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ANNOUNCEMENT - thebrotherswinchester on AO3

Hello everyone!

This is really long. Sorry about that. But I hope you read all of it.

Basically, I have some news.

It’s very good news.

I have written a book, and that book is going to be published.

I am super excited about this. I can’t tell you anything about the story yet—it’s hush hush for now—but it’s a story I really believe in, and it’s only the first step in what I hope will be a very long career of writing books.


I am going to be published. My name is gonna be out there in the Real World. And my fandom accounts—my Tumblr, my AO3—have been around long enough that they’re kind of inextricably linked to my actual real life name.

I don’t actually mind that. Like I said, it’s inextricable. I’m not ashamed of my fandom life, especially because writing fic is the single best thing I have ever done for myself As A Writer. Fic has helped me improve more than college ever did. And beyond that: all your feedback, and all your incredibly kind comments, has helped me as a person. I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t spent my teenage years writing fic. I would be a worse writer, that’s for sure. And there have been plenty of times when reading over your comments was the only thing that made me actually open up a new doc and start typing.

That said, I do want to enter the world of publishing and “professional” writing with a clean slate.

So in about 24 hours (May 19, 12:00AM EST) I will be taking down my all my fics and then deleting my AO3 account.

I’m really sad about this, guys. Again: I cannot put into words how much YOUR words have encouraged me over the years. I have read all your comments (all of them twice, some 10+ times). I appreciate every single comment I have ever gotten. Your excitement, your emotions, your passion for the characters we both love—it keeps me writing. It’s why I want to write books.

I’m going to lose your comments. I am really, really sad about that.

But I don’t want you to lose my work. You’ve told me that it makes you happy, and that makes me happy. So heck it—I’m taking it off the internet, but the reason I’m waiting a day is because I want to give you a chance to keep it.

So: if you want to download my work (and you haven’t already), now is the time. Download away, y’all. Put it on your Kindle, print it out, take screenshots, whatever you want. It’s yours.

There will still be podfics and translations up—I’m not asking anyone else to delete their hard work. Just the originals will be gone. (My Tumblr is staying up for now, though I might end up deleting that too.)

If you want to contact me—or hear updates about my Book Thing—feel free to follow me on Twitter.

So…that’s it. All that’s left to say is: thank you. Thank you so, so, so much. For your comments, for your kudos, for your endless support. Thank you to the people who have read and commented on everything I’ve ever posted; thank you for the silent kudos-ers; thank you to the lurkers. Every single one of you made me a better writer. Thank you.

Much love.

Fanfic Favorites

So here are some of my all time favorite fics for the Naruto fandom!

In Good Company by weialala

Words: 198,928

Summary: This will sound a little ridiculous, no matter how Sasuke phrases it. I see dead people is embarrassingly tacky, and I’m half-spirit seems like something Sakura might say when she’s stoned sky high. So he settles for a shrug.

Comments: A Sasuke-centric fic for the ages, and definite fandom favorite. It’s a canon divergence au which breaks off when Sasuke decides to return to Konoha after killing Orochimaru. It’s heartbreaking and hilarious in equal parts, and sucks you in from the very first line. Aside from Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship this fic builds on Sasuke’s other bonds from the series, most heavily his bond with Kakashi which is a personal favorite of mine. There is a second half which is still a WIP, but this part is still satisfying to read on its own.

Indigestion, Expired Milk and Sasuke by Mass_Effecting_Your_Pants

Words: 5734

Summary: “Of course!” Sasuke deadpanned. “I can totally understand how you could confuse nausea derived from consuming off dairy products for locking lips with someone you find attractive. Yeah, Naruto, totally.”

Comments: A Sasuke returns to the village au. Who doesn’t love a good misunderstanding fic? Featuring Oblivious Naruto, Smitten Sasuke, and bad eating habits. There’s nothing more adorable than awkward teenagers trying to navigate Feelings, especially teenagers as dysfunctional as Naruto and Sasuke. This fic is just the perfect combination of hurt/comfort, humor, and teen angst. It gets me every time.

The Earth Doesn’t Move by mostlyharmless

Words: 7780

Summary: Years after Sasuke has come home to the village, he still doesn’t really fit in very well. Naruto thinks maybe it’s his turn to wait for the olive branch. All the ramen is an added bonus.

Comments: This is your classic getting together fic set in a post series au. I think my favorite thing about it is how tender Naruto and Sasuke are with each other without being out of character. It’s a domestic setting, and it’s really the story of how quiet moments can bring people together. Conversations over ramen and bad tv can have just as much, if not more emotional impact than dramatic speeches on the battlefield, and I think this fic really shows that.

No Time for Survival by Sazzafraz (@sazzafraz​)

Words: 89,109/? (WIP)

Summary: A ‘What If’ starting from the premise of Itachi’s apparent demise at the hands of a rebel group attempting to overthrow the established shinobi system. Sasuke is quickly blackmailed into joining and thrust into a world of politics and hard choices, only to discover that his world is made of many threads and choices he could have never foreseen. Featuring the author’s love of world building, deeply maladjusted protagonists and politics.

Comments: Ok, so this one’s a bit unconventional, but it’s also my all time favorite Naruto fic. It has some of the best worldbuilding I’ve ever encountered, and the best characterization. Sasuke is the heart and soul of this fic, and I wish that canon’s Sasuke had had the emotional depth that Sazzafraz gives this Sasuke. The intense and detailed look into the practical side of shinobi politics works perfectly with fully realized ocs to bring the horrors and beauties of the shinobi world to life. Fair warning, at the time that I am writing this post Naruto has not yet actually appeared, but he’s set to make his debut in the next chapter which will probably be published soon, as this fic does update with reliable frequency. I urge you all to give it a try, and I hope you’ll fall in love with this fic as deeply as I have.

Of course this isn’t all of them, I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with the more extensive list. If anyone is in need of some recs, or has a fic they’d like to share please to let me know!

How ‘bout that Book?

And by book, I mean a fic.

Hello all, um, I think I am up to 14 followers now? (internal squee) So yes. Hello all 14 of you and the occasional few random people who might come upon this in your feed as a suggestion.

I read a thing! A fan fic to be exact. And, much to my surprise and joy, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So I thought I might review it. (You’re welcome)

For this one, there are going to be a few extra categories of information since it is a fan fic and all…

Question One: What did I read?

Well, dahlin’, I’d be more than happy to answer that.

I, with my own two, blue eyeballs, read “Hang the Fool” by AlmaMeDuele.

You can find it right here.

Question Two: What Fandom is it for?

I likes me some Overwatch and I have fallen quite a bit in love with the McHanzo ship.

Question Three: What is it about?

These two lovelies falling for each other

source: ryuichifoxe

And also the reuniting of Overwatch, and Jesse McCree’s back story.

Question Four: Why do you like it so much?

Omigod. This requires a list. Possible spoilers so if you want to read this, skip to the TL;DR.

  • For starters, the pacing in this is amazing. I tend to see a lot of pacing issues in fan fics. Normally things happen entirely too fast and it feels forced.
  • Then there is the detail and the way the characters are portrayed. Their motivations are wonderful. The way everything is just so casual but not is wonderful. Watching (Reading) these two fall in love is wonderful.
  • And then there is Jesse McCree. I have a weak spot for guys who are battling their own demons and man Does McCree have his fair share of demons. It is wonderful. The portrayal of his reactions and his panic attacks are amazing. I could read stuff like that for days. Days.
  • Character development! I am going to be honest. I went into this not expecting much. I used to read fan fic a long time ago and I rarely if ever actually enjoyed them. The ideas were always good but poorly executed. Seeing this much depth and growth within the characters from “Hang the Fool” was truly amazing and I need more. I need it.
  • The conflicts, the imagining of Talon and Reyes’ involvement, the growth of Overwatch, the concern of characters for each other, the human emotions. Seriously, this person needs to be like a published author is they aren’t already. I really love this.

Question Five: How long is it?

About 22 chapters. Long enough that it took me about three days of reading and put my other books on the back burner.

Question Six: Age rating?

I normally don’t add this question to a review but I think that a lot of the McHanzo fics may end up being M (for mature). This one is definitely mature, and not just because of the sex. Events that take place, emotions, reactions, PTSD. All those things make it M.

Question Seven: What would I rate this?

A solid 8 or 9 out of 10. Seriously. Go read this. Read this fic right now. It gave me life. Even if you don’t know or play or care about Overwatch, it stands alone as an awesome story regardless. READ IT.


  1. I read a fan fic called “Hang the Fool”
  2. It is based on the Overwatch, McHanzo fandoms.
  3. It is so good and you should read it. Like stop reading this and go read that.
  4. The pacing, character development, and over all writing is fantastic.
  5. It is M for mature, and I give it a pretty high rating.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd because we are all talking about this fandom already…(I know I already did Overwatch, but I don’t care)

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anonymous asked:

why do you never reply to the people who leave comments under your fics I leave a comment on every one and I'd just like a thanks :( I know its stupid to complain and you work so hard to provide free quality reading but its just a little disheartening sorry

So, the thing is. When you reply to comments it adds an extra number to the number of comments on the fic. If I get five comments but I reply to them it looks like I have ten comments. And I have a weird hangup with feeling like me artificially inflating the number of comments that people have left is me somehow false advertising that twice as many people liked the fic enough to comment as actually did. 

I usually reply to people who send me feedback about my fic on tumblr. (Disclaimer: sometimes I don’t because publishing multiple flattering asks in a row also makes me feel anxious. I am more likely to answer something with a question in it or that has another element to it besides just saying they liked my fic.)

If you need me to acknowledge that it’s nice that you leave comments, consider this me acknowledging it: thank you. I really appreciate it.


Summary: Perhaps a stranger showing kindness means he might actually be worth saving. Or perhaps it just means more unwanted trouble for everyone. Would you let an injured stranger bleed out in some back alley?
Words: 6,055
Warnings: language (a little), one mention of attempted rape, blood tw
Notes: I’m not actually familiar with how medical procedures and injuries work. I’ve done some research for all descriptions, but if they’re somewhat inaccurate, please excuse it :’). Also, this fic is part of a larger series and depending on how this one goes, i might publish more parts.

“Not fucking was. Fucking is. Fucking meaning I currently fucking am ‘til death do us fucking part.” - Kill Charlie Countryman


see part two here

It starts with the end of the line. A bell rings in the distance, a crow sings itself to sleep, the wind whistles lifelessly. Time moves again, coursing through so quickly that it makes the world spin. The sound of metal clashing and burning, falling deep into the river, fire on the surface of the water, all of it is silenced by a simple voice belonging to a falling speaker. The waves engulf him, swallow him whole, bury him. It’s like he’s up there just to watch - but there is something he could do. He lets go and follows him under, momentarily allowing himself to relish in the dancing darkness filling his lungs. He brings him out of the water and walks away only after he sees him regain the colour in his rugged, bleeding cheeks. He’s going to hell anyways - might as well have the impertinence to deserve it.

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kitchentour  asked:

A, N, L, I, E 😎

A: How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?

you never gave me a fic so i’m gonna go with the latest, which is Do Not Go Gentle. it came from a dylan thomas poem!

N: Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

pls take my island au off my hands i am Tired

L: How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

depends how long i’ve stared at it/how sick of it i am/how long the fic is! no more than twice. i usually find my mistakes after i’ve published, Of Course

I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

bed sharing. which i actually have only written like…once that i can recall off the top of my head. sad.

E: If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?

you literally didn’t even read these options i hate u 

the answer to the question you didn’t ask is that i’m planning a sequel to the college au and it’s gonna be about their wedding + honeymoon + married life

Breakfast 101

This spiraled out of a conversation I had with @justanotherwannabeclassic earlier this week and my constant desire for more Captain Charming, Captain Cobra, and all the Captain Swan domestic fluff.  I swear all key portions were actually written before 6.04 aired and I got to see both the Daddy Charming pancake extravaganza and the Regina/Rumple “It brings out your eyes” line.  I’m publishing this fic only five hours after having seen that episode, and I promise you I am not capable of writing anything this long in that short amount of time.  Apparently I’m just clairvoyant.  :)  Also, apparently, judging by my last few fics, I have an obsession with CS fluff, lazy mornings, and breakfast food (the latter of which is news to me).  I hope you enjoy.

Find it on AO3.

Summary: Killian turns to Charming to give him a lesson in modern-day cooking.  (Captain Swan/Captain Cobra/Captain Charming one-shot, CS fluff, rated M-ish)

The clack of wood on wood echoes in the front yard of the gray Queen Anne-style house, punctuated here and there by Henry’s grunts of effort and the rumble of Killian’s appreciative chuckles or his occasional call of instruction.

“Wrist up, lad.”

“Nicely done!”

“Watch your stance.”

As it always does, a smile graces Killian’s face as he and Henry circle around one another, shifting back and forth across the grass, the autumn leaves crunching beneath their feet as they face off with practice swords, exchanging sets of blows and then breaking apart again and again and again.  He’s always loved teaching the art of swordplay, and while young Henry is still nowhere near a match for the infamous Captain Hook, the boy is coming along well in his lessons, progressing even faster than his father did at that age. These times with Henry always cause Killian to flash back to bittersweet memories of giving Bae similar instruction ages ago aboard the decks of the Jolly Roger, but Henry always pulls him back to the present before too long with a ready ear-to-ear grin and his next attack, the boy perpetually optimistic that this might be the time he catches the old man off guard.

Up on the porch, the front door cracks open, and Emma’s face appears, her hand wrapping around the door jamb.  “Alright, pirates!  Soup’s on!” she hollers cheerfully, her eyes dancing at the sight of her favorite men having a good time together.  “Time to disarm!”

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anonymous asked:

Could you link some of your carmilla fics and a few others, maybe that are great?

Well, there is an actual link on my blog called ‘Fanfic’ and there you’ll find the ones I have written.

And I would recommend everything possibilistfanfiction has ever written.

My friend, leonard-cohen-the-second, is a really good writer. You can find her stuff here.

My friend, walkingentityofsnark, is also a really good writer. You can find her stuff here. I am so lucky to have read some of the stuff she hasn’t published yet, so just wait, there will be more.

If you want quality smut, timballisto is the one. Fics can be found on her blog or here. I really, really admire her talent.

There’s also silent-wordsmith. I have no words. The Awkward Conversations Series is one of my favorites. Holy crap. Here.

And there are these really great ones from buckleupcreampuffs: Private Concerts, Grandest Gesture, Tiny Gay Coffeeshop AU

Some other favorites:
the sun don’t set if we keep heading west
Nature Never Did Betray the Heart
I Was the Match (That Lit You on Fire)
hearts & bones
Three Firsts
Sticky Notes
hearts all aglow
My Words Should Explain But They Won’t Come
Mine to Take

This turned into a really long post. There’s a whole mixture of things here. As you can see, I really love the OT3 aka Hollenstein. And there’s quite a lot of smut too, so be warned.