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Following my AUs and Prompts List from a few months back, here is a compilation of my favorite sentence starters for all your writing needs.

Because most of them aren’t mine, credits are at the end.


“Marry me.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“You are not going without me.”

“I can’t believe you!”

“I swear it won’t happen again.”

“What did you say?”

“I’m not jealous.”

"You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

“We can’t keep doing this.”

“Are you sure this is legal?”

“Isn’t this amazing?”

“I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

“Stay the night. Please.”

“You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

“Run away with me.”

“You did WHAT?”

“Quit whining.”

“Get outta my sight!”

“Why are you so annoying?”

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

"Never in a million years.”

“Don’t ask me that…”

“I might have had a few shots.”

“What’s with the box?”

“W- What are you doing?”

“Say it!”

“I could kiss you right now!”

“Are you done with that?”

“What’s going on here?”

“Stop pinning this on me! You started it!”

“It’s your fault we’re in this mess.”

“Did you do this on purpose?!”

“Kiss me.”

“Are you still awake..?”

“Excuse you?”

“This is all your fault!”

“I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

“Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”

“I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

“It’s not fair!”

“I could kill you right now!”

“Knock it off!”

“Screw you!”

“You’re a complete moron!”

“I love this song!”

“I can’t be in love with you!”

“Make me.”

“Don’t tempt me.”

“I hate you.”

“You are infuriating!”

“Just shut up already.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Bite me.”

“Eat me.”

“Kiss my ass.”

“Just admit I’m right.”

“Just admit you’re wrong.”

“You are being ridiculous!”

“That’s irrational.”

“Listen to me!”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“Don’t yell at me.”

“That’s it. End of discussion.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Fuck you!”

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you.”

“How dare you?”

“I dare you!” 

“It’s you, it’s always been you.” 

“Well this is awkward…”

“Just pretend to be my date”.  


“Are you really gonna leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”

“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”

“I just did some calculations, and I’ve been able to determine that you’re full of shit.”

“You know what I like most about people? Pets.”

“Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

“What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.”

“I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist.”

“Love is the jelly to sunshine’s peanut butter. And if I tell you that I’m in sandwich with you, I’m not just saying it to get in your Ziploc bag.”

“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

“Did you really just insult Captain America in front of me?”

“Can I touch your boob?”

“It’s not that you’re wrong, exactly, you’re just extremely not right.”

“You shouldn’t be trusted with small children, should you?”

“Give me cake or give me death.”

“On a scale from, ’I can sometimes make important phone calls without crying’ to ’I have a stable job with a steady income, a spouse who loves me, a dog, and two kids who are screwed up minimally at worst’, how much of an adult are you?”

“You think I’m dumb enough to fall for that stupid move?”

“Despite the cliche, it’s not me, it’s you.”

“Obviously you can’t tell a woman you just met that you love her, but it sucks that you can’t.”

“No, it was my fault for thinking that you might care.”

“When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

“If you’re not scared, then you’re not taking a chance. If you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are we doing anyway?”

“I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again.”

“What have I told you about the toilet seat?”

“I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

“I vote today to be a pajama day.”

“You have to tell me why were committing a felony before we do it. Not that that’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.”

“I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine, I’d talk to my VCR.”

“I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”

“You know we’re suppose to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

“Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

“I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”

“What I hear when I’m being yelled at is people caring loudly at me.”

“I am NOT crying, okay?! I’m allergic to jerks!”

“This would not happen if I had a penis!”

“That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

“All nighter, you and me. First one to fall sleep buys the other dinner.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

“I’m ok, thank you. Just please, stop talking to me.”

“To the night you’ll never remember!”

“Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”

“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”

“Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.”

“You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”

“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his/her cake hole.”

“I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.”

“You better take care of that car or I swear I’ll haunt your ass!”

“This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.“

“It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”

“I could do that, but could doesn’t mean would.”

“You cannot fathom the immensity of the fucks I don’t give.”

“You’re like, five feet tall. How you gonna reach me, shortie?”

"I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

“Do you need me to kill someone for you?”

“Look out where you’re going, asshole!”

“Fuck the sandwich guy!”

“I did not mean for stripping to come out of this.”

“The whole street is blocked off. The police won’t tell us anything, but I think there’s been some kind of attack… Maybe a bomb?”

“Oh my god, are you okay? I’m calling the police. I think I saw who did this to you.”

“I’m weird, you’re weird, we could have weird little babies and live weirdly ever after if it wasn’t for the fact I find you repulsive.”

“There is nothing wrong with planning a wedding with a video game character.”

“I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”  

“There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendships.”

“It’s midnight, what do you want?”

“I think I know how to use a bed.”

“If I wake up in the morning and I’m dead… Wait.”

“You are completely unfit to handle a child.”

“We have to get out of this place. It is EVIL.”

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

“When in doubt curl into the fetal position and give up on life.”

“It’s not a double date, we’re just third and forth wheeling.”


“I have something to tell you…”

“I think I’m pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant!”

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?”

“You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.”

“$50 bucks says it’s a girl/boy.”

“Pregnancy suits you…”

“Hello little one. We can’t wait to meet you…”

“I’ll just be in the bathroom throwing my fucking guts up because our unborn kid wants to be a dick!”

“There’s someone I’d like you to meet…”

“Shh… He/she’s sleeping..”

“I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me.”

“No, no, no, no, no, we aren’t ready… We aren’t ready for kids yet!”

“Oh, gosh, I felt it! I felt a kick!”


“Your hair is so soft…”

“You’re so cute when you pout like that!”

“Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

“What, does that feel good?”

“HA! I found a weak-spot on you, didn’t I?”

“Are you wearing my shirt?”

“You are ridiculously comfortable…”

“I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“We should get a puppy!”


“Aren’t they beautiful?”

“These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”

“Shooting star, make a wish.”

“It’s actually a comet, but I’ll still make one.”

“Imagine if it could always be this way, even in the city.”

“Never thought something so beautiful could exist in nature…”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to name a star after yourself?”

“Y'know, your roof may not be the safest place for us to stargaze.”

“This is why you made me drive three hours out into the middle of nowhere?”

“Is that a– Wait, no, just an airplane.”

“I wouldn’t mind falling asleep out here.


“Did you just… finish?”

“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

“I’m not actually feeling anything.”

“Are you getting any closer?”

“Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”

“Did something just happen? You’re not turned on anymore.”

“Shit sorry, am I going too fast?”

“Wow, you’re hot.”

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Hey, I’m open minded.”

“Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”

“I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”

“I see someone’s happy to see me.”

“I saw that. You just checked me out.”

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”

“Take off your clothes.”

“Tell all those other guys/girls you don’t need them ‘cause you got me.”

“Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”

“Boobs are really just squishy pillows.”

“If you don’t get turned on by having your neck kissed somethings wrong with you.”

“Blasphemy! Sex solves everything.”

“I platonically want to have sex with you. No big deal.”


[text]: What do you want now?

[text]: Do you want to bet on that?

[text]: Guess who just got back in town.

[text]: So I might be in a hospital right now…

[text]: We can’t keep doing this anymore!

[text]: Come on, come to the party!

[text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.

[text]: You have no clue how I feel so shut up.

[text]: I call bullshit.

[text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?

[text] I gave up great shower sex to be here so don’t say I never did anything for our friendship.

[text] Living alone for four weeks has given me unrealistic expectations of pantslessness.

[text] Also, my bed has glitter in it for reasons I do not recall.

[text] Who says no to sex and donuts?!

[text] I know what you did last summer…

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13th of May: giving no fcks whatsoever
  • Me: Hiya, I have quite the random question and was wondering if you maybe could help me out?
  • LUSH person: Sure! Give it a try!
  • Me: I am looking for a bath bomb that looks like Harry Styles' bath
  • LUSH person: Alrightttttt. I haven't seen his bath so do you have a picture?
  • Me: Sure!
  • (shows picture)
  • LUSH person: Oh wow! This looks really cool!
  • (explains that it's not his actual bath but the album cover)
  • LUSH person: Did they say which bath bomb they used?
  • Me: I don't think so?
  • Another LUSH person: Well, the shop is empty so we could do some experimenting!
  • (all go over to the little tub and try a few different bath bombs; find a great combination)
  • LUSH person: Well I have to be honest with you, this was definitely the most fun moment of my day so far!
  • Me: Yeah?! I am happy that I could bring some fun in to your day of work
  • LUSH person: YEAH! This gave me the opportunity to do some experimenting and try some fun stuff out.
  • All the LUSH persons: Enjoy your HARRY BATH!
Sugar and His Doll

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: The domestic life of reader and Bucky. Reader always calls Bucky “Sugar” cause he’s so sweet and Bucky calls her “Doll” because she’s so cute.

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Sugar?” You called from the kitchen.

“Yeah, doll?” Bucky hollered back eyes not leaving the television as he watched Stranger Things. 

“When you’re done with that episode, can you help me with dinner?” You asked as you began to season the chicken breasts for the team dinner tonight at yours and Bucky’s apartment.

You were mindlessly humming to yourself as you prepared the food. You loved cooking. It was one of your favorite past times. The team loved your cooking as well. They constantly wanted you to cook for them instead of them taking turns cooking.

You felt Bucky’s arms circle your waist and he kissed your cheek, “You’re so cute, doll. You’re like an actual doll.” he began peppering kisses on your neck making you giggle.

“Sugar, please! I need to get this food ready! And you’re supposed to be helping me!”

Bucky chuckled and let go of you, “Well, I’m here now. What are my orders, ma’am?”

“Chop the vegetables and saute them in salt and butter.”

Bucky gave you a salute, “Right away, ma’am.” He slapped your butt as passed you making you squeal.

“Hands to yourself, soldier!”

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thoughts from my Raven Boys reread:

highlights include some rambling analysis of Adam and Ronan’s dynamic in the first book, yelling about how Gansey definitely has social anxiety, gushing about the Henrietta library, and trying to accept the fact that this is probably the best book out of the whole series. WOO. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • Blue is impatient and vain along with being sensible and I love her for it because it helps her feel so real to me yknow? she constructs her difference so carefully and owns it and all that but unlike most YA protags she still feels BELIEVABLE in spite of how intentional she is about being “different” because she does it in a way that doesn’t feel contrived to me
  • there may be other issues with the writing in TRC but Maggie got that right good job
  • “I thought you were dead in a ditch” oh honey just wait :^)))))
  • I know we talk about Ronan’s oral fixation like…. all the time….. but. Okay I just really love this fidgety boy and his habit of chewing on those bracelets. Someone please get him a fidget cube or something
  • (jumping ahead to TRK but I loved the detail of Opal chewing on Adam’s watchband, it’s a nice tic for her and Ronan to share and it reminds you that she’s been living in his head for most of his life)
  • “All night. This was going to bother him all night” did you mean the moment I vowed to protect this socially anxious child with my life
  • Persephone is working on a graduate thesis?? She listens to angry music when she’s working on it??? Why didn’t we get to explore that more I have SO MANY questions (does she listen to Halestorm when writing like I do omg I would die)
  • “ARE YOU LISTENING, GLENDOWER? I AM COMING TO FIND YOU!” Gansey….. my nerdy son…… a dweeb…….
  • The gang doing traditional library research!! Digging through courthouse records of land ownership! Making maps!!! 
  • Honestly I’m probably biased as a current library science student but I would read an entire book about the staff at the Henrietta Library dealing with these weird teens and their magic quest.
  • …..yeah i gotta put the rest under a read more this got SO MUCH LONGER than I meant it to be just like every other post I make whoops

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anonymous asked:

Hello, Londoner here! I've been lurking in the TJLC community for about 2 years now and this is my first time making contact. :) Your blog is great! I come here every time I feel down about the 'fucky business,' which is quite a lot. Just wondered if you'd seen the clip of Andy Murray meeting Benedict at Wimbledon last summer. Andy asks Ben how many episodes there are in the series and he seems to have a hard time remembering. It struck me as odd at the time. Now I think (hope) I know why!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, that’s so lovely!! <3 <3 I’m happy that I am a place you come to when you are down; it is my happy place as well, and I am so happy that it is yours as well.

I actually HADN’T seen it until you told me about it, and now that I have, it’s really really interesting that Ben had to think about it… It’s really hard to hear and there’s a REALLY ANNOYING high pitched intermittent buzz, but around the 10 second mark, you can here Andy ask Ben “How many you gettin’?” and Ben then fumbles, shakes his head and closes his eyes and replies with “Er, Uhm, three”. Now, I CAN’T CONFIRM that they’re talking about Sherlock, because I can’t hear what Ben and Andy are talking about before the 10 seconds. If it is indeed about Sherlock, that is a rather curious response to a show that ALWAYS has three episodes…

Or, I mean, to be fair to Ben, he is also a little scatterbrained sometimes, especially when he’s meeting people he admires; I mean… I get really REALLY dumb around celebs and people I admire all the time, so it could also just be a “Ben Thing” because he’s precious that way.

Here, all, have a listen for yourself and tell me what y’all think. Again, there IS a REALLY high pitched intermittent buzzing that grated on me and I don’t have sound sensitivity, so just an heads up:

Look how precious these two men are. They’re so in awe of each other and admire each other and I legit cried happy tears watching this, though :D They’re so adorable.

The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*

Jinyoung Imagine - Cancelled Plans

A/N - A little anon requested Jinyoung imagine~ This one’s a bit on the angsty side so I hope you enjoy. I still don’t think I’m too good at writing more angsty imagines but I hope you like it anyway!

You were sat in your airplane seat, on a flight heading over to Korea from the US to see your boyfriend, Jinyoung. Due to work, you had to travel a lot so rarely got to see him in person. Luckily though, you had managed to convince your boss to let you have a week off and you were travelling to spend some quality time with him. There was about an hour left of the flight and the excitement was really building up. It had been 3 months since you had last seen him in person because of both your working schedule and his. You had a small apartment in Korea but spent the majority of your time out of the country. Whenever you were able to work from home, Jinyoung was either touring or promoting which only made things harder but you both worked through it. You messaged each other a lot and would skype regularly. You’d also plan a lot of your dates ahead of time and make sure nothing would come up to stop those plans from going ahead. Which is what you had both done this time. Jinyoung had spoken to his manager and made sure he would have a much less hectic schedule this week so he’d have time to spend with you.

When you finally landed, the first thing you did was call him. You were hoping to get a taxi over to the dorm so you could see all of the members and catch up with them as well as your boyfriend. 
“Hey, (Y/N). Are you here?”
“Yep, I just landed. I’m waiting for my suitcase to come through and then I’ll get a taxi over to the dorm to see you.”
“Actually, about that…” he said, sounding nervous all of a sudden.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, something’s come up and now I have to go film something.”
“What? But you promised that you would clear up your schedule so you could see me.”
“I know I did, love but I couldn’t turn this down, it was too important to me.”
“Right. It was too important to you. More important than your own damn girlfriend.”
“No, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Do I? Because that’s what it sounded like to me.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I promise I didn’t mean it to sound that way.”
“Sure. Whatever you say, Jinyoung. But the fact of the matter is, you still chose to work over seeing me. Someone you haven’t seen in 3 months. Look, I have to go, I can see my suitcase. I’m still going to go to the dorm to see the other members but when you get back we are having some serious talks, Jinyoung. Bye.” You hung up the phone, not letting him answer. It might have been a bit harsh but the truth was, he chose to work instead of see you. Right now, it felt like he just didn’t care about you. You knew he did, but at that moment you were too hurt and angry to think otherwise.

When you got to the dorm and saw the other 6 members, all frustration with your boyfriend faded into an after thought. You were just too happy to be with them again. They really lifted your mood without even trying and that was something you really loved about them; the bonds you had formed with each of them were strong and you knew that no matter what, nothing could ever break them. Distance and time could affect you. Unlike with Jinyoung. With him, it was like the distance and time had slowly but surely chipped away at the romance and emotion that was there and it was now at breaking point. The sound of the outside door closing interrupted your thoughts and you knew it was Jinyoung arriving home. Jackson had gotten up to greet him and you could hear him say, “Is she still here?”
“Yeah, she’s in there,” Jackson responded. Jinyoung walked into the room and his face lit up immediately. 
“(Y/N), I missed you so much. I’m so sorry I had to go and work. I really didn’t want to cancel but this was a really big thing.” It was as if he had forgotten everything that had happened over the phone.
“I missed you too, Jinyoung. But…” You hesitated, glancing around the room and deciding it’d be better to have this conversation in private. “Let’s go to your room and talk,” you continued, walking off in that direction.

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked, still smiling obliviously.
“Have you forgotten everything we talked about on the phone? Jinyoung, you know I’m annoyed with you for cancelling on me.”
“I know you are and you have every right to be. I am really sorry and I want to make it up to you.”
“I don’t know if you can.”
“I don’t know if you can make it up to me.”
“What are you talking about? I’ll do anything, (Y/N).”
“That’s not going to help,” you said, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “I think it’s best we end this.”
“No, you can’t. Please.” Jinyoung was choking up now too.
“I’m sorry. I love you but the distance just isn’t doing us any good. We’re both busy people and I think we should stop doing this. But I would like to stay friends after we’ve both gotten over the hurt of breaking up.”
“(Y/N)…is there anything I can say or do to change your mind?”
“No, there isn’t. I hope you know I do still love you. A lot. But I think we should just focus on our careers right now. Today proved that you do prioritise working to an extent so I think it’s best for us both.”
“Do you think we will ever be able to get back together when we’re less busy?”
“Maybe. I hope so.”
“I hope so too,” he said as he stepped closer to you. “A goodbye kiss?” He asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Please,” you replied as you closed the gap, needing to hold him close one last time. You both savoured the moment until the inevitable split happened.
“I’m going to leave now. I think it’d be better if we had a bit of space but I might come visit later in the week since I do still want to be friends with the boys. I hope you have a good life, Jinyoung. And maybe we can see what happens in the future.”
“You too, (Y/N). I’ll miss you. A lot.”
“I’ll miss you too.” You then left the dorm, watching as Jinyoung closed the door. It was a strange, bittersweet feeling; obviously you were said the relationship had ended, but you were happy knowing that you could focus on yourself for a while until the time came when you could have a relationship without the stress and hardships of not seeing each other for months at a time.

3 years later

After being transferred back to Seoul full time, you would have a much less busy lifestyle. You still had to work a lot, but you had more freedom and you could actually live life and not be thinking about your next meeting in whatever new country. Getting the promotion had been a true testament to your hard work and dedication. It showed how much you had effort you had put in. But now you could relax a bit. You still had to work hard, and you planned to, but you could also live a somewhat normal life. You were finally in a position where you could date. Having that thought only reminded you of Jinyoung. Even though it had been 3 years, you would still have think about him from time to time. You were close friends with all of the members and whenever you had been in Korea, you would spend time with them but you had never really spoken to Jinyoung at all. And definitely not alone. There was some awkwardness there that hadn’t been present when you were dating, possibly because you hadn’t been friends before dating. There had never been a time when you weren’t ‘together’ so you didn’t know how to be just friends with him. Even now after so much time to heal and recover from the break up. 

As you walked down the streets of Seoul, going in to some of the shops along the way, you saw a familiar face. Seeing him now brought back so many memories and you wanted to rush over and hug him. Now you knew you could date, you craved to have him once again. But would he feel the same? Or has he completely moved on? What if he’s dating someone else? You stood there in a state of worry and paranoia, not noticing him walk over to you. His voice surprised you and brought you back to reality.
“(Y/N), I didn’t know you were back in Korea.”
“I actually got promoted and now I’m here full time.”
“Really? Wow, congratulations. You must be happy about that. Busy as well, I imagine.”
“I am happy. I really am. But I’m not quite as busy as you might think, haha.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes, it’s quite nice knowing I’ll have a bit more time for just…living.”
“Are you planning on seeing anyone or are you still just focusing on working?” You could tell by his tone what he was hinting at and your confidence came flooding back to you. 
“Actually, I am. It’s just a question of whether he’ll take me back or not, after I broke up with him.”
“I’m sure he’d love to have you back, (Y/N),” Jinyoung said, giving you the loving yet flirty look he would often give you. Hearing his words lifted your heart and you leaned in closer, your lips almost touching his.
“I missed you, Park Jinyoung.”
“I missed you too,” he whispered back, closing the gap and kissing you with all the passion he had.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you accept requests for the others dr games too or just for V3? I'm wondering since I saw a scenario with Gundham... If you take requests for other games, can you do the sdr2 guy's reactions if their crush (the reader) ask them on a date? Thanks.

Yes, actually, I do the other games too. Sorry for the confusing title of the blog! I don’t even know why haven’t I changed it yet… Cause I’m fucking lazy that’s why

So I will gladly fulfil your request! Hope I don’t forget anyone…

Hajime Hinata

  • Huh? You want to go out with a scrub like him? But why??
  • Well he won’t turn you down of course.
  • He will blush quite a lot, and will ask you if you’re sure about it like a hundred times.
  • Once he’s assured, he will be super excited, because he never thought someone like you would be willing to go on a date.
  • He is somewhat nervous cause he doesn’t really know what he should wear for the date.
  • Since you invited him, you’ve obviously prepared some plans, so he’s glad at least that is taken care of, since otherwise he’d be too nervous about taking you somewhere that you will consider boring.
  • He’s also nervous that he won’t be fun to talk to, but decides to just act himself and see how it goes.
  • He asks for some advice, but doesn’t depend on it too much. He’s quite a self-sufficient man after all.
  • He is quite smooth throughout the date, since he is a pretty neutral person and can work with anything his s/o will throw at him.
  • If he brings a gift it will be just one flower, because he believes simple and humble gifts are better.

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Sentence Starts

@samsmoosettesauce made this list but it won’t let me reblog it :/


  1. “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“ 
  2. "Quick catch that cat it stole my wallet!”
  3. “Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car… Wait I did? And it was your car?”
  4. “The skirt is short on purpose.”
  5. “I can’t believe I’m sitting in space jail with you of all people.”
  6. “So why did I have to punch that guy?”
  7. “I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.”
  8. “I hope you know that my name is actually ________.”
  9. “Please stop petting the test subjects. ”
  10. “That is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit.”
  11. “Please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle" 
  12. "So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.”
  13. “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?”
  14. “I’m like 75% this won’t explode on us.”
  15. “You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen.”
  16. “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”
  17. “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.
  18. "I shouldn’t be in love with you!”
  19. “It’s not fair!”
  20. “I could kill you right now!”
  21. “Knock it off!”
  22. “Screw you!”
  23. “You’re a complete moron!”
  24. “I love this song!”
  25. “Bring that here!”
  26. “I hate you!”
  27. “I’m pissed off!”
  28. “Make me!”
  29. “I wish you’d never been born!”
  30. “I bought ice cream!”
  31. “Kiss my ass!”
  32. “Shut up!”
  33. “I can’t do it anymore!”
  34. “Take me home!”
  35. “Just kiss me already!
  36. "I can’t be in love with you!”
  37. “I can’t believe this!”
  38. “Piss off!”
  39. “I wish things were that simple!”
  40. “I love you!”
  41. “Jump off a bridge!”
  42. “You’re so hot!”
  43. “I have something to tell you…”
  44. “I think I’m pregnant.”
  45. “They died.”
  46. “I want you to be the Maid of Honor/Best Man.”
  47. “I want a divorce.”
  48. “I’m leaving you.”
  49. “I want you back.”
  50. “I got a pet!”
  51. “I won the lottery!”
  52. “I’m in love with you.”
  53. “Why are you suing me?”
  54. “We need to get out of town… Now.”
  55. “I’m going to prison.”
  56. “I quit!”
  57. “I was fired.”
  58. “I got a promotion!”
  59. “So… You know how I went out gambling last night?”
  60. “I cheated on you.”
  61. “You did WHAT?”


  1. “You actually thought i cared about you?”
  2. “I wonder how loudly i can make you scream in agony?”
  3. “You’re a monster!”
  4. “It would be a shame if i had to damage that pretty face of yours.”
  5. “You’re all mine now.”
  6. “How could you do this to me!?”
  7. “I trusted you!”
  8. “Is that supposed to scare me?”
  9. “Put the knife down.”
  10. “You’re scaring me…”
  11. “You look so sexy when you’re all bloodied and bruised like that~”
  12. “I wonder how many volts it would take to kill you?”
  13. “Why are you pointing that gun at me?”
  14. “Let me go!”
  15. “You’re so cute when you struggle like that~”
  16. “Your blood smells wonderful.”
  17. “Who did this to you?”
  18. “You’re in my way.”
  19. “I thought you were dead!”
  20. “Help me!”
  21. “Long live the king.”
  22. “What did they do to you?”
  23. “What have you done?”
  24. “Maybe i should carve a pretty picture in your flesh?”
  25. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything fatal, I just need some information.”
  26. “I don’t care what you do to me, I’ll never tell you!”
  27. “Stop it, your hurting me!”
  28. “They’ll kill you!”
  29. “I hate you.”
  30. “The only reason I chained you up is to show you how much I love you!”
  31. “If you keep struggling like that I’ll have to punish you~”


  1. "Do you ever shut up?”
  2. “You’re such a loud mouth”
  3. “You shouldn’t have said that”
  4. “Fuck you”
  5. “Step on a lego”
  6. “Get bent”
  7. “Shut your mouth before I shut it for you”
  8. “It isn’t up for debate”
  9. “Don’t question my orders”
  10. “I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
  11. “That is the worst idea i’ve ever heard”
  12. “Who writes your plans, the village idiot?”
  13. “That’s mine”
  14. “Give it back”
  15. “Don’t touch my stuff”
  16. “That’s not yours”
  17. “Just leave already”
  18. “The door is over there”
  19. “I cannot deal with your bullshit right now”
  20. “I have my orders”
  21. “You have your orders”
  22. "Make me”
  23. “Don’t tempt me”
  24. “I hate you”
  25. “You are infuriating”
  26. “Just shut up already”
  27. “That doesn’t even make sense”
  28. “Bite me”
  29. “Eat me”
  30. “Kiss my ass”
  31. “Just admit i’m right”
  32. “Just admit you’re wrong”
  33. “You are being ridiculous”
  34. “That’s irrational”
  35. “Listen to me”
  36. “That’s not what I meant and you know it”
  37. “Don’t yell at me”
  38. “That’s it. End of discussion”
  39. “I don’t believe you”
  40. “Don’t look at me like that”
  41. “What’s with that look?”
  42. “Go away”


  1. “Make me.”
  2. “Bite me.”
  3. “If you say so…”
  4. “Kiss my ass.”
  5. “Did you just… finish?”
  6. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”
  7. “I’m not actually feeling anything.”
  8. “Are you getting any closer?”
  9. “Why do they make this look so easy in all those porn movies?! This hurts like fuck!”
  10. “Did something just happen? You’re not turned on anymore.”
  11. “Shit sorry, am I going too fast?”
  12. “Wow, you’re hot.”
  13. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
  14. “Hey, I’m open minded.”
  15. “Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”
  16. “I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”
  17. “I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”
  18. “I see someone’s happy to see me.”
  19. “I saw that. You just checked me out.”
  20. “You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”
  21. “Take off your clothes.” 
  22. “Tell all those other guys/girls you don’t need them ‘cause you got me.”
  23. “Don’t give me that face, it’s so cute I might not be able to hold back.”
  24. “Boobs are really just squishy pillows.” 
  25. “If you don’t get turned on by having your neck kissed somethings wrong with you.” 
  26. “Blasphemy! Sex solves everything.”
  27. “I platonically want to have sex with you. No big deal.”
  28. “Wow, you’re hot.”
  29. “Oh, don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”
  30. “You know, those/that (list body part) of yours are/is pretty distracting.”
  31. “Hot damn.”
  32. “So, you come here often?”
  33. “Well, well. My night just got better.”
  34. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
  35. “You have got a great ass.”
  36. “Hey, I’m open minded.”
  37. “You enjoying the view over there?”
  38. “Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”
  39. “Don’t be bashful. You know you want to.”
  40. “You can have me any way you’d like, baby.”
  41. “You wanna move this conversation someplace more private?”
  42. “I’m off in a few minutes, you know.”
  43. “It’s been a long day. Why don’t we help each other unwind?”
  44. “I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”
  45. “I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”
  46. “I wanna see you get naked.”
  47. “You’re getting me all worked up.”
  48. “What do we have here?”
  49. "I see someone’s happy to see me.”
  50. “Play your cards right, and I just might have to put you on speed dial.”
  51. “You like that, don’t you?”
  52. “How do you want me?”
  53. “I’m sure we can put those lips to better use.”
  54. “God, you’re perfect.”
  55. “I really like a man who’s good with his hands.”
  56. “You. Me. Sex. Now.”
  57. “I’d be more than happy to show you a good time, if you’re looking for one.”
  58. “I saw that. You just checked me out.”
  59. “You look real good in that suit/dress/skirt/outfit.”
  60. “You wanna help me out of this ___?” (Insert article clothing here.)
  61. “Can I keep you?”
  62. “You’re such a tease.”
  63. “Oh my, looks like I/you dropped something.”
  64. “I love it when you talk dirty.”
  65. “I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me.”
  66. “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”
  67. “I really want to take you home and get you out of all those clothes.”
  68. “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”


  1. "I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes”
  2. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”
  3. “If I could, I would kiss away all your scars”
  4. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted”
  5. “You’re…magnificent”
  6. “I think I might be falling in love with you”
  7. “Everything about you can be described in one word. Perfect”
  8. “My life would be so boring if you weren’t in it”
  9. “I have something to say. Three words, eight letters. I…got food.”
  10. “Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long”
  11. “We should get a puppy!”
  12. “We should get a kitten”
  13. “He/She is nothing compared to you”
  14. “I need to choose a pet name for you. Any ideas?”
  15. “I hate seeing you unhappy so now I’m going to do everything I can to cheer you up. Even if it means making a fool of myself”
  16. “Your hair is so soft…”
  17. “You’re so cute when you pout like that!”
  18. “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”
  19. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
  20. “What, does that feel good?”
  21. “HA! I found a weak-spot on you, didn’t I?”
  22. “Are you wearing my shirt?” 
  23. “You are ridiculously comfortable…”
  24. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”
  25. “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this…”
  26. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”
  27. “We should get a puppy!”
  28. “Aren’t they beautiful?”
  29. “These stars are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.”
  30. “Shooting star, make a wish.”
  31. “It’s actually a comet, but I’ll still make one.”
  32. “Imagine if it could always be this way, even in the city.”
  33. “Never thought something so beautiful could exist in nature…”
  34. “Wouldn’t it be cool to name a star after yourself?”
  35. “Y'know, your roof may not be the safest place for us to stargaze.”
  36. “This is why you made me drive three hours out into the middle of nowhere?”
  37. “Is that a– Wait, no, just an airplane.”
  38. “I wouldn’t mind falling asleep out here.
  39. “You weren’t supposed to laugh! I’m so embarrassed!”
  40. “We’ve got a full tank of gas. Let’s go somewhere. Anywhere.”
  41. “You’ve been glued to the couch for 3 days. I’m worried about you.”
  42. “I’ve had a rough day. Time for Netflix and takeout.”
  43. “Are you wearing my clothes?”
  44. “You look beautiful tonight,baby.”
  45. “Let’s skip dinner and go straight to dessert.”
  46. “I’m leaving tomorrow. So kiss me like you mean it.”
  47. “I don’t want to ruin what we have.”
  48. “Trust me. This will feel great.”


  1. “I have something to tell you…”
  2. “I think I’m pregnant.”
  3. “I’m pregnant!”
  4. “When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” 
  5. “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.” 
  6. “$50 bucks says it’s a girl/boy.” 
  7. “Pregnancy suits you…”
  8. “Hello little one. We can’t wait to meet you…”
  9. “I’ll just be in the bathroom throwing my fucking guts up because our unborn kid wants to be a dick!”
  10. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet…”
  11. “Shh… He/she’s sleeping..”
  12. “I have a special surprise for you. Close your eyes and follow me.”
  13. “No, no, no, no, no, we aren’t ready… We aren’t ready for kids yet!”
  14. “Oh, gosh, I felt it! I felt a kick!”


  1. “Are you feeling alright? You don’t look it.”
  2. “I just heard something… Something bad…”
  3. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?!”
  4. “What’s all this blood?!”
  5. “Will you tell me what the fuck is going on?”
  6. “Don’t give me that look! It wasn’t my fault!”
  7. “You should probably sit down for this.”
  8. “Please tell me you forgive me!”
  9. “I can’t live without you!”
  10. “Oh god, It was a mistake coming here… I’m sure of it.”
  11. “What the hell happened to you?!”
  12. “Where have you been?! I’ve been waiting for hours!”
  13. “You promised you wouldn’t do this anymore!”
  14. “I knew not to trust you!”
  15. “What’s that in your bag…? Is that–? Tell me it’s not!”
  16. “Is this what a dislocated shoulder feels like?!”
  17. “How could you do this to me?!”
  18. “Wake up! Wake up!!! You’re having a nightmare!”
  19. “I feel weird… what was in that drink…?”
  20. “I don’t want to leave you, but you’re not really giving me another option.”
  21. “Please… you’re scaring me…”
  22. “Ssh, I heard something again. How aren’t you hearing it? It was loud… and getting closer.”
  23. “Are you okay in there? You’ve been so quiet.”
  24. “I came as soon as I could! Did he/she get to you already?”
  25. “I don’t know whether I want to do this. I don’t know whether I CAN do this.”
  26. “Do you remember anything?”
  27. “You have to tell me who did this to you!”
  28. “No, no, I’m not alright. I’m definitely not alright.”
  29. “What’s your fucking problem?!”
  30. “Are you crying?”
  31. “You’re freaking me out! Please calm down!”
  32. “I’m leaving. And I’m not intending to come back.”
  33. “You… are dying?”
  34. “Did you drink the whole bottle while tripping? Seriously?”
  35. “Do you have a deathwish or something? Jesus!”
  36. “Ever been held at gunpoint? Want to know what it feels like?”
  37. “Stop screaming! Shh, calm down! You have to keep quiet!”
  38. “When’s the last time you slept?”
  39. “Please, just…say something. Anything.”
  40. “I’m sorry, okay?! Just talk to me!”
  41. “Don’t ignore me. Please.”
  42. “Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?”
  43. “What, I’m not even worth speaking to anymore?”
  44. “Just tell me what I did wrong!”
  45. “You can’t leave me like this!”
  46. “So that’s it? You’re not even going to explain yourself?”
  47. “Fine. Your silence says everything you won’t.”
  48. “Could you sing for me? Just once more.”
  49. “Don’t shut me out like this!”
  50. “Is this how you want it to end? With nothing?!”
  51. “I thought you of all people would be different.”
  52. “This was supposed to be a fun day. You always ruin everything.”
  53. “Our flight’s been cancelled… there goes our holiday.”
  54. “I’m not angry. I’m disappointed.”
  55. “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed.”
  56. “I can’t believe this. You always turn everything into such a disaster!”
  57. “I’m not disappointed in you, I’m disappointed in the situation…”
  58. “I can’t believe this is happening. Can nothing ever go right?!”
  59. “I’m so sorry to let you down. I know you were looking forward to this.”
  60. “You always let me down. You’re so unreliable.”
  61. “I’d expected a lot more from you.”
  62. “Stop being so selfish! You’re ruining everything for everyone.”
  63. “You’re such a disappointment to the family.”
  64. “I’m sorry to be such a disappointment. I know you expected more of me.”
  65. “That movie was so disappointing.”
  66. “Why is everything in life actually so disappointing? You get yourself excited every time, only to be let down, time and time again.”
  67. “You’re not disappointing! Just… surprising.”
  68. “I thought you cared about me. Someone who cares about someone else doesn’t let them down like you just did.”
  69. “You could’ve tried harder!”
  70. ”I’m not going to lie… I am disappointed.”
  71. “No no! You’re great, but the sex was just really disappointing.”
  72. “Honestly, you’re the biggest disappointment of my life.”
  73. “You weren’t there for me when I needed you. Why do you expect me to be here for you now you need me?”
  74. “I had higher expectations of this.”
  75. “I had higher expectations of you.”
  76. “Why would you do that?”
  77. “Why don’t you say that to my face?” 
  78. “I can’t look at you anymore.” 
  79. “What’s wrong with you?”
  80. “What are you going to do about it?”
  81. “I’d burn you alive if I could.”
  82. “I thought you loved me…”
  83. “I can’t- I just can’t anymore.”
  84. “I cried all night because of you, and the worst part is that you don’t even care.”
  85. “Is what you have really worth fighting for?”
  86. “I don’t love you. I never did.”
  87. “I don’t want you anymore.”
  88. “You actually thought I loved you? You must be kidding. I never even liked you.”
  89. “You were easier to fool than I thought.”
  90. “Why don’t you crawl back into the dark corner you came from?”
  91. “I believed you. I trusted you. I shouldn’t have.” 
  92. “Don’t you dare play innocent. You got your hands just as dirty as mine.”
  93. “You used to be such a good boy/girl. Thank god you met me, or you would have stayed like that forever.”
  94. “I honestly thought that we were friends, but friends don’t hurt each other the way you hurt me.”
  95. “Just leave already. You’re worthless to me.”
  96. “I knew you would fail, it was just a matter of time.”
  97. “Oh, that was supposed to be a secret? Oops.”
  98. “I’ll help you this one time, then I never want to hear from you again.”
  99. “I didn’t invite you. Don’t make a scene.”
  100. “You ruined my life. Why would I be happy to see you?”


  1. “You can at least pretend to be happy.”
  2. “Why didn’t you tell anyone what you were going through?”
  3. “You did this to yourself?”
  4. “Hey, hey. Calm down, okay? What got you in such a state?”
  5. “Do you need help? Professional help?”
  6. “Well, to me it just looks like you’re being lazy.”
  7. “You can’t be afraid of everything. I bet you’re just doing this to be interesting.”
  8. “Why do you always want to have all the attention? Everyone gets depressed. Get over it.”
  9. “You’re going to have to get over yourself sometime soon. You can’t just sit around doing nothing forever.”
  10. “You just take some meds and it’s gone, right? Don’t be so difficult.”
  11. “You’re trying to tell me you’re one of those crazy people? Don’t be ridiculous, you’re fine!”
  12. “You look much better today! Are you feeling better?”
  13. “Why have you been hiding this for years?”
  14. “You could’ve told me you felt like this.”
  15. “Trust me, I hate myself more than you do, so yelling at me really isn’t going to change anything!”
  16. “Do you ever think of, you know, ending it…? You need to be honest with me.”
  17. “Stop making everything about you all the time. You’re so selfish.”
  18. “Is there anything you don’t have difficulty with? You’re being so precious.”
  19. “I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry.”
  20. “I can tell you you’re not alone, because I’ve felt like this too.”
  21. “You’re being so hard on yourself.”
  22. “I don’t know why I do it. The pain just stops me from feeling so empty for a while.”
  23. “You tried to kill yourself…? When?! Oh god…”
  24. “I don’t think I will get better. I felt the same five years ago and I’ve spoken to plenty of therapists in the meantime. I think it’s just a part of who I am.”
  25. “What are you feeling?”
  26. “Don’t give me that. I give myself a hard enough time already. Harder than you could possibly imagine so PLEASE just leave me alone.”
  27. “I know there’s nothing I can say to make it better, so maybe you should just let me hug you for a while?” 
  28. “What happened to staying clean for me?!”
  29. “I’m supposed to believe this is you being sober? I’m not buying it.”
  30. “How many glasses have you had?!”
  31. “If you want to keep smoking, you’ll have to go outside.”
  32. “You told me you’d stop…”
  33. “You promised I wouldn’t find you like this again!”
  34. “Wanna shoot up?”
  35. “Have you been drinking? It’s not even noon!”
  36. “Let me smell your breath.”
  37. “What have you used this time?”
  38. “I see you’re still wasting away your days.”
  39. “How much did you take? Can you still hear me?!”
  40. “Are you trying to kill yourself?!”
  41. “I thought that place was going to make you better…”
  42. “You know if you go on like this, I’ll have to send you back to rehab. Is that what you want?”
  43. “Can you remember when we didn’t need this yet?”
  44. “Is the heroin really more important to you than I am?!”
  45. “Are you sure this stuff is safe?”
  46. “Right, that’s it, you’re going cold turkey.”
  47. “No, sit down! You’re having a bad trip. Let me help you.”
  48. “Have you any idea how much it hurts me to see you like this?!”


  1. “Excuse me. Is anyone sitting here?”
  2. “I can show you where that is, if you want.”
  3. “I’m so sorry. When I get nervous I’m dangerous to be around.”
  4. “I wanted to say ‘hi’ before the party ended.”
  5. “Are you meeting someone here? Because.. I think I’m that person.”
  6. “Did that asshole just cut in line up there? Jeez.”
  7. “So is it always this busy, or did I just pick a great day to come in?”
  8. “–Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
  9. “I like your dress/shirt/hat/etc.!”
  10. “Would it be okay if I change the channel? I wanna watch the game.”
  11. “Excuse me, did the 12:15 bus come by already?”
  12. “Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”
  13. “Are you done with that power outlet?”
  14. “Excuse me. I think I’m lost. Could you tell me how to get to Main Street/other location?”
  15. “Do you happen to have any spare change? I need it for the bus.”
  16. “Could I borrow your cell phone? Mine just died and I need to make an urgent call.”
  17. “Tough luck, buddy.”
  18. “Sorry, I know this is awkward, but…this stall doesn’t have any toilet paper…”
  19. “Hey, are you all right? You look upset.”


  1. “Ow…I think I broke something.”
  2. “Can I lean on you for a second? My ankle’s bothering me.”
  3. “Do you have any bandages?”
  4. “Oh god, that hurts so much.”
  5. “Everything hurts. Seriously, I think I broke myself.”
  6. “I can’t walk.”
  7. “Sorry about the blood trail. I might have gotten a bad gash.”
  8. “Is is bad that I can’t feel my legs?”
  9. “I’ve never felt this much pain in my life.”
  10. “Are you okay? Are you bleeding?”
  11. “Here, let me help, I took a course on this a few years ago.”
  12. “Does anyone know first-aid?”
  13. “That’s a pretty bad bruise, man.”
  14. “You definitely need to go to the hospital.”
  15. “Where’d you get all these cuts?”
  16. “Lie down. Sit somewhere, you need to rest.”
  17. “I’ll get the ice.”
  18. “I can’t believe you got yourself beaten up again.”
  19. “How many hospital bills are you worth, anyway?”


  1. “It’s getting dark, we have to find shelter.”
  2. “If we don’t soon find food we’re going to starve to death, even before we get a chance to freeze.”
  3. “You collect branches and I’ll try to hunt for some food…”
  4. “Whatever you do, don’t lose your way back here.”
  5. “Let me look at that. Fuck, that looks painful… we need to find something against the infection.”
  6. “I need to clean the wound. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to numb the pain. Bite down on something, that should help a bit.”
  7. “I can’t feel my feet.”
  8. “I’ve never been this cold in my life… We can’t survive this, can we?”
  9. “It’s been three days since we last saw land… and we’re running low on food.”
  10. “Stop screaming! No one can hear us, you’re just wearing yourself out like this!”
  11. “I don’t know if this is edible, but it’s the only thing I could find.”
  12. “I’m in too much pain. I can’t make it, I’m just holding you back. You need to let me go.”
  13. “If you can’t keep walking, I’m going to have to leave you behind… you know that.”
  14. “What if nobody ever finds us here.”
  15. “I guess we’re lucky the ship sunk close to shore, but why the fuck does it need to be a desert island?!”
  16. “Of all people to get stuck on an island with… Why did it have to be you?”
  17. “There should be a river nearby we can wash in.”
  18. “I can barely remember what food used to taste like…”
  19. “Are you alright? You passed out before. We need to find you something to eat.”
  20. “We need to find shelter. We can continue in the morning when it’s light again.”
  21. “Tell me you have the faintest idea which plants are edible.”
  22. “Just keep talking to me, you’ll be okay. Let me treat your wound.”
  23. “How long have you been sitting here?! Do you WANT to get a heatstroke?”
  24. “What do you miss the most?”
  25. “It can take months for a ship to sail by and even then it’s unlikely they’ll notice us.”
  26. “I’m going insane. There’s water. Water everywhere. I can’t fucking do this anymore.”
  27. “You need to stay in the shade, you’re already sunburned as it is.”
  28. “What was that noise…?”
  29. “Can we please stop arguing? We need to work together if we want to survive.”
  30. “We are the only two people on this entire island, why are we fighting?!”
  31. “We’re the only ones who made it ashore… My name’s [NAME]. Nice to meet you…”
  32. “Any idea how to make a fire?”
  33. “I wish I’d died in that shipwreck… This is torture.”
  34. “On the bright side, at least we’re not alone.”
  35. “Whatever you do… don’t think about pizza.”
  36. “How long do you reckon we can survive for? A couple of days? Weeks? Months?”
  37. “I miss my home. I’m starting to forget what it felt like to sleep in a bed.”
  38. “I hope someone thought about my dog/cat…”
  39. “What are we going to do when one of us dies…?”
  40. “Don’t eat any of that food. I’m going to be sick… I don’t think it’s edible!”


Alright. I have a ton of Harry/Azoff/Stevie Nicks messages. I’m consolidating them into one post, for the most part. Let’s go.

Today’s animal gif–

Originally posted by ffunniestt

You guys are pissed and it’s nice to know some people realize this is as realistic and organic as ramyeon noodles.

(Funny story: A friend once messaged me in Korea and said, “I’m eating cup ramyeon. I think the healthiest thing in front of me is the bamboo chopsticks.”)

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A Court of Wings and Ruin

OK I know everyone has already seen the special edition fan art by @charliebowater and Merwild but I have to share my copy as well. I am so happy that I got this on release day; I really thought it wouldn’t arrive until later this week! I normally only read completed series, so I actually haven’t waited for a book since The Order of the Phoenix in 2003 – wow! Dating myself! – and I have to say the excitement has been so much fun. 

 I wish I had a pretty book-themed candle to showcase but unfortunately I am one of those hippie freaks who only likes candles that smell like patchouli or sandalwood or lavender. 😂 

 The book is still beautiful all the same. I can’t wait to dig in!

I will be posting spoilers under a “read more” and tagged with “acowar spoilers” until Aug 1.


Morgana&Gwen | she is the sunlight AU [Merlin BBC]


Hello again everyone!

So this video was actually made all the way back in August if you can believe that, but there were other things I wanted to upload in the meantime, including my COiNELOT video.

As anyone who has even the vaguest idea of my channel knows, I might actually be the biggest Lancelot/Gwen shipper around (which isn’t that difficult to be honest!) And the only person I’ve ever REALLY shipped Morgana with in the slightest, is Arthur.

HOWEVER. For some odd reason, this idea and inspiration hit me like a truck and it was all to do with that quote of Morgana saying “Good morning My Lady” while I was re watching that episode. I remember thinking, wow that’s actually quite intimate the way she says it. And then this entire idea of Gwen marrying Morgana and being part of the nobility hit me and even though I don’t really ship them, I couldn’t stop.

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mysticmoneyhoney  asked:

I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspiration! I'm actually working on a Mystic Messenger Casino Heist AU. But I really wanted to thank you for inspiring me to write again.

Oh my gosh you better tag me in that if you ever post it because I’m ALL ABOUT IT. It sounds amazing!! 

I am so happy that I inspired you in some way, wow, that warms my heart. Keep on writing!! I wish you the best of luck and I’m cheering for you! 

Oh gosh wow thank you guys so much!! He’s very fun for me to draw so I’m so happy people really like him!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I’m overwhelmed by the amazing response I’ve gotten over his little character design haha

I am actually working on a story for him as well as some other characters, but since I’m very much still playing around and figuring it out, it’s a secret for now~

I’ll share the dev doodles I make of him and the rest of the cast as I go, though! :D/

i just wanted to draw tim looking really Ticked Off and Wow i am really proud of how it turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i can see myself improving and its the most encouraging feeling in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also I usually just draw whatever’s most convenient kind of but this is an actually accurate representation of my personal headcanon regarding his appearance so im happy about that too

anonymous asked:

I would like to start practicing witchcraft but I don't know where or how to start. Do you have any ideas/advice? (making a grimoire, spells, runes, celebrations, etc.)

first of all i am so so so sorry i took so long getting to this message. lots of personal obligations have been popping up recently and i’ve been aching to find the time to respond! i never forgot about or ignored you, i promise. 

but anyway! i’m glad you’ve found enough intrigue to pursue the world of witchcraft! (wow irl anyone?) i actually haven’t been on my own journey for very long myself, but i’m happy you felt you could come to me for advice. (really, i’m flattered omg). 

any witch will tell you exactly the same: the first step is research! now you might be thinking, “ew, homework,” but it’s not bad at all! in my opinion studying witchcraft is perhaps the most fun thing to study! but i don’t want to tell you to simply research and get on with it; i know just as well as any witchling that the studies are perhaps the most overwhelming part. there’s so much to learn! but worry not. you don’t have to learn everything at once! and really there’s no particular order you have to learn anything either, but my advice is to begin with the basics. begin looking into the different kinds of witchcraft. @rainy-day-witchcraft has an excellent post here to give you plenty of starting points. intuition is an immense part of witchcraft, so browse through this list and write down the ones that most appeal to you personally.

say you’re interested in green witchcraft the most. from there, begin looking into that type of witchcraft specifically. in my experience, tumblr is perhaps my favorite resource for studying witchcraft and all its types because you can directly communicate with SO many different witches and witchlings and ask them for personal references, inspiration, advice, etc. so, my second piece of advice is to make those connections! don’t be afraid to ask plenty of witches different questions about their craft. do keep in mind though that for many, witchcraft is a unique and personally intimate experience, so some may not be willing to discuss the details of their practice, or, if they are fine talking about it, you may not feel that you identify with their techniques and beliefs. that doesn’t make either of you right or wrong, it’s all about finding what works for you and you alone.

i strongly advise you against beginning to perform spells and such until you feel you have a strong enough understanding of all the materials you’ll be working with. playing with magick is like playing with fire (sometimes literally hehe), and you don’t want to end up burned or burning someone else. however, you alone are the only one who can decide when you feel ready to begin actually practicing magick. once that time comes, i recommend you start out small. there are many witchy things you can do to begin practicing intent, focus, and energy work. an example would be to try stirring your coffee with intent: clockwise to promote something (like clarity, calmness, or energy for the day), and counterclockwise to banish something (like negative thoughts, or tiredness). meditation is another excellent way to begin. you can practice things like visualization, awareness, and focus. ((i would love to send a link with more suggestions, but my computer has decided to be a piece of shite, so unfortunately i’m having too many technical difficulties to post anymore links (UGH))).

and of course there are witchy things you can do that don’t involve magick at all! such as creating a grimoire, which you mentioned. grimoires are much like witchcraft itself; they are very individualized to the witch. there are so many different ways to create one, and no one way is correct. you don’t have to have a mysterious and hulking leatherbound book cracked and yellowed from the ages–but if that’s what appeals to you, go for it! but some other options to consider are using a binder, creating a digital grimoire, making a witchy bullet journal, or even using a compilation of notebooks. and i’m sure there are even more possibilities than that! grimoires are a great opportunity to express your creativity in witchcraft. 

as for what to put in a grimoire: whatever you want! THERE’S NO RULES!!! hehe, but seriously, only put in the information you think will be of use to you. don’t write down the correspondences of herbs you’ll never use or rocks you’ll never even be able to obtain. check out my #grimoire tag on my blog and you’ll be sure to find lots of inspiration! i also recommend browsing my #reference tag; there’s plenty of information in there for beginning witchcraft (and maybe even some for experienced witches!) mostly correspondences, but some other stuff too!

so i’ve been yammering on and on for a while now, and i hope you’ve found something helpful in here hehe. in summation, here’s my advice:

  1. research the basics: types of witchcraft, correspondences of herbs and crystals you already have/are interested in, and any other information that you’re particularly curious about. i personally have a special notebook separate from my grimoire where i compile all the information i find to later organize and elaborate on in my grimoire. this keeps my grimoire from getting messy and disorganized (personal preference).
  2. start small: meditation, cleansing, grounding, visualization, practicing intent, etc.
  3. don’t perform any spells without understanding fully the materials you will use.
  4. lastly, the tools don’t make the witch; the witch makes the tools. don’t feel you need to go out and by all these elaborate and expensive items because you think they will enhance your craft. granted, i love buying witchy things, and i love the witchy aesthetic. but that doesn’t make me any more powerful than a witch who practices using solely energy and visualization! you don’t even need a single herb to practice witchcraft, and if you’d like to use herbs, don’t think you need to find an organic market that exclusively sells hand-harvested herbs from a secret farm in the middle of nowhere. mccormick is fine. and i’d bet you have plenty of items already that can be used for witchcraft: it’s all about getting creative.

okay, lots of blabbering from me lol. i really really hope this is helpful, and i wish you the absolute best of luck on your journey to discover what witchcraft is to you! fair winds, my friend. 

anonymous asked:

G-good afternoon! Silver is a n-nice colour. What's your f-favourite memory? Who would y-you want stranded on a deserted island with you? When do you normally w-wake up? What would b-be your perfect p-pet? What's the sneakiest thing you've d-done? I hope you're feeling good and have a satisfying day.❤️ - Shy anon

Well, one of my favorite memory was when this girl in my class baked me a cake for my birthday a few years ago because wow?? She actually remembered my birthday and did something incredibly sweet for me. Like, she obviously didn’t have to since we didn’t really know each other and it honestly surprised me so much when she whipped out the cake from her backpack but it also made me very happy.

I have absolutely no idea who I would want with me if I were to be stranded on an island. Wait, yes I do. The guy from Man vs. Wild. I usually wake up around 8-10 AM depending on what time I go to bed that night. Probably a fish because I’m actually terrible at taking care of pets. The sneakiest thing I’ve ever done was sneak a box of macarons into the movie theaters but the funny part of it was that some random guy thought it was alcohol.