i am actually happy doing homework!

Each enneagram archetype in a nutshell

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125: *in a study group* “Here is the paper you wanted feedback on, Brittany. Yeah, I know you said next week, but I had some time to spare. Oh btw, I just did a few changes” *hands back a fully rewritten paper*

126: *enters a party way too early* “THANKS for inviting me! Do you need help with anything? Getting the snack ready? Prepare the punch? Arranging the sitting group? Clean up the bathroom?”

127: *at a party* “Hey, guys, can I have your attention? I thought it would be fun to play some games so everyone can get to know each other, so if you all can arrange your chairs in a circle…”

135: “It’s leviOsa, not leviosA”

136: “I just finished color coding all of my curriculum, and I prepared my entire reading schedule for the next five years at uni. What did you say? When I have time off? … what about after Christmas?”

137: “Hey, let’s leave this party and find a pub somewhere. No, it’s no fun if not everybody is coming! What are you talking about sick, Brittany? You are ruining the night for everyone!

145: “Well, the leading scientific research on the field says that you are a moron!” *leaves with a smug smile*

146: “You are breaking the law by downloading torrents, you know. I don’t care, but don’t come crying to me when the police get you.”

147: “I have spent the entire week planning this party, and now people are leaving early! I will never invite you to a party again! I will find new friends instead!” *plans another party with the same people next week*

258: “I find that yoga really helps me! You should try it, I can recommend the best classes! Hey, here is an idea: why don’t you come join me tomorrow! It’s really good for your back and I have this protein shake that… No no, I insist!”

259: “Well of course I will do your homework for you, I am so glad you asked” *is actually kinda happy*

268: “OMG Jason STILL hasn’t answered your text? That asshole! Okey, now you gotta give the silent treatment for like a week. No, Brittany, listen, I know this stuff!”

269: “Yeah, I can help you move, when is it? In the middle of the night on Wednesday? That’s a bit inconvenient, but sure, I’ll be there. No problem, bro.”

278: “You just need another glass of wine and then everything will be fun! No no, stop crying Brittany! I SAID STOP CRYING!”

279: “So Mathilde and Jonathan aren’t talking to each other, and it’s horrible. Yes, I know they are fictional characters, that’s not the point!”

358: “No no no, let me tell you how to fix the current situation”

359: “No no no, I’m fine, everything is fiiine, no problem, I’m chill.” *has internal breakdown because nobody is doing what they are supposed to*

368: *someone does a tiny mistake* “OMG how stupid ARE YOU?!?!?!?!” (tells nobody they can’t do it any better)

369: “I’ll have a grande double lite no gluten no lactose low fat diet frappechino with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on the go please – Yes, my name is Brittany. No! Bri-tta-ny!”

378: “You just gotta believe in yourself, man! It’s all about mindset! I climped this mountain in a blizzard last year, what’s your excuse?!” *stares down a person in a wheelchair*

379: *just got home from a road trip* “omg guys LETS GO ON A ROAD TRIP!!!” *starts packing*

458: *looks at a person completely expressionless* “Did you know that the perfume you’re wearing contains hardened whale vomit and feces?” Also: “Just don’t tell me what to do.”

459: *said at a party* “I wonder what Kant truly meant when he said: ‘Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.’”

468: “That baby was so ugly! … what? Nobody else was gonna say it.”

469: “Do you actually like this dress? For real? Like, you actually think it’s nice? Okey, thanks for telling me!” *goes to next person* “Hey, what you think about this dress I’m wearing? Oh really?”

478: “What are you talking about? I’m amazing! You just don’t get me because you are a poser like the rest of them. And yes, this is a velvet suit!”

479: “I’m supercool, not at all totally broken on the inside, what are you talking about?” *laughs hard then cries when nobody sees*

So I just spent the last hour puttin together a playlist inspired by Michael from be more chill and honestly, I think this just goes to show how deep I am in this

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this might be kind of a weird thing to say but right now I'm super stressed (nothing major! i just have a lot of homework and I'm bad at time management lmao) but then i had the thought of like: This isn't permanent, i will be happy one day doing things i like with people i love and care about as my friends and new family and things will get better. And it just made me feel less bad about my situation and i just wanted to share that with you just in case you're not feeling 100% right now.

yay I’m so glad you can have that mindset!! I am feeling p good actually, I’m just stuck in one of those “I’m itching so much to do something but everything is boring” moods right now and I can’t shake it lol


Got pulled aside today in church. Now that they’ve gotten back my records, they feel like it’s time to give me a calling.

Activities committee. Sounds alright. I asked what I would need to do.

Three hour meetings every Sunday. Going to every single activity, of which we have three to seven of them every week (finals week we have nine). Putting everything up, attending and being in charge of them, and taking them down.

So basically I’d have to give up four to five hours every day for this calling, and of course with prep time before setting up, we’re basically looking at nearly a full time job doing this.

I told him that as a full time student and a part time worker, I don’t even get home until seven every day. His response?

“Well… this is just a trap that the devil tries to place on our hearts. If we all said that we had family and school and work and couldn’t do the lords calling, then none of us would be doing all the wonderful things we do. Church is more important than anything.”

So great. I’m being told that church is more important than school or work. Then I ask who’s in this committee.

“Four women. We should really have some guys, but we haven’t yet”

Why’s that?

“Well, because they’re all so busy with school and work, and the lord emphasizes those things for men, so we don’t wish to disturb them.”



Excuse me.

Hold up.

So you’re telling me.

Man I wish I was faking this whole ordeal…

But you’re telling me that church is far more important than school or work for women (or those who have to pretend to be women until they can escape and be who they are), but you’ll accommodate for men and give them callings that are easier so they can focus on school and work.


…I might have been very angry all day about this. I still can’t believe this.

I’m not going to fail my classes or get fired because of a stupid calling. I’m sorry. Extremely not sorry. You shouldn’t be telling me that I must put church first before everything else, and then let others put their lives first.

I’m not spending four to five hours a day, probably a ton more with prep, to do activities. I don’t exactly have that much leasure time on my hands. As soon as I get home I am on my homework. School and work comes first. End of story. My life should not be put on hold just to make these leaders happy. They don’t dictate my priorities and time, I do. I don’t care if they get angry, I don’t care if everyone judges me and hates me. I’d rather they hate me and actually succeed in life versus throwing all my life down the tube to please them.

Stay Beautiful - Chapter 1

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A/N: I’m doing a complete re-do of Stay Beautiful. I’ll keep the original first chapter up, but I won’t be updating that anymore. Sorry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. It’s a little bit different, but still a Jared daughter story. It’s based heavily on a book I once read titled ‘Girl, Missing’ which you should check out if you can. Anyways, as I said, ENJOY!! :D

Trigger Warnings: Kidnap, missing child, fake adoption (if that’s one)

Word count: 2080

Tag List:  @winchesters-favorite-girl @winchester-writes @storyofawinchester @rosie-winchester @bea789 @straightasdeanwinchester (More room for anyone who wants to be added.)

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school things

-Holy shit, medication makes school so much better.

-I have a two-hour math lecture on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I remember trying to do a similar class in the past.  I had to withdraw, because I could barely focus on an in-person lecture for forty-five minutes, let alone two hours.  Tonight, I was able to sit straight through it, take great notes, remember to start my recorder, and remember to keep a list of tasks associated with the lecture that I want to get done before next Monday.  I was able to grab the dates of the exams off the syllabus while the professor read the “no cheating” paragraph aloud and put reminders on my calendar.  

I felt pretty confident about my understanding, despite some obvious knowledge gaps that I still have.  At one point, I made a joke and the rest of the class actually laughed.  

-There are two other girls in the class of thirteen and they both sat next to me (they did not have to, by any means). Jesus.  Ladies.  These boys aren’t going to bite you.  

-I need to brush up on calculus still; I’ve been doing that anyways, but I’ve been out of school for a long time.  I asked the professor after class if I could use his office hours for help on basic calculus since I haven’t been in a classroom setting since 2014.  He said that was fine and also made sure I knew how to find the tutoring center.  I actually put their info in my phone.  

-While I was spending the lull between my classes in the common area, an old teacher whose classes I took (and failed) in 2013 approached me.  He actually recognized me, and asked me what I’ve been up to.  Apparently he’s the head of the math and science department at the school, now, and “always enjoyed having me in class.”  He said that he hoped I would stay with math and that he’d wondered what had happened to me after I dropped out.  We talked about various medications that we had been on in order to make it through school.  :P  I made a comment about being nervous, because of how long I’ve been out of normal school.  My old professor laughed and said “If you can get to class, you have nothing else to worry about.”  So that was pretty fucking flattering.  

-My physics professor really likes metalworking and spends a fuckton of time working on hobby projects in the school’s machining lab.  I am going to see if he needs any assistance this semester; if so, I might be able to get my hands on a decent welder again.  

-I’ve had one of the professors before, and they both have a decent number of exams and homework, which makes my brain happy.  I hate it when it’s just two exams, each making up 50% of the grade.   

-I feel much more even-keeled this time around.  In the past, I began semesters with a lot of unrealistic ambitions and expectations for myself, just to start crashing and burning three weeks in.  I’m feeling first-day-of-school excitement, of course, but I am not expecting myself to suddenly obtain massive of amounts of executive function that I’ve never actually had.  I’m just expecting myself to continue to make progress on the amount that I’ve actually built.  

I’m going to do one homework problem now.  I’m not dreading it.  I’m confident that I can stick to doing one per day instead of cramming it into the night or morning before it’s due.  That way I can actually take advantage of office hours.  

I might actually be good at this, this time around.

I want you all to myself and maybe that’s selfish but Ive already gotten so attached to you it’s all I know. Your my best friend but at the same time your more than that. Your my happiness, the reason why I cry, the reason behind my smile, my sanity. Your just my everything and I know own time is limited between us and after time is over it’s all up to fate to decide what happens between us because the lord only knows I’m terrible at long distance. I really am. But for you, I would. For you I’d facetime everyday when I’m supposed to be doing homework. I’d call you between passing periods. I’d do everything and anything for you. I know Ive done so many things wrong. I know you haven’t actually told me that you have feelings for me but call it a feeling, call it a instinct but maybe possibly I have a feeling you feel the same way too. I know Ive done so many things wrong but for once I feel like Ive done something right. Your right. Your my sanity, and without my sanity, well I’m afraid what will happen to me.

- //words to him//

what i hear the signs say a lot
  • aries: i am actually a very nice person. i'm not a bitch
  • taurus: idk???? idc????
  • gemini: bro, i am smart
  • cancer: leAVE ME ALONE BUT HUG ME
  • leo: you know that i'm the best
  • virgo: i've done my homework
  • libra: people love me
  • scorpio: *roasts everyone*
  • sagittarius: i am just so happy rn
  • capricorn: well, i just don't give a fuck
  • aquarius: you needa do that for me bc i said so
  • pisces: don't look at me
BTS reaction to their idol crush

–Link to BAP reaction


Jin: Did she just? Did she just say I am her ideal guy?

Jin: Now what am I supposed to do when I talk to her? Pretend I didn’t hear it?! *is actually happy*


Suga: Me? I’m her type?


Jimin: *is really happy and unusually quiet but will probably be greasy next time he sees her*

Rap Monster:

Rap Monster: Hehehe look at how cute she is… wait what?

Rap Monster: I can’t believe this. *blushes in front of his members* This is awesome! 


J-Hope: She basically said she loves me, right? *Plans to embarrass her too*




Jungkook: Noona is the best! 

–gifs found on google–

I… just feel really bad without a real reason or I just don’t want to think of the reason. And I don’t know what to do. It’s already pretty late at night and I need to go to school tomorrow… I did my homework and I am actually pretty okay with how it turned out, and that’s a rare thing. But I still am… not sad… but not happy or anything… I just want time for myself. I want to draw stuff I like and worry less…
I kind of want to cut my hair really short but also not because it looks beautiful and everybody tells me that and it makes me happy but not really… I am rambling… But my head is so full of nothing and everything and I don’t know how to deal with it.


Today has been pretty good I woke up late and have spent way too much time listening to the specials but I have actually done useful things I’m quite slow at rearranging formulas so I did some work on that and I’m happy to say I can do it much, much faster as well as this I done some maths homework that needs doing updated my computer science coursework and am about to do some physics homework. Me being productive makes me very happy.

Also this is weird I like to talk to people on social media I have never met as they can not really judge you as they don’t know enough about you to do so; so I’ve been talking to this girl she’s quite nice and responds to messages like a normal person but I’m pretty sure this fella who I will keep anonymous by referring to them as Tom Laiden has been feeding them bad and fake information on me this stresses me out quite a bit.

a part from that this snow day has been rather good and productive and I am happy and ADD ME TO THE NEW SNAPCHAT GROUP PLEASE

Lies you'll most likely hear the signs tell
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> i'm actually not mad at you for making me queue<p/><b>Taurus:</b> i don't really want to eat, i just ate a burrito<p/><b>Gemini:</b> i don't really like to travel that much<p/><b>Cancer:</b> i didn't even cry watching the lion king<p/><b>Leo:</b> there is no way i can get any hotter than this *whispers "yes there is" under their breath*<p/><b>Virgo:</b> of course i don't know any weird details about you *laughs nervously*<p/><b>Libra:</b> you guys...i'm so happy to be going on this adventure with you against my will<p/><b>Scorpios:</b> i actually don't think about sex that much<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> oh i LOVE doing nothing for weeks...it's...unbelievable<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> of course i go out!! stop stereotyping me!! let me finish my homework first<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> i'm actually so narcissistic you guys look i don't care about other people<p/><b>Pisces:</b> i have no soul... i am evil in the form of a person<p/></p>

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Pls post your actual cutest loveliest smilyestpics of George I'm havin a breakdown bc of homework

are you sure you wanna see them?? there’s no going back after I post this…

I’ll do this with some gifs………..

look at this happy giant laughing

then there’s the best smile in the world……….

honestly how am I supposed to live???

and a bonus pic (notice his hand…….)

I hope this made you feel better!! xx


11.07.16 ~ Back to school for the last half ever!

Back at school after the holidays and I am pooped already! After spending hours doing all my homework, only one of my five teachers actually asked for the homework today… and I put all that effort in to get it all done on time… Well, at least I did finish it, so I’m at least happy with that.

Aside from that school was pretty good I got a cute flow chart in Revs that I covered in highlighter :) and did a lil’ analysis on conflict woo

It’s also a kinda scary thought knowing that my entire high school education ends in just 12 weeks. I’m freaking out man!!


So I’ve been debating putting up pages from my journal/planner since I got the idea from posts I saw on tumblr, but I decided why not.

These are more of my organizational pages that I make at the beginning of every month/week. It really helps me to see what is coming up, and what I need to focus on in the present.

I’m still working with trying out different styles or formats that work best for me, but it’s starting to get there. I love that I can change things as I want to, and not have to start all over. This book is evolving before my eyes.

I also love that I found dotted graph paper, it’s not as distracting for me.

Richonne Trash Tag

Hello lovebugs,

I wasn’t tagged…still relatively new to this side of the tumblr world but this looked fun so I mentally tagged myself. 

My name is Ashley Nichole and I am bonafide, certifiable, Richonne trash. My home for the last month has been in this tag (my dumpster) and its borderline ridiculous at this point.  

There are myriad of reasons why I love these two beautiful people, but I’ll give my top 3;

Reason 1)


I am a part of a blended interracial family and its crazy that it took a television show based in a ZA world in order for me to see something remotely related to my life on screen. (Mama Michonne had the locs and all!) And the back-lash this couple evoked from some [ignorant ass] individuals let me know this doesn’t happen nearly enough. 

Grimes family 2.0 is air in my lungs. It’s the foundation for Richonne. It’s precious and must be protected.

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Reason 2)


The reason I’m late to the got damn party is because I thought I was the crazy one. I noticed the subtle touches, the literal eye fucks, the stuff, and the thangs since the Fence…and I thought I was reading too much into it because I wanted it to be real more than it actually was. 

Thank God I was wrong. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Blessed.

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Reason 3)

The afterglow. 

This couple has me on literal high, like I’m somehow included in their relationship too. I’m a part of it. We fam now. 

I have been basking in the afterglow of Richonne for weeks. WEEKS. What is this life beyond this??? 

I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I got shit to do damn it! Kids to feed, bills to pay, homework …I am somehow managing it all but I have no idea how and clearly TPTB, Gimple & Co. don’t give a flying fuck either. They are willing and able to slay my heart every week. 

Last week all I got was a blimp of these two walking down a dusty ass road and I took it in like the addict I have become. 

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Long story short. I love them. And I love this fandom, I’ve never really been an active part of one before so I just wanted to introduce myself and list my reasons as to why you should let me sit at your lunch table. Or communal dumpster. Either way is fine. 

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