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I agree with you about the first scene happening on WF in s8. They are totally going to make a parallel with the pilot, but this time with Jon and Dany arriving to Winterfell instead of Robert and Cersei. I can already see Bran, Sansa and Arya waiting for them in the court exactly like the Starks did in the pilot. And Jon and Arya reuniting in front of everyone in a very emotional scene. My heart.

God yes. Yes. I am not going to be okay. I have wanted a Jon and Arya reunion for as long as I’ve wanted Jonerys haha. I’m going to be an emotional wreck. 

It’s going to be so sad, too, because the group of Starks gathered there to receive them is so much smaller than what we saw in 1.01. So much has changed, and so much has been lost. That’s why I don’t think too many of the remaining characters are going to die before the end. The current state of affairs in the series is ALREADY very bittersweet. 

But I’m kind of excited because even though Robert/Cersei was a horrible relationship, Jon and Dany arriving to WF together is going to obviously parallel them. The King and Queen coming to Winterfell :’) I really hope that they are obviously close and intimate when they get there and that Jon is attentive and defensive of Dany. My heart <3

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How about botw zelink first kiss?


There was little time in Zelda’s life for romance and, to be completely honestly, she never felt the need to push the issue. Her hours had been spent praying, studying, discovering and being the general figurehead of hope that her Father needed her to be. Her mother died before she ever managed to pass on any life lessons in love or how to activate the powers her veins carried.

Which left Zelda to figuring it out all on her own.

Well, until Urbosa. The Gerudo took the girl under her wing as best that she could while still maintaining her role of Champion. Urbosa did not teach Zelda from books or in the drawling way that her teachers did. She sat her down and spoke with the utmost honesty. Something the then sixteen-year-old appreciated.

Blonde hair tied into a twisting bun, Zelda slumped against the inner wall of Naboris with a groan. Urbosa raised an eyebrow and peered down at the girl. “Something amiss, Princess?”

“This heat… it is making my…” She faltered, speaking such things aloud would have given her Father a shock but Urbosa understood. She always did. “Cycle especially tortuous.” She managed a pained smile. “Your tips have helped. Thank you.”

“I’m just surprised that you’d never heard of them!” The Gerudo slid down to join her companion. “I wonder what else they have not told you?” Urbosa frowned, deeply. “Sex?”

Zelda flushed, brightly, and rapped her on the shoulder. “Urbosa!” She covered her blush with her palms. “Of course.”

“Good.” She laughed, loudly, at Zelda’s embarrassment though her amusement quickly turned to gentleness. “And what of love, young one?”


Urbosa sighed, pulled her charge close, and leaned her cheek against Zelda’s golden hair. “Love. Being in love. What it means, what it can mean?”  She shifted so that she can look into the teenager’s eyes. “I worry for you. ” She took her hand into her own. It was warm, calloused and gentle. “You have not experienced much of the world, Princess. I fear that they will place you in a loveless marriage and I do not want that for you.” The Gerudo smiled, softly. “Do not allow them to steal real love from you.”

She never really finished that conversation with Urbosa. Link arrived with a summons from her father and they parted ways. They saw each other from time to time but neither approached the subject. There were more important things to be discussed than matters of the heart.

It’s something Zelda can recall following Calamity’s defeat. Urbosa’s gentle words and the oppressing feeling of time running between her fingers. Link takes her hand to help her ascend to the top of a peak. The heat is unbearable but lightning stands, unwavering, before them.

His fingers linger around her palm. He releases her to move toward the Beast and Zelda remarks on how steadfast he has been for her. Link glances back and smiles, gently. “Would you like a moment… alone with her?”

“Yes.” She shouldn’t be surprised that she’s already an emotional wreck. She’s cried upon visiting every single one of them. This was the last one. The hardest good-bye to swallow. Zelda walks forward to press forehead against the machine. “There are so many things I want to ask you, to share with you. I never thanked you for your guidance or the care you showed. For the love, you gave me when I needed it.” A shaky breath. “Like so many others, I do not know that I am ready to say good-bye but I wish you peace.” She steps back and brushes the tears from her face. There is so much more to say but Zelda turns away.

Link smiles and steps forward with his hand out. “We will see them, again.” She takes it and lets him curl her into his chest. 

“I know.” Zelda twists so that his hands locked behind her lower back. She holds his face in her palms and smiles. “Thank you for coming with me.” 

“Of course.” He says because he needed to say goodbye too and because she needed him. 

Zelda doesn’t know what romantic love is like. It has never been explained to her in words that she can fully comprehend… looking at this man. She thinks she might be coming to a conclusion. She tests that theory by planting a gentle kiss upon his lips. For a moment, she wonders if Naboris has struck her with lightening when Link returns the action with the tilt of his mouth.

She has many things to discover about life and love. She hopes her friend will be proud that she intends to find it all out her own way.

“And you know what? Lindsay and I… We made an extra life.”

No, I totally didn’t cry over this announcement, and no I totally haven’t been obsessing over it, unable to stop thinking about how Michael must be scared of losing their baby and how absolutely excited and in love he is with his child already and how Lindsay is so happy and how they are going to be the cutest parents to ever parent and how happy I am to watch them grow over the years.

That would be ridiculous.

I tell you, most neglect|cheating fics from anti-croud were way more merciful and respectful to SS than all this

Kill me now. They did it. They really did it! They REALLY went ahead and honestly admitted that SS is shit and their marriage didn’t work out (even IF it ever existed)! I am genuinely shocked right now. My head spins and my hands are trembling.

Who is this? What is this? Is this broken sad and void woman the girl I cheered for for 10 years of my life? Is this the one girl who once held promise to become the greatest kunoichi of Konoha? Also, good job, she is an apron again, doing housework again.

Seriously? It wasn’t enough that she was portrayed as a sad wreck of a woman in a broken marriage a moment ago? It wasn’t enough that she couldn’t handle righteous questions from her child, snapped and threatened her? Now they have to say that she is also dirt poor and can’t handle a situation she herself caused? Can’t handle to a point where she just falls flat in front of her child, whose house she blew up?

………….. I know, I know. I should be ready for such things already. Sakura is a sad woman in a dysfunctional family, a sore excuse for a ninja, a failure in life, an emotional wreck, a poor housewife, a complete ambition-less shadow of her former self. OMG, one can handle even a bad life scenario in a more dignified way. This is a disaster.

……….And now this child is not even hers by the looks of it. Yes, this is the end. In my wildest dreams I didn’t ask for this atrocity.

I have such mixed emotions right now. On one hand, I am utterly disgusted and saddened by this senseless Konoha, by Naruto who doesn’t smile, by these purposeless adults with no spark in their eyes. Most of all I am obviously destroyed by this image of a complete failure Sakura. They stooped so low with her. They took all her potential and all her dignity and threw it away for the sake of drama. There is NOTHING left to respect in Sakura.

On the other hand, I obviously want to sing in extasy, because BLOODY HELL SS burnes! It burns to the ground! There are only ashes in the air. The scorched smell intoxicates me. I swear to you, the most hardcore anti-fics with cheating and neglect were much more merciful to SS.

That Time of Month (Dean Winchester Fluff for Anon)

You’re on your period, and Dean helps you.

“Get up Y/N! We have a lot of work to do today!” Sam banged on the door to your room in the bunker. You groggily glanced over at the red glow of your alarm clock. 6:30, it read. You ignored Sam’s wishes and buried your head back into your pillow and drifted back into sleep. You fell back asleep for about thirty minutes, before you were painfully awoken by a sharp pain in your lower abdomen. It couldn’t be what you thought it was. Had it really been a month already? You lifted the covers where you were laying to check your sheets. Sure enough, there was a small blood spot where you had been laying. “Are you fucking kidding me?” you sighed to yourself. Having your period make you an emotional wreck, and extremely needy for Dean, you didn’t know why, it just did. Being a hunter sure as hell didn’t make it any easier either. You put on a new pair of boyshort underwear to go with your white tank, and opened the door to go to the bathroom. You slumped past the boys, who were already up and researching. “I am death.” You mumbled as you walked past them. “Good morning to you too.” Dean scoffed. You ignored him and headed into the bathroom. You looked into the cabinet where you usually kept your tampons and pads, and it was empty. “Fuck.” You sighed as you left the bathroom and walked to where the boys were researching. You sat next to Dean. “Dean I need the keys to the Impala, I need to make a run.” You said, you were in no mood to try and persuade him by being flirtatious. It was the only way to get that stubborn man to do anything. “Why?” He said raising an eyebrow at you. Before you could respond, Sam intervened. “Dude.” Sam said, hinting at Dean. “Oh, um, do you want me or Sam to go get them? Would that make it easier, or..?” Dean said, somewhat embarrassed that he questioned you, you thought it was cute though, Dean had always looked out for you. “Dean, do you really want to check out with tampons and pads?” You asked him, knowing that guys don’t usually prefer to buy tampons. “Nope, it shows I have a woman to care for.” He smirked, chuckling a bit at the end. “Dean, you don’t have a woman.” Sam said, looking up from his laptop at Dean. Dean’s smiled faded. “You don’t have a woman….woman.” Dean said to Sam, then looking back at you. “You really need to work on those comebacks okay?” You said laughing at him, sarcastically putting a hand on his knee. He shrugged. “Do you want me to get them or no?” He said getting back to business. “How about I come with so you don’t embarrass yourself.” You said, making a compromise. “Deal.” Dean agreed, getting up from his seat to get the keys. You got up and went back to your room to throw on a pair of jeans and boots. “You ready yet?” You heard Dean calling down the hallway. “Yeah.” You said walking out of your room to accompany him to the Impala. “Holy shit!” You exclaimed as you walked outside, shocked by the chill of the air. “Is Kansas always this cold?” You asked Dean as you got into the Impala. “It’s sixty degrees?” Dean said, giving you a questionable look before getting in the Impala. You forgot that you got extremely cold on your period, you weren’t sure what it was, maybe just all the blood, but it was hell. Dean turned on the car before taking off his green utility jacket and handing it to you. You took it without hesitation and wrapped yourself in it as Dean sped off onto the road. “Thanks.” You mumbled about five minutes into the car ride. “For?” Dean said, looking at you briefly, then locking his eyes back on the road. “Caring about me.” You said as you pulled your legs next to you in the front seat, trying to get comfortable. Why were you saying this? You never said mushy stuff like that. Stupid emotions. “Its what I’m supposed to do.” Dean said before resting a hand on your ankle. “You’re warm.” You said to Dean, suddenly feeling safe because he was with you. Your cramps came back, this time worse than last time, making it almost impossible to get comfortable. A couple of agonizing minutes later, you felt it. The burning in your throat, water welling up in your eyes, you were going to cry. A tear escaped from your eyes, despite all of your attempts to avoid emotion. You sniffled a bit. “Ok Y/N,” you thought “if you can handle being legitimately stabbed, you can handle some wimpy cramps.” you finished trying to cheer yourself on through the pain. “You okay-” Dean started as he looked over at you “What happened? Are you okay?” He said pulling over the car, thinking that something was wrong. “Yea, I’m okay.” You said, your voice tainted by tears. “Why are you crying?” He said facing you and wiping a tear from your cheek. “I don’t know. I hurt. And I’m cold. And I’m a wreck. Sorry.” You said smiling a bit and looking down, embarrassed by how pathetic you sounded. “Don’t be embarrassed, pain sucks.” Dean said softly, tilting your head up. You felt the ‘needy for Dean’ emotion coming. You should repress it. You had to repress it. If you weren’t on your period you might have repressed it. But no, you were. “You can lay down if you want.” Dean said, taking his hand off your face.“Its,” You paused. “Its?” Dean asked, ushering you to continue. “Kind of cold against the door..” You said, honestly not wanting to lay up against a cold metal door. “Lay on me.” Dean said without hesitation. You looked at him somewhat surprised that he would offer. You nodded and laid across the connecting front seats of the Impala, resting your head on his leg as he rested a strong arm over you, his hand resting on your stomach. He pulled back onto the road. You dozed off for about ten minutes, awakened by Dean softly singing 'Dream a Little Dream of Me.’ He was actually surprisingly good, you kept your eyes shut and pretended to be asleep, not wanting him to stop. As he sang and drove, he rucked up your tank slightly, resting his hand on your bare skin. You didn’t mind, he was warm, and you felt like the safest person in the world. You felt the car pull into a parking lot and stop. You drowsily sat up and got ready to get out of the car, your cramps were still killing you. “No, no. You’re staying here.” He said, worried about you. “Dean, I can walk, I’m not dying I promise.” You said. “I know you can. But do you want to?” He said, putting his jacket back on your shoulders to keep you warm. You shook your head 'no.’ “I’ll be right back.” Dean said as he started to get out of the car. “Hey.” You said as you grabbed his forearm before he could leave. “Thanks. Seriously.” You said up at him from the car. “No problem.” He said before leaning into the car window and softly kissing you and walking away.You were left sitting in the car in shock. You laid back down, unsure of what to actually think about what just happened. Did you mind that he did it? No. Would you mind if he did it again. Hell no. But you were in no position to have a schoolgirl crush on Dean. You shut your eyes and slowly drowsed off, waiting for Dean to return. After God knows how long, you heard the car door open. You sat up, letting Dean sit down with the bags before laying your head back on him. “What took so long?” You asked, knowing it had at least been an hour. “I didn’t know what kind you needed, so I had to ask some lady in the store.” Dean said smally “She started going off about flow and weeks and all sorts of things. I’m telling you, you women have a language of your own.” He rambled as he pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the road. “Did you not take high school Health?” You laughed at him. “You were a lot less sassy when you were asleep, you know that?” He joked, resting his hand back on you, but this time, closer to your breast. Your heart raced, and pumped faster when you replayed the thought of Dean kissing you in your head. “What did you just think about?” Dean asked, obviously feeling your heart beat under his hand. You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t want to bring up the kiss, but you did all at the same time. God, you were a wreck when you were on your period. “You kissing me.” You blurted out before your mind could catch up with your mouth. “Oh my God did I actually just say that.” You cringed. Dean smirked. He knew exactly what he was doing. “You liked it didn’t you?” He said smoothly. You nodded your head instead of speaking, for fear of what would come out. “I-I want you to do it again.” You said without thinking. You couldn’t keep up with your mouth, or your weird needy desire for Dean. He raised an eyebrow in amusement. “You need me to do it again.” He growled. You did though, you needed Dean. Period or no period, you needed him, over the years of living him, you had allowed yourself to become dependent on him, it was just harder to mask while you were on your period. “No, I need you.” You finally said. Dean pulled over onto the side of the road for the second time this trip. The second you sat up next to him, Dean’s lips crashed onto yours. He slightly nipped at your lip, as he moved his hand to your breast, massaging it in all of the right places, making you slightly whimper. Dean hoisted you up and onto his lap, resting his hands on the small of your back, as he trailed kisses from your lips to your collar bones and back up to your neck, leaving love marks and bites. “I need you too.” He breathed against your skin, sending chills down your spine. He moved one hand to your inner thigh, making you shiver with arousment. He trailed his hand to the button of your jeans and unbuttoned them, lips still locked to yours. He slowly put his hand down your jeans, but you grabbed his wrist in the process. “You don’t want to go down there. Trust me.” You blurted. God, you needed to learn how to be more smooth. Dean chuckled “I’ll take your word for it.” He said before pressing his lips back onto yours. Suddenly, you heard Dean’s phone ring. He patted around the front seat for it, before answering it. “Yeah?” He said into it. “Who is it?” You whispered quietly. He pulled the phone away from his ear. “Sam.” He said. You could hear Sam speaking on the other end, Dean’s phone volume was always on high because of his bad hearing after years of listening to loud rock music. “Where are you guys? I mean, I know the bunker is far away from the store but, it’s been three hours.” Sam said. “We’re on our way back.” Dean said, sounding somewhat annoyed. “Ok, just making sure you guys didn’t die, or anything. Bye.” Sam replied. “Bye.” Dean said hanging up the phone. “I guess we should get going.” You suggested, giving Dean one last kiss and getting off of his lap. “Probably.” He said as he rested his hand on your thigh and pulling out onto the road. You finally arrived back at the bunker, and Dean parked the car. You got out with Dean about to enter the bunker. “Y/N, wait!” Dean exclaimed as he walked up to you and rebuttoned and rezipped your pants. “Oh wow, that’s embarrassing.” You said, your cheeks flushing. “No, I liked it. But I don’t know if Sam will.” He chuckled, giving you a quick peck on the lips before entering the bunker with you following. You walked in and grabbed one of the bags off the table where Dean had set it before retreating into the bathroom to put tampon in. Dean had gotten 'Ultra Jumbo Super’ tampons as thick as cucumbers. “Why do they even make these?” You thought as you put it in. You left the bathroom to look in the other bag. Strawberry Ice Cream, Pecan Ice Cream, and a Game of Thrones DVD with all four seasons on it. This was truly the best day of your life. You picked up the bag and grabbed two spoons. You walked past Sam and walked into Dean’s room to find him on his laptop. “Thanks, again.” You said holding up the bag. “You say that a lot.” Dean smirked. “I know.” you giggled as Dean scooted over on his bed, inviting you to come sit next to him. You accepted his invitation. “Hand me the bag?” Dean asked as you handed it to him. He pulled out Game of Thrones and popped the first DVD into his laptop. He pulled the ice cream out of the bag and gave you the strawberry carton, knowing it was your favorite. “I was wondering why you got pecan flavored.” You laughed as he started eating it. “I wasn’t gonna hold out on myself either.” He chucked before pressing his cold lips to your cheek. “How does anyone hate pecan anyways?” He questioned you as the Game of Thrones title sequence played. You shrugged. “I don’t know, it just, doesn’t work for me.” You said taking a spoonful of strawberry. “You gotta give it a chance.” He joked, holding up a small scoop of pecan ice cream to you. Reluctantly, you opened your mouth as he fed you the nastiest ice cream in the entire world. You swallowed hard. “Ew, Dean.” You laughed as the show started. “You know,” He started, “Ned dies.” He spoiled. “Dean! You spoiler!” You fake yelled at him as you hit him playfully. “I’m sorry!” He laughed. “Sorry doesn’t bring Ned back.” You joked as you rested your head back onto his shoulder. After the two of your finished your ice cream and a few episodes of the show, you were ready to take a midday snooze. “I’m tired. Let’s sleep.” You yawned as you snuggled up close to Dean. He kissed the top of your head and put the laptop on the desk next to him. “Bossy today aren’t you?” He muttered jokingly. You nodded your head to verify his statement. Dean wrapped his arms around you, as you fell into unconsciousness in Dean’s arms.

**Hey Guys! Sorry if that was crappy or too long, I wrote it a four AM. Hope you enjoyed though, and thanks anon for the request:) feel free to leave requests or really anything you need in my inbox/ask!**

Brain itch fulfilled: Amy takes care of Sheldon in spite of break

The whole day at work Sheldon feels off. His head feels thick and foggy and his throat feels scratchy. He chalks it up to a chance encounter with a certain green eyed vixen in the hallway after breakfast. All the effort he put into being cordial and not getting on his knees and begging her back in front of all his colleagues put a strain on him. At lunch his stomach is roiling and he can not eat a thing. Even if it is one of his favorites fried chicken and macaroni.

“You alright.” Leonard asks as he watches Sheldon scoot his food around on his plate.

“Fine.” He says shortly sniffling.

“You getting sick?” Leonard asks.

“No Leonard I am not getting sick! I cannot afford to get to get sick.” Sheldon spits at him but as his stomach lurches when he looks at the glop of macaroni on his plate he changes his tune. “Maybe it is best I start a course of antibiotics anyways.” He says getting up and rushing from the table.

“Get ready dude. You are in for a long night.” Raj tells him.

“Oh no I am not! I am staying at Penny’s tonight and we are going to get as far away from Dr. Whackadoodle as possible.” He says.

“You know what we should do, we should all go out for dinner then you and Penny should stay at a hotel.” Howard says.

“I’ll keep an eye on him and if I think it is really bad that is exactly what we will do”

Leonard drives Sheldon home and Sheldon goes immediately to his room forgoing dinner and tradition. Penny comes over for dinner and finds just Leonard. Usually on Thursday nights the whole gang gets together.

“Where is everyone?” She asks.

“Their not coming over tonight.” He tells her.

“Why it is Thursday the whole gang always gets together on Thursdays.”

“Well it is Sheldon…”

“Is he alright?” Penny interrupts.

“No he is getting sick.”

“Sheldon is sick? What are we still doing here? We need to leave before he gets all cranky and needy! Right now he is the leave me alone phase we all know how quickly that turns into won’t leave us alone.” Hisses desperately at Leonard.

“I know that is why I booked us a room tonight at The Plaza and we are leaving now to meet the others for dinner.” Leonard says grabbing his bag and keys. “Don’t worry I already packed for you now lets go.” He says shooing her out the door shutting and locking it.

As they head down the stairs Penny gets an idea. It has been awhile since Amy joined them for a non girl’s night dinner. Penny pulls out her phone to call her and invite her along.

“Hey Ames.” Penny says brightly into the phone.

“Hey Penny whats up.” Amy says happy to hear from her friend. Seeing Sheldon in the hall had been hard for her. She was a wreck and could use the emotional support.

“We are all going out to dinner tonight want to come?” She asks her.

“I don’t know if I should I saw Sheldon today in the hall…”

“Sheldon won’t be there.”

“Why not?” Amy asks

“He is getting sick and we all know how that goes. So Leonard and I are getting a hotel for the night and meeting everyone else for dinner.”

“Sheldon is sick and you guys are just abandoning him?” Amy asks appalled.

“We are not abandoning him! It is probably just a cold and he is going to act like he has the bubonic plague. Besides you are one to talk about abandoning him.” Penny says defensively.

“That was harsh.” Amy tells her.

“I know, I am sorry… So do you want to come or not?” Penny asks.

“Actually I am feeling a bit under the weather myself. I think I better sit this one out bestie.”

“Suit yourself, love ya.”

“Love ya.” Amy says hanging up and then she looks around her apartment. She sees the monkey statue on her end table and picks it up. Smiling as she remembers looking at it while Sheldon read her a story while she was sick. How he had rubbed vapo rub on her chest ,and given her a bath. Sheldon had made an excellent nurse maid.
“He took such good care of me.” She says to the statue. “I never got to return the favor.”


Sheldon wakes up from a brief nap, his foggy head upgraded to full blown migraine. His scratchy throat upgraded to demon fire being poured down his gullet. His nose is running thick green snot and his cough is dry and racking.

“Oh no.” He sniffles. “Leonard!” He calls from his bed. “Leonard! We are code milky green!” He waits for a response but none comes. In fact the whole apartment is eerily silent. So he pulls his blanket around his head and ventures out of his room. The apartment is dark and it is obvious no one is home. Sheldon stumbles outside the apartment shutting the door an walking to Penny’s.

“Penny!” He yells as he knocks. “Penny!” He wails as he knocks again. “Penny.” He whimpers giving it one last weak knock. Then he gives up Penny is not home either. They have fled in fear of catching his sickness. Sheldon goes to walk back to his apartment but he finds it locked.

“This can’t be happening.” He mumbles weakly as he sinks down in front of the door.

“Leonard?” He asks knocking. “Leonard?” He says barely able to muster the strength to lift is arm. “Anybody?” He sniffles as he leans his head weakly against the door. He feels himself begin to slip out of consciousness. He feels like he floating above his body and he finds that be doesn’t care anymore. Maybe he will just die and the pain he has felt the past few weeks will be gone.

“Oh my god Sheldon !” He hears a voice yell. “ What are you doing out here?” He must be dead cause the voice is the voice of an angel. “The door is locked. I don’t have a key! Why did you never give me your key! You have my key!”

“You have the key. You have the key to my heart.” He mumbles then he feels soft cool hands on his forehead.

“He is delirious! Oh god he is burning up! He can’t stay out here. Think Amy think. Why does that damn elevator have to be broken?” Then he feels himself being hauled to his feet and his arms being draped around a small rounded shoulder. “Come on Amy if you got him to bed when he was drunk you can get him down four flights of stairs. Then drag him half a block to your car.”

“You should use your wings and fly me down. Funny I never believed in heaven and now I am being taken care of by an angel.” He tells her as she pulls him down the flights of stairs and he walks wobbly beside her. Somehow making it out of the building and into her car.

Sheldon drifts in and out of consciousness as she drives him. Half the time he is aware he is in a car the other half he feels like he is riding in the rainbow road course in Mario Kart.

“If we get to your place do I get the star cup?” He asks her before vomiting against her car door.

“If you make it to my place you can have whatever you want.” She tells him.

“I just want you back.” He mumbles sleepily. “But I can’t have you back because you are an angel now. Momma always told me you can’t hang on to angels. Angels fly away.” Be says making a flying gesture with his hand.

“I’m no angel Sheldon.” She tells him softly.


Amy pulls into her parking space and looks over at Sheldon who is dozing against her car window. Maybe she should have taken him to the hospital but she feels like she can handle him on her own. Knowing Sheldon. He started taking antibiotics the moment he felt the inkling of a sniffle.

Amy opens his car door and pulls him out and tries to get him on his feet. Her heart wrenching as she thinks about finding him slumped in that hallway. Leonard and Penny we’re going to get an earful that was for sure. Leaving him when he was this sick for their own selfish reasons. How long would he have been out there if she had not decided to check on him?

Amy is thankful for her elevator as she loads Sheldon inside and takes him the three flights up to her apartment. Amy gets him in the door and gets him to the couch. He lays across the couch and moans. He is pitiful and covered in vomit and sweat, he can’t stay like this. Amy goes to the bathroom and draws him a bath. Then she goes to retrieve him from the couch where he is still sprawled out like star fish.

“Come on lets get you washed up” she tells him pulling the blanket off his shoulders. He lumbers after like a zombie as she directs him to the bathroom. He is still in the clothes she saw him wearing in the hallway. She pulls his shirts off and throws them into her hamper. Then she works on his pants pulling them down along with his underwear and tosses those into the hamper. The first time she is seeing him in all his glory and she can’t even enjoy it. Amy gets him into the tub and washes off all his sweat. He moans softly as she washes his hair his eyes fluttering from behind his lids as she runs her fingers through his dark hair. Amy has to remind herself that they are on a break and he is deathly ill as she runs a wash cloth along his broad shoulders and down his stomach. Once he is clean Amy helps him out of the bath then panics. She has no clothes to put him in and he can’t wear the dirty clothes he was wearing. Amy wraps a towel around bum and leads him to her bedroom. Then inspiration hits her, rice Sheldon is in her closet he can wear that t-shirt. He can wear the sweat pants she bought for her first girls night with Penny. The shirt is a little tight around his shoulders and the pants are capris on him but they will do. Amy puts him to bed and covers him with her sheet and blanket. He immediately curls to his side and drifts to sleep. Amy watches him for a moment trying to decide what to do. She could sleep on the couch but what if he needs her in the middle of the night? Amy decides to take a shower and change into her nightgown and then slips in beside him.

“I am sorry you are sick.” She tells him stroking his hair. “I want you to know that I still love you. That I never stop loving you. I needed some time to think about what I expected from you and what you were able to give. I came to this conclusion… Whatever you are able to give I will gladly take. Life without you was so hard. I needed to see if it was easier and it wasn’ t. Not at all. I know you can’t hear me right now but I just had to tell you.” She whispers to him kissing him softly on his cheek.

“Thank you angel Amy.” He murmurs


The next morning Sheldon feeling discombobulated and foggy. His head is still pounding and his throat still hurts, he stretches and looks down realizing he is wearing a t shirt he has not seen in years. Then it dawns on him that he is not in his bedroom at all but what looks like Amy’s but that is impossible. Then he rolls over and sees sleeping beside him the prone figure of Amy Farrah Fowler. He knows now that he must be dreaming so he reaches out and strokes her cheek with his finger. Startled when her wide green eyes open and blink at him and smile.

“How are you feeling?” She asks laying a hand across his forehead.

“Like death.” He croaks.

“Not as much like death as yesterday if you know you are here and I am real.”

“Are you real?” He asks.

“Very much so”

“How did I get here?” He asks confused.

“Well Penny told me you were sick so I went to check on you and I found you nearly passed out in the hallway locked out of your apartment. You never gave me a key so I had to take you here and nurse you back to health.”

“Why would you do that?” He asks awed.

“Sheldon you wrote the relationship agreement you know what entails.” Amy tells him.

“Yes but according to you, the relationship agreement no longer applies to us.” He tells her.

“Sheldon I never terminated our relationship. I just needed a break to reevaluate things.” Amy tells him. “Do you remember anything about last night?” She asks him.

“Amy, I don’t remember how I got here.” He reminds her be gently.

“Well I told you last night that I still loved you… That I never stopped loving you…. That after reevaluating things I feel things should resume as normal. “

“Oh Amy…” He gulps unable to properly express his emotions. “Things can’t go on like normal anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Amy asks disappointed.

“I mean that I want you back and I am willing to discuss what made you upset. If it ensures you will never leave me again.”

“Deal.” Amy tells him smiling. “First however we have got to get you back to full health.” She tells him popping out of bed. “How about I make you grilled cheese and rub vapo rub on your chest while we talk.”

“That sounds agreeable.” Sheldon tells her as she pops out of bed and goes to retrieve him food and medicine.

“I visited by an angel last night.” Sheldon murmurs as she walks out the door.

I think there is a lot to be said about trying to turn back the hands of time with regards to Dean. In 10x11 he talked a lot about what he plans on doing once the mark is gone. Once it’s erased. Once he’s just back to being Dean. The thing is, if we look at the mark for what it represents, what it is a manifestation of, it’s not something I think is even capable of being erased.

The mark isn’t just a bad thing that happened to Dean, but rather a manifestation of the bad things that have always been happening to him. While Tina was able to start her life fresh again in her newly teenaged body, Dean is incapable of moving the clock back in time. When he looked at her, he saw all he wishes he could have for himself. A fresh start. The potential for a normal life. An adolescence not marred by being thrust into a war against his will.

But I think I understand now why Glass kept the memories of the de-aged victims intact. Our memories and our experiences are what make us who we are. We are shaped by them, the good and the bad, and come what may we can not go back. Tina is physically a teenager again but mentally she’s the same adult who had a messed up childhood and made too many mistakes to count as as adult. The new body marks a fresh start, but it is with all of the knowledge and mental trauma of her past intact. With this knowledge, she can choose a new path, or she can choose to continue on making the same mistakes she always has.

Dean can’t revert his body back to the state it was in before he truly became a hunter, and it’s looking very likely he won’t even be able to revert back to a time without the mark, but that doesn’t mean his own fresh start is some distant thing to be longed for but never realized. He can start fresh. He can change his views and his life. He can overcome the manifestation of all the things that have wounded him and made him believe his life isn’t worthy of much aside from being an attack dog and a weapon.

Sometimes in life bad things happen. Things that alter our lives forever. Things we wish we could erase or forget but we can’t. They become a part of us like the mark has become a part of Dean. In order to survive we have to learn to move past them. We have to realize that was can not go back in time to a place before the bad things happened, but we can learn to make a fresh start despite the ways in which we have been altered.

When I look at Dean and his mark and his future I see hope. Not a hope for a Dean of the past, but for a Dean of the future. A Dean that realizes his own worth and embraces change and growth despite everything life has thrown at him. And if his willingness to admit that that Taylor Swift song is damn good in the end is any indication, he is learning to embrace change and alter his perceptions already. 


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 20: I Love Gravity Falls Because

…of everything! This show provides a variety of elements that make it so wonderful. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are likable, the plot is intriguing, the action is stupendous, the jokes are hilarious, the emotions are powerful, and it always leaves you wanting more. The show is full of fun and charm and mystery and I am glad to have discovered this show back in June 2012. I get emotional watching the episodes again and I am becoming a wreck on the arrival of season two.

This challenge has been a blast and now I’m ready to see what else this show has to offer! Heck, who am I kidding? I’ve been ready since August 2, 2013!


So for my 16th birthday party, I attempted to invite Taylor Swift, but it’s kinda hard to get her to actually see it. So since she didn’t see it, obviously she wouldn’t actually come, but my aunts and my sister surprised me with an entire dessert table that was Taylor Swift themed. I literally couldn’t be happier. They spent the whole night putting everything together and I can’t thank them enough. We only had like three different desserts planned for the party, and next thing you know, they surprise me with a whole table! My sister made the little signs so it would look like a polaroid picture. I honestly can’t thank them enough. I started to tear up when I saw it. I would’ve started balling but that party was barely starting and I had make up on. And then on top of all this already, my sister surprised me with Taylor Swift tickets at midnight since my birthday is actually on November 23, but we celebrated on the 22nd. Like I legit can’t. When she showed me, I literally became an emotional wreck. I am sooo blessed and grateful. I love you soo much Taylor! It would’ve been fun if you came, but I’ll see you at Jingle Ball and on August 21, 2015! taylorswift