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5SOS Fan Letters

5sos fan letters

At my SLFL date, I am hoping to bring a book full of notes, drawings etc. from fans to give to the boys. Click read more to see the details or please reblog even if you do not want to participate, so more people can see this and hopefully submit something.

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I am my most joyful, most complete, most full when I know how much I am truly loved.

I’m loved and have been loved by many people, but there’s one love that surpasses all the love I’ve known.

The absolute perfect love of God for me.

He loves me like no one else ever has.

The way He loves me is what draws me back. And sometimes I can’t wrap my mind around it, because I know I don’t deserve it, and grace is difficult for me to grasp.

There is such a deep peace resting in God’s love for me.

All too often I’ve let shame, guilt, condemnation, fear of judgement or of being a hypocrite keep me from coming to the one love that meets me with total grace and tenderness no matter what.

I started believing this lie I’m not loveable because I see myself in a way that concentrates on all the areas I need to grow in. God’s love for me is not contingent upon me. It’s not about my worthiness. It’s about the fact He loves me, He freaking loves me like no one has ever loved me and more than I can grasp.

Every time I uncover this truth God loves me, it’s bewildering.

It’s wild.

It’s a bit intimidating.

I begin thinking, well, if you love me so much, I should be better for you- I should love you back.

-because I know I’m going to fail. I’m going to fall short. I love Him in my heart forever, but inwardly, I’m conflicted about my love because I’m sinful. I am. I can’t pretend that there isn’t a desire in me to do the wrong things that don’t glorify or honor God. How can I receive His love if I can’t give the love He deserves back?

I have this desire in me to love God when I encounter the reality of how much He truly loves me.

And that, to me, is the proof I need- that I even feel conviction. I have two natures. One I’m supposed to be dead to, another that brings me to life. (Romans 7-8 here).

I sit here and I try to grasp how much God loves me and it hurts. It hurts because of how deep I feel it and want it, yet I forget so easily.

I yearn for God. I want to just sit in His love and take it in. I want to know it more. I want my reality to be secured in that love.

I’ve been through a lot the past four years and it’s been hard to feel loved. Healing has only happen in unconditional, selfless love. Love heals. And I need more healing and more love than I can find in people around me, and I need to learn how to receive grace and trust love means it, because all I’ve learned is people say one thing and act another way. And I don’t believe that I’m loved except for a handful of people who love me well. I don’t know it like I should.

In life, you’ll think you know love and then you’ll get betrayed or hurt; your heart will be mistreated, you’ll be misjudged and wronged; you’ll suffer alone, you’ll blame yourself for how other’s treat you when it doesn’t make sense, you’ll wish it all was over. But not with God. God’s love will never, ever harm you or let you down. It surrounds you, holds you, keeps you safe. And that’s the love I’ve forgotten was there for me because of all the times I got it shoved in my face I wasn’t loveable.

So many things shout at me that I’m not worthy of love, that people don’t care, that no one cares about me or truly loves me.

The truth is, even people who do will hurt me and fall short of my needs for love.

There is only one love that fulfills, one love that truly heals, and that is found in Jesus Christ.