i am almost done with season 2!!!!

I'm having a Mental Breakdown Rn

Because I can’t believe YOI is ending, These 3 months went by so fast I still am in Denial that in 3 Days…Everything is gonna end.(Of Course There may be a Season 2, which seems very likely).

I changed so much in these 3 months you have no idea, Yoi showed me so many beautiful things I had never seen been done so well, such as: •Realistic Anxiety •Healthy Relationships (Victuuri,JJ and his Gf etc.) •A World where Gender doesn’t matter. You can be masculine/feminine and nobody will judge, beacuse it’s normal You can like whoever you want and people will support you. (Btw Phitchit4BestMan) •Relatable Characters that are almost impossible to completely dislike. •Seriously…Soundtrack and Animation are godly (Especially the Soundtrack which became my favorite over ZnT’s one)

I’m not saying that YOI is the best anime of the year, That’s up to you. But for me It is. It felt so refreshing,heartwarming,sometimes even heartbreaking. I cried with the characters after a failure and felt joy when they succeded.

These are my most sincere thanks to all the people who worked on this beautiful masterpiece. From the Creator Kubo-Sensei who I deeply love and respect to every Animator who put effort and tears in every frame of the routines.

Thank You

A better way for the whole John almost cheating revelation to have gone down: 

John: I almost cheated on Mary. 

Sherlock: Okay John I love you, you are my best friend, and I know that you are grieving, but that was a terrible thing to have almost done to a woman we both adored and you need to know that. I will support you through this but what you did was wrong and I am very sorry for Mary and also for Rosie. 

instead of: 

John: I almost cheated on Mary. 

Sherlock: Well look on the bright side bro it was only texts and we’re just men so it’s to be expected am I right???

Eleven facts

Rules: tell your followers eleven facts about yourself and then tag eleven more people to do it.

I was tagged by @clueless-since-birth

1. the name people recognize me as irl is Paige

2. my eyes are in need of aid to see clearly

3. i don’t want to do this eleven facts thing because i don’t know if this is what my followers want to see, but i also don’t want to ignore somebody who took the time to tag me

4. when i’m bored i like to paint on my walls. Kinda like rapunzel

5. my favorite season is autumn  

6. i’m actually a little addicted to anime right now and i am almost done watching FMA 

7. i have 7 siblings    

8. i take dance and baton class, though i’m not very good at it

9. only one sister and we are very close  

10. my average reading speed is 560 wpm

11. i’m anxiously waiting for season two of several things this year. one of which is stranger things 

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My Favourite Things about Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 11

Almost done. Must admit, I am feeling a bit sad that these two actors won’t be on my tv together anymore.

1. Maura makes the morning coffee for her LLBFF’s mother.

2. You’re a lucky lady, Maura Isles.


4. This whole scene. 

5. Oh lord, blessed are we to witness such hotness, week after week.

6. How do you think she fucking feels Korsak, you silly tit.

7. [southern accent] Milky, white thigh.

8. Look at how they fucking look at each other.

9. This would be the most amazing photo if they both looked at the camera.

10. The only thing that would make this scene gayer would be if they kissed each other while Richard Simmons and Ellen DeGeneres did cartwheels in the background.

itskatebishops  asked:

okay, instead of getting ready for work, I just hung out and went through all 18 pages of your blog. I have a couple of questions tho. 1) what are the titles ClintNat episodes of avengers assemble? gonna binge watch that. 2) do you have anything planned? 3) do you write fic? 4) are there any fics that are based on your gifs (that you know of)? ahhhh I have to get ready, but your blog is the bomb :)

Thank you! This is one of my favorite messages ever, partly because I probably would’ve done the same thing. (Who am I kidding? We’ve all procrastinated on Tumblr!)

1. The Avengers Assemble episodes that immediately come to mind are:

  • Season 1, Episode 5: Blood Feud, where Nat almost turns into a vampire
  • Season 1, Episode 8: Molecule Kid, where Nat and Clint work together (the opening scene involves a green teddy bear, a rope and Sam finding Nat and Clint in a compromising position)
  • Season 1, Episode 26: The Final Showdown, where the world needs saving, and Clint is all, “but where is Naaaaat?”
  • Season 2, Episode 4: Ghosts of the Past, where Clint wants a jetpack but Nat gets him something better
  • Season 2, Episode 5: Beneath the Surface (aka the best thing to ever happen in Avengers Assemble), where Nat and Clint go undercover in a cruise and seriously, everyone should know better than to kidnap/kill Black Widow’s Hawkeye
  • Season 2, Episode 7: The Age of Tony Stark, where Nat and Clint fist bumps and it’s great
  • Season 2, Episode 8: Head to Head, where the Avengers swap bodies and Nat (in Hulk’s body) punches Clint (in Thor’s body)
  • Season 2, Episode 13: Widow’s Run, where the gems corrupt Nat and guess who’s there to catch her?

2. Do I have anything planned? I currently have a notepad with the word ‘BUCKY’ on it.

3. No, I don’t.

4. Fics based on the shuffles would be amazing, but there aren’t any that I know of! I do know of this drabble for this shuffle and this gem about paperclip fights.