i am about to cry in this picture


I know you probably don’t want this but I give zero fucks and I’ve got zero chill in me :) 

I want to publicly wish you a HAPPY GLORIOUS GLITTERY BIRTHDAY, may this day when you had to wake up at 4am to go to work and will probably never end be the happiest and joyful and full of pictures of Diego Luna and Louis Tomlinson. 

So here’s to you getting older baby and i’ve been thinking about it lately does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changeeeeees, here’s to the bad decisions and the good decisions of this life i am glad to share with you, here’s to the tears and the laughter and the pain and the excitement and the tiredness and the discourses™ and the endless nights trying to sleep with that damn baby crying all the fucking time on the other side of the wall. I love you and I can’t believe it’s already the third birthday of yours we spend together. For the occasion, I am going to leave you a picture of your cake:

And this is two of our latest selfie we took that time, remember? How GOOD we looked !!!!


All the love for youuuu,


I am about to cry...

I just realized when my photo app updated on my Macbook—it deleted all my pictures I had saved on my laptop. 


“Sydney, they are just pictures.”


I am the photographer of my family…in my family, I have two nephews. (If you follow me on social media–you know about them), and I take pictures of them. I baby sit them almost every day—I taught them how to walk, talk, swim, and I am going to try and teach them how to skate this summer. I am at EVERY event they have! Boy Scouts, school and church performances (no matter how small their parts are), birthdays, book fairs at their schools, ANYTHING–I AM THERE. 

I take pictures and videos during these moments–now, some of them are backed up on my terabyte. Not all of them. I am scared to look on my drive and see when my last backup was. I am scared to see how many pictures I have lost. 

“Sydney, what is important is that you were there–don’t make memories behind the lens.”

I get that. I really do, but as my boys are getting older–they like looking back at old home videos. When my oldest was around 5 years old–he wanted to make a YouTube video of himself putting together his Power Ranger action figures into the Mega-Ranger-Thing. Well, I set up my camera and recorded him putting together his toys. I never uploaded it to YouTube, because—well–he was 5. (Protective Aunt, okay?); however, now my oldest is 11, and he remembered me making that video. He asked me about it a few months back, and he wondered if I still had it. 

I did.

His smile was huge, but he was also embarrassed at himself, as he watched the footage. 

I get not living behind the lens of a camera, but at the same time I love having footage and pictures to look back on. Ugh…I am honestly kicking myself so hard right now.

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Day 3 - Underswap

3 different predictions for 0.3! :D

Case 1: Cross befriends the berry. After a while,he feels betrayed.
Case 2: Cross gets stabbed. Again. Like almost every episode (Jakei thinks I’m joking with this weLL GUESS WHAT I’m not letting this headcannon go)
Case 3: Something (finally) serious. Remember that picture in the first underverse animation, where US!Sans is crying? Yeah. Cross is taking everything he loves I guess :D

May I say that, not only am I enjoying drawing in flash and this challenge, but I’m absolutely grateful about all the support crossember is getting <3 thanks to everybody who is (and will) participating!

Cross belongs to @jakei95
Underswap!Sans belongs to @popcornpr1nce

Y’all can keep saying “You’re not American so this election is none of your buisness!”. 

But the fact remains, that yesterday, I saw thousands of pictures/videos of people enthusiastically voting for the candidate they believed would secure their future and protect their rights. Yesterday, everyone seemed so hopeful that the bad guy could be defeated. 

So it should be understandable that today, I am devastated to hear about people crying themselves to sleep, people feeling unsafe because of their ethnicity or gender and people who consider killing themselves because of the outcome of this election. 

This is not about non-Americans interfering in American politics. This is about non-Americans who feel for those who will suffer from the outcome of this election. 

So I want all all my lgbtq+, muslim, jewish, asian, black, hispanic and female followers living in America to know, that we see your grief and feel with you. We don’t have any idea either, how this could ever happen, but whatever happens, we’ll be there!

SOMBRA IS OFFICIAL, finally, thank u blizzard

YES ME TOO I’m such a crybaby I saw a picture of a cat that looked so sad and cried for so long why am i like this :’)

V+Saeran under the cut!


- he feels so bad whenever you cry instantly will convert to Mother Mode ™

- who hurt you mc

- he doesn’t make fun of you for it he’s not a douche

- he’ll comfort you with a huge bear hug and snuggles no matter what you’re crying about

- even if it’s a pencil that pencil doesn’t deserve your tears


- Elizabeth the 3rd fell asleep on your lap and you just starting bawling your eyes out because she was so precious n she accepted you and Jumin is like holy shit

- he loves her too but got dam

- people don’t usually cry in front of him so he doesn’t really know what to do but he’ll give you a little pat pat and tell you that you’re okay

- “yes yes mc she’s beautiful, i know i love her too”


- he is too though so you guys cry about everything together

- he started crying because he was thinking about snakes and how they don’t have legs :))

- it’s just so sad they can’t experience running

- he’ll hold you and cry about things with you he’s an emotional boyo who is allowed to shed tears and accepts you tears and all


- he thinks he did something wrong when you cried the first time but you just told him it happens all the time so he’s like oh ok

- he’s so nice about it if you cry he will get Angery

- you crying about a pencil? he will fight that pencil

- hit your head on the cabinet? cabinet fight

- WILL kiss your tears away and tell you everything’s okay

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Haikyuu Senior Quotes

Daichi: Having to take care of gay children in High School is tough work, but I’m sad I could never throw them over the net before I left.

Sugawara: I actually wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Daichi.

Asahi: No. I never get anxious when taking photos why would you think that I totally am not getting nervous about graduation where I say goodbye to all of my High School friends and going to a different college *starts crying and freaking out*

Nishinoya: There was only one thing that got me through High School. ROOOOOLLLING THUNDEEERRRR!!!

Tanaka: Why wear shirts when you could not wear shirts?

Hinata: Why can’t a heterosexual guy tell another heterosexual guy his booty poppin’?

Kageyama: No, dumbass. *his picture is of him angrily drinking his milk*

Tsukishima: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you kill them. -Kei Tsukishima

i want to talk about this picture. victor looks like he is asking god if this is real. ofcourse , it is real you poor, pure baby. you both are gonna get married in s2 and live happily ever after with makkachin. you poor katsudon loving darling

and also, this one over here. he cannot believe whats happening. YOU FOUND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, THATS WHATS HAPPENING

I AM NOT CRYING *cries horribly*

I can’t stop crying looking at fancams and pictures of Yoongi crying.. I keep thinking about his stories and lyrics about himself struggling with anxiety, self-consciousness, depression, etc. since he was 13. And now all his and Bangtan’s hardwork has been awarded as “Artist of the Year”. I can’t even imagine how much love and excitement his heart must have felt hearing they won such a big award. I’m so proud of him for being where he is now as Min Yoongi and musician and performer Suga/Agust D.

If you ever fall in love with me you should know this beforehand. I am a lot to handle and more difficult then others. I cry quite often weather it’s at a sad song, a movie, old pictures, or just a regular morning. I’ll cry even when I speak of things that have hurt me in the past even though they don’t hurt anymore. I am afraid of being left and afraid I will never be enough. And when you say tell me about it, I will describe each reason why I hate me and will always disagree with each and every reason you say otherwise from it. You can tell me how much you love me countless times, but I will still be afraid of you leaving me. Please don’t blame yourself. I just have and always will expect the worst because it’s the only thing I’ve received. But when I fall in love with you, it’s a whole different story. I will fall in love with you, love each crack in your skin, every freckle on your body, and the light I see in your eyes. I will fall in love with the way you look when you’re asleep and your breathing pattern when you breathe in and out; it’s so calming for me. I will fall in love they way your mouth curves when you say my name. I will fall in with your beauty even when you think you have so many “flaws”. I will fall in love with the way you speak to me because every time I’m talking with you I feel something take over my entire body, almost as if I’m on a psychedelic trip. I can be difficult to love, you say you are too but being honest loving you probably will be the easiest, most honourable thing I could ever accomplish. All I ask is that you don’t give up on me, and in return I will never give up on you. I will love you with my entire heart and if one day you decide to leave, I will still think of you highly and how you did do those things for that time. I will still remember the kind hearted person you are for what you put up with. Never for why you left. I hope you can understand this.

I’ve been reading these days a lot of opinions about those “dark” Top’s pictures. I agree that because of the way he is, his personality and what we’ve seen him since some months ago (even a year, I could say) there’s something going on with him. But I don’t think those pictures where a cry for help. 

Knowing (at least as much as you can know as a fan) how he is, I doubt IG is his way of telling the world there’s something going on. And even if he was crying in those pictures, someone had to take them, and then he had to make the decision of uploading them. And even if he was drunk, he could have deleted them as he usually does. I think those pictures where another way of art.

But, am I saying that there’s nothing to worry about? No. Like I said a couple of times, I think he’s not him on stage most of the times. And latelly I’ve seen things that I don’t like and that have me worried. But why do fans need a neon sign (like those pictures) to wonder if there’s something wrong when he’s been talking about “feeling alone” for example, how he thinks he’s fated to agonize..? He has a different way of  seeing life, like those artist with old souls. A different vision of life and espectations of himself. We can’t expect him to act like the others, but also, we can’t not see the other signs. 

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I absolutely adore Viria’s art all together. Her art of Will? I about died when I first saw it. It’s absolutely incredible and perfectly fits how I pictured Will. I got so excited when I saw it and I squealed.

We all talk about how Jumin is sexy daddy dom 50 shades of Han blah blah.




Like with Zen you expect it and it’s great but Jumin is always so serious and the n h e just SAYS HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU AND WORRIES ABOUT YOU AND IS SO EAGER TO MAKE YOU HAPPPY?!??!

“your honey bunny is here~”



to summarize:

Jumin Han is a pure, innocent angel with a lot of love that he just wants to shower you in and HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT SO HE PANICS PLZ LOVE HIM AS I DO HE IS DOING HIS BEST.

PSA: This is the face of relapse.

For those who know me, you know I never make these kind of posts and would NEVER post a horrible picture of my face like this but this is very important to me so please read this if you have the time.

This was taken 5 minutes after finding out someone who means the absolute world to me relapsed last night. This is the face no one sees or talks about. It’s the face of a mother crying herself to sleep at 3 am because she doesn’t know where she went wrong. It’s a brother wondering if he may ever see his siblings smile or hear their laugh again. It’s a significant other standing at the edge of a cliff begging a god they don’t believe in to give them a reason not to jump. Addiction hurts so many more people than the user. It’s so real. The pain I know is visible in my eyes here and I’m telling you now it’s so very real. As I’ve learned from professional psychologists and addiction counselors through all of this is you can’t stop them if they don’t want to get better. If they want to use, they are going to do it but what you can at least do is help the people around them. Make sure their family is ok. Make sure their girlfriend or brother or best friend is ok. Let them know you’re someone they can reach out to. Help. Do anything. Even a phone call could save a life. So I guess I’m just saying please be aware this is a very real, serious, and painful thing. If you’re a user, I’m begging you. Please get help. You are so much more valuable than you think. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Be ashamed if your mother has to put you in a grave at 22 years old because you wouldn’t tell her what was going on. Please for me get help. If you’re the loved one of a user please know that my heart goes out to you. I feel your pain more than you could ever imagine. And lastly, if you’re someone who knows someone in my position or the users position, do something. I’m not saying you have to sacrifice as many things as I have, but even a phone call or text saying “I’m here for you” makes a difference.

Reason why I don’t think kyman fans should worry...

First of all, Is it me, or did Matt and Trey really tell us that Kyman broke up and Cartman is trying to move on while Kyle misses him!?!? AM I REALLY FINDING THIS CONNECTION OR AM I JUST A CRAZY SHIPPER??

Ahem…anyway, so we all know while everyone was breaking up, Kyle was crying over a picture of Cartman.


Okay so in The Damned, when Gerald called Kyle down, the boy still looked upset and was looking down before looking at his father and then the police.

 A sure sign that the guys were all talking about their lost loves, except for Craig and Butters of course- and Stan who was mopping in his room… So Kyle’s still not over what he and the boys have done to Cartman. He’s still worried about his friend.

Also look at his face during this clip!

After he says, “But we were wrong!” He looks to the side, lost in his thoughts. So I feel like there’s going to be more emotional scenes with Kyle and Cartman. 

PLUS, something good had to happen since Kyle’s going to be on Cartman’s team and Cartman gave him two movies at that!

Pidge Headcanons

- Pidge doesn’t care what pronouns you use for them, as they’ve said: “You don’t need to know what I am to fear me.” No one else questioned them after that.

- Pidge once asked Allura if she could teach them how to have their enemies fear them and how to destroy them from the inside out. Allura was so proud she had a picture framed for that moment. (After everyone told her what it was and for what occasions it was for)

- They are secretly pigeons in a bodysuit

- They’ll sometimes hang out with Lance and Hunk outside of the castle stargazing and talking about the shenanigans they got up to at the Garrison.

- Some nights Pidge will cry a bit whenever they think about Rover.

- Pidge will talk with Shiro sometimes about Sam and Matt, and will talk about the crazy stuff her and Matt would get up to at home. Pidge pretends not to notice how fond Shiro gets when he talks about Matt and they’ll lean against his shoulder as some form of small comfort.

- Pidge is literally moments away from just locking Kaith and Lance in a room already. The tension is killing them, and the look they give each other when they think the other and no one is looking makes her want to rip out some hair, preferably theirs.

- Pidge creates small games on the side when they have nothing better to do, if only to keep Lance busy until the next week.

- Pidge prefers Hunk’s company to the other’s whenever they have to fix something, Hunk always seems to know what tool they need and when.

- Allura won’t admit it but she’s afraid for anyone that crosses Pidge’s path.

- When the squad wants to have a movie night Pidge whips out a flashdrive with a massive list of horror, thriller, and action movies, enough to last them many more movie nights. “You keep a flash drive of movies on you?”
“What you don’t?”

- Pidge created a set of blasters that shoot goo for everyone so that they can have target practice or a just a break from everything for a few moments. No one ever knew how trigger happy the princess could be.

- Pidge makes sure to scan and mark any planets with a safe atmosphere and oceans to visit for Lance whenever they have the time.

- If Pidge is feeling especially lonely they go in their lion and sleep there for the night, the soft hum in the back of their head comforts them.

You’re it!

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10 things about myself
1. i dont have that many friends
2. i really dont like talking about myself
3. ive recently become kpop trash
4. i am voltron trash
5. i cry during disney movies
6. i take more pictures of my dog than selfies
7. i have scars on my leg from when i was younger
8. i have a scar on my right eyebrow
9. im a coffee addict
10. i also act a hell of a lot younger than i am

favorite ships/otps
souharu (free)
kagakuro (knb)
tanahina (haikyuu)
karmagisa (assclass)
rikuasu (pos)
kirikamibaku (bnha)

1.whats your favorite animal?

2. what was your first anime?
okay, the first thing i ever watched was junjou romantica

3. any celebrity crushes?
TOM FELTON like fucking please

4. favorite movie?
Mulan & Pocahontas

5. favorite tv show?
well i only watch CW’s The Flash. (other than cooking shows)

6. favorite color?
pinks, purples, blues

7. do you have pets?

8. do you have siblings?
two brothers and a sister! all younger than me

9. favorite bands?
i dont really have favorites. i just listen to a shit ton of different things

10. what kind of phone do you have?
i have an iphone 6s plus! and i refuse to use anything else

11. whats your sexuality? (ok weird question to ask myself but i ran out of ideas)
im 50% fictional-character sexual. 45% attracted to girls. 5% attracted to boys
11 questions for my friends:
1. whats your favorite song?
2. favorite movies?
3. favorite memory?
4. favorite place to be?
5. if you could travel one place, where would you go?
6. what would you do with a million dollars?
7. favorite book series?
8. do you have any siblings?
9. coffee or tea?
10. video games. new consoles or classics?
11. favorite blogs?

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