i am actually dancing to this song

that kind of love that’s “i was scared until i found you.” that kind of love that’s worth it to try romance again. the “fuck i’ll try cheesy if it just makes you smile” love, the roses and love notes and wine bottles. the twinkle light love, the “let’s go on this romantic date only to spend the whole thing being silly” love, the dancing badly to slow songs love, the “i don’t know how you make me laugh so much but seriously stop it i’m trying to drive” love. the “i trust you love,” calling late at night because a secret just welled up in my throat love, the first person i talk to so i can figure out this decision is you kind of love. the “i was hurt before and had given up but then i found you” love, the incredulous in-awe love, the wonder love, the are you actually real or am i dreaming you love. the “i didn’t believe in soulmates before you” love. that kinda love.


Okay so, this is not even me just being a weeb; I am genuinely fascinated by the live Vocaloid concerts.

There’s so many things that I think about while I’m watching.

  • She doesn’t actually have a voice; it’s computer generated .
  • Someone had to 3D model not only her, but all the choreography of her dancing.
  • The real humans playing the backup instruments on stage with her are really talented in that they know exactly what they need to do.
  • Not only is she dancing, she’s dancing really well. Like, the moves they give her are tight as shit.
  • These songs are really catchy.
  • The fucking 3D animation is sooo smooth. Not only her movement, but her hair as well. It interacts with her body like real hair would, and I appreciate whoever animated her.
  • Also, whoever animated her gave her poses and movements that act as interaction with the audience like a real performer does. They way she points and winks at the audience makes it that much more believable. 

I just think it’s really interesting, and I would fucking love to go to one of these concerts some day.

The Old College Try (Lin/Reader roommate AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part One: In which there are rooming assignment mishaps, salsa dancing, and Lunchables.  

You can find Part Two here!

You can find Part Three here!

Note: Write-a-thon Day 1! This can probably stand alone, but I’m tentatively calling it Part 1 out of 3. College!Lin is hard to walk away from, and I have plans for him.

Rating: T

Words: 2803

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  • If you know me at all you know I love 70s Marauders headcanons but I would LOVE to see more 80s Marauders AUs??? 
  • Like, no one dies and they’re all happy as clams raising Harry in the age of possibly the worst best fashion and Bon Jovi and Indiana Jones movies???
  • Give me James and Lily in their sock feet in the kitchen at 3 am because Harry can’t sleep and the only way they can get him to stop crying is to have a dance party to Footloose
  • Give me Sirius going through a hair band phase pLEASE
  • Also Sirius flying through the sky on his motorbike singing “We Built This City” at the top of his lungs (I am WEAK)
  • I want to see Lily leaving Harry with the Longbottoms to play with Neville for a night while she and the Marauders and Marlene and the whole gang goes to see Guns n’ Roses
  • How about James MELTING when he sees both Lily and Harry getting ready for bed and wearing his oversized band tshirts as pajamas???? SOUNDS NICE TO ME!!!!!
  • The Marauders serenading Remus every month with Total Eclipse of the *Moon* and they think it’s the funniest fucking thing ever
  • Give me Sirius teaching Harry how to make the rock out hand sign
  • CAn yOu imAGiNe???? the trend of wizards carrying their wands in fanny packs and wearing 80s workout gear out in public??? because they think that’s what Muggles wear day-to-day???? I sure can!!!
  • Remus watching The Wonder Years and Growing Pains religiously!!!
  • James and Sirius convincing Peter that neon yellow parachute pants actually look good on him and that yes he should totally wear them on his first date with the cute Muggle girl he met at the record store?? definitely would have happened.
  • Give me basically what would be an 80s Marauders sitcom 
  • And basically their theme song is Heaven Is A Place on Earth (I’m crying and it is 12:30 am please send help)
  • Basically we got cheated out of some quality content right there wtf JKR 

Guess who FINALLY managed to see this movie???
Loved it so much! It was a beautiful retelling/remake/whatever of one of my favorite Disney movies.

Also this started out as a simple sketch and then I went nuts with Belle’s dress. Typical.

Harry Styles Album Review

You guys, I have waited way to long for this album to come out. I’M SHOOK (I might say that a lot), But here is my (honest) opinion on each song and at the end I’ll give my overall opinion on the album.

(These are all just my opinions! We all are all allowed our own)

Here we go…


Meet Me in the Hallway


Such an amazing song and I honestly was shocked he made a song that sounds like that (well actually that goes for all the songs on this album). But I honestly really liked the song. I like the way his voice sounded in the song too. It’s pretty emotional too.

Sign of the times

I mean I’ve heard this song a hundred times and each time it’s a great experience. I love the vocals, and I love the lyrics! Every time I hear it on radio I bump up the volume and just freaking soak in his voice. I think he made a great move choosing it as his first single.

When I hear the song I just feel proud.


I loved it literally right away! IT’S A BOP! Lyrics and vocals 10/10!!!! I was so happy he made a song that sounded like this.

It kinda makes me want to go to the beach and run around in a small faded orange bikini ( I actually am a west coaster ;P)

Two Ghosts

This song got me caught up in my feelings. Lots of emotion in there and it kinda made my heart hurt just a little. Lyrics are great and vocals on point. It kinda sounds like it could’ve been on One Direction’s Made in the AM album, honestly.

“Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat” 

Sweet Creature 

It’s so soft and calm and it weirdly feels safe? Like I feel if I’m scared and I listen to the song it’ll make me feel better! Yeah…don’t have much else to say about this one. Obviously his vocals were amazing!

But it’s the song I’ve listened to the least. In my opinion compared to the other songs on this album it’s not as interesting (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, I really do, but not as much as the rest)

Only Angel 

I thought it was going to be another slow emotional song but then he hit it with the “HEY, HEY” and I was like OH MY GOD YES HARRY. This song helped me start to see the more rock n’ roll side of Mr. Styles. LYRICS KILLED ME!!!! VOCALS KILLED ME!!!! THE GUITAR KILLED ME!!!! THE WHOLE SOND KILLED ME!!! Defiantly one of my favorites!

This is the song I dance around my house to in only underwear.


Fucking definition of rock star!!! Another song that shocked me. 

The weird thing about this song is that it actually made me cry real tears because I didn’t know how much of a true rockstar harry could be. The lyrics make no fucking sense but I loved it!! 

I’m not joking I started crying, then I started rocking out.

Ever Since New York

Its been stuck in my head since SNL…It’s kinda simple are really repetitive and I usually wouldn’t like songs like that but I genuinely am obsessed! I honestly don’t know why, I really love Ever Since New York


HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SONG! This song is so full of spunk and sensuality and thats the shit i’ve wanted from Harry since he’s been solo! I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. It has the right amount of vulnerability and sexuality without being raunchy at all! The lyrics are engraved in my head and that FREAKING GUITAR! I could say so much for this song, because I absolutely love it.

It kinda brings out this inner vixen in me (plus it’s a good song to have sex to)

From the Table 

Honest (that word sums it up)

I feel like this song is painfully honest and it makes me actually feel something. You can tell this was written from some sort of experience of his and you have to respect that bravery. I LOVED his voice in this. I want to give him a hug after listening to this! 


Over all the album was a solid for me and really made me see Harry in a different and more mature way, and thats what we needed form him!! 

The lyrics weren’t turn over or made “appropriate”, It was all raw and true and I’m very satisfied. I didn’t want a PG album. I’m proud of Harry and he deserves all success he’s receiving.

I recommend this album to EVERYONE, because I think it has a song in it that everyone, young and old, will love!

Even though I don’t have tickets, seeing how he performs these songs live (through video) will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the kind of energy he has when he performs these songs!

It actually shocked me and It impressed me, and I really can’t wait for his future work. 

Now tell me your opinion!

what i want from asoue s2

-A Carmelita theme song. You know like; she just stand up in a table in the middle of cafeteria and start singing a rude song for Baudelaires and Quagmires until Isadora responds something clever and sassy to her. 

-Do you remember the scene which Lemony is talking about the Winnipeg-Dance-Party or something? When Lemony was trying to tell to Beatrice something about Olaf and she was dressed as a Dragonfly. Do you remember this scene? I WANT TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. IM DYING TO SEE THIS SCENE AS A FLASHBACK. 

-Quagmires/Baudelaires friendship. That’s actually all i want. 

-An Esme Squalor theme song. Like a scene where she is with Olaf in 667 Apartment and they are dancing or something and they are singing something like weird and funny.

-I want 667 Dark Avenue to be L I T 

-Helena Bonham Carter as Esme Squalor. Am i clear?

-I dont really want to see Sunny climbing an elevator with her teeth. Idk this scene seemed always a little ridiculous to me and anyway the didnt include Sunny’s fight with Orwell so i dont think that they will have this scene in the show.

-Hector to be a more important character. Yeah i know he left Baudelaires to die in the jail because he was a dumbass but Hector and Uncle Monty were the best guardians Baudelaire had. And he did so many things for Quagmires. I want Hector to be a major character. He is so underrated. 

-Lemony wailing for Jacques. Going into the background and stop talking just being quite and sad idk. He never really wailed about Jacques in the books.

-ESME’S STILETOS SHOES. This scene was so funny and creepy is one of my favorites. This scene, you know Baudelaires running and Esme’s hunting them with her shoes. THAT WILL BE AWESOME. 

-JUSTICE FOR OLIVIA. I think i am the only one person in asoue fandom who really liked Madame Lulu. Like the most adults in Snicketverse, she dissapointed Baudelaires, but in the show maybe they can give her more details about her. I really liked her, she was a really interesting character.

-Sunny as the wolfkid. I want to see this, 

-The last episode of TCC i want to see a HUGE cliffhanger, Baudelaires falling from the Mortmein Mountains and Sunny with Olaf’s troupe in the car. 

-Can we see Kit Snicket earlier?????? Please????

Self-indulgent little headcanon: The Guardians singing together.

Like, since GotG 2, it’s become very clear that multiple of the Guardians actually like Peter’s music, such as Rocket requesting it as background music when escaping and Kraglin listening to it while waiting for the others to come back. The Ravagers kept backups of that music in their ship’s system – at least a few of Peter’s ragtag family actually love the awesome mixes.

Just imagine – the team is bustling around the Quadrant, trying to get the Milano back in shape while simultaneously looking for jobs that are not too stressful (they still need some rest after all that shit that went down). Groot tugs at Peter’s pants leg, hoping for some music, but Peter is currently working at the Milano’s engines and has both hands full. Can’t reach his Walkman, so he starts singing softly instead, one of the older songs that he knows by heart.

“Ooh-ooh child…”

“You distractin’ some jerk again, Quill?!” Rocket bellows down from somewhere up on the M-ship’s roof. Trying to add some kind of shield up there, he said. “Or just scarin’ rats away with your singing?!”

“… things are gonna get easier … Fuck you, Rocket!” Peter doesn’t miss a bit to shout back up, smiling over the hoarse bark of laughter he gets for that. “Ooh-ooh child, things are gonna get brighter…”

Groot sways along to the song, cheerfully humming to himself as he holds up the flashlight to help Peter see into the engines.

“Yo, Pete, that that old song ye loved so much?” Kraglin’s voice drifts up from under the ship. He rolls backwards on the board he has been laying on, whipping his hands on his pants as he goes. “Still got it stuck in my head, I have.”

..Ooh-ooh child… then sing along, if you still know it!”

“Oh by the stars,” Rocket’s exaggerated groan doesn’t really sound convincing. “No friggin’ chance, I ain’t gonna listen to two of you jackasses. One is bad enough.”

“Okay, wait just a second - Kraglin can sing just fine, alright, you don’t get to insult him, you panda.”

“Errrr, Pete, it’s been a while since I last tried it, so…”

“Quill, I aint’ gonna stop insulting anyone, I’m having fun with it.”  

Peter pulled his head out of the opening he had been leaning into, looking down at Groot, then leaning around the ship’s wing to glance down at Kraglin. “Okay, guys, that was a challenge that we’re going to accept.”

“I am Groot!”

“Pete, really ain’t sure…”

Taking a deep breath, Peter starts singing again, “Some day, yeah!”

“He’s really doing that, I can’t believe,” Rocket starts laughing, but not loud enough to interrupt the singing. Even stops tinkering for a second to listen.

There is a pause, filled only with Peter’s voice for two more lines, before Kraglin’s rougher voice joins in, hesitant at first, then more firm, “When your head is much lighter…”

“… Some day, yeah… you’re doing great!” Peter laughs as he calls down, hastening to get his head back into the game for his next part.

“I am Groot, I am Groot!” Groot jumps up and down, dancing over the expanse of the open hatch, clapping along merrily.


When Gamora walks into the hall a bit later, coming to tell the boys that Drax has prepared dinner, she’s greeted with three voices joined in a familiar song, mixed with Groots happy cheers and the occasional laughter from all four of them.

She stops, tilting her head to listen. As much as she knows about Peter’s love for music, she’s never heard Kraglin or Rocket sing before – is actually surprised that they could be convinced to do so freely.

Then again, Peter had this certain something that made it difficult to say No.

“Oooh, that sounds wonderful!”

The exclamation next to her doesn’t startle Gamora, since she has already heard the light steps behind her, and she turns to Mantis when the girl stops next to her, the empath’s eyes wide and smile much less tense than usually. “It does, doesn’t it?”

“Everyone is so happy! The whole room is glowing!”

“I would love to be able to feel that, too.”

“Ah, but you can! … I think.”

“Hm,” Gamora looks over, to where Peter is throwing his head back in laughter, Rocket loses track of which line to sing and starts cussing with a wide grin while Kraglin wheezes with laughter but still tries to help out.

A tiny, soft smile spreads on her face at the sight.

“I think you’re right with that.”

Special Night (Connor M. x Reader)


OkAY I started this at 12:31 am last night while Alex (@anotherstellarconversation) was yelling at me and they are a butt,,, ALsO this is super cute and was fun to write so Thank you!!!!

Words- 1110

Warnings- Awkwardness, Zoe doesn’t get her wish, and fluff!

Straightening out your outfit, you get out of your car. It just so happens that this car also holds Zoe Murphy, Alana Beck, Evan Hansen, and Jared Kleinman. However, while almost all of your friends were with you, there was only one missing.

Connor Murphy, your date.

The jackass decided he wanted to arrive ‘fashionably late’, in his words. But, your group was already running a little behind, and Connor was still not in front of the school doors, where your senior prom was held. You look around, trying to see if Connor might be hiding out somewhere, waiting to scare you. Alas, you could not find him anywhere.

You feel a hand rest on your shoulder, making you jump. “(Y/N), you look stunning. Don’t worry about Connor. When he comes, he’ll drop at how gorgeous you look.” Alana reassured you.

Of course, you had your hair done right down to the T. Your outfit fit you just right, and every little sequin was placed in such a way that you would for sure be noticed by everyone. Hopefully, everyone would include Connor.

Zoe gently grasped your hand and curtsied. “M’dear, may I hold your hand as we walk inside? And may I take your first dance?”

You laugh and nod. “Of course, m’lady.”

Zoe smiles and gently pulls you inside the building, the rest of your friends close behind. As you approach the building, you hear Zoe talking about how she ‘may or may not have two dates tonight’, making you laugh and gently squeeze her hand.

You all arrive inside, and that’s when you stop dead in your tracks.

Connor Murphy was already inside, waiting for you.

Not only was Connor Murphy already inside, waiting for you- he looked absolutely mesmerizing. The way that his hair seemed almost curlier than usual, the way his black suit curved and was tied together at his stomach. Everything worked together in such a way, that you were completely awestruck. You didn’t even notice the blush that began to form on both of your cheeks, as Connor began walking over to you.

Alana gives you a gentle push as Zoe let’s go of your hand. You can already hear Jared laughing in the background, but you are just so entranced by Connor’s outfit.

“Take a photo, (Y/N), it’ll last longer.”

Your blush reaches your ear tips as you smile and take out your phone. “Pose for me, Murphy.”

Rolling his eyes, Connor stuck his left hand in his pocket, a small smile gracing his lips. “I thought you would be more interested in dancing than my outfit. But I guess I could agree.”

You take a photo and put your phone away. “You look like you’re some famous Broadway star. So, while you stand here, looking extremely handsome, I’m going to go and dance with your sister.”

Connors groaned as he quickly grabbed your hand. “I don’t think she’ll mind if I steal you for a bit.” He gently pulled you over to where the rest of your peers were dancing. It might have just been your luck, or maybe Connor knew, but a slow song came on.

“I never took you for someone who enjoys dancing… Especially around people.” You murmur, wrapping your arms around Connor’s neck. Connor slides his arms around your waist and pulls you closer.

He shrugs and sways a little. “I don’t give a fuck about anyone right now. I just want to focus on you tonight, alright? I mean- I am your boyfriend and this is prom… And neither one of us thought that we would make it this far-“

You cut him off with a small kiss. “You’re nervous, aren’t you? That’s… Really cute actually.” You continue to sway and Connor just shrugs and mumbles something under his breath. You let out a small laugh and attempt to dip Connor.

“What the hell are you doing?” Connor chuckles and watches you struggle to dip him.

“Why are you so tall and lanky? Stop it lemme have this moment, Murphy.”

Smiling, Connor bends backwards slightly, the back of his hand resting on his forehead. “I believe I am ‘swooning’ as your dumbass says.”

You roll your eyes and laugh. “Wow, THE Connor Murphy is swooning…And has the dorkiest smile I have ever seen… I believe this is what love is, my dude.”

The moment Connor stands up, you let out a squeal.

“The turnstable, (Y/N). As stupid as this is, you look cute under me.”

“Maybe I should be under you more often?” You wiggle your eyebrows as Connor fake-drops you, making you let out another small squeal.

Laughing, Connor allows you to stand, and pulls you into his chest. He rests his chin on the top of your head as you wrap your arms around him. The two of you stand like that for a while, just swaying, even if there weren’t any slow songs. Connor just wanted to focus on you and only you. This was your night, and Connor was going to do all that he could to make it that way.

The way your outfit fit you so well, and the way the sequins added made you look so magical. It all overwhelmed Connor. He knew that this is who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. That you, (Y/N) would always be the one for him.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“This is going to sound… Fucking stupid or whatever, but… You look absolutely beautiful?” You could feel Connor’s breathing quicken.

“Is that a question?”

“Wh- No, what the fuck, no, not at all. I-I just- It was a stupid thought.” His breathing hitched slightly.

“Connor, whatever you have to say, it is important. What is it?”

He let out a small sigh, pulled away slightly, and cupped your cheek. “Wanna move in with me after school is over? Or something like that. I dunno, we could like… Find a place together or whatever.”

Your eyes widen, and you pull Connor into a kiss. “Yes! Connor, oh my gosh, you want to move in together? Of course, I would love to!”

Connor lets out a shaky laugh as he picks you up, twirling you around. He sets you back down and kisses you. You cup his cheek and you kiss him back, smiling.

For the rest of prom, the two of you danced together, quietly made fun of your friends when they stepped on each other’s toes, and made plans for your new home together. You could get used to being in his arms like this, focusing on only each other. Knowing, that you will always have each other.

just pd101 "never" things
  • the fact it’s made by pentagon bbs
  • the instrumental in the beginning makes me emo
  • minhyun in general
  • daehwi singing in this is so nice
  • “we are not forever” uh boi i’m hurt take that back guanlin
  • every part when minhyun says NEVER
  • jaehwan’s oH EHH OOOOHHH~~ literally my fave part
  • all the yeah eh’s
  • jaehwan’s i LOVE YOU
  • and minhyun echoing i love u back
  • do u ship it bc suddenly i do
  • daehwi singing the second verse <3 ((also does anyone else think he kind resembles a little bit of biticonjustine))
  • i loveyouloveyouloveyou oOOOH.
  • gaunlin improved so much i cry a lil he’s my son 
  • ong in during the bridge like did anyone else forget he sings bc he danced all this time
  • and then woojin rapping i dont wanna go like same boy me too me too
  • my four seconds of heaven forreal
  • jaehwan’s adlib “OOOOOOHHHoohhhhOHOh”
  • and THEN
  • the choreo after minhyun’s last never
  • idk dance moves man i am not a dancer
  • this song so good i can’t get over it

a/n: forgot about this in my drafts but this song never fails me

Thomas Jefferson X Fem! Reader

Charmed by the Enemy

Being friends with the oh-so famous ‘Schuyler Sisters’ has it’s pros and cons. The sisters are amazing friends, and you honestly couldn’t ask for better, but they had a lot of drama surrounding them. The drama was usually petty–that is, until Alexander Hamilton walked into the picture. Ever since the Winter’s Ball in 1780, the two older sisters were thrown into a raging hurricane of emotions. Angelica’s emotions being both hurt, at the loss of the man she loved, and happiness, for her sister. Eliza’s emotions being love and joy, for she had finally found the man she wanted to marry

. You, of course, were there for both sisters to vent or ramble to. For the most part you stayed out of the Hamilton drama. You merely watched and listened to the whole ordeal. After Eliza and Alexander married you figured the excitement would die down and life would continue to flow mundanely, save for the inevitable children in the future. The excitement did die down, as you predicted, and your life continued with it’s normal routine: attend events, turn down suitors your father brings to you, go shopping with some friends, repeat. Life continued that way for a short amount of time and everything was peaceful.

 Then, Hamilton got involved in politics.

You acknowledged that Alexander was a brilliant man shortly after meeting him. He has a way with words and a quill like no one you have ever met. Yet you also knew how much trouble he could cause with his words; your proof being the whole 'romance the two Schuyler sisters’ fiasco. You could only hope and pray that he stayed out of trouble; however, your prayers were left unanswered. Alexander didn’t necessarily get himself into trouble, but an instigator waltzed into town and brought the trouble with him.

The instigator? Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson is a big man with big hair and a big ego. Or, at least, that is what you gathered from Alexander’s raving about him that you witnessed when visiting Eliza. You had never met the man, but you heard about every insult in the book thrown at him from Hamilton’s mouth. Eliza confessed her dislike for Thomas Jefferson to you while you two were out for a walk. She had met him many times while attending events with her husband and he shamelessly flirted with nearly every woman in the room. You have a strong dislike for womanizers, so this information caused your opinion about Jefferson to become negative. Of course, you didn’t have a deep hatred for him as Alexander seemingly does but you no longer had an unbiased view.

 Eliza asked you to stay away from Jefferson, for her sake and Alexanders, to which you easily agreed. Would it really be all that hard to stay away from a man you don’t normally socialize with? You didn’t think so. A few weeks passed with little excitement. Then, your father informed you of a ball you had to attend. A local family, a wealthy one, was hosting a Summer Ball. Your family was one of many which received an invitation. Your father didn’t force you to do many things–though, many fathers forced their daughters into things such as marriage, attendance, and things of the sort– but he didn’t give you the choice to attend. He claimed that many wealthy men would be there, looking for a woman to court.

 Your father didn’t want to force you into a marriage; however, you were well at the marrying age and time was not slowing down. Your age, status, and the fact that you’re an only child only contributed to the rush to marry you off.As reluctant as you were to go, you knew your father would not give up on bringing you to this ball. You dressed in an elegant (Favorite Color) gown with matching accessories. You had your hair styled in curls with some of it pinned back, out of your face. As much as you despised these events, you love to dress up and feel like a princess for the night.

Your family arrived to the Ball at a decent time, receiving many warm welcomes from those who recognized you. Your family was not as well known as, say, the Schuylers, but you were certainly not invisible to the public. As your father and mother mingled with the other guests, you set off to find one of the Schuyler sisters. You were aware that they were supposed to attend the ball as well. You weaved through the crowd with expertise, as you’ve attended many of these events and have become quite good at finding your friends in a large crowd.You finally spotted Eliza on one side of the ball room, her arm linked with Alexander’s. You made your way towards her rather quickly, attempting to avoid any social confrontations with people you would rather not see. Lady Luck was not on your side that day.

“Milady! May I have this dance?” A rather loud voice calls to you as a large hand gently wraps around your forearm. You internally sigh, hearing a new song start as you take a moment to actually listen. “I’m sorry sir, but I am rather busy at the moment.” You reply, not bothering to turn and face him as you hope he’ll accept your refusal. “You don’t seem busy. Mind telling me why you’re in such a hurry?” That voice questions, his smooth Southern accent making his sentence seem like a song. You take a moment to think, deciding that taking the time to explain would take longer than the dance. “Actually, a dance wouldn’t hurt.” You finally turn to face your new dance partner.

 You look up to meet the dark eyes of the man before you. Your eyes sweep over his tall, toned body; wrapped in a rather vibrant purple suit. Your eyes wander back to his face, looking over his dark curls and trimmed facial hair. He smirks at you as soon as you finish your once-over. “Like what you see, darlin’?” He drawls, resting one hand on your waist and entwining the other hand with yours.You rest your hand on his shoulder and smirk slightly as you shoot back, “Maybe. You obviously liked what you seen, since you were so lenient to dance with me.” His smirk turns into a devious smile at your response. “Oh, I definitely did. Still do.” He rakes his eyes over your figure before giving you a wink.You laugh slightly, giving him a flirtatious smile. “Glad you’re enjoying the view, but how do you know I’m available? You could very well be dancing with a woman already promised to another.” You tease, looking up at him through your lashes. “You wouldn’t be flirting with me if you were taken, darlin’.” He replies knowingly.

 The song reaches it’s end much too soon, but your time with the handsome man did not end. You completely forgot about finding Eliza, so enthralled by your conversation with the man that you didn’t realize you never caught his name. Nor did he know yours. You simply enjoyed each other’s company, spending not a moment worrying about formalities or titles. The night seemed to fly by, though neither of you wanted it to end.

 Your dreamlike night ended when reality decided to rear it’s head again.

 "Y/N! What are you doing with him?“ A loud voice seethes. You turn your head to see, a red-faced, Alexander and Eliza steadily approaching you. "What do you mean, Alexander?” You ask, confused as to why he’s so upset. “You’re dancing with Thomas Jefferson?? Of all people?” He huffs, glaring up at the man who you now knew as Thomas Jefferson.  "Wait, that’s…?“ You trailed off, finally connecting the dots in your mind.

 "Well, that’s my cue to leave.” Thomas states, completely ignoring Alexander’s cold gaze. He turns to you and gently grabs your hand, bending down to press a kiss to your knuckles. “I bid you adieu, my beautiful lady. I hope to see you soon.” He winks up at you, before turning and walking off in a different direction.

 You couldn’t hear Alexander’s angry ranting, and you couldn’t see Eliza’s knowing smile; the only thing flooding your senses was him.

 Thomas Jefferson. The man who finally managed to make your heart race and your cheeks flush.

 ‘Perhaps he would be a worthy suitor?’

Alexander huffs as he sees your lovestruck expression. “We’re never gonna get her back, are we?” he mutters to his wife, an expression similar to a pout clouding his features. Eliza laughs slightly, knowing exactly what you’re feeling from when she met her husband. “I’m afraid not, dear.” She replies, a knowing smile on her lips once again.

 ———————————————————————————————————There may or may not be a part two to this. It depends on if it’s requested or not.

I hope you enjoyed :)) x

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Quartet Night Live Evolution: Live Viewing Report

Okay, here is my report on the Quartet Night Live Viewing. It’s a little scattered and mostly just my opinion on things. I tried to remember as much as I could about it all. It’s long so I’ll put it under the cut. 

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At this point I can only really continue to respect Francecso Gabbani, Norma John, Navi, Manel Navarro, Nathan Trent and Kristian Kostov, bacause they accepted Salvador’s opinion without making a fuss about it to stay relevant. What I’ve noticed while reading articles about this topic is that everyone conceives ‘disposable’, ‘fast food’ music as pop. Here, I’m quoting Salvador’s exact words: “We live in a world of disposable music; fast food music without any content. I think this could be a victory for music with people who make music that actually means something.“ Did he mention 'real’ music? Did he mention pop music? Am I missing something? What I make out of this is that a bland, meaningless song can be a pop song, a dance song, a folk song, a ballad, even a jazz song created solely for the purpose of easy listening. It really doesn’t matter what genre the song is - what matters is if you feel something when listening to the song, if you can react while hearing it. A performer, in my opinion, shouldn’t look like a robot on stage. He should like his song, he should connect with it no matter the message it’s trying to pass. I also think that an artist that truly enjoys his music won’t feel the need to defend himself against these claims. Think about it - why do all of these singers that liked Robin Bengtsson’s post consider pop the only type of disposable music? And to think that I liked many of this years contestants. Let them say what they want, Sal. We’re with you!

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Disney Soundtracks Headcanon [Pevensies]

Headcanon: Peter and Edmund’s favorite Disney songs, ones that suit them the most, or ones they listen to.

Note: I didn’t expect some of these to turn out sad, but well… it just happened, I guess!

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  • Peter loves to listen to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo from Cinderella
  • Though it’s a song that is pretty much nonsense, he knows all the words by heart
  • It’s fun to sing quickly, trying not to stumble over words
  • And never fails to cheer him up after a rough day
  • It always makes his siblings laugh and giggle when he sings it
  • He uses it to cheer them up too
  • Especially after Narnia, though it never seemed to work as well then
  • But he goes through his day
  • Occasionally boping Lucy and Edmund and Susan on the head
  • Or waving a stick around, like a wand
  • Whispering, “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.”
  • And hiding his own tears and anguish
  • Behind a small laugh, and a forced smile


  • The song Susan relates to the most is Reflections from Mulan
  • She wants to be who she used to be
  • A Queen, a gentle ruler, loved by her country
  • But now, she’s back in her body and is barely able to change the lives of her family and friends—let alone a country
  • It shows though, her nature to be a queen
  • She can’t hide it no matter how she tries
  • Sometimes, she expects things already done for her
  • Making her friends think of her as snobby at times
  • But most of the time, she does the kindest, most compassionate things for random people she sees
  • And other times, Susan gazes at herself in the mirror
  • Wondering where exactly is her long, black hair
  • And where is that beautifully simple yet precious ring that used to be on her left hand
  • They’re gone


  • His favorite Disney song is I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan
  • Seriously, he thinks it’s the best Disney song ever
  • He sings it and dances with Lucy
  • They have a whole routine for it
  • “How could I make a man out of you?”
  • “‘Cause I’m not a man! I’m a woman!”
  • He has actually sung this before in front of new soldiers in Narnia
  • Lucy dances it with him
  • At the end of it, most soldiers are quaking in their boots
  • Yes, from fear, and not from laughter
  • All because of the youngest Queen and youngest King
  • Doing nothing, except dancing and singing
  • With swords in their hands
  • And grins on their faces
  • That somehow, seem more terrifying than a pack of wolves


  • Lucy’s Disney song is When Will My Life Begin from Tangled
  • Honestly, the beginning is how she starts her day
  • At 7:00 am, she wakes the whole house with singing
  • Jumping on her siblings’ beds
  • Shaking them awake
  • And rolling Edmund off his bed when he doesn’t respond
  • “Edmund, Edmund, wake up!”
  • Then she does her chores
  • Making her bed, making breakfast with Susan, washing dishes with Peter
  • Once her schedule starts to differ from the song, Lucy creates new lyrics as she works
  • Susan occasionally helping her when she’s stuck on what to sing
  • Their house is full of singing from Lucy, early in the morning
  • Later on, her siblings say that her singing is better than a wake-up call by birds

yousef and mikael actually dance in the kitchen to cheesy pop songs too. but it’s a whole different situation to how even and isak do it.

bc with isak and even it was very much even dancing and isak being like oh my gOD you are so embarrassing why am i in love w/ you i s2g type thing

yousef and mikael????? oh boy. you don’t wanna be in the kitchen when they’re dancing. because it’s a DANCE BATTLE. i’m talking like. full blown dance battle. watch me dance, then i’ll square up to you, then it’s your turn for a while before ultimately i’ll start again and kick ur butt. that kind of dance battle. back and forth. totally a dance battle and not just an excuse to watch their boyfriend dance for a minute ok 

and it’s all silly and for fun, like, over-the-top robots, body rolls, etc. yousef once even dove to the floor and did the worm and oh god mikael’s LAUGH when he did that was just so loud, head bent back with it, that yousef had to get up and kiss him immediately bc there is no better sound in this world than mikael laughing

(also they’re both actually very good dancers and do it competitively but when they’re in the kitchen alone together it’s all ridiculous and playful).

anyway there’s this one time where they’re doing their lil dance battle thing and mikael is humming along to the song and it’s kind of a slower one than the songs they usually dance to. and mikael’s swaying his hips and moving his feet and being goofy, but yousef is just so captivated bc mikael is just????? does this boy know how beautiful he is???? like okay right now he’s got tomato sauce on his chin and his hair is all over his face but he’s just ?? so ?? beautiful ??? and seems so unaware of it, especially right now, because he’s just singing and humming and dancing softly and slowly and why does mikael pretend to know the lyrics to songs he clearly doesn’t know the lyrics to

and so yousef smiles wide which makes mikael laugh a little confusedly while he tries to carry on murmuring the lyrics, tries to carry on dancing, but then he stops. shakes his head and says, “what?” and yousef just pulls him closer, grinning now, eyes drifting to mikael’s lips.

 “you win this one,” yousef says, and then he kisses him.

long story short they make out in the kitchen for twenty minutes and when yousef’s mother comes in they get an earful bc “BOYS HAVE YOU BEEN KISSING THIS ENTIRE TIME???? I ASKED YOU TO CLEAN UP HALF AN HOUR AGO???? I’M GOING TO WORK NOW BUT THIS BETTER BE DONE WHEN I GET HOME”

and they do get it done. eventually. they just kiss and dance a lot in between.

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Sao have you heard Zayn's new song Cruel? Am I wrong for picturing Harry that sings it to Louis while dancing in a way that's goofy yet slightly obscene? What is my life

Have I hea-

Do you even know me at all? 

Of course you’re not wrong for thinking that this is what actually happens when it comes on:

“Lou….Lou. Louis. Louis. Lewis. LEWIS. LEW-ISSS.”



“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m a sexy idiot.”

“C’mon Lou. Don’t you wanna dance with me?”


“I know you do.”

(aka the face Louis makes when Harry is about to get his way)

…Or something like that. 


honestly ya’ll i wasn’t that big on do me right bc the lyrics are kind of cheesy and the whole dance with the mic stands reminds me of johnny’s groups and just makes me cringe but this fancam changed me. minho is actual pure sunshine and this cheesy-ass song about love is the perfect song for sweet baby angel minho. he is smiling for the whole 3:33 of this goddamn video and he just dances so hard and he works so hard. minho is just the sweetest drop of dew on a daffodil and fucking soul turned pink like cotton candy after i saw this fancam. u go minho :’)

The Dancing Confession - Klaus Mikaelson

Underneath my glittering ball gown, I was shaking with nerves but my facial expression only showed a flicker of worry. I walked to the door of the mansion that was built by hybrids who are sired to a person who can sometimes be a pain in the ass to the people who know him. The mansion glistened in the light of the moon , as the door opened the expression I wore before changed to a sickening sweet smile. The only reason I came to this ball was due to the persuasive techniques of Rebekah Mikaelson.

Rebekah noticed me in an instant as she was talking with Matt Donovan who I knew to be her date to the ball. She walked to me after quickly excusing herself from the conversation. Her near platinum hair was straightened then pinned up to give her outfit a more elegant air, her brown eyes were lightly dusted with sparkly eyeshadow and her normally pale lips were layered with a nude coloured lipstick which compliment her dress of emerald green which was the masterpiece of her outfit.
“ You look beautiful Bexs.” I said as I walked over to her and finally stood next to her.
“You look amazing Y/N.” she complimented back with a kind smile.
By the time we were in the middle of our conversation about some of the people at the ball Rebekah’s brother Klaus joined us to drag Rebekah over to the stairs as her other brother Elijah started his speech. In this speech everyone was given the information that the first dance was going to be a centuries old waltz.

Before I could even move from the crowd I felt someone’s hand on my arm.
“May I have this dance Y/N.” I heard Klaus ask me with a hint of worry laced in his voice as if he the almighty original hybrid was scared of my answer.
“Yes, you may Mr Mikaelson.” I replied with a cheeky undertone to my voice which raised a smirk onto Klaus’s lips.

As we got in position on the dancefloor in the ballroom I sneaked a look at all the other couples and noticed Rebekah smiling at me with one of though good luck looks.
The song Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran played and then on cue I was dancing with Klaus. I looked into his eyes and then knew It was a bad idea as I became hypnotised in them.  
“Why did you say yes?” Klaus asked out of the blue and in a curious manner.
“Because I don’t take what I hear from other people as gospel and because what I have seen of you from being around Rebekah and actually striking up many conversations with you, you are an amazing down to earth person.” I replied honestly.
“Why did you ask me out of everyone else at this ball?”  I asked him with a slightly shaken voice.
“Because as much as I have tried to deny it to myself I have fallen for you Y/N; I am captivated by you. With my heart and what left of my broken and battered soul I believe that you Y/N Y/L/N are my soulmate.” Klaus confessed with raw emotion and teary eyes as we still continued to dance with the song half way through.
As the song slowly came to an end my head twirled like a ballerina on top of a music box with many unanswered questions and before I knew it my heart had answered for me.
“I love you too Klaus Mikaelson.” I confessed to him and sealed it with a kiss to his lips.

The rest of the night went on a rollercoaster ride as me and Klaus showed affections towards each other at random points during the night with the bad things being that Kol got his head snapped by the hot headed Damon Salvatore.

What I certainly didn’t envision for tonight was ending up in Klaus’s bed with him holding me while we slept.

boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

[also on my AO3!]

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haim ‘something to tell you’

want you back  - this song is a passion of mine, i literally just can’t get enough. the power of danielle’s voice backed by her sisters strikes a chord in me. and I am in such awe at their musical ability, the way they can create great, classic songs ahead of their time. they create such authenticity rarely seen nowadays. plus, alana’s part is probably the most fun to sing and dance to in the car. (the music video is everything btw, at least half of its views are mine).

nothings wrong - this one sounds a lot more country, danielle reminds me of shania twain a lot so it fits. okay but holy FUCK this is a slow banger. the cut into the bridge makes me feel like im in interstellar. for some reason the whole song feels like a space themed movie to me, i love space. 

little of your love - i watch interviews where haim always say they want their songs to sound like the beginning of jurassic park, and although ive never truly seen that movie past like the age of 5, this one sounds like it. I love the part of the song where all that you can hear is a twangy guitar and danielle. also, when she shouts ‘ha!’ towards the end !!! I have such a straight crush on all three of the haim sisters but Danielle especially. where has this gone. 

ready for you - this one is so weird, it doesn’t even sound like danielle? is it not? anyways haim has a way of making me feel something. whenever I listen to them I feel like I have the same connection as lorde does to her own music, as she shows through her dancing. i am lorde dancing. there’s is such a weird group of people vocoded talking in your ear at one point in the song and it caught me so off guard but i kinda love it? and the song gets even better after that. 

something to tell you - this song belongs in anthony quintal’s ‘scream to the music bruh’ playlist, ive never actually listened to that playlist but i would put this song on it. CAUSE I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU. oohhhh fuck y’all, 3:03 is all i gotta say.

you never knew - a 70s summer love song, the twilight zone, the jetsons. a good song to lay in the sun with. 

kept me crying -  with the amount of effects on this song, you would think it would be distracting, all over the place, a mess. but i think its like ‘my song 5′ in that all the sounds work together to create something beautiful, which could be said about a lot of haim songs. woo, this guitar solo, i could bust!

found it in silence - this song goes from 90s broken computer noise (?) to ‘making my way downtown’ in the span of a few seconds. but I like the epic-ness, giving me lord of the rings realness. i wonder if their intention was to pair the meaning and title with this big, heavy production. there’s even a star-wars-light-saber-esque noise, how are these girls SO on brand with this space shit?

walking away - this song is so pink, so vulnerable, so britney without the rasp, mariah without the diva. not gonna lie i signed up for big brother live feeds during this song, but thats no reflection of how i feel about it, good song. 

right now - i live for the huge guitar part and the drums on the live version, which I can only hope they do at the denver show, oh the things i would do to see that live. 

night so long - haim are the queens of guitar effects. i just read the title of an article that said this album gives hope that rock has a future, and i love that, i love the idea of these three absolutely authentic, smart, funny, talented, sexy women being the forefront of some musical moment in history. this last song is slower, but i think it fits, its a peaceful ending.

i just want to say thank you, haim, your music is so fucking incredible and meaningful, ive said this a million times, but authentic. you’re talent is so impressive that i can only admire. haim has been an inspiration for me playing guitar, but also i get sad that ill never be as good as them. im all over the place but this record will stand alongside melodrama as a symbol of me as a person right now. this music could speak a thousand words for me. after all, i am a cancer and need an emotional outlet, and i guess music is it.

favorites: want you back, nothings wrong, kept me crying (i would list more but id pick all of them)

least favorites: none