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can i just say how utterly proud i am of seokjin and namjoon? i’ve always been a proud ‘they can actually dance’ kinda gal, but when you watch the fancams from the shows in seoul and the music video for ‘not today’, it’s obvious that they’ve put in so much work and improved so damn much. my heart literally swells at the thought of them working their asses off to improve for us and it’s payed off by the bucket load. hopefully people will actually begin to say, ‘oh yeah, these guys can actually dance’ rather than write them off as the two who are awful.

Somewhere Only We Know

[ E | 12.5k | AU | OS ]

Ever since they got together, Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane often find themselves getting caught up in work. This ultimately leads to the couple having less and less time for each other. So when Alec has to cancel their plans for a weekend together once again, he decides that enough is simply enough. Screw work. Screw everything.

Little did he know that Magnus isn’t working this weekend but has instead taken some days off—without telling him. Apparently there is only way to find out why: Drive to Magnus’ cabin in the middle of nowhere and confront him. A good plan. But since when does life follow a certain plan… ?

(sequel to “The Notorious Pumpkin Pie” but can be read individually) 

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  • Steve: Is Wade actually sick?
  • Peter: [flashback to Wade screaming 'Challenge accepted' at an all-you-can-eat sign]
  • Peter: [sighs] Yeah, sick in the head
torrential - s.b

Requested: Could you do an imagine/fanfic where Sirius is comforting you during a thunder and lightning storm cause your super afraid of them?
Part: 1 of 1

Authors Note: So I hope you like it (I’m actually kind of proud of the personification in this) and I did have a sirius pun in there (he came padding down the stairs lmao im funny). ENJOY

The rain was falling in sheets. It knocked on the windows, beat the walls and pounded the roof. It was a chilly winter night, but you had forgotten about the potions essay that was due the next day, and were curled up on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, books encircling you as you frantically tried to find the history of Felix felicis.

The rain, falling heavily, was droning in the background, making you agitated and the words on the pages blurrier. A soft padding came down the boys staircase, and a shirtless Sirius Black appeared at the bottom, checking the time on the clock above the door, and said in a slightly teasing tone, “L/N? It’s like 2am what are you doing?”

You groaned and slammed one of the textbooks shut, not in the mood for Sirius Black right now. “I forgot about the potions assignment and-” His eyes widened a little and you managed a small smile, trying to avoid staring at his chest, and said in a singsong voice, “You forget the essay, too, Black? Come on, I’ve finished the first paragraph, but this second one is proving to be very difficult.”

He rushed up the stairs, two at a time, and came running back down a few moments later, already in study mode. “Have you tried that one?” He pointed at a nearby book. You shook your head as he picked it up, skimming through the index.

You worked silently for a while, noticing how every few minutes, the rain decided to pound on the windows with greater force. Everything was fine, it was just rain, you could deal with that. Suddenly, rolling thunder rippled through the air, seeming to bounce of the walls and echo in her mind. A flash appeared outside the window, a bolt of lightning shooting down towards the ground. You felt the fear build up in your chest, bubbling over and rising up through her throat. It strangled you, clouded your mind and blurred your surroundings. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Sirius had stopped working when he noticed your quill fall to the ground, “Y/N, are you okay?” 

His voice sounded distant, too far away for you to comprehend his words.

You barely noticed your hand quivering, your eyes fixated on the rain against the windows, and on the outside of the building, seeming to cover it like vines, trapping you inside.

Even though you were sitting by the fireplace, the air felt cooler now, gripping onto your skin and refusing to let go. Then, warmth. You felt it on your hand, rushing up your arm and spreading around your body. You looked to where you first felt contact, almost dreamily, and recognised Sirius’ hand gripping yours, his eyes frantic, worried.

It felt like the ice suffocating you had been melted, and, for some reason, you felt better knowing he was right there beside you. You didn’t even notice the tears sliding down your cheeks. 

And then you were in his arms, and he was rubbing your back and whispering, “It’s okay, you’re okay.” He didn’t dare say the words It’s just rain, because it wasn’t - to you, it was fear and darkness, it was death, and it terrified you. 

Sirius didn’t pull away. Instead, it felt like he held you closer, letting you rest your head on his chest. Your cheeks were wet, and you felt exhausted and finally drifted to sleep, to the beat of the rain on the windows. 

The next morning, you awoke on one of the couches of the common room, your eyes slightly puffy and head sore from lack of sleep. There was a strip of parchment on the table, and you recognised your own handwriting at the top, and a slightly different one on the bottom, thicker as if someone had written very slowly. A small note was stuck to it, You drool in your sleep.

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((I am not hiding, I am @zartbblock)) Youmna, every time you say the following: mouse drawing. It kinda feels like you are trying show off, like you really want to tell people that you can draw this with a mouse, which that is amazing in my opinion! (But please do not take this as I am trying to be mean, I actually got to admit you are the one that made me start tumblr and be proud that I am muslim so thank you!)

it’s ok i can’t take it offensively…..and to be honest i kind of showing off by that ..yeah i admit it…but that’s for a reason i am trying to prove a point that even if you have low materials to draw with you can draw any awesome stuff you want but just be proud of what you are doing cause really i hate when someone has a tablet and says(sorry guys) “my art is trash” “i can’t draw anything” “i can’t be something” this is just ….why did you get a tablet in the first place isn’t it because you want to improve your art and be better in it LOOK AT ME I DRAW THESE AWESOME STUFF WITH A FREAKING MOUSE SO YOU CAN DO IT BETTER THAN ME…that’s why i say “a mouse drawing” every time i want people to do better than me because they have the good material  or even if they haven’t they can draw like me they can do it if they love drawing from their heart not for anybody else ….

when i was editing my speedpaint i saw some mistakes in my drawing i said to myself..”meh that’s fine i’ll try not to do it again that’s good for a mouse drawing” ….


wow, that episode was intense, wasn’t it? all those hallucinations showing people’s insecurities and also magnus being the biggest badass. i loved it a lot

- i was actually in tears when alec assured magnus that he wants them to be together, he doesn’t want it to go away, he’s serious about this. and magnus? the happiness on his face? that means everything to me

- when alec sees his mother for the first time, he might be different than in the past. but his body still goes to the ‘perfect soldier form’… this breaks my heart. cause when he’s around her, he’s a soldier first and then a son

- i’m done with shadowhunters calling magnus alec’s friend instead of boyfriend and trying to make their relationship invalid. they can all choke

- i’m still so emotional that max called magnus alec’s boyfriend. and alec’s reaction was just so pure? he was like 'yeah, i do have a warlock boyfriend. he’s amazing’

- ‘traditions change. especially those based on ignorance’
YES! preach it. i’m so proud of alec for saying this because it’s so important. shadowhunters think they’re just better than everyone else… they’re really not

- ‘me and magnus. together.’ & ‘thank magnus’
alec being a protective boyfriend is my everything. this was so beautiful and i definitely need more moments like those

- magnus being obsessed with cats and speaking french to them is my new aesthetic

- i was kind of afraid of that talk between magnus and jace because that 'hurt my brother, i’ll hurt you’ to magnus? just no. so i’m glad jace realised very quickly how serious magnus is and that he didn’t try to continue with it
although i am bitter that this is how we got confirmation that malec actually did have sex. because we deserved at least a conversation between magnus and alec, not something like this

- but magnus’ reaction when he thought he might’ve had an accidental three way with jace was kinda hilarious

- alec was so proud of magnus throwing this amazing party, even though magnus was very insecure. not about his skills to throw a party but that he might not be accepted by maryse or max and he wanted it to be perfect because this means so much to alec
and coming up with the theme and trying not to say too much even though maryse was acting like… well, like she always does. this isn’t something that magnus would do for anyone. and seeing both of them falling in love with each other more and more makes me so so happy

- magnus’ cat eyes are so so beautiful. i’m gonna write this every single time we get a chance to see them
and yes, i’d prefer if magnus and alec were alone for this but i still loved it. magnus felt comfortale enough to show his real eyes in front of max. max who is already becoming important to him because of alec.
magnus doesn’t like shadowhunters but he’s giving alec’s family a chance because he loves alec (yes, he does. fight me on this)
and jace calling magnus their friend? this was so important. it’s not just alec defending his boyfriend. it’s also jace being supportive because he knows magnus is an amazing guy and how much he means to his parabatai
i do wish max apologised for his behaviour… but i really do understand why he did that. yes, it was wrong. but he’s a kid who is constantly forced to watch his family hate each other, being forced to watch your family fall apart when you’re still a child… this isn’t good for him. i just love max so much. and i can relate to him so much.

- alec becoming more confident and speaking his mind is the best view. bit by bit he starts believing in himself and he doesn’t allow people to have power over him, it’s a very slow process but he’s getting there

- ‘this is an elegant affair, not an episode of the real housewives of idris’ has got to be my favourite quote from this episode haha

- magnus was in charge of this huge party, yet he still realised that people were hallucinating and that he needed to help them. honestly, who could ever do something like this? only magnus
everyone kept arguing around him but he stayed calmed and saved everyone’s lives. he is too good for this world
and as soon as his spell book was gone, he put his wards up in a sec without breaking a sweat. we got to see how powerful he is and i need more?
also, he figured out so quickly who the actual thief was. we really don’t appreciate him enough. he’s the most powerful and the smartest being and everyone would be dead without him

- magnus hearing the simple 'alec, no’ and running to actually save alec’s life? i’m just so emotional about this.
alec was ready to jump, he DID jump. yes, it was technically because clary said all those things but it’s so clear that he still blames himself for what happened.
if magnus hadn’t been there… or if he hadn’t cared… i don’t even want to think about this

- also, how incredible was magnus fighting? every hit was precise, his defence was flawless. and when he was finally done, he cast such a powerful spell, iris stood exactly no chance at all.

- fraywood moment left me in tears. i love that they’re becoming friends
even if it breaks my heart that no matter how many times clary says she doesn’t blame him, alec still blames himself for it

- alec supporting maryse… even after all she did, how she never supported him, he’s still there for her… telling her that she can count on him. i cried a lot during this scene

- WE NEVER ASKED luke dragging jace and clary is my everything. shadowhunters always think 'they know better’ or 'they’re doing it for the greater good.’ no, just shut up. listen to downworlders for once because they have a right to know such things
and luke was absolutely the best. true alpha. and also very concerned brother.
luke is the purest character on this show. his sister hated him, said horrible things about him. yet he’s still there, worried about her, trying to save her
we seriously don’t deserve luke

- raphael saving izzy was such a good scene. he really didn’t need to help her, last time they met, she was trying to kill him.
and he believed in her, he was really trying to make her get rid of yin fen out of her system

- and can we just stop with that izzy plot line tho… cause i’m done with it. izzy deserves better than almost dying in some alley trying to score. if it wasn’t for raphael…

- and i absolutely hate that izzy forced raphael to feed on her. he didn’t want this. he fought hard to stop feeding on human blood and shadowhunter blood? this is too much. he didn’t consent to this. this was so wrong.

- raphael telling izzy how magnus saved him left me in tears. he’s one of the very few people that actually feels grateful for magnus being there for him and helping him during the worst times.
i actually don’t have good enough words to describe how much i love magnus

- izzy telling maryse all those things is my aesthetic. she always needed her mum and maryse was never there for her. and yeah, you can explain some of those things but this is still not okay. and izzy was absolutely right to say all of those things

- i really loved a scene between maia and jace. yeah, they may not exactly… like each other but they’re clearly on better terms and their interactions are always interesting 

- i can’t even imagine what jace must’ve felt like when he heard that maryse wanted him dead. sure, she never actually said that but he still heard that and thinking of something like this is one thing. but actually hearing it from someone you consider your mother?

- jace and maryse finally having a talk made me cry a lot. they both really needed this. they mean so much to each other but because everything that happened, it was just too hard and complicated

- max’s ceremony and his oath was one of the most perfect moments in this episode. it was so beautiful

- i absolutely despise climon. just get those unnecessery straight couples from me. especially when they’re basically siblings
although simon trying to find courage was adorable 

- valentine needs to stay away from madzie. magnus is basically already her step dad so ughhh he’d better watch out because he really doesn’t want to piss the high warlock of brooklyn off

Okay, let’s try this again! Found a good screen recorder finally! This is WIP art for chapter 1 of @mr-hawkmoth ‘s fic, Black Cat, Red Night, a multi-chapter fic commissioned by @xenethis-chimera!!! (Seriously, really good first chapter, go read and enjoy this master writer! #Proud Friend!)

Gonna keep doing these, cause it’s kinda fun to realize exactly how much I redo stuff as I am drawing XD XD XD MAYBE I’ll start to learn from my mistakes!

This vid is at 12x the speed… sucker actually took me 40-45minutes to complete… me is sooo slow!

these lovebirbs slay me

Titel: It was Winter
Chapter: Six (End)
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 6902
Summary: AU. Hinata was 6 years old when she saw Naruto’s family’s bakery for the first time. Quickly, Naruto became her best friend and the bakery their special place.

A/N: The displayed age above the paragraphs is Hinata’s.

I really want to thank everyone who has followed this story, especially those who have written me messages. I’m happy to finally be able to finish this story, which I am actually kinda proud of. It was so much fun working on this. Maybe I’ll write an epilog for this one day but for now, this story is done. (I think I got carried away during the last part, I poured out every bit of love I had in me)

[First] [Previous Chapter]

[FF.net] [AO3]

8 years old

Naruto and Hinata had pushed their chair as close to the shop window as possible. Their gazes occasionally lifted at the graying sky, with swinging feet and crayons in their hands, they waited for the first snowfall of this winter. The weather forecast had predicted snowfall for today and even though the chances to see it happening were slipping with every minute the sky turned darker, the pair was still hopeful.

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I’m kinda worried I’ll get eaten alive by anons for posting this picture because it shows the flaws of my body quite harshly and is just overall unflattering, but somehow I still like it. I guess it kinda makes me feel empowered to post it and shows that I’m actually not ‘perfect’ and ‘skinny’ (like people call me), but I still love myself and am proud of my body.

Mon-El the kinda white boyfriend to hit on other women (Lena, obvi, bc I mean… look at her) while being out with his actual *shivers* *almost gags* girlfriend. Which in advance leads Lena to hate Frat-El with oh so much passion because all she wants is for Kara to be happy /with her/.

Hit the Road USA Premier

Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N:: This happened to be longer than I originally planned but that’s okay. There is a surprise ending! Enjoy!

Tonight was the premier. Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA. You were Joe’s girlfriend of over 2 years. You were so incredibly proud of all that he has accomplished in the span of 2 years. You were getting ready. Looking into the mirror to do your make up you begin to realize just how happy you were for Joe and how proud you were. You actually started to cry. Just some tears came rolling down and you sniffled. Joe came into the room.

“Babe? Should I wear this shirt or this shirt?” He holds up 2 shirts and then looks up at you. He sees your tears and looks confused. “Y/N? What’s wrong baby?” He asks concerned, tossing his shirts onto your guys bed.

“I’m just so proud of you and happy for you. I started thinking about just how much I loved you and how proud I am of you. Then I just kinda started tearing up.” You shrug and wipe your tears away quickly. Then you try to apply eyeliner but poke yourself in the eye. “Ouch! Bloody twat!” Joe just chuckles and kisses your cheek. “Glad you think I’m funny.”

“Always my love. You’re so cute. I love you. Your support throughout the years has been amazing.” You guys share a quick yet passionate kiss. He always has passion and love in his kisses.

“I like that white shirt with the black dots. It will go with these pants.” You tug at the pants he’s wearing. They looked so wonderful on him. You just loved them.

“Hmm, thank you my love. I knew I could count on you for help.” You chuckle and continue with your makeup. “So Josh and Jack will be here around 630 to pick you up.” You were going with the guys to the premier since he and Caspar would be doing many other things that will occupy his time.

“Okay. I’ll be here. I an still debating what I want to wear. I want it to be a surprise to you.” You turn and smile. He smiles and pulls you into his arms.

“How did I get so lucky to have such a beautiful woman like yourself fall in love with me?”

“You were you.” You smile and kiss him. You loved this man so much.

“Alright I gotta get going babe. I will see you there.” He says grabbing his jacket.

“I’ll see you there. I love you.” You kiss him one more time.

“Not half as much as I love you.”

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” You warn playfully.

“I will win. I know how to with you.” You gasp and he chuckles. “Kidding babe.” You playfully slap his butt as he walks out the door.

“Don’t miss me too much!” You holler.

“I’ll try not to!” He calls back.

You chuckle and look at the dresses you had picked out. One was a pin sparkly dress. It wa an open back and it went down to hug your curves. It was flowy and fanned out at the bottom. You were leaning towards that one because it was beautiful. The other one was a maroon color one. Open back and it hugged your curves as well. You liked that one a lot too. It was classy and casual. You try them both on and decide on the maroon one. You finish up your hair and put in the earrings Joe had gotten you for your birthday. By the time you finish up, its 635. The boys are late. Just as you’re about to text one of them, Jack calls.

“We’re here Mrs. Sugg!”

“Couldn’t tell. I’ll be down in a moment.” You say, grabbing your little handbag.

“We’re on our way up. We wanted to take some pictures and be proper gentlemen.”

“Jack wanted to make you come down. I said lets go get her.” Josh yells which causes you to laugh. You let them in and hug them.

“You guys look so dapper.” You say and wipe off some dirt from Jack’s coat.

“You my dear look stunning.” Josh says to you. You blush and chuckle.

“Lets get these pictures taken so we can head out.”

“Sounds like someone is eager to see their boyfriend.”

“Didn’t you just see him like an hour ago?”

“You wanted what now?” You smirk and threaten.

“Okay lets take them before she runs away!” Josh rushes to you. You guys take a few pictures then you head out. All the way there you’re nervous. You can not wait to see the guys. You’re excited to see the movie. But what if you fall on the carpet? Jack must have sensed you were uneasy for he laid a hand on your back.

“You okay Y/N?” He says concerned.

“Yeah. Just afraid to fall on the carpet.” You confess.

“If you do I will fall with you. Make it seem like it was supposed to happen.” Jack says and chuckles. You giggle and push him playfully. “But seriously, Joe wouldn’t let you.” That makes you seem more confident.

“Yeah, okay. I’ve got this.” You nod and smile. Arriving at the carpet you see a lot of people. You get very nervous and then you see a glimpse of him. You step out after the boys and Josh takes your arm in his. Jack places a hand on your back for reassurance. “You guys are the best.” You whisper to each of them. You guys walk down the carpet, stopping for pictures occasionally. You go up to fans and take pictures with them. They all loved you because of how active you were with them. You love them, they got him here. Some ask for kisses on the cheek and for hugs. You give them those and then you feel hands on your back.

“Excuse me ladies, I would like to steal this breathtaking woman from you.” You smile wide and wave goodbye to them. “I love this dress on you.” You were glowing now, with much more confidence than before.

“I wanted casual and classy.” You guys pose for some pictures and kiss in a few. You couldn’t be happier.

“You are absolutely breathtaking. I am so glad I chose to do this today.”

You look at him confused. “Do wha-“ You couldn’t get the whole question out for Joe was on one knee in front of you, ring box in the other. Your hand flies to your open mouth. You are in shock. You hear gasps and screams and clicks of the cameras.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” He opens the box to reveal a rose gold ring. You start to cry and can’t get anything out. So you just frantically nod your head yes. He slips the ring onto your finger and stands up picking you up in the process. You guys kiss for a good minute or two. He twirls you around in the air and you squeal.

“We’re getting married!”

“And I couldn’t be happier than in this moment.”