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Casino night - Tyler Seguin (Part 3)

A/N: There have been a lot of request for a third part and I just want you to know that there will be many more parts of this story. This part is a little of a linking part, so it is kind of boring. I hope you like it still. 

Word Count: 820

Warnings: A little mild swearing, nothing too bad.

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I wake up on the couch, my head pounding. I don’t remember drinking that much last night, so I don’t understand why I feel like absolute shit. I get on my feet and walk to my bathroom, going straight to the medicine cabinet and taking a couple tablets of ibuprofen.

I’m thankful that today it’s Saturday and I don’t have anything to do, because that’s what I’m planning on doing today, nothing. I make myself a coffee and a bowl of fruit before going back to the couch and wrapping my furry blanket around my body and turning on my TV, going straight to Netflix and getting ready to binge watch a show for the rest of the day.

Ten episodes and a few stomach growls later I decide to order some Chinese take out because I can’t bring myself to make anything more elaborated than a bowl of cereal. I grab my laptop, I need to look up the phone number of my favorite restaurant but I’m surprised with the sight of the gossiping website I had been reading last night.

“Ugh girl, you are pathetic” I whisper to myself.

I actually feel kind of bad for judging Tyler so hard yesterday night. Who am I to judge him, anyways? He is a young guy enjoying the single life and he is doing absolutely nothing wrong. It was harmless flirting and nothing else. Either way, we wouldn’t work so there isn’t a reason to think about it any further.

I order some noodles and beef with mushrooms and get back to my TV show when my phone starts ringing like crazy. I look at the screen and see (y/f/n)’s name.

“Hello?” I answer the call, pausing the TV.

“Hey, (y/n)” she cheerily says from the other side of the line “how are you doing?”

“I’m hungover and I don’t remember drinking that much” I confess and she chuckles.

“Same, girl, same” she says and I feel slightly better “hey, I’m actually calling for a reason”

“Well, surprise me” and I swear I can see her smirking, sitting on her hot pink couch.

“Do you remember the envelope they gave us yesterday when we were leaving?” and I give her a little ‘aha’ so she can continue with her ranting, “well, I’ve looked at the tickets and they are for tomorrow’s game against the Boston Bruins”


“C’mon, (y/n)” she screams and I pull my phone away from my ear so I don’t lose some hearing ability “they are really good tickets and they were free and you hate the Bruins”

I think about it for a little while. I haven’t been to a game in a long time and (y/f/n) was right: I hate the Bruins.

“Alright… but if the Stars lose and I have to see the Bruins win on the flesh our friendship is over” I menace her and she laughs.

“Noted! I’ll call you tomorrow so we can go to dinner before the game”

“You are buying, I hope you know that”

“Absolutely, darling” and I roll my eyes, “goodbye!”

And she hangs up. I sigh, grabbing the remote and hitting play. I get to watch just a couple more minutes of my show before the door bell goes off and I get up running, ready for some Chinese food.

{Tyler POV}

“TYLER! MAN, WHAT THE HELL?” Jamie yells at me and I snap back to reality.

It is the third time that I have zoned out during practice and Jamie is starting to get mad at me for not shooting the puck or doing the drill correctly.

“Sorry, Jamie. Sorry, guys” I apologize, skating to the bench to have a sip of water.

“What is it, Segs?” Sharp asks, and I sigh.

“I don’t know, Patrick, I don’t know”

“This must be serious, you never call me Patrick” he laughs and I give him a small smile.

“It’s about this girl…”

“It is always about a girl” he states and I nod.

“Right… The thing is, I met her yesterday at the Casino and…”

“Wo wo wo, Tyler Seguin having trouble with a lady” Jamie teases me and I hit his helmet with my stick.

“I can’t have problems with a girl I don’t even know the name of” I say and they whistle.

“What’s the problem then?” Sharpy wonders.

“The problem is that I can’t stop thinking about her” I confess and Jamie bites his glove so he doesn’t burst into laughter, “you are a dick” and they break, laughing his asses off.

“You are Tyler Seguin” Patrick says and I look at him, “we know you are used to having every girl kissing the ground you step on. What’s just one girl?”

“Maybe you are right…” and I know that it’s going to take a little more than find another hook up to stop thinking about her.

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Anonymous requested: One shot with Chloe Bennet in which the cast goes to a bar and the reader gets insulted for being bi and she defends her and ends with some cute fluff. Pleaseee?? i love everything you write 💓💓

Fandom: Agents of SHIELD (cast)
Pairing: Chloe Bennet x bi!reader
Word count: 1.5k+
Warnings: Biphobia, drinking

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You know, I really have to wonder why there aren’t more people who hate Paul, and the way his rivalry with Ash was portrayed (especially in later DP). 

Actually no I don’t, because the answer is obviously that there’s nothing better in Pokeani. If DP falls we’re left with a two decade long show with zero actual good examples of a long term, well developed rivalry, so I doubt most people are even willing to consider the fact that DP could in fact, be bad in that regard as well. 

But recently I’ve been having some doubts over the whole thing, (for a reason I can explain privately if you must know), and the fact that I never thought about it like this is baffling to me. Paul ABUSES Pokemon. Maybe not each one of them, it was only really shown with Chimchar, but still, he does that. The fact that he HAS done that is enough. Why doesn’t the narrative punish him for it? Why do none of the characters in the show hate him for it? People usually praise the show for taking the morally grey route and showing us that Ash’s way of training isn’t the only acceptable one. But…Paul’s method ISN’T acceptable. He should have his trainer licence revoked, every character in the show, including his brother who is a BREEDER (aka super close to Pokemon in a very non competitive way), should hate his guts for the way he treats these living things. Brock being all “they’re two sides of the same coin” in the league is insane, how is Paul in any way similar to Ash outside of wanting to be the best trainer (that whole message was always iffy for me anyway cause you know, pretty much any other league competitor could fit that bill as well)?

Sure the battles are great, but the narrative never punishing Paul for what he did (losing in the league isn’t enough especially when it earned him Ash’s friendship) and the weak reason for him becoming the way he was combine for some really morally questionable decisions by the writers, and make me wonder how much do THEY themselves consider Pokemon to be actual living beings, how much do they actually stand behind the messages of their own show? Paul is a great foil for Ash, and a great representation of a real world Pokemon player, but someone like him should not, for all intents and purposes, be allowed to just keep doing what they do as a trainer in the Pokemon world, he should not be allowed to do better than Charmander’s or Tepig’s trainers just because he’s a good battler.

Am I in the wrong, am I overreacting? I know I have a lot of mutuals who are big Paul fans, I love you guys and don’t want you to feel offended by this, I’m hoping to generate some actual discussion on this topic.

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I hear some people saying that Isayama ships Ereri and Eremin, and I am so confused....What do you think of this??If isayama ships Ereri, I would want to give respect to that ship but for now I cant because of the great amount of Eremin chemistry.

Hello, anon! 

I saw an ask about this yesterday - it was featured on my dash because I follow the “eremin” tag - and this ask was tagged as such. It spoke about how Isayama shipped ere//ri and eremin, but that Isa had said Eren would “break up with” Armin, as well as Eren having to follow Levi to learn from him - or something to that effect. 

I’m guessing this is the same ask that you saw, because apart from that one post, I’ve never heard or seen anyone talk about it being canon that Isayama ships ere//ri. On the contrary, if Isayama has hinted that Levi is interested in anyone, I’ve seen more hints in favor of Erwin (the boyfriend jacket™, the imprinting, etc.) or even Petra (hints that he’s aware of her infatuation, the skit with her dad, etc). 

Now, I’ve not kept my eyes open for things that can canonify ere//ri, since I don’t think it’s a healthy age gap and thus unlikely to happen - so who knows, if there’s proof out there that I’ve missed, I’d really like to be linked to that - but if I were you, anon, I’d be reluctant to take a single post’s word for this. I’m sure there are ambiguous answers from Isayama that can be interpreted as possibly ere//ri friendly, but if you think about it, they’re probably also open enough that you could read another ship into it, or something completely non-shippy altogether. Hell, he’s so sneaky, I can’t even say with certainty that he ships eremin - no matter how much I want to be able to tell you that with confidence - all I can say is that I strongly believe he does.

My point is, anon, that just because someone on the internet says it’s so, that doesn’t make it true. And if you’re sitting comfortably on your love for eremin, I wouldn’t throw out a good thing before the claims that you should, are built on explicit proof. Don’t forget, as long as we’re talking about vague hints, there’s a lot of points in eremin’s court too. 

That being said - no need to ship only the canon ships, people! If you ship eremin, go ahead, if you ship ere//ri, you do you. And for us (please tell me there are more people than just me) who ship NickXwall - don’t stop rocking! 


I was seriously thinking I’m gonna read this chapter and be like- yeah okay, this is an Ichihime moment. BUT WHAT THE FUCK? THIS SHIT GOES WAAAY BEYONG ANY SHIP WAR AND BECAME AN ACTUAL PROBLEM.
What’s with this OOC/fanservice/random scene? Do you like making one of your characters look stupid and THIS desperate? 
Look, I am a girl who has large breasts, and occasionally I like to wear a low cut top. And there’s nothing wrong with that- if I feel like doing it, I will do it, because I want to do it. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? Kubo made Orihime wear this outfit to please a fuckin’ guy? And then he basically tells her- nah you showing too much, and she freaks out and becomes embarrassed and doesn’t want to wear it anymore because it didn’t please him?! WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT. THE. FUCK.  I’m so angry, like beyond words. I’ve seen characters like Orihime being sexualized, but this is just… A girl loving a boy, and a girl desperate and ready to do anything to get his attention is not the same thing! IT’S PATHETIC!!!

He’s now making Orihime even DRESS HERSELF in a certain way… FOR ICHIGO? And he’s making the other characters go along with this? “HEY GIRL WEAR THIS MAYBE IF YOU SHOW YOUR BOOBS THE GUY WILL FINALLY LIKE YOU.” And then he makes Orihime that stupid to actually do it? AND ON TOP OF IT ALL…. ICHIGO SAYS SHE’S REVEALING TOO MUCH? If this was Kubo’s attempt to justify Orihime being sexualized it’s a very pathetic way. And all that fuss… OH KUROSAKI KUN DOESN’T LIKE IT QUICK LET’S GET CHANGED!!! And at first, I was like- yeah you go Yoruichi, you’re the only reasonable person here… but then I stopped for a second… WHAT THE FUCK? She’s basically saying- HOW DARE YOU ICHIGO NOT DROOL OVER HER BREASTS? HOW DARES THIS MAN, NOT WANTING TO FEEL A GIRL’S BREASTS?

And let’s not forget…THIS GIRL DIDN’T WANT TO DRESS IN THIS WAY IT’S OBVIOUS A PERVERT MADE HER DO IT… yeah girls, do not dare to dress in any way you want. You’re a pervert if you dare to show some skin. Unless a guy is pleased of course. THEN GOOD JOB! WHY IS THERE A NEED TO CALL ANYONE A PERVERT FOR LETTING A GIRL SHOW SOME SKIN? So if a girl chooses to dress revealing… she’s the pervert. And if she agrees to it, the person who offered it to her in the first place is a pervert. Because showing skin=someone is a sick fuck. I’m just shocked. 

“This went better than I expected.” For who exactly? For Orihime, feeling ashamed of herself and looking like a desperate nutcase, for people who made this awkward moment happen, or for Ichigo, getting a slap for not going caveman-mode over a girl’s breasts?

I’m extremely disappointed in Kubo. And IDGAF about ships atm because I’m so angry and offended- I’d rather have 10 Ichihime moments instead of this desperate move. And I don’t get it, how can people argue about this being an Ichihime moment or not? Did you actually read this shit?! Did you see what it did to these characters? How can you gloss over such a sexist page and care about fuckin’ ships?!

I Just Need My Big Brothers (Part Two)

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader (siblings)

Words: 1968

Read Part One

Your eyes slowly opened to a dark room. You could feel the bruises all over your body and could tell you were tied to the chair you were uncomfortably sitting in. Your head hurt; you could feel your pulse in your temples.

           You pulled slightly to test your restraints. Either they were tied too tightly or you were too weak to loosen them. Either way, you were not going to be able to get out of the ropes restraining you.

           “You’re awake,” your ex’s voice broke through the darkness, sending a jolt of fear through your entire body.

           “What are you doing?” you tried to make your voice sound a lot more confident and in charge of your emotions. In reality, you wanted to burst into tears and beg to be let go so you could run to your brothers.

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SuJu reaction when they confess that they love you req by anon

Ugh I embarrassed myself doing this request. >< I imagine that, after years in the spotlight, these guys are much better with their words than I am, so I just want to show you my opinion on how they’ll feel - anxious, confident, shy? Hope you enjoy~


Leeteuk: *He’s shy, almost bringing it up several times. You have to ask him what’s wrong and refuse to move until he gives you an answer, which he does, hesitantly.*

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Heechul: *He’s actually anxious to say the words, and his constant chattering about what he’s going to do/what he’s going to say frustrates the other members. Whenever one gets fed up and tries to mention it he silences them before giving you a ‘He’s just crazy, don’t listen to him.’ excuse*

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Kangin: *Is flustered and a little giggly, but in my opinion that’d just make the moment a little sweeter.*

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Shindong: *He is very sweet and thoughtful towards those he loves, so I feel like he would take so much care to make sure that the moment was perfect that he eased his own nerves and could speak to you confidently.*


Kyuhyun: *Shy maknae, even though he’s been planning the perfect moment for several days/a week.*

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Ryeowook: *He’d probably find some way to declare his feelings through song, which would make him a little more confident, though he’d be shy after the fact.*

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Siwon: *He’d probably be a little spontaneous but shy, speaking the words quietly. When you looked up, he’d do something silly to play it off, even though you probably heard him clearly.*

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Yesung: *He’d just worry incessantly until he finally told you one day. He’d feel so relieved that he wouldn’t notice that you had frozen up in surprise - good surprise.*

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Donghae: *Oddly, though I think he’s pretty shy in some situations, I think Donghae would be really sure of his feelings before he confessed, so he’d be quite confident in saying that he loved you.*

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Eunhyuk: *Probably the one to say it spontaneously, without much thought, and surprise the both of you.*

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Zhoumi: *He’d probably be a little flustered until he was just about to say it, and then he would feel confident because of the affection he sees in your eyes.*


Henry: *(The opposite of Zhoumi) With so many hyungs he’s going to get a lot of opinions and feel confident, but when he sees your face and realizes what he’s going to do he becomes flustered and a little goofy*

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Hope you enjoyed!

~Admin R

Dear Taylor,

I love it here on Tumblr. I am finally being myself right now, but my ‘friends’ aren’t appreciating it. No one at school believes you actually followed me, Taylor. They just laugh at me for having a Tumblr page, because that’s not what ‘normal guys at my age’ do. I told them that you know I exist, and that honestly makes me so happy, but there is no one to celebrate it with me. I try to not care about this, but it’s impossible. I do cry sometimes.

And now I’m going to your show in Amsterdam and I want to proof those people wrong. I would love to meet you and I’d hug you so much, you have no idea. 

It’s not just about proving them wrong, though, it would also be a reward for finally acting the way I really am. From listening to Speak Now with my headphones in on the lowest volume, and being a shut in person overall, to dancing and singing along to 1989 and acting like the enthusiastic person I really am. I am not that shy boy people see walking in the hallway. I’m energetic, creative, positive and a little weird, and the only people I seem to fit in with are here on Tumblr. 

I would’ve still been a shut in person if I hadn’t joined Tumblr, and I want to thank some friends for that (especially itsjustinyourwildestdreams, she is the best) and of course, you: taylorswift. Thank you for following me, thank you for making beautiful music and thank you for being a wonderful person. 

I love it here on Tumblr.



The fuck is happening?!

For a fandom full of smart people you guys are being idiots!

Just because a show doesn’t do what you want doesn’t mean you can spit all over the progress it’s made!
I really want johnlock to happen but I knew they aren’t going to kiss after what happened in season 4 ( which I don’t like as a season actually) because sherlock a d John had such a rift between them it would have been like a crappy fanfic if they did.

But I’m more disappointed with you guys talking about queerbaiting (this show was filmed in 2016 so obviously) and hating moffit (or killing him! Really guys! Grow up!)
This show has come a long way and of you guys don’t want to watch then fine! Do what you want but if you just stop watching because you ship isn’t happening then that my friend in a stupid reason!
At the end of season 4 we got the johnlock we wanted didn’t we? Because I wanted them happy and together… and that’s what we got! Maybe they could have been a bit more gay yes but a show like this doesn’t need to do that!

This show is about what’s plain sight( as sherlock says) and we clearly see them at 221b togther raising Rosie and that to me I’d pretty damn obvious of something going on.

Just, I know it may be hard but if you do stop watching season 5 may not happen and I can feel with more time 2017 can actually have this ship down. So you guys write fanfic ( which please do coz I love them so thank you for them) and just hold on a little longer ok?