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TST is so goddamn blue: a meta

TST is just all kinds of weird. Everything feels off, and even the first third, which is supposed to be light-hearted and funny, is unsettling in many ways (for instance, why was John, a doctor, driving the car when his wife, Mary, was going into labor instead of having Sherlock drive? We know Sherlock can drive very well from THoBV, so wtf? And why would Sherlock ever say that Mary is better than John when it clearly hurt John that he’d say that? And what was the narrative point of the dog being there, apart from the fact that Sherlock likes dogs? Anyway, I digress.)

One theory that I’ve seen going around is that Sherlock is narrating this episode, and therefore, we’re dealing with an unreliable narrator. If Sherlock is in fact telling this story to his therapist, Ella, at the end of the episode, and is lying about some parts of his story, then what is he lying about? Well, one option is that he’s lying about how Mary died in order to protect someone. But he’s Sherlock… who would he bother protecting?

“It’s always you, John Watson.” Of course. It probably has to do with John. With saving and protecting John, as is Sherlock’s MO.

One theory by @the-7-percent-solution that I’m extremely fond of at the moment is that John killed Mary, and Sherlock is lying to his therapist in order to protect John (just like Watson may have lied in the original ACD story Charles Augustus Milverton to protect Holmes after Holmes presumably killed Milverton, which is what Mofftiss believe happened), and to give John an alias. Which would mean that quite a lot of the episode is either a fabrication, or changed slightly in order to make the story more convincing.

And, since I noticed that there is a LOT of blue in this episode, I decided to go through and examine the most blue-lit and blue-colored scenes, and see if I anything popped out at me. Something did. It might be nothing, but I’m gonna roll with it and see where it goes.

This is the scene where Sherlock discovers the A.G.R.A. memory stick in the Thatcher bust, and fights with Ajay. Everything in this scene is blue, or lit up with blue: the pool, the pool lights, the waves painted on the walls (real subtle with the Water Thing there, Mark), the police lights. It’s overwhelmingly blue. Which means that, if blue coloring or lighting means that Sherlock is lying (and I will explain why I think that might be the case in just a second) then Ajay’s story about why he’s actually hunting down Mary - or even the way/reason that Sherlock discovers the memory stick - might be either a lie, or a half-lie on Sherlock’s part (assuming he’s telling Ella all this after it’s happened.)

These screenshots are taken from the montage of Rosamund Mary’s escape trip. Again, there is quite a bit of blue, especially in the transitions and maps. And the dice. Again, just like the scene where Sherlock finds the A.G.R.A. memory stick, this part of the narrative has been twisted or is unreliable. We’re not seeing the full truth here. Maybe Rosamund Mary had a much more sinister reason to leave London than just escaping another assassin. (I’m not sure this part holds up as well as some of the other blue-colored scenes, but still. I thought it was very interesting how they stuck with this one-color scheme across so many scenes in this episode.)

This is the scene where Rosie begins crying, and John texts the girl from the bus stop. Again, everything in this scene is pretty damn blue; at least it stood out as being strangely blue to me. I mean, c’mon, even the bathroom tiling and towels are blue:

So maybe that means that this scene isn’t entirely true, either. The unreliable narrator - Sherlock, possibly - has embellished or left out something critical to understanding (in context) this scene. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one, but maybe someone can help me out with figuring out how/why this scene might possibly have been a lie or a half-lie.

So I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This whole scene is so strange and off, as many people who are much better at this whole meta thing than I am have already pointed out (I.E., John, an army doctor, not doing anything other than talk to his dying wife when he could clearly do so much more to help save her… jfc?)

Maybe Rosamund Mary didn’t really die in this sccene. Maybe, after finding out something about Mary’s past or present while confronting her about the A.G.R.A. memory stick or Morocco (again, assuming that both those scenes weren’t shown to the audience exactly how they happened) John killed her, and Sherlock’s protecting John by not telling the story how it really happened. Or maybe it’s something else… but there is an incredible amount of blue in this scene, which very clearly connects it (for me) to the previous scenes I’ve mentioned.

After Rosamund Mary’s death scene, the camera pans up and we get this shot:

A blue shark. And since sharks have repeatedly been associated with villains already on this show, that’s pretty damn suggestive. The shark is still swimming - it hasn’t stopped, and therefore it hasn’t died.

After the blue shark, we immediately get this shot a box (coffin? Ashes?) burning with blue flames:

Again, this is sticking to a common color scheme present in many other scenes that could easily have been changed or fabricated to hide a much more sinister side of Rosamund Mary, and a very different version of that aquarium scene. So maybe Rosamund Mary isn’t actually dead, or the how/why of her death is a lie, or, or, or…

And that brings me to why I think that blue might be important.  In one of the last scenes in the episode, we see that Sherlock is in therapy, and trying to figure out what to “do about John.”

Strangely, the therapist, Ella, has an office that’s painted blue: walls, ceiling, everything. (It is also shaped similarly to the tube in the aquarium, and lit in a very similar way to the room where Rosamund Mary died, but I’m not entirely sure that has any significance?) Oftentimes, when pressured to make something up or lie about something, people will look to what’s around them to help them come up with material for their lies. So if Sherlock is recounting this story from his memory, isn’t it possible that his surrounding are leaking into how he sees those memories, especially the ones that aren’t coming from his memory because they’re partially or fully falsehoods?

And then the episode ends on this shot:

More blue, with Sherlock framed in front of water, on his way to “save John Watson.” Real subtle, Mark.

((If anyone recognizes a reference to one of their metas in this post, please, please, please tell me and I’ll tag you and give credit! I really don’t want to seem like I’m stealing anyone’s theories, I just got excited by all the metas I was seeing and decided to make one, too!))

I never expected it to be like this

Summary:  Adrien Agreste had grown accustomed to his father’s absence. After all, it had been going on for years, so how could he not?
When Gabriel calls him in his office, the boy is terrified he screwed up somehow. He was expecting anything. But the gentle smile and the “I know your secret” caught him off guard.
And the whole “you don’t know how to approach a girl” thing killed him.

Word count: 2324

A bit of canon divergence because here Adrien’s mom disappeared when he was a child


Since his mother disappearance when he was six, Adrien Agreste’s life became a product to be exposed to the world. There was no other way to describe it. His father became absent, only talking to him when it was strictly necessary and Adrien got used to barely seeing the man. Gabriel even became overprotective, homeschooling the boy and putting him under the care of people who taught him how to behave and who molded him as the image of perfection itself.

At some point, his classes started. Chinese, fencing, piano. In the beginning, Adrien hated them, but he also did his best to try to make his father proud. Gabriel, however, didn’t want Adrien’s best. He wanted perfection.

He wanted a perfect boy to sell Agreste’s name, and he wouldn’t accept less than that. But even when Adrien failed on what was demanded of him, the repression would come through his father’s assistant or through a screen.

That was why Adrien froze when Nathalie knocked on his door and announced that Gabriel was waiting for Adrien in his office.

Immediately, dozens of scenarios crossed the boy’s mind. What could‘ve he done to his father to demand to see him in person?

Putting Plagg under his shirt, Adrien walked towards the door, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Something was really wrong.

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Rebelcaptain fanfic: A hand to hold

For @rebelcaptainprompts 

    It had started with a brushing of hands.

   They had both still been in the sickbay. Cassian had been half-unconscious, Jyn a little delirious from the medication they’d given her, but she’d still managed to turn her head and seen the man in the bed next to hers. They had fought together, died together and been resurrected together, and something had slammed painfully in her chest in that moment. Her limbs had felt heavy, weighted, like if she tried to get up she would simply fall to the ground, so she’d instead reached out an arm towards him. It had swayed a little and in her punch-drunk mind, she had almost forgotten it was there, until she’d suddenly felt the fingers clasp around her own.

   They were close enough. He was there. She’d looked across the space between them and imagined if there were nothing instead.

   In the weeks that followed their release from the sickbay, they were quick to realise that there were few who would ever truly understand what they’d been through. The brushing of hands became holding. Jyn knew what it looked like, when he would reach out and lace their fingers together as they strode determinedly down the corridors of Echo One together, but she had ceased to care.

   No one questioned them. No one at all.

   “No one–” She gasped as she felt her back hit the wall, Cassian’s tongue tracing the edge of her clavicle. “No one – finds out about this–”

   He hummed a little, enough to indicate he’d heard her, but not enough to assume he was actually listening. “I’m serious,” she said, sighing as he moved further down her chest, tugging the collar of her shirt out of his way. “We’ve only just been cleared for duty, I’m not screwing up our chances of working together–”

   “Draven won’t separate us.”

   “If he finds out that we’ve been doing this a lot, he would.”

   He smiled against her skin. “Fine then. No one knows.”

   “No one knows.”

   He kissed her, fierce and determined. Jyn had discovered pretty quickly that they kissed a lot like they had fought on Scarif, with a push and pull. That had started during a sparring match in the training gym, the two trying to work on getting their strength back. A mix of their skills and their injuries had resulted in them being rather evenly matched, and a fight could last almost too long to endure. When he had finally managed to pin her to the mat, her face flushed and his bare chest heaving, all logic had left her brain.

   His kiss had tasted salty.

   It had simply carried on from there until now, when he was shoving her up against the poor, unsuspecting wall in his quarters (which by this point, she often shared). It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last. Her fingers tangled in his hair, keeping him close as he ran a hand up her thigh, hitching it around him. The mechanics were often different, but the concept always the same: they would touch with calloused hands, sigh with breaths mixed together, and as a result, had fallen headfirst into something neither of them really knew how to put into words yet.

   All Jyn could think was this. I need this, I want this, I will walk through hell to keep this …

   “Am I still allowed to hold your hand, though?” Cassian suddenly asked against her neck. His wandering hand on her thigh was distracting, but she cleared her head enough to answer,


   “Why? The entire base already assumes we’re sleeping together anyway–”

   “It’s only rumour, Cassian–”

   “Fine, fine,” he rumbled against her. It made her shiver as he bent down and lifted her, both her legs able to wrap around him now. They admittedly hadn’t quite perfected this dance, yet. There was still much to learn about each other. There were things to say, stories to eventually tell, and moves they still hadn’t quite figured out. He pressed into her, hands inching high as Jyn practically shoved her hands inside his shirt. The first time they’d done this had been awkward and embarrassing. They’d had enough experience between the two of them to know basically what they were doing, but a lot of magic gets taken out when it’s punctuated with ‘do you like that?’ and ‘yes – wait, no’. Slowly, they’d grown used to each other, understood how their bodies worked together. Now, they could begin to explore.

   Now, it was good. Very good.

   Cassian pressed his hips into hers, pushing her closer to the wall and sending a spark straight through her. He ran his hands up her sides, dipping into her lean body and leaving goosebumps in their wake. He found her hands, and he smiled against her lips, lacing their fingers together. He pushed them back into the wall, Jyn helplessly letting him.

   “Are you sure we can’t hold hands anymore?” he rumbled against her.

   Jyn almost whimpered.

   “Fine. You can keep holding my hand.”


Director Sanvers

Another post 2x19 fic, based on a comment/prompts on AO3:

I would love to see a happier chapter where they find a new apartment and start their new life together, trying to erase this from their minds.

Alex leaned on the railing and looked out at the city.  She closed her eyes, tilted her head, breathed deep.

She could hear the cars on the road below, feel the wind in her hair.  She felt safe, secure.  The area around her, the apartment behind her, felt untouched, untainted.

And it was.

There were no cameras, no microphones, no reminders of tainted memories she was still working on reclaiming.

The balcony door slid open.

“—n’t forget the lo mein like last time.”

Alex rolled her eyes at Lucy’s words, and smiled at Lucy when she stepped up next to Alex.

“Why do you let her order if you don’t trust her to get it right?” she asked as she looked back at the city.

“It makes her feel important.”

Alex chuckled and shook her head lightly.  Lucy hummed.  She leaned on the railing.

“This is a great view,” she said.

“It is,” Alex murmured.

The view from the balcony hadn’t crossed any of their minds when they started apartment hunting.  All that really mattered about the balcony was that it existed and was private enough for Kara to come and go.

Yet, the view was incredible.  Half of the city lay beneath them, and beyond that, the sun was starting to set into the ocean.

More importantly, they couldn’t see her old building at all and there was a potted shrub in the corner blocking Maggie’s.

Alex shook her head to try and clear the thought.

A new apartment, new beginning.

Sure, it was further from the DEO, further from Kara’s building.  Sure, it cost more than she had ever paid in rent.

But, the loft-turned-master bedroom was fantastic, and the two extra rooms were great, and the shower in the second bathroom didn’t make her feel like she was drowning.

Lucy’s arm slipped around her waist.  Alex draped her arm over Lucy’s shoulders, pulling her close.

Being able to move on with her life with the women she loved?  That had to be the best part.

“So,” Maggie’s drawled, stepping to her other side.  “While we’re still in ordering distance for the pizza place, we are not for Chinese.  Any other ideas for dinner tonight?”

“Why not just get pizza?” Lucy answered.  “Let Jessy know what our new address it.”

“You’re assuming Kara hasn’t already let him know,” Alex said.

“I am, but I am also now in the mood for pizza,” Lucy said.

“You’re the one who wanted Chinese in the first place,” Maggie said.

Lucy shrugged.

Maggie let out an exaggerated sigh.  “Guess I better go order before you decide you actually want barbecue or something.”

Alex clamped a hand over Lucy’s opening mouth before she could speak.  Maggie laughed.

“I’ll go order the pizza,” she said.  She pressed a kiss to Alex’s cheek, then reached over and slapped Lucy’s ass before going back inside.

Lucy struggled against Alex for a moment, then relaxed and…

“You can stop licking my hand, Lane, it’s not going to work.”

Lucy glared at her.  Alex laughed and let her go.

“We’ll see if I lick anything else of yours tonight,” Lucy huffed.

Alex snorted.  “Not your best line.”

“Whatever.”  Lucy ducked away from Alex’s arm.  “I’ll be back.”

“We are not getting barbecue,” Alex told her.

“Barbecue pizza is a thing that exists, Danvers,” Lucy replied before chasing Maggie down.

Alex sighed and leaned on the railing, staring out at the city.

Yeah, moving on with the women she loved was definitely the best part.

The Game- Bad Boy Taehyung (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 7

“What about you Y/N?” Taehyung asked smugly, a nasty smirk plastered on his face, his eyes burning with bitterness and resentment, as he pointed towards you with that damned bottle.

“That is none of your damn business brat.” You spat out at Taehyung. Had he not been completely inebriated, he would have heard the gentle tremble of your voice, the pain behind it, the embarrassment, and humiliation.

“Are you scared? Have you been with so many? Or is it you are a virgin?” He asked you, his slurred speech getting worse. Jimin put his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, a weak attempt to stop him before he dug his hole deeper.

“Shut the fuck up Taehyung, before I shut you up.” Suga snarled at him, fully able to tell your discomfort, even though he was completely high by this point.

Taehyung glared at him, his hyung’s voice making the blood in his veins boil.

“I didn’t fucking ask you hyung. I asked her. How many men have you slept with?” He asked you again, his eyes burning into yours with a look so intense you felt yourself shrink in size just by looking at him.

“That is for me to know. I don’t have to tell you what I’ve done or haven’t done. You’re no one anyway. Why should I tell you anything?” You spat out, saying the right words to hurt him.

Taehyung’s eyes opened briefly, in shock, and perhaps pain too, but you were too pissed off to even care. How could he put you on the spotlight like that, in front of everyone else? Who the hell did he think he was anyway?

Your words cut him like knives, bringing him back to the reality he was trying to escape from. He was no one to you, he meant nothing. He was just a stranger you happened to share class with. Your voice, packed with poison stung at his open wounds. He felt his heart constrict in his chest, and the air leave his lungs suddenly, like someone had just punched him in the stomach.

“I knew it. You’re a slut.” He laughed bitterly. He regretted his words the moment he had said them, but there was no way to take them back once they had rolled off his tongue. Why couldn’t he act like a normal guy around you? What was it about you that made him so nervous?

You felt the tears immediately well up in your eyes the moment those words reached your ear. You felt as if you’d be stabbed in the heart repeatedly, with a blunt knife. The blade ripping at you, rather than leaving a clean cut. You felt your heart being torn and walked all over. This is why you didn’t trust men.

You watched Jin and Namjoon immediately turn to say something, but before they could open their mouths, you had already stood up, walked over to Taehyung, and slapped him across the face. The sound of your palm on his cheek resonated from the walls. A red print of your hand on his cheeks was visible almost straight away.

“You disgust me.” You growled, tears already dripping down your chin, as they rolled furiously from your eyes. Taehyung’s eyes opened widely, and his hand reached up to cover his cheek. He was shocked, he was hurt, but above all, he knew he deserved it.

“Y/N, I-“

“Save it Kim Taehyung. I’m not interested.” You composed yourself, wiping your tears with the back of your hand. You went over to grab your bag, and left, chased by Jin, Suga and Jimin.

You didn’t even look back, you didn’t care, you weren’t in the mood to talk to any of them.

“Y/N! Please stop running! Let me drive you back home!” Jin called out, waving his car keys up in the air. You stopped walking, and turned around, your face the perfect image of an emotionless marble statue.

“You’re drunk. No offence Jin, I really appreciate your offer, but I’d rather walk home and stay alive.” You replied as softly as you could. You’d never been a big fan of drinking and driving, to you it was an unconceivable sin.

“Well at least let one of us walk with you. You won’t be safe at this time of night.” Suga told you, his chest heaving with the troubled breaths of chasing after you. You looked at him, and you could see in his eyes that he genuinely cared for you. Not in the romantic, knight in shining armour kind of way, but in the “You see right through me, and I know you are in trouble right now, perhaps we can both be troubled souls who help each other out when we are in the darkest pits of pain” kind of way.

“You’re right hyung. I’ll walk with her.” Jimin told him a little suspiciously. You could see the way he was looking at Suga with suspicion. He didn’t trust Suga not to do anything to you. Why? You didn’t understand, but you weren’t in the mood to argue.

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes, as you fixed your backpack on your shoulder, and began walking away. Jimin said something to Suga, who immediately backed off, and walked back to where the rest of them were.

“You aren’t here just to walk me home are you? You want to ask me stuff.” You affirmed, making him jump slightly in surprise.

“How did you know?” He asked, his face the cutest expression of shock you could find.

“I know things. I know the way you look at me.” You muttered, still looking directly ahead.

“Then I assume you already know I am going to ask why you don’t want to go home?” He asked you, stunning you for a moment. Your footsteps stopped completely.

You turned to look at him, the tears welling up in your eyes once again.


Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming The Rage

Original imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing all the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Chapter: #10

Author: Lokilover9

When Frigga learned of this incident her concern for Erica intensified. She told Loki to give her some space suggesting he help Thor with preparations for the events. “So how are things with Erica?” Loki rolled his eyes. “You can’t be serious. Are you in trouble already brother?” “Now why would you assume if there’s a problem I am the cause?” “Please, what could she have done?” “She’s confusing and rather obstinate.” “All women are confusing and obstinance isn’t a crime. If it were, Jane would be imprisoned indefinitely.”“After the family dinner she was livid with me over something of which I have no clue. What was father thinking? She’ll never be obedient.” “Certainly he thought you needed a wife as opposed to a pet?” Loki frowned. “A pet would be much easier to tame.” Thor chuckled. “You’re getting older brother, you should be married now.” “Older? I beg to differ.” “I would like to be an uncle one day.”

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So, I have an addition to make to the discussion of how Papyrus is treated by people in canon.

I don’t think this is that long, but I’m cutting it anyways! ^^;

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You Go on a Trip (Part 1)

Ashton woke up to his phone ringing at 5 in the morning glaring at the clock before looking towards his phone seeing that y/n was calling.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He asked, voice still groggy from having just woken up.

“Let’s go on a road trip,” she said into the phone causing Ash to almost drop the phone onto the floor. It was silent for a couple of more seconds. “Babe?”

“Y/n…I adore you baby girl, I really do…but it’s five am. Can we have this conversation at a normal hour?” Ashton questioned causing her to sigh slightly.

“Well…could you at least open the door?” She asked as he swung his legs over the bed headed towards the front door of the rented out condo seeing her there with her hair up, light makeup applied to her face and a cute yet comfortable outfit. “Good morning,” she said hanging up, going in to kiss him, which he happily returned. “Cute bed head.”

“Thanks,” he said shutting the door after she made her way into the condo. “You were clearly hoping for me to be up and ready to go.”

“Well, it’s a three and a half hour drive to Burlington, Vermont…which makes it about eight thirty, and we’ll beat rush hour. Then we can hit up the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory and whatever else you wanna do,” she stated simply, clearly having this planned. “I mean, of course if we stop for breakfast then we won’t get there until around nine or ten, but I just kinda want to beat traffic, you know? And I don’t believe you’ve ever been, I mean it’s not under any of your tours so I figured it’d be a bit of an adventure. I haven’t been since I was looking at UVM. Plus, I want to say sorry about the whole LA thing.”

“You need to stop apologizing about LA, alright?” He asked kissing her forehead. “And I’ve never been to Burlington…we can go now if you promise you’re driving.” A large smile appeared on her face as she led him towards his room urging him to start packing his things.

“Spring Break, finally,” y/n groaned crawling into Calum’s bed resting her head on his chest after tossing her bag next to the bedroom door. “I have the week off school. I have the week off from the studio…this is going to be great.”

“Don’t people usually go away for spring break?” Calum asked running his fingers through her hair as she traced shapes on his bare chest.

“People with money, baby. I think my mom would kill me if I called her up in Montreal asking for money to go on a trip since she’s already sending me to school in America,” she responded causing Calum to laugh slightly. “How much longer until you leave for Europe?”

“Two weeks. We’ll be there a little more than two months.” She sighed heavily not wanting him to be away that long, but that was the reason she was asked to watch the dog, since he was away 90% of the time. “I know, but then I have another month off, and then I’m touring here during the summer, so you can come join me for a bit on tour, if you’d like.” It was silent once again after his statement as they just enjoyed each other’s company.


“Yes?” Calum questioned.

“I want to go on a road trip. Like now,” she said sitting back looking at his face now as he sat up slightly.

“Well…where do you want to go?” He asked as she climbed off the bed going for her bag.

“The Grand Canyon. I mean, why not? It’s in the US. I have the week off, neither of us are doing anything…let’s go!”

“Right now?” He asked making sure he heard her correctly.

“Right now. Like, i’ll go pack right now and come back in an hour with the car and we can grab a bite to eat then go.” He raised his eyebrows completely towards her waiting for her to say ‘just kidding’ but it never came.

“Alright…i’ll be ready in an hour.”

“How did I know I’d find you here?” Luke asked as he closed the door to his car watching his girlfriend who was watching the ocean as she sat on the hood of her own car. It was only seven am, the sun barely having risen as the wind whipped at her hair.

“Because you stalk me?” She teased as he made his way towards her capturing her lips in a quick kiss. “How you doing, Lu?”

“Kinda tired,” he responded leaning onto the hood as she slid off of it. “What brings you here at seven am?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she said walking up to him, bringing herself between him and the car just wanting to be near him. He pecked her lips once again bringing a smile to her face.

“Well, I went to your house this morning. I’m assuming it was your brother, but he said something about you already leaving for the day. And I know you enough to know that you spend most of your time at the beach, even if you aren’t working,” Luke responded shrugging his shoulders.

“Why were you looking for me so early?”

“Welp, I wanted to take you somewhere. I think you’ll like it,” he said, a smile growing on his face. “Only if you’re up for a little trip, of course.”

“I’m up for anything as long as you’re there, Hemmings,” she responded, a cheesy smile appearing on his face.

“Cute, babe. Cute.”

“Y/n, I’m bored,” Gabby whined walking into her sister’s room seeing Michael lying on her sister’s bed while she folded her clothes.

“Alright…how do you want me to fix it?” She questioned as she slapped Michael’s foot away from her clean laundry, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

“Can we go to the pier?” Gabby questioned, a pleasing look on her face as y/n looked towards her boyfriend who was clearly occupied by his phone.

“Mikey, wanna to go to Navy Pier with us?” She questioned, Michael’s head snapping up at the sound of his name.

“What’s Navy Pier?” He questioned, a smile tugging at Gabby’s lips.

“Only the best place in the entire world. It’s a pier with food, some amusement park rides, and games and it’s right on the harbor!” Y/n laughed at her sister’s enthusiasm.

“It’s right in Chicago so it’ll be about an hour drive, but it’ll be fun. We haven’t gone in a few months,” y/n chimed in. “Wanna come?”



“Are you still staying at the Grand Lux?”


“Granger, it has been a while now. How far along are your renovations?”

“Two months progress, six until completion. A dull race”

“It must be so expensive. You could have very well saved yourself some money.”

“By living here?”

“..Zero misses you..”

“I have already spoken to him about my situation Hitomi. He will surely return when there is something to return to.”

“That is fine.. I just assumed you would be with.. her.”

“..I provide for myself, lovely. I am grateful enough to say that I can.”

anonymous asked:

Atobe,yukimura,shishido,Fuji S, Sanada, Kenya,and shidaishi misunderstood that their s/o (female) cheated on them and they make up

Hey love! <3 I tried to come up with something different for each character and I’m really, really sorry that it took me so long to write your request. I tried to make the scenarios a bit longer to make up for the long wait. Since I ended up going a bit overboard I’m going to split the scenarios. I should post the other characters soon, I just need to come up with new ideas.


Atobe slumped down in his chair, dark circles under his eyes and pinched the brick of his nose. It couldn’t be true right? You wouldn’t do something like that. He knows you. He knows everything about you. He probably knows you better than himself. You were his girlfriend for god’s sake!

Despite telling that himself over and over again the doubts kept nagging him.
One of his team members told him he saw you with another guy. Atobe didn’t believe him one word. But just a day later he saw you walking out of someone’s house when he drove through town in his limousine. It wouldn’t be so bad if he just saw you walk out of someone’s house, but on the doorsteps you hugged a guy. A guy that wasn’t him.

That paired with the words from his teammate made him think about the worst possible scenario. You wouldn’t cheat. No, everyone but not you.
In an hour you would come over to visit him. He promised you to watch your favorite movie with you, he just couldn’t deny you a wish. 

With a sigh Atobe stood up and straightened himself. He would ask you. No matter how much it would hurt him it was better to know the truth and there was still the hope that everything was just a misunderstanding…the hope he wouldn’t lose you. Not to another man. It was the first time Atobe actually feared that he wasn’t enough for you, not making you happy.

As soon as you stepped into Atobe’s mansion you knew that something was off. Atobe hadn’t his usual confident posture when he walked up to you. He bent down, one hand barley touching your waist when he pressed a chaste kiss on your cheek “Good evening (Name)-chan. Please follow me.” You quietly followed Atobe to his room, observing his every move. He usually didn’t act so politely and uptight around you and his behavior slowly started to worry you.

Sitting down next to Atobe on the couch you peered up at his face, “Is everything okay, Keigo-kun?” Atobe studied your face for a long time and you could see something in his eyes…something you weren’t really sure about. Pain? Fear? Panic? Sadness?
He took a deep breath before slowly speaking up “I’m not quite sure how to approach the subject so I’m just going to be straight forward. (Name)-chan, are you cheating on me with the guy you visited yesterday?” 

You looked at your boyfriend in surprise, “Cheating?”, Atobe could see the surprise and confusion obviously displayed on your face “Oh, you are talking about Kise-kun? He is my cousin and he wanted some help to decide on an outfit for a date…he even dragged me along to go shopping with him and believe me shopping with Kise is…” You wanted to complain about the excessive  shopping trip but suddenly found yourself tightly pressed against Atobe’s chest “Thank god. Thank god. I should have known it. I love you so much (Name)-chan.”

You snuggled closer into his muscular chest, just now realizing that Atobe actually thought you were cheating. Atobe’s arms around you tightened “Did you really think I would cheat on you?” Atobe pulled back from the hug, one arm still wrapped around your waist, his other hand gently cupped your cheek “I apologize for even thinking about it, love. I was afraid that maybe I did something wrong…that I’m not making you happy.” You softly smiled at your boyfriend, it was actually cute that someone like Atobe was scared of not being good enough. 

Atobe slowly leaned down and captured your lips in a gentle kiss, cradling your face in his hand. When he broke the kiss, he showed you his handsome smile, “I remember I promised my princes a movie date?” You giggled but squealed when he suddenly picked you up princess style. 

He effortlessly carried you to the living room and gently set you down on the couch. Your favorite movie was already prepared and you snuggled into one of the fluffy blankets. Atobe quickly started the movie and pulled you on his lap. For the rest of the night Atobe never let you go, holding you close and gently stroking your hair until you fell asleep leaning against his chest.


Yukimura sat on the bench, watching his team practice. Everyone noticed that something was off and no one dared to go near him. You were ditching him all the time… Whenever he asked you out on a date you “already had plans”. First he didn’t suspect anything, why should he? You were his girlfriend and he trusted you, but it was going on for weeks and slowly he started to get worried. Did he do something wrong? Were you just tired of him? Was there someone else?

Yukimura silently left the school after training. He just couldn’t stop thinking about you. He loves you, you were smart, adorable, funny and absolutely beautiful. He couldn’t imagine loving someone else. What should he do if he really was going to lose you?
Suddenly Yukimura stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, walking in a different direction. He was going to talk to you. Right now. 

Yukimura rang the doorbell still debating with himself what exactly he should say. He just wanted to see your face, to feel you, to see your smile.
You opened the door, looking stunning as usual. Yukimura didn’t care that you were wearing shorts and an oversized sweater it made you just look adorable. Yukimura stared at you taking all that in, god he missed spending time with you. Your soft voice ripped him out of his thoughts “Hey, Seii-chan. What are you doing here? Do you want to come in? My parents aren’t home at the moment.” 

With a nod Yukimura stepped into the house, and followed you in your room. You started to wonder why he still hadn’t said one word “Sorry for the mess. I wanted to clean up later today.”
Yukimura smiled at you, it wasn’t that bad, but then his eyes fell on something he never expected to find in your rooms. 

There were boxer shorts on the floor next to your bed…and definitely not his boxer shorts. Yukimura slowly turned back to you, his face expressionless “What is going on (Name).” You blinked up at him “Huh? What do you mean?” Yukimura raised his voice, startling you since it never happened before “Don’t act innocent! Just tell me why there are boxer shorts in your room! Boxer shorts that aren’t mine!”
You crossed your arms in front of your chest, glaring back at him “Are you saying I’m cheating on you?! Do you really think I would do something like that?!”

Yukimura stared back in silence, he was at a loss for words. Did he think you would cheat on him? No…but what if…what if…”No answer is an answer as well. Leave, you can talk to me again when you are able to give me a proper answer.” Yukimura stood frozen in your room when you opened your door “Wait (Name)…” Your glare was icy “No. Leave. Now!”

The next day Yukimura dragged himself to tennis practice. He couldn’t sleep all night long. Not knowing what to think. He was the first to arrive in the club room, sitting down and burying his face in his hands. A few minutes later Yanagi entered the room. Yukimura quickly sat up again, but Yanagi already had seen him “What’s wrong Yukimura?” Yukimura shook his head, but added with a sigh, “It’s about (Name)-chan…I’m just not sure what to do.” Yanagi quirked an eyebrow, it was unusual for Yukimura to actually not know what to do and even more unusual for him to voice his problems “Is it about (Name)-san not having much time lately because her brother is here for a visit? If it’s that I assure you that things will be back to normal once he leaves for overseas again…” 

Yukimura’s head snapped up “What do you mean her brother visiting?” Yanagi slowly started to explain “Didn’t you know? I met (Name)-san with an older guy in town a week ago and she introduced him as her brother who is here for a visit. She mentioned something about him studying overseas. They seem to be on good terms if you ask me. He teased her about having to sleep in her “girly” room, they really seemed to be in tune with each other.”
Dread started to fill Yukimura. How could he be so stupid? Your brother was sleeping in your room. You hadn’t much time because you spent time with your brother and he never got the idea to just ask what you were doing.

Quickly Yukimura stood up “I’m leaving. Tell Sanada to take care of training.” Half an hour later Yukimura was standing in front of your door. A young man opened the door “I’m Yukimura Seiichi, is (Name)-san here?” Your brother leaned against the door frame “Ahhh…the boyfriend. I don’t know what the hell you did, but you better make it up to (Name)….She’s not here. She went out an hour ago.”

Yukimura just nodded before turning on his heel, he could win your brother over later, you were more important right now.
Yukimura knew exactly where you would go to. He found you sitting in the park, staring at a flowerbed. It was already pretty late and he could see you shiver in your thin clothes. He slowly walked up to you from behind and draped his jacket around your shoulders, you looked up at him in surprise, “Seii-chan…what are you doing here?” Yukimura looked at you  before gently pulling you up by your arm “I’m here to apologize. I should have never assumed that you would do something like that. I am so sorry. I really love you so I hope you can give me a second chance. I promise to not disappoint you, flower.” 

You pouted a bit “I’m still a bit angry so you have to make up for it…I expect you to take me on a date next Sunday.” Yukimura smiled at you, his eyes shining with happiness “Everything for you.” You threw your arms around Yukimura’s neck, you missed him and the fight was hard for you as well. Yukimura immediately wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you from the ground, spinning you around while laughing the melodic laugh you adore so much. He slowed down and pressed his lips against yours like it was the first time he ever kissed you, happy to have you next to him.


Shishido glared at one of his tennis team kouhais in anger “Shup up. I don’t believe you and I’m not listening to your shit, got that?” The poor boy nodded and stuttered, “I-I’m sorry Shishido-senpai…I am just telling what I saw…” before running off.
Shishido stared after him for a few seconds before shaking his head and stomping to his water bottle.

Later at night he turned around in his bed, not able to fall asleep. Why would that guy say something like that. No, it couldn’t be the truth, right?  But why would that guy tell he saw you on a date with someone. He couldn’t even talk with you about it since you went to a different school and writing a message to ask was just too weird.

After a restless night Shishido walked through the school’s hall, a scowl evident on his face. Suddenly one of his classmates walked up to him “Hey Shishido, you look a bit down today. Is it because of your ex-girlfriend? I’m sorry man…I saw her yesterday in town with her new guy…honestly, I almost didn’t recognize her but….”
Shishido’s hands were balled into fists when he finally spoke up, “Could you just shut up, okay? And we didn’t break up…” His classmate patted Shishido on the shoulder “Sorry dude…”
Shishido wanted to punch a wall, what the hell was going on?! Everything seemed to be fine during your date a few days ago. Damn, he shouldn’t listen to what all this idiotswere saying. He should just talk to you.

Later that day he asked you to meet him after school. You skipped towards him smiling, but Shishido immediately grumbled “Tell me what’s going on (Name). It sucks to constantly have someone tell you that they see your girlfriend hanging around with a different guy.” Slowly your smile fell “It’s nothing, Ryou-kun.” Nothing? “I’m not saying that there is something. Just tell me who he is and why you are constantly meeting him.”
You looked at your feet before looking back at your boyfriend “I can’t tell you. It’s not important so don’t worry about it, okay?” Well, that wasn’t exactly the answer he was hoping for. Shishido cursed under his breath “Just tell me!” Shishido almost flinched when you yelled back “I can’t!” Just great. You wouldn’t cheat on him. He told that himself over and over again during the last days, but seeing you react like that didn’t really make it easier “Damn. Why can’t you tell me if it’s nothing?! I’m going home.” 

After another sleepless night and an endless day at school Shishido met with Chotarou for some extra training. Their training always was intense, but today Shishido managed to get a bunch of bruises during the first 5 minutes.
After another bruise Chotarou asked “Are you okay, Shishido-san?!” Shishido just grabbed his racket tighter “I’m fine, Chotarou. Stop asking lame questions.” Chotarou looked like a lost puppy before speaking up again “B-But Shishido-san, it’s  obvious that something is bothering you…”
A few mumbled curses escaped Shishido and Chotarou could barley make out your name “Oh…it’s about (Name)-san? I saw her in town a few days ago b-” Shishido cut Chotarou off “Not you too! Honestly, why does everyone see her somewhere in town with a guy! And why does everyone think they have to remind me of it!”
Chotarou went silent for a while “W-Well, I saw her with a guy, but s-she didn’t really look comfortable…” Shishido sighed “Can we just stop talking about it. I have no idea what’s going on…let’s just continue training, okay?”

On his way home after training Shishido repeated Chotarou’s words in his head over and over again. Maybe you really weren’t cheating on him, but why wouldn’t you tell him when he asked you about it. It all just made no sense.
Suddenly Shishido spotted you next to a guy. He gritted his teeth and felt his eyes getting wet. Shishido furiously rubbed over his eyes and wanted to walk right past you. Neither you or the guy noticed Shishido and he almost was past you when he heard you whisper yell “Can’t you just leave me alone?! You are bothering me.”
Shishido stopped, remembering Chotarou’s words ‘she didn’t really look comfortable’, at least it sounded not like you were cheating on him. Unconsciously Shishido started to listen to your conversation. He couldn’t hear what the guy was saying, but your answers were enough “How often do I have to say it? I’m not going on a date with you so stop following me around…it’s getting creepy.” The guy mumbled something but you cut him off “I said no! I’m never ever going to say yes. Just please stay away from me!” 

Shishido had enough and walked up to both of you, he confidently slung an arm around your waist and glared at the boy “She said no. Get lost.” Shishido’s voice was so icy the boy backed down immediately.
When the guy was gone Shishido turned towards you, arms crossed over his chest “Are you okay?” You nodded quickly and Shishido let out a sigh, relaxing a bit “Are you going to tell me now what’s going on?” You pouted a bit and started to explain. The guy was your classmate and tried to ask you out on a date. You declined, but he just wouldn’t let you alone and asked you again and again. He was following you around on your way home after school and just couldn’t get that you aren’t interested. 

By the time you finished your story Shishido still looked a bit grumpy “Why didn’t you just tell me? I could have picked you up from school.” Now it was your turn to sigh “I thought I could handle it myself…and I didn’t want to bother you. You already have a lot on your plate with tennis practice and all that…” Shishido suddenly pulled you in a tight hug “Never do that again, okay? You scared the shit out of me.” No matter how grumpy his words sounded the way he held you was incredible gentle. When he calmed down a bit Shishido mumbled in your ear “I love you, okay? So try to not make me worry so much.” He pulled back from the hug just to gently flick your forehead “Next time tell me, stupid. You are my girlfriend after all and I always have time for you, got that?” You pouted a bit and rubbed your forehead “Fine. But you don’t have to flick my forehead, Ryou-kun.”

Shishido tried to suppress a grin, god you were adorable. He could feel all the worry from the last days vanish when he looked at you pouting up at him. Shishido took your school bag out of your hands and slung it over his shoulders. With a small smile he grabbed your hand and tugged you along with him, “Come on (Name)-chan, I’m walking you home. I’m picking you up from school tomorrow as well, and don’t even try to talk me out of it. I won’t let him bother you any longer.”
Shishido gently squeezed your hand and when he felt you squeeze back he knew that everything was more than okay.

You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch. 3

Pairings: Clexa, Octaven
Rating: M (for now)
Words: 6k+
Part: 3/?  

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

[Ch. 1] [Ch. 2]

“I need you to be at the airport by six.”

“Please tell me you mean p.m.”


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Alright, let’s talk about Liam for a moment, okay? And I don’t mean Liam in general, as much as I’d love to spend my day doing just that. No, what i want to talk about now is Liam in the eyes of Larries, and the fact that he is (and not for the first time) being hated on for no reason whatsoever.

I’m just going to use some logic in this post. One could say that I am biased if I use the argument about Liam being queer and in a relationship with Zayn to support my claims, so I’m just going to assume in this post that Liam is 100% no homo and in a relationship with Sophia (kill me)

I shouldn’t even have to say all these things. It’s just rational thinking, and I think deep down everyone already knows all this stuff, but some people ignore it because… I dunno, why do you ignore it? Because Liam has chest hair and that doesn’t match your aesthetic? Anyway.

Let’s start off with a fact (something that truly exists or happens, something that has actual existence: a true piece of information).

  • Louis and Liam love each other

I can almost hear people whining and complaining. Still, this is an undeniable fact. You could go ahead and say that Lilo is being shoved down our throats a lot by 1DHQ, and I would agree with you, but Liam and Louis have shown time and time again through the years that they’re truly friends (which is something I believe applies to all members of 1D+Zayn, I’m always confused when people claim to “hate” a friendship, but whatever). You’re allowed to not like the fact that they’re friends (I guess), but the fact itself can’t be denied.

Now, let’s get to Larry itself. First of all, I do believe Larry is or has been an actual relationship, and I do like and prefer to think that they are together and happy, even if still closeted. Despite all the proof and everything, however, since no actual 1000% undeniable evidence exists, I should list Larry as being a couple merely as a possibility. But since we’re talking about Larries, who take their relationship for a fact, I’m going to treat it as such.

  • Louis and Harry are dating / Larry is real

Not much to say about this. Both Louis and Harry are closeted by their management, they’ve both had beards, they’ve spent a long time barely acknowledging each other’s existence because of management, and are only now starting to properly interact again.

Another fact.

  • Liam has spent the past 5 years in One Direction, along with a gay couple made up of two of his best friends

My brain cries because of the fact that I actually have to spell it out, but do you start seeing where the problem lies? Liam has been called a homophobe, an ignorant and ineducated person, who should just shut up. (Obviously this doesn’t apply when “I love Liam so much, he’s a dark Larrie, he read a Larry sign”)

Now tell me, please tell me. How could a homophobe be such good friends with a gay couple? How could a gay couple be such good friends with a homophobe? How could they all be so playful with each other, especially Lilo, if one was queer and the other anti-gay? And even if Liam had ever been a homophobem you’d think that after FIVE YEARS spent in the same band as a gay couple, he’d become a supportive friend. Which he is, he has shown it.

This post started off good, but I’m not great at making long posts, so probably it could be worded much better, sorry but I’m not English-speaking. I hope I managed to get my point across.

By the way, if you decide that Liam’s persona, which said all that stuff in Attitude Mag, which sometimes gets defensive on Twitter and says some stupid things, is actually Liam and so you’re taking that as a fact, then I’m sorry, but you’re indirectly claiming that Larry isn’t real, because there is no way, NO WAY, that Louis and Harry as a gay couple would act like they do with Liam, if they knew him as a homophobe.

And since I’ve read some people talking about “double standards” when whining about the fact that “Liam can joke about kissing behind closed doors, while Louis and Harry can’t”, do you really want to talk about double standards?

Remember that time Louis denied Larry?

Oh, but that was management, you’re right, I’m sorry. But when Liam says something about Larry, that’s 100% his real thoughts and words. Obviously! Because we all know that when a couple is closeted, only they have to deny it. Friends, family, bandmates… They can just go and tell everyone about it and confirm it. That’s the whole point of closeting! … what, it’s not? Aw.

What did you say? Larry always only denied themselves on Twitter and not by voice, while Liam did it? Bullshit.

Bonus Liam trying to divert attention to the thing by joking about Niall and himself. But I guess some people see this too as being an asshole, and not as trying to help a friend. *shrug*

So, what I’m saying, is that Liam is a good person, one of the best really. He tries really hard to please everyone. Because of the situation they’re all in, he is part of the closeting process, as they all are, and he is often chosen as the scapegoat by both management and fans. You’d expect that people who analyze every single sentence Harry and Louis speak, and every hint of body language they show, would realize that, but I guess not.

Thanks for reading.

anonymous asked:

Ok Nicole. It's top 10. Who you got to win? (Assuming it's not already been determined by producers). I like the way Blake is managing Lauren so far. He's going to have her peaking at just the right time. I am worried about Mark and the 10-12 year old twitter vote though. Ha!

I think, unless something dramatically changes, we’ll have Hunter, Lauren, Chris and Brennley in the Top 4. Jesse MIGHT also sneak in there, as he’s performing (in terms of reaction/sales) better than I’d anticipated

I adore Lauren’s tone and think she could win, but I also sort of wish she’d do something a little less safe and do something a little ~different~. Other than that, I think any of those four could win. Next week should give us a better indication of the trends. 

And hahaha! I’m hoping that because there’s rounds where there’s automatic elimination, he goes in that. It’s the Instant Save that’s getting him past the post. Also, I should point out that, regardless of my desire for him to go home, it’s not because I think it’s untalented, period. I do think he’s had some super mediocre performances, though.


krystalkairi said:

The book store in the mall near me likes bringing authors in for book signings but no one ever shows up. The author just sits at a table by themselves and I just feel all horrible and awkward for them so I want to go up to them, but at the same time I don’t know who they are or what their book is about. So I guess what I’m asking is: how do I approach them? Or if you were in their position would you not want some person who doesn’t know who you are showing up? Help me, Auntie MJ!

Dear, sweet, kind krystalkairi,

I never expected to be asked this question, but when I was, I felt a spirit rising inside of me. Like a song I needed to sing. Like I dance I needed to dance. Like an itch I needed to scratch.


Signings can be rough. Rougher still are the all-day author stations. In stores in England, especially, I have seen this. I have seen the little table reserved for the author, or the extremely small desk, or the chair, or—and in this case I simply ran away crying—A SMALL CIRCLE PAINTED ON THE FLOOR. The author comes to the store in the hope of selling books and becomes some kind of living warning of the dangers of trying to do anything at all.

I don’t know what people think author events are like. I think people might assume that when they write a book and have a signing that it will be some kind of great, complete triumph. This is the moment in which all who doubted you will burn! This is when great crowds will line up and whisper each to each, “Is it…? “Could it really be her?”

I am sure there have been some people who have experienced that on their first signing, but those people were already famous somehow. They were on TV, YouTube, or had an online following for their writing—or they did something exceptional, like be an astronaut or president or someone who once waxed a Kardashian or something.

The majority of people who write a book will have a vastly different experience. Unless you have the signing in a place where you can guarantee large numbers of people will come see you (i.e. you are a Duggar, you have run your mom through a cloning machine, you have kidnapped many people in the local area and made your signing the condition for their release)…you are likely to be alone a lot.

I have been this author. So has every author I know.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite appearances early in my career, just to give you an idea of just how glamorous it can get.

My publisher sent me to a bookstore appearance in a state just north of New York.* I was sent an Amtrak ticket and set off on a snowy day. I stepped off the train in this strange New England town and looked around for the person who was supposed to meet me, but found no one. I started walking around the parking lot in circles until someone yelled, “ARE YOU AN AUTHOR?”  I admitted I was. A car pulled up and the driver asked me to get inside. She was swearing mightily about someone else and apologizing to me for something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. I only knew that something was wrong.

We drove to the bookstore, where the person who picked me up ushered me inside and called for someone. The owner of the store came out of the back and said, “Oh, hey. Are you Maureen? Here’s the thing. When I made the posters for your event I put the wrong date on them. So probably no one is going to come.”

All of this was said in the flat aspect of someone riding the aftereffects of dental anesthesia. No further information was offered.

“So…” I said.

“Well, no one is going to come. I mean, you can stay if you want. You might as well. You came all the way here. We own the coffee shop next door. You can sit there.”

I was taken next door, to a large coffee shop. It was closed, so she had to unlock it. It looked like it only opened at night, which seemed like a strange time to open a coffee shop, but I wasn’t asking too many questions at this point.

“I’ll be back for your signing,” she said. “But no one is going to come. So I’ll just drive you back to the train then. If you want a sandwich you can take one from the…” She waved at a refrigerated section at the coffee bar. Then she left, locking the door behind her and me inside.

The signing was three hours away still.

I had my computer with me, so I used the time to write a bit. The snow fell, and no one came. Night fell, and no one came. The time of the signing came and went. I pressed my face to the window. Finally, someone came to open the coffee shop for the night. She looked surprised to see me there.

“Um, the owner?” I said. “Left me here? And said she would be back for me?”

And the barista said, “Oh, she went home about an hour ago.”

So I walked back to the train station by myself in the snow. This was just before smart phones, so I sort of had to guess where it was. I wandered the town, brushing flakes from my eyelashes, just looking for anywhere a train might go, wondering how it was I had just spent the day locked in an otherwise unoccupied building. It seemed like there may have been fine line being doing a signing and being kidnapped.

After the signing.

If you are sitting in public, yet you are alone, sometimes someone will come up to you and start talking, because you are fair game. I’ve been told life stories, been hit up for contacts, been on the receiving end of rants about how things were being run in this country, and gotten entire lectures about everything under the sun. All of that being said? I have had great signings where only two or three or four people came. One of my favorites was another one where the wrong day was announced, but two people caught the mistake and came and we just talked for two hours. It was great!

But those are signings, and those have a beginning and end. Those are hard enough. The open event where the author sits in the bookstore all day is a different and more alarming beast. Those authors are treated like PATIENT ZERO. People avoid them by instinct, because there is something in our reptile brain that tells us that if one of us has been forced to stand in a weird little circle on the floor, something must be wrong. Even I avoid authors in this position because I believe on some level that if I approach them they will grab me by the head and pull me into the little circle on the floor and say, “HAHAHAHAHA! ANOTHER AUTHOR HAS COME I AM FREE!” And then I will be locked into the circle by some strange gravitational pull. The other author will leap out and run off and I’ll be left there to die. Or until Nicholas Sparks wanders past. By that point, I will have had time to make a rope out of my hair and clothes and will be able to lasso him from twenty feet. Then the author of The Notebook and other works will know my pain and HE will have to stare at Hot Topic for months on end, until Jonathan Franzen finally gives in to his deep, unconscious craving for a mall pretzel. And so, the cycle continues. Ever wonder why some authors are so reclusive? WONDER NO MORE.

Okay. You’re at a signing, or you’ve spotted an author trapped in some way in the bookstore. There are two basic positions the captive author can take. This will tell you a lot.


One of the key coping strategies of the captive author is: LOOK BUSY. Do something. Do anything. The first line of defense usually involves checking your phone, with occasional glances around the room. These authors are probably bored and maybe sad. Sometimes authors may pull out their computers and write, which I always applaud. That’s good thinking. Same for reading. The problem is that readers are often afraid to approach a writer who looks like they are working or reading or on the phone.

The lonely author may choose to look busy. 


I always admire people who do this. I admire them as much as I fear them. I like their positivity and confidence in their work—or at least their willingness to put on a smile in a tough situation. It’s often a natural instinct to speak to people who are passing by. That’s one kind of reaching out. However, some people REALLY reach out. Physically. They reach out with their book and even follow people around the store and demand you have a look. I instinctively dislike having a book shoved at me and being told I will like it, even though the author knows nothing about me. I have come to the bookstore to browse and be with my thoughts and to smell the lovely smell of books. If someone jumps out from behind the biographies and thrusts a book at me and starts yelling, “HEY I WROTE THIS BOOK, TOOTH MAGIC, IT’S SO GREAT YOU LOOK LIKE A READER READ THIS BUY IT HERE I’LL TELL YOU THE ENTIRE PLOT IN A FORM LONGER THAN THE BOOK ITSELF…” …my likely response is to punch them, punch anyone around, punch myself, and then escape through the vents. Hard sells make me nervous under the best of circumstances.

Some authors will look more confident. This confidence may or may not be a ruse.

It’s tough, you know? It’s tough for all of us. It’s hard to know what this social exchange is meant to mean. It’s hard to go out there and stand next to your work and try to interest people in it. Authors are often shy. We usually work alone. For many of us, being set out in public is really, really hard. It may be a nightmare. I’ve seen people throwing up at the prospect of a signing. Sometimes we can’t figure out if we want anyone to talk to us, or if it would be best to be left alone to sink through the floor. Some people love it, though. To each their own. It’s impossible to know unless you approach the person, and even then, you are unlikely to know what’s really going on.

For me, I like it, generally. But that’s after years of doing it, building more of an audience, growing more of a thick skin, being able to sit there whether I have a long line or not. But it took me a while to get there, and I still get nervous sometimes.

My best advice is this: if you are interested in the book, go over and have a look and a chat. If you aren’t, smile, say hello if you like. You can also talk about other things. You can talk about the weather. General politeness applies here. If the author looks at you and you aren’t interested, don’t hiss and throw a copy of the closest George R R Martin at their head. Just say no thanks and smile. If the author won’t leave you alone, you are perfectly within your rights to spray them with a fire extinguisher. (Or just walk away. Maybe that’s better.) On some level, we accept it when you just walk by. We have to. But a smile and nod never hurts.

Also, I encourage other authors to share their stories of being the lonely one. It feels good.

Thank you for noticing us. THANK YOU FOR CARING.


Auntie MJ 

* This store no longer exists. This is not the store you are thinking of. It really isn’t.

I’ll Get There- Chapter 5

So many people have been messaging me about chapter 5 of this story and I was going to post this tomorrow but I thought  “Just give the people what they want” lol. I am so happy people have become so dedicated to this story in such a short period of time. I really am grateful. So as always give me your feedback, what you love, what you hate and enjoy. Here is a link for the previous chapter and for those who are just beginning you can find “previous” links in all chapters. I hate when I’m reading a fic on tumblr and have to search the world for the other chapters.

Chapter 4 : http://jacintabrown3.tumblr.com/post/115136075832/ill-get-there-chapter-4

Jude lay in the dark. After Connor had left he had gone straight to his room without speakingto anyone, not even Luke. Luke, sensing the uneasiness had mercifully remained silent and taken of the light, laying in bed as well.  This had been three hours ago and Jude was tired, so tired, but his body refused to succumb. He had tried that counting sheep shit, but someone needed to make a public announcement that that strategy did not fucking work. Jude had assumed Luke had fallen asleep awhile ago until he heard a whisper.

“ Jude? Hey, Jude?”

Jude contemplated not answering, to pretend he was asleep, but he had been lying in silence for awhile and he could use the conversation.

“Yeah?” he said.

“ You awake?”

Jude rolled his eyes at that, “ No, Luke. I am very coherently talking in my sleep.”

He heard Luke shift in his bed. “Very funny. I was just making sure. So, do you mind me asking you something?”

Jude turned his body in Luke’s direction, “It depends on what you want to ask.”  He already had an idea on what Luke’s question would be. Luke wasn’t stupid. An idiot could have picked up on the tension between him and Connor.

“Alright then. Well, what’s the deal between you and your friend Connor.  Cuz I mean, dude, it was so weird in that kitchen. The weirdness level was probably like 9 out of 10. I swear to god. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.”

Jude laughed. “Now you see,  how I remember it was that you were the one who asked an uncomfortable question. Because apparently you just go around asking people if there gay, like it’s a normal thing.”

Luke, “Hey, that was not my fault. I wanted to know. It was a reasonable question.” There was no reasoning with this guy, Jude thought.

“Whatever you say Luke. Whatever you say.”

They lay in silence for a few moments until Luke said, “ So, um, you gonna answer my question?”

Jude answered impatiently, “Must you know EVERYTHING?”

“ Dude, you’re my roommate. Of course I gotta know everything.  Alright. Take it like this. You’re my friend. Well, I consider you my friend. And you just seemed really on edge all night. And if that Connor guy is being a little bitch, I could knock him out for you if you want.  No questions asked. That’s what bros are for.”

Jude sat up in his bed and laughed the hardest he had probably laughed in months.

He heard the smile in Luke’s voice, “ What? I’m so serious right now.”

Jude shook his head, “You cannot knock out Connor Luke. You’re probably right about him being a little bitch, but you can’t hit him. But thanks for that, really,” he said sincerely.  In that moment Jude realized Luke wasn’t so bad after all. “I didn’t realize, but you’re kind of a good friend.”

Luke laughed, “It’s the least I can do. I mean, your letting me eat your food.”

“That’s true,” Jude said, “You kind of don’t have a choice.”

“Alright,” Luke got off of the bed and put on the lamplight, “now that we experienced that beautiful bonding moment, can you tell me what’s  up with this Connor guy.  Because Jude? I may not be gay, but I know when two people have got something for each other.  And you and Connor? Let me just say, I’m not stupid.” Luke sat at the foot of Jude’s bed. “So, tell me.”

Jude sighed; he ran his hands through his hair. It wouldn’t hurt breaking it down a little for Luke. And maybe he might feel a little better after talking about some of the things that he kept bottled up in him for five years.

“Connor and I have been friends for five years, best friends. He’s always stood up for me, because let’s just say I wasn’t the most popular kid in high school. So yeah, we’ve been friends for a long time, but things got a little complicated along the way, things that make the whole “best friends” label hazy and maybe it became more than that, hell, it did become more than that.” Jude started getting heated, it felt kind of good talking about this.

“And as much as I wanted to label it, Connor didn’t, because he’s afraid of admitting something that I think is the truth. And I don’t know why he’s so afraid of it, but he is. So I’m left here in a pit of confusion, where I don’t know whether to move on or if to wait for someone who’s probably never going to accept himself for who he really is. And it just kind of sucks.” Jude took a deep breath. That was the most he had ever talked about this situation.

Luke internalized Jude’s rant and said slowly, “ So, he’s afraid to admit he’s gay?”

Jude looked at Luke, “Yeah, basically. I’m not sure if he’s bi, because I’m pretty sure he slept with a girl back in college, maybe more than one, but I don’t know if it’s that he’s actually attracted to girls or if it’s just him in denial.”

“So he is acting like a little bitch.” Luke said.

Jude laughed, “ To sum it all up, yeah.” Jude sighed, “ But at the same time, no, because I get that he’s scared. Before I came out, I was too. But I eventually accepted it. But I guess I just have to remember that some people move slower than others, and he just needs more time. It just kind of sucks for me because, you know I’m the one waiting.”

“ Okay, so you are waiting for him right?” Luke asked.

“I mean, kinda, I guess. But not really.” Jude replied.

Luke rolled his eyes, “ Okay. Well who says waiting has to be boring. While you wait for Connor to get his shit together, you have some fun on your own. If he can fool around with people while he comes to his revelation, so can you.”

Jude looked at Luke, “I can’t.”

“ Why the hell not?” Luke asked.

“Because that would be unfair to the other person. I’d be using them.” Luke looked at Jude incredulously. He got up off of Jude’s bed and went back to his.

“You are such a good Samaritan. Listen, it’s your choice on whether you want to wait on this guy or not. And it’s your choice on whether you want to drown in self pity while you’re at it.”

Jude looked at Luke as he took of the lamp and lay back in his bed. Luke added, “Some people are worth the wait. And if he is, that’s great, but don’t let yourself suffer while you’re waiting.”

Luke was the last person Jude had ever thought he would talk about this with. But for once, all Luke’s rambling was making sense. It was almost, if he dare say, enlightening.

“ Well….thanks for that,” Jude finally said, “ I mean, you actually can say some things that make sense sometimes.”

He heard Luke chuckle and felt a pillow land on his face. “ I just pulled out some of my best stuff for you there. You better be grateful.”

They both settled down in their beds, and Jude had finally begun to drift off while thinking about Luke what had said, when there was suddenly a “thunk” noise at the window. Jude, half asleep, ignored it at first until he heard it again, and then again.

“What the hell is that?” he heard Luke ask groggily.

Jude groaned, dragging himself out of his sheets and to the window. Something hit the window again.

“ What is it?” Luke asked.

“Could you hold on,” Jude said, “I’m opening the window, because another person was too lazy to get out of his bed.”

“I’m the guest.” Luke said.

“Shut up.” Jude unlatched the window and slid it up, looking out. One of the flying objects narrowly missed his head as he did this.

“What the….” Jude looked down; the direction from which the object had come from.

And there, standing at the bottom of his window in the dark was……

“ You cannot be fucking serious right now,” Jude said to the figure.

anonymous asked:

Lets see if I can explain this well.... But spaces between, well, words are not used in japanese, correct? I was wondering if one might come upon sentences written in hiragana - without kanji. Outside of the learning-field, I mean. I am just a bit curious over being able to tell what is written when there is no spacing. Thanks.

Yup! There are no spaces between Japanese words. 

As explained within our page here [Link to Japanese writing system page]
Without kanji,more or less, Japanese sentence would look like this: thiscakecostsmefortyfivedollarsapiece

But i assume that you could still read it, right ? That’s because your brain already mastered the English grammar pattern & vocabularies. So even without the space, your brain can automatically divided the word into something that make sense. 

So the key would be to gather much Japanese vocabulary & grammar data to your brain. Either by reading grammar explanation,exposure, and practices.

Note that without kanji,there will be problem though since there are a ton of similar words. For example, kami (God) and kami (hair). 

But you can still understand it using context though.
For example, when someone is saying my KAMI is very curly. Although it’s possible that her God is indeed curly, but it’s more realistic to say that her hair is curly right? 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。 3

Hope it helps & happy learning! 


Additional info:

Importance on Kanji

Kanji helps you to read faster. It works by symbolising the words. It is similar as to how numbers shape works in language! And since there are no spaces in Japanese sentence, the kanji helps the brain divide the words better. Without kanji, reading Japanese would be a tedious task! 

It’s obvious as to which of these two sentence that is easier & faster to read right?

A: onethousandfiftyhundredthirtytwo
B: 1.532

More about Japanese writing can be seen using this link below:
[Link to Japanese writing system page]

How to Insult Me on Twitter

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are struggling to come up with creative ways to insult me on Twitter. As a public service, I will organize the common approaches in this post so people can insult me by number.

1. Act like you think I draw Garfield or another comic you think is not funny. 

2. Proclaim that I am the pointy-haired boss from Dilbert.  (Assume a million people haven’t already told me the same thing.) 

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Can’t Get You Out of My Mind Chapter 9

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 9/?

Rating: Like T for teen atm (mild language, some like PG-13 physical contact this chapter)

Chapter Word Count: 2193 / Full Fic Count: 23166

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.

Warnings:  semi-nightmares, one instance of vague bedwetting (minor character), some language



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anonymous asked:

Hi there, so I'm a huge Clexa shipper and I've read some comments of people who watched the first episodes already. And somehow I fear that Lexa might die this season (many assume that as well). What do you think about that? It would be horrible if Clarke killed her or something. I could imagine Lexa dying for Clarke. Anyways I am really scared she might be killed off and I wanted you to ask what do you think Lexa's chances are to survive this season? BTW love your tumblr!

Oh man this is the fear we Clexa/Lexa lovers have been living since season 2 buddy. The dead Lesbian trope has never failed to occur in the TV shows where one is portrayed. Lexa might have escaped that faith in S2 which had caught us by total surprise (we are always expecting the lesbian to die) And Jason didn’t disappoint in that aspect (for now)

Regarding this season we know the stakes are higher, there might be turmoil after all grounders heard about what Clarke did. The girl is a bit crazy right now and might make alliances w the wrong people. So I really don’t know what to expect, we know that the world is expanding and we will meet many more clans. Yeah maybe Lexa will get betrayed and killed by her people or even her enemies, aka Nia. Or maybe Lexa will try to make amends by protecting Clarke from those enemies hunting her and die valiantly trying to keep her safe. It could happen.

Her character is so rich, and still has so many layers to peel that I think it wouldn’t be just to just kill her off or replace her with someone else when Lexa has a huge fanbase and so much depth in the story. It would probably hurt the show. And I do understand that she might get killed off for conflicting schedules w ADC and FTWD, but as Jason said AMC was really cool arranging her schedule to be able to do both shows. I trust that Jason won’t want to kill a character that he created  and is so loved. I hope that he sends Lexa in her own arc as far away from the danger as possible and keep her alive off screen, mentioning her or Indra providing news of her plans and whereabouts which is the best outcome we can expect. Keeping her alive off screen until she can return again.

Let’s keep supporting the most amazing “Guest Star” that show has and be there whatever happens with the all mighty Commander Lexa.