i am actually happy doing homework!

I want you all to myself and maybe that’s selfish but Ive already gotten so attached to you it’s all I know. Your my best friend but at the same time your more than that. Your my happiness, the reason why I cry, the reason behind my smile, my sanity. Your just my everything and I know own time is limited between us and after time is over it’s all up to fate to decide what happens between us because the lord only knows I’m terrible at long distance. I really am. But for you, I would. For you I’d facetime everyday when I’m supposed to be doing homework. I’d call you between passing periods. I’d do everything and anything for you. I know Ive done so many things wrong. I know you haven’t actually told me that you have feelings for me but call it a feeling, call it a instinct but maybe possibly I have a feeling you feel the same way too. I know Ive done so many things wrong but for once I feel like Ive done something right. Your right. Your my sanity, and without my sanity, well I’m afraid what will happen to me.

- //words to him//

what i hear the signs say a lot
  • aries: i am actually a very nice person. i'm not a bitch
  • taurus: idk???? idc????
  • gemini: bro, i am smart
  • cancer: leAVE ME ALONE BUT HUG ME
  • leo: you know that i'm the best
  • virgo: i've done my homework
  • libra: people love me
  • scorpio: *roasts everyone*
  • sagittarius: i am just so happy rn
  • capricorn: well, i just don't give a fuck
  • aquarius: you needa do that for me bc i said so
  • pisces: don't look at me

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How about an imagine with Ouma doing his math homework with her close, female friend (who is known to be smart in math) (I hope that makes sense!)

Oh my , another request with Ouma ? Here you go Anon !

Request : Ouma doing his math homework with his close female friend who’s known to be very good in math

. Honestly , you didn’t expect the great Ouma Kokichi to ask you help for his math homework . After all, he’s actually really good in math …

. You came to his place and as expected of Ouma , his room was a big mess .

.” F/N- chan ! I’m so happy that you came !!! ~~ Well , who would refuse an invitation from the great evil ruler I am ! “

. “ Yeah , yeah , whatever … You should clean your room first . It’s a real mess … “

. “ C’mon F/N-chan ! Don’t be so cold with me ! It’s been such a loooong time since our last meeting ! “

. “ It’s because we were on an exam period … Anyway , what’s that exercise you were talking about earlier ? “

. Ouma and you began to work on the exercise . You tried to explain him how to resolve the equation but he wasn’t listenning at all . You scolded him a couple of times as he was laughing .

.” I’m sorry F/N-chan , it’s just that your serious face is so sexy . I could even  totally fall for you ! “

. “ You know that if you weren’t my friend , I would punch you for sure , you liar ? “

. You two went back to work and this time Ouma was really listenning to you . It was kinda embarassing cuz he was staring at you with a serious face . At the end , he somehow managed to finish his homework with your help .

. You felt like he was able to do his homework without your help . That it was like an excuse to do something else …

. “ Say , you didn’t really need my help , huh … You used it as an excuse to spend time with me , right ?   “

. “ Nishishi … Who knows ? You know that I’m a liar …. But , I definitely had a good time with you F/N sensei … “

. “ Yeah , it was really fun … But next time , let’s see each other not as classmates but as friends , okay  ? “

Can't Stand It (Minho)

Okay, so here’s the third and final part for Can’t Stand It finally! Sorry it took so long…. and sorry it’s really short….

But hey, it’s short and sweet and complete fluff. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Minho sneezes for the fifth time in the last three minutes and you can feel the dread start working its way through your system.

“Are you getting sick, Minho?” You whisper to him during world history, watching as he blows his nose and drops his head on the desk.

“No…” He groans, closing his already droopy eyes and burying his head in his arm in distress.

“The dance is tomorrow, Minho. Tomorrow. Are you going to be well enough to go?” You ask, feeling concerned. You run a hand soothingly through his hair, smiling when he pushes back against your palm.

“Of course!” He sniffles, but his throat sounds like it’s full of mucus and it comes out as more of a croak than anything.

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I… just feel really bad without a real reason or I just don’t want to think of the reason. And I don’t know what to do. It’s already pretty late at night and I need to go to school tomorrow… I did my homework and I am actually pretty okay with how it turned out, and that’s a rare thing. But I still am… not sad… but not happy or anything… I just want time for myself. I want to draw stuff I like and worry less…
I kind of want to cut my hair really short but also not because it looks beautiful and everybody tells me that and it makes me happy but not really… I am rambling… But my head is so full of nothing and everything and I don’t know how to deal with it.

BTS reaction to their idol crush

–Link to BAP reaction


Jin: Did she just? Did she just say I am her ideal guy?

Jin: Now what am I supposed to do when I talk to her? Pretend I didn’t hear it?! *is actually happy*


Suga: Me? I’m her type?


Jimin: *is really happy and unusually quiet but will probably be greasy next time he sees her*

Rap Monster:

Rap Monster: Hehehe look at how cute she is… wait what?

Rap Monster: I can’t believe this. *blushes in front of his members* This is awesome! 


J-Hope: She basically said she loves me, right? *Plans to embarrass her too*




Jungkook: Noona is the best! 

–gifs found on google–

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Pls post your actual cutest loveliest smilyestpics of George I'm havin a breakdown bc of homework

are you sure you wanna see them?? there’s no going back after I post this…

I’ll do this with some gifs………..

look at this happy giant laughing

then there’s the best smile in the world……….

honestly how am I supposed to live???

and a bonus pic (notice his hand…….)

I hope this made you feel better!! xx

Lies you'll most likely hear the signs tell
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> i'm actually not mad at you for making me queue<p/><b>Taurus:</b> i don't really want to eat, i just ate a burrito<p/><b>Gemini:</b> i don't really like to travel that much<p/><b>Cancer:</b> i didn't even cry watching the lion king<p/><b>Leo:</b> there is no way i can get any hotter than this *whispers "yes there is" under their breath*<p/><b>Virgo:</b> of course i don't know any weird details about you *laughs nervously*<p/><b>Libra:</b> you guys...i'm so happy to be going on this adventure with you against my will<p/><b>Scorpios:</b> i actually don't think about sex that much<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> oh i LOVE doing nothing for weeks...it's...unbelievable<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> of course i go out!! stop stereotyping me!! let me finish my homework first<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> i'm actually so narcissistic you guys look i don't care about other people<p/><b>Pisces:</b> i have no soul... i am evil in the form of a person<p/></p>

11.07.16 ~ Back to school for the last half ever!

Back at school after the holidays and I am pooped already! After spending hours doing all my homework, only one of my five teachers actually asked for the homework today… and I put all that effort in to get it all done on time… Well, at least I did finish it, so I’m at least happy with that.

Aside from that school was pretty good I got a cute flow chart in Revs that I covered in highlighter :) and did a lil’ analysis on conflict woo

It’s also a kinda scary thought knowing that my entire high school education ends in just 12 weeks. I’m freaking out man!!


So I’ve been debating putting up pages from my journal/planner since I got the idea from posts I saw on tumblr, but I decided why not.

These are more of my organizational pages that I make at the beginning of every month/week. It really helps me to see what is coming up, and what I need to focus on in the present.

I’m still working with trying out different styles or formats that work best for me, but it’s starting to get there. I love that I can change things as I want to, and not have to start all over. This book is evolving before my eyes.

I also love that I found dotted graph paper, it’s not as distracting for me.

Richonne Trash Tag

Hello lovebugs,

I wasn’t tagged…still relatively new to this side of the tumblr world but this looked fun so I mentally tagged myself. 

My name is Ashley Nichole and I am bonafide, certifiable, Richonne trash. My home for the last month has been in this tag (my dumpster) and its borderline ridiculous at this point.  

There are myriad of reasons why I love these two beautiful people, but I’ll give my top 3;

Reason 1)


I am a part of a blended interracial family and its crazy that it took a television show based in a ZA world in order for me to see something remotely related to my life on screen. (Mama Michonne had the locs and all!) And the back-lash this couple evoked from some [ignorant ass] individuals let me know this doesn’t happen nearly enough. 

Grimes family 2.0 is air in my lungs. It’s the foundation for Richonne. It’s precious and must be protected.

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Reason 2)


The reason I’m late to the got damn party is because I thought I was the crazy one. I noticed the subtle touches, the literal eye fucks, the stuff, and the thangs since the Fence…and I thought I was reading too much into it because I wanted it to be real more than it actually was. 

Thank God I was wrong. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Blessed.

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Reason 3)

The afterglow. 

This couple has me on literal high, like I’m somehow included in their relationship too. I’m a part of it. We fam now. 

I have been basking in the afterglow of Richonne for weeks. WEEKS. What is this life beyond this??? 

I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I got shit to do damn it! Kids to feed, bills to pay, homework …I am somehow managing it all but I have no idea how and clearly TPTB, Gimple & Co. don’t give a flying fuck either. They are willing and able to slay my heart every week. 

Last week all I got was a blimp of these two walking down a dusty ass road and I took it in like the addict I have become. 

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Long story short. I love them. And I love this fandom, I’ve never really been an active part of one before so I just wanted to introduce myself and list my reasons as to why you should let me sit at your lunch table. Or communal dumpster. Either way is fine. 

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