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College! Shawn - Drunken Visit

Title: Drunken Visit (College!Shawn)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader 

This takes place before my first College!Shawn oneshot (READ IT HERE)

WARNINGS: suggestive content (regarding substances), mild swearing

Request:  087: “Sh…they’re asleep.” with shawn!!!! + an AU prompt I found: “We’re neighbours in this university dorm, and we’ve never met, so you come to my room totally plastered, and begin doing headstands and holy shit don’t hurt yourself!”

A/N: I’m still so about that College Art History Tutor!Shawn headcanon, so enjoy :)



You groaned in annoyance, shutting your laptop closed. No way were you going to get any work done on a Friday night at the busiest dorms. Students kept running up and down the stairs, animated chattering in the hallways, and what could be a group of juniors getting ‘turnt’ during their pre-game before whatever frat party they were going to grace their presence with.

You were sociable enough, it was just Art History. And your professor was going to fail you if you don’t turn in a good essay. Or worse, he’ll make you go back to Shawn for more tutoring next semester (two weeks in and you’ve already gone mad). Also, that boy would never live down the fact that you failed History of The Arts 1.

You plugged in your earphones before climbing into bed, deciding that sleep was the next best option. At least if you were well rested, you could do the essay real early in the morning and then you’ll have the rest of the weekend to yourself.



Your eyes snapped open, fear instantly taking over your body. Instantly, you took out your earphones and shuffled in your bed for your phone. You didn’t have a roommate, so who the hell was making noises in your room at—

3:00 in the morning, the fluorescent screen shone at your face.

“What the f—” you heard the stranger exclaim before a loud thud filled the room.

“Who are you?!” you whisper-shouted, shining the flashlight in the direction of the thud.

“Ugh, get that out of m’face!” the intruder whined.

You squinted through the sleep to see Shawn, your tutor, laying flat on the ground. You guessed that he slipped on your rug, considering the fact that it was bunched up by his boot-clad feet.

Mendes?” your brows furrowed.

“(Y/L/N)?” Shawn looked equally confused, eyes less-focused than usual. He struggled to sit up. “What are you doing here?”

Yep, definitely drunk.

“This is my room.” you gave him a pointed look. “What are you doing here? At 3 AM? On my floor?”

“Wait—” Shawn groaned, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “Slow down. T'many questions at once.”

“You’re plastered.” a laugh escaped your lips.

You knew that Shawn was quite popular on campus, what with his incredible musical talents and busy social life. You just haven’t got the chance to see Drunk Shawn in action, is all. And he was the opposite of Sober Shawn, who was all outgoing grins and non-stop banter. Witty and ribbing. This Shawn, on the other hand, was sloppy and a little grumpy.

You were never gonna let this go.

“I am very sober, thank you v’much.” Shawn slurred.

“Right.” you snorted.

“Don’t believe me?! I’ll do a headstand to prove it!” Shawn’s eyebrows shot up, almost as if he was daring you to fight. You watched him attempt to stand up on his own two feet, which only caused him two more slips on your rug before finally finding the balance to sway on the balls of his feet.

Sh…they’re asleep, you idiot!” you whispered loudly.

“Who?” his eyes widened. “Ghosts?!”

“No, smartass.” you rolled your eyes, stopping the ridiculous 6′2″ giant’s hunt as he scanned the room in panic. “My dorm mates. Duh. You’re so drunk.”

“I am not!” he protested. “Seriously, I’ll prove it t’ya.”

Before you could react, Shawn was crouching on the ground, somewhat attempting to lay his two palms flat on the ground. He straightened his arms, and you pretended not to notice the way the muscles in his arms rippled  underneath his pretty button up as he flexed. You also pretended not to notice the bit of defined lines across his lower-stomach peeking through his shirt as he began attempting to lift his heavy legs off the ground.

“See?” you hear him grunt through heavy breathing.

“Holy shit, don’t hurt yourself!” your eyes widened as his long legs began wobbling, Shawn’s hindered strength giving out.

You tried catching his legs to try and soften the definite blow, but your smaller frame proved to be no match for his thicker legs. The both of you landed on the floor with another loud thud, a sharp “oomf” leaving Shawn’s mouth.

“You’re lucky it’s a Friday night and everyone is as drunk as you.” you sighed, shoving his legs off of your midriff. Getting up, you began collecting one of your pillows and a spare blanket, dragging them to the door. “And that I’m nice enough to let you stay the night.”

“In your room?” Shawn’s eyes widened, suddenly nervous. You guessed that Drunk Shawn also got scared a lot easier.

“No,” you rolled your eyes, holding up Shawn’s sleeping gear for the night. “Outside, on the couch. I technically still don’t know you.”

“Fair ‘nuff.” Shawn shrugged, taking the pillow and blanket. He opens the door, mumbling something that sounded like “good night, (y/n) my fair knight”.

This kid was drunk off his ass. You were definitely going to have some fun teasing him with this tomorrow…and the rest of your academic career.

“And maybe refrain from causing more unnecessary loud noises!” you called out in a whisper, now standing in the doorway to watch him make his bed, or at least what he thought was a bed. He put the pillow on the centre of the couch and proceeded to sit on it, his head resting on the wall behind the couch instead.

You were definitely going to wash that later.

“You’re just mad ‘cause you don’t have a social life.” you hear him mutter somewhat coherently in reply as he sank deeper in his seat.

“Give me more sass and I’ll take that blanket back.” you threatened.

“No! Not the blanket.” he exclaims with his eyes already closed. He reaches for the blanket next to him in panic, but he doesn’t even remember to put it over his body before dozing off into light snores.

You sighed again before pushing yourself off the door frame. You walk over to the couch in the common room, grabbing the blanket next to Shawn.

“M’blanket,” you hear him mumble as he tugged on it.

“Shut up, Shawn.” you rolled your eyes, tugging harder.

He lets go, and you manage to cover most of his gigantic body. He hums a little in his sleep once his body is covered, dark eyelashes fluttering slightly against the tops of his flushed (and drunken) cheeks.

You debate for a second on whether or not you should try for the pillow, but then decided against it once considering the compromising position you’d be in if he wakes up to your hand right next to his ass.

You chuckle a little at the thought, then turn to walk back to your dorm room.

“Thanks, (Y/L/N).” you hear Shawn mutter from the couch.

“You’re welcome, Mendes.” you smile to yourself before closing the door.

anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts? Could you maybe write something fluffy and domestic where Mulder and Scully are "nesting" - you know, getting the house ready for the baby before she goes into hospital.

Yes! To the prompt taking :) And thank you for this wonderful one. The thing got away from me, so it’s not really want you wanted, but yeah. Set in late season 8. This is pure fluff. 

“Scully?” Mulder groans without opening his eyes. Her hands glide over his naked chest and then she’s kissing him there before her mouth travels up north, making sure not to miss anything, until she reaches his mouth.

“Is everything all right?” He manages to ask in between kisses.

“Hmm. Can’t sleep.” Scully moves closer and her big stomach bumps against his side.

“And so you thought I shouldn’t sleep either?” Mulder tries to roll away from her to check the time but she’s always been freakishly strong for someone this small, and her hands keep him in place. “Scully, what time is it?”

“4 am.” She tells him, her lips never once leaving his body. They can’t do this, he reminds himself. After her partial abruption she’s been told to take it easy. No running around, no heavy lifting and lots of bed rest. And, the doctor had glared at them intently when he said this, no sex. They had both blushed crimson. Not that they were having sex, or even talking about it. He can’t be sure about her, because they don’t talk about it, or anything important, but he knows he was definitely thinking about it. A lot. For now, though, he is happy to be allowed in her bed, to hold her, touch her any way she lets him. He is content here being on the receiving end of her kisses. They’re not back yet, back at that point before he left for Oregon, but they’re on their way. It’s a long way, full of obstacles and hoops to jump through, but Mulder knows how to jump. He just needs Scully to tell him how high.

“Scully, you know we-” She groans and then she’s gone. He feels cold in all the places she’s just touched, misses her mouth over his, and all he can do is watch her waddle to the bathroom. Mulder is certain that she doesn’t mean to slam the door shut but she does anyway. He sits up in bed and waits.

“I’m sorry.” Scully tells him upon her return and the bed dips when she crawls back in. “I just – I can’t sleep, Mulder. I feel like,” she sighs deeply, “there is so much to do. You know?” He doesn’t really, so he remains quiet, nods anyway.

“But you really should sleep,” he tries and it earns him a glare, “The doctor said-”

“Mulder, I’m a doctor, too.”

“I know, but Scully… once the baby is here-”

“That’s just it, Mulder. We’re not prepared. This whole apartment – we’re not prepared. There is so much to do.”

“We are,” he tells her with a soft kiss, “We are prepared. There’s nothing to worry about.” She huffs and Mulder agrees with a soft chuckle that when it comes to them, and the impending birth, there are a million things to worry about. “Just try to get some sleep, all right? I promise you, it’ll all look better in the morning.”

“Mulder, it is-”

“Morning, yeah. Just please close your eyes, Scully, get some sleep. Try at least?” He puts on his best puppy face, pouts his lips, and she giggles. She gives him one last kiss before she tries to get comfortable next to him and he is asleep before she’s found the perfect position.

The next time Mulder wakes up it is much less pleasant. There is a loud, strange clang somewhere followed by an uttered expletive. He is on his feet quickly, his eyes barely opene and his vision blurry.

“Scully?” His voice, too, is still trying to wake up. He finds her in the kitchen surrounded by several pans and pots. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. What are you doing here in the kitchen?”

“Cleaning.” As if it were the most logical thing ever. Mulder stares at her.

“Cleaning? You’re cleaning at – I have no idea what time it is. Why are you cleaning?”

“It’s almost 6 am,” she tells him leaving the pots and pans behind to waddle into the living room where two full laundry baskets wait sit on the couch, “since I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy, I thought you could do it.” She merely points at the baskets.

“You want me to do laundry at 6 am? Scully, are you all right? Is everything all right with the baby?” Mulder puts his hand on her stomach, strokes it absent-mindedly. The baby, it appears, is sleeping.

“I’m fine, Mulder, really. I just need to do this. The apartment needs to be clean before the baby comes. I won’t have time to clean it once it’s here.”

“Oh.” Realization dawns on him and he can’t suppress a smile.

“Exactly, ‘oh’. We need to do this now, Mulder because-”

“You’re nesting.” He interrupts her.

“Excuse me?” She stands up straight, or as straight as she possibly can, and shoots him another glare.

“You’re nesting. It’s totally normal, Scully. You want to get the place ready for the baby. I get it.” He just can’t stop grinning.

“I… just… will you at least help me with the laundry?” She stutters helplessly. Mulder engulfs her into his arms, resting his chin on top of her head.

“No,” she tries to push him away, but he holds her tightly, “you’re going back to bed now. As will I. We’ll sleep at least another hour, or two hopefully. Then we’ll call the guys to help us out here and then, and only then, will I do laundry.”

“But Mulder, I-” This time it’s Mulder who gently pushes at her so he can see her face. She’s staring up at him, out of arguments, yet full of unreasonable ideas.

“I promise you, we’ll get the place ready before the kid is born. I’ll clean every pot, every pan and every sink personally – twice. If you promise to come back to bed now and get some rest. I might even let your order me around. I know you need to do this, Scully, and I’ll gladly help. Just not right now.” He watches her, awaits her reaction. She is warm against him and if he could, he’d carry her to bed. Finally, she nods. Mulder sighs, grins and takes her hand to lead her back into the bedroom.

“I’ll set the alarm, Mulder,” Scully tell him earnestly, “You get three hours, because I love you, but then we’ll get to work.”

“Yes, ma'am.”

numbzie  asked:

Hi! For the prompt thingy, i want Keith bragging about being really good at something and Lance selling himself short until its his turn and then he shocks everyone. Or something. Idk. The openning line could be "How do you even do that!?"

*slides in 6 months late at 1AM because I am literally the worst*

(Life and my thesis ate me I’m so sorry I hope you still enjoy this anyway)

“How do you even do that!?” Lance shouted, arms flailing and almost knocking Hunk in the face. He jumped to his feet off of the smooth bench at the edge of the training arena. “You had three of their staffs inches from your chest and I guess I blinked because suddenly two of them were on the floor and you were tackling the third.” He stopped and crossed his arms a couple steps away from a flushed and sweaty Keith, his ponytail coming undone behind his head. Lance glared at him. “It’s not natural, I’m telling you.”

“Practice makes perfect.” Keith smirked at him. The defeated gladiators were climbing back to their feet behind him, readying for the next training simulation. “Think you can handle it?” Lance snorted.

“You’re the close quarters combat guy, with your samurai sword and all. I’ll stick to my sharpshooting.”

“Alright, Hunk, you’re up next!” Shiro called. Lance and Hunk whirled in unison.

“Wait, what?” Hunk asked. “I’m doing the same simulation? But I’ve literally never done hand-to-hand combat.”

“Everyone needs to work on fighting without a weapon. What if you get disarmed or can’t get to your bayard during battle?” Shiro explained patiently. Hunk was shaking his head vehemently.

“No way. Nuh-uh. Those gladiators will pound me into the ground. You don’t want me to become ground Hunk beef, do you?”

“Come on, you got the basics at the Garrison along with everyone else,” Keith said. Lance shook his head.

“Nope, the day we were scheduled for self-defense classes Hunk saw Livia Chanson’s black eye from the previous period and spent the entire class in the bathroom.” He tilted a glance at Hunk.

“Don’t remind me,” Hunk groaned, dropping his head between his knees. His skin had a worrisome greenish tinge. Shiro crossed the room to grip his shoulder.

“Alright, Hunk, if you don’t think you can handle the simulation just yet, you and I can go over some basics together and you can try in a few days, how does that sound?” Hunk nodded.

“Yeah, good, that sounds good.” Shiro gave his shoulder a brief squeeze and turned.

“Pidge, how about you?” he asked. She shrugged, swinging her legs out from under her and coming to her feet.

“I’ll give it a go,” she said.

Keith and Lance cleared off the training floor, Keith grabbing a water bottle and a towel. He took several gulps from the water bottle before emptying it over his head. Lance kept his eyes fixed on Pidge, darting around the gladiators’ legs and aiming quick jabs at the weak spots in their hip joints before dancing back out of the way, steadfastly ignoring the way Keith’s soaked t-shirt clung to his skin. Water and sweat mingled on his face and neck, drops rolling across his collarbone, glistening under the lights. Lance wet his lips.

“I guess you don’t remember much about that self-defense class at the Garrison, if you forgot Hunk wasn’t there?” he asked. Keith paused in the midst of toweling off his face, blinking away water droplets on his eyelashes.

“I was partnered with some girl with an afro who used to take taekwondo classes, that’s all I remember,” he shrugged.

“Mm,” Lance said, pressing his lips together. “Aleisha. You guys were asked to demonstrate for the class.” Keith frowned, looking vague.

“Yeah, I guess I sorta remember doing that. Why?” Lance shrugged, still refusing to take his eyes off of Pidge.

“I remember watching you fight,” was all he said. Keith frowned at him.

“So?” Lance bit the inside of his cheek.

“So nothing. You were miles better than me then and you still are. Nothing surprising. Like I said, I should stick to sharpshooting.” His eyes followed Pidge as she took down the second gladiator, ripping its staff out of its hand to use against the third.

“Come on, Pidge is doing it, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” Keith said uncomfortably. He slapped Lance’s shoulder in an arrested gesture of encouragement. “It’s training, you’re supposed to mess up.” Lance gave a raspy laugh, tilting his eyes up to the ceiling momentarily.

“Yeah, but you sure as hell don’t. Whatever I do is just gonna be embarrassingly pitiful compared to you.” Keith stayed silent, his eyes flickering desperately to Shiro, but Shiro was busy giving Pidge pointers. She’d taken down all three gladiators successfully, and they were now reassembling themselves. Keith glanced across at Lance to see his eyes fixed on them, his throat moving as he swallowed.

“Lance!” Shiro called from across the room. “You’re up!” Lance shrank back toward the wall, waving Shiro off.

“You know, I think I’ll just join Hunk in remedial lessons, if that’s okay,” he said. “I’m really not—”

“Oh, get out there and do it,” Keith growled, shoving Lance toward the training floor. Lance yelped, but the gladiators were already activating. He dropped low, his hands balling into fists so tight his nails cut his palms.

Within moments, all three gladiators were on the ground, Lance breathing heavy above them, sweat trickling down his back. Shiro, Pidge, and Keith stared slack-jawed. Lance ran a hand across his forehead, ineffectually trying to wipe away the sweat, and marched over to the side of the room.

“I think I blinked,” Keith said. “What the hell was that?” Lance paused, his eyes wide. “Why were you talking yourself down so much? That was fantastic!” A grin split Lance’s face.

“Yeah, I guess it wasn’t half bad,” he said. A flush that seemed only tangentially connected to his sweaty workout crept up his neck. “Give me that,” he said, reaching out and grabbing an extra water bottle behind Keith, and dumped it over his own head. It splashed deliciously cool down his face and neck and ran down his torso, pressing his shirt against his skin. He opened his eyes to Keith looking at him wordlessly, his lips slightly parted. “Want to spar with each other next, samurai?” Keith’s face snapped into a grin.

“You’re on,” he said.

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I’m not cute, I’m hot

Not requested

Genre: 80% fluff 20% hot

Word count: 1 341

Summary: You should never insult Bambam’s pride… xD

The pestering feeling of the sun forcing it’s way through the thin skin being my eyelids woke me up from my much cherished sleep. Closing them tighter, I made an effort in trying to make the redness disappear from my sight but with no such luck. Instead I let an irritated groan escape my lips and pulled the cover over my head, wrapping myself up like a burrito. Relishing in the newfound darkness I almost fell asleep once more, that is before the annoying shit that is my cousin barged in without knocking and pulled my precious blanket off of me. I, being too lazy to move, remained in my spot as if nothing had happened, even though the goosebumps were evident on my arms and legs.

“Y/N-ah, come on. It’s already eleven AM, you’re wasting the day.” The 6 feet tall boy started jumping around in my room and I silently wondered if Jinyoung had given him extra nutella to his pancakes this morning.

“Yugyeomie, please stop, it’s too early for this, just let me sleep.” He evilly chuckled and before I knew it he had thrown me over his shoulder and carried me to the kitchen where Jinyoung was finishing the last pancake of the morning. He glanced at us just as Yugyeom put me in a chair and smirked a bit before putting the frying pan in the sink.

“You’re lucky I stopped Jackson from eating all of them before leaving. If it hadn’t been for me you wouldn’t get any breakfast.” He looked at me while leaning against the counter, an eyebrow raised and waiting for my response. I looked at him in exactly the same manner.

“Are you expecting some gratitude?”

“Maybe. He put up quite a fight.”

I gave him a sweet smile while I prepared to thank him extremely properly.

“Thank you Jinyoung oppa for saving some of your delicious pancakes for me.” While this sentence left my mouth I jumped up to him like a small bunny and used the most childish voice I could muster. The result was just what I wanted; Jinyoung, trying to hold a straight face, burst out laughing whilst clutching the counter and Yugyeom screamed as he cringed and escaped the kitchen. I laughed at them both and snatched the last couple of pancakes.

“Let’s go eat in the living room, I think Youngjae had a movie he wanted to watch.” Jinyoung led me to the couch that was occupied by Yugyeom, Youngjae and, Bambam. Sitting down with the plate in my lap, I started happily eating the yummy rolls filled with nutella as Youngjae started the movie. The film was so boring that after I finished the goods on my plate, I feel asleep.

I dreamed this time, which is very unusual since I never dreamed most of the time, and on the rare occasions I actually do I never remember them. The fact that I dreamed wasn’t the most odd thing that happened though; in the dream I was infatuated my Bambam, of all people. I have never, NEVER, seen Bambam in that way, and still, my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour when I woke up. That was the first thing I realised, the second thing that hit me was that my head was leaning against something warm. I awkwardly opened my eyes a bit more and eventually I realised that I was resting the upper half of my body against Bambam’s chest with his right arm supporting my figure. He looked down at me and our eyes met, a smirk appeared on his lips and his eyes held a very teasing look.

“Comfortable down there?” As the question left his mouth I instantly tried getting out of his embrace and his smirk grew bigger as he wiggled his eyebrows at me. What was going on, Bambam is like a brother to me so why are my cheeks so warm. I turned my face away from him in order to hide the sudden blush that covered my face, that’s when I noticed that we were alone and that the television was turned of.

“Where did everyone go?” I took this opportunity of subject changing to leave the awkward situation behind us.

“They went to get Mark, Jackson and Jaebum hyung.” I nodded understandingly. The three older members had an interview in China yesterday and the others must have gone to meet them at the airport. Then another question crossed my mind.

“How come you didn’t go with them?”

“Because you were laying on me.” I groaned at that and buried my face in my hands. He laughed at my reaction. “Oh come on, you were cute.” I just smiled, closed my eyes and let that comment pass without saying anything. Instead I sat down beside him again and leaned back on the couch. I observed him and for some reason he looked like he had worked really hard on his looks today.

“Why did you even put effort in looking good today, you’re just going to stay in anyways.”

“I have to impress people, duh. Why not bless people with my amazing face.” I rolled my eyes at that.

“It’s not like you have anyone to impress in this household in any case.” The smirk once again made it’s appearance.

“There is a girl in this household that I wouldn’t mind impressing.” The blush was once again on my cheeks and I hit him on the arm. “I’m hot and you know it.” A laugh escaped my lips and I shook my head.

“You’re not hot, you’re cute.” A gasp was heard from his spot at that. I looked over at him and he looked at me like I just committed a crime.

“Are you serious? I’m not cute, I’m hot.”

“You’re cute.”

“No, I’m not.” He jumped towards me on the couch, making me jump a step away from me. He continued jumping forwards until I was stuck between him and the end of the couch. He put his hand on the armrest and leaned in an inch closer.

“It’s the same with me dude, I’m not hot either, we’re both cutie pies.” He looked at me like I was stupid.

“That’s bullshit.” He leaned in even closer. Soon enough he was so close I could feel his breath on my face. “Take it back.” His voice was now at least an octave lower than before. I couldn’t get myself to say anything, my heart was once again racing too fast. “Take it back.” I still didn’t say anything making him smile a bit and lean in the last bit and press his plump lips against my forehead. I was shocked. Then he was back the the same position in front of my face.

“You’re not going to take it back, are you?” I only managed to shake my head making him sigh.

All of a sudden his hands were at my waist, tickling me. Now it was my turn to smirk at him. He always forgets that I’m not ticklish. After a while he stopped, thinking of other methods to get me to say it. Then he looked at me as if he was debating something and as soon as it disappeared he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. He looked at my stunned face, admiring every single feature. Then he kissed my right cheek.

“You’re hot.”

Then my left.

“You’re sexy.”

My forehead.

“You’re beautiful.”

My nose.

“Just like me.”

That’s when he pressed his mouth against mine in a searing kiss that felt like it lasted for hours, when in reality it was just a couple of seconds. Once he pulled away he looked at me with so much love that my breath hitched in my throat.

“We are both scorching hot.” he cradled my face making me smile without thinking about it. “That’s why you and I would make a damn hot couple.” And with that he united our lips again.


Brother Licks Little Sister

I read a story on Literotica which reminded me a lot of what happened between my sister and me about eight years ago. I must add that she is happily married now and that nothing of this sort has happened in about seven years. I had forgotten all about it until I read that story.

First, let me introduce myself: I am an Indian guy, 31 years old now, I am about 6 feet tall, 160 lbs, with short dark hair. I won’t go into the background about where I am from in India since that is irrelevant here. Almost all Indian people are the same when it comes to having strict family values and even talking about sex with your sibs or parents is considered a crime worthy of social abandonment. It is the taboo that makes sex so appealing and you almost feel like you are playing with fire when you even fantasize about sex and your sister happens to be a part of your fantasy.

The lord knows I have fantasized about every inch of her body and grown up jerking off to mentally crafted images of her ever since she hit puberty and ever since I noticed the little mounds on her chest develop into B-sized lobes of love. Ever since I saw a brand new women’s razor appear in the bathroom, I knew the little angel had sprouted into one fine woman! She shaved. And something told me she shaved more than just her armpits. My sister is four years younger than I am. She is not particularly hot but she is cute nonetheless. She is petite, about 5 feet 2, about 95 pounds, with nice, supple B cup breasts with large dark brown nipples and a shapely body, and an ass so big, it is worthy of a grand prize, considering she is an Indian girl and no offense, but Indian girls aren’t exactly blessed with black genes when it comes to butts. My apologies to all Indian female readers but I am sure even you guys would agree.

As I mentioned, this stuff is from about 8 years ago. We had recently come to the United States with our mom and dad and had started school together. We used to live in Boston then, since my father is a professor and he had been recently granted professorship at Tufts, which is a just outside of Boston, in Amherst. He is a smart man, very intelligent and qualified but he barely made any money for us to get by. When he got a chance to move to the United States, he brought us all with him and being a traditional Indian family, we all lived together at home. The first apartment that had been allotted to us by his university was a two bedroom hole in the wall, with no living room and a half-ass kitchen. The bathroom was the size of an airplane toilet and almost every wall in the apartment had at least a million cracks. Even the wooden floors made squeaky noises when you walked on them, and if you walked with reckless abandon, stomping your feet like my sister, you would start praying that the floor doesn’t collapse and you don’t end up in the bathroom of the person living underneath you! Needless to say the apartment had no air-conditioning, no sound or water proofing and the locks on bedroom doors served more of a decorative purpose than actual locking or protection. My mom and dad took one bedroom and my sister was given the other. I ended up on the couch in the tiny living room. However, I was allowed to leave my clothes and my stuff in my sister’s bedroom.

Sorry for the long intro. As I said, the apartment was so small, you could hear almost everything going on in any other corner of the house. Mom and dad used to work and my sister and I went to school. I used to get home early since I was in college and she was still in high school. I knew her routine by heart. A sex-starved young man, new in this country with little knowledge of English, I was stuck with her: the only girl who existed in my life at that time, my sister Nisha. She used to come home every day and went straight to her room. This is when the fun started to kick in.

I could hear her take off her shirt first. The movement of the clothes was clearly audible in the living room which was right next to her bedroom. Then she took off her pants. I would just picture her unbuttoning, unzipping, and then wriggling out of her tight jeans, undressing in front of the mirror. She would step out of one leg, then the other. I knew now she was standing only in her bra and panties. This is when my hand started to creep towards my crotch. I could then hear her reach around her back and unhook her bra. She took it off and then went for her panties. The panties used to just roll off her ass easily as I didn’t hear any sound but I could tell that she was lifting her one leg and out, and then the other side came out. Now I knew she was standing there, buck naked in front of the mirror, only about 4 feet away from me, but in the other room. So close but oh so far! Then she used to put on her Indian clothes at home. First she got hold of a clean bra, then she put her shalwar (loose bottoms) on, and then the shirt. Indian girls usually don’t wear panties at home. The shalwars are very loose and the long shirts usually reach way below their butts, so you cannot really tell the shape. Anyway, this used to be my routine everyday: wait for her to get home, listen to her rip her clothes off that warm, young, supple and vibrant body, and I used to just lay on the couch, with my hands in my pants. Then I used to get up and just walk to the bathroom and finish it off.

The incidents I am about to describe started happening about a couple of months after I had gotten used to get myself off from the sounds of her changing her clothes. Several incidents before that led up to me ending up in bed with my sister, with her legs closed together, trying to stop my cock from entering her doorway to heaven, half resisting and half allowing me, saying “No bhayya, no” but meaning “Yes bhayya yes, fuck me as hard as you can, for as long as you can.”

One day she came home from school and went to her room as usual. I was on the couch, pretending to watch TV. I used to keep the volume low so she didn’t notice the drop off in volume when I muted it while trying to listen to her change. As the norm was, she went in, took off her top, then her pants, then her bra and then the panties came rolling off. Usually she would just pick up another bra and continue to dress up but that didn’t happen on this day. After her panties came off, there was a pause. I was just waiting for her to put a new bra on but no. I had muted the TV, listening intently. This time, I heard her walk. Then I heard her sit on the bed. She was in her room, naked from head to toe, and instead of putting clothes on, she was laying on her bed. The bed creaked, and I could hear her stretch out. I do not know what she did on the bed. But she laid there for about 15 minutes, then got up and put her clothes on. “She must be really exhausted and maybe was trying to relieve some stress”, I thought to myself. This became the daily routine, however. She used to always get naked and then relax on her for a little while.

The routine changed then. One day about 5 minutes after she had retreated to her bed, naked, with nothing on, ‘relaxing’ as I had thought, I heard her bed move. I heard the sort of creaks that you hear when someone changes sides on an old bed while sleeping. But the creaks weren’t intermittent. This was constant shaking. The bed continued to shake, in a slow rhythmic motion at first and then fast. Then a little faster, and then so fast I had no doubt in my mind what she was doing. She was masturbating! My little sister, about 4 feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, lying there buck naked on her bed, fingering her pussy violently. Her virgin pussy, which I am sure no foreign hands had touched… she was rubbing it and manipulating it and doing whatever she wanted to it… This continued for about 20 minutes and then silence! I found my hands inside my pants moving faster as the noises from her bed grew louder. She figured I had the TV on and I probably couldn’t hear her, but little did she know. She finished herself off, got up, got dressed and then came out of the room looking normal.

Her masturbation had become a daily routine now. Except that she took a three to four day break in the first week. She might have been on her period, I don’t know. But then she started doing it daily, with everyday being louder and more violent than the previous.

I was becoming restless like a dog in heat. What would you feel if a hot young girl is getting herself off in the next room and you could hear her shaking on the bed, and you could even hear her moan if she gets too excited! I had to do something. I had to see this. But what if… what if she gets mad? What would she think of me? But no… I had heard and waited long enough.

On a warm summer day she came back from school and went straight to her room. She did her routine and then climbed her bed to masturbate. Then the bed started to shake. First slow, then faster and then violently. Now was my time. I got up, mustered up the courage and just stormed into her room screaming “Nisha, are you ok?? What’s the noise?” And boom!

There she lay, in all her glory. Alone in her nekkidness. Young and warm and pure and juicy. Not a single piece of cloth on her body. Her left hand on her boob, holding the right one. Her legs open wide, her middle finger in her pussy, moving in and moving out when I walked in. She was stunned. She yelled “you fuck! What the fuck!”, and then rolled off the bed as fast as she could onto the other side, and then tried to hide behind the bed. “Were you having a seizure?”, playing innocent.

“No bhai (brother in Hindi), I am fine. You just go”

“But what was the noise? I thought either someone had climbed the window and was trying to attack you or you were having a seizure!”

“Bhai, NO! I am fine, you just go. Don’t look, I don’t have shit on!”, she screamed. She was now covering her exposed chest with her hands and her lower body was almost under the bed. She had pulled the bed covers over her by now.

“OK, if you say so, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t see anything”, I said sheepishly and walked out.

I knew that she knew and she knew that I knew what had happened. She got dressed and came out.

“Suno bhai,”, she said. (listen, bro).

I did not look at her at first when I heard her coming out of her room. I was sitting on the couch and she was standing near the coffee table. I was pretending to watch TV but I turned and looked at her when she called my name.

I was half aroused from looking at my sister naked and spread eagle on her bed, and half ashamed at myself. It was true that I had lusted after every inch of her body every single day, and just wanted to lick every part of it, but the feeling of guilt from walking in on my own sister on purpose was just too much. The guilt was getting in the way of my horniness. My dick wanted to go up but was still flaccid inside my pants. I just wanted to go into the bathroom and jerk it off dry, but first I had to confront Nisha. So she began:

“Bhai (brother) you knew I was alone in the room and you still walked in”, she said in a low voice.

“But I thought you were in trouble…”

“Oh come on!” she scoffed, “I know you could hear me outside. Did you really think I was in trouble? You knew what I was doing. I live in this dump too. I know you could probably hear me from the fucking kitchen! ”

“What?” I was half surprised and half confused. “Could she be saying what she is saying now?” I thought.

I gasped: “But then why…”

“Well, what the hell am I supposed to do genius? I could hear your hands squirming inside your pants clearer than you could hear my bed shaking, I know what you have been up to, did I ever say a thing? No! And I thought you would give me my space too!”

“Nisha, I … I…” I was looking down, “I didn’t know what you were doing at first, but then when you moaned, I couldn’t resist.” I was in confession mode now.

“Whatever… I will tell Mom.” She said decidedly and I could see my humiliation approaching fast.

“I will tell them you walked in on me while I was changing, on purpose!” She continued.

“I will tell them what you were doing not changing! ok?” I fired back.

“Oh yeah?” She laughed. “And exactly how do you plan on phrasing that to Mom, Big Bro?”

“Well, I will tell them you were touching… yourself… down there”, I stuttered.

“You mean I was touching my pussy. And rubbing it too. Don’t forget that”, She added matter-of-factly, nodding her head up and down, “Imagine telling Mom : Mom Nisha was rubbing her pussy…”

I was shocked at her boldness.


“Yes and also tell them you saw the sheet was wet cuz my pussy juice was all over it”. She was laughing now. And she was staring straight into my eyes.

Was she going crazy?

“Nisha stop playing mind games,” I said loudly.

“Well, if you didn’t mind me playing my physical games so much, maybe I wouldn’t have to play these mind games with you!” She had a sarcastic smile on her face. “So go ahead, tell Mom… call her now!”

“She will have dad cut your dick off you fucking pervert”. She continued. She was literally giggling now.

This was the first time in our lives we had talked in this kind of language. Heck, this was the first time we had even discussed our personal lives with each other, let alone using words like pussy and dick. I wondered how my 18 year old virgin sister had learned these words in school so quickly, and where.

“OK I won’t tell Mom, but why would you tell her I walked in?” I sounded like I was pleading and God knows I was getting ready to do just that.

I was cursing myself for thinking with my dick instead of my head! I was saying all sorts of prayers and was seriously planning on getting a life if I just got out of this mess with my sister. I promised myself I would get a job and never ever think about my sister again! Heck, even if I had nothing to do, I would never even stay home while she was there! But I had to diffuse the situation which was at hand right now.

“Look Nisha, we both knew what we were doing, so let’s just forget it, OK?” I pleaded. “I am sorry I thought like that and will never think like that again about you, let alone seeing you like that…”

“Bhai”, she looked straight at my face. Her smile had vanished.

“Tum ne mujhe dekh liya uss tarah”, she said, in a very low tone, looking at me straight in the eyes. (You saw me like that)

“Haan (yes) Nisha, Sorry, I swear I am…” I couldn’t complete the sentence before she cut me off:

“Ab tum jab bhi dekho gey aisee hi socho gey na? Ke mein kaisee lag rahi thi nangi?” (Now whenever you see me you would imagine what I look like naked, am I right?) She was looking down now.

“No! No no. Past is past. Kabhi nahi (never agan)” I said in a firm voice.

“Jhoot. Aur tum ne to sab kuch hi dekh liya!” (liar, you saw everything)

“Nahi Nisha…” (no)

“Meri tangein bhi spread theein, khula view tha! Tum ne neechay bhi dekh liya…….. Ab mein kiya karuun” (my legs were open too, you had a clean view, and you saw everything down there too, oh my! What would I do now!)

“No I didn’t! Your hand was covering…”

She picked up a magazine from the side table and threw it at me before I finished the sentence… But I continued as I dodged the flying object.

“Nisha so what? You are my sister, and besides…. Probably Mom and Dad did it too when they were young! I am sure they did, and I do it just as much, sometimes twice a day” I replied. I was trying to be calm now. I really wanted to soothe her and rid her of the agony she was in. “Yes I really do!”

“You have no shame Bhai!,” she said, looking down.

“Nisha, it is natural and you are human, and I am human, right? And don’t tell me your friends don’t do it!”

“I don’t talk about it with them,” she said quietly.

“Well, ask them. I am pretty sure they do it twice a day too and you are feeling bad for no reason.”

“You are hung up on twice, what’s there to get out of it anyway! God I feel like a loser!” she was looking down again.

“Nisha, Nisha… You are so cute, why do you feel this way! I told you it is totally natural, and your friends do it too.”

“Yeah but their brothers don’t walk in on them!” She fired back.

“Then maybe your friends are ugly and their brothers are not attracted to them!”

There. I had said it, admitted my lust after her indirectly.

“What the hell?” She laughed! “Why are you attracted to your sister? And what’s there in me anyway. You are just… horny, Bhai”

She laughed! It looked like the topic was changing to masturbation rather than my supposedly hideous act of seeing her naked, and I was all for that! And subconsciously I had managed to change the topic to her looks and flattered her by saying she was cute. Flattery always works like a charm. I smiled inside.

“I guess I AM horny if I do it twice day!!” I laughed too. She was looking up now, straight at me.

“But why,” it sounded like a genuine question.

“Cuz it feels good, why else? It relieves stress. And it’s so soothing,” I replied, “Why do you do it?” I asked.

“It relieves stress? What are you talking about? It’s so stressful and I feel so tired after this, what do you think?” she ignored my question.

“So listen…” I said. I had my own agenda in mind. My dick was throbbing right now and I was making a conscious effort to crouch up my knees on the couch so she didn’t notice the bulge in my pants, although I did ultimately want her to see it, and do things to it of course.

“You heard me. Right Nisha? You are very cute and don’t ever say that you are a loser for doing something natural.” I said forcefully.

“Yeah I guess you are right Bhai, but you could have said it without having to walk in on me,” she breathed almost a sigh and then sat down on the couch with me, on the other end. I turned around on the seat so I could face her properly.

“Nisha I am sorry… It’s just that I couldn’t control myself and the thought of you… there… was …”

“Well what are you gonna do now that you saw me there? Were you turned on?” She asked.

“Yes I was turned on, of course… I mean, you looked like an angel”

“You perv!” She laughed.

“No seriously. I have to go do it myself now.” I said.

“So you are attracted to me,” She continued.

“You look beautiful, Nisha”

“So you are gonna go and jerk off now thinking about me?” She was smiling, “You know Bhai, that’s a very good complimnent. Cuz you know you are pretty cute yourself, and coming from you, I feel flattered. So you always think about me when you do it?” She asked.

“Sometimes,” I replied sheepishly.

“And what sort of things do you think you are doing to me when you think about me?” she continued her questions.

“Just you rubbing it down there and just thought of you naked is enough”

“Rubbing it here?” She said with a wicked smile and touched her crotch.

I gasped, but I regained my control and said:

“Yes Nisha.”

“And then you touch yourself here?”

She was sitting right next to me anyway, and she just reached over and grabbed my hard bulge which was poking out as I was talking to her. I gasped again. She grabbed it and squeezed it. And then she giggled:

“You are so hard! Does it always get this hard?” She asked, “I have never touched one before.” She was still holding it from outside my pants, and touching the base trying to gauge the length of it.

“Yes. The hornier I am the harder it is. And longer,” I laughed shyly.

She laughed too.

“Well…” She said in a long tone.

And then there was a pause. She kept staring at my eyes.

“You have seen me Bhai, now I want to see yours and see how hard it is.”

I laughed and said “Ok, go ahead, it’s pretty hard”.

She kept stroking it from outside the pants, and then slowly lifted my t-shirt up out of the way. Then she reached up and unbuttoned my pants. The zipper was loose so the pants went down a little. She opened the zipper all the way and my dick was now only hidden by my boxers.

Suddenly, I gave it a little jolt and the wet head of my dick peeked through the slit of my boxers…

“Ahhh. What the..” She jumped away, laughing and giggling.

“Oh my God Bhai, aap ne to dara hi diya tha mujhe ke yeh kiya hai kala kala”, “oh my God you scared me how that dark thing just popped out of the fly!).

She was literally holding her stomach she was laughing so hard. But then she stopped and said:

“Ok ok ok lemme calm down. And lemme see it,” saying that, she moved closer to me again and reached for my crotch. While she was laughing, I had just laid back with my arms raised above my shoulders and my prick sticking out of my boxers. It was a funny sight. But I was aroused by the fact the girl I had lusted after for so many years, albeit she was my sister, was about to touch it. Just this thought was enough to make my dick just burst out with cum.

She went ahead and grabbed the boxers and slid them down a little. I picked up my butt and slid up on the couch a little more so she could slide my pants and boxers down completely. She took them off as I lifted my legs up. I was now naked from the waist down, with my bare ass cheeks on the hard couch surface. But I didn’t mind one bit. I couldn’t believe I was exposed to my sister who I had longed for all my life.

She was now looking at my dick intently. She hadn’t touched it ever since it came out of the boxers. I guess she was a little taken back by the sight of a live cock in front of her. She was a virgin after all, and I was pretty sure this was the first one she had seen. She kept staring at it for about 30 seconds, then looked at my eyes and said in a hoarse voice:

“Mein iss ko haath lagaoon gi to kiya ho ga?” (what would happen if I touch it?)

I laughed : “Kiya hoga? Kuch nahi ho ga. Lagao haath”. (What can happen? Nothing at all. Touch it.”

Seeing me smile, she felt a little embarrassed. She thought I was making fun of her and probably wanted to show me she wasn’t scared. So she inched closer to me on the couch and then touched the tip. My cock sprang again but this time she was ready and wasn’t startled. She giggled a little though.

“The tip is so soft,” she giggled and then gave it a little twist with her two fingers.

“Ouch!! Aray aray aray!!!!!” I yelled. (ouch! Whoa whoa whoa), “Nisha it hurts!!! Araam se!” (Slowly)

She giggled again and touched the tip softly this time. Then she grabbed it with her hand and started moving her grip up and down the shaft. She was fascinated by the foreskin moving back and forth and how the tip kept moving up and down. I am not circumcised but I don’t have a lot of foreskin. The tip is half visible. Her soft hands were the greatest thing my dick had ever experienced. Her touch was amazingly sensual. She was just exploring it but little did she know that she was jerking me off. She kept moving her hand up and down, fascinated by the big acorn shaped tip of my dick. I was fully aroused and was ready to burst. And I did.

My whole body jerked a little, my cock stiffened, and just about when she realized that it had hardened and was going to ask me why, I came. And cum, I did! It just zoomed out from under the foreskin, splattering in all directions. This was some powerful and multi-directional cum. Even though she was sitting next to me and not in front of me, she got quite a big load on her chest. She screamed and moved away a notch, saying “Oh my God! Shit! What the fuck is this?”

I was just sitting back and moaning. My cock was still hard and cum was all over its sides.

“Yo Bhai, what the fuck man!” she giggled.

“Sorry Nisha I came too fast,” I smiled.

“Wow that’s a lotta cum, and look what you did to me.”

I looked up and could see cum all over her chest, right above her tits. She didn’t get any on her shirt but her shirt was pretty low cut and she was pointing to the area right above her tits.

She was now feeling the cum between her fingers.

“It looks like liquid glue,” she continued to make her funny comparisons.

“Yeah!” I laughed too.

“Girls don’t cum like that you know,” she was trying to educate me now.

I played along. My cock was still sprung open by the way, and she was still feeling and smelling the cum on her fingers.

“Oh really? So how do they cum?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“It’s much less of a mess,” she smiled, “But our warnings are much stronger! You didn’t even like… shriek or anything”

I laughed: “I wanted to surprise you”

“Yeah now look what you did to me, this shit is all over me, now I gotta shower all over again”

“Your touch was so soft and pleasurable Nisha, what could I have done? I am so jealous of you. You do it with your soft fingers and here I am, stuck with my big ass hands.”

“I wasn’t trying to make you feel good! Don’t feel too happy, ok?” She laughed. “But you enjoyed it?”

“Why else do you think I came so hard? I haven’t cum this hard in my life!” I stressed my point.

“Well, I am glad I could help Bhai. Now will you help me clean this off?”

“Sure.” I got up. I was still naked from the waist down and my cock was still hard. I was now standing with my cock pointed straight at her face, since she was still sitting down.

She laughed, “Put your friend down.”

“I can’t! I am still hard!”

She giggled, then got up, got a grip on my cock and pulled it towards her.

“Ok come and help me clean up.”

It was a funny sight. I was now walking behind her and she was holding me by my dick. I guess she really liked the feel of it.

She walked ahead, I followed and we entered her bedroom.

“Help me take my shirt off but make sure it doesn’t get dirty”, she instructed and turned around.

“OK”, I said. I moved up and was now standing behind her. I made sure I was close enough to her and now my cock was poking her jeans covered ass crack. By now we both had subliminally decided that we were comfortable with each other being naked. I had already seen her naked, she had already jerked me off, well… kind of. And by now, all taboos had disappeared.

I unzipped the back of her shirt and let it fall down. It was one of the long shirts Indian girls wear. Her back was open now and I could see her black bra strap. I moved my hands towards the front of her body, and pulled her shirt down. I brushed her boobs while doing this and made sure than the cum on her chest didn’t touch the shirt material. She helped me pull the shirt down and stepped out of it. She was only wearing her jeans now.

I then moved around her and was now facing her. She was just standing there in her bra, staring at me. I grabbed a tissue. She didn’t move a bit. I moved closer and wiped the cum off her chest. I was so close to her that my naked hard cock was now poking her pussy from outside the jeans. I kept ‘cleaning’ her chest, moving my fingers up and down and around, touching her cleavage, touching her neck, then I ventured down under her bra, and pretended to ‘clean’ it. I had now dropped the tissue and was caressing her boobs from outside the bra. She broke the silence and teased:

“The bra was clean, it was inside the shirt, remember,” she laughed.

I stopped immediately and dropped my hand, and just stared into her eyes. She smiled, took my hand and put it back on her chest.

This was a signal! I played with her tits for a while, then just threw her onto the bed. I was now on top of her. She was laughing and giggling. I then looked in her eyes and locked my lips onto hers, all the while playing with her tits. She kissed back violently, and our tongues were now wrestling inside our mouths. I moved my hands under her back and unhooked her bra. I was now sliding her bra from under her back and as soon as it came off completely, I pulled back from kissing, and stood up on my hands above her.

I was now staring at her B sized mounds of love with her erect nipples looking back at me. I had heard these beautiful organs call out my name ever since I had noticed her wearing a bra for the first time. I knew I would just hug them and suck them and caress them as much as I can the first chance I got. Now I had that chance and it felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

She said: “What happened?”

“Nisha, you are beautiful”

“Pagal” she laughed (you are crazy!)

Then she pulled me towards her and planted her lips on mine and shoved her tongue in my throat. She wanted me! I kissed her back and my hands were now all over her tits. Her large brown nipples were now fully moist and erect. I moved down and licked them.

“MMM… salty.”

She laughed. I took my fingers and poked her nipples inside her boobs, she moaned slightly. They looked like large buttons. Only they were soft, brown and wet. My dick was oozing pre-cum and it was now all over her jeans and a little bit on her cute tummy.

“Bhai my pants are getting dirty!”

“Oh sorry, lemme just… clean up, ok?” I said and moved up a little, away from her. Then I reached over the bed, grabbed another tissue and wiped her tummy. Then I moved down and now I was ‘wiping’ her crotch.

“Bhai you are the silliest,” she laughed and lifted up her ass. She then rolled down her jeans to her knees and I could see her black panties now.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” She laughed again.

I was just staring at her panties now. Her black low rise lace panties were hugging her pussy. I could smell the smell of heaven.

I smiled and mockingly started to clean her panties with the tissue. She cracked up with laughter.

“Bhai you are too much!”

While ‘cleaning’, I was now cupping her from the bottom and could feel the heat outside the panties. I rolled my fingers around the edges and slowly moved inside. Then I poked her clit from the outside.

“A woman’s pussy is the doorway to heaven,” I muttered the movie dialog. She cracked up in laughter again. I looked up into her eyes again and slowly my hands moved towards the top of her panties. She knew that I wanted to see her pussy and I knew she wanted to show it to me.

“Go ahead, you have seen it already”

“No I didn’t Nisha, your hand was covering it when I walked in”, I stuck to my story.

“Liar”, she smiled as she titled up her butt and removed her panties. I saw them roll down in slow motion. First the pubic hair peeked out, a thin bush leading up to her heavenly clit. Then the clit peeked up, all swollen and red and beating up and down like her heart was. She was so small I could hear her heart beat from near her pussy. She was rolling her panties off her legs now as I moved back a little. Then I moved forward and touched the opening.

“Look familiar?” She laughed through her heavy breathing.

It was moist, and hot and extremely soft. I caressed it sensually and rubbed my finger up and down. She was moaning now and her breathing had gotten faster. I was moving my hands all over it, through the soft thin pubic hair and all over the clit. I then moved up and started to kiss her again, rubbing her boobs gently and moving my cock all over her pussy. My pre-cum was all over it and we were just violently making out. I moved my fingers all over her body and caressed her tits.

This went on for a little while. Then I decided I will finally try and fulfill my fetish. I stopped kissing and moved down towards her pussy. I just had to lick the fresh, untouched cunt of hers. It just called my name as it huffed and puffed up and down.

She gasped as I slowly moved my tongue through her cleavage, then over her stomach and down towards her clit and licked her pubic hair.

“Bhai, eww, what the fuck?”

“Nisha I want to lick it, you are an angel!”

“Pagal ho gaye ho kiya?” (have you lost your mind?)

Oral sex is extremely taboo in Indian culture. I think she knew about that. Besides, this being her first sexual experience, she didn’t know what to do and what to make of my actions. Besides, I didn’t want to bone her and get her pregnant either. The only way for me to pleasure her was to go down on her and lick her dry.

“Nisha, just sit back and relax! Ok?” I said forcefully and headed downwards.

I moved my tongue all around her pussy sides, tasting her delicious pre-cum as it oozed out in droves, responding to the movements of my tongue. I was licking every little millimeter, my mouth firmly planted on the clit, and my tongue moving inside of it. Her “oohs and aaaahs” had become louder as I lapped up and down her pussy like a cat drinking milk. I could have sworn if mom and dad were even at the front door, they would have heard us here from there. I just threw that thought out of my mind and focused on the job at hand.

She was getting comfortable with my tongue now and her pussy and my tongue were moving in a rhythm. I moved behind and licked her asshole clean. She was moaning much loudly now but I didn’t slow down. I wanted her to have the time of her life and I wanted her to know how much her bhai loved her and how long he had lusted after her. I also wanted her to enjoy this so she came back to me and realize that what a man’s tongue can provide, her fingers couldn’t replicate. Slowly she began to get tense.

I knew her orgasm was near. I continued to lap at her delicious pussy. Her moans had turned into yells. My tongue was an about half and inch inside her pussy now and I was twirling it around. Her pussy was so tight, that even though she had her legs fully parted, I was having a hard time taking my tongue further inside. I grabbed her tits and played with her nipples. I was half off the bed and half on it. She shook violently, parted her legs even farther, her pussy jerked up and then she let out a huge shriek.

“Oh shit! Zor se!!!!!!!” (faster)

I took my finger and pushed her cunt up a bit so I could dig my tongue inside her clit even further.

“Chod do bhai apni behen ko!” (fuck your sister harder!)

She continued to tense up and talk dirty.

“Hai mein mar gayee… oooooooohhhhh!” (oh you are killing me!)

I continued to lap at her pussy and twirl my tongue around inside her clit. I was now fingering her asshole and I could sense her time was near.

“Oooiiiii ahhhhhhhhhhh, chod do mujhe, hayyyy meri phudy!” (fuck me, fuck my pussy!)

And then she came. Her red hot pussy curved up, took a huge jerk and just exploded onto my face. Her delicious cum just burst out and hit my mouth as I took it in. I then got up and kissed her lips violently, letting her taste her own cum. She licked around her lips.

“Oh shit , oh man!” She panted as she continued to jerk.

“This is the hardest I have cum in my life bhai!” she was still short of breath, “you are amazing! Meri phuddy itni zor se bahar ko aye ke kiya battaoon, dekho kitni laal ho gayee!” she giggled. (I came so forcefully! Look my pussy is all red!)

I crept up and hugged her naked body tight. We lay there for a while, kissing and cuddling.

“Kaisa taste tha?” She asked. (how did I taste?)

“Buhat acha… It was delicious!” I replied.

“Aise phuddy ko choostay bhi hain larkay? Waise mujhe maza buhat aya”. (guys lick girls’ pussies like that? I enjoyed it a lot though)

“Haan aur kiya. Aur larkian bhi lun choosti hain larkon ke!” (of course, and girls suck guys dicks too)

“chi chi chi”, she laughed jokingly. (eww!) “Aaj aap ne mujhe buhat kuch sikha diya Bhai!!” (you taught me a lot today)

“Nisha I love you,” I murmured.

“I love you too bhai”. She said.

I planned in my head. Next stop: fucking her tender juicy pussy that I had just licked. And I had a feeling she won’t say no.

Ever since I went down on her, my little sister Nisha and I had become quite open with each other but an opportunity to further our fun never presented itself. I always envisioned her naked and she probably thought about my cock too but we never really got it on. She got busy with school, I found a job and somehow, our schedules never matched. Hard to believe but we never even touched each other after that for about a couple of months. We never found time alone and mom and dad or somebody else was always there.

Even if we found a short amount of time alone, I didn’t want to pressurize her into doing anything really quick. First, I didn’t know if she would be willing to do it, and then I didn’t want to get caught either. She hadn’t given me any signals and I was kind of getting worried. One day, however, all my worries were quelled.

It was her birthday. We were throwing a little party for her and all her friends and some of our relatives were invited. As Indian girls do, she was planning to dress up for the occasion in a traditional manner. All of her friends were going to wear Indian clothes and get made up in a traditional style. Indian make-up includes Henna tattoos as an essential element.

To understand what happened this day between me and her, it is really important to understand the concept of Henna tattoos.

For those of you not familiar with Henna tattoos, I will explain a bit. Henna tattoos are temporary decorations done on the body with a natural paste made with leaves from a special kind of tree. The designs are usually made on the hands and feet. After the wet paste is applied to the body, it takes about 4 or 5 hours for it to dry and then it peels off by itself, leaving behind beautiful traditional designs on the body. During these 4-5 hours, girls usually either go to sleep or relax somewhere since they don’t want the paste to be moved and the designs to get ruined. If they need to go to the bathroom, they either go and reapply the paste if it was moved, and if they don’t want to take that chance, they just don’t go! They cannot touch anything or wash their hands.

So she and her friends decided to get these tattoos done on their bodies. They all went to their favorite beauty salon and got the paste applied to their hands, arms and feet. Nisha came home around 2 o clock in the afternoon with Henna on her arms. She was getting very agitated since she wasn’t able to use her hands and feet too much and it was afternoon so she couldn’t really go to sleep either. Every time she had to go to the bathroom, she was taking mom with her who would slide down her shalwar (lose Indian pajamas), look the other way while she peed and then helped her put it back on. Needless to say poor Nisha couldn’t defecate while the wet Henna was on her hands. I was getting aroused just by the thought of mom undressing Nisha and seeing her grown daughter naked. Nisha and mom of course did not have any of these thoughts in mind since they were just following a routine.

It was about 4 hours left in the party and the set up was almost complete. It was then, that my luck struck gold!

Mom and dad suddenly realized that they had forgotten to get fresh roses for the party, which they would use to hang on walls and put on the tables, and even shower the birthday girl (my sis Nisha) with rose petals in a traditional Indian manner. They asked me to drive to downtown Boston to get roses but I was busy decorating the walls, and I also had to wait for the catering people to arrive and arrange the food. Mom wanted dad to go buy the roses but she was afraid he would get dry ones and might even pay too much. Without thinking anything, I suggested that they both go and get the roses, while I decorated the house and waited for the food caterers. Nisha obviously couldn’t do anything since she had Henna on her hands and was waiting for it to dry so the prints came out as dark and clear as possible. Mom and dad took my advice and left to get the roses.

Nisha was watching TV in the living room and I was cleaning up and putting the decorations on the walls. As horny as I was being alone in her presence, I knew she had the Henna on her hands and was in no mood to touch anything, let alone make sexual contact! We were just making small talk as she hung around and I was busy doing my stuff, when she suddenly said:

“Bhai I have to use the bathroom”

“Then go use it,” I said without thinking.

“Um.. Hello! I have this mehndi (another name for Henna) on my hands.” She said.

“So?” I pretended as if I didn’t understand.

“If I touch anything, the Henna will move and the design will be ruined,” she explained.

“Nisha then can’t you just wash the Henna off? It’s been so long, the design is dark enough I think.”

“No way bhai. There is still a couple of hours left till I wash it off or it dries by itself.” She said.

“Oh ok, but then how will you go use the bathroom?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“Bhai, can you please help me go?” She dropped the bomb!

I knew she loved it when I had licked her pussy but she hadn’t given me any signals ever since and I was kind of getting worried there would be none of that stuff happening between us again. Was this a signal? Did she want another sexual encounter?

“N… Nisha, you mean… take you to the bathroom and help you inside??” I stuttered.

She started to laugh.

“Tu aur kiya?” (What else, dummy)

“Ohh.. ok”, I was still stammering.

“Yes Bhai, just like Mom. Just come with me, I can’t touch anything, you can raise my qameez (long Indian shirt), lower my shalwar (Indian pajamas), I will pee and then you can help me tie the shalwar back.” She explained.

“Are you sure you are ok with it?” I asked.

“Pagal,” she giggled. “Of course, aap mere bhayya hain!” (You are my loving brother!)

Even thought there were no taboos remaining between us, I wanted to make sure she was OK with it because I didn’t want to appear too horny or desperate.

“Chalo theek hai Nisha”, I said candidly. (OK Nisha, let’s go).

“Thank you Bhai, I love you…” she walked over and gave me a peck on my cheek.

We then started walking towards the bathroom. She was ahead of me and I was staring at her sweet ass. I had seen it naked a month ago and how I had longed to see it again! She started first and tried to clear the air:

“Bhai don’t worry, it is nothing you haven’t seen before.” She referred to our first sexual episode. “Mein jahan se pee karoongi, aap ne uss ko chata bhi tha”. (You licked the spot where I pee from)

This was a demeaning comment, I didn’t know what to say and I was kind of pissed. It wasn’t funny to me.

“Ok ok chalo chalo, jaldi karo.” I said. (hurry up, I don’t have much time. ) I was acting like this was routine and I wasn’t interested. Indian girls like it when the guy plays a little hard to get. Or so I thought at the time.

She laughed and let me open the bathroom door. I turned the light on and lowered the seat for her. She walked in and turned around so she could face me. I was a little hesitant and was staring at her, waiting for her cue. She said:

“Shalwar utaro na Bhai, jaldi se! mujhe karna hai jaldi”. (take my pajamas off quickly brother, I have to really pee!)

“Ok ok Nisha!” Saying this, I lifted her long Indian dress shirt up and put it above her shoulders. Her bra-covered tits were visible now as the hem of her shirt was now all the way up. Her cute little belly button was right there and I was just staring at it. I noticed her breathing had increased. I kept staring at her boobs and the flat stomach when she yelled:

“Aray jaldi karo warna shalwar mein nikal jayega!!!” (Hurry if you don’t want me to pee in my pants!)

I broke my trance, untied her shalwar and let it drop. The lose pajamas just feel to the floor and now her panties were visible. I smelled the smell of heaven again just like I had a couple of months ago. I wanted to see her pussy again!

“Nisha, the panties?”

“Yes bhai, I can’t pee with them on now, can I?” she said sarcastically.

I was still hesitant.

“Mein udhar muun kar luun?” I asked. (should I turn away?)

“UFF! Bhai! Aap ne pehle dekha tha mujhe nanga! Hain na?” She said, frustrated at my timidness. (Geez bro! Didn’t you see me naked before? Did I say anything?)

“No,” I said in a low voice.

“Theek hai jaldi utaro phir,” she urged. (OK then take my panties off already)… “pagal!” (you are crazy), she said.

My breathing had increased and so did hers. I grabbed the top of her black lace panties and started to pull them down slowly. They rolled off her ass but this time, unlike the previous time, the pubic hair didn’t show up at the top. Oh my!!! She had shaved! Why would she shave if she didn’t want her dear brother to lick her again? And why would she wear these sexy black lace panties if she didn’t want her dear bhayya (bro) to take her right there? Oh yes! These were all signals. She wanted me.

She was totally clean. As I rolled her panties down, I saw the line of her pussy become visible. It was wet and swollen red. She was horny! Why wouldn’t she be? She was in the presence of her dear brother who had licked her dry just a few weeks ago and whom she had confessed to that she had the greatest orgasm of her life. The panties were off now and were near her ankles. I was entranced by the clear shot of my sister’s pussy right in front of my eyes. I was literally 6 inches away from this doorway to heaven that I had sucked before. The smell was sweet, and oh so inviting.

She quietly saw the panties roll of and sat down on the toilet seat. I moved my hand around her back so I could lift the back of her long shirt above her shoulders also. Doing so, I brushed her ass. She let out a little sigh, I was staring at her pussy and she was sitting down, this was so hot:

“ok I am gonna pee now”, she declared and out came the stream of yellow pee from her pee hole. I was amazed. The pee slowly came out but she was done in only about 10-15 seconds. She didn’t have to pee too much!!! This was all a set up. And I knew it all along.

“Buss Nisha?” I asked. (that’s it Nisha?)

“Haan to aur kiya. Bhai… mere pyaray bhai… iss ko poonch do na tissue ley ke?” (yes, bro, my dear bro, can you please wipe it off a little bit with some toilet paper)

This was crazy! I was amazed at how horny she was and how dirty she could get. My sister was slowly turning into a young and dirty little whore.

I grabbed a couple of toilet paper pieces and made a thick set. All this while, she had her hands raised above her head since she had the Henna on her hands. She couldn’t touch anything at all.

I took the toilet paper and touched her pussy with it. I made sure it absorbed as much piss as it could. When I felt the other side of my finger get a little wet, I stopped and threw that toilet paper into the bowl. Then I looked up at her.

“bhai abhi bhi geela hai, saaf karo do na please…” (it is still wait, bro please can you wipe it more?)

I knew her pussy was pretty dry but I wasn’t about to say no to this! I grabbed some more toilet paper and touched her pussy again. This time, I didn’t press in to dry it, but I rubbed the toilet paper up and down. She moaned. I could see her pussy was on fire now. It was throbbing up and down and it was very red. But I was in a teasing mood. I stopped.

“bhayya karo na saaf!” she begged. (clean it more!)

“Nisha, it is already dry!” I teased.

“Bhayya! Come on!!! Hai na geelii…dekho “ (bro come on please… it is still wet! Look!)… she was moaning now.

“Geeli hai? Haan dikhao,” (Oh is it wet? Lemme see), I said and hunched over.

I put my hand on the top part of her clit and rubbed it gently. I lifted up her throbbing wet pussy. It was wet with pussy juice and pre-cum. She was still holding her hands raised above her head and moaning loudly. I rubbed the sides of her pussy and probed it all over. It was totally devoid of pee but wet with pre-cum oozing out of her clit in anticipation of sexual activity. Man this was hot!

“Nisha pee tu nahi hai ab lekin phudy geeli hai tumhari,” I said. (Nisha there is no pee but your pussy is still wet).

It was crazy how we were teasing each other with this ridiculous conversation and only delaying the inevitable. But I realized the build up, foreplay and setting the mood are essential parts of sex in Indian culture. It is much more enjoyable that way and the principles of Kama sutra also stress the set up before sex. The man and the woman have to be highly teased and highly sexed up before they cut to the chase and have actual intercourse. I believe this is the reason why impotence rates in India and in the East in general are much low, since they stress the build up so much and sex is considered to be the apex of pleasure, not a means to gain pleasure. An orgasm is holy and cherished and shouldn’t be wasted. Often both partners have most fun this way and no external toys are needed. At least those are my observations and experiences. I may be wrong.

“Bhai pussy geeli hai phir mein panty kaisey pehnuungi?” she asked in an innocent manner. (How can I wear my panties if my pussy is still wet?)

“Aao mein andar jaa ke ponch duun?” (You want to come inside the bedroom, I will dry it there?), I asked.

“Andar kiya karogay?” (What will you do inside?), she asked, puzzled.

“Buss bed pe tum lait jana, takay mein neechay sey achi tarah dekh luun, theek hai?”, I replied. (I will put you on the bed so I can have a better view and clean it properly, ok?).

This conversation was getting silly and I think she was sick of it too, she just wanted her pussy to the quelled of the throbbing agony it was in! So she agreed:

“Ok theek hai, mere haath bhi thuk gaye hain,” she confirmed. (Ok, fine, my arms are tired too, I am sick of holding them up like this because of the Henna!)

She got up and stepped out of the lose shalwar (pajamas). Then she looked at me, as if asking what I was waiting for. I bent over and helped her step out of her panties. As she stood up, her long Indian shirt feel off her shoulders and its hem was now covering her crotch and ass. I could see her sexy legs from where the shirt ended.

“Bhai please yeh qameez utaar do gey? Mein nahi chahti key eh bhi wet ho jaye neechay lag key” (Bro can you pleasetake off my shirt? I don’t want it to get wet if it touches my pussy).

“Sure,” I said and helped her take the shirt off, all the while being careful it didn’t touch her hands so the Henna didn’t get ruined.

She was now standing naked in front of me, with only her bra on and her shaved pussy staring at me, calling my name.

“Chalein?” she asked. (Let’s go?)

“Aao”, I said (Let’s go.)

I put my hands on her shoulders and gently walked her to the bedroom. Her pussy was so wet that it was dripping pre-cum and some pre-cum oozed out and fell on the bathroom floor. I figured I would clean it later.

I was now walking behind her naked ass, with my cock throbbing inside my pants. I was wearing lose jeans and a t-shirt. I helped her lay down on her bed, flat on her back with her hands above her head to protect the Henna.

“Bhai aap kitney achay ho, I love you. Ammi to kuch bhi help nahi karteen, aisey he geela chor deti hain,” she said in a low voice, almost moaning with anticipation. (Bhai I love you, you are so nice! Mom doesn’t help me at all when I have Henna on my hands. After I pee, she doesn’t even dry me and just leaves me like that).

“Nisha I love you too and I wanna do anything to make you happy.” I smiled.

“Bhai dekho zara na kitni geeli huun mein,” she moaned. (Bro look how wet I am! Clean me!)

“Zara tangein kholo, dekhnay do,” I said wickedly. (Spread your legs a little so I can get a better view).

The sister after whom I had lusted after for so many years was now spreading her legs for me open wide and I had a clean view of her doorway to heaven. It smelled fresh and sweet, so lickable and seducible. It was throbbing lusciously, up and down, with her breathing, waiting for me to enter it and give it the ultimate kind of pleasure.

She spread her legs, I came closer to ‘look’ and sank my mouth in to her pussy! I couldn’t wait any longer! Enough was enough!

“Aray Aray Aray! Kiya kar rahay ho bhai?,” (whoa bro what are you doing?) She let out a huge moan which was a mixture of pain and pleasure, her giggling made my cock throb inside my pants.

“Phudy saaf karney do Nisha!” (let me clean your pussy Nisha!) I yelled as I panted and went down again.

I licked and lapped like a dog, my face buried inside her crotch. My tongue was now way inside her hole and I was drinking all her cum that oozed out. I was licking the sides of the pussy, twisting my tongue inside and tasting every single millimeter of it. Her moans were becoming louder and louder. She was practically yelling:

“Ahh! Ooooeeeee, meri ammaaa, haii,” she yelled.

I kept sucking away till her body tensed up. I knew she was close to cumming now. She let out a huge shriek, and came full force into my face. Her pussy hit my nose as she sprayed her juices all over my face.

“Oh God! Bhayya!” she moaned.

“Nisha I love you”

“Aahhhhhhh! Bhai I love you too!!!” she panted.

Her body was still experiencing the after shocks of the orgasm and she was trying to bend her face and lick her bra covered tits. She had Henna on her hands and couldn’t use them at all.

I got out from under her pussy and smiled:

“Maza aya?” (Had fun?)

She smiled too:

“Bhayya aap buhat buray ho! Aise saaf kartey hain? Muun se?” (Bro you are so bad! Is this how you clean up? You lick it off?)

I smiled at her. She was now resting calmly on her back. This time was going to be different. I think she realized it too that I had helped her cum twice and I hadn’t gotten off myself. Did she want to pay me back for the favors I had done to her?

“I love your taste Nisha”, I said seductively, staring at her pussy while she noticed the hard on I had bulging out of my pants. She immediately turned her attention to it.

“Bhai aap ka lun bhi geela hota hai?” (Bro does your dick get wet too?) She asked in her usual innocent manner.

“Haan buhat, dekho!” (Yes, very, look) I said and showed her the wet patch on my crotch.

“Itna ziada?” she laughed shyly. (So much?)

“Haan dekho meri pant geeli kar dee salay nay, itna sukht aur geela hai” I laughed too. (Yeah the bastard made my pants all wet it is so hard and wet!)

“Haan mein bhi buhat geeli thee, shayed issi ko dekh ke!” she smiled wickedly. (Yes, because I was so wet too, that’s why your cock got wet)

“Nisha your pussy is so lickable, I want to eat it all the time.” We were really talking dirty now.

“Yeah you told me it’s delicious”, she giggled and continued, “Bhai aap ka lun buhat sukht ho raha hai, zara dikhao to”. (Bro your cock is so hard, it is about to burst out of your pants, lemme see).

I was waiting for her cue. The build up so far was going just fine, and it was all consensual. Actually, she was kind of leading the way, which was OK by me! I didn’t want to force her into anything she didn’t want.

As of now, I was standing near the foot of the bed while she was spread naked on it except for her bra. As soon as she asked to see my dick, I got closer and started to unzip my pants. I let them fall down, then took off my t-shirt and then went for my boxer shorts which were barely holding my cock in.

Last time I had surprised her with my peeking cock, but this time she didn’t want any surprises. She wanted to hold it, caress it, take care of it herself like her brother had done to her, but she had the Henna on her hands. I stepped out of my boxers and let my cock throb in open air. It was vibrating up and down, as if it was breathing on its own.

“Bhai qareeb ao,” she said in a hoarse voice. (Come closer bro)

I moved in as she was staring intently at my dick.

“Haan yeh to buhat geela ho raha hai, mein ponch deti lekin mere hathon pe to mehndi lagi hai,” she said staring at my dick. (Yeah it is so wet and hard, I would wipe it for you but I have Henna on my hands)

“Haan,” I said in a hoarse voice. (Yes). I had to say something to keep it going.

“Kaisa taste ho ga iss ka?” (how would it taste?), she wondered out aloud.

“I don’t know Nisha,” I laughed, “But I do know your pussy tastes better than this…”

“Well, I will be the judge of that Bhai,” she answered and then without waiting a second, lowered her head.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I saw her head moving towards the head of my prick. Within seconds, her pink rosy lips were sucking on my shaft, and moving up and down the uncut head. The heat and wetness from her mouth and the pre-cum I was secreting made my cock slippery and smooth.

This was the first time she was sucking on a man’s penis and she was great at it. My experience says that inexperienced people give the best blow jobs since they lick all over. And that’s exactly what Nisha was doing. Unable to use her hands, which were covered with Henna, her mouth was all she had.

“Mmmm. Salty,” she mimicked me, recalling the comments I had made when I had first licked her pussy.

She was moving my foreskin back with her lips and her tongue was piercing my tip, sending waves of thrill up and down my spine. She wanted to lick the meat inside the foreskin of my uncut cock, and taste the area where all the nerve endings met, just like I had done to her.

As she was bent over, licking my cock, I was moving my hands behind her back, un-hooking her black lace bra. She was peeking up with her beautiful dark brown eyes as she was moving her rosy lips up and down and all around my large and wet prick, when suddenly, she stopped.

“Bhai yeh itna lamba lora choti see phudy mein kaisey jata hai?” she asked, continuing her silly and innocent questions. (How would a cock this long go into a little pussy?)

“Tumhari jaisee choti si phudy, Nisha?” (A little pussy like yours, Nisha?) I joked.

She felt kind of shy as her cheeks went red.

“Koi bhi phudy bhayya!” (Any pussy bro!), she said in a shy voice.

“Pata nahi Nisha, I have never put it inside a pussy,” I said honestly, “Maybe it only goes in half way.”

“Would it hurt?” she was contemplating taking it in. “Wow!” I thought.

“I doubt it Nisha. How could something this pleasurable hurt at all?” I tried to level the ground.

In our conversations, we were both slowly rationalizing sex. This was blowing my mind as I could feel the nerves on the side of my head pumping like crazy.

“Bhai mein buhat thuk gayee huun, mujhey letna hai. Aap meri back massae kar do gay?’ she asked. (Bhai I am so tired with all this Henna on my hands, can you give me a back massage?)

I wasn’t about to say no to that:


She got up from her crawling position and laid down back flat on her back, totally naked. It was funny how was sucking on my cock just a few seconds ago and was now flip-flopping to a back massage. It was painfully obvious. She wanted to taste how my cock felt inside her burning pussy. And I was too much of a dork to take charge.

I got on top of the bed and started to rub her back. I was on my side naked, and my dripping, wet cock was rubbing against her thighs. I massaged her back and gave her a kiss on her neck. She moaned.

I got on top of her from the back. The time had come. She knew it. I knew it. There was no use beating about the bush. She was too timid to say it but I couldn’t take it anymore. I know she was scared too. This was incest! In an Indian conservative household nonetheless. But I’d rather have sex with my precious little sister than let her fall victim to some of the other guys out there. I’d rather break her in myself than have her experience it with someone who doesn’t even love her. I loved her!

I was now rubbing her neck, and moving my cock up and down her ass crack as she was moaning. I could see her throbbing light brown lips pussy from the back, completely devoid of hair. She still had her arms spread out up front to protect the Henna paste. I unhooked her bra without asking her, and pulled it from under her. She said:

“Bhai ek minute” (just a second bhai).

Then she motioned me to move. I moved myself from the top of her and she switched sides, now she was laying flat on her back, with her tits staring at me and her naked pussy inviting me in with her legs spread and her arms spread out wide because of the Henna. Without wasting a moment, I crawled on top of her and just like the last time, planted a huge French kiss on her lips, slipping my tongue down her throat, letting her lick it. My hands were on her tits and my cock about to enter the doorway to heaven. I was all ready to go in, the opening was very visible and my cock had found it. We were both making panting and moaning sounds as I kissed her and played with her large nipples. My cock was having a very hard time entering her virgin clit.

She had masturbated a lot but apparently she had only been rubbing it. She had never inserted anything in there. Well, she was about to! And her dear bhai’s cock was going to be the first foreign object to enter the sweet hole. I was violently moving my cock up and down her pussy lips. Our cum juices were thoroughly mixed by now. Her pre-cum oozing out of her wet pussy and mine blasting out in droves out of my throbbing cock. She had her legs open wide, as far as she could, to let her loving brother’s huge cock in without resistance. She was panting and I was moaning with pleasure, licking on her rosy pink lips and switching to her soft cotton nipples. As my cock parted her pussy lips, she yelled out:

“Aaaaaaaaaahhh, yeh kaisa dard hai!?” (what kind of a pain is this????)

“Nisha just remember I love you more than anyone else in this world!,” I gasped.

“Oooooeeee maaaaaaaa!”

“Nisha meri pyari janu, it feels so good! Ahhh…”

Her pussy lips were as far apart as they had ever been. My cock was about half way inside her pussy. I didn’t want to hurt her, and plus, I was really timid. I didn’t want anything unexpected to happen, and she was yelling really loud.

“Maar dala! Chod diya!” (You killed me! You are fucking me!)

She kept screaming:

“Behenchod! Fuck me! Fuck me… ahhh… ooooohhhhiiiii…” (you bloody sister-fucker! Fuck me, fuck me!)

She was cursing at me but she now had my cock thoroughly buried inside her pussy and had closed her legs tighter so I couldn’t take it out. She wanted it! The cursing was only part of the pleasure. I kept moving my hips back and forth on top of her bed, which was about to break, it was so weak.

“Hai meri choti si phudy! Ab kiya hogaaaaaaaa!” she screamed! (Oh my little pussy and what will I do now!!)

“Nisha I will be gentle now, ok?” I kind of got scared as I continued to ram her pussy.

“NO! DON’T YOU DARE!” she panted, “FUCK ME!” she continued to shriek:

“Fuck me like an animal! Fuck your little sister like a whore you behenchod!”

“Nishaaaaaaa…” I moaned.

“Chodo mujhe! Chod dalo!” (fuck me! Keep fucking me)

I was ramming her cunt violently, trying to bury my cock as deep as possible. As our crotches collided, they made a loud thumping sound.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Oooohs and AAhhhs!

I was fucking my own sister. Having sex with the angel I loved and grew up lusting after and was begging me to fuck her like a slut!

“Phar dala meri chuut ko!” (You tore up my pussy!)

I was SO aroused at her talking this dirty that it is hard to explain. My cock had reached its largest girth ever and I could feel the veins pumping inside her pussy. She and I were moving in a rhythm, pleasuring each other with our sex organs, giving our all, laying it all out. I was about to explode.

“N…Nisha… Nisha! I am gonna…”

“NO!!!! PULL OUT! PULL OUT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs! “NIKLO PHUDDY SE!”

She was screaming for me to pull out but her legs were still tight. Her pussy didn’t want to let go. My cock jerked. As soon as I was about to cum and I was opening my mouth to scream, she let go. I guess she felt the vibration.

I shrieked: “AAHH!”

I pulled my cock out with a snap in her pussy. I could see her moist pussy lips glistening with my cum as I splattered all over her parted lips and stomach. The huge explosion reached her tits, face and eyes. She licked whatever landed on her lips.

She was still moaning “oohhh and ahhh” on her back while I was standing on my knees on top of her watching her lick my cum off her lips and chest. I had just pulled out in time. I didn’t want to get her pregnant.

“Bhai tell me which cum tastes better?” she said naughtily and wagged her finger at me, with my cum glistening on the tip.

Gross. Should I taste my own cum? I didn’t want to piss her off, so I did.

“Yucky! Eww!” I said and laughed. “Nisha your cum is the best tasting cum on the planet!”

Saying this, I threw myself on top of her and hugged her naked body tight. We cuddled and talked about how great it was to finally have sex. She expressed some regret but it was really minor.

It took me weeks to figure out why. Later on I learned that she wasn’t a virgin when we had sex. This is why her hymen never broke and I didn’t see any blood! She was also on the pill, and little did I know at the time that even pre-cum is enough to get girls pregnant. All her insistence on pulling out was a cover up! I also found out how she was a whore and had been fucking around. But I didn’t mind that one bit, as long as I got a piece of the pie. But that is a story for another time.

anonymous asked:

I am a little, and I'm almost 6 feet tall. Sometimes I get really insecure because I'm taller than my daddy, he already knows that I don't like being this tall and he always makes sure to help me feel better about it but sometimes it still really bothers me.. do you maybe have any advice on what I could do to help myself feel smaller?

Body image is something that many Littles struggle with as they try to fit in with what they see as the ideal “Little” image, so I assure you you’re not alone. However, there is not One single ideal “Little” image that defines what Littles should look like. 

The word “Little” in the context of DD/lg has nothing to do with height, weight, age, or gender. “Little” in DD/lg simply means a mindset, a personality characteristic, an identity, but it is Not a physical thing. You are a Little because that is what you identify as, it has nothing to do with how tall you are, and you are just as valid as any other Little. 

As for your height and being taller than your Daddy, keep in mind that he chose you. He obviously doesn’t have a problem with your height, so please try not to worry about being taller than him. If being insecure about your height is making it harder for you to slip into Little space, make sure you let your Daddy know so that he can try to help. Whether its by engaging you in your favorite Little activities, or by reminding you that you are his Little One, I’m sure your Daddy can help. 

I hope this helps. Best wishes for you, fellow Little.

pastelfrood  asked:

Hi I just found your blog and I love it!!! Your writing is so fluffy and beautiful and I really loved the makeout hcs 😆 Could I request rfa + v + saeran with an MC who is a ballerina? I'm starting ballet next week for the first time and I'm nervous because I am almost 22 and usually you start ballet at like 5 or 6 :X Love and hugs!

aww thank you so much! i used to be a ballerina but it’s never too late to join something! i hope it all goes well :)

MC as a Ballerina


  • When he found out he was SHOOK
  • He’s dating a dancer?!?!!?
  • He begs you to dance for him all the time
  • It’s honestly really cute not gonna lie
  • The lil bean is always sitting front row at every single one of your recitals
  • Every
  • Single
  • One
  • Even though it’s a really professional and classy show, he’ll still stand on his feet and cheer you on like crazy whenever he sees you 
  • He’s always got a really cute bouquet of flowers for you when you meet him afterward


  • He dances too so of course he’s excited when he finds out
  • When he asks you to show him a little sneak peek of your upcoming recital he is in awe
  • “You have to dance in my shows from now on!!! I’ll talk to the director right now!”
  • lol wut
  • Somehow you are now in his shows as a dancer
  • Every single time you’re on stage with him during rehearsal, he gets distracted sooooo easily and messes up 
  • But if you’re not in any shows, he’s supporting you like crazy at your recitals
  • He’ll spread the word via social media and his fans so that there’s always a huge turnout when you perform


  • She finds out when you decide to surprise her by taking her to a secret place
  • Jaehee is confused but she goes along with it
  • When you arrive at the dance studio, she’s in shock that you’ve kept it hidden that you’ve been a ballerina for years
  • She’s standing at the side and watching you through the glass window
  • Slowly, she begins to fall in love with the art and how beautiful it looks
  • After a few weeks of watching you rehearse, she musters enough courage to ask if she can join too!!!!
  • You agree excitedly and the following week, she’s right by your side
  • She’s a quick learner and now you two have a really cool hobby that you share together
  • also pls someone draw fanart of baehee as a ballerina PLEASE


  • You told him you were a ballerina and he immediately scheduled a solo recital for you
  • You did your best to persuade him not to since it would be embarrassing and you thought you weren’t that good
  • He doesn’t believe what he just heard
  • HIs wiFe???? NotT goOd enOUgh????
  • I M P O S S I B L E
  • He asks you to dance for him and after some persuasion, you agree
  • Immediately, he falls in love with how graceful you look when you dance
  • After you’re done, he gives you a big kiss as he praises you, making you blush
  • He doesn’t schedule a solo recital, but he’ll keep trying until it happens lol
  • Until then, he’s fine so long as gets to keep watching you dance


  • He’s known for a while tbh
  • Actually, he found a video of a performance from a year ago when you first joined the RFA
  • He becomes hooked and starts looking for as many videos of you dancing as possible
  • seven no that is creepy
  • When you two get together, the first thing he asks you is if you can dance for him
  • He records your dance on his phone and tells you how beautiful it was afterwards
  • Whenever he’s feeling down, you dance for him a little bit
  • If you’re separated for some reason and he misses you, he’ll watch the video of the first time you ever danced for him as comfort


  • It had been a few months since you’ve been together and he knew you were a ballerina
  • He desperately wanted to see how you danced but he couldn’t due to him being blind
  • When he found out about your upcoming rehearsal in a couple months, he knew what he had to do
  • Without telling you, he decided to get the eye surgery the night before the recital so he could finally see you perform
  • You go up on stage and begin to dance to the music when you spot him sitting front row and your heart starts picking up
  • Because why is he here? And wtf is he looking at me???
  • HE CAN SEE ME?!?!
  •  When he meets you after the show, you both burst into tears because omg he did this for you and omg he can finally see just how beautiful you look


  • He found out while researching about you before the whole RFA thing
  • Tbh he didn’t really care that much at first since he had other things to focus on
  • But after everything happens and you end up together, he comes across one of your old videos
  • And then another
  • And another
  • Soon, he can’t stop watching them and thinks you look absolutely mesmerizing
  • You’re so focused on the music and so graceful at the same time it’s incredible
  • He’ll support you when you have a performance while grumbling about it lol
  • But secretly he enjoys it a lot and actually finds it really calming
Everything As Planned (All Along) Chapter 5: Fate: It's Almost Easy, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
[Gajevy AU] "Black Dragon Realm" is hot on the up and coming list - and they're coming to your city! Gajeel and his bandmates have struck gold on a record deal and their manager sets the sails. When a band member decides to leave for good, they fear they may have to pull on the plug on their newfound dreams. None of them ever expected just who would save their metal-rocking music careers.

Gajevy Multi-chapter

Chapter 5 - Fate: It’s Almost Easy

Words: 5652

AN: I have no idea how they record music for an album lol just going with what made some sense. To hear/see what Gajeel is playing, here are the youtube links to the songs:

Almost Easysong/drums

(^ that’s about the expressions I imagine Gajeel having when he drums, among other things… ;) lol)

Half Lifesong


…He laid awake in the sheets. It was too hot outside to open the window and the fan he had constantly switched on seemed like it was blowing room temperature air at his feet, which made him even more warm than he wanted to be. Seeing the time was 6 am, he groaned.

Gajeel’s mind could not stop. It constantly reminded him of how much fun he had had the night before with Levy. It had been the first time he had gotten a good, romantic-like vibe from her. He was confident that his chances with her were increasing every day they could spend time together. His mind replayed the events later that night, even though he desperately told it to shut up so he could get sleep:

Hey Guys!!

So the response for part 6 of the Mini Harry Hook series has just threw me, I mean wow 😲😲. I love getting all your comments and reposts 💜 I have been offline for a while due to work commitments… starting at 5:30am and finishing at 5pm is a long day and usually knocks me off my feet now try that 5/6days a week 💤💤💤 but fear not I am almost finished part 6…. yayyy!🎉🎉

Here I am on my way back to the car…..after 2 Kilometers of walking, a Shooting for almost 1 ½ Hours and a nice Dinner afterwards, my feet are a bit tired and longing for a massage in my hotelroom…..
But it is worth the effort….nothing offers you the feelings you got wearing such gorgous shoes all day long. 

And if you think: Ey, there is nothing under her skirt ! …. you might be right :D

I got tagged by @edge-office-no2, thanks JD!!

  • Nicknames:  Sam, Sammy, and sometimes people call me my url in real life at events and stuff lol
  • Gender:  Female
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Height:  uh about 5 feet and 6 inches
  • Time: almost midnight
  • Birthday: December 3rd, 1996
  • Favourite bands: U2, The Who, The Clash, The Beatles, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys
  • Favourite solo artist: Bruce Springsteen (kinda a band tho?? with the e street??) Hozier, Billy Joel, Bowie, Jake Bugg.
  • Song stuck in my head:  How Soon the Dawn by Jake Bugg, and also This Year by Beach Fossils!
  • Last movie I watched:  uhhhhhhhhhhh :I maybe Kingsmen 2??
  • Last show I watched:  I am currently watching Bob’s Burgers as we speak
  • When do I post: pretty much whenever I have down time
  • Last thing I googled:  beach fossils ferndale
  • Do I have any other blogs: Nope!
  • Do I get any asks: Not very often 
  • Following: ehhh maybe around 300
  • Followers: almost 1,000 which is pure madness
  • Favourite colours: YELLOW (also maroon, black and white)
  • Average hours of sleep: 9
  • Lucky number: 50
  • Instruments: guitar, very easy bass lines, some ukelele, and i sing! 
  • What am I wearing:  A Zootv shirt and running shorts, fox socks, and wet hair yo 
  • How many blankets do I sleep with: anywhere between 1 and 3 depending how snug i want to be 
  • Dream job: The DREAM is making music and touring, but a realistic dream job would be to work marketing for bands and venues and events.
  • Dream trip:  I /need/ to make it to Dublin. Also, really anywhere in Europe and also the west coast.
  • Favourite food:  there is toooo muuuuch, pizza, chinese, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, chocolattteee. 
  • Nationality: Bit of Irish and Italian mixed in there. 
  • Favourite song right now: oh boy, probably the acoustic version of Your The Best Thing, but Dangerous Age by Paul Weller has been a jam for the whole week as well.

Thank you again!!!!!!

I tag @joy-divison and @howling–fantods!

(Anon please, you’ll see why lmao)

I’ve been reading this blog every day and I feel its finally time to get my own cringe experience off my chest. I have tried to compress about a years worth of shit into this post, but this is mainly about 1 person.
I started my emo phase nice and early in primary school, by the time I was 12 and started high school I had some other 12 year old emo friends who went to different high schools but we stayed in touch and hung out ~late at the mall ~. There was one particular girl - C - who started dating someone at her high school and invited me to meet him at the mall one evening; we were 12 so I expected some harmless pre-pubescent young boi, but lord oh lord was I wrong.

We get there and I am met with 6 feet and about 40kg of strange lanky cringe. This guy was almost 19, had no eyebrows and wore a floor length trench coat with steampunk (or something) accessories, you know like aviator goggles and shit. This is a small town mall, so he stuck out like a sore thumb. The first thing he says to me is that I look like a ‘little whore’ in my stockings : )
Slightly terrified, but in that young naive ~no judgement~ mindset I decided to just befriend the dude  - N - because he was dating my friend and so maybe he was nice after all (?). True enough, we become friends! He loves to hang out with me! One on one without my friend! He tells me I am so mature and intelligent for my age and so it’s okay !!! (I see a sea of red flags now looking back but I thought I really was so cool and ~mature~).
He was my entrance in a deep dark world of cringe, complete with heroine addicts, creepy old men, covert furries, neo-nazis, communists, autistic victorian cosplay queens and some former drug dealer who was implicated in a murder at the ripe age of 16 (sprang to mind as he tried to add me on fb the other day…)
(Naturally I have more cringe stories pertaining to this colourful group if anyone would want to hear lmao). I just passed through this whole mess and observed it up-close without ever getting actively involved, thank god. But anyways:
At some point N reveals to me he likes girls who are small skinny and flat-chested because they look like children. Because of this he was also into a lot of weird anime loli porn and kawaii shit.
He asked me why I was still a virgin, and I said because I’m legit a child, and he begins explaining to me that MEN actually PREFER girls who are no older than 13, because after that its too old, and I should HURRY to loose my virginity before it was too late (naturally he offered to help me with my “problem” (which I refused)). Besides children he also liked pee, and men.
At some point N broke up with C, and had a dd/lg-esque relationship with a 13 year old girl..
Eventually he gets back together with C, everyone was always a bit iffy about their relationship, but after this one incident where they went to the local park to cut each other with razors and lick the blood, it was just too much.
I ended up cutting off all contact with the guy after the shitstorm that was that whole year. It made me grow out of my own cringe phase, like a coming-of-age cringe. It ended up being for the best, because everyone who ended up staying in that group never really got out or grew out of it.

Sorry if that was long, and really gross. This is sadly only the tip of the cringe iceberg that was my life

>MEN actually PREFER girls who are no older than 13

this is the opposite of true

You Don’t Know the Half of It

I wanted to start writing a bit because I quite enjoy writing, and I was kind of questioning on posting this. I wrote it a while ago when I was in funk, and so there are some grammar errors and whatnot.

Warnings: Triggering, Swearing. Please don’t read if this does trigger you.


The rain made noise as it hit the pavement, making it hard for me to concentrate on my own thoughts. Wow. I honestly thought I’d never be sitting here. A cigarette hanging from my lips and over looking the piled earth in front of me, where my boyfrie-sorry. Where my ex boyfriend now laid 6 feet underneath.

Honestly, I should’ve gotten the hint months ago. The miniature scars were written all over his body, scattering in different places almost as if he was writing a book. A book about his pain.

The thought was unnerving, however. He should’ve spoken to me and told me about how he was hurting, and why he was hurting for that matter. But now I am left here, alone. With lingering questions and I wasn’t sure how to act.

I already missed the burning sensation left behind when he touched me. The slightest and most precise way his finger tips traced patterns on my skin always made me feel so alive. Maybe in that sense, I was just sucking the life out of him.

“I really need you…. Come on…” His soft grunts made love to my ears as I listened to his pleading. As he was pressing a kiss to my temple he mumbled, “you’re everything I’ve ever needed-you make me so fucking happy. How did I find someone so amazing?” repeatedly, “I love you so mu-“

"Did you know him?” A voice asked from behind, startling me and breaking me away from my thoughts. I turned my head, taking the cigarette between my fingers and exhaling.

“Does it matter? He’s dead anyways.” I answered bitterly. “Sorry if you wanted to talk to him though, he’s not really answering back.”

“I’m guessing your sarcasm implies that you’re mad at him, huh?” He spoke confidently, not caring if he were to wound my feelings at all. “Were you his sister or something?”

I stood up almost instantly, dropping my cigarette and approaching this man. “Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here? The funeral is over.” I crossed my arms.

“I know it’s over. I witnessed the whole thing. But I asked you first.”

“I was his girlfriend. You know, before he broke up with me by killing himself.” I sucked in a breath, instantly regretting how I spoke to this guy, but didn’t choose to ponder over it any longer. “But again, who are you?”

“My name’s Phil.” He nodded, his hands in his pockets. The man was quite attractive and I honestly hated myself for thinking that. My boyfriend had literally just died, I should be grieving, not thinking about how hot this man in front of me was.

“Dan never mentioned a Phil in his life.” I simply stated, standing up and crossing my arms after throwing the cigarette to the ground.

“Well, Miss, I figured now would be a good time to introduce myself.” Phil nodded. “I was his best friend about three years ago when he and I lost contact.”

“And how did you even find out he died?” I brushed my hair back with my fingers and chewed on my bottom lip. Phil was making me feel anxious and today, out of all days was an exceptionally terrible day for this.

“His mother called me. Listen, I think I might now why he ended up killing himself.” Phil nodded. “You know, other than his lingering depression.”

“How the fuck did you know he was even depressed? You haven’t even talked in three years. You don’t know what he was like anymore.” My heart began racing. I loved Dan so much and hearing about how much he had suffered in his life. He never tried talking to me about anything he was experiencing or expressed his feelings. I was always left in the dark and left to wonder if it was even actually me who just wasn’t trying hard enough.

“He and I lived together. I knew everything about him. Why are you getting defensive? I’m not making it up. It’s just facts. Just like how shocking it is that Dan was so in love with such a heavy smoker.”

“I’m not a heavy smoker.” I rolled my eyes. Phil chuckled.

“Right. Whatever.” His big blue eyes scanned the scene and then looked back to my face. “I know a lot about Dan than you probably do. I mean, he never even mentioned me to you?” His bit his lip.

“Dan told me everything.” I countered. I felt intrigued but wasn’t sure if I should fall for this. What if he was lying to me? I just wasn’t in the mood for this shit.

 “Did he tell you about the very first time he even laid eyes on you, Y/N?” My eyes completely widened. He’d acted stupid and pretended like he hadn’t who I was… But clearly, he did.

“Of course. At a Starbucks.” I said vaguely, furrowing my eyebrows. Did he honestly think I was so stupid? A wide grin spread across Phil’s face as he slowly shook his head.

“Nope. That was the second time he ever saw you, maybe.” He shrugged. “Walk with me if you’d like to hear the rest, Y/N. Or if you’d really like to understand Dan.”

A List of Ten Ways a faggot like me Can Serve a Real Man

1. I want to kneel before you fully clothed and kiss and lick your shoes and your crotch to show respect.
2. I want to verbally affirm that I am a worthless faggot and you are a strong man, and that I should be so lucky as to serve you.
3. I want to remove your shoes and massage your feet; as a real man, you deserve to relax and feel good. I will do whatever you want.
4. I will remove your pants, if permitted, in any fashion you like. I will take care and marvel and drool over your big man cock.
5. I will obey any and every order you give, be it humiliating or degrading. I live to serve men like you.
6. I will choke on your cock until I almost pass out if you so wish; my throat is deep and I am eager to please. I will suck you in any way you want for however long you want, regardless of how I feel.
7. My cunt will be open for your use in any way you see fit. I’ve never been spanked, but if you so wish, I am yours to do with as you please. I am a faggot and you are a SIR, a real man.
8. I will do any chores that you need done, cook food, etc. It is my place to serve in any way possible.
9. I will pose for pics / videos / whatever you want. As a faggot, I am yours to film and distribute as you see fit. You’re in charge.
10. I will make myself available as often as I possibly can. I work a lot, but when I’m not working, I don’t usually do anything productive, and serving you would be the most productive I could be with my time, as a faggot.


I am selling my original Luna Lovegood Converse in size 39 (UK 6)!

They were limited edition and are not available anymore and since Tumblr is full of fellow Cosplayers and nerds, I figures to just announce this here before I drag them to ebay where they might not end up with somebody who can truly appreciate them :)

The shoes themselves have only been worn a little (because they were too big for my wee feet) and are almost as good as new.

If you are interested, just send me an ask with a price you find approriate! 

Spread this guys, I can remember how desperately I was looking for these shoes a few years back~

Lila Valeska Part II

It was late at night, probably around 2 AM, Jerome had no idea…all he knew is that he has been trying to sleep for ages now, at least it felt like it, and there he was, tossing and turning in his bed, his nose was still swollen from his earlier encounter with “uncle” Monty and laughter was echoing through the worn-out curtain that separated his cot from the rest of the trailer.



“Boy, don’t put your nose into other people’s business!” Monty said, a bottle of Jack in his right, his enourmous belly bulging over the top of his large striped clown trousers, his makeup smeared. The stench of sex and alcohol filled the air as he sat down opposite Jerome in the kitchen area, stubbing out a cigarette with his fat dirty fingers.

“It’s my fuckin’ trailer, too, I live here?! I work the whole day, how am I supposed to sleep, goddammit?” Jerome’s cheeks turned red and he cleared his throat as he realized that he was cursing. Lila hated it when he dropped the F-Bomb, she wasn’t there, but it stuck too deep in his head already. Lila was a cursing slut herself, she was a working class gal, like all of the others, yet she decided that swear words had no place in the Valeska trailer, at least if the person using them was her precious son. The last time Jerome said fuck in front of her his face hit the kitchen table.

“See, you’re right, it’s none of mah business, it ain’t, you can do with mom whatever you want, but can’t you go somewhere else? There are tons of tents, or use your trailer.

"My trailer?” Monty laughed mockingly and downed the rest of the whiskey in one big gulp. “Y'know that I’m married, mate, righ’?”

Jerome took a deep breath, Monty’s voice and his strong british cockney accent made him cringe. He hated that guy. He hated him. Not only that he was cheating on his wife Jocelyne; another dancer from the circus who was not only pretty, no, she was probably the only nice person in this shithole; he was cheating on his wife with his mother, only the thought of his chubby hands all over her body made him wanna throw up, she was his mother after all. Yes, he stopped caring about her at a very early age, but she could at least try to keep those things away from him, could she?

“I’m serious, Monty, I haven’t slept in ages. Tomorrow’s the big show, I gotta be fit, I need to prepare so…”

“Oh Jesus tits on christ, boy, could y shu'up, just for one sec, please?” Monty leaned back and watched Jerome closely, his drunken eyes lingering on him like he was about to spank him if Jerome would say another word.

“Let me tell y'somethin’, kid. I like your mum, she’s gorgeous. I got no idea if you’re just spoilt or dumb, or both, or if it’s just the lack of testosterone in this fuckin’ household. But you’re a kid, a child, how old are you, Jerome, huh? Yes!” He lit up another cig and grinned pretenciously, raising one of his bushy, black painted brows. “You’re fuckin’ seventeen. You’re not even allowed t'vote, neither are you able to care for your mother, or are you? Well, I am. Who pays for her silly dresses, you or I? I tell you, as long as you haven’t grown some balls, I am the man in your family and that means, you fuckin’ listen t'me, not the other way ‘round, capiche?”

“I see…” Jerome muttered, breathing through his nose. He was so angry that he nearly bit his own tongue bloody and the vein on his forehead was pounding like it was about to burst any second. He got up, surprisingly calm and gazed at Monty while approaching the door.

“You know what? Go fuck yourself. Let’s see what Josy says, maybe she lets you screw my mother in her trailer.”

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare, kiddo!!”

Jerome tried to tear the door open, but it was too late. Before he could even realize what happened he was already lying on the floor under the hulk, struggling like a turtle which was lying on its back.

“Get off of me!!!!” He screamed and kicked into the air, but the only thing his foot hit was a table leg.

“No, you boy, y'listen t'me, and you gotta listen carefully, 'cause I won’t say tha’ twice, you 'ear me? Good! MIND your own - fuckin’- business, if I ever see your whiny little face near my wife I’m gonna slit you up from your 'ead to your toe, got it?”

He basically spat the words into Jerome’s face and the latter had a hard time to breathe under Monty’s body weight. Gasping for air, he nodded frantically, hoping this prick would get off of him then.

“I don’t think y'do, so take this as my last warnin’!”

Then his fist landed in Jerome’s face, he couldn’t hear the bone crack, but he could already feel his warm blood running down the corner of his lips.

“Now clean up and think about how y'talk to grown-ups, kiddo. And one word to your mum 'bout tha’ 'n’ I won’t be so gentle next time, I promise.”

He got up and kicked Jerome in the side before he shut the door behind him.

[There won’t be another time, man. Mark my words.]




He shook off his thoughts and glanced to the door, Lila was leaning in the doorway wearing nothing but her underwear, giggling, obviously drunk as fuck.

“I’m trynna sleep, mom, please, I gotta get up in about three hours…”

Jerome turned around and sighed, staring at the bare wall next to his bed. He didn’t wanna see his mother at all, he couldn’t stand it anymore, all of it. He was done. Done with everything. Tomorrow he would pack his things and leave, like he had told himself so many times. Only that he would leave this god forsaken place for good this time.

“Oh baby…” Lila chuckled like a little girl and staggered towards his bed, sitting next to him eventually. Brushing a strand of hair from his beaten up face, she frowned, but only for a split second.

“What happened to yer face, boy?”

“Nothin’. Lemme sleep.”

“My poor boy…C'mere.” She wrapped her naked bruised arms around his shoulder and pulled him closer towards her, her breath smelled like booze and cocks. “Baby, could ya do me a favor? Please, please, please, for mommy…”

Jerome got halfway up, trying to escape from his mothers embrace.

“Mom, I need to sleep. Whateva it is, I’m pretty sure it can wait 'til tomorrow, okay?”

“What’s with the long face, baby, hm?” She pecked his cheek and got up, grabbing Jerome’s hand. The way she stood there in her undies, the moonlight shining on her skinny messed-up body, she reminded Jerome more of a little girl rather than a grown-up woman and he couldn’t deny that everything about her appearance, every single hair on her head, filled his young heart with despite.

“You should smile more; nobody likes a sourpuss, sweetheart. C'mon.”

She pulled him up and halfway danced through the room with him, pulling him into the kitchen.

“Mom!!!! It’s 2AM!”

“God, doll, come back 'ere and let the lil’ fucker go for a walk!” He could hear Monty’s voice yelling through the open door, Jerome clenched his fist and gazed at his mother.

“I’m coooming, baby, just a second, just a second!” She called over and finally let go of Jerome’s hand. Smiling fondly, she looked up at him and lowered her voice.

“Sweetheart, be so kind 'n’ do the dishes for me, would ya? There’s a talent scout coming by in the mornin’ and I need mah beauty sleep.”

“Are ya serious?” He hissed quietly and shook his head in disbelief. “You’re seriously waking me up for doin’ the dishes, mom? I got a rehearsal tomorrow morning, I told ya, I need to sleep, seriously!”

“Thank ya, love.” Lila pecked his forehead once more, totally ignoring his words…it was so typical, one time in his life there was something he wanted, that rehearsal meant so much to him, it was his chance to get on the stage, he had been practicing for weeks, not to mention that he’d been waiting his whole life for the opportunity?! He couldn’t believe that shagging a clown was more important than her own son?! Again!

Blinking a few tears of anger away he watched Lila close the curtain behind her, followed by laughter and giggle.

Then he started to scrub. He scrubbed each plate at least ten times, almost manically like a person with OCD, scrubbing so hard that his mind was so busy with the task that he almost didn’t hear the moans of his mother anymore.

Jerome had no idea for how long he’s been standing there, but when he was finished, his skin was bloody and wrinkled and his mind was blank.

Almost mechanically he lied down, looking like a robot, and stared at the wooden ceiling above him.

That’s it.

That’s it

Th a t’ s  i t

The next thing Jerome noticed was the sound of his alarm. Buddy Holly’s Rollercoaster. 6 AM on the dot. Did he even sleep? Jerome didn’t know. Stretching himself, he swung his feet off the bed down to the floor, slipping into his worn-out brown slippers.

Everyday, it’s a gettin’ closer

Goin’ faster than a roller coaster

Love like yours will surely come my way

A-hey, a-hey hey

He went outside humming, breathed in the cold morning air and smiled, then grabbed the fire axe from the stub which was standing in front of the trailer at the fireplace.

Everyday seems a little longer…

Jerome shut the door behind him and slowly walked towards Lila’s bedroom.

Every way, love’s a little stronger…

Carefully he pulled the curtain aside, the axe in his right hand swinging beside him. Lila was still asleep, and of course uncle Monty had left, he was probably sleeping safe and sound next to his wife, fucking drunken snake dancers far away in Lalaland…

…Come what may, do you ever long for

True love from me…

“Whatcha doing???” Lila’s eyes widened with surprise when she noticed her son standing next to the bed, smiling at her nonchalantly. Then came the shock. This moment when you realize that nothing in the world could possibly change what was about to come next.

The axe hit her torso, hard, so hard that Jerome could hear her ribs crack like Kellogg’s Crunchy Nuts. Blood splashed into his grinning face and against the Grace Kelly poster on the wall ….A stifling cry left Lila’s pale lips which soon turned into a quiet, gargling sound.

“Oh moooom…what’s with the long face???” He chuckled and hit her again, in the stomach this time, not realizing his mother would never respond. Her lifeless head dropped to the side as another strike hit her, and with every hit, with every bone that was breaking, with every organ that was bursting, his laugh turned louder, until Jerome was laughing so hard that it almost ripped him apart.

“You should put on a smile, mommy!!! Everything is funnier with a smile, ain’t it?”

His alarm went off. Silence. Blood was dripping from his chin, his lips formed to a cruel smile. For a moment he just stood there, looking down at her slaughtered corpse, breathing heavily.

“Time to work!?”

Dropping the axe, he casually walked into the kitched; leaving a trail of blood behind him; and approached the coffee machine. Changing the coffee filter, he smiled.

There was no better way to start a day than with a nice big cup of coffee.


My table saw rebuild is almost done. I acquired a precision 3'x6’ cast iron machinist table top (1500lbs) that is just as flat as flat can be. I welded up a new steel table base with 6 leveling feet to accommodate my out of level shop floor. I also welded a new level platform for my the saw cabinet. The grey outfeed table has 20mm holes for Festool clamps which also double as downdraft holes for the dust collected venturi below. I will drop a router lift into the top later. I am especially happy with the Roubo vise design. The red star nut can be spun with my foot on the Acme rod. By adjusting this nut this negates the need for the locking pin of other Roubo designs to stop the bottom from kicking in under load.  There will be a complete video series coming that will cover all the welding, metal work, Roubo design and fabrication, outfeed framework perforated top with venturi, drawer making.

4 AM Knows My Secrets

title: 4AM Knows My Secrets

summary: Maybe if Dan ignores it, it’ll all go away, and he can sleep at night again.

triggers/tags: insomnia, depression, self-harm(kinda not rlly but just to be safe)

word count: 2k

A/N: i wrote this when i was half asleep so pardon if its not great

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