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Hello Officer

Steve Rogers x Reader 

Summary : It’s your 21st birthday and your best friend throws you a party. Unfortunately, a neighbor calls the cops for a noise complaint. Steve shift ended but since he was nearby, he decided to go over and check it out. When he knocks on the door, you immediately thought he was a stripper. Didn’t help that you were drunk. (Inspo from Jane the Virgin)

Warning : Cursing and fluff, with a little angst

A/N : I hope you enjoy this little one shot. xoxo

Your mind was hazed from all the alcohol you drank. This wasn’t something you were used too. Usually you, you would have a couple drinks here and there but never to the point where you would get drunk. 

But you promised Jane, your best friend that you would let loose. It is your twenty-first after all. It’d be frowned upon if you didn’t go a little crazy. 

The music was blaring, and you were having the time of your life. Dancing with your friends, making memories. 

“I have a surprise for you!” Jane exclaimed, grabbing your wrist. 

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I have so many feels about that Dylan Strome and Michael Latta Halloween customer. I want to scream all of them. Also I'm 90% sure they are lady cop costumes. That somehow makes it hotter.

I am freaking out in SO MANY WAYS…. I also hoped those two would be friends… I just… *deceased* lol

Recap & Thoughts on BONES 11x18: The Movie in the Making

*Disclaimer: This is perhaps the most loquacious post I have ever written about this show. And when you consider some of the things I’ve posted before, that’s saying something. So this is just a warning. The intro was written immediately after I watched the first airing of the episode. And it has taken me well over a week to gather together all the many thoughts I had about it. Anyway…good luck.

I usually give myself a bit of a reprieve between my viewing of any Bones episode and writing about it. I like to let everything sink in. I prefer to process the events of the episode after a full night of sleep. But for some reason, I just could not wait this time. I am sitting here typing through an insane amount of tears. Why am I sobbing so heavily right now? I’m not even sure I can fully articulate the reasoning. I have always made it abundantly clear that I could never choose a favorite episode of Bones. Each episode affects me in a different way. Each one has something to love. Each one means something special to me. Always a lesson to be learned. Always an application to my own life. However, the episode I have just seen, well, let’s just say that it was perfect. I have no other descriptor. There is not one thing I would change. There is not one word I would alter. I wanted for nothing throughout its entirety. This was an example of an absolutely perfect episode. I have yet to see the reactions to it (I have now…let’s just say I’m choosing to ignore a few of them), but I have to believe that I am not alone in feeling this way. I have to believe there are others who watched this particular installment, and felt in their “guts” and in their hearts that it just does not get better. Here is the thing- this episode could not exist without the eleven years of episodes preceding it. It was perfect because it was the best of Bones. It was flawless because it took everything that has always made Bones the wonderful, engaging, quirky, funny, emotional and beautiful show that it is, and infused it into 43 minutes of utter perfection. This episode does not exist without the 229 episodes before it. But here we are. Season 11. Episode 18. I am an emotional wreck. But what I have just witnessed was possibly the most fulfilling hour of television a fan could ever hope for. It was genius. The performances were outstanding. And I continue sit here in awe of the fact that while other shows tend to decline as they age, Bones only gets better and better.

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This is what I’m packing out to the Philippines and South Korea this winter. I will be in a rural area of the Philippines without access to running water so I made sure to pack lots of water purification methods. Not pictured are the Osprey Porter 46 and Osprey Daylite Daypack that I am bringing as luggage. This seems like a lot of stuff, but once it’s packed down into my Maxpedition, it’s nice and clean. I love the Maxpedition Organizer because it makes it easy to transfer everything from your backpack luggage to your daypack, and also to ditch and hide all your essentials quickly. Since you can’t bring knives abroad, I always travel with a tactical pen and pen flashlight to use as a kubaton. I always keep the flashlight in my pocket or hand whenever I am walking in public. Even in the safest of countries, a lady has got to keep her wits about her! Sometimes I will buy a knife in country, but it’s best to stay away from weapons as a tourist. Even if you are just carrying a knife for work or utility a grumpy cop will use it as a reason to put you in jail. Follow my adventures on Instagram @pacificnorthlost

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On a side-note, Tyrion didn’t want to marry a little girl neither, he did see how fucked up it was and was against it all along.

Well, unfortunately, while some of this is true (he didn’t want to marry a little girl, he did see how fucked up it was), some of it is not.

“You shall never have Casterly Rock, I promise you. But wed Sansa Stark, and it is just possible that you might win Winterfell.”
Tyrion Lannister, Lord Protector of Winterfell. The prospect gave him a queer chill.
–ASOS, Tyrion III

I want her, he realized. I want Winterfell, yes, but I want her as well, child or woman or whatever she is.
–ASOS, Tyrion IV

And as I said in the tags of that post, Tyrion kind of plays “good cop” to Cersei’s “bad cop”: Cersei tells Sansa she has no choice, she’ll be married even if they have to carry her kicking and screaming to the sept… whereas Tyrion acts much nicer about it, but offers a choice that is truly no choice at all either:

“My lady, this is no way to bring you to your wedding. I am sorry for that. And for making this so sudden, and so secret. My lord father felt it necessary, for reasons of state. Else I would have come to you sooner, as I wished.” He waddled closer. “You did not ask for this marriage, I know. No more than I did. If I had refused you, however, they would have wed you to my cousin Lancel. Perhaps you would prefer that. He is nearer your age, and fairer to look upon. If that is your wish, say so, and I will end this farce.”
I don’t want any Lannister, she wanted to say. I want Willas, I want Highgarden and the puppies and the barge, and sons named Eddard and Bran and Rickon. But then she remembered what Dontos had told her in the godswood. Tyrell or Lannister, it makes no matter, it’s not me they want, only my claim. “You are kind, my lord,” she said, defeated.

And both approaches end up with the same results, Sansa’s resignation and defeat and loss of any agency in this matter.

Anyway, Tyrion’s conflicted feelings on this marriage are some of the more complex parts of his character, and really shouldn’t be overlooked. I have another post on the matter here, if you’re interested.

i had a dream i was having a house party and it was fuckibg wild but then all of the sudden one cop came so we all like bum rushed him and ran the fuck away including me. i was running and then this girl from the party cane up to me and was like hey follow me i know where we can hide. and apparentlt were in like texas or something and we find ourselves in this strip mall and go into a dirty ass dennys [bc like dennys is open up all night or smth] so were just chilling there for a few minutes and then shes like fuck we need to change our clothes so wrre not suspicious. so we walk out and thrres like cops driving all over the place looking for the party people. we sneak across to an adult video store?? she sneaks in thru the back and im about to but a cop glances at me so i bolt the fuck outta there and run back to the dennys and hide behind like. a recliner thats there for some reason. after like an hour i walk out and walk into this town and things get a little deja vu here. it becomes a video game and i have a gun and some magic power where i shoot fireballs or smth. theres a few places in the town where if i get too close some enemies will attack me. anyway i make it to a beach and hide behind a tree and the tree has a face. i start talking to him about something and a cop shows up and i start asking where the fuck i am and shit. anyway im done talking to him and i see this small lady on thr beach walking to this big house which is like the police hq or mayors house or smth. i walk up to her and like shes complaining abt her husband and like a choice of dialogues to say come up like in a video game. except all the negative ones have bad spelling and grammar? and also all the bad ones revolve around me selling crack to her and having her dump her husband whos also the mayor. so i choose one of those and suddenly a couple years later were back at the front of the house holding hands but shes ugly as shit bc of the drugs. we walk up like 8 flights of stairs and i start hearing a conversation and it sounds like the girl that originally helped me escape is here and she like. hookdd up with thr mayor. so all of the sudden it fast forwards like 7 years later. im a well known to the town community and people think im cool. except one day the police of the town find out that i was the person who threw that wild house party and escaped and theyre searching for me so i start hiding in this place but i notice some snacks are stored here and a friend i made here hides next to me because the cops are after him as well. we promise not to rat each other out if the other gets caught. i realize i can catch a train out of here the next day at like 2 o clock and not get caught and then i woke up

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So About Those Asexual Abbie Head Canons

So there was a fracas tuesday night amongst SleepyHeads when as asexual sista expressed her desire to see Abbie asexual. I was largely an observer as the whole thing was done beforeI came online.There were however two things that jump out at me.

First a language issue seems to be people using asexual and desexed interchangeably. Second and more worrying is Sleepyheads saying things like “there are other characters that can be asexual” or “I don’t know why asexuals are chosing to die on this hill.” This second one really bothers me and I’ve written a lot about it in this post.

To start I wanna say I consider myself heterosexual. I’m talking about this, because I hope I have something of value to share, and I want to see my asexual sistas treated with respect.

There is actual asexual representation on tv right now. Its a cop show, I haven’t watched, but there is an asexual female cop.  One of her male co-workers is attracted to her. She told him she was asexual, he researched it, and came back willing to be in a relationship with her on her terms. Lady cop is white of course, lady cop is stated as being asexual, she has storylines where the complexities of relationships between asexuals and heterosexuals are explored. 

This isn’t what happens when black women are desexed. When they are continously in the background, unloved, undesired, and unacknowledged. When Black women are desexed this isn’t asexual representation this is the erasure of a broad range of sexual possiblity for black female characters. (asexuals by all means correct me if I am wrong about this).

I’m going to talk about something I never talk about here. I want Ichabbie to happen. I want it to be a loving heterosexual relationship, with lots of romance, kissing and cuddling. I want Ichabod and Abbie out walking around holding hands, I want him to continue to hold doors for her, pull out her chair, I want them to keep flirting, I want them to starting fucking, and I want them to make love, and have all kinds of kinky sex. I want them to survive the apocalypse and have adorable Icha-babies. All girls, at least three of them named after varying virtues like Honore, Justice, Temperance, etc…(yeah I have thought about this a lot)

And I want this so bad. I’m starved for it and I keep getting deprived.

 Merlin didn’t just disappointed me they cheated me. They had all this build up for Arthur and Gwen’s marriage and then when they were finally married in the  last season they basically ignored their marriage for a white dude dick worship fest.

Except of course for those few episodes when she was evil and she stepped out of her place to use her sexuality to betray and undermine her husband, wonderful.

Martha Jones had the audacity to be attracted to the Doctor and was hated and punished for desiring the property of the white woman by both the show and the fandom.

Did you guys watch Alias? Remember Francine who had a fiance that appeared to be cheating on her, but it turned out he had secretly joined a band, and he sang her a love song and proposed. I remember. Two episodes later he really was cheating on her and he disappeared from the show. When she finally does hook-up with Will she is immediately killed-wow!

I’m gonna age myself here. Did any of you grow up watching the original Saved By the Bell? You remember Lisa Turtle. She was cute, bubbly, rich, dressed well, and almost always cheerful. The only guy interested in her was Screech- the goofy, joke character. And it was joke because desiring a beautiful, wealthy, attractive black woman was a joke right? Because its laughable that anybody in his right mind would ever be interested in a black woman no matter what she has to offer as partner.

I mean and I can keep going on. I can go back through decades of television viewership and give you countless example of black women being killed, shunted aside, or simply overlooked.I can give you anything, but a black female lead who is love, desired, cherished, and adored. I can give you anything, but a black woman loving, desiring and getting what she wants and having it be treated as healthy and natural. 

I know we’ve got the family sitcoms and in them black women are spouses who are loved by their families and their husbands, but family sitcoms don’t explore desire. Its dramas that explore desire and that is what I am looking for, something that will show a black woman having sexual desire as well as desiring romance, and having that desire be reciprocated, having the relationship be a healthy relationship and having it presented as normal and natural, because it is.

We don’t have a billion black women, in a billion different types of heterosexual relationships, on a billion different shows. And we have absolutely none in the type of relationship I am looking for.

Now some of you are thinking of Scandal or HTGAWM right now, but no I’m not including them, because Olivia and Annalise are getting fucked. They are not getting cherished, and adored,and their desires are dangerous and problematic.

Fitz might have at one point, might still, but right now Olivia has Jake being disgusting and telling her they aren’t in a relationship and the only thing he is willing to do is fuck her and she keeps going back to it. And Annalise cheats on her husband who cheats on her with his white female students, lovely. 

So if you haven’t figured it out by now I need this rather badly.   I need this exactly as I stated it. Given the way they’ve written Abbie and Ichabod thus far I would feel deeply disappointed if they were like surprise Abbie loves Ichabod, but she finds sex repulsive and doesn’t want him to ever touch her or look at her with desire.

I would feel disappointed, not because there is something wrong with asexuality, but because I’m still starving for what I need. Because we live in an unjust world that uses us for props and tokens and in all liklihood it would be a dodge. My problem isn’t with asexual black women wanting representation, my problem is that I have been starved of honest, healthy media representation for 500 hundred years.

And the thing is feeling all of this, knowing all of this also allows me to imagine and empathize with how my asexual sistas feel. I can understand why this is a hill they would die on. I can understand why they need an asexual relationship, and why it needs to be the lead female and the lead male in the show and nobody else. I don’t want anything less for my asexual sistas than I want for myself and to tell them to settle for anything less is the worst kind of hypocrisy.

Allosexual sistas I know we can do better by our asexual sistas.

My asexual sistas are human just like the rest of us and they want to be treated with respect and made to feel safe and accepted in fandom. I may not want what they want, but they have a place here, with us, just as they do in the rest of the fandom. We shouldn’t want anything less for them then we want for ourselves.