i am almost at a hundred. wow

  • “it’s two in the morning, why are you on a run right now, you live in the city, this is not safe” au
  • “so you knock on my door saying that you live in the apartment above me and want me to make you food even though we’ve never talked before???” au
  • “omg apparently you’re the person who sends me anons on tumblr to check up on me tysm” au
  • “my idiot of a friend just tripped you and ran away and now you think it’s me wow you’re mad i’m so sorry” au
  • “i’m sorry, did i hear you right? did u just say that you’re voting for Donald Trump?” au
  • “ok you’ve been trying to put on that eyeliner almost the entire bus ride and you’re strugglin, so i’ma help you out” au
  • “oh, excuse me, you dropped this cash on the ground- wAIT is this a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL” au
  • “i fell down and am now hysterically laughing on the floor and my friend has a bad sense of humour and called out ‘is anyone here a doctor?!’ and you are now trying to save me” au
  • “u r at a haunted house and got separated from your friends and u are very scared, come here, i’ll keep you safe” au
  • “i was walking in the park and i heard something, and i look up and you’re just playing the flute in a tree?” au (this is a tru story that happened to my friend)
  • “i came up to your apartment to ask you to turn down your music and have quieter sex, but it turns out that you’ve just been jumping up and down on your bed in your underwear listening to music alone” au
  • “i literally screamed at the top of my lungs in the middle of the library and now everyone is staring at me but there was a really big fucking spider, okay? now someone come kill it” au
  • “what do you mean you’ve lived here for 5 years, i’ve never seen you in my entire life and i’ve lived here for 4 years, are you telling me that i baked you these cookies for nothing?” au
  • “this might sound really weird and i promise i’m not like a stalker or anything, but the sunlight is just hitting you in a really ethereal way, anyways can i take a picture of you for my blog?” au (this reminds me of the song You in January by The Wonder Years btw)
  • “why are you just handing out brownies on the street corner, is this a trap? also those brownies look really good can i have one” au

neonkoda98  asked:

Omg girl have you seen Victon's comeback for their anniversary? I am so freaking S H O O K T. Their visuals are ON POINT (like always) and Subin is finally getting. em. lines. I feel like a proud mother looking at her children from a distance :') istg people need to stop sleeping on them and stan talent.

THIS 👏 MESSAGE 👏 PREACH 👏 i agree a hundred percent omg they look so, so good (i almost ugly cried over hanse but i mean what’s new) and i am SO glad plan a is finally recognizing subins talent and giving him the lines he deserves, his singing voice is really nice and soothing to me wow i love my talented son; ; i can’t believe it’s already been a year with them tbh time flew by so quickly and they’ve made me so happy along the way, i wish more people could see their talent because they deserve so so much more omg