i am above all else thankful

Hey @taylorswift & @taylornation

My name is Rose.

I’m 24 years old & I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been a HUGE fan for about 10 years now.

I writing to you today to say THANK YOU. In the last few years I’ve faced quite a few obstacles in my life - all which have been made easier with your music.

I’m not sure what it is, but counting down to a tour date seems to just make everything a little bit better and more exciting (I’m sure others can agree).

Recently I’ve been feeling not so well and have been acting not so like my happy, energetic and life loving self.

I’ve visited many doctors over many months and FINALLY this month was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (..so pretty much a mixture of lupus, scleroderma and polymyositis)

The last few months have been dreadful dealing with these symptoms and re-learning my body and familiarising myself with the traits of this awful disease during a flare up.

Flare ups can be terrible and really change my mood and Heath quite quickly (photo reference above both from the same miserable day of dealing with this disease haha).

Anyway, I’ve had a lot of rest time recently - so I have been able to re-watch old tours, listen to past albums and just hang out with the fandom on here quite a lot…it’s honestly been a LIFE SAVER and helped me feel not so alone.

(enough of that pity party) I just wanted to say that I’m SO glad Reputation has entered by life at the time it has. I’ve always said to my family and friends your album cycles have been in perfect unison for whatever issue I’m facing on my life at that specific time (good or bad).

By entering the Reputation era you have taught me that it’s okay to unapologetically be MYSELF, even if that person is not particularly who everyone else expects me to be or thinks that I am.

You’ve helped me regain strength and confidence within myself in a time in my life where I’ve honestly needed it the most.

So above all, THANK YOU.

Watching you do whatever YOU want to do this era has been such a breath of fresh air.

Never stop making yourself proud…because we’ll be proud of you no matter what.


Rose ❤️


Hey y'all!

So finals are just about over for me, and as I was packing to go home, I noticed to my horror that I have barely any cash left. I need to fly home, and unfortunately my dorm closes on Friday, the 17th. I HAVE TO BE OUT by then, or else they kick me. I have most of the money needed to leave, but I am still short.

Therefore, I am opening 5$ sketch commissions! Even if you can’t help, please consider giving this a reblog! It really really would help me! Thank y'all so much!

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-Star Wars Content: Pairings (mentioned above), characters

- safe and not safe forwork are both allowed!

-I reserve the right to refuse to do a commission if I am uncomfortable in any way be it with the content or transaction. in which case, if money was interchanged, it will be fully refunded.

-Message me if you are interested! We’ll talk details there!

Ups and Downs- Philip Hamilton x Reader

A/N: This may or may not be almost 3,000 words?

“Hi, Mrs. Hamilton,” the young girl called cheerfully, smiling up at Eliza.

The older woman tugged her into an embrace. “Y/N, how wonderful it is to see you again! Would you like to join me for some tea?”

Y/N shifted. “Oh, I would love to, but I’m afraid I really must go see Philip. After we’re finished, however, if you would still be interested, I would be honored to join you.”

Eliza, who had led Y/N to Philip’s room, smiled brightly and opened the door. “Thank you, Y/N.” she turned to her son. “I always liked this one, Philip, she’s a keeper.”

The boy chuckled and Y/N let out a light giggle, but as soon as the door was closed and Eliza was gone, Y/N burst into tears.

“Y/N!” Philip exclaimed, running over to the woman he had been courting in worry. “Y/N, my love, what’s wrong?”

“Philip,” she began, sobs wracking her body. Philip wrapped his arms around her tightly, pulling her against his chest and rubbing soothing circles on her back. “I- we-”

Philip kissed the top of her head. “What is it, my love?”

“You’ll- you’ll hate me,” she sobbed. “I can’t bear you hating me.”

He kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then gave her the lightest kiss on her lips. “I could never hate you.”

“I- I’ve been ill the past few days,” she admitted, tears still falling. Philip stiffened, but before he could place a hand on her forehead, she continued. “But I haven’t come down with anything. The doctor came- came by this morning, I’m- I’m with child.”

What was supposed to be happy news caused tears to fill Philip’s eyes. “Oh, my- my love. Is- is it mine?”

She snapped up. “Of course it’s yours! But- we’re- we’re not married, Philip. I’ll- I-” she began to cry again, wrapping her arms around her knees and burying her face in the little hole. She was surprised when Philip began to comfort her again.

“Of course I still love you,” he whispered, his voice gentle and sweet. “I love you even more if that’s possible. How many people know?”

“Just me and the doctor,” Y/N cried out, trying to compose herself. “I begged him not to tell anyone else.”

Philip nodded slowly. “Well, then, we will simply have to be married right away.”
Her eyes widened. “Really?”

He smiled. “If we can get married before anyone finds out, perhaps we can convince them the child was conceived on the wedding night.”

She leaped up, wrapping her arms around him and letting out a shriek of joy. “Oh, Philip! We’re- we’re going to be married?”

“We’re going to be married!”

The plans fell into place right away. After tea with Eliza, Y/N and Philip returned to her estate, where he received her father’s blessing. They announced the wedding to Eliza and Alexander Hamilton, who were both overjoyed, and began to plan.

Almost immediately they were married, finally a happy husband and wife.

“I love you,” Philip whispered in her ear that night. “And if this child means that we were allowed to be married earlier then I am thankful for it.”

“I love you,” she replied quietly, kissing him. “Goodnight.”

He smiled and brushed the hair off of her face, kissing her forehead. “Goodnight, my love.”


It had been almost 6 months since her marriage to Philip Hamilton, and she couldn’t be happier. He was loving and sweet, but he had an arrogant, cocky way of doing things that kept him fun. He was smart and optimistic, and above all else, he loved Y/N with all his heart.

She was surprised when he came home broken one day, tears in his eyes and a packet of crumpled papers in his hand.

“Philip!” she exclaimed when he came home, walking as quickly as she could towards him. He would usually embrace her from around her swollen stomach and tell her about his day, but today he threw the papers on the ground, mumbled a greeting, and retreated to his study, locking the door.

Y/N stood in the middle of the room, her arms still extended. She slowly lowered them, picked up the papers, and settled down on a chair, unfolding the pamphlet.


She read, another pamphlet written by Philip’s father and her father-in-law. Y/N and Philip often would read Alexander’s works together, laughing over little quirks and talking it over. However, when she read the first few sentences, she suddenly understood her husband’s behavior.

A few hours later, she slowly rose to her feet and prepared a small supper, knowing Philip, much like his father, wouldn’t come out of his study for a long time. She rapped lightly on the door.

“Philip, my love?” she called softly. “I made you supper.”

There was no answer. She tried again.

“Philip, darling, would you like me to leave it outside for you?”

He said nothing. Finally, she closed her eyes for a moment and tried one last time.

“I read the pamphlet, my love. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, but you can’t do it alone. You need to eat, and to talk. I will leave you alone, Philip, but you have to come out eventually.” when he said nothing, she paused. “This child needs you, Philip. I need you.”

Y/N walked away, eating her own supper alone at the dining room table.

She was furious- not with her husband, but with her father-in-law. She had respected him, loved him. He had told her it was a good thing to be an educated woman, allowing her to read his novels and teaching her what he could. Alexander had always accepted that Y/N was a part of Philip’s life. Although the boy spent a great deal of time at boarding school, they had continued to write to each other. When he returned, they had begun to court, secretly meeting around Alexander’s strict study routine for his son. Alexander, once he learned of it, had accepted, and even encouraged, their relationship.

And Eliza- Eliza was the kindest, gentlest woman Y/N had ever known. She had adopted Y/N as an unofficial daughter, always treating the girl as her own. She must have been heartbroken, finding out of her husband’s affair. Y/N had to wonder whether Alexander had told his wife in person, or if she found out through the pamphlet. Was he cruel enough to do that?

More than anything, she was angry that he had the nerve to hurt Y/N’s husband, the sweet, smart boy she had fallen in love with. He didn’t deserve this, none of them did.

She was surprised when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up quickly. Philip looked sheepishly at his feet.

“I’m sorry, my love. I was just so upset, I couldn’t bare to see anyone. I- I was sure that after what my father had done, you would be convinced that I was the same way, and- and leave me.”

Y/N stood up and hugged him as best she could. “I love you, Philip. I know you’re hurting right now, and I’m here for you. I would never leave you. You’re not your father.”

Only yesterday, those words would have hurt him- he had wanted nothing more than to be just like his father. But now, they were a comfort, a reminder that he had Y/N.

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

My Dearest, Y/N,

I hope that you understand that you had nothing to do with the decision to face Mr. Eacker in a duel. He had spoken about my father in a way that I cannot allow. Though my father has made mistakes in the past, I still have undying respect and love for him. So, yes, I am currently at Weehawken. I have agreed to duel George Eacker. I pray I do not die, for I love you and our child and would never want to leave you, however, if I do, know that I love you more than anything else in my life. You have made these years bearable, made the darkest moments happy ones.

Your Love,

                  Philip Hamilton

“No!” she shrieked. She had awoken only moments before to find the note on her desk. “No, no, no, Philip.”

Y/N hopped to her feet, struggling to make herself decent as quickly as possible. Perhaps Philip hadn’t left yet, perhaps the duel hadn’t begun. Or perhaps it was over, and her husband was safe and sound, on his way home.

She saw no trace of him in the home, racing through the halls for any sign. She checked on her baby, still asleep in the crib. She made a rash decision to leave the child there- no harm could come to her daughter, there were a few servants in the house.

Y/N ran out the door, taking a carriage to the Hamilton’s house. When she arrived, in nothing but her nightgown and dressing gown, she was thankful to see Eliza standing before her.

“Y/N, my dear, what’s wrong?” she asked kindly, noticing the girl’s attire and tear-stained face. Y/N almost threw the note at Eliza, who read it, tears falling down her cheeks.

“Come with me. Is your child alright?”

Y/N nodded quickly, following Eliza to the carriage. After a short ride, they arrived at Angelica Schuyler-Church’s, where Philip was being kept. Alexander was already kneeling next to his son, talking in quiet sentences, openly crying.

“No!” Eliza screamed, taking in the sight before her. She ran to her son’s side, taking his hand and squeezing it. Y/N was frozen in shock, watching as her husband laughed and talked with his mother as if he was okay, although he was obviously nervous. She realized if she didn’t move soon, she might never see him again.

“Philip,” she breathed. He looked up at her, his face brightening the tiniest bit when he saw her.


She ran to him, nodding thankfully when Eliza and Alexander let her take their spot by his side.

“Oh, Philip, no,” she whispered, taking both his hands and closing her eyes, laying her head lightly on his chest.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry.”

She began to sob. “My love, please don’t leave me, please.” Y/N opened her eyes and looked at him, taking in his beautiful eyes and hair and face. He offered her a small smirk.

“I’ll try, my love, I’ll try.”

She kissed him, letting him tangle his fingers weakly in her hair. Then she laid her forehead on his, squeezing his hands.

“I remember the day we found out we were getting married.”

Philip smiled. “Which happened to be the day we found out we were having a child.”

Alexander and Eliza were surprised at the exchange, realizing they had gotten married so soon only because they had a child on the way, but said nothing.

“And the day I had her,” Y/N mumbled. “When you cried and cried because you were a father.”

Philip blushed but laughed. “Yeah. I just- saw these two beautiful girls, the most gorgeous in the world, and I thought, How did I get this lucky?”

She smiled. “And I thought, wow. I married the most handsome, kind, smart man I’ve ever met, and now he’s crying.”

They both giggled, closing their eyes and remembering their long history.

“You’re going to leave me soon, aren’t you?”

Philip smiled sadly. “My love, it’s beyond my control.”

She tried to grin back, but instead, she kissed him again. “I’ll give you a moment with your parents.”

“Just a moment,” Philip insisted. “I- I want to go staring at the most beautiful person in the world.”

Y/N stepped back, watching tearfully as Eliza recited the numbers in French, Philip following along like when he was a child. When she realized the life was going out of him, Y/N ran to his other side, grabbing both his hands and staring into his eyes.

She was in this position when he stopped reciting. She was staring into his eyes as he told her he loved her one more time and kissed her gently. She was crying and squeezing his hands when he stopped breathing.

Y/N barely watched as Alexander tried to comfort Philip’s mother, but she yanked her hand away. The young widow surprised herself by leaning into Alex’s touch when he walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her.

“It will be okay,” he whispered, though he was crying himself. “It will all be okay.”

She let out a sob. “I- I have nowhere to go. I can’t live there alone. I can’t- can’t raise her alone.”

“You can stay with us,” Eliza said once she had calmed down and made her way over to Y/N, taking her hand. “We would be honored to help you out until you’re back on your feet.”

She rocked the baby gently in her arms, singing a soft lullaby. Eliza came up behind the young girl, smiling.

“Is she settling down?”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “The day she settles down is the day I get some sleep.”

“Here,” Eliza insisted, happily taking the baby into her arms and cooing. Y/N giggled, perching on her bed and beginning to pick up the mess her baby had made.

“Hey, Eliza?” Y/N paused, looking down at her hands. “I think I’m ready to move out.”

Eliza frowned. “Are you sure, dear? You’re always welcome here.”

Y/N smiled. “Thank you. You have been such a great help, Eliza. I- I couldn’t have done it without you. But I’ve decided to move back home.”

“With your parents?” Eliza asked, confused.

She shook her head. “No, no, back- back home. Where Ph- he and I used to live.”

Eliza softened, wrapping her arms around her. “Good luck, Y/N. We’ll always be here for you.”

“Thank you,” Y/N replied. She bit her lip and looked down. “I miss him, Eliza. So much.” her voice cracked, making Eliza tighten her grip.

“I know, Y/N,” she said. “We all do. He loved you, you know. He would always talk about you-” she chuckled. “Whenever he came home, it was all about you. He adored you.”

Y/N smiled bitterly. “And I him. Goodbye, Eliza. I’ll come by to visit tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

Y/N took a bag with some of her possessions, deciding to come for the rest tomorrow, and her daughter into a carriage. When she entered her house for the first time since a few days after Philip’s death, she was surprised to find herself happier: she was home.

Although that night she put her daughter to bed alone, and when she got in her own bed Philip’s side of the sheets were empty, she knew she was never truly alone.

“Goodbye, my love,” she whispered. “I love you.”

Y/N could have sworn she heard a soft voice whisper it back.

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Morning Glory pt. 5 - The Maze Runner - Thomas au

Description: Based off the original story of The Maze Runner, where Y/N has been around a long time and she and Thomas might be the key out of here. I have my own take on this, I have used particular things from the movie/books but a lot I did change for this story!
Relationship: Thomas x Reader - THE MAZE RUNNER

Title:  A posse ad esse.

Word count: 2783

A/N: This part plays around the part where the bonfire takes place, although of course in a different mindset and universe setting. I couldn’t help but wanting a cute moment between Newt and Y/N, because come on, Thomas Brodie-Sangster? Yes. You know what I mean. Also, this chapter contains actual sex. 

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5 Part 6

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Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

Words count:

Warning: None

Requested: Sorry it took so long, but i was on Vacation now I’m baack and back to writing. hope you like this.

Elijah Mikaelson one shot of being the youngest Salvatore sister who has been BFFs with Rebekah since the 1920s and Rebekah cooks up the idea of having a Mikaelson family game night to bond them and the reader does everything she can to make sure all the Mikaelsons are there and in ‘good’ mood because she sees how much it means to Rebekah and after the reader is cleaning up and Elijah comes in and thanks her for putting Rebekah above everything else and confesses to loving her?

Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

“Okay, okay. I’m on my way.” You tell Rebekah on the phone and get your keys. “Be glad I love you.”

“Oh, I am glad see you in a bit love.” She says and hangs up.

“Where are you going?” Stefan asked you, he just walked in as you were leaving the house.

“I’ meeting Rebekah.” You told him and he didn’t look pleased, but he and Damon knew not to comment on it after all the fights you had about that subject. You were the youngest of the Salvatore siblings, you had a hold on them that even Elena didn’t have.

“Okay, just be careful.” He said and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Stef.”

“I love you too (y/n).”

You got in your car and drove to the Mikaelson’s. It was a quick drive with the speed you were going on. When you got there you didn’t bother with knocking, every person who lived here could hear you before you stepped in, and they all seemed to like you.

“Bekah.” You called and looked for her.

“In the kitchen!” You walked to the big kitchen and found Bekah with a few cooking books around her.

“You look like you’re in desperate need of help.” You smirked and gave a laugh. Rebekah just glared.

“If you’re done laughing, can you do what you came here for?” She asked and you stopped laughing and helped her set everything for the dinner.

“This is a lot for a family that can live without food.” You told her after you looked at the recipes. “We’re even making dessert?”

“Yes now help me!” she exclaimed. You started with dessert since you were expert in them.

You got flour, butter, sugar and eggs and all the other things you needed to make a cake. You were done in an hour and the cake had to cool down before the icing.

“Hey (y/n) I hate to ask you this but can you go remind my brothers of tonight?”

“Sure.” You said and turned your vamp hearing to listen to who’s in the house.

“Don’t bother they’re all out.” She smirked and you just rolled your eyes.

You got your hand bag and got out.

“Where to? Where to?” You repeatedly asked yourself. You decided to go to the grill.

You drove to the grill, it was as busy as ever. You stepped inside and looked for a Mikaelson, and a Mikaelson you found. But he wasn’t alone he was in the company of your older brother Damon.

“Damon, Kol what a surprise seeing you both in one room.” You said and clapped them on the back. “Now what are you two gentlemen doing?”

“Your brother was just giving me a warning about hurting you and all that older brother stuff.” Kol said and you turned to Damon and raised an eyebrow.

“Damon, brother can we have a talk you and I?” You moved your head towards the door, he nodded and you both walked outside and far enough for Kol to not hear you. “Look Damon, I usually let you and Kol fight, but please not tonight any day you like just not tonight.”


“Just do it.” You said begging him, Damon eyes softened and he nodded. “Thank you.” You throw your eyes around him and hugged him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, little sister.”

You pulled away from Damon and walked back inside and to where Kol sat at the bar.

“Kol, Rebekah sent me.” You told him and sat in the seat beside him.

“What for?” He asked smirking, after he turned to look at you.

“To remind you of tonight, so please don’t be late for dinner.” You told him, looking at him pleadingly.

“For you I won’t.” He said and you sighed in relief. You gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

You left the Grill and Called Klaus.

“Hello love.” Klaus’ British accent greeted you.

“Hello Klaus. Where are you?” You asked him getting in your car.

“You know somewhere doing somethings.” He said, and you could tell he was smirking.

“I don’t even want to know. Just be home for dinner.” You told him and started the car. “It will mean the world for Rebekah, and you especially. She loves you more than anything.”

“Don’t worry (y/n) I’ll be there.” Klaus’ soft voice told you.

“Okay, see you tonight.”

“Good bye.” And he ended the call.

‘Elijah, where would you be?’ you thought to yourself. You decided to call him too. But he didn’t answer, so you texted him ‘where are you? I need to talk to you.’

You were surprise when you got a text back saying: ‘in the woods.’ So you drove to the woods, and got out of the car, locked it and started walking into the woods. You extended your hearing.

“Over here.” You turned quickly, your heart racing. “I apologize.”

“It’s okay, Elijah.” You said walking up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“I was thinking.” He said and started walking.

“What about?” You asked him walking beside him.

“I would like to keep my thoughts to myself.” He stated and you nodded in understanding.

“Well I came here to remind you of tonight.” You told him and stopped walking, and so did Elijah.

“Don’t worry I’ll be there.”

“Okay, will I’m off then. I have to make sure Rebekah didn’t burn down the house.” You joked and left.

When you got back to the mansion and helped Rebekah with everything as, some waitresses for Tonight arrived.  They were all compelled by Bekah.

By seven everything was ready and the Mikaelson brothers were on their way. One by one they all arrived. First Elijah, then Klaus and lately Kol.

You left the siblings in the inning room, and saw that everything went as planned in the kitchen and what else. It was a few hours before the Mikaelsons were done and they all were hammered, or drunk. So that left you for cleaning with the few still living waitresses. You let the waitresses leave early as you felt sorry for them, and you cleaned the last bit by yourself.

“You don’t have to do that, you know?” Again Elijah scared you. 

“You have to stop scaring me like that.” You said, your hand on your heart. “And I know, I just want Bekah to be happy. And she planned for the girls to clean this mess up and I sent them back to their homes.”

“You are too nice for this family.” Elijah stated and you blushed.

“That is not true, I love this family and I love Bekah as if she was my sister.” You said.

“I want to thank you, for putting Bekah above all else.” He said and took a few steps close to you. “I enjoy how you make my family hope, they all love you and care for you.”

“What about you?” You asked him nervous of the answer. “What do you feel about me?”

“That was what I was thinking about today in the woods.” He stated and taking another few steps toward you. “And in the end I came to the conclusion that I do not care about you like my siblings… I care about you more than them.”

This time you took a few steps closer making you, chest to chest with him.

“I love you.” He said and put his lips on your and they moved in sync. You pulled back in need of air and smiled up at him.

“I love you too Elijah.”

Singing at a Supernatural Con - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Singing at a Supernatural Con

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 2,631

Warnings: None

Song: Reader sings the song The Change, by Evanescence. Listen to it here while reading the part of you singing.

A/N: It’s been a while since I wrote an Actor x Reader and this one was written a quite while ago. I don’t think I plan on writing/uploading another one, soon, (‘cause you never know) apart from a Misha x Reader that I have written a while ago as well and should be up withing this week.

I know that there are many of you out there that aren’t really comfortable with/don’t like reading Real person x Reader fics, whether it be Jensen, Misha, Jared (as far as SPN is concerned) or other people. I completely understand cause I feel uncomfortable reading some certain types of stories with certain real people that I admire and like. So if you don’t feel comfortable feel free to just not read this fic, besides my blog is SPN related and most stories, if not all, will be of a SPN character x Reader. So I would ask you to refer from doing any comments about him being a real person and all that. I just wrote a story using him as a character, that’s all.

Now I know Jensen is married (to a wonderful woman might I add) and has an adorable kid but for the purpose of this he is single, ok? Ok.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling just had to say a few things. ^^

Hope you like it~! ^U^ xx’

“And thank you for singing us this amazing song… fan-that-I-forgot-to-ask-your-name!” Misha exclaimed loudly through the mic.

The girl on stage laughed, just like everybody else.

“It’s Katie” she said with a giggle.

“Thank you, Katie, then! For your wonderful cover of Carry on my wayward son!” Misha said grinning widely.

The girl muttered a 'thank you’ and after a hug from all three actors, she handed them the microphone and left the small stage.

“Sooooo anyone else in for some singing, hm? Anybody?” Misha asked looking around the crowd.

“You should get up and sing” your best friend and roommate, (Y/f/n), said.

“Are you kidding me, (Y/f/n)?! Like hell am I getting up there, next to Jared, Misha and above all Jensen!” you whisper-shouted to her.

“Oh come on, you know that you can rock any song you chose!” she tried to persuade you.

“Nuh-huh! Forget it, I’m not going up there!” you said matter-of-factly.

(Y/f/n) huffed and rolled her eyes at you “Whatever” she mumbled.

“Come on guys. Anybody else. It’s the same people again. Doesn’t anybody else to sing with the unique opportunity of having Jensen Ackles play his guitar?” Misha asked again, motioning to Jensen in order to get more people to participate.

Not you, though. There was no way in hell that you were going on stage to sing in front of so many people with Jensen Ackles so close, looking at you and being able to spot every mistake you might make.

“Oh come on, nobody else?” Misha fake pouted “Ok I’m changing my offer. Who wants to sing up here a song of their preference withoutJensen playing the guitar, hm?” he asked

“Huh?” Jensen looked at Misha with a funny look.

Misha shrugged “You’re scaring them off. Maybe if it wasn’t with you there would be more participants” he said simply.

“Sooo? Anybody?” he turned to look at the crowd.

“I’m not scaring anybody off” Jensen muttered with a small pout, getting up from his chair and placing his guitar where he was seated before.

“In fact I think you are” Jared told him with a laugh and Jensen glared at him.

Some fans laughed as Jensen shot a bitch face to both Jared and Misha.

“Come on guys, let’s show these two that I’m not scaring any of you off. Who wants to come up here and sing? Hm? For me?” Jensen said with a cute smile that made your heart melt.

You would have said yes, just for him, but you were still too much shy to go up there. It wouldn’t have been problem if it was any other situation, but with Misha, Jared and Jensen there you found it impossible to go up there and sing. Hell, you didn’t have the courage to raise your hand.

Fortunately (Y/f/n) did have the courage.

Or well, maybe, unfortunately… for you.

“My friend here does!” she raised her one hand and pointed at you with the other one.

Your eyes widened and you turned your head abruptly to look at her.

“What the hell are you doing?!” you whispered at her.

“Trust me” she winked at you.

“No I don’t!” you shook your head, wide-eyed.

“Well what are you waiting for, then!” Misha said excited.

You turned your head to look at the stage where Jensen, Jared and Misha stood, waiting for you to join them. Your eyes were not as wide as before but you were more than sure that you had a worried and frightened expression on your face. You looked from Jared who had a soft smile on his face, to Misha that had a more like predatory smile on his face, to Jensen that had a smile that you couldn’t exactly read. His previous playful smile was replaced by a more soft one. Welcoming and warm. Something else there, too, that you couldn’t explain though.

“Come oooon!” Misha motioned with his hands for you to go there “We don’t bite… hard” he said and everybody laughed.

“Don’t scare her Misha” Jared scolded “Come on, sweet-y. You don’t have to be shy, we’re a family here” Jared said sweetly, though you didn’t grasp much. Your mind only on Jensen’s locked eyes with yours.

“See” Jared motioned to you, talking to Misha “You’re the one scaring them off in the end” Jared said with a smug grin.

Misha rolled his eyes “Pff whatever Padalecki.” he said and got off stage, walking towards you.

Your heart beat rapidly in your chest, you felt heat rise in your cheeks. You were glad though that it wasn’t Jensen. If it was him then you were sure as hell going to freak out, or faint, or maybe both.

“Shall we?” he asked in thick, fake Russian accent.

You giggled slightly but took his extended and slowly and hesitantly got up from your seat.

“And here comes the bride!” Misha shouted and everyone erupted in laughter, cheers and clapping.

You laughed as he linked arms with yours, walking towards the stage as if he was your father and taking you to an actual marriage, at a church, where the groom was waiting. Walking in a slow and rhythmic pace. You walked up the few stairs to the stage and he stood in front of Jensen with a serious face.

“You take good care of my daughter, son” he said in a low, rough voice giving your hand to Jensen’s. An awkward smile was on your face, a blush too. You felt a tingling sensation once your hand touched Jensen’s but you decided to brush the thought off. His hands were soft but at the same time rough, well calloused, just like you had imagined.

Jensen on the other hand just had the same look on his face as before. Soft smile on his face and and an emotion you couldn’t read.

You stared at each other for a while and then he decided to break the somewhat awkward silence. It was anything but that.

He chuckled and let go of your hands “Are you done?” he asked Misha and he shook his head, laughing.

“Actually, no! You two have to exchange vows, now. And I, by the power give to me by Castiel, will name you husband and wife” he said matter of factly and everybody laughed.

“Yep. You’re done” Jensen brushed him off and you chuckled.

He turned to grab a mic from nearby and gave it to you.

“So what is your name?” Jared asked.

You brought the mic close to your mouth “Uh (Y/n). My name’s (Y/n)” you said with a small smile.

“(Y/n), beautiful name!” Misha exclaimed with a big grin.

“So (Y/n), what are you going to sing for us?” Jensen asked and you bit your lip.

“I don’t really know” you mumbled.

“Isn’t there any song you like?” Jensen asked with a smile, trying to help you.

“Uhm a lot” you laughed awkwardly and he chuckled too.

“You decide easily. I like you!” Misha said with a wink and some fans laughed.

You looked down at your hands with a light laugh.

“Don’t tease her Misha” Jensen scolded him.

“Somebody getting protective here, hm?” Misha smirked at him and Jensen rolled his eyes.

Jensen brushed him off “Don’t mind him, ok? He’s just an old crazy man” Jensen told you and you laughed, feeling more at ease thanks to Jensen.

“Who do you think you’re calling old?” Misha raised his eyebrows at him.

“The person that just asked me to repeat what I said because he can’t hear. Obviously due to being old” Jensen told him with a smirk.

Misha opened his mouth to speak but Jared cut him off “Ok, (Y/n) let’s leave these two old morons to act like a married couple and we can get to actual job.” he said to you.

“We’re not old!” Misha and Jensen protested at the same time and all the fans laughed.

“Are you done?” Jared asked and without waiting to get an answer he continued “Ok then, (Y/n) what song would you like to sing?” he asked you with a smile.

“Uhm I have a couple favorite songs… a lot basically” you said with an awkward laugh.

“Good then. Any favorite bands?” Misha asked.

“Uhm apart from AC/DC, Kansas and all that, I’d say Fall Out Boy. I like Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park, too. Oh and of course (Favorite band/s). But my all times favorite is Evanescence” you said and saw out of the corner of your eye Jensen nod approvingly.

“Girl’s got taste in music” Jensen mumbled with a smile.

“And what song do you think you’re gonna sing?” Jensen asked you.

You pursed your lips for a while, thinking, and then spoke “I’ll go for Evanescence. The change.” you said and Jensen nodded approvingly.

“Good choice. Everybody give an encouraging applaud for (Y/n) and The change!” Jensen exclaimed and everybody clapped.

You laughed awkwardly and looked at Jensen “So you going to sing it with playback music, acapella, or do an acoustic cover?” he asked you after the applauds died out.

“Uhm acoustic. I can play the guitar, too” you said and they all smiled.

“Great then, our ears won’t have to suffer from Jensen’s playing the guitar” Misha said with a grin and Jensen rolled his eyes.

“Here take my guitar” Jensen said with a smile, handing you his guitar that previously lay on a chair.

You mumbled a small 'thanks’ with a shy smile and sat where the guitar previously was.

You took the guitar in your hands and placed your fingers on the correct cords.

“Ok whenever you’re ready” Jensen said and you gave them a small nod.

You turned your head to the mic and after fixing it, you took in a deep breath.

You looked down at the guitar in your hands and starting playing the first few notes. Getting all the stress out of you and trying not to think of anything or anyone but the music and the song itself.

Thought that I was strong
I know the words I need to say

You began singing the very first few words. Your voice was not really high. You kept it low, still feeling a little bit nervous. You took a small breath and continued.

Frozen in my place
I let the moment slip away

You blocked out every thought that could make you nervous. You focused only on the song and doing the best you could.

I’ve been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Aaa aaa aaa
Aaa aaa aaa

Your voice was louder this time. You could now be heard clearly, having gained the courage you needed. Everyone’s eyes widened upon hearing your voice. Jensen’s eye widened too. He could never expect that voice to come from you when you sang. You sounded just like Amy Lee herself, if not better. A huge smile appeared on his face and he along with the rest of the fans clapped. He put two fingers on his mouth and whistled. Some fans doing the same. It was an interesting surprise to all of them.

Say it’s over,
Yes it’s over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it’s not enough

More clapping was heard as you sang the long note and the power that your voice had.

Never meant to lie
But I’m not the girl you think you know
The more that I am with you
The more that I am all alone

The clapping and cheering had stopped and everyone sat listening to you in awe. Jensen above all.

I’ve been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Aaa aaa aaa God
Aaa aaa aaa

Say it’s over,
Yes it’s over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it’s not enough

You continued to sing and play the guitar. Jensen seemed to be in a trance. Looking at you with a huge smile, just like everybody else, awe and wonder written in his face. An idea quickly came to his mind and he seemed to snap from his daze for a second. He searched at his back pocket and took his phone out. He quickly opened the video app and started filming. Biting his lip to keep the huge smile from spreading once again. In vain.

Not that I’m so different
Not that I don’t see
The dying light of what we used to be
But how could I forgive you?
Just change!
And I’m a liar by your side
I’m about to lose my mind

'Cause I’ve been screaming on the inside
And I know you feel the pain
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Some fans had started doing the same as him. Filming you. While others had started talking among themselves, saying how good you were and commenting on the fact that you were rocking the song.

You’ve been dreaming
If you’re thinking
That I still belong to you
And I’ve been dying,
'Cause I’m lying to myself!
Aaa aaa aaa
Aaa aaa aaa

Say it’s over,
Yes it’s over
But I need you anyway
Say you love me but it’s not enough

As soon as you played the last note, everyone erupted in cheers. Clapping was heard from all around the room. Even Jensen, Jared and Misha were applauding you. You got up from your seat, mumbling small 'thank you’s to everyone. Smiling shyly, a slight blush on your cheeks.

After saying goodbye to the actors you went back to your seat and watched as the Supernatural con continued.


You exited your bathroom, after having taken a long and relaxing shower, and immediately dropped yourself on your bed.

“Tired much?” (Y/f/n) asked with a smirk.

You glared at her. You laid there for a while but then decided to get up. Walking past (Y/f/n) to get your laptop. Back to your bed.

You opened your computer and after a while logged into your twitter.

“Oh so now you’re ignoring me?” (Y/g/n) asked and you did not respond to her, too occupied with your computer.

“Come on (Y/n). It was just for fun. Besides you did well, didn’t you?” she pleaded with you but you just ignored her.

“Come on (Y/n). Why are you even mad? You met Jensen because of me!” she whined but you did not say anything.

“Ok alright, maybe not the classic fairy tale of him falling for you but you still got a chance to talk to him!” she tried to reason with you but you just remained silent.

“Come on (Y/n). Ok I’m sorry for actually making you go up there without you actually wanting to, but no harm was done!” she continued talking and you continued not speaking.

“(Y/n)?” she asked.


“(Y/n) are you even listening to me?” she asked again.


“(Y/n) are you ok?”


“(Y/n)!” she exclaimed and only then did you look at her.

“What?” you asked in a low voice.

“What what? Were you even listening to me?” she frowned.

“I- uh” you stuttered and looked back at the scree of your computer.

“What is it?” she asked and came to look at the computer’s screen.


Said the message than was sent just five minutes ago.

“Hey? Who is that? Who sent you that message?” she squinted her eyes.

“It’s…” you swallowed the lump in your throat.

“It’s Jensen. He followed me on twitter” you said almost in disbelief.

Comes in hand with this ( x ) and this ( x )

anyway because everyone is definitely wondering and not because I am just totally incapable of shutting up absolutely not  : 

Characters In The Gem AU Who Are Gems: 
Les Amis 

Gem/Human Fusions:
The Thenardier Kids , Because the Eponine-Cosette Symmetry is an inarguable narrative pillar of all things Les Mis Fight Me 

Characters in The Gem AU Who Are Actually Humans 
Everyone Else Not In the Above Two Categories 

Been trying to fight my mind on negativity within the FNDM but one think I know always is that I’ll always be grateful for R/WBY no matter what. It’s helped me through so much personally.

And above all else I am grateful for every single interaction Blake and Yang have. My heart will explode into a rain of actual physical “thank you’s” if/when bumbleby becomes canon like it’s so ♥

I also want to thank all the BB shippers who are awesome and positive and share cool art/fiction everyday. You all make my day better when I go into the tag - thank you! 

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anonymous asked:

(1/2) Hi, I'm the writer of the story with the transgender character. I thank you all for your advice, but I am a cis black female and throughout my life I've been bullied by my extended family, and other people because I don't act black enough. People called me "white girl" in high school. I am proud of who I am now, and it has taken me a while to gain my confidence back, but I still feel awful. I know this sounds bad, but I was particularly focusing on my characters feelings of being alone...

(2/2) and feeling like he’s alone. I wasn’t really revolving my story on the fact that he is transgender, and I know that it would be unwise for me to write about how it feels to be trans because I know that it’s not my place. I apologize for my ask sounding offensive, and I will work on my story again.

Hey anon,

Thank you for checking in about this! We’ve received a lot of responses about your original ask, and it’s always helpful to get some added context behind the questions and the stories we hear about through them.

On a personal note, I’m so happy that you’ve been able to regain your confidence and grow more proud and accepting of who you are. Bullying can leave some deep scars that can be difficult to recover from, and I’m glad that you’re making progress toward that by creating a character that you’re able to empathize with on that emotional level.

Your response here is incredibly sweet and respectful, and I want to thank you for coming forward about your intentions behind the character in question. I genuinely hope that none of the responses we’ve received or given have discouraged you from writing the story that you want to tell— it was never my goal to turn you away from a story you were passionate about, and I hope that you’re happy with the story you end up with regardless of whether or not you decide to revisit your character and make changes.

I would also like to thank all of the anons that came forward with their suggestions for being so respectful to the original anon and offering constructive criticism. This is exactly the type of discourse that we want to encourage amongst our followers, and it’s refreshing to see such honest and helpful voices speaking about a topic that’s on the receiving end of so much toxicity lately. You’re all wonderful, and we’re truly blessed to have such a fantastic community behind us.

Finally, I want to apologize if any of my own responses (either to the original anon or those that have written back) have been at all offensive or otherwise hurtful. I and my fellow admins are above all else dedicated to helping our fellow writers in whatever way we can, and our aim has never been to make anyone feel ostracized, insulted, or discouraged from their stories. If I have made this impression on anyone in the last few days, I am incredibly sorry.

We all know how difficult it can be to bring a story to life, and I believe it goes without saying that negative responses are neither productive nor welcome on our blog. You all have been the greatest followers a girl could ask for, and I thank you again for being so kind and understanding. I look forward to answering many, many asks in the future.

Happy writing to you all!


Instructor Hue (Public Request- Hue’s Smut)

500 Followers Celebration 1 Public Request
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Title: Instructor Hue
Fandom: Star Cross Myth
Character: Huedhaut x Reina (mrszala)
Notes: I love this request because sex in water has always been my number one fantasy and girl here it is, have fun with Hue. Well being in water should cool us off….. or not!!!  ;)


I am so nervous. For some reasons, I have never learnt to swim and the gods insist Huedhaut to teach me. So here I am, standing in his room and waiting for the lesson to begin.

“You’re worrying needlessly again.” A familiar voice says from behind, the god of Aquarius is half naked before my very eyes. His tone abs, his perfect bicep, does he workout? “Your face is so red, it looks like you’re running out of air. Want some help?” He teases me as usual, pressing my burning cheeks, I nervously look up and meet his gaze as a warm smile spreads across his handsome face. “Thanks again for doing this, you really don’t have to.”
“My pleasure.” His voice deep and confident. With a click from his magical fingers, the room darken while the pool in his room becomes bigger with stars underneath. “Wow, this is so beautiful.” Holding out his hand, Huedhaut leads the way. “Shall we?”

Slowly walking down the edge of the pool, I quickly stop and wrap my arms around my body, hugging myself. The nerves kicks in once again. But then I feel a long fingered hand softly rests on my lower back, a different kind of nerves strikes and sends butterflies to my stomach.

“It’s alright, you’re safe with me.” He murmurs into my ear, stepping deeper down into water and tugging my hand as encouragement. He smiles at me widely before letting go of my hand, the water is lapped around my stomach and to my surprise, I’m no longer nervous.

Well not nervous about being in the water for sure. But being in it with such good looking God is something else, on top of the fact that his broad chest and the way he’s staring at me is making me extremely horny. His nakedness does not help either.

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“Your heavenly Father knows what you need, seek His Kingdom above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.. (Matthew 6:32–33).
Never be afraid to pray, "Not my will, but Yours be done.” By saying that, you are simply saying, “Lord, I don’t know all the facts. My knowledge is limited. My experience is limited. So if what I am praying is outside of Your will, please graciously overrule it.”
I know this is hard at times. Sometimes you don’t understand why God doesn’t give you what you ask for. But as time passes, you will look back, and say, “Thank God He did not answer my prayers!”

anya5544  asked:

To all of the other anons: remember that these characters are still fictional. Remember that this is the work of a fellow fan roleplaying as these characters. Remember that the views expressed by the characters here may not align with your personal beliefs or headcanons. Thank you.

(Yep I forgot to say it in my last answer so thank you for that.

You can totally disagree with me! You can hate my hc, my ships, my ideas, everything! (but if you hate everything then I have no idea why you are following this blog x) )

But yeah, I am just a fan, all this is just me having fun and trying to make you all have fun with me. That’s all. It’s still a fiction and I am in no way above someone else’s hc, belief.

-mod lili)

anonymous asked:

hello friendo~! i know a few people have already said it but pleaseeee take care of yourself!! eat, sleep (as much as you can), drink, bathe... try to do things that make you happy. i know from experience that if you don't think about the good things, if you don't make sure YOU'RE okay above all else, it can lead down a really dark path. that path, however, depends on the person. for me, it was depression and even suicidal thoughts. please please please try to stay positive. i love you sm~! <3

Hey sweetheart. Thank you so much for the sweet message, it really means a lot to me. I’ve been there before so I know what it’s like. I’m also taking antidepressants but still have to get used to those again. Which is why I don’t sleep well and am pretty tired. I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve many fun things ahead of me so I mainly try to focus on that. Thank you so much lovely <3 <3 x

it-was-all-too-well  asked:

Ok so I have a question and I figured you're probably the best one to ask. So I've been frantically searching for new ronmione accounts/fics/pretty much anything and there's literally nothing. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I'd figure I'd just ask you. Love you're account by the way and I'm sooo excited for you and jessie:)

fam… thank you so much for thinking of me r u ready

so first of all are accounts and basically everyone over at the @romionesquad are amazing hp/romione accounts and they’re all so lovely and <33 you should definitely check out the members page bc they’re all perfect blogs w a lot of romione omg 

@otterandterrier made a wonderful blog specifically for listing active romione blogs called @romionedirectory and it has specific categories of blogs (it’s amazing, honestly) so i’d suggest looking there for blogs/fic/anything r/hr related really. it’s got pretty much everyone who posts about romione listed and it’s just a gem tbh

the romione community on tumblr is rly welcoming and there are a lot of fic writers that post/update fairly regularly so you should check them out!! there are a few blogs dedicated to reccing fic but most notably @ffictionrec who has an incredible and well organised blog (also @rhrmasterlist was a blog set up to document all fanfic so check that out!!) 

also there was a fic competition to celebrate all the fic that was wrote in 2015 @romioneawards, a smutfest earlier this year @romionesmut, and the secret santa i hosted last year @romionesecretsanta and these all have amazing romione based work and content

i only know of two new on-going fics atm: what’s changed and what hasn’t  by holly1492 and love me forever by @aloemilk which are both post-war and both amazing gosh

also just some awesome ppl who deserve a mention but weren’t listed in any of the above: @diva-gonzo @theperksofshippingromione @ladyknightley @coyotelaughingsoftly @rongasm (there are definitely more i’m just forgetful)

uhm what else ??? idk but if anyone wants to reblog this and add things they’re more than welcome to!!

(ALSO THANK YOU I AM ALSO REALLY EXCITED FOR ME AND JESSIE who btw is also an a+++++ romione shipper but i’m guessing u already knew that oh well i’m tagging her anyway @stuckwith-harry hey wifey ;)

Dear 17 year old me,

First and foremost, hang in there. I know right now things seem difficult and you’re confused and lonely and you’re wondering what’s the point of it all. You’re wondering whether or not you should give in and do the things your friends do to fit in or if you should stand your ground and hold on to your moral values. The answer to this is stand your ground.

 I am writing to you from five years in the future to tell you that I am absolutely certain that you will be damn proud of the woman you will eventually become. You will become a woman of strong moral values. Above all else, your morals will always be noticed by everyone around you. Even though you are in pain right now, you will mature into a woman of grace and mercy, kindness who is loving and caring. 

All the horrible things you are experiencing right now will help mold you into the woman you will eventually become so be thankful for it. I’d like to tell you to let him go! You know exactly who I am talking about. Please let him go he isn’t worth the pain. Five years from now, you will learn to live without the sound of his voice. You will learn to smile again.

Eventually, you will love again. For the love of God, please let him go. I wish I could meet you just to tell you this, let him go and live your life the way you planned. Stop making decisions because he told you that you should do these things. 

My advice to you would be: stop being so shy. There’s no point in being that timid. Speak your mind and quit allowing people to take advantage of you. Learn to live, please learn to live and have fun. The window to mess up and make mistakes and act like an idiot is so small, take advantage of it while you can.

Lastly, never change. You will get your heart broken a few times within these five years but you know what? You will be okay. You always are. I know now it seems hard but in 5 years, all those ‘friends’ who do those horrible things will be wishing they had not and then there will be you. You will be able to hold your head up high and live with a clear conscience. 

Hang in there kid.
Your older self.


~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #216


10:01 pm

Harry bonding with Arnold the Pygmy Puff, and Ginny walks in?

“You are a cutesy-wootsy little Arnold, aren’t you? Yes you are! Yes you are! Oh, you’re a fluffy-wuffy ball of puffy aren’t you? Oh, little Arnold-Warnold! Let me tickle your tummy! You little–” Harry’s Auror senses tingled, and he suddenly became aware that he was not alone. “Hello, Ginny,” he said, his voice about twelve octaves lower, “I was just cleaning out the Pygmy Puff.”

“Oh, thanks!” said Ginny brightly, and Harry got back to it, relieved that he seemed to have gotten away with it. Not that Ginny was really the type to tease him too much, he just thought– 

“It’s so kind of you to do that for me,” she added, smiling. “Especially when you’re such a busy-wusy little Auror-Wauror! Yes you are! You are! Come here, let me tickle your tummy!”

Harry huffed as Ginny roared with laughter, but Arnold the Pygmy Puff, balanced on top of Harry’s head, felt rather above it all. The human female was generally alright, he liked her, especially as she was in control of the food bowl. But he had just discovered that the messy black hair of the human male made the best nest ever–and he had no intention of giving it up. Even if he did have to put up with being talked at in that ridiculous voice.


sorry for the post stretcher here but I wanna try to do commissions again!

all my examples are above, and i try to be pretty cheap as best i can!

Im not really sure what else to put here besides that I cannot draw you NSFW! I am of age, but it’s not a good skill of mine. Because im shy and people from real life follow my account lmao.

Please message me if you’re interested, and please help spread this around so i can get some extra income! Thank you!


I said I was going to do it, so here it is.  Not sure what else to say but thanks for following!

I’m going to offer one traditional/digital combo piece!  One subject, full color and could include a simple background.  I am most comfortable with animal (real and fantasy) subjects, but could manage others.  Animals will come out waaay better though.  Above are a couple examples of what I’ve done with this technique in the past.

How to Enter

  • be following me
  • reblog

That’s all I’m going to ask for.  Entry starts now and the last day to enter will be January 31st, though I’ll count whatever notes are there when I wake up on February 1st.