i am actually a 4 year old


Two young twins (Ethan and Justin Coach) play your young son who’s 4-year-old Day. What was it like to work with those two twins? Working on Imperial Dreams—it wasn’t only a career move or something to do with building my artistic muscle. It actually built me and showed me snippets of how I would be if I was a father, when I am a father.

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“No your cat cannot be fed a vegan diet.”

I’ve been vegan for 6 years, and my aunt has been vegan for 30 years. I am poor af and I know I am contributing to the unnatural slaughter of factory farmed animals,but I buy meat kibble for my cat. When I can afford it, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I buy a small bag of the vegan formula. My cat loves it. She actually tore the bag open once and spilled it all over the floor. I was concerned as well, but 2 vets both said her bloodwork is 100% healthy and normal.

Here’s an example of a vegan looking at scientific fact, ignoring it in order to force their own morals and ethics onto a pet. This follows the age old vegan check list: 

  • your classic anthropomorphism. “My cat/dogs loves eating vegan! They beg for it!” 
  • taking their pets behaviour and signs of malnutrition (begging for food, eating eagerly, ripping into the pet food) as them “loving eating vegan food!”  
  • classic “My vet says it’s fine!” - This is often a straight out lie or twisted truth. They often don’t tell their vet they are feeding a pet a vegan diet or if they do, the vet reluctantly has to stop trying to convince them otherwise due to the stubborn ignorance of the vegan owner. Vets don’t want to keep pushing, incase the vegan owner takes their pet somewhere else (or just stop taking them to a vet altogether) which can result in health issues and death for the pet. 
  • No understanding what blood work tests for
  • also attack on pet foods and how they contain “no nutrition” and or just “left over bones! there’s no real meat! It’s just filled with filler meal!” (doesn’t know what offal is) before, in complete irony go on to talk about how much nutrition is in vegan pet food (despite the lack of tests and scientific evidence that says the exact opposite).  
  • using their own personal experience with their pet as “proof” vegan diets work for pets

This is really just textbook bad vegan pet owner. This is animal cruelty. If you can’t stand to care for a pet properly (this includes feeding them the correct diet) then you shouldn’t have that pet.

I honestly hope someone takes this animal away from @firephox 

Team Voltron as things I've heard at school
  • <p> <b>Pidge:</b> I'm a sleep deprived, gay, fifteen year old, dammit<p/><b>Lance:</b> Lift those legs ladies, this is a fire drill<p/><b>Shiro:</b> (to a kid that walked out of the class) Okay, leave then, fail this class. Wait, if he doesn't come back I actually have to do something, shoot<p/><b>Hunk:</b> (Playing Kahoot) The answer's the best color, (kid: what's that???) You would know if you appreciated and listened to me!<p/><b>Keith:</b> (playing Kahoot) Who the heck is "y'aint've", are y'all mocking me<p/><b>Coran:</b> My name is longer than Smitty Warben Man Jensen's<p/><b>Allura:</b> *long, tired, frustrated sigh* why did you submit this at 4:20 AM<p/></p>

it’s almost 4 AM and Attack of the Clones is on and all I’m thinking is “why did she marry this angry child who committed mass murder” and my answer is:

Palpatine influenced her. Because I can’t imagine a 24 year old woman looking at this 19 year old man who just murdered people and then agree to marry him, like, 2 weeks later.

I’m 24, and I can’t even… What?

And yeah, seeing the TCW shows them actually in love and caring but I’m also just hung up on AotC.

How do they get to that? They hadn’t seen each other in ten (10) years, and decide to marry within 2 weeks. I just can’t connect the dots on how that happens naturally within that time span.

So, honestly, I feel like Palpatine influenced her emotions, because I’m sure she was attached to him, and cared about him, and during the movie it does seem like there was the beginnings of a possible romance.

But no way in that short a time span??? But then again, love is strange.

Anyways, like, if anyone wants to offer another theory, please feel free to do so

Alright Antis, it's time to learn a thing:

A 17 year old and a 25 year old. This is what I am prepared to explain to all of you.

I don’t know if any of you have ever interacted with others who have actually experienced these types of relationships, but it’s not exactly uncommon. My uncle is 10 years older than my aunt and they met when she was 17-18. They now have 4 kids, 2 in law school, and own a restaurant.

My therapist friend met her current lawyer husband when she was 16-17 and he was about 6-7 years older. They have a dog now and are living quite happily.

A bunch of my family members (my family is quite large, so it’s hard to remember how I’m related to some) married young or dated young and married someone older or dated someone older. Some did, some didn’t. It all depended on what kind of person they met.

Now that we have some background, let’s get into the real discourse-

You can’t demonize every relationship between a person in their late teens and someone older because not every relationship involving them is toxic and unhealthy.

It’s the same with normal relationships. Many are abusive, but that doesn’t mean every one of them is. And you legitimately have no right to tear people apart from being in or liking this kind of relationship.

BUT-relationships between someone of, say, 14 and 25. Personally, as someone who is still a teenager, but certainly not that young-if i was still 14 and got into something with a 25 year old? I don’t think it would be abusive or unhealthy so much as I would be scared out of my wits because how the hell do you act in a relationship around someone of that age.

And, honestly? Unless said person is unhealthy mentally or something of the like, I can’t really see a person in their 20’s wanting anything to do with a 14 year old. However, platonically? Friendship wise? Yeah, I mean, I was and still am friends with much older people and am comfortable with them because I am mature enough to deal with it, and we like each other’s company. In the end though, a 14 year old and someone way older is just really unrealistic.

But, for me, it’s got nothing to do with morals or anything because adding morality into every little thing of your daily life tends to give one an existential crisis, if I find someone older than me who I genuinely think I may like and who seems genuine themselves, heck yeah I’ll go for it, but I am an overly cautious person who isn’t pressured easily, so it works for me.

It DOESNT work for others, and that’s okay. Stay away from older people who you’re not comfortable with. Stay away from that creepy old person hitting on you. Do not feel pressured into anything. Have your own opinions and thoughts and actions, and do what’s best for YOUR health and YOUR safety and YOUR happiness. Not anybody else’s.

But back to the fandom discourse, you can’t demonize everyone all the time because they don’t fit your standards to a T. You can most likely call out relationships between someone under 16 and someone way older because I’m not entirely sure a relationship of that age range is based on anything other than sex-mostly because I’ve never seen a healthy one.

Still, no matter what your stance on the matter, I really wouldn’t recommend getting into it with anyone on this site-actually, I wouldn’t recommend being on Tumblr in general, especially for anyone under 16 because Tumblr isn’t exactly a safe space-because in the end people live their lives. 17 year olds date older people and abusive relationships happen regardless of age or gender and yet y'all are arguing on a website about ships. The world still spins, and I still have 500 emails to send and respond to but procrastination.

Her Drinking a Potion and Turning into a 4 y.o.: SF9


He would probably laugh for  good bit of an hour. Just seeing you as a four year old was bringing him to his knees from laughter, however, all humour would cease as soon as a couple of days passed and you still continued to be the same four year old you. Then he’d become serious and start to try and bring you back to your usual state, asking you for information as to how you could possibly get the potion, and more importantly where and from whom.


Would honestly become such a dad. Like. I don’t even know how to explain, but he would just be like a dad. Like, dad jokes… Dad fashion… You know what I mean?


He would be terrified to leave you alone and too insecure about his skill to take care of you, so he would spend a long time contemplating between calling in a baby sitter or taking you to his workplace, in the end settling with the latter since he was sure that he would be less nervous about your safety that way- just until you got better, he told to himself while high-key enjoying you watching him dance and perform.


Would definitely use that period of time while you were a four year old against you in all ways possible. From dressing you into cute little skirts to taking cute princess pictures and stashing them away for blackmail, he would do it all.


So you know the way Zuho is like supposed to be that `cool dude` of the group [insert a sardonic smile here]? Welp, with you as a four year old he would abandon all of that pretense right out the window and he’d blush at your cuteness and would just be the most motherly of the group.


Probably the only one actually set into motion to diminish the effect of the potion that you drank. Yes, he thought you looked adorable as a four year old but at the same time he knew you shouldn’t be staying in that body for too long and that was his drive to bring you back to normal.


Would coo at you and fluster all around you, flying from side to side like a mother hen trying to cater to the needs of her chick. He’d be so flustered at your cuteness, too, totally forgetting that his main priority would be to actually undo the effects of the potion.


Would freak out because what the frig did you do to yourself this time? How did you even manage to get your hands on a potion like that? He would be so shook by your misfortune that it would freak him out a bit.


Would totally freak out since he himself is like a 4 year old and taking care of you would be: “What? What is this? Who are you? Who am I? What is a life I don’t know how to poop wat?” kinda situation.



I included my very first post and some old art just to show you guys how far I’ve come!!! please tell me you guys can see a difference lmao 👀 may 8th was my first post but its like 12:00 am rn oops!! im slow ;(

I don’t wanna thank any specific blogs and turn this into some friendship call out post or wjtvr but I really do wanna thank the 4 badlydrawn blogs that had actually re-blogged my first ever post! Thank you guys for looking past my drawing mistakes and in general ugliness lmao. I really wouldn’t have bust it wide open if you guys hadn’t reblogged my post :’) 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

@badlydrawn-narancia@badlydrawnmiki@badlydrawnyuyafungami@badly-drawn-jojo-kitties​ 🍊👽👣🐈 💜 👄

Also thank you to everyone in this community for just being here ya know? Starting out was really weird and some annoying/bad things happened but I’m glad I didn’t let that stuff chase me away because I do have fun with you guys.

Also Iunno why I be using so many dang emojis yo,, but yeah ya’ll are k e w l 👏✨😜 Idk how people see my josuke in comparison to the others but I really hope its because my josuke has the prominent juicy lips 👁💋👁

new studyblr account!

hi! My name is Nadia, the studyblr community has inspired me so much to do well in school and actually put effort into it. That’s the reason for this account.. I’d like to inspire others to do well in their academics too!

→ me

 I live in the Caribbean 

 I am fluent 6 languages and I’m learning a 7th 

 I am indeed indian :’)

 I’m 15 years old (I’m in VWO 4 right now which is a lever higher than IB) 

 I study in Dutch ( my notes will be in Dutch )

 I love animals and children

I’m taking the following subjects: bio, chem, physics, french, spanish, management & organisation, wiskunde (not sure on what the english equivalent is), ASW, ANW, English and Dutch 

→ hobbies

I love watching Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Jack Maynard, Kian Lawley, JC Caylen, Harrisson Webb, Anderson Webb, All Def Digital, Studyquill, Noshi, REACT, Stuktv, Kalvijn, Grace Helbig, Nile Wilson, Colby Brock & David Dobrik, Liza Koshy and Dan Howell on youtube (these were only a few, I spend my life on yt so yanno gotta have variety :)

I love to paint, travel, read and play around with makeup.

I LOVE orphan black, how to get away with murder, the office, the walking dead, queen of the south, misfits and skins

→ future plans

I hope to pass my “eind exams” (end exams) in 3 years

I don’t plan on taking a gap year cause that would sort of defeat the whole cause of VWO

I want to study in Holland (Amsterdam, Utrecht or Leiden)

I’m probably gonna do something that has to do with medicine 

Studyblrs that inspired me :)

@studyign, @aescademic, @lemonadeandlanguages, @studyquill, @studywithinspo, @studyblr, @studybllog, @tbhstudying

y’all have a nice day :)


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Just being curious, but what makes you believe without a doubt that Chris and Will live together?

Honestly, the only reason I am answering this is because I am in a bad mood and so salty begets salty.

This is a ridiculous question. They have, in fact, been living together since about season 4-5 of Glee (others who follow this stuff more closely can advise).   Without tinhat conspiracy theorist blinders - anyone simply sees and accepts this BECAUSE:

1. They adopted Cooper together years ago  

2. There are many vids and pics of their little family of two men and two pets together in their home, car, and out and about, and travelling - here, here, here, here - oh for fuck’s sake have my whole Chris and Will tag - it’s long - several of them at their home, in their pool etc…

3. Will is the one who cooks.

4. They  had an address published together in the LA phone book thing way back when they moved in together that tumblr got a hold of that I obviously did not post because we should not know their actual address.

5. I am lucky to have friends and fandom friends who have had the joy of a conversation with either Will or Chris and Will.

Honestly, I am in a bad mood - and I’ll probably delete this -  But reality is so fucking plain and obvious. They are a 27 year old and how old is Will - 34 or 35 - year old in a long term serious relationship. Of course they fucking live together. 

Get over yourselves and off my blog. 

Things You Should Know About Being Lithsexual

1. It’s the sexual or romantic desire for a relationship that fades when it is reciprocated. The sexuality of “Why haven’t you gotten a boyfriend yet?” and “Do you really just enjoy playing with people’s feelings?” and “Is that even real thing?“
2. I have heard these questions a million times, and most of the time they are asked by me
3. These questions come late at night, creeping in my mind and refusing to get out, making everything look darker, making the walls look like they’re caving in on me and the closet seem like it has monsters hiding inside, but I am the monster.
4. When I love, I love deeply. When I was 5 years old I fell in love for the first time. The crush lasted until I was 13. Now maybe I realize that if I had actually told him how I felt I would have gotten over him sooner.
5. I have seen every single romantic comedy, romantic drama, and romantic sic-fi movie on netflix. I watch them friday nights, when all of my friends are out on dates and I am alone.
6. I have always wanted a love like in those movies. But now I see that its only because I know that I’ll never have it. Because once you have it, you can lose it.
7. I broke up with my first girlfriend after 4 weeks. I had simply just lost feelings for her. I used to grin like an idiot when she texted me, but suddenly I just didn’t want to respond. I used to love when she hugged me, but then it felt clingy and unnatural. I used to get butterflies in my lungs when she held me, but then I just flat out could not breathe. She was one of my best friends, and I still loved her. Just not that way, anymore.
8. The second I ended the relationship, I started liking this boy. I had found out from a friend of his that he liked me and this other girl. At first, I cried because I could never compare to her. But then I cried because I hoped he picked her, because she wouldn’t ruin everything like I knew I would.
9.It hits me that I will never get married. I don’t think I can stay in love long enough to convince someone that I am worthy of devoting their life to. I see couples holding hands and laughing and I am tempted to try again, see if maybe it is because I haven’t found the right person, maybe those weren’t supposed to work out. No. I remind myself that I should have been in love with the people who came before. They did everything right. Maybe I can only fall in love with ideas.
10. I still tape “Say Yes to the Dress”
11. Im too afraid to go to pride. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be proud that I have ruined people and destroyed friendships and broken hearts that used to be so full. I don’t understand how it is classified as a sexuality when it feels like a disorder. Like a person comes in and turns a light in my heart on but then my sexuality comes and flips it off with no warning or reason.
12. How am I supposed to live like this?
Why is it that I am unable to love people like they love me?
13. What am I supposed to tell family members who ask me why I’m not dating, or why I haven’t gotten married yet? How am I supposed to tell my grandparents who have been asking and asking for grandkids? How can I look the people who ask me out in the eye when they get angry at me for leading them on, for flirting but never following through?
14. What am I supposed to do when I am all alone?
15. I think the key to dealing with all this, every bad thought that comes with this sexuality is to remember that its who you are. 16.That its the sexuality of always being there for late nights with friends, for loving yourself and your life, the sexuality of midnight cookie dough and not wearing pants all day, the sexuality of traveling alone and loving the simplest things in life
17. I know I’m never going to be a role model, a poster child for akoisexuals, but maybe this is at least something to raise awareness. We are here. We are valid. We are learning to love ourselves, learning to be proud of who we are.
18. And that’s all anyone can do.

A poem written and submitted by @emilygracecatherine

Terrifying Fanon Characters I've Come Across Scrolling The Homestuck AO3 Tag

JOHN: Cries. At. Everything. Also… clingy. Where is [person] ?!?! I need [person]!!! WhERE. Goes insane if left alone be because he lives for ATTENTION!!!! He will latch onto your leg like a 5 year old. Actually might be a 5 year old. Who knows. He doesn’t have enough character to tell.

ROSE: Weird Old Lady but in a young body. Cryptid. All you see of her is a glimpse across the Taco Bell parking lot at 4:13 am. She moonwalks back into the Taco Bell and orders a single dorito and then stares at you and offers cryptic advice.

DAVE: 100% bad boy stereotype. He smokes heroin behind your school near the dumpster. Everyone tells you stay away, for good reason. People say he’s an asshole. People are right. Also, where did the irony go. Its gone, much like my dignity after reading this certain fic.

JADE: Disgustingly happy or stereotype will-kick-your-ass-in-two-seconds bipolar. No in-between. She invites you to lunch with a heartfelt letter that pours her heart and soul into it, and when you arrive to the restaurant its a biker-gang-bar that she lives at. She punches a guy as you walk in.

JANE: Girl-who-bakes is her name, literally only baking is her game. Where is her character? Who knows. Did she bake it into her cupcakes? No. It’s just gone. Food is good though. Maybe because her character is only food. A good character arc for this Jane is dinner. That’s it.

ROXY: Eyyyyyyyyyyyy~ my man~. I use this~ at the end of evvvvery sentence~ cause im druuuuuuunk~. It gets old fast. Literally falls over other characters or any other person in the vicinity to shove her chest in your face. Has she ever even been sober? No. The answer is no.

DIRK: Suave. Sexy. Strider. Literally perfect, never is awkward, always knows what to say. 100% douche, 2000% of the time. No one mentions the anime shades, taboo subject. Anime is never mentioned once in the entire fic. Always cool, calm and collected. Ummm, no. Have you met the man in canon?

JAKE: Did someone say sport?!? I do sport?!? Watch me do sport?!? Sport!! Where did his ‘razz my berries’ talk go? It is no more. Generic jock. Football is his life, and it’s kinda sad to watch. He wanders around unaware of everything until someone says ‘Jake’ or 'football’ and then he smashes through 3 walls and a door to yell.

links ranked on how much i want to date them
  • Legend of Zelda/Adventure of Link: no real discernible personality other than that he's good at killing things, mystery factor gives him points. 4/10
  • The Oracle Games: I don't know if this link is a child or not, but he seems very trustworthy i would put my life in his hands. 7/10
  • CDi Link: honestly???? i'd fuck him. 6/10
  • Ocarina of Time: a good musician, but he might actually be a 7-year-old trapped in an adult body. wouldn't test it, 5/10
  • Twilight Princess: what do you think i am???? a furry????? 0/10 you freaks
  • Skyward Sword: a sweet boy who likes birds. sleeps in so you never have to worry about him waking you up. a musician, and you don't have to worry about his age like with oot link. would introduce you to all his friends and probably cook you soup. 10/10 he's wonderful
  • Breath of the Wild: a great chef, loves animals, and is very devoted. however, he lives in the woods and probably hasn't showered ever. 8/10 still very good

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So... I need prompts for two thieves who are rivals and know each other from a heist they did together....(they hate each other.)

I’ll see what I can do:

1.”Could you please stop stealing my jobs!” 

“If you couldn’t get them done before me, then they obviously weren’t your jobs.” 

2. “Don’t get me wrong, I still hate you and think you are literally the worst person I have ever met, but you have to admit; We were a pretty good team.” 

“True, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would throw myself into jail and claw my own brain out before I ever even considered working with you again.” 

3.”You only hate me because I’m your biggest competition.” 

“That’s not true, that would imply that you could compete with me.” 

4. “How can you even call yourself a thief? I’ve seen an 8 year old street kid pick-pocket you!” 

“Im sorry, Did you expect me to fight a kid over a wallet with 23 bucks in it? The kid obviously needed the money more then I did so I let them take it and didnt say anything.”

“Huh…That’s actually.. pretty decent of you…” 

5. “Oh no.. No, no, no. I will not, can not, and am not going to work with you again!” 

“Yeah, well, too bad. We have no choice.” 

“No! Last time you almost got me killed and you took my share!” 

“You stabbed my hand and took my wallet in the first five minutes of meeting me, did you not expect me to retaliate!?” 

I hope these work for you and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

If Supernatural were to get a spin-off consisting of female characters, would it be as successful?

Earlier today @hopespringseternal wondered if a Supernatural show of women would’ve been as popular as the one with men in it. My answer: No. Here is my reasoning why I think that.

In October of 2016 the new Doctor Who spin-off Class premiered. There were many problems with the airing of the show. First of all, it was aired online, meaning that if you wanted to watch it it had to be actively sought out. Not only that but airing it online eliminated any chance of stumbling upon the show on cable. Second of all, it wasn’t advertised at all. Hardly anyone knew that the show actually existed. Thirdly, when aired on BBC One, two episodes where aired every Monday night at 10:45 which meant that the show would finish airing at midnight. What a shitty time slot, right? 

The reason why I am pointing out these factors is because I wanted it to be known that there were many problems when it came to airing the show. All of that contributed to some pretty low ratings. I’m not surprised. 

Here was another reason why the show got terrible ratings and this contributes to the argument I want to make. Even if you aren’t a fan of Doctor Who, you have at least heard of it. You know that the fanbase is large, powerful, and has LOADS of content. A spin-off would be good right? You would probably make the assumption that a new spin-off would be popular as well. I made that assumption, which made me surprised when I watched the show and found out that there was an EXTREMELY small fanbase. Not only was the show treated poorly by BBC Three and BBC overall, the show was treated unkindly by DW fans as well. 

Before Class, the most recent and most popular spin off was Torchwood. I loved Torchwood when I first watched it and I can understand why people would want that show to come back, but I guess the cast was unable to get together again and the show never got a fifth season. When BBC announced the new spin-off Class, a large amount of people were furious and most of that was because Torchwood was not coming back. The show hadn’t even aired but it quickly earned a ‘not Torchwood’ label on it and many people didn’t even bother watching the show because it wasn’t the show they wanted. This attitude eliminated a rather large chunk of the fanbase from watching.

Now I want to discuss a different spectrum of this argument. The non-Whovians. Class is an extremely diverse show, it’s one of the most diverse shows I have every watched. The show consisted of six characters. Two of these characters were gay, and in fact a relationship was established in the first episode between those two characters. The relationship was casual and it was normalized. It is worth mentioning that one of the characters in this relationship was a Polish immigrant. These characters were not side-lined, they were mains. The show also had two POC characters. One of them is a 14 year old black girl named Tanya Adeola. She is so smart that she moved up three grades in school and is now in a class with 17 year olds. The other is Ram Singh, whose religious background is Sikh. They actually discuss his religion in the show! The other two characters are female. All three of these female characters are badass, intelligent, and beautiful. The reason why I am pointing out the diversity in the show is because I thought this blue website would’ve exploded upon hearing about it. It didn’t have a single straight white male in the main group (I say main group because one of these character’s dad is white and presumably straight but he only makes an appearance in eps 4 & 5), it seemed to be everything that this website wanted, and yet hardly anyone watched it. 

Why was that? There is still the fact that hardly anyone has heard of the show but there is also the fact that many non-whovians won’t watch it because it is connected to Doctor Who. It didn’t matter that it was completely separate from DW, it was still a descendent from the show. I am not placing blame on anyone. What I am stating is that a chunk of the DW fanbase would not watch it because it wasn’t Torchwood, which meant that we couldn’t count on the viewers of the parent show to bring in ratings. Then there are people who wouldn’t watch because of it’s parent show. This eliminated the chance of it getting many non-Doctor Who viewers, despite the fact that it had loads of diversity and a well written plot. 

There is a reason why I am pointing out these two sides. If a Supernatural like show, or a spin-off of Supernatural were to happen consisting of mainly women, I don’t believe it would be successful. The Supernatural fanbase really loves those three male characters and their actors, if a show were to be made and they weren’t apart of it, you could definitely count on having a large chunk of the fanbase not watch it. I am basing this guess on the fact that many female characters of spn are treated poorly by the fanbase, not by just the writers. If the show had three females as their main and did not have Sam, Dean, and Castiel, you could not count on the fanbase of it’s parent show helping out with the ratings. A chunk of the Supernatural viewers would most likely not watch it. If the show were to be diverse and have female characters, I don’t believe many non-Supernatural viewers would end up watching it because SPN was it’s parent show. 

I am not comparing fanbases or shows. I am purely going off of what I have seen and heard from different people. Class is not perfect show. Like all shows, it has some flaws. Some people did give it a chance and it just wasn’t meant for them. That happens with every show. But my point is that Class was mistreated by many DW fans and it just wasn’t given a chance with non-whovian fans. If a new Supernatural show was made that had well written female characters, the same thing would happen. It would earn a ‘not supernatural’ label and you wouldn’t be able to count on the Supernatural fanbase for good ratings and you wouldn’t be able to count on non-supernatural viewers to join in. I am not trying judging anyone who does not like Doctor Who or Supernatural, but it is a fact that some people won’t watch it because of it’s parent show. 

I love the idea of having a Supernatural spin-off that has women as the main characters and is more diverse as well, but I don’t trust CW with that idea, and I definitely don’t believe that it would be as popular as Supernatural. This is my opinion and thoughts on the idea, please respect it. 

True Story...

Me: *is @ doctor’s office because of severe pain and itchy eye*

Doctor: Yup, so you have conjunctivitis (pink eye), have you gotten something in your eye lately or used someone else’s eye make up?

Me: Nope, I just use my own eyeliner…

Doctor: How old is your eyeliner?

Me: Oh it’s only…*mumble mumble*

Doctor: Excuse me?

Me: It’s only, y’know…s-six y-years old…

Doctor: *pretends to not be disgusted* Yeeaaaahhh, you might wanna replace that. Anyway, these eyedrops have steroids and [whatever the clinical term is for benedryal] and for some people, it makes them really sleepy.

Me: Pssh, sure thing, Doc.

-is back home and takes eye drops-

Me: Already feelin’ better and it’s only 8 pm! Time to do some Day 2 Bunnyribbit Week stuff and reblogs like a totally competent blog mod should!

-30 minutes later-


Dear Mom at the mall

I knew the second that you walked in that you were going to say something. I’m not sure if it was the stagger in your step, the way your eyes widened oh-so-slightly as you saw my daughter and I sitting in the nursing chair. Maybe it was all of those things, maybe it was just the vibe you gave off, but either way I knew.

I felt myself instinctually curling around my daughter as you heated up your bottle in the microwave. As if my body could physically shield her from the judgement of your stare. Trying to block her innocent form from the daggers you were shooting our way. 

If looks could kill, so to speak. 

Sure enough, you took the chair next to me and with your  nose in the air you asked me with as much ice as you could summon in your voice,

“She’s a bit old for that, don’t you think?”

I took a look down at my 11 month old daughter, who thankfully had no idea of the negative attention that you were surrounding us with and continued nursing with her usual vigor and took a deep breath. 

“No, I don’t.” I replied calmly, hoping with everything that I had that you would drop it. 

“Oh, so you’re one of those parents.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes and straightened my shoulders. To be completely honest I was totally ready to give you a piece of my mind. How I had spent months researching the benefits of “attachment parenting”, how I had also don’t lots of research on the “ferber” method.

I was going to tell you that the average age of weaning is actually 4 years old, not 6 months like you’re led to believe.

That bed sharing, while stressful, is also some of the most fun I have ever had. You really shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried a 3 am dance party. 

And yes, maybe I am “one of those parents” but I am not willing to leave my child to cry because I am tired at the end of the day. I’m not going to teach my toddler daughter that her feelings aren’t valid at the tender age of 11 months. We are mammals, and I challenge you to find me another mammal that ignores their childrens cries when they need their parents.

And no, before you ask I don’t think that she will be hyper-dependent. She is a very independent child. 

And no again, she wont think that the world revolves around her. She will however know that MY world does. 

I took a deep breath and took one look at you, and stopped.

Because you looked exhausted.

Because you looked defeated.

Because maybe, you didn’t have a mom like me. Maybe your mom didn’t teach you to not judge others, that everyone is different, and that if you don’t have anything nice to say that you shouldn’t say anything at all. 

So instead of giving you a piece of my mind I said, “I’m sorry, it looks like you’re having a bad day. Are you alright?”

You looked stunned, then slightly ashamed before telling me that you had a long night. I nodded, because while we clearly parent differently we both fight the same battles. 

So yes, dear Mom at the mall. I am one of those parents. I am an unapologetic baby wearin’, breast feeding, bed sharing mama. I love my daughter and I know that you love yours. 

So maybe, just be a bit more understanding, okay? Remember, if you don’t have something nice to say, it’s best to not say anything at all. 

I hope tonight is better for you. 

Best Wishes, 

Sarah B

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okayyy so first off i'm uber awkward with the vocabulary is a 94 year old man, however i am fourteen, a female (who's pan whoo hoo💖), 5'4" (i'm tiny), i have darkish blonde hair and my optometrist says i have a unique eye colour but i think my eyes are just, like, blue-green? but they might also be grey idk, and i'm a dancer and a painter and a writer and a cellist and uhhh i like chocolate? (bc that's a hobby mmhm okay) and i'm bad at people so idk how to do a date and i talk too much so :))))

omg im a sucker for people who know how to play an instrument + people with blueish eyes. I’m a writer too, ;). 10/10 would probably go on a date.

blindspot 305 casting

Blindspot casting for either episode 4 or 5 (filming on the 21st and I am not sure if that would still be episode 4 or they have moved on to 5) for guests and waiters for an upscale cocktail party.

They’re also casting olive skin or hispanic infants (0-2 months) for filming on the same day. And for filming on the 24th - so this has to be episode 5.

Also, for the same day, a 13 year old blond boy and a 15-16 year old brunette girl (young Roman and Remi?)

But honestly, another cocktail party? Please please give me another sexy Jeller undercover! Actually, give me the whole team undercover because it has been a while since Tasha and Patterson have had the chance to be painfully glamorous and this is the kind of torture I live for.

so last night I went out for dinner with my family and a friend’s family and my mother, as all good mothers do, was reminiscing about funny things I had done as a child, and apparently when I first started school, all of 4 or 5 years old, when she asked me how I was finding school I told her “I like school, but boys are not for me”.

If that’s not foreshadowing my later sexuality crisis then I don’t know what is.

Wait, eggplant? You’re the one who made this [redacted]? I always reread that post and reminiscing the good ol days of king Nathan since forever :’). Nathan’s career is such wild ride. Tbh I actually thought he will never be a top contender and become an ss god™ quadless king of murrica because of his problems with 3A. And now he is plotting​ world domination with his beloved 4 different quads (“4lo soon™”). I am honestly terrified with him now. Goddamit kid

HAHA yes (removed the link but it’s not that hard to find anyway, i guess) can’t believe i’ve literally been watching nathan since he was 10 years old. he always learned jumps so fast (3A excepted) and was competitive and consistent (when he wasn’t injured) so i always thought he would be successful, but i didn’t expect him to uh. have THIS many quads lmao. i’m both surprised and not surprised at all about how successful he’s been this season. he’s got that special combination of jumping talent, persistent hard work, steely nerves and refusal to lose that will take him far, i think, as long as he can stay healthy. he is a tough competitor.

im v excited but also VERY nervous about marin’s senior debut… also, about squad, when would they even get the chance to be on the podium together now, i feel like they’ve missed their chance in juniors bc yuzuru always gotta be up there and ruin my dreamz smh

i never know what to expect from marin…when she’s off she’s off, but when she’s on she’s really ON. hopefully she’ll have a good GP debut but she usually peaks later in the season. a lot of people are gonna be watching her so i hope she can deal with the nerves well. as for sQuad, lol hopefully they’ll be on a podium together someday…they still have time. i hope. (just GIVE THIS TO ME UNIVERSE, at least ONCE)

trickleficklepickle: Nathan can jump his 51 quads in his polar bear onesie.

breaking records in jumps and in fashion, truly an innovator

what are the qualifications for one to be a card carrying sQuad member? for ex yuzuru does a good number of quads and has made records with them but he isn’t in the sQuad. is it an age range thing?

i never really thought about this because it’s like…not that deep lmao. but hmmm, well you gotta have multiple quads, and the harder quads, not just toe and sal because lots of skaters have those, you have to be able to land those quads most of the time, you have to be pushing the boundaries in some way and light a fire under your seniors’ ass straight out of juniors, and yeah you gotta be in the same generation, more or less. yuzuru’s def pushed technical boundaries but he’s not really in the same generation as shoma/boyang/nathan so it feels weird to include him? and he’d already been around for a while before the whole quad revolution started. i see sQuad really as this “new face of skating”, vanguard of the new generation kind of thing, children of the quad revolution. so it’s very dependent on timing as well. like, vincent is a bit younger than shoma/boyang/nathan but he’s part of this “new face of skating” thing so i kind of consider him as the fourth musketeer, for now. sQuad version 2.0. i wonder who from his generation will join him. (btw none of this is to brush off what yuzuru and older skaters before him have done i shouldn’t have to clarify this but just talking about why it feels weird to include him in this one light-hearted label that my friend came up with on the fly)

Awwwe, I wish we freeze time for the sQuad.

i’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but what i wish for them is good health for as long as possible ;;;; i don’t know what all these quads will do to the younger generation’s bodies. sometimes i worry that they don’t have that much time left. there’s something to be said for incandescent, but short, careers, but 1) i’m selfish and i want them to compete longer, and 2) age and experience gives skating another quality that simply doesn’t exist when you’re younger.

boyang and shoma tornado BOYANG AND SHOMA TORNADO

it’s been many hours and i still feel blessed in my entire body and soul (i just want them to be friends so bad ;;;;)