i am actually in love with this tea though


Okay so @armsintheair tagged me a couple of days ago for a sds! I did it then I forgot to post it, oops!
But here I am drinking green tea with a shocked face.

Went for the shortest run ever today. Just over a mile and my legs were just too sore (All of me is pretty sore actually). And my right leg just would not get loose! So I did a big walk.
Saw my favorite Blue Heron though! It is seriously the derpiest bird ever and I love it.

I also dropped my weekly pound.
137 pounds, 133 lost.
It’s nice to see that especially since I kind of went off track for several days, lol.

"Professional Misconduct Report: Stardate 48531.7" - ellissnow - Star Trek: D9 [AO3]
In which Dr. Bashir is on the night shift, and behaves appropriately - for a while.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Here I am, rec’ing another unfinished story. This one is highly entertaining, especially in Chapter 1, when Dr. Bashir engages in the titular misconduct. I also love the interaction of the other station characters and that Rom shows up and is his endearing self. (”Oh, Rom!”) I only wish the fourth chapter was actually there. 


“Garak, this is… Amazing! Really, I… Thank you!”

“You’re welcome,” Garak says with a smile that makes Julian feel rather funny. “There’s one more thing, though… Some tea.” He hands Julian a chrome and plastic flask-cup thing, which looks about a hundred years old. “It’s that ‘real’ tea you like to reminisce about so much, direct from Earth. Well, most likely not direct. Anyway, I seem to recall you saying that tea was a popular drink from your home island, so it is, in fact, from England.”

“What, really? Real actual tea? From Earth?” Julian echoes in disbelief, fighting the pedant in him that wants to explain to Garak, even in the middle of this impromptu gift giving session, that tea isn’t actually from England, unscrewing the lid from the unspecified container and peering in as if that will help him identify the contents. “…really? Oh, it smells lovely…”

“Really,” Garak promises him with a more amused smile. “English Breakfast Tea. Or so it says on the box. That is, the entire box is yours, of course, but I hardly thought you’d want a box of dried leaves cluttering up your limited work surfaces, so I thought I’d give that to you another time, and just brewed that up for you for tonight.”

“You made it yourself?” Julian says in surprise, then immediately wonders why he asked – how else is Garak going to have made it if it isn’t replicated? Nonetheless, there’s something incredibly endearing about the mental image of Garak pottering around in his quarters, searching out the battered flask and brewing up hot water, and all for him… He dismisses the image as quickly as he can. “I… This is amazing!” he says again, aware he’s repeating himself. “Absolutely brilliant, here, let me get some cups, we can share it… Oh, I must replicate some milk…”

“Milk!” Garak exclaims in disgust, and Julian knew he would, so he ignores it and continues to chatter gratefully to his friend as he potters around the infirmary, searching for cups and, when he fails to find them, replicating them along with a tiny jug of milk.

“Honestly, Garak, this is so very thoughtful of you, I can’t quite thank you enough! I can’t wait to start reading those poems, though the book looks so old I’m rather afraid I’ll damage it. And real tea! I hope you didn’t have to do anything illegal for Quark to get it… Wow, honestly, I… I can’t believe you brought me gifts!” he’s still babbling as he returns to where Garak is standing and puts the cups and jug on the desk. “Really, you…”

He grins at Garak, and then forgets to sit down or pour the tea or finish his sentence and just keeps gazing at him instead. “You…are a wonderful man,” he says, and it’s exactly what he was going to say except it comes out so much more serious than the throwaway thought it started off as.


Title: Professional Misconduct Report: Stardate 48531.7
Author: ellissnow
Year Posted: 2015
Approx. Word Count: 9,800
Chapters: 3
GB - Slash or Platonic: Slash
My Rating (1-5): 3
Keywords: Infirmary, Flirting, Shenanigans, Rom Is Adorable, Unfinished

hello neighbor!

Starter for @feliciakainzofspades

Ryou was nervous. He didn’t know why he would be, people came to talk to him about renting a room all the time. Some of them stayed, some of them didn’t. Others just came and went as they pleased. If he was honest, he didn’t mind any of it. He loved the company, and the more people in his giant house the better, in his mind. This time though…. He held a breath of air till he felt dizzy, and let it out. 

“This time, someone I have never met before actually answered my ad in the newspaper,” he murmured in disbelief. It was actually pretty amazing. “How am I supposed to act? I don’t think he’s even from our show. Should I dress up? Wear a suit? Make tea?” he looked down at what he was wearing, just his simple skinny jeans and yellow knit sweater over a button-up shirt, and chewed his lower lip anxious.

He looked to the grandfather clock in the hallway, then to the door. The appointment was only a few minutes away. “Why am I the one nervous?” he asked himself. “He’s the one trying to convince me to rent him a room….”


Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - The Student Council’s Tea Party

THIS IS THE MOST FUN I HAVE HAD WITH A TRANSLATION IN LIKE, EVER. Warning for a massive heap of pictures (I am so sorry if you’re on something that doesn’t show a ‘read more’) as well as student council histrionics and Yumoto completely failing to read the atmosphere as usual.

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So I got engaged yesterday, I am very happy and very proud. My fiancé is going for his master’s degree in biochemical engineering at a local university. We met while going for our bachelors together, we were in the same chemistry class which led to late night studying and him asking me out for coffee at 2:00am; the night before our first semester exam. Then he found out I actually don’t drink coffee. So he bought me tea and we talked about things other than chemistry. He asked my parent’s permission before proposing and we have been dating for 4 years. He proposed as we were flying over a canyon in Colorado on what is known as a Canyon Swing. I cried a lot he cried a lot, he took me completely by surprise and we are looking forward to spending our lives together.