i am also gonna post in on the internet soon

Things you should know

I know I haven’t posted much art lately and some of you are wondering if you even followed an art blog at all. I haven’t posted the weekly recaps of Carmilla the Series for a long time, I haven’t posted any new comics, nothing for any fandoms of any kind, except that Dubsmash thing. I even got worse at answering my asks as I was before and that’s saying something.


It was Comic Con time + the national French holiday is today (14th) so there’s been a lot of fireworks to go see lately and as some of you may now, I’m a firework nerd and don’t wanna miss any.

But really:

I am actually moving to Canada in September and while it’s been my dream for years and I’m thrilled to finally do it, I also am a ball of anxiety and stress.
I need to gather an outrageous amount of money to be able to pay a rent and all that comes with it (food, internet connection, bills), buy very expansive new tools for work (like a laptop, because mine is not gonna survive a trip) and a camera for new projects for you guys, and buy the tickets etc. So I’ve been working like crazy to gather a maximum of money before going and will keep doing it until I am there. Once I am there, it’ll be even worse.


I’ll explain it all properly soon, but for now I just wanted to write that quick post considering a lot of you were asking questions. Also I am late to see a firework show and can’t write a lot more than that

See you soon ♥

- Maryne