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Creating Characters

Personally, I’m a firm believer that it’s the characters that make a story great. You can have the worst plot in the history of the universe, but if you have interesting characters, a reader can look past a boring plotline.

I am not a fan of listing off personality traits when you first start to create the character. I think it gives a very narrow definition of who the character is and doesn’t leave a lot of room for development and change.

To start, I come up with a simple phrase to describe their role in the story. Let’s say my character is Batman. I’d call him a “millionaire vigilante”.

Next, I think about where they come from. Where would the character have to come from in order to wind up in that place? Why would Batman become a vigilante? How did he become a millionaire? I would answer those questions. His wealthy parents were killed by a criminal, which left him with a strong opposition to crime and injustice.

Then, I fill in all of the holes in the story by asking myself more and more questions about the backstory. I add in an enormous amount of detail during this stage. Make the backstory as detailed as possible. Real people have detailed backstories and memories. The character should as well.

Next, I come up with a list of likes and dislikes. Now, I see people using a likes and dislikes list for food preferences and such. But, that is not what I mean here. Come up with a list of traits that they respect in other people. Come up with a list of traits they don’t like in other people. Keep their backstories in mind as you do this. Oftentimes, those would affect how they perceive the world and the people around them.

After this, I usually have a strong idea of who the character is, but they still do not have a voice. Every single person speaks in their own way. Some people try to be funny in every sentence while others are solemn. Some are quiet. Some never shut up. Think about the way they interact with people and hoe they’d want others to view them. Think about where they were raised and what sort of accent they’d have. Do they use slang? Are they loud? What type of sentence structure do they use? Are they precise or detailed? Do they exaggate? What about manneurism and body language? How does their communication change when their happy, sad, or angry? The more detail you put into this stage, the more unique dialogue and interactions you will get from the character.

After this point, I list off the traits. I make sure some of them are self-contradicting. It makes them more complex and, in turn, realistic.

Then, I try to take as many personality quizzes online as possible as the character.

Finally, I come up with the less important things like food preferences, favorite colors, and favorite animals, the more trivial aspects of a character. Still, creating them helps make a more realistic character.

Spring Awakening Songs Explained
  • Mama Who Bore Me: Give Me Sex Ed
  • Mama Who Bore Me Reprise: Give Us Sex Ed
  • All That's Known: Oppressed White Boy Wants Education
  • Bitch of Living: But Why Am I not Having Sex Right Now?
  • My Junk: I Masturbate Over You
  • Touch Me: Everyone is Lonely and Horny
  • Word of Your Body: Pain Kink
  • The Dark I Know Well: Sexual Abuse (I couldn't make this one funny)
  • And Then There Were None: Fuck the Only Person Left Who Cares About Me
  • Mirror Blue Night: Very Poetic Masturbation Sequence
  • I Believe: Church Kink
  • The Guilty Ones: We Sinned Instead of Going to Church
  • Don't do Sadness/Blue Wind: Please Don't Kill Yourself Moritz
  • Left Behind: Goddamit Moritz
  • Totally Fucked: Grown Ups Really Suck In Case You Couldn't Tell Already
  • Word of Your Body Reprise: Pain Kink Gay Edition
  • Whispering: Babies Make Everything Better
  • Those You've Known: All My Friends Are Dead
  • The Song of Purple Summer: We Know This Song is Meaningful But it Just Sounds High

{Some NSFW Kurt because I am a happily nasty person. Ahem,}

I think I’ve mentioned this somewhere else before but I’ve always thought rubbing/touching the tip of Kurt’s tail would make him all affectionate (as if he isn’t always) and purry but the base would make him nut and almost overstimulate

Sitting next to Kurt while he’s curled up on a couch reading very common for you two, sometimes he’ll read to you happily, in English or German but this time you were just growing bored.
his tail had just sent down his tea cup, you gently grab it, not really alerting him yet since it’s not something unusual for you to do. Without much force you guide his tail towards you, Kurt still not taking his attention from his book.

You start placing light kisses along the spade like tip, Kurt stiffens as soon as you start.
You can tell he’s getting flustered already by how he raises his book higher and closer to his face, still not relaxing but you can definitely hear faint purrs like he’s trying to hide them.

 You smirk, placing one last kiss on it before nibbling on the edge lightly, very curious to what will happen.
Kurt squeaks, dropping his book and looking at you wide eyed, you can now see just how lavender his face is before a puff of blue smoke and your suddenly back in his dorm on the bed with a very flustered Kurt now shyly looking to the side
“Oh? Kurt I thought you wanted to read?” his tail starts swaying, tugging slightly as you still have your hand around near the tip. Kurt swallows, looking back and you, panting slightly and looking back and forth from you to his tail.
You smile coyly “did you like that?” Kurt nods rapidly, his breath hitching went your lips meet his tail once more, feeling your teeth glide against the increasingly sensitive tip.

and, Bonus: Kurt would love it if you grabbed his ass and started kneading it, and if he was on your lap when you started it? he’d almost collapse on top of you, purring into your neck, his tail swishing back and forth (if you keep it up his eyes will roll back and he will start unconsciously grinding against your leg

Studyblr Introduction

Hi there! My name’s Sara(I have two names, Sara and Tamar, but Sara is easier to pronounce). I am currently in the 10th grade. I recently discovered the studyblr community and it’s really awesome and I’m excited to become a part of it! I hope it will help me stay motivated :)

Facts about me:
1. My native language is Hebrew but I’m very good in English.(I’m trying to study German as well)
2. My major in hs is Computer Science(or programming).
3. My favourite subject is History(though the things we study are boring af)
4. I’m a very negative person and don’t think I can succeed in most subjects.
5. My personality type istj and I am a Ravenclaw.

My Favourite Studyblrs:(≧◡≦) ♡
@studyquill @academiix @acadehmic @focusign @studyign @medstudie @bookmrk @studie-s @ummistudies @studymoo @studypetals @studyplants @studyblr @studylustre @lucystudiess @eintsein

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I’m a very simple person. I value songs, MVs and groups based on how entertaining I find them. If they display something I don’t ike, or if I get bored, I’m not going to care much for them. This often leads me to being apathetic (not hateful!) about popular groups like exo, bts and big bang, but I just genuinely am not entertained by anything they do. I just wish more of the kpop fandom could be relaxed about it.

Poseidon Destroyed the World in 1200 BCE, Wrecked Atlantis, and Killed Mortal Culture For Over A Century, And His Kid Is Just As Dangerous. Or, how I took an archaeology class on Ancient Greece and got blindsided by headcanons and plot. Lots of thought about Poseidon and Percy. (Warning: if you don’t like history/archaeology you will get bored, but if you do, HELL YEAH GET IN ON THIS)

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Pre-Reaper Reyes being a good person who cares about his people and is a brother(/possibly father) figure to young Jesse is SO important to me, particularly because it’s pretty damn clear that Blackwatch did all the dirty work Overwatch didn’t want to be associated with. And let me tell you how bored I am by the concept that in order to be willing to get your hands dirty you must be a fundamentally horrible person.

Gabriel Reyes was a good man, given a shit job he didn’t want, running black ops that the UN and Overwatch were too pretty and pristine to be associated with - and he got shit done.

If nothing else, he and Blackwatch at the very least extended a hand to a lost, probably angry seventeen-year-old kid with a talent for killing who would have gone to maximum security and come out a hardened monster and gave him the chance, instead, to be a hero. To do something good and real in the world.

So sure, I guess, make Reyes a monster all you want, I just think that’s boring as hell.

character descriptions

heyo my pals it is i, your local stucky fanatic, here with another arbitrary activity because she is bored and loves you all very very much

what i’m doing:

based on what you send me and what i see on your blog, i am writing how i would describe you how i would you as a character in a book


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  • send me your pronouns and a few basic things about you (could be physical traits, personality traits, hobbies and interests, or anything else you would like to send!)
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Honestly, I don’t consider myself smart nor stupid. I don’t particularly see myself as beautiful nor ugly. I don’t think I am very interesting person you can talk to nor I think I am boring. I merely think that I am a normal person who is enormously ambitious and I constantly try to overdo myself cause I never feel I am good enough for myself. I never see anything good or bad about my character, I just feel unfinished so thats why I will always try to read new things, talk to new people, try to better myself. Cause I see ME as a continuous remaking, reshaping, reorganizing of what I am made of until I find the best configuration of what I can be.

Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon, submitted by a follower

I believe very strongly in humanitarian ideals & am very determined to stand up for others and my own beliefs. I give and give of myself until I’m empty. I believe everyone deserves love and second chances and to be happy. I love to learn about foreign places and people and want to build my life somewhere far away from home. I also really hate to waste my time and have a hard time staying committed to one thing or person for a long time if it becomes boring. [info on sun and moon signs]

i drew that original pic a year ago today! i just wanted to draw a thank you thing to the people who have been following me since my davekat days on superchronophobia. my arts been an awful rollercoaster, very bad at a lot of times, and i feel like i must have caused u guys a lot of grief with my inconsistency….i dont think im really good at putting across my personality online with text and stuff, so i must seem really boring and all over the place…but nonetheless, i am most thankful for u guys who have stuck with me no matter what. i will love u always and forever with the most precious piece of my heart. 

anonymous asked:

I am white but I kinda want to cosplay isabela from dragon age one day. Am I allowed to cosplay a person of colour when I'm not a person of colour, or is that insensitive?

I’m of the opinion that anyone can cosplay absolutely any character regardless of their appearance. I think it only becomes insensitive if you do something like blackfacing/racefacing and treat their race like part of the costume or if you then treat POC cosplayers poorly and don’t support them. Our love of these characters isn’t limited by race, cosplay is a hobby we do for fun, and I think we’d all have very boring cosplay communities if we ever only cosplayed characters we look like. I also find that once we start saying who can cosplay what characters base on one aspect of appearance, it opens the door for policing things like gender, weight, and disability too. I think it puts too much focus on there being a “right” way to cosplay characters which further marginalizes people (often cosplayers who are already marginalized). Skin color policing also often ends up hurting POC cosplayers too - black cosplayers are constantly told their too dark or too light even when they’re cosplaying black characters and I’ve seen so many Asian and Latino cosplayers be told they’re “too white” and are racist for it even when they’re cosplay POC characters. So I’m not a fan of telling anyone they can’t cosplay a character based on their appearance because it ends up hurting everyone. I don’t think cosplayers should be forced to defend their skin color or love of a character. I think you just need to be respectful, be informed, support POC cosplayers, and know that someone might disagree with you. 

I’m white though, so my opinion matters a lot less than POC cosplayers on this one and I have a limited perspective. So I’m going to link you to Dela Doll CosplayThat Jay Justice, and Chaka Cumberbatch who I know off the top of my head don’t shy away from talking about racism in cosplay and have given their opinions on similar topics. I’d also encourage you to find more POC cosplayers yourself and read their thoughts on it too instead of relying on mine, because there’s cosplayers out there who are far more informed than I am and who’s voices should carry more weight. 

Introvert Confessions

Do other introverts find it difficult to display their emotions when they speak?
Personally, I discovered that I am sometimes unable to show how I feel or express myself well enough, focusing on the content rather than tone. This often results in me sounding very monotone and boring, regardless of what I might be feeling on the inside.
I especially struggle when I have to talk to someone for the first time or give a speech in front of many people.

Open Auditions for Kennedy Lacey

Hello all! So, due to stress and the general business of life, our Kennedy VA can no longer work with us on that aspect of the podcast! While we’ll miss their voice dearly, this means we’ll need a new VA for our lovely night-time security guard.

Name: Kennedy Lacey (clothes check)

Gender: Male

Voice: Vault

Job/Role: Nightshift Security Guard/Announcement Person

Appearances in Podcast: At LEAST every other episode

Personality: Generally bored, cynical, and sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. Never gets excited, really. Self deprecating, makes many empty threats. He’s tired of people pulling things on his time.

Try-Out Lines:

“Announcement for the two cowboys having a showdown in aisle five, we get you’re both very strong. Please put the guns down before I come out and shoot you both.”

“Attention customers: Guns are banned from the store. Guns are not allowed in the store. If I see one more gun, I am going to shoot myself with it.”

“Notice to the young woman from what looks like a time that ranches were a big thing: I see your shotgun. Please place it down. Pl- You shot the cameras. Well played.”

“Would the being in the bright, neon pants and nothing else please come to the security office? You’re breaking about 15 store policies and blinding the customers.”

Email it to me at herbariumofficial@gmail.com! I’m looking to get this done as soon as possible <3



• No work to go to and it feels weird.

• I decided I’d give the day patient program a chance. It’s a top hospital and I am beyond lucky to have even been offered a spot this quickly. And frankly because “they want me to gain to bmi 20!” is a very stupid and UNAVOIDABLE reason to skip treatment. Despite seeking help all of my own volition, i am ashamed to admit I am still really conflicted about whether I even want to recover. As boring as it is to have no other interests than food, be cold or distracted or cranky or asleep all the time, the fact that I’ve been through it all before and I know it can all go to shit again and end in relapse, it makes me feel very…hopeless. Is losing and gaining weight all I’m gonna be brave enough to achieve in this short little life?

• but anyway, that starts in a couple weeks and until then I’m doing all the things I’ve put off for many months. Dentist, passport, taxes, etc. I grabbing some much needed down time. Feel like the past 6 months have been a blur of work and eating disorder and today I just sat and had an espresso by myself and it was really calming.

• I am taking care of Dylan’s fat cat while she’s away. I love her but she’s clingier than a puppy.

• byebye

I'm gonna ask myself questions

Because I want to. Y'all don’t need to read it.

2 On a scale of 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you? I’m at the very afraid of the dark end of the spectrum. After I turn off lights, I run from the room. Unless I am with someone (Chris or James), I sleep with a light on. I won’t sleep with my back to a dark window or dark closet.
Even worse? Darkness and water. You know those images of where the land drops off and suddenly the water gets really dark? Yeah. Those terrify me.

3. The person you would never want to meet. My ex-husband.

4. Favorite word. Fuck. I know that’s boring, but it’s such a useful word and it’s fun to say.

5. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Cottonwood. Because they are neither majestic nor delicate. Also, they grow along rivers in the high desert and that suits me.

12. Who told you they loved you last? Chris did just moments ago.