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It just hit me so hard that Hannibal was having the time of his life in Digestivo after being kidnapped and trussed up like livestock, yet was broken to the point of surrender by a few soft, cruel words from the mouth of the man he loves. While being threatened with a slow and painful death he was the happiest duckling imaginable; and while that mostly has to do with the fact that he’s, well, Hannibal, and ticked just about every box in his Super Fun Murder Times book, and also he still managed to maintain his dominance and control while naked and bound on his knees, there is a startling contrast between his emotional state before escaping with Will in his arms and after, when Will breaks up with him.

I mean, this is Hannibal’s face after Cordell explains how he is going to prepare his hands and feet for consumption:

and this is Hannibal’s face as Will tells him he never wants to see or think about him again:

And while Hannibal certainly doesn’t have a traditional perspective on life and death, I think it’s safe to say that for him the idea of continuing his life without Will in it is worse than the most painful of deaths.

me at a job interview

Me: ah yes yes i am a very mature and well adjusted adult who knows how to set priorities

Boss man: ok ur hired.

Me: *stands up for a handshake and hundreds of OTP fanart falls out of the suit*

Imagine your father’s two loyal knights competing for your, the princess’s, heart. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“You’re staring.” a voice broke you from your trail of thoughts and you blinked, looking away and to the source. Claire had a sly smile on her face and you gave her a hard look, taking a look around you to see nobody was watching you. Maybe it was partially because you were well-hidden or maybe it was because all the knights were occupied training but it was a good thing that they didn’t know you were there. It wasn’t as if you wanted to attract all of theirs attention. There were only two you were interested in.

“Mind keeping your voice a little low?” you huffed and shamelessly looked back at the training area. You were the princess and Claire was one of your most close maids. You’d told heer to treat you as an equal and that’s what you did with her, at least when it was the two of you.

“Right, pardon me. I didn’t know you were currently being a creepo.” she giggled and you couldn’t help but chuckle. In the end you let out a sigh and rested your weight on a pillar that was nearby.

“If that is your term for falling helplessly in love with someone then I shall be that.” you whispered and her smile fell.

“Princess” she said softly and somewhat sorry “Please tell me that it is at least one of them.”

“How can I, Claire? Lord help me but I cannot say it. If I did then I would be lying mostly to myself rather than anyone else…” you breathed out and she sighed.

“(Y/n), you know I have no right to tell you what to do. I am beneath you, even if you don’t treat me as such. The only thing I can do is- let me tell you to be careful my princess. Even if your father does not find out, falling in love with someone of another status it will be considered a crime my lady… much less two.”

You sighed, closing your eyes “I know Claire, I know. But how can I ever help what my heart desires? I tried fighting this but in vain. I cannot stop it Claire and if I shall be honest with you… I don’t wish for it to stop.”

“You know this will end in heartbreak, do you not my princess?” she asked cautiously and you didn’t react for a moment. Too occupied by the beauty that stood in front of you.

“Then let my heart break into a million pieces, let my last breath be taken anytime now so long as my last sight is my two beautiful warriors.” you breathed out and Claire didn’t say another word, only smiled sadly at you. She knew that no words that she or anyone else said would change the way you felt. She had seen you try to fight it yourself for so long and failed, there was nothing anyone could do now.

A small smile played on your lips and a giggle left your lips as you saw Dean laugh in victory when he managed to make his rival stumble a little. His smile was contagious as he played around with his sword.

“Getting rusty, aren’t we?” he asked the blue eyed man who only rolled his eyes at the knight’s cockiness.

“Low blow, Winchester. Low blow.” he huffed with a roll of his eyes and the green-eyed man laughed.

“Come on, it’s not bad to admit you’re getting older, Hephaestion.” he chuckled and the other knight raised an eyebrow.

“Excuse me, are you talking about me or yourself all of a sudden?” Hephaestion gave him a face and before Dean had the chance to reply he swung his sword at him. The only-by-a-few-years-younger knight took a few steps back and almost tripped as Hephaestion continued to advance. Swords clashed and grunts and groans were heard as the two men fought for dominance. It was always like this, almost, the two of them competing over everything they could. Trying to provethemselves better than each other… especially when you were there. Blue eyes clashed with green as the two men fought. This was no longer just them training, but when was it really?

They were trying to outdo each other, all the while take your breath away. It didn’t help the fierce and concentrated look they had on their faces, it didn’t help that they were so hot when angry and fighting and it didn’t help that they were making all those sounds that had you shivering because they sounded like something completely different. They just had to not wear many clothes, they had to be sweating and be all wet because of the water they had thrown over themselves before but it also had to be so sunny. It was as if everything was planned for you to go weak on the knees.

You felt your breath get knocked out of your lungs as they grunted and moaned. Your eyes were too occupied by the way their sun-kissed skin looked. Their muscles moved in perfect sink and the dirt that mixed with the glisening droplets made you bite your lip. They were so doing this on purpose.

“What was it that you said about rusty, Winchester?” Hephaestion smirked as he held the sword over Dean’s neck and the man stood still, panting because of the excessive fighting.

“Will give you this one.” Dean sighed as Hephaestion chuckled, extending one hand to help him up. That was one thing you loved about them the most. The moment the fight was over they would be laughing and making jokes with each other. They were friends and that would never change.

“I must admit-” you didn’t know where you found the courage to step into the picture as you walked towards the training arena and the two knights “-that was quiet impressive from both of you.”

“Princess” they both breathed out, shocked expression on their faces but a smile there nonetheless.

“Seems like my father did well in chosing his most trusted.” you said softly and they gave you soft grins as well.

“Pardon us, my lady. We didn’t know you were there.” Hephaestion was the one to speak and you smiled at him.

“Oh by all means, that’s what I wanted.” you shook your head “It is quiet a feast for the eyes to watch the two of you fight. But if I must say, you always look rather competitive. Could there be a reason my noble knights?” you asked with a smirk and they shared a look.

“Well…” Dean started speaking “That’s how we always are, my princess.”

“We cannot help it.” Hephaestion continued “In any field.” he said in a lower voice, both of them look with intensity in your eyes.

You opened your mouth to speak but paused. You looked over your shoulder for a second to see Claire wasn’t close but her eyes were focused on the three of you, as if waiting for this conversation to be over soon. And truth was that if it lasted long it would raise suspicions.

“I am most sure about that, believe me.” you grinned at them. You glanced behind you biting your lip for a second “Well, I expect to see you later, right?” you asked and without a second thought they nodded their heads.

“Good.” you breathed out, staring with love at both of them “Try not to kill each other, alright?” you giggled “Keep the competitiveness for… the other fields. Alright then? I can’t wait to find out for myself.” you smirked at them and they grinned, bowing before you before you turned to leave.

The promise hanging in the air only between the three of you.

Losing friends..

Friend: Hey! Wanna hang out today?
Me: Can’t, Hubby said no.
Friend: What do you mean? You’re an adult, aren’t you?
Me: Yes, I am. But His house, His rules.
Friend: That’s ridiculous. Its your house too.
Me: It may be my home, but it’s His house.
Friend: That doesn’t make sense. That’s stupid.
Me: How is that stupid?
Friend: You shouldn’t let him control you.
Me: You shouldn’t tell me how to live my life.
Friend: I’m not, He is.
Me: That’s right, because I married him.
Friend: That doesn’t make sense!
Me: Why are we still friends?
Friend: Wow. You’ve changed so much.
Me: Thank you.

Being a submissive wife means that sometimes, your feminist friends just won’t get it, and you’ll end up losing them because of it. If you don’t understand my way of life, that’s okay. Just don’t insult it or call it stupid. I don’t call you stupid for wanting to be like a man and have equal rights to a man. You’re a woman. You shouldn’t do the same things as a man. Its not natural. But I don’t insult you because that’s how you want to live your life.

I enjoy structure. And rules. And discipline when I’m bad or out of line. It keeps my head on straight. It keeps me accountable for my actions. It makes me happy to know that my Husband sets rules, not just because He can, but because He knows what is best for me. Sometimes I give too much to too many people far too often. And I don’t know when to give myself a break. He does. He sees me struggling. He sees when I’m running on empty. And so He sets rules, like No friends today. Because He knows I need to recharge.

My Husband knows me better than anyone, better than I know myself. I trust His judgment far more than I trust my own. He adores me and only wants what is best for me in life. And I appreciate that more than I can explain. I am happy. The happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Don’t try to bring me down because you live your life differently than I live mine.

And don’t call my Husbands rules stupid.

Me "adulting"

Me: Why yes, I am a reasonable and responsible adult

Couple that I ship: *does something cute*/*has fluff fanfic*/*in any way acknowledges the other person’s existence*

Me: Hehe whoops I accidentally slapped myself, call my mom

So imagine if instead of being notorious criminal overlords the FAHC were that one group of disgruntled office employees quietly sticking it to the man through petty theft, mild property damage and passive aggressive notes.

Geoff as the totally disenfranchised manager, who hates his cohort and higher ups more than any of his underlings could manage, constantly muttering insults about everyone under his breath and watching the clock tick the day away. He has somehow, very much unwillingly, managed to accidentally start collecting a little group of equally resentful coworkers to complain to and plan tiny little revolts with.  

Michael and Jeremy as workerbees under Geoff, who sit in neighbouring cubicles and spend most of their days complaining to each other about this nightmare office and coming up with excuses to call Gavin up to hang out with them. Together they play really petty little tricks on one of the managers who always screams at everyone, and when Geoff catches them at it one day they think they are done for. Jeremy sees his life flash before his eyes, Michael is halfway through fantasising about flipping some desks on his way out, but Geoff just makes a suggestion, tells them last week’s efforts were much more impressive, and goes about his way. From that point on he really can’t get rid of the two of them.

Gavin as IT’s wonderchild- there isn’t a piece of hardware he can’t coax into working or any kind of software he can’t navigate in his sleep. That’s really the only reason he hasn’t been fired a million times over, what with the way he ignores clothing standards (except for on  his inexplicable ‘Fancy Fridays’), rarely bothers with appropriately respectful deference, spends way too much of his time hanging out at Michael’s desk and keeps breaking into peoples accounts and leaving juvenile jokes and embarrassing viruses. But he’s just so damn good, and the fact that the terrifying head of IT has a huge soft spot for him doesn’t hurt.  

Ryan as the head of the IT department who almost everyone is legitimately scared of. Who likes the computers much more than the idiots who insists on breaking them, glowers at everyone who brings him their stupid problems and is way more built than any tech nerd has any right to be. Ryan makes the whole group amusingly nervous at first, he and Geoff have a whole infamous history complete with a public screaming match over an unrecoverable destroyed hard-drive after all, but Gavin drags him along to enough lunches for everyone to see he’s mostly just a very cranky marshmallow.

Jack who works in human resources and used to be so optimistic, legitimately trying to improve everyone’s experience before slowly getting crushed under the growing hatred for the business. Jack who knows exactly who is responsible for the near daily complaints their office receives about anonymous troublemakers but is just as exasperated with the management as everyone else so helps keep them all out of trouble.  

They take their lunches together, occasionally joined by Lindsay from administration and, strangely enough, two members of office security, Matt and Trevor. They make a pretty motley crew; half unnaturally peppy, half perpetually angry rainclouds, sharing each others misery and covertly planning their next big rebellion. Stealing stationary and packed lunches, spiking the punch at office parties, sabotaging the photocopier, posting embarrassing google histories, accidentally uncovering their bosses’ shady white collar dealings and making off with millions of dollars in stolen money. Wait, what?

My teachers to 13 year old me: One day you will bloom into a beautiful young lady.

Me, now, a grown ass woman in sweat pants and a t-shirt, appearing to my younger self:  She’ll full of shit, femininity is overrated, in a decade you’ll be an expert on Batman, own no skirts you weren’t forced to buy, and it will be great. 

Me: wow there’s so many awesome people who also love these guys as much as I do, we share a lot of the same interests and ideas from the show, I should start a conversation with one of them!!!

My brain: or here’s another option — wait until one of them talks to you

Me: but….. how would they know-

My brain: they’re psychic just trust me

And that why I can’t have friends :’) jk but seriously I’m awful I trying to start conversations or friendships because I worry I’ll annoy people ??? So just know you guys can literally just walk into my messages and start a conversation and I will respond probably faster than I should (unless I’m asleep) but I have so many things to say and these spinning pajama people but I don’t know how to friend😭😭

me whenever i see otayuri fanart where 15 year old yuri is depicted (even more than in the anime) sexual and otabek (18) gets called daddy. 

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MSA!Izuku, living alone: Yes. I am a responsible young adult. I can totally live by myself. *stove catches on fire* This is fine. Oh god. Yep. I'm good. It's all gucci. *apartment floods* Alright. *everything is demolished* I am a capable young man who can definitely live by himself.

to be more accurate, msa izuku opens his refrigerator and there’s nothing but an almost-expired carton of milk and a half-empty box of takeout. he hasn’t eaten anything but takeout for the past five days. the kitchen counter has a thin layer of dust on it and his bedroom is just a mattress on the floor and one desk. his clothes are heaped in the corner. the curtains are always closed, the lights are never on, and also izuku’s room is covered in worrying otherworldly runes that would probably get him kicked out of the apartment if the landlord ever saw it. the other day he picked up a single piece of wicker furniture from the dumpster he saw in an alleyway on the way back to his apartment