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Helloooo! I am back with an other character that I designed for fun and training. May I present you Rosalie ( thanks to my friends who found her name ) !

I have been really inspired by an old lady that I crossed paths with in the street. Then, I mixed this very well looking old lady with Beth Ditto and her famous hair cut! Hope you’ll like her :)

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Mon-El is also canonically a misogynist former slave owner but I guess you'll ignore that and continue calling him a "puppy" or "cinnamon roll" even though some of these slaves were probably women that he could, in his own words, "objectify" and I think we're all suspicious that that means rape. But hey, as long as he's a "funny puppy."

Wait… OMG is this what I think it is? I just got anon hate?


I’d like to thank the academy for believing in my potential, I worked so hard to be where I am now, I also would like to thank Rao for this moment, and wow I’ve been waiting for this for so long I don’t even know what to say, I feel so blessed! Wait! Can I call myself a Tumblr famous now?


1) Which part of “There were a lot of things there [on Daxam] I didn’t agree with”, or “You never met my parents. They weren’t exactly role models”, or “I would run because he [his father] was not a good man” didn’t you understand?

2) Go away.

Message Delivered

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Fic title: Message Delivered
Part: 1/1
Rating: T
Fandom/s: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing/s: Adrinath (also side ninette bc hell yeah)
Category: category? what’s a category?
Summary: well the prompt was Social Media so I schemed a plan and ran with it 
Real summary: Adrien Agreste is an Instagram model, with over a million followers. So how on earth did Nathaniel Kurtzberg’s message, which he was positive would be ignored, get an answer?

read it on ao3

“Just send him a message, it’s not like he’ll answer you anyway,” Marinette had tilted her chair so far back Nathaniel was sure she was going to topple backwards.
“I’m not sure if that was a ‘go for it’ statement or a ‘whatever just don’t get your hopes up’ statement.” Nathaniel muttered, stirring his frappe with the straw. Mariette pondered him for a moment, before replying.
“It was both.” She tipped her chair back even further. Nathaniel was convinced that gravity didn’t apply to her.
“Okay, so I’ll just send him a message saying that I think he’s hot and gorgeous and he’ll ignore it because he gets tons of those messages every day from people across the world and my heartfelt message will be caughtinthewebofsocialmedia-”

Merde, Nath, could you talk any faster?” Marinette interrupted his rambling, letting her chair thump back to the ground and picking up her latte. “Just get yourself together and DM him. By the way, what makes you think you’re going to get ignored?”
“You said so!” Nath flapped his hands around his head like a flustered bird. “You said, and I quote, ‘it’s not like he’ll see it anyway’!”
“Well yeah, he probably won’t, bur where would I be if I hadn’t have texted Nino?”
“Nino isn’t a world-famous Instagram model with over a million followers,” Nathaniel sighed, downing the last dregs of his frappe.
“Ah, come on Nathaniel, jut do it, or I’ll do it for you,” Marinette licked her lips.
“I’m not texting him.” Nathaniel scowled.

Marinette sat still with pursed lips for a few seconds, before lunging at Nathaniel’s blazer pocket, snatching his phone, and falling back in her seat, all too fast for Nathaniel to even try to stop her.

“Hey!” Nathaniel cried, hand over his pocket. He stood up and leaned across the table, grabbing at her for his phone.
“Told you I’d do it for you,” Marinette cackled, shooting out of her seat and sprinting across the road.
“Marinette, we didn’t even pay!” Nathaniel yelled after her. “Gah! I’ll do it myself.”
He ran inside, passed twenty euros over the counter with a hurried “Keep the change!”, then raced after Marinette.
He found her sitting in a tree, her thumbs moving at super-speed across his keyboard. She spotted him, quickly pressed send, then poked her tongue out.
“Marinette…” Nathaniel heaved. “That’s… that’s an… invasion of my… privacy…”
“Too bad, Nath, I already sent it, and I’m not giving this phone back until you promise me you won’s unsend it.”
Nathaniel eyed her wearily, bent over double, his frappe churning inside his stomach (he couldn’t be sure if it was from his run or his nervousness), then finally said,
“I promise I won’t unsend whatever message you sent to Adrien Agreste.”

“Hectic,” Marinette jumped out of the tree -Nathaniel hated when she used that word, then did whatever cool thing needed to be done- and handed him back his phone. Nathaniel chewed on his lip as he read through what she’d sent Adrien Agreste, the Instagram model he’d been fawning over for the past year.

_nathanielkurtzberg: hey, I’m just a fan of yours dropping in to say that you’re gorgeous and definitely worth losing my dignity to say that to you

“Oh, Marinette, that’s terrible,” Nathaniel covered his red-branded cheeks, dropping his phone into his pocket again.
“Aha, but you promised you would keep it!” Marinette danced around hi, laughing.
“I’m going home to bleach this day from my memory,” Nathaniel mumbled, folding up his scarf to hide his face.
“Okay, okay,” Marinette clapped his shoulders. “Don’t try and cover up what you said, you’ll make it worse.”
I didn’t say anything.”
“As far as he knows you did,” Marinette shrugged. Nathaniel swore, turned around, and stomped home.
“Goodbye!” She called after him. Nathaniel waved, still feeling heat radiate from his cheeks and cursing to himself.

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Can i have an imagine where STARISH congratulates their s/o after performing well at their fashion show? (Just had my fashion show yesterday so this request was pretty easy) Thank you!!!💜❤💚💙💛

I apologize if this is very late, but congratulations on your recent show! I am so proud of you~ 

STARISH congratulating S/O on their fashion show

Otoya Ittoki

Otoya waited backstage as the final model walked down the cat walk to showcase their designer outfit. His heart was swelling with pride, knowing his s/o was the famous designer of the beautiful pieces. 

After the audience cheered finally, did he see his s/o walk backstage with a big smile on their face. Before they could even walk far did Otoya envelope them into a bone crushing hug. 

“You did amazing, Y/N! I knew you could do it!” he cheered while placing small kisses on their cheek. 

Masato Hijirikawa 

He waited nervously with a bouquet of roses in hand, awaiting for his s/o backstage so he could congratulate them. 

His s/o had worked so hard for this particular show, trying to impress famous designers and hopefully gain sponsors. 

His thoughts were interrupted by a deep sigh of relief and his s/o overwhelmed by the long and eventful day. He walked up to his s/o and handed them the flowers he brought with a rare smile on his face, 

“You did excellent, Y/N. I’m very proud of you.” he said gently before grabbing any extra bags for his s/o, knowing they were tired and ready to head home now. 

Natsuki Shinomiya 

The overly happy idol sat in the crowd, clapping eagerly with each passing model wearing Y/N’s designs. He could not believe his s/o was becoming so successful, and he couldn’t be happier. 

It was finally the end of the show and the designer, who just happen to see his s/o, came out to say a couple of words of thanks before her eyes landed on a certain blonde. 

When the crowd stood and clapped, the idol ran up and engulfed his s/o into a hug before whispering into their ear, 

“I knew you could do it.” 

Tokiya Ichinose

Tokiya watched as all his band mates mused over their new attire for the concert. He smiled to himself, knowing his s/o was the one with the talent to create these master pieces. 

He was so impressed when they showed him sketches in their sketchbook full of ideas, that his s/o even got a job from Shining to design STARISH’s outfits for an upcoming concert. 

Everyone was so impressed with their designs that they hired the young designer onto the wardrobe team.

He enveloped his s/o into a tight embrace while whispering words of love and compliments into their ear. 

Ren Jinguji

When he found out his s/o was an upcoming designer, he instantly volunteered for trying on any new designs or pinching in any tips for color schemes. 

When it was the day for their first fashion show, he was honored to be one of the models to show off the beautiful attire. 

Walking down the catwalk in confidence, his heart couldn’t help but to swell with love and pride knowing his s/o designed these. 

Once the fashion show was all said and done, he insisted on taking his s/o out to dinner to celebrate their accomplishments. “You deserve it, Y/N” 

Cecil Aijima

Cecil could not be happier to have a s/o like them. He supported their career and hobbies, being their number one fan. Being from a different country, Cecil would often suggest different styles and color schemes that was most popular in his country which turned into unique masterpieces. 

After the fashion show, he planned en entire evening for his Muse to celebrate the occasion. Cooking dishes from his country to serve his s/o, knowing that they must be exhausted after putting together such a successful show. 

“My Princess/Prince! You were so graceful at your show!” he mused happily. 

Syo Kurusu

Finding out his s/o was a designer had earned the blonde idol some bragging rights, always showing off his s/o and talking about their accomplishments. He often bragged about the upcoming fashion show coming up to the STARISH members, who ended up showing up as well to show support. 

When his s/o walked off the stage and came back stage, they were enveloped into a group hug filled with the overly happy members of STARISH. Especially a certain blonde idol, who handed his s/o a bouquet of their favorite flowers.

The group ended up going out to dinner to celebrate their accomplishments and how they gained sponsors, all while the idol held their hand and bringing their knuckles to his lips to place a small kiss on them, “I’m so proud of you.” 

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Could you do a Tom imagine where reader is also famous but in a different genre like modelling or singing and her and Tom are both very drunk and go skinny dipping. Could also lead to some smut. I also really love your writing ❤️

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Otoge “Lust in Terror Manor”

Not a review but more of an introduction since I only just started this game. Seems like it only came out last month too. Anyway. The title made me curious and upon first inspection it seemed like a murder mystery VN, and me being into creepy shit I downloaded it without another glance. Especially since one of the characters’ occupation was said to be “sadistic teacher” lol. So let’s see what the game is like. (If you don’t care for my impressions you can skip to the end for a tl;dr. EDIT: And also for my invite code, wink wink.)

You wake up in an unfamiliar bathroom with no memory of who you are, where you are or how you got there. It turns out you’re in some sort of hotel and a phone call orders you to come to the dining room, so you get dressed and decide to go out and explore.

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I am a maladaptive daydreamer. 

I self-diagnosed myself about 2 years ago, when I was 14, but after having what I believe to have been a mental breakdown, only now am I sharing my story. And it is super long, I know it may not be read, but knowing it’s out there will make me feel better. 

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been infatuated with the idea of love. I’ve been daydreaming about it since I was a child. I know most people don’t think you can have crushes on people when you are so young, but I did. I was 4, and he was a boy in my class. I remember daydreaming that he and I accidentally got superglue on out lips and then walked into each other and had our lips stuck together for the whole day, and when we got unstuck he fell in love with me and yadayadayada.

And fantasizing about boys has not nearly stopped. In fact, it consumes most of my life. Everybody has their celebrity crushes, and many fantasize about being with them, but I have always gotten a bit too involved. 

I’ve always had a terrible body image. I hate the way I look, and so I imagine a world where I am beautiful. Beautiful enough for a handsome boy to fall in love with me. But not only am I beautiful, I am impossibly talented. I can sing, dance, act, draw, and play 5 instruments. I even imagine having superpowers. Everybody loves me in this made-up life. I have everything I could ever want, and more. 

Because in the real world I have nothing. I’m miserable. I hate myself, I hate life, and the only way I have ever coped is by imagining it all away. By daydreaming up a perfect life, where I am happy. And the sadder, and lonelier I got the more I found myself escaping to this other life. It was easier to live in this world, and so I would spend as much time daydreaming as I possibly could. 

I began isolating myself from others, cancelling plans, putting off work, never leaving my room just so I could sit there and daydream. This world in my head has become so elaborate and detailed that I’ve become extremely attached to it and especially the people in it.

Essentially,  I imagine my life the way it is now, and then the series of events that lead me to becoming beautiful, talented, rich, famous and powerful. 

My plot line basically goes as followed:  I finally confront my awful ‘best friend’ about how horrible she is too me, but she then tells me how I’m worthless and that she is all I have. I run off to the city where I sit to gather my thoughts, there I meet a guy who asks if I want to talk. I explain everything to him, and he tells me about his life. His parents are rich, and since their divorce, his mother has been bored. He tells me that his mother would be willing to give me a makeover since she loves makeover shows and again, is bored. I go and meet this woman, who then begins throwing her money at me, buying be new clothes and makeup, offering me dental surgery to fix my teeth and she helps me lose weight and she basically makes my beautiful. My new found beauty leads me to modeling, where I first strike fame. I also begin taking voice and dance lessons where I find I have a natural talent very quickly. Then a whole bunch of intricate things happen that lead to me becoming a super famous actress-singer-dancer-model who happens to inherit like 100 million dollars and a giant L.A mansion from a millionaire who was very fond of me. From there, the adventures are endless, I star in movies, and make music and fall in love numerous times. 

Music is the number 1 trigger for me, I always imagine I am the person singing the song or I am dancing to it, and often a song may be used as the background music for a montage of events that take place like a movie.

Here’s where the breakdown happens.

I was shopping alone at the nearby mall (I hate my friends so I like to go alone and spend the time daydreaming), and I’m listening to music and imaging a montage. I was listening to a sad song and for some reason, I imagined the guy I was in love with being killed in a car accident. I broke down in tears in the middle of the mall because the person I cared about most in the world had just died, so what other reaction was there?

It was at this moment that I realized I was crying over something that didn’t exist. I felt crazy. And after I picked myself up and stopped crying, I really began to think about what had just happened. Despite being a hardcore daydreamer for years, I had never experienced such pain from one of my fantasies. And then I remembered that I control what happens in my daydreams, and that I was the one who decided to kill off my love. I brought this pain upon myself. 

It was then that I realized that I just self-harmed. Sure, I didn’t slit my wrists or pull out my hair, I didn’t cause myself any physical pain like most do, I caused myself emotional pain. I harmed my emotional state and broke my own heart. And even thought I could just imagine that he is alive again, I refuse, because I feel as if he is actually dead, I feel as if a part of me is dead, because I lost the love of my life. 

And I feel completely insane, because I know that I did this to myself. 

If you read this through, thank you. I know it’s long and perhaps confusing, but I needed to get this off my chest. And maybe someone out there has been though a similar thing, and this has let them know that they’re not alone. 

I am

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Requested by anonymous: can you do a dylan sprayberry imagine where like your jealous of victoria on set because you know they play a couple and can the reader be like a model where every male wants her she models for vogue and chanel and she’s also on teen wolf playing scotts little sister and her love trait is liam and theo so on the episode liam and hayden you know get handsy she gets jealous but that episode too her and theo get handsy and so dylan gets jealous but at the end lots of fluff and love please thank u!

WORDS: 395


A/N: Enjoy it :)

Y/N P.O.V.

I waved at my boyfriend when he gets on his place to film the next scene; Cody sits beside me, watching for our time.

I don’t like when Dylan has to do scenes with Victoria, I know that they’re playing a couple, but I don’t like her at all, and seems like Dylan like doing the kiss scenes with her.

“Are you ready?” Posey asks and I nod.

I get up and I run with him.

“Liam, we need to get out of here!” Tyler yells.

“But Hayden, she’s….”

“We’re going to save her, Liam, but we need to go.” I said.

He nods and holds her hand, I feel annoyed and we finish the scene.

“Hey, you’re ok?” Tyler asks.

“Yeah. Fine.” I smile.

“Now, please, Y/N, Cody and Sprayberry, go to the place.” Someone yelled.

I hear “Action” and I think of something to make me cry.

“It was your fault! Hayden was safe why did you called him?” Dylan yelled at me.

“She just wants to help, Liam. I want to help.”

“I don’t need your help!”

Cody holds my hand and I see Dylan looking at us.

“Get out of here, Theo, I don’t need you.” He said again.


I wipe my tears and Cody hugs me, saying that I did really well, he goes to the bathroom and I get some water.

“What was that?” Dylan comes to me.

“What was what?”

“You and Cody. I saw it.”

“He just said I did my part very good.”

“Yeah, you did. I saw how you loved holding his hand.”

I laugh.

“Dylan, don’t be stupid. I know that you love the scenes that you have to kiss Victoria!”

“She has a boyfriend!”

“I don’t care!”

He shakes his head and smiles.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Because you are so cute when you’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Oh, sure.” He holds my waist. “You’re not, baby.”

“I’m not jealous, Dylan, you are.”

“I am.”


“Yes. I have such a beautiful girlfriend that is really famous, and is a model and I am really, scared of losing her for a 20 year old handsome guy.”

I smile.

“Well, I’m 17 so I can’t date a 20 year old handsome guy, and I also have a really cute boyfriend, that have great abs so…”

He laughs and kisses me.

“You’re the best.”


Hmm, my bio, huh? Where to start? I guess at birth, I suppose. Okay, here goes…

I was born September Carrino (yes, it’s my real name!) on February 6th in Harbor City Los Angeles, which was just a short ways away from Redondo Beach, California, which is where my family and I lived in my early childhood. I was an only child for about four years and then my younger sister was born, and once that happened my parents decided it was time to move, so we decided to relocate to Northern California. That was a bit of a transition for us, and we ended up moving back and forth from So-Cal to Nor-Cal for a while until we finally settled into the Placerville/Pollock Pines area. If you have never heard of Pollock Pines, it’s because it is a very small town: meaning it has a whopping two whole stop signs, a Safeway, a Longs Drugs and one gas station… oh yeah and a Taco Bell! Did I say “small town”? Yeah, I think I meant it! ;)

When i was in elementary school, I always wanted to be a “star” so I would do talent shows, acting classes, school plays, ect. I loved being the center of attention. My younger sister took after me in that respect, too and we would both put on little shows and make the family listen to our untuned singing voices. Gotta love kids, right? I didn’t really care, though. As long as I got to perform, I was happy.

I wasn’t terribly popular in school because, for some reason, the other kids thought it was incredibly funny to tease me because my name was September. I guess it’s because it was such an unusual name and kids always seem to poke fun at stuff like that, so I always got alot of crap for my name, pretty much all through school. Once I was in high school I turned into a little rebel – I was what you might call a “rocker girl” and I looked and dressed the part totally. I was also enrolled in drama for all four years and I think was the only class I actually got an “A” in. :)

After I graduated from high school, I was unsure where to turn or what to do with my life because I honestly didn’t know what I was good at or where I even wanted to be. It was at that point a friend gave me the idea to model and I’ve always been a huge fan of Playboy and Marilyn Monroe and how amazingly glamorous she was, so I realized that was a great idea! I decided to look into it and found out about a casting call in Los Angeles that was happening right at Hef’s world-famous Playboy mansion. So I signed up and went and I guess they liked me because the next thing I knew I was in Florida shooting my very first cover and pictorial. It was a terrific experience and a great way to start as a model, especially to land a cover right off the bat. Wow! I was very honored.

After that I was contacted by the wonderful people from PinupGlam and started working closely with them, and now here I am! They’ve helped me put together this terrific site and I’m so excited to bring it to you! I really hope you like it and I can’t wait to bring you lots more great stuff!

Enjoy my site, September Carrino

Singer! Oikawa AU

Singer! Oikawa x Rapper! Iwaizumi AU

  • Oikawa would join his school chorus and sing at talent shows when he was a kid, telling his mum that when he grew up he wanted to be a singer.

  • At the age of 15, Oikawa auditioned for a singing contest but was shut down by the judges, telling him that he wasn’t “cut off for the singing career”

  • He gave up on singing after that, the criticism almost too much for him to handle, even though almost everyone around him kept telling him that his voice was amazing.

  • His two best friends tried convincing him on getting a YouTube channel or a vine account, and upload videos of him covering other songs.

  • Though at first he would refuse, he finally gave in and at the age of 17, Oikawa made a Vine account, uploading 6-second videos of himself singing covers of famous artists like Ed Sheeran or The Neighborhood.

  • Soon, Vine became one of Oikawa’s obsessions. He got quite popular, his videos hitting more that 4 Million Loops. Not long after, Oikawa became one of Vine’s most viewed accounts, with a great amount of followers, and he grew to be very popular amongst the ladies (and boys, too) getting fan accounts, even.

  • At the age of 19, Oikawa got so famous that he caught the attention of a famous record company.

  • He would write his own songs, most of which he was reluctant to publish, because of how much they meant to him; he thought people might think of them as silly.

  • His first single was a total hit, managing to make its way into the Top Five International Charts.

  • He would sing in Japanese and English, being fluent in English.

  • Soon after he became known all across the world, with thousands of followers. Though he loved the attention, he would get overwhelmed sometimes. Well, most of the time, truly.

  • Oikawa’s concerts were all sold-out, thousands of screaming fangirls singing along his songs. The first time it happened, Oikawa was so surprised they knew the lyrics to his songs that he stopped for a moment, completely stunned, and almost broke into tears; because he would’ve never thought anyone would like his songs… He would’ve never thought this would ever happen to him. People relating to his lyrics? It seemed impossible! And yet there he was, standing on a stage, in from of thousands of people that genuinely liked his voice, his songs.

  • He would go to interviews, most of which would ask him about his career, new songs or singles, or future collaborations with other famous artists. One time, though, an interviewer asked him about his love life, and if he had a girlfriend; this caught Oikawa by surprise. In all honesty, Oikawa Tooru was too busy with his singing career that he had almost completely forgotten about dating. He then admitted that he was single and that he wasn’t ready to date any time soon. He also chuckled slightly at how specific the interviewer had been when she had said “girlfriend”. Though nobody knew about it, Oikawa considered himself bisexual. But of course, he said nothing about that. Since that interview, more and more interviewers seemed keen in the idea to get the truth out of the new teenage heartthrob, Oikawa Tooru: was he seeing someone or not? And if he was seeing someone, who?

  • One particular interview stood out though. When they asked him, “What do you look for in a girlfriend?” His way with words caught a lot of people’s attention, being controversial, even, when he said; “All I look for is someone who gets me; they have to like me for who I am and not for my supposed fame, or looks.” The interviewer then asked, “Don’t you mean "she”?“ At which Oikawa replied with a chuckled, and said, "That’s a little too specific/close minded for me.”

  • Since that particular interview, word spread like wildfire. People started questioning Oikawa’s sexuality, and though he still had a lot of supporters, the managers of his record label weren’t very fond on the idea of Oikawa “damaging” their reputation, being all very homophobic.

  • They acted fast, setting the young artist with a very famous female model. Of course, though fake, their “dates” we’re caught on camera and soon everyone knew about Oikawa Tooru’s relationship with the model.

  • Soon after, he asked famous rapper Iwaizumi Hajime to do a collaboration with him for his new single. Iwaizumi agrees, and they start working on the song.

  • Throughout the weeks of them working together, they develop a strong friendship. They started hanging out together a lot, often caught on camera. Not too long after, Oikawa starts developing feelings for Iwa-chan (a nickname he gave Iwaizumi - the latter wasn’t very amused).

  • One weekend, while drunk, he tells Iwaizumi about his feelings. He is surprised to know that Hajime shares his feelings and thus you all know what happens next.

  • So they start dating in secret and it’s really cute and once they were interviewed together and they would sneakily glance at each other and like, brush their arms together, throwing hints here and there.

  • Lol so you know how fangirls are, they immediately started shipping them together and making theories and “reasons why IwaOi is real and Oikawa X {model} is not” blah blah blah it’s cute

  • So it’s finally time for the concert and holy shit the fangirls explode when they hear that Iwaizumi will be touring with Oikawa hOLY SHIT it’s canon

  • (( Lol of course there are like a lot of dumb idiots why are like “shut up Oikawa’s not gay!!1!” “don’t let this be the new Larry eww!111!!” /im so not sorry/))

  • At the end of the Tour, when Oikawa is going to sing his last song, instead of using female pronouns when singing about his love, he uses male pronouns. And like he literally comes out on his last concert, but who cares!! The fangirls still sing along, even more louder now!! And Iwa sings along and when they finish, they kiss each other and hold hands on plain sTAGE in front of thousands of screaming fans and it’s official they don’t give a fuck they’re together and they love each other (Oikawa may or may not have been crying bc holy shit they all support him-)

  • One year later Oikawa signs with a new record company

  • At the age of twenty five, Iwaizumi proposes to Oikawa.

Things and stuff...?

We all know there are a ton of real-life skating things referenced in Yuri on Ice and that Yamamoto-san and Kubo-san are huge fans of Johnny Weir,but I’m always curious how much stuff like this is on purpose and how much is just unconscious influence? This is nowhere near a comprehensive list it’s only what I can think of right now + things I noticed at 2am last night because what is tumblr for if not overreacting about questionably significant info?

1)  In addition to the fact that Yuuri’s Eros routine is probably modelled after him (see below), and Victor’s flashback aesthetic in episode 7 was obviously modelled after him (see below): 
a) he was coached by world famous figure skater Viktor Petrenko*
b) he married a Russian named Victor Voronov (unfortunately that didn’t work out very well in the end though.**)

…I can’t with this? I mean, I know Victor is a really common name, but……. but really. REALLY? There are other names? Awkward.

(*Victor Petrenko is Ukranian, however during much of his skating career (approx 1986-1994), “Russian” team and “Ukrainian” team were the same team, because of the Soviet Union.)   

(**I wonder if that explains this tweet he made? :/ ) Am I reading too much into this? Probably.)

2) Although it’s probably taken from everywhere, out of all the figure skating I’ve seen, IMHO the Eros choreo reminds me of Johnny’s Poker Face performance somehow

See: this video

EDIT: aaahhh wtf, a few days after I posted that video, Yamamoto-san specifically mentioned that exact choreo in her tweet to Johnny o_o! I guess that validates my hunches, then… ^^;

3) The costumes:

a) Victor:
Everyone’s seen this by now right?

b) Yuuri:
Call me crazy, the Eros costume looks like a mashup of Johnny Weir costumes to me? Androgynous skating costumes aren’t all that uncommon but Johnny is more well known than most for for fashion and androgynous outfits, many (most?) of his costumes are clearly inspired by women’s fashion; off the ice he is no less fabulous (and not afraid to just wear an actual dress) - there’s way too much to include here, if you just google johnny weir + “costume” or “skating costume” or “yuri on ice costume” or “dress” or “fashion” you’ll see what I mean.

- Side-skirts are not common on men’s skating costumes, but:

Here you get the things like the reflective “broken glass” areas, black-on-black textural-contrast design/asymetry / black mesh / lower on the right side / thing going on here. (Again, not something you never see in other costumes but…)

Okay, I’m done. I’m sure there’s more, but I need to go like. Live my life and stop thinking about Yuri on Ice for 5 minutes D;

keep it a secret - famous!y/n blurb night

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for the Famous!y/n blurb night! 

“So, Y/N, tonight’s the night, isn’t it?”

“Yes, tonight is the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. The show is tonight, and it will air on TV next month. I’m very excited to walk this year, I am honored to have officially become a Victoria’s Secret Angel and get my wings! This year is going to be great, we have amazing performers and models and the outfits are gorgeous. I can’t wait!” You looked back at the interviewer to ask the next question.

“Now, we hear 5 Seconds of Summer is playing in the show tonight. Is that causing any drama or screaming girls you think?” You just laughed before you replied.

“Oh totally! Even us models like guys in bands. We have celebrity crushes too!”

“So which one is it, y/n, we are dying to know.”

“I am a big fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, but if we are talking my celebrity crush, I would definitely go with Calum Hood.”

“Thank you so much, that’s all the time we have today with y/n. Catch her on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show airing next month.”

With that the show cut to commercial break, the interviewer thanking you as you were ushered off the stage to the dressing rooms. You knew there were going to be other guests on the show, but you didn’t know who, being you were the first of the day.

“So, I hear you are a big fan.” You turned around in your dressing room to see the door open with Calum Hood standing in it. You almost choked on the bagel you were eating.

“Wow, I had no clue you were going to be here today too. Awkward.” He walked towards you. You could see his arm muscles rippling under the tight henley shirt he was donning. “But yes, I am a big fan of you.” He kept walking until he was right in front of you. His face kept drawing closer until his lips were next to your ear.

“I’m a fan of your work as well. See you at the show tonight.” His hand lingered on your waist before the crew was calling him to take this stage.

That night at the show, you were decked out in your lingerie and your elaborate wings, ready to walk. This was the walk with 5 Seconds of Summer’s performance. On cue, you exited onto the stage, and proceeded as normal. As you were walking back, you walked past Calum, making sure he saw just how good you looked right then.

After the show, you were packing your things, still just in an underwear set and your pink VS robe when a pair of strong hands wrapped around your hips, turning you to face them. It was none other than Calum, his hands immediately sliding down to grab your whole ass in his huge bass-playing hands.

“I think you make a fine angel. Why don’t you let me see more of your work attire sometime?” After that risky comment, you and Calum became Hollywood’s power couple, the hottest young supermodel dating the hottest member of the hottest band in the world.


So it’s time to dream for Studio 42 Art Works. I would like to take photos of women both clothed or unclothed. From such photos produce photos, calendars, and a book, become a photographer for models, or other famous people.

If you would like to help Studio 42 and share in the possible return of monies let me know. I think it is all very possible. The many thousands of males out there I am sure will buy our product.

When I started I didn’t know anything about photography. I was lucky: my girlfriend was a model, someone saw my pictures, liked them and invited me to Vogue UK to talk about the meaning of being a real photographer. That’s how I became a photographer, by chance. And I really liked that job, because everyday there was a different woman coming into my studio. Unfortunately I constantly fell in love with each one of them, and when I had to go back home I felt very depressed. I had a lot of success very quickly, I went to New York, I became famous. However, underneath I am still an amateur, and I like it. I remember I was once with Linda Evangelista: I was watching her in the eye from behind my camera and she was doing the same with me; I told her “open your mouth”, she did that and I thought: “Oh God. How can she be that sexy?.” The best thing is that when you are watching a woman through the camera lens and she’s watching you back from the other side, it’s like entering another world, where everything is possible, where you are in control of reality. You can become a Fellini, a Hitchcock.
—  Miles Aldridge

To thank all of my followers, I have put together an ‘underused’ faceclaim directory! I was obviously inspired by such other directories, masterlist of them here, only I have decided to mostly pick little known to simply known but not used faceclaims. 

The faces range from famous people with resources who I personally think should be used more, to little known models and actors with very few resources. The directory is divided by gender identity, and what they are known for. Underneath their names (which link to their /search tags on tumblr), you see their age, age range, and exactly what they are known for. I am absolutely willing to make resources for any of these faceclaims, so if you fall in love and are worried, please don’t hesitate to come to me! There are roughly 210 faceclaims in the directory.


She is way too pretty to be living with me, like, oh em gee she should be a famous rat model or something. She is perf. I don’t even care that she doesn’t sit still long enough to get pictures taken very often because I am graced with her beauty & wildness each day as she scampers around the cage as if she is a feral animal who has been trapped. and then when I go “PHANTOM! Phantom, come here!” she immediately stops & stares at me & goes O_O & then comes running up my arm & licks my ears.

She just got a wheel put back in her cage (it had been in Lyle’s temporary cage for a while) & so she’s been SUPER stoked all day long & not wanting to get off of it.


8 years ago, Lee Jong Suk came to our school as a model for our fashion design department. We didn’t know if he was famous back then, but he shone among all the models present. I still remember how pure and kind he was.

I watched his film (HBY) yesterday and remembered, so went to find these photos. I finally realized that Namsoon in ‘School 2013’ was this kid, nearly fainted. I think I may have become his fan. Please let him know that his film is very entertaining; continue to shine on.

(Cr: a new fan on DC)

megamanandmegaman  asked:

Hey! So I don't know if Belle was based on Audrey, but I'm sure Princess Aurora's movements and walk were based on Audrey. Apparently they were going to make Aurora look like Audrey as well but changed last minute. Am I right?

Hey!  In all sincerity, I’m not up to date with my Disney Princesses but I read about Belle being based on Audrey in Roman Holiday from another tumblr post.  However, you could be very right about Aurora too!  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either film.  

Not only was Audrey Hepburn used as one of the visual models for animators when creating the Disney character Belle from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, but the ball gown Belle wears in the now famous waltz scene from the Oscar-nominated Disney flick is directly inspired by the royal gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 film Roman Holiday - her Hollywood debut. Hepburn was used as model primarily for her face’s round features. The Disney animators wanted to make Belle more ‘European-looking,’ than some previous princesses, which led them to Hepburn’s earlier film roles as guidance. 


Hi Taylor!

I know you get so many messages and letters every day, so I’ll try to keep this one short. These are some pictures that hopefully show you how much I love you. I’ve been to six of your shows - Fearless Philly, Speak Now Philly, 1989 Philly Nights 1 &2, and 1989 DC Night 1 -  and I have dressed up for every one! (I couldn’t find the picture from the Fearless tour, though. *sad face*) 

You have helped me through the hardest times of my life. In the past year, I have had to switch schools, say goodbye to my dog, and break up with my boyfriend of two years. I also was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. So, yeah, it’s been rough. But you have inspired me to keep moving on. You have made me realize that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel. You have taught me that happiness can be found in the most unlikely of times. When life is hard, I can always turn to you and your music. You have given me so much hope for my future. And for that, I am forever grateful.

I will always love you, Taylor. Thank you so much for all that you do, not only for me, but for all of your fans. You make us all feel like one big family. Even though I don’t know you personally, I feel like you are always looking out for me - something that not a lot of famous people can do these days. I could not be more proud to call you my role model, my biggest inspiration, and most of all, my very best friend. Thank you for everything. I love you. Forever.




Why is #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin trending on twitter? He has no excuse for his actions, none. I understand he is a 19 year old male with more money than he knows what to do with, but what he did was completely illegal [not to mention stupid] and he should be punished accordingly. I was 19 once. I have done things that are stupid. I have gotten in a lot of trouble before. So I understand people make mistakes and should be forgiven for their actions, but their bad actions shouldn’t be supported. I am not expecting people to stop listening to his music or even fans to stop being fans; however, I do not believe that these young 12 year old girls (yes I am completely stereotyping here) should be looking up to him. Over the past year or so Justin has done nothing to prove he is someone who should be looked up to. Yes, he is talented and has had great success at such a young age, yes he has been part of the No8 Campaign and the It Get’s Better Project, as well as other philanthropies, but giving your time to charity does not make you a good person if your actions are not reflective of that outside of charity. Just to name a few non admirable things Justin has done over the past year: called a girl a beach whale, peed in a mop bucket at a public restaurant (while yelling “Fuck you” nonetheless), reportedly egged his neighbor’s house, having two body guards carry him up the Great Wall of China, signing in the Anne Frank House guest book that he hopes “she would have been a Belieber,” and reportedly spent the night with a Panamanian prostitute as well as being spotted at a Brazilian brothel (ironic for someone who claimed in an interview that you should only have sex with someone you love).

You may be thinking, who are you to judge? And that is right, I shouldn’t judge his actions but at the same time I am allowed to have my own opinion. I once said on here that famous people did not ask to be role models, which is very true, but when you are in the public eye you should at least be somewhat of a good person because you have to realize people do look up to you, even if that was not your intent. I am sure Justin is a good person deep down somewhere, but people get up in arms about Miley Cyrus dressing scandalous or singing about drugs, saying she is a bad person, yet when Justin Bieber gets arrested for drag racing & being under the influence, eggs a neighbors house, spits on people, etc. it is because “he is just a kid” and people “still support him no matter what.” Maybe I am just old fashioned but I am tired of double standards and tired of young people looking up to individuals like Justin Bieber, when there are much more admirable individuals who are currently in the public eye.