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The Time to Sleep 🍂

We found a place to which we drive
And I offer you the time
To sleep - to dream
To wake up when we arrive…”

Poses: @simtrovart, thank you 💕

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This may be a long shot but can you draw tired parent!Mcpriceley having to look after district nine?

the tired family all nap at once


Happy birthday to the greatest sunbeam on earth~! 

(Super) attractive friend

You said he left you,
Just like that.
The day before your birthday.
You turned 16.
And he left
Broke your heart
Blocked your number
And left us to put them back together and help you rebuild.

Three months later I said some things.
Maybe I shouldn’t have,
But you pushed us away now.
And it hurts because I thought you knew how that felt.
I thought you cared about us, thought that we mattered to you.
Guess not.
Maybe you thought that we just didn’t understand your pain.
So you wanted to put us through it.
If that works then I guess I’ll finally understand.
Because when he’s 3 years older and thousands of miles away
Probably getting wasted like he would’ve anyway.
And we’re here trying to help
But you’re just self destructing.

Unknown fact here, but my heart’s been broken before.
Many times actually.
I don’t expect you to know that,
it’s true.
I know more than you might think.
We might understand better then you think.
Did we ever mean anything?
Those mornings that I stood waiting for you.
The hugs that always made everything easier.
Or those stupid jokes we made back and forth when I messaged you.
You shut me out,
And you can do that.
Whatever it’s fine.
But don’t self destruct.
Your too good for that,
Too smart for that
Too breathtaking for that.

So you can get angry with me
Push me away
Hate me for the things I’ve said.
Spite me for the things I’ve done,
But don’t give up on yourself.
That will hurt more than anything else.
Because apparently now, I mean nothing to you.
And I understand that that means we’re through.
But I still have some happy memories of you.
Please don’t ruin those.
They keep this soul sane.
They keep us grounded.


Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, and hope. 



Starlight Kisses & Confessions

I wrote this for G, my super nice nonnie who leaves me extra nice messages, I hope you enjoy it friend!

Warnings: Swearing (like usual lol).

“Tyler, where do you see yourself in five years?” Craig asked, letting a quiet sigh slip out. He should  probably be enjoying this moment- Tyler probably was - but it felt wrong and he knew why. Here he was, laying on his back with his best friend by his side as they watched the stars together, and all Mini could think about was leaning over and kissing him.

He felt guilty just thinking about it, because Tyler was straight.

“Rolling naked in money.” he muttered, the shadow of a smile recognizable on his tired features. They had been out here for a while, not doing much and they defiantly weren’t keeping track of the time.

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it would never compare to having the heart of a star inside her. but it was almost good enough, almost right, to have power surging at her fingertips again, to have the buzz of energy flowing through her veins. it would never be enough, but it was close. castiel would call it corruption, an abomination, twisting the powers of darkness to her will, binding demons to her every whim, a hard fall from grace for the last true vessel of something holy. it was hers, though, this power - hers and hers alone. she would never go back to being heaven’s puppet; not now that she was claire novak, witch.

Art I made for @rancidpepper that I posted on the Grilled-gorillaz Instagram! I am actually like, super proud of this since it took me a few hours. *cough* worth it tho *cough* anyway
This is her character Sydney pot (who is 2D’s daughter since its canon he has kids) and I really love her. So here is a bunhead + smoking the wrong way Sydney!!


Witchsona, Sam, I actually love this one and am super proud.
They are NB and would rather be at home naked. They’ll often swear they’ll get top surgery, but 1. They can’t really be arsed especially since they’re not sure and 2. WITH WHAT MONEY?
On T for long enough to get scruffy facial hair.
Their magic practice is just a half-arsed, highly personal mosh-mash of whatever, with influences from reiki, tarot reading, rock-and-metal-based magics, technomancy, and green magic.
Big on healing, banishing, practical advice/magic, and can sometimes bring insects back to life.