i am addicted to this psd

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Hello! I would love you when you would share your psds. I'm addicted to your coloring and never asked you before... I love the anon who asked you, so please share them! All of them, if you would like, haha. I'm really addicted, sorry, love. c:

Hi!! Oh I would love to share them and explain each one of them since i am working on some coloring now so its the perfect time!. Also i seem to misplace the third PSD somewhere and i couldn’t find I hope you are okay with the two most use ones!.

So for the first one that I use the most that give me a pleasing looking colors to look at like this:

You should keep in mind that I tend to use side layers just as Brightness\contract that is sometimes changing and so is the colors order and opacity!. Also I use layers with the colors: adabc0 (color burn), c6c3cf (Mulitply), 9796a5 (I set the opacity to %49 and soft light so to have a kinda of wash out colors), fce8e4 (soft light), ccd1e0 (linear burn). the most and they are always there and you will find them in the PSD!.

And now we move to the second one that I use when I want a wash out\pastel but not so wash out\pastel colors that will be looking like this:

And the difference between it and the first PSD is the Vibrance sitting is different in group 1 and I use less layers with it but its the same color but I go with three only and they are; adabc0 (color burn),  9796a5 (soft light and the  opacity to %49).

And keep in mind the way your coloring play a huge role in these PSDS of mine for example the first one if I use it on Ciel coloring it would look like this:

And the second PSD would look like this if i use it on one of ciel coloring:

So its as I said your way of coloring play a huge role and you can always play around with the colors and layer and add different kind of effects until you get what you are happy with <3.

You can download the first PSD here. And the second PSD here. And I hope you have a nice day and have fun using them!. And I would love if you send me how the end result would look with you as well if you wanted of course <3.