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Imagine Chanyeol and Kyungsoo sitting infront of the keyboard, in Yeol’s tiny studio. Shoulders and knees touching occasionally. Kyungsoo focused on the keyboard, trying notes and chords, pressing one key at a time, singing at the same time the lyrics he wrote. Chanyeol focused on Soo, watching him with a smile on his face, can’t help but giggle when Kyungsoo struggles with a note. And Kyungsoo turning to Yeol, hitting him with an annoyed face but a playful heart, telling him not to laugh and help him instead. Surrendering, Yeol adjusting the notes with the same warm smile and this continues all night. They are not getting tired of sitting next to each other in that small room, now warmer and cozier, as their voices harmonize together perfectly while singing Love Yourself through the end of the night.

ninjafujoshi replied to your post:Incidentally, once Harlow’s identity is revealed,…

listen. i don’t need to know harlow’s secret identity to cry about him. there is at least a 65% chance that I am crying about him at any point during the day. that percentage is even higher now that I’ve actually got some context for who he is.

“At any point,” Garfit asked, despite it all, because they wouldn’t be themself if they didn’t poke inevitability with a stick every now and then; they were contractually obligated, they were sure, “has any of it been worth it?”

“…you get to laugh at people a lot?” Harlow offered, shrugging awkwardly. “I mean, you need to burn through the urge to feel bad about them, or, fuck, help them first. But once you’re nice and dead inside, there’s a surprising amount of laughing to be done.”

“Ah,” said Garfit, “I… see.”

“And,” Harlow went on, almost hopeful, “there’s always booze. You wouldn’t think so, but that’s the true thread uniting all sentient life in the Universe, in my experience. It’s how we cope with knowledge of our own mortality, I think. As soon as any species evolves into self-awareness, you can bet your frilly, gold-plated ass they’ll figure out drugs to take the edge off.”

“My ass isn’t gold-plated,” Garfit replied, deadpan. “Also, you’re immortal.”

“I know that,” Harlow scoffed, “but what with everything that’s happened, I just can’t shake off the hope that if I say it enough times, it’ll actually become a thing.” There was a small pause, and then a loud, nasal grunt. “Heh. Hope.”

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I’m in

(no i didnt actually hack my way in i just remembered the password)

No, I’m not dead. 

I had…things come up and uh..I basically have a operation again coming within the next month or two. Nothing huge but :(

I’ll revamp the blog w a new icon and theme very soon and should be posting/doing shit like I used to do.

Apart from that I swear I am ok.

*looks around*

no im not brb gonna cry about the homestuck upd8

tagging ny’all again

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[whispers] the winter soldier 



So here’s a fun story: Mabelcorn was one of my favorite episodes to work on and I was looking forward to making a big epic poster for it for months! Then on Thursday Matt told me it was airing today and I panicked. 


50 Films Challenge - First film I remember seeing in the cinema - Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron

I had been waiting so long to run free, but that goodbye was harder than I ever imagined. I’ll never forget that boy and how we won back our freedom together.


hunter (hearteyeshowell​) wrote this absolutely incredible hogwarts!phan au called Your Greatest Fear, which you should all read if you’re into HP aus!!

i decided that i really wanted to art for it so i did the thing, and then sam (moreorlester​) offered to color for it and our first collab baby was born!! it’s so beautiFU L (can i say that about my own art…it’s only half mine….) and i love it so much and i love hunter’s fic so much and i love harry potter so much and i’m so puMPED THIS WAS SO FUN TO DO!!! thx hunter for writing the fic and thx sam for collabing with me!!!! i cried approximately 652 times during this process!! 

please don’t repost anywhere, thank you <3

I was looking at some basic lore on the angel Gadreel AND  

so, basically, Gadreel is the reason other angels and humans started to develop romantic feelings for each other and subsequently frick frack


We believe in Castiel. And you.



Seven and Yoosung accessory swap!! (+ Sleeping LOLOL Prince and double glasses cause Seven looks odd without them-)

I swear I like Zen the most but all I ever draw is Yoosung-