i am about to yell

At the Orpheum Theater waiting to see the McElroys and it is SO WEIRD to be at this theater (big fancy place where I saw Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and a metric buttload of touring Broadway shows) and have 99% of the audience be millennials.

I feel old.

Slytherin Headcanons

• saying ‘shut up’ while laughing
• being extremely nice and understanding towards their friends but unapologetically sarcastic towards others
• speaking of sarcasm: they speak it fluently
• ‘I love you but I love myself more’
• going on long hikes by themselves
• they either go to bed early or don’t sleep at all
• they sleep with stuffed animals but deny it
• they never give up
• challenges are a great pastime
• saying ‘Tragic.’ way too often
• not everyone of them likes Snape
• 'No I am NOT good at potions and you can NOT copy my homework’
• falling asleep to rain
• nearly everyone of them has referred to Draco as a 'wimp’ or 'sissy’
• they will kill you if you insult their pet
• being proud of their background no matter who they are
• yes, there are muggleborn Slytherin’s
• they inniciate snowball fights
• complaining about small things
• 'I AM NOT YELL…I am not yelling.’

Gryffindor Headcanons

Hufflepuff Headcanons

Ravenclaw Headcanons

do you ever wonder if Dan and Phil’s neighbors know that they’re living next to YouTuber’s or do they just know them as the cute and loud couple next door?

“but petunia dursley was upset about her sister dying!” she told harry, to his face, that lily’s death was an inconvenience because then she had to look after him. she was active in and dismissive of the neglect/abuse harry endured while living with the dursleys. she had no qualms about kicking him out over false allegations until dumbledore sent her a letter. there isn’t much proof that lily and petunia were close before lily’s death, and by all accounts, she never spoke a kind word about her sister or in defence of her sister in any of her scenes.

idk, was i supposed to have sympathy for petunia??? 

Today on twitter someone told me I should SUPPORT the shows and movies I’m talking about instead of just tweeting about it because “tweeting about it doesn’t get them views/money” and I’ve never, ever, encountered someone who so badly missed the point of my entire online brand. Wildest thing someone ever said to me. 


“Sean Monahan wrote Jay Feaster. He said that I promise if Calgary drafts me, I’ll play in the NHL as an 18 year old. He did and he has 20+ goals four years in a row.”


so free up the cheaper seats
here comes a greek tragedy

  • things you should not come to me about: how much you hate ron weasley and his fans and how he's not that great
  • things you can always come to me about: how much you love ron weasley and the books and to complain about the movies

My players are trying to sneak out of a royal party with the princess, upon her request.

Me: Two guards are walking down the hallway; one away from you, and one straight towards where you’re hiding. The princess ducks behind you as to not be spotted.
Paladin: I look [Monk] in the eye and say “punch me in the face.”
Monk: I punch her on her armor.
Paladin: I fall dramatically into the middle of the hallway.
Me: The guard extends his hand to you and says, “are you okay, ma'am? What happened?”
Monk: I’m pacing and yelling about how she disrespected me!
Paladin: I lunge at her.
Me: Make a dex saving throw?
Paladin: *fails*
Me: Alright, the guard is holding you back now.
Artificer: I totally didn’t realize that they’re pretending, so I say: “C'mon, really? Things were going so well and then you started infighting! We don’t need this right now!”
Paladin: I’m just glaring at [Artificer.]


Warm up doodles from the stream tonight, more Bendy.

I like the implication that Bendy can melt into ink, and even use ink to hop around. i want to play with the latter idea more but I have other things to do first. :>