once a porn star always a porn star. There could be a million reasons she doesn’t want to quit, the pay; the excitement; the recognition; the drugs." 

"I love her, but I can’t share her." 

"Then leave her. You have no reason…" 

And then he kissed you, and fireworks went off in your head. 

"What was that?” You gasped as he pulled away slightly. 

“I love you.” He hissed as he ripped his shirt off and started making out with you, his hand fumbling with your clothes as you tried to wrap your mind around this. 

 You woke up to the sound of Lyla screaming, and Opie’s arms around you, Opie must have been awake already because when she ran out of the room, he threw clothes on quickly and followed. You pulled your own clothes back on and then sat there, wondering what just happened the night before. When he came back, he had an ice pack to his eye and a stunned look on his face. 

Originally posted by easycompany

“You’re still here, I thought my screaming wife…" 

"Do you really love me?” You whispered as you looked at him. 

“Yea.” He whispered as you took a deep breath 

“Well what do we do?" 

 "The kids are going to Mary’s, Lyla is going to be a porn star, and me… Well I don’t know." 


"Lyla got an abortion, you were right, she had no intention of quitting her job, she never…" 

"Don’t you dare say she never loved you, I think she really does. However that is all she knows, porn and drugs. So if she gives up porn, she gives up the only thing she knows. And she will never do that. So no matter how much she loves you… You will never get the wife you want." 

"Well then, do you think… We would work?" 

"Opie… I have loved you since I was a teenager, and you have ignored me. And I will not be ignored any more." 

 "I… I…” He just looked at you and smiled, and then he took a seat next to you as you leaned into him. 

 "So I am sure Lyla won’t come back, or sign papers, in case something happens and Piper needs a home. So…“ 

"We just live a scandal, the married emotionally damaged biker outlaw and the original nine’s croweater daughter. Sounds like a fairy tale." 

"Yea, but I would love to see where this fairy tale goes.” He said as he took your hand, and you felt at peace.

On the Line- Part 11

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1  , Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,  Part 7, Part 8Part 9, and Part 10.

Summary of Part 11: Some huge happy changes take place, but nothing good lasts forever, does it?

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 2400ish

A/N: Sorry, y’all.

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anonymous asked:

Can I have a scenario with EXO's Chen where the reader is struggling with depression and closes herself off from people so she dont hurt them. Sorry if its too vauge/or depressing :3 im really struggling rn and your writing makes me happy :3

Promise - Chen Scenario

Originally posted by yahbrahchill

pairing: Jongdae x Reader

genre: fluff

word count: 991

rating: 13+

warnings: mentions of depression, strong language

’(Y/f/n): I’ll be in town this week, wanna hang?’

You paused as you examined the words flashing across your phone’s screen, mind racing to come up with a believable excuse.

‘Oh, I’d love to! But my ass of a teacher assigned a huge book report over the weekend :( maybe next time…’ You typed, hands sweating from the guilt building in your chest.

You set the device down on your bed and buried your face in the soft silk of your pillowcase, turning your head to the side and breathing in the fresh air. Your white walls contrasted nicely against the dark oak of your floors, littered with past articles of clothing you didn’t have the strength to put in its proper place. Eyes scanning to your dresser with little with notes, pictures, and knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years and you sighed quietly to yourself.

You rolled over and stared at the plain surface of your ceiling. making yourself sit up as another sigh left your frowning lips. You rubbed your eye indolently as a quiet ‘ding’ caught your attention, bringing you back to reality.

You flipped the now glowing device back over and skimmed over the contents of the message that had appeared.

'Chen Chen <3: Hey baby, I feel like it’s been forever since we last went out! wanna catch a movie or something?’

Damn it, Jongdae was practically the only person who - no matter how much you covered it up - managed to see through your lies. All your life you’ve learned to put walls up; learned that if you let people get too close - they would just get hurt. So you did, and with Chen, to know that someone that you’ve loved for so long could be hurt by you? It’s terrifying.

You attempted to push him away in high school, but he insisted you went to prom with him.

“Y/n, it’s your senior prom! You have to go!”

“Prom is just a scam to get teenagers to pay money just to seem popular, I don’t even have a date anyway!”

“Then go with me…”

You tried to push him away after graduation, be he insisted that you let him take you on a date.

“C'mon! It’s not like one dinner will kill you,” He winked.

“Yeah, but if it’s with you it might.”


“Ugh fine! Just quit making that face; it’s too cute for your own good.”

You thought you had pushed him away when you went to college - he was an idol now for christ’s sake - they can’t even date, but he insisted that you have a secret relationship with him.

“A what?” You scoffed.

“A secret relationship! Now hear me out, I may not be able to date you publicly per say, but I love you. And I can’t let the love of my life get away from me because of some job.”

And here you are now, for five whole years you’ve been in love with the man that you know is too pure for this world. And the fear of hurting him too has been haunting you every night.

'Sorry Jongdae,’ you paused, swallowing hard before continuing. 'I have a ton of homework left. maybe some other time.’

A swarm of guilt, sadness, fear, and anger coursed through your veins as you hit send. You threw your phone onto the bed and slid down the cream wall of your bedroom, hugging your knees to your chest as you hid your head in shame. Hot tears brimmed in your eyes as you sobbed silently to yourself.

Why am I like this? Why can’t I just trust people? Why can’t I just be normal? The last word of the storm of thoughts you threw at yourself stuck out the most. Normal, why can’t I just be normal. You looked up at the ceiling once again and fiercely wiped away the tears falling down your cheeks, only to be replaced by more as the sound of sobbing filled the room once again.

“Why can’t I just let people in! I trust them and I know they won’t hurt me so why would I hurt them!?” You shouted, angry at no one other than yourself when your outcry was cut short.

“Y/n, i-is that how you feel?” The melodious sound of your boyfriend’s voice broke the growing silence.

You turned your head to the side, shame and embarrassment flooding over you as your cheeks heated up.

“Why d-didn’t you tell me?”

You looked over at the boy and saw the one sight you never wanted to see, tears streaming down his flawless cheeks as his perfect lips quivered.

“Damn in, this is exactly what I was afraid of. Jongdae I’m sorry, I-I-I’m so so sorry,” you sobbed out.

“Y/n, no don’t be sorry, I was the one who didn’t notice you were hurting, I should be sorry.”

“Chen no - please don’t I just, I was scared of hurting you and now look at you, crying over someone like me. I’m holding you down, please don’t cry over me.”

“Would you stop? Quit blaming yourself for something you can’t control, you have all the right to be sad or scared and I understand. But please stop blaming yourself and saying that you’re holding me down. I love you so fucking much Y/n and I never want you to be hurting alone, okay?” He confessed before helping you stand, taking your smaller frame in for a tight hug.

“I-I don’t know what to say.”

“Then don’t say anything, just promise me that whenever you’re scared, hurt, sad, anything. Come to me,” Jongdae said, hugging you impossibly tighter.

“I promise.”

A/N: Hi~ I hope you enjoyed this little scenario! And to the anon who sent the request, I hope this helped even just make you smile. Know that you can always message me anything that you need to talk about! stay strong!

-Admin Yeonie

The Butterfly Effect

I said I wasn’t going to write anything else, and this will show you why, because it’s tripe :/

I’ve never been to Dubai or Bali, or scuba-dived, so if this makes no sense, blame google! 

Read it on AO3 or here. 

No warnings except for poor quality and excess length.

So they say that when a butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico, it causes a hurricane in China.

Another way to put that: when you go shopping in London, you fall in love in Bali.

I’d never have fallen in love if it wasn’t for that new year’s resolution.

No, wait, that’s not the start, let’s begin again. It all started when there was nothing on at the cinema.

No, let’s go back another stage… See when that chaos butterfly started flapping its wings.

I’m only in love, because he cheated. No not him, not the guy I’m in love with now. The other guy. The first one. The creep, the jerk I stayed with too long because I was afraid of everything. The guy who, I can see now, belittled me, and treated me like crap. I’m in love with this guy now, because of that guy. Maybe I should thank him?

So, let’s start at the beginning. The day I finished my Christmas shopping too early. Maybe, just maybe, if I’d taken longer, things would have been different. There’s that butterfly flapping its wings. I’d told Brock I’d be out of the house all day, I was going to go tackle all my Christmas shopping in one day, the first of December, maybe catch a film after to celebrate, get home around 10 at night. That was the plan. Then, flap flap flutter… I was on a roll, I had half the shopping done before I stopped for coffee. Had a cake to celebrate, made a list, set off for the other half. I was like a demon, in and out of the shops, that for Mum, that for Dad, that and that and that for Brock, because, well, we were in love, weren’t we?

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Practice - Calum Hood (Smut)

Loosely based off Practice by Drake.

It’s been a while since they’ve been together this way…it’s been a while since they’ve been together at all. They broke up. Things didn’t work out the way they wanted, it was a messy break up, filled with sore throats, broken glass, and in the end broken hearts. They both moved on, found other people, made life better for themselves. He became famous and rich, she worked as a CEO of her own company and was obviously making a lot of money as well. It wasn’t until he had seen her walking down the street in a city they both didn’t know too well. She was there on business; he was there for a show. She was wearing a nice, button up blouse tucked into a pencil skirt, wearing heels, she looked professional. He wasn’t in anything more than what he usually wore, his ripped band t-shirt and skinny jeans. His breath hitched in his throat when he saw her, like it was some sort of sick dream, like fate was messing with him. She looked great, and she was doing great for herself. Being the guy he is, he watched her ass sway as she walked quickly on the sidewalk causing his dick to twitch in his tight pants. It felt like the clack of her heels was in time with his heartbeat. When reality caught up with him, he found himself calling her name, like his mouth had a mind of its own. She stopped and turned, confused, she didn’t know anyone in this city. Her eyebrows knotted and her head was cocked slightly, until she saw who it was and her features softened for a tiny second before going back to confused.

“Calum.” She says, surprised.

“Hey Y/n. It’s been a while.” He says as he jogs over to her, “How are you?”

“I’m great, actually. Calum, I don’t mean to be rude, but I really need to get to this meeting right now.” She says, bringing her wrist up so she could see the time on her watch.

“Well, maybe you’d be able to come to my show tonight and we can hang out afterwards.” He suggested with a hopeful tone. She was hesitant before answering.

“Look, Calum, I’m really busy. I don’t think it’s a good idea—”

“It is a good idea, I want to catch up with you.” He cuts her off, his eyes pleading.

She sighs and agrees. She never could resist him, not with those big brown eyes staring at her like that. She gives him her new number and hurries off to make her meeting. He gets in the taxi that he was waiting for and heads back to the hotel he’s staying at. He texts her giving her the details and after her meeting she send him a confirmation text. He rolls his eyes and laughs as he reads it, the way she responded so professionally, as if he were one of her clients. Sound check was before the actual show and Y/n still wasn’t there, he was beginning to worry that she wouldn’t show. But right before he went on for the actual show, he saw Y/n rushing in, her heels in her hand, her hair out of place, and her clothes a bit sloppy.

“You made it.” He smiles, pulling her into a hug, which she hesitantly returned.

“Yeah, my chauffer missed the exit, so I had to rush in here and then your security said my name wasn’t on the list, which was before I realized that you gave him my old nickname.” She says, giving him an unamused glare.

“Did I?” Calum asks innocently.

“You did.” Y/n confirms, her lips in a straight line.

“Calum, we’re on in five!” One of the stage hands says as he hands Calum a bass guitar.

“Well, that’s my cue. I’m really glad you’re here and I hope you like the show.” He says, tossing the strap over his head, letting the instrument hang on him.

Throughout the whole show Y/n watched in awe as Calum played and sang, she never knew he was this good, that’s probably why they didn’t work out, there wasn’t much communication, there were more fights than anything else. The show ended and Calum walked off the stage with three other boys, one she recognized immediately.

“Y/n?” Luke questions, just as surprised as she is. The other two boys send each other confused glances and shrugs.

“Hey.” Y/n mumbles sheepishly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He asks as he gives her a sweaty hug, “haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Yeah, I ran into Calum earlier and he invited me to see the show so here I am.” She explains, shrugging at the end. Y/n sees Luke sending a knowing smirk over to Calum before seeing the two boys who looked just as confused as Y/n felt.

“Oh, my manners.” Calum jokes before grabbing the two boys. “This is Ashton and Michael. Guys this is Y/n.”

“The same Y/n you always talk about?” The boy named Michael asks. Calum’s cheeks turn pink and Y/n raised her eyebrows at him.

“He’s just fucking around, trying to embarrass me.” Calum laughs nervously, raising a hand to rub the back of his neck. Only then does Y/n truly look at him, watching as his biceps flex, and driblets of sweat fall from his flattened hair, she almost can’t help her eyes as they rake over his toned body before coming back down to earth.

“Right.” She responds, snapping out of her trance. She knows he’s lying, but doesn’t push it further.

“Well, it was good to see you again.” Luke says, defusing the tension.

“You as well, great show.” You say as he gives you another hug. You tell the boys that it was nice to meet them before they walk away, leaving you and Calum.

“Nice boys.” You comment.

“Yeah, they’re more like brothers nowadays.” He shrugs. “I’m going to wash up really quickly and we can go somewhere to talk.”

As soon as Calum gets out, they leave to an old diner Calum found on the internet that was the most difficult and most likely secluded. Calum orders something to eat, because apparently playing a show is not only tiring, but it builds up quite an appetite. They make small talk, Calum talking about the tour and the fans, Y/n talking about her job. After he finished his food, he gets up and walks to the old jukebox in the corner. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd began to play, filling the small diner with the strums of the guitar.

“May I have this dance?” Calum asks, holding a hand out. Y/n rolls her eyes and smiles as she put her hand in his, allowing him to pull her from the booth bringing her close to him. Keeping their hands intertwined, he slides his other hand behind her waist and she put her hand on his shoulder, resting her head on him, feeling the vibrations as he hums along while they sway to the slow song.

“Are you seeing anyone?” He asked suddenly and bluntly.

“Cutting right to the case, I see.” She teases, she lifts her head slightly.

“Just answer.” He pushes and Y/n sighs as she let her head fall against his shoulder again.

“Yes.” She replies. Calum feels his heart drop to his stomach and letting out a quiet ‘oh’. Y/n sighs again before speaking, “Well, no. It’s on and off, really.”

“Why?” Calum asks.

“Because he’s always off on ‘business’ and I found out that ‘business’ means Shay from Spain, Amy from California, Penelope from England, and Julia from Brazil.” She explains trying to laugh it off.

“What a douche!” Calum exclaims, getting worked up about it, pulling away from you. “Please tell me you’re not going back to him.”

“I mean, I definitely don’t love him and he definitely doesn’t love me. He pampers me though, gives me gifts, nice things, and sends me on vacations to the most beautiful places. I deserve at least that much.” She shrugs.

“You deserve so much more than that, Y/n.” Calum mutters, bringing her close to him again, and swaying their bodies again.

“And what? I suppose you’re going to give me that?” She scoffs, slightly pulling away.

“I could and I will, if that’s what it takes.” He says, slightly offended. “I would never cheat on you.”

Y/n once again leans into Calum’s familiar embrace. She knew his words were honest to the grave, but she wasn’t too sure if she wanted to open that door again. Calum was the only guy she’d ever felt that strongly for, she would always love Calum, but she also knows there’s a reason why they broke up and she didn’t want to open that wound again, she wouldn’t allow it. Desperate to get the attention off of her, she asks him, “what about you? Are you seeing anyone?”

“No, just a few groupies every now and then, but never anything too serious.” He answers honestly before pulling away and spinning her, then pulling her back to his body. Just then the waitress came out.

“I hate to break this up, but we’re about to close up shop.” She says.

“No worries.” Calum tells the woman, pulling away from Y/n, but doesn’t let go of her hand. He leaves a generous tip and leads her out.

“We can go back to my hotel, I’m in the penthouse and I’ve got some wine, if you’d like.” She offers, not wanting this night to end.

“Fancy.” He teases. “But yeah, I’d actually really like that.”

Y/n smiles in acknowledgment. As soon as they get to her room, she opens the bottle of wine and pours two glasses.

“CVNE Vina Real Gran Reserva 1981.”  Calum reads from the bottle, genuinely impressed this time.

“It was an anniversary gift. I brought it to sit drink while I was in the bath, but I figured this’d be a better use for it.” Y/n explains, handing Calum his glass as she joins him on the couch. He sniffs it and swirls the liquid before taking a sip. “How’s it then?”

“Tastes expensive.”He replies. Y/n rolls her eyes as she takes a sip herself. Calum’s eyes had darkened remarkably as they drank in the sight of her body. “You know what else tasted expensive? Priceless even?”

“Calum…” She trailed off, setting her glass down, Calum doing the same, but moving close to her.

“Yes?” He whispers. Their bodies were touching and Y/n’s eyes were searching anywhere but him. Calum put his index finger below her chin, lifting her head up so she had no choice but to look at him. Leaning in, Calum finally closed the distance between them, her lips were like the sweet nostalgia of hearing an old song, so familiar, yet different in a way. He wanted more. She wanted more, but finding herself after being lost in the moment she pulled away.

“Calum, we can’t.” She says, both of them knowing she didn’t mean it. If anything, she wanted this more than he did.

“He fucked up, Y/n. Let me make it right for you, you deserve that much.” Calum whispers before closing the space between them again, letting his lips capture hers again. This time she doesn’t stop him, instead, her hand finds its way to the back of his head, her fingers tangling themselves in his hair. It was like she couldn’t stop herself, not that she wanted to anyways. She did deserve this.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long, Calum.” She admits, her words falling on his lips, causing him to groan. He pulls her to where she’s straddling him, pushing her skirt up to her stomach before his hands grip her hips, moving her to grind on him lightly. Wanting more, she grinds her hips harder against his, causing moan to escape her lips. Calum used the moan as a chance to slip his tongue passed your parted lips, pushing it against hers. Y/n pulls back, confusing Calum, but as soon as her hands fist the hem of his t-shirt, nearly yanking it off his body, he couldn’t control himself, like he’s been waiting for this for too long. Because he has, he’s been waiting for the chance to see her like this again too. He unzipped her skirt and somehow got it to slide over her head. He toyed with her button up, trying to undo the buttons. Not unbuttoning it as fast he wanted, he let out a frustrated groan, he rips it open, buttons scattering on the floor.

“Fuck.” He mutters, his hands rubbing over her clothed breasts, leaning forward and pressing kisses all over the exposed skin, nibbling every now and then. Y/n reaches behind her, unclasping her bra, letting it fall between them. Calum tosses the bra behind him and cups her boobs in his large hands as he returns his lips to her neck. His mouth peppers kisses down Y/n’s neck, finding her sweet spots quickly. As if he’d ever forget. He could taste the pain and regret in her sweat as he kissed her neck, nipping before rolling his tongue over each spot and blowing, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

“Calum. Bed.” She breathes. He nods and lifts her with ease. She pushes her chest against him, loving the way his hot skin feels against hers. He lays her down, making sure her legs were still hanging over the side. He kisses down the valley of her breasts, her breathing faltered noticeably. She could feel Calum’s smirk as he kisses lower, down her stomach. He reaches the line of her panties, teasing her as he toyed with the hem, kissing along the skin above it. He licked her slit over her panties, eliciting a sharp breath from Y/n. Breathlessly she begs, “Please, Calum. Stop teasing. Please.”

“Okay, baby.” He says, sliding your panties down Y/n’s legs, repositioning himself.  The backs of her thighs were resting on his shoulders as he lightly kissed her clit. Instinctively her hips bucked closer to him. He chuckled at her eagerness, he wanted to savor the moment, but the second his tongue comes out to lick his lips and he tasted the tiniest bit of her on them, he couldn’t control himself. He almost dove in, he lapped at her sweet pussy before wrapping his lips around her swollen clit. Y/n squirmed and moaned at the pleasure, her fingers tangling in Calum’s hair, pushing him closer to her. Calum’s left arm wraps around your leg and his other hand moves to her clit, his fingers rubbing furious circles while his lips sucked at her pussy lips, his tongue wiggling inside her.

“Fuck, Cal!” She whines, he back arching off the bed. Calum growls against her cunt, the vibrations nearly pushing her over the edge. “I’m so f-fucking close!”

Calum moved his lips to her clit, sucking hard as his pushes two fingers into her, curling them as he thrusts them into her. Her mind goes fuzzy as euphoria spreads through her whole body. She’s trembling against his lips. Calum licks and laps up all her juices, licking back up to her clit.

“Fu-uck.” She gasps, gently pushing away Calum’s head, her clit too sensitive for it. Shakily, she sits up as Calum stands, her hands immediately undoing the button his jeans and pulling them down. She breathes heavily as she licks the outline of his throbbing cock though the tight briefs. Calum moans, but cuups her face, forcing her to look up at him.

“Another day, baby. I need to be inside you.” Calum breathes, his hands still cupping her face and slightly pushing her back onto the bed. She crawled beackwards Calum following closely, his lips on hers the whole way. Y/n lays her head on a pillow as she watched Calum pump his manhood a few times before rubbing himself up and down her slit. Her teeth catch her bottom lip as she turned over, sitting up on her hand and knees, wiggling her ass at Calum. “Jesus fucking Christ.”

Calum rubbed his hand over his face with his free hand as he drank in Y/n’s whole physique. Getting impatient, Y/n wiggles her ass towards him again. “Fuck me, Cal. Please?”

Calum can only nod, not trusting his voice. He lines himself at her entrance, his hands grab greedy handfuls of her ass. He uses it for leverage as he sinks into her. Both letting out a relieved moan as he fills her all the way, slowly withdrawing his dick before slamming back into her.

“Fuck. Yes!” She squeaks as he repeats this action. Overcome with pleasure, Y/n begins to meet his thrusts.

“Yeah, fucking push back on me. Oh God, just like that.” He groans, throwing his head back before quickly going back to watching her move herself on his cock. With the way she moved her hips back to meet his, he couldn’t help but feel like every other man she’s been with before were practice, practice for this exact moment when she would be with him. He could tell she’s been working at it, her back arched she could hardly contain her cries of pleasure as her arms gave out and only her elbows were the only thing keeping her up. Her ass cheeks spreading even wider in front of him and the bed muffling her moans.

“Fu-uck!” She squeals as his hips meet hers a bit harder.

“God, babe, you look so fine right now.” He growls, sliding his hands down to squeeze her ass cheeks before he gives one a hard slap, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body. She fists the sheets tightly as she cries out and pleads for him to do it again.

“Calum, please!” She begs, she was being loud, and she was sure that even though they were on the very top floor with no one else on this level, people from three floors down would be able to hear them going at it.

“Who am I?”  Calum asks as he pounds her harder, her mind went fuzzy as he pulls her hair back so she could hear him better, knowing immediately what he wanted. His voice was stern as he muttered grunted through clenched teeth, “I asked you who I am.”

“You’re my big daddy! My b-big fucking Dad-dy!” She answers, gasping loudly and shuddering as he thrusts into her especially hard.

“That’s right, babygirl, and what do you want?” He asks, growling as he pushes into her hard. He loved this, having her completely at his mercy again, obeying his every command. She is the only one to make him feel this way, feel this good. He knew she is, and always will be the best fuck he’s ever had.

“I want you to spank me! Please!” She cries. He complies to her request and let go of her hair before his hand comes down hard on her ass three times, watching as her ass jiggles, his hand rubs on the now pink skin, squeezing as he uses it to fuck her faster.

“Fuck, that’s so hot. Look at you go, such a little slut for me. Isn’t that right, babygirl?” He groans as her ass bounces every time she goes back on him.

“Yes, God, yes!” She cries, her eyes shut tightly. “I’m s-so cl—” She couldn’t even finish your sentence, because of all the pleasure coursing through her body. Suddenly, Calum pulls out and flips her onto her back before slamming back into her. Her hands immediately finding his back as her legs wrapping around his hips, squeezing them slightly as he thrust into her.

“I want to see your face when you cum.” He pants, licking his fingers before bringing them down to furiously rub her clit. Y/n’s mind went blank and she sucks in a large breath, all the sounds around her push her closer to her climax, Calum’s breathing, his balls slapping against her ass, the way his throbbing cock feels as hits every nerve inside her, the wet sounds eliciting every time he slides in and out of her walls. He hits that spot that sends her into a state of ecstasy.

“Fuck!” She squeaks, her back arching and her head was so far into the pillow under it. Her nails rake down his back and her toes curl as her legs shake violently.

“Cum on me babygirl. Cum on my cock.” He moans, leaning in to bite her shoulder. She lets go with one last cry of pleasure, whimpering into his ear. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight.”

Her wet pussy clenches and pulses madly around his hard cock and his thrusts become sloppy. He pulls out and pumps his dick with one hand as the other grips the sheets tightly by Y/n’s head. Leaning over her, his lips brushings against hers as he whimpers and moans before he squirts thick strings of cum on her boobs and stomach. Calum gives Y/n one last sloppy kiss before he rolls to lay next to her, both of them looking at the ceiling, Calum’s warm cum still all over Y/n. Neither of them could speak, the sound of their heavy breathing was the only thing keeping them from complete silence.

“I really missed that.” Calum admits finally, his breath still not catching up to him. “I really missed you.”

“Calum.” You sigh, “we tried this before, it didn’t work. We didn’t work.”

“We didn’t try hard enough.”

“Calum.” You repeat.

“Stop saying my name like that, I know you want this just as badly as I do.” Calum says as he walks to the ensuite bathroom and wets a towel before walking back to you, cleaning his cum off you, occasionally looking up to look you in the eyes, trying to figure out what he wanted to say. “I…I don’t want you to see that guy anymore. He’s such a douche, Y/n! You don’t deserve that bullshit. Let me treat you like the queen you are, let me be there for you, please. Give us another chance.”

His forehead was pressed against hers and his eyes searched hers for answers. “Okay.” She says simply, kissing his lips again, smiling, knowing it will work between them, knowing he wouldn’t hurt her, cheat on her. They were young before, now they’ve matured, they’d find a way. They’ll fix what was broken or start over.

“I still love you. Never stopped.” He admits. A relieved smile stretched across her face because Lord knows she has felt the same way for the longest time.

A/N: Yeah, so that was like 3k words. shitty ending sorry.

it’s not real | part one

part two 

ashton + reader
word count: 1077

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you’re with ashton for publicity but can’t help falling in love with him even though he has a girlfriend in secret


It was the same thing every time - we went out together and made sure we were seen together by paparazzi, gave them a few kisses here and there to make for a good news story, then we went home and never spoke to each other again.

This was what management planned for us to do to keep the media off Ashton’s real girlfriend, Tori.

We had three simple rules to follow:

1. make it believable
2. don’t speak to the paps

and 3. don’t fall in love

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Confident(One shot)

I know Selena is not with him in Toronto right now but anyways this is what I wish would happen. Hope y'all enjoy.

Selena’s P.O.V

I sat on my bed on twitter just scrolling as the sound of the water running in the bathroom was heard– it was actually quite relaxing. Justin had been in the shower for a little while and should be out soon, which I was excited for because we had not spent much time together lately. I stopped at a mention telling me to watching Justin’s confident music video which I completely forgot came out last night.

I clicked on the link and watched as the video began. The closer they got, the more jealous I got. Hearing the girl laugh at Justin’s joke, was cute, but not to me. I always had an issue with Cailin ever since his last music video with her, and Justin did not tell me that she was in this music video too. He hid it from me, all this time. I watched as their lips moved against each others and the insides of me were turning.

I know I should not be upset because I had done worse for my job but the difference was Justin had a lot more of control and he had a voice on set. He directed some parts, and made the ideas. I only kissed guys for movies, where I had no choice. Justin had a choice. Soon, I heard the water turning off just as the video was ending so I exited the tab and went back to twitter, pretending nothing happened.

“Sel,” Justin called out, making me reply with a ‘hm’. “Can you pass me a tank?” He asked and I nodded even though he could not see me. I went to my drawers and opened the drawer that had all of Justin’s clothes that he has let me borrow. I grabbed a white top and walked towards the bathroom door, opening it and instantly getting pulled in.

“Here you go,” I passed him the shirt before turning to open the bathroom door but he stopped me. 

“That’s not all,” He said and I could hear the smile in his voice. I turned around and raised my eyebrows as I waited for what else he wanted. He puckered his lips and I rolled my eyes and opened the door again. I walked out of the bathroom, not even giving him what he wanted. I plopped myself down on the bed and saw Justin entering the room. 

I rested my head on the headboard of the bed as I watched him put his dirty clothes in my hamper and he put the towels back in the washroom before turning in my direction. He leaned his body against the dresser that was straight across from my bed so we could keep eye contact.

“Are you alright?” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.


"You’re lying,” He stated which made me–once again– roll my eyes. “I know you are.” He stood there as if he was waiting for me to tell him but I was not going to. 

“I’m perfectly fine,” I tried pushing away the topic but he was not buying it. I grabbed my laptop to go back on twitter but I still felt Justin’s eyes on me from across the room. I felt the need to comment even though it probably was not the best idea considering I did not want him to know why I was upset. “-nice video by the way." 

"Selena,” He sighed. “-that’s what this is about?”

“What do you mean 'this’? There’s nothing going on. I’m fine,” I knew I was being stubborn but he should know that by now. He knew how much him doing stuff with other people bothered me because he always seemed to be enjoying it.

“There’s no need to be jealous or upset,” He mumbled which made me snap my head up to look at him.

“I’m not jealous– nor am I upset,” I snapped and I heard an annoyed sigh escape his lips before he crawled up my bed, removing my laptop from my lap, putting it on the desk and hovering over me. “Hey, I was busy the–”

“Can you just shut up for a minute?” He groaned and I obeyed his command. I remained quiet as my eyes were looking anywhere but in his eyes. “I know you are upset, but it was nothing. It never was. You know I love you, and only you right?” He asked but I remained silent which made him give me a hurt expression.

Justin’s P.O.V

The silence gave me all the answers I needed without a word being said. It hurt me more than anything because I had always tried so hard to make sure Selena was aware of my love for her and how I never saw any other girl the way I see her. She is the 'special one’ that my parents warned me about when I was little. They always told me I would find a girl that would drive me insane but in a good way– and here she is.

“You don’t?” My faint voice asked as a squinted my eyes slightly in disbelief. She never made it clear to me that she doubted my love for her– ever.

“I mean, I guess I do.” She shrugged but I knew she was lying to me just to end this conversation, which I was not allowing. “I know you love me, Jay.” She sighed and I put my finger over her lips.

“But you don’t know if I only love you. Which is quite silly if you ask me,” I told her. She raised her eyebrows as she finally looked at me.

“Oh is it?”

“Yes, it actually is,” I pushed my body away from hers so I was kneeling on the bed. “If I loved anyone else, I wouldn’t be here right now fighting for you. Look at how much I have fought for you this past year. If I loved anyone else, I would have left. It would probably be so much easier to be with someone else but–”

“Oh great,” She mumbled sarcastically.

“Fucking let me finish!” I said loudly but then softened as I noticed her reaction. She was not expecting that and almost looked scared. “I’m sorry. It would be easier with someone else if I wanted someone else, but I don’t. Easy things aren’t always the best things, Sel. Hell, I know that for a fact right now." 

"Why did you use her again then?” The moment those words came out of her mouth, I knew exactly why she was upset. We shared a moment a few months ago where she completely broke down about how jealous she was of people like Cailin and that completely slipped my mind. She feared that I would leave her for some model looking girl but I would never. Selena was better than any model.

“I- I don’t really have a reason," 

"Do you understand how this makes me feel?” She asked and I saw her eyes flood with tears. No. No. No. Just the sight of her crying always broke me completely. “I feel like I am sharing you with every girl you talk to,” She cried out.

“-but you’re not, Selena. You’re the only one that has me.” I grabbed her face in my hands. 

“I have to sit back and watch girls fall for you, every day.” She continued as her tears slid down her cheek but I quickly wiped them off before they could continue their path down to her jaw.

“I don’t fall back. That has got to mean something,” I said desperately but she shook her head instantly making me frown.

“You don’t understand. You never feel the way I do. I never do anything to make you jealous, yet, you do something every other day. It is way too hard for me. I don’t like to share guys," 

"Are you kidding me? You don’t think I feel jealous when you dance on stage with your whole stomach out? Or when you grind all up on guys in your dances?” I shot at her and I watched as her face changed. “I feel too Selena. It’s not just you who has feelings here," 

"That is different tho–”

“It’s not different at all.” I stopped her. “I don’t like guys seeing you in a way that only I should. You have a flawless body but I don’t like the thought of knowing other guys have seen it. It might sound dumb, but that is just how I feel. I feel this way because I am in love with you, Selena." 

Her face lit up as I told her what I had not told her since our break up. We were taking things slow and not trying to make it more complicated but it just slipped. I had told her I loved her many times but telling her I was in love with her was a completely different story. We both believed that being in love with someone was different than loving someone. It was hard to not tell her I was in love with her every day and now I finally did it. 

"Justin,” She whispered.

“I am,” I said confidently. “I am crazy in love with you.”

I brought my body back to hers as I let my lips brush over hers slightly as I breathed. I looked in her eyes and saw them glistening as she slightly smiled looking back at me.

“Head-” I pecked her lips. “-over-” again. “-heels” I smashed our lips more forcefully, feeling her instantly kiss back. I felt the butterflies that I never felt when I kissed anyone else– it was hard to explain. It was just a comforting feeling that only Selena could make me feel. “That is why you should believe me when I tell you I only love you, because of those kisses." 

"It will take time to get used to," 

"The kisses I share with any other girl in front of a camera is not even a quarter of what we share. I could kiss you all day. You’re a damn good kisser,” I smirked and she giggled. 

“Am I confident?” She raised her eyebrows and I laughed.