i am a twenty year old girl

“Are You A Feminist?”

I am five years old. My mother just told me to go fetch a sweater because an adult man would be coming over soon, and I need to cover up.

I am seven years old. A boy wouldn’t stop chasing me on the playground and throwing rocks at me. I’m upset. My best friend says it’s because he likes me and she told me boys are mean to girls they like.

I am ten years old. We just had our first health class in school. The teachers were trying to educate us on sexual assault. After class, my friends told me to scream fire instead of rape if I’m ever being attacked, because no one will come if they hear the word rape being screamed.

I am twelve years old. I just got my first period. A pad fell out of my book bag at school and everyone started laughing. Apparently, periods aren’t normal and they should be hidden at all costs.

I am fifteen years old. I’m in the office crying because a boy I don’t know kept following me down the hallway and grabbing my ass even after I told him to stop. The administrator scolds me.
“maybe you shouldn’t be wearing leggings if you don’t want that kind of attention”
she sends me home with a dress code violation. She marked the “distracting” box.

I am seventeen years old. I’ve just been slapped because a boy got angry with me after I wouldn’t let him put his hands down my pants. Apparently, I led him on by letting him copy my math assignment.

I am twenty-one years old. My best friend has bought me special nail polish to wear to the bar. She says it changes color if it’s dipped in a drink that has a date rape drug in it.

I am twenty-three years old. I’m reading this to the first class I will ever teach. A student raises her hand and says, “no offense, but doesn’t this stuff happen to every girl?”

So yes, I am a feminist. And when you ask me why, I will read this to you. Again, and again, and again.

—  v.j.v

the older i get the creepier it seems to me when men make a big deal of how young a woman is. when i was young it seemed normal for men to mention she’s nineteen with that certain type of eyebrow move, that knowing look passed between them. it seemed normal because i felt mature; i was mature in all accounts - twenty-five year olds who called me attractive were just stating the obvious. i remember the summer of my eighteenth year being drunk by a river - and having a man tell me i was the perfect age.

it is frightening to me that twenty-five is when women stop being considered attractive, that thirty is “old”. it is frightening. a girl at nineteen is still a teenager. i think often of the men in movies who have kissed women literally half their age and i wonder - how can that be enjoyable? you have her entire lifetime, doubled. she could be your daughter. 

the most telling i think is the way they act when they find out my face - so close to that of me at eighteen - is a lie. that i’m older than they think. they recoil as if i struck them. they find another fish to hunt.

maybe it’s me and how sensitive i am about everything. but i see eighteen year olds and at twenty-three i am already wondering how i didn’t notice that older men are predatory. how i didn’t notice that there’s a time stamp on my beauty. how i didn’t notice how incredibly creepy the fascination with eighteen is; how odd it is that the fixation on skinny lends itself to looking that same underdeveloped age, innocent and fresh. how did i not see this.


I want to live forever in a land where summer lasts a thousand years. I want a castle in the clouds where I can look down over the world. I want to be six-and-twenty again. When I was six-and-twenty I could fight all day and fuck all night. What men want does not matter. Winter is almost upon us, boy. And winter is death. I would sooner my men die fighting for the Ned’s little girl than alone and hungry in the snow, weeping tears that freeze upon their cheeks. No one sings songs of men who die like that. As for me, I am old. This will be my last winter. Let me bathe in Bolton blood before I die. I want to feel it spatter across my face when my axe bites deep into a Bolton skull. I want to lick it off my lips and die with the taste of it on my tongue.

Short Skirt / Long Jacket: A Belle/Adam Spy (Chuck) AU

Chapter 1“Belle Versus the Intersect”

Director Thompson answered before the first ring even finished.

“Is it done?” she asked and Agent 004 pursed his lips, frowning deeply as he kept his gaze locked on Belle’s car.

“No, it is not done,” he snapped, viciously gripping his steering wheel. “You failed to mention that the target isn’t a hacker, or a mobster’s moll, or a vigilante – she’s an innocent girl who thinks that she has epilepsy!

“That’s likely just a cover story,” Director Thompson responded curtly, and he could hear the frown in her voice. “Did you engage with the target, 004? That wasn’t authorized.”

“I wasn’t going to engage,” he snapped in return, keeping a close eye on Belle’s car to ensure she didn’t drive off. Epileptic or not, she still had the Intersect inside of her head and it was an unpredictable and entirely untested piece of software. That email had been intended for a highly trained agent on an op in Tanzania, not a twenty-seven-year-old girl.

“But then I followed her to a hospital, and I overheard what she was saying to the nurse at the front desk. She had them give her MRI tests. She doesn’t realize what’s happened to her, Director. I’m not going to kill an innocent girl. She’s done nothing to deserve to die.”

“She’s a threat, Agent.”

“She’s innocent!” he responded with venom in his tone, slamming his hand down on the dashboard. “I don’t kill innocent people! I don’t give a damn what you all call me – I am not a beast.”

Read the full chapter on: AO3 / FF.net

Seriously, fuck customers and fuck holiday weekends.

I work in a retail pharmacy and on weekends we only have one pharmacist working so that means when it’s lunch time the pharmacy has to close down. It’s literally illegal for us technicians to be in there without the pharmacist. We close around the same time every weekend. 1:30-2 but the times vary depending on if we had to close late because we were busy helping customers.
Today (7/1) we closed 10 minutes late for lunch, 1:40, because of customers. Got back and of course there’s a long ass line of angry old folks yelling at us. (Bonus points to the old hag that yelled at me while we were trying to close because “you’re a pharmacy! You don’t close!”)
We got screamed at by not one. Not two. But THREE separate people for closing for lunch because clearly we are only there to serve them and aren’t allowed to be tired and hungry and need a break. One old guy said it was ridiculous that we would close for lunch on a weekend of all days. (Literally our slowest days of the week)
Like, even if I didn’t want to go to lunch, which I very much do, I would get in trouble by my company and get written up for working through lunch and legally I am allowed to go eat food for thirty minutes away from old sacks of shit like you with nothing better to do than scream at twenty-something year old girls because you came during our lunch time and had to wait. And of course they complained to management. What was their complaint you ask? That we had the nerve to take a lunch break. I fucking hate people. I’m just glad my pharmacist wasn’t taking any shit today and went off on one of the people.

Tldr customers got upset about having to wait and screamed at us for taking a mandatory lunch break.

Don’t Tell People You’re a Virgin

I am twenty.
I’ve spent a whole twenty years on this earth.
I’m a virgin.
That’s right I’ve never had sex.
And somehow those two things about me
Get roped into one
The twenty year old virgin.
Like it’s something I should whisper.

I’m not ashamed
Or proud.
It’s not a religious thing
It’s more of a
I’ve never had the opportunity
And even if I’d had
I’m not sure if I’d have wanted to.

But when people find out I’m a virgin
They get this pitying look on their face
And girls, they ask me why?
Or even more sadly
And I think they see me as smaller
Innocent, something to protect

That’s fine
But I’m not innocent
Guess what
I’ve managed to have
Without the presence of another
I get more frustrated with men

Because they look at me like a prize
Like I’m somehow elusive
Or playing hard to get
I think what they really want
Is to piss on me
And say look, I got here first
Like all the other girls
Who’ve had sex are somehow less

My life could have gone a thousand different ways
I could have slept with 100
People by now
I would still be the same person
I am now
Sex doesn’t make me more
Or less
At least, it doesn’t to me

I’ve never jumped out a plane either
I want to
I’m a bit scared to
But I know it will probably be great
As long as I’m safe
And with the proper partner
And it’s what I want to do

But I think what people really hear
When I say I’m a virgin
Is that I’ve never been loved
But I have so much love
My family
My friends

And believe me
I once thought having more than one person
Who wanted to be my friend would be a struggle
Now I have so many
I feel love pouring
Out of my every breath
I am not unloved

I’ve just never made
My sexual debut
I’m hoping one day I will
When I want to
When I feel like it
And then I can drink more at
Never have I ever games

But until then I’m happy
And I’m trying to stay happy
Even though I’ll turn
21 soon
And I know people
Will start thinking of me
As the 21 year old virgin

“Harvest Moon is boring! It’s not even a real game!”

Alright fam, listen up. I used to be obsessed with Harvest Moon. You remember that shit? Probably not, so let me fill you in. The goal of the game is essentially to maintain a farm (crops, animals, and all), make friends with the townspeople, compete and participate in local festivals, get married, and have kids. Sounds boring as shit, right? All of my guy friends thought so too, when I described it to them. We were only 14, so back then their response, as it was with everything, was to describe the premise of the game as “gay as fuck”.

It was me, one very persistent girl, versus three of them, but eventually they relented, and agreed to give Harvest Moon a try. Now, let me make a confession. Harvest Moon is my jam. I fucking love that game. I could spend days at a time playing it with snack and bathroom breaks only. In fact, if there is an alternative way to play Harvest Moon, then I am not aware of it. But it is boring as hell to watch somebody else play. I confess that after maybe twenty minutes or so of watching them play it, and listening to them making passive-aggressive comments about “When is this going to get more exciting?”, I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning, after probably six hours of sleep, and they were still playing it. All of these 14-year-old boys are still sitting on my bed beside me, having stayed up the entire night obsessing over this game, arguing with each other over which girl to marry, what to name their dog, how many cabbages to plant, insulting each other’s suggestions and threatening to go out and buy their own copy of the game so they could do it right.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to judge a book by its cover. If somebody suggests a game to you, especially if it’s something that you care about, why not give it a try? You might be surprised.

  • Obvious Troll: I am a trans goddess who is StevenUniverseKin and you may only refer to be as StevenUniverseself. I am a big gay girl and for some reason I'm going to talk about my own dick a lot? I'm also going to use arguments that real people don't use anymore. My triggers are: Things that could very well be real triggers. I'm also self diagnosed with: everything.
  • A twenty-something year old with exactly 12 in-grown hairs on each elbow: See when every single person on tumblr ever acts like this, how can you expect us to take you seriously?

You ask me
when we are five years old–
“How long does it take
for a person to fall in love?”
And I wrinkle my nose,
and I shrug,
and I stick out my tongue.
Because that isn’t a question
I am interested
in answering.

You ask me
when we are ten years old–
“Do you think people
really fall in love?”
And I take your hand
and compliment your skirt
(though it’s identical to mine).
Because you shouldn’t have to worry
about your parents
when you’re a kid.

You ask me
when we are fifteen years old–
“Don’t I deserve
to fall in love?”
And tears stream down
a beautiful face,
as I brush back strands of soft hair.
Because of a boy who didn’t deserve
such a fiercely gentle
girl in his life.

You ask me
when we are eighteen years old–
“Do you think it’s fun,
to fall in love?”
And I smile, silent,
your side pressed against mine,
my heart warm, but pained.
Because of course, of course it is fun
but sometimes it is just
not yours to have.

You ask me
when we are twenty years old–
“When do you think
we’ll fall in love?”
And my chest is tight
and I say “I’ll let you know.”
And I am lying.
Because I did not tell you, because
you hadn’t fallen
in love yet.

You ask me
when we are thirty years old–
“How long did it take
for you to fall in love?”
And I smile,
as rain thrums steadily,
and your fingers are laced with mine.

And I say,“You asked me,
when we were five years old.”

—  a girl, falling in love.
Coffee on me -chapter one

A Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon Fanfiction

Description: You moved to Seoul in search of stardom, but after one year all you have is a douche for a boyfriend and a job at a cafe that pays minimum wage. After a particularly bad day you start to wonder if you should pack your bags and head home, but when Kwon Jiyong strolls into your cafe you begin to think things might start going your way… that is until you spill his coffee on him.

Word Count: 2.6K

Warning: mentions of alcohol abuse, fluffy introductions

A/N: AAAAAHHHHH my  first fanfic is here! Can you believe it!!! I hope you all enjoy this ride with me !

Waking up with twenty minutes until my shift starts, and living sixteen minutes away from the cafe, there’s only one chance I have at success: If I take the bus, and run at superhuman speed, I can probably make it with three minutes to spare. But that’s not counting the fact that when I look in the mirror: I see a complete mess. If I come in looking like I got hit by a damn train the other baristas will cackle at me like the witches they are.

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I want to live forever in a land where summer lasts a thousand years. I want a castle in the clouds where I can look down over the world. I want to be six-and-twenty again. When I was six-and-twenty I could fight all day and fuck all night. What men want does not matter.

Winter is almost upon us, boy. And winter is death. I would sooner my men die fighting for the Ned’s little girl than alone and hungry in the snow, weeping tears that freeze upon their cheeks. No one sings songs of men who die like that. As for me, I am old. This will be my last winter. Let me bathe in Bolton blood before I die. I want to feel it spatter across my face when my axe bites deep into a Bolton skull. I want to lick it off my lips and die with the taste of it on my tongue.
—  Hugo Wull, A Dance with Dragons

(this is long and I don’t want to put it under a cut xoxo) 

So around Thanksgiving time, I was at work and we get a call from the teen room and Mary asks me if I knew anything about Divergent.

“Yeah, I read the whole trilogy,” I say and think hated it but def read it. 

Ok,” she says, “I’m going to send someone over to talk to you.”

Shit, I think, and begin prepping for a Conversation With Someone Who Likes Divergent. 

(side note: i am very good at talking about books i do not like with people who loved them and they never get any inkling I did not like them. I’m very good at it.) 

So, this older gentleman comes into the children’s room. Cheerful looking guy, probably in his fifties or sixties. He explains that he really loved the movies and after the news about them ditching the last movie he was wondering if it was possible to read Allegiant but just start at the point where the last movie stopped. 

I admitted I hadn’t seen any of the movies but I could tell him about how the book ended and we could see if the movie would have taken the same direction? 

So we chat about Divergent for a while.

(Now, note, I am wearing a Kylo Ren shirt because my wardrobe is still mainly t-shirts and my god it is hard to dress in Business Casual when the library technically does not enforce a dress code)

He asks if I’m a Star Wars fan. I, being a twenty-three year old girl, obsessed with Star Wars who also has many Strong Opinions about Star Wars, immediately tense up. I don’t like talking about Star Wars with guys because, in general, they’re condescending in some way or just have Terrible Opinions. I’m also immediately put on edge because this is an older guy so… i’m pretty much expecting condescension. 

I say yes. He LIGHTS UP. L I G H T S U P. Asks me if I read the books, which books have I read, am I excited for Rogue One, did I like TFA, AND ON AND ON.

We talk about Star Wars for about thirty minutes before he leaves. Twenty-minutes later he COMES BACK. He forgot to tell me something and also have I read Catalyst because he’s reading it now and oh! my! god! and also I have got to read Life Debt because it is amazing and the pieces are falling into place and the picture is getting bigger. 

He’s so excited. He’s talking about the EU (he’s read like! all of it!) and just INCANDESCENT. I’m so excited because oh my god I never get to talk Star Wars with someone who just wants to GUSH ABOUT HOW GREAT STAR WARS IS. 

So he leaves. A few weeks pass and I have off-desk time and one of my coworkers swings in and is like ‘there’s someone to see you?’

what. i think. why. 

IT’S MY STAR WARS FRIEND. (I’m Terrible With Names and I’m like 80% his name is Harold but oh my god guys I don’t know) 

He asks if I’ve gotten to Catalyst. I say ‘oh my god no but i bought it literally THE SECOND YOU LEFT’ 

We talk about Star Wars. He GIVES ME a copy of Life Debt (!!!) and says that the library has been so good to him and honestly i have to read this and i’m very (!!!!) 

A week or so later one of my coworkers says that someone stopped by and asked for me but I was off somewhere and he told them not to disturb me and I was like ‘oh! my star wars friend. we talk about star wars.’ He stops by later that day to ask when I was seeing Rogue One. (”Friday morning!” “I’m seeing it Sunday!”) We talk Rey theories. He’s got a bunch of theories that tie her to Luke and I was very “ehhhh idk i think it would be cool if she wasn’t related” and he was like “oh man ABSOLUTELY” which :) He asks if I’ve read other sci-fi books and I tell him that I mostly read high fantasy but I’ve been trying to get more sci-fi because i want to write one. He comments that he stopped in to put the last book of the Old Man’s War on hold and I tell him that i JUST put the first one on hold, to which he shakes my hand and says “Oh man we really are friends.” 

So I see Rogue One and one of the first things I think is “Oh my god I can’t wait until he drops by again and we talk about this” 

So he stopped by today and just, this man loves Star Wars so much guys and it’s just so amazing to talk to him about it because he knows SO MUCH about it. 

“I’ve been a fan since the 70s when all there was was only, you know, zines and magazines,” he said today. 
“Gosh, I’ve been a fan since i was 3. Star Wars has just always been there,” I reply.
“That’s so great!!” he says. 

He tells me a Snoke theory he has (it’s good). We talk about how AMAZING Rogue One was. I tell him there’s going to be a Jyn Erso YA book coming out and he got SO EXCITED because he didn’t know. HE’S SO EXCITED. We talk about other things, he guesses my age straight on and then talks about how proud he is that I already have my Master’s and how great it is that I got a job there. 

“This library has been really good to me this year,” he says. “It’s a great place and I met you!” 

We chat about other sci fi books and he’s like “Make me a list. Make me a list I need to know what you’ve read.” 

I talk about how much I love Kylo Ren, immediately feeling nervous because the goddamn internet has conditioned me to now feel anxious admitting how much I love Kylo Ren but he is TOTALLY WITH ME and agrees that the TFA cast are some of the best written characters in anything and oh my god the ending of TFA with the chasm!!! 

So anyway I’ve made a new best friend and he’s an older guy who Loves Star Wars. 

All My Idols Ch 1: First Class

Hi lovelies I’m sorry I don’t have a new chapter of Bad Girl or I Am An Alpha for you tonight so I’m going to add another one of my stories. This one has no smut! It’s a lot of fluff so be prepared!

Summary:  Twenty-two year old, Charlotte Quinn has decided, on a whim, to up and move to Korea. She has a good idea of the culture and knows the language well, and can’t deny her love of kpop. So when she runs into big bang at the airport on her way to her new home she doesn’t know what to do. Somehow she ends up befriending them and is lead into a whole new world of idols. She doesn’t know what to do when she sees all of her favorite idols in person and is even more thrown off when they want to befriend her as well. What is a girl to do but say yes?

I have never been so exhausted in my whole entire life. I sit down at the terminal, frustrated and starving, upset that all the little shops were closed or too expensive. After being stuck at the Chicago airport for almost 24 hours I have never been so excited to get into one of those uncomfortable economy seats. Glancing around, I’m surprised to be one of the few at the terminal, only about half of what it would take to fill one of those giant planes. One of the screens displaying the take off time and board time changes once again. Another hour delay, giving me three more hours to wait, having us leaving at 3 am. Fucking delightful.

I slouch lower in my chair before deciding to use the bathroom one more time incase the flight leaves earlier. Making sure I have all my belongings I head towards one of the many bathroom, picking the one farthest away just to waste time. To my surprise I see a group of security guards standing outside of the men’s bathroom. I try not to stare at I pass, quickly going into the women’s bathroom. After taking care of my business I leave the bathroom, mindlessly staring at my phone, when I bump into someone. Looking up to apologize, I’m surprised at the strangely familiar face staring back down at me with a solid cold expression.

Top. Big Bang’s Top. My bias of the group. He’s even more handsome in person with his strong jaw and perfect face. He is wearing what you expect from Top, a very nice suit, his black hair is perfectly styled.

Without a thought, I bow slightly, mumbling a small sorry in Korean. I can tell he is slightly surprised by me speaking to him in his own language. He tells me it’s no problem before scanning around us. I follow his eyes, noticing the group of security is now gone.

“They left me,” He puffs out.

“Where are you trying to go?” I ask. He looks back down at me, still surprised by my Korean.

“The flight to Korea.”

I give him a small smile, “I’m heading there too,” He just stares at me, “I can show you the way.” I start walking without waiting for his response, figuring if he wants to follow he will and if not, oh well. I’m a bit surprised seeing him here. I knew they were in America, I had just seen them not to long ago when they were in Newerk but to see him this close makes me nervous. But I’m much too scared of fan girling and scaring him away to show it. He stays a few steps behind me as I lead him through the almost empty wing. I can feel his eyes boring into the back of my head.

I’m surprised when he asks, “Do you know who I am?” I look at him over my shoulder, like I thought his eyes are glued on me.

“Yes,” I all I say as I turn back around.

“I feel like I’m at a disadvantage.” He walks faster, coming up next to me, “What is your name?” It’s my turn to stare, from what I now of Top he isn’t the friendliest person, just the quiet one that can randomly get weird with those he is comfortable with.  

“Charlie,” I say slowly, over pronouncing it.

“Charlie,” He repeats just as slowly, trying his best to say it right, making me smile. He gives me a soft smile in return. We walk basically across the whole entire airport talking about nothing really, he asks me random questions, as if he is filling out a profile for me. I tell him my hometown, age, blood type, where my new apartment is located, and he almost died laughing when I told him my height. We talk as if we are old friends, his friendliness and silly questions, ruining my idea of him, replacing it with something much better. Neither of us notice when we finally reach the gate.

“Hyung!” A familiar voice yells out, drawing us out of our bubble. We look to the man who yelled, Seungri. My smile drops as I step away from Top, not realizing how close we standing. The younger blonde man’s eyes move away from his hyung to me, nervously wrapping my arms around my body. “Who do we have here?” The younger steps closer to us to get a better look at me, prompting me to step back and Top to step in front of me.

“A friend.” Top deadpans, his playfulness gone. Seungri, like I had imagined, isn’t phased by the older’s coldness.

“Seungri-ah, leave him alone,” Another familiar voice calls from their spot amongst the seats. Peeking around Top I see the other three were looking away from their phones to stare at these two. They were siting in the last few rows of the gates seating, a few security guards re hanging around, along with their staff.

“Are you a fan?” Seungri asks me once he sees me peeking around Top.

All I can do is nod.

He smiles big at me, making me give a small smile back, “Really? Who is your bias?” I’m surprised when he steps around Top to be right in front of me. I nearly fall back as I try to step away, not that I don’t enjoy his closeness I’m just overwhelmed by it.

“Seungri,” Top growls as he tries to get in between Seungri and I.

“Just let him ask Hyung,” The voice from before, GD, says with amusement, his phone now put away, his complete attention on us. I realize that Taeyang and Daesung have done the same, small smiles on their faces.

“Well?” Seungri digs. When I don’t respond he frowns before looking to Top, “Does she not speak Korean?”

“She does, she probably just doesn’t want to talk to you,” Top teases. I laugh at that, making Seungri’s head snap back to me.

“You do speak Korean!”

I nod.

“Why won’t you answer me?” He pouts like a child.

“I don’t speak Korean that well,” I say quietly. That’s a bit of a lie, I actually know Korean very well, but my speaking isn’t the best. I have never felt embarrassed speaking it to people here but now with five Koreans staring at me I feel as if I’ll mess up and insult them in some way.

“You speak just fine,” Top says waving my fears away.

“Just say the name,” Seungri demands.

“Top-ssi.” I reply honestly. Seungri pouts, Top smiles at me, finally successfully moving the pouting blond away from me.

“Who is after him?” Seungri tries again.

Without any hesitation, “Taeyang-ssi.”

“After that?’


“I swear to god.” He whines.

Without him asking I say one more, “Daesung-ssi.” The others are laughing their ass off as Seungri goes back to his seat, grumbling something about how no one appreciates him.

“I like her,” GD says between laughs, “Come sit with us,” he waves me over to the empty spot next to him. I look over at Top, who waves through their bags on the floor to the spot over. I quickly follow sitting between the two very handsome men.

“What is your name?” Daesung asks, he is sitting across from me, his arms resting on his elbows as he leans closer to me.

“Charlie.” I respond shortly.

“Where are you from?”

“A couple states over.”

“Why are you going to Korea?”

“I’m actually moving there.”

He smiles, “That’s exciting! Do you have any friends there? Or is it for work purposes?”

“It’s more of a spur of the moment thing,” I answer nervously, Taeyang and Seungri, who have been looking at their phones, are now looking back at me. “I just kind of decided this within the last month.”

“Wow, why so sudden?” GD asks this time.

“I just felt like going? That sounds really irresponsible but I don’t have much holding me back here, so I just decided to pack up and go.”

“That brave, what make you pick Korea?” Taeyang asks, all their questions and attention is making me nervous. I look down at my hands.

“I’ve liked the idea of living in Korea for the couple years, since I was 17, and since I took the time to learn the language, I figured why not there?”

They all nod.

“So how long have you been a fan?” Seungri asks, coming out of his slump.

“Almost a year.”

“Were we your first?” He earns a punch from Taeyang for such a dirty phrased question.

I laugh, “Technically, yes. Though I listened to Super Junior first, you are the first group I learned.”

“Really? And are we your favorite right?” Seungri continued to ask.

“You are the group I have traveled the farthest for.”

“What does that mean?”

“I went to Newerk to see you in concert.”

They all smile at that, “You saw us in concert?”

“Yea! It was absolutely amazing! You guys did such a great job!” I say, letting my fan girl out a bit.

GD is grinning big at me, “Thank you so much, it’s great to hear that the fans had fun.”

We talk for the next two hours, I ask about their other concerts and the places they’ve been and things they’ve done while on tour. In turn, they ask me about myself, their interest in me surprising, not just me but from the stares of their crew, I can tell this isn’t normal. I’m thrown off even more when Top puts his arm around the back of my chair; his hand brushes my shoulder. An action noticed by everyone of the member but no one says anything, they just glance at it every now and than. When it’s time to board, it no surprise that they are in first class, they stand up when class 1 is called.

I give them my best smile and say, “It was nice to meet you.”

They all share a glance before Taeyang speaks up, “Come to first class with us.”

“There probably aren’t any spots,” I wave that idea away, “I can’t afford it anyway.”

Again they glance at each other, Top ends up grabbing my hand and leading to the entrance to the plane. We pass the woman at the desk, who just looks confused but once one of Big Bang’s people come up and talk to her the problem seems to be resolved. Top wordlessly leads me to one of the seats, placing me in the aisle seat, while he gets the window. The others join us with smiles on their faces, Taeyang sits on the other side of the aisle next to me, GD is next to him, while Seungri and Daesung are in front of us.

“Thank you,” I say, staring at my hands, a small blush crosses my tan cheeks.

“You’re welcome.” Top says as he pats my head like a child. The action is strange but comforting, making me smile. He relaxes in his seat, something he does with ease and elegance. I don’t even want to know how much I look like a mess as I try to get comfortable. An attendant walks by, handing out blankets and pillows which I eagerly accept. Making myself comfortable became much easier as I lean my chair back and curl up on my seat with my blanket, sleep sounds amazing, and an 11 hour flight is the perfect time to do so. I didn’t notice that the boys have been watching me with interest as I had made my little nest.

“Tired?” Taeyang asks as he also leans his seat back, making our eyes level, both of us on our sides.

“I’m exhausted. 30 hours with no sleep.” I yawn back as I nuzzle myself deeper into my pillow. He doesn’t respond when my eyes close but I can feel him staring at me, actually I can feel almost all of the staring at me. All except for Daesung, who is like me and actually wants to sleep.

I don’t sleep for long, only 4 hours, because of breakfast. It’s seven back home but I don’t know what time zone we are in at the moment. Top has woken me up to eat, I pick the rice and chicken, while Top take the omelet. We eat in silence, just enjoying each other’s company, at least for a little while before Seungri starts talking again. I can’t get myself to fall back asleep when they start talking, I just want to listen and talk to them forever. The flight goes by quickly, too quick if you ask me, and I’ve already shared my embarrassing stories with, and earned a few of theirs. The idea of not being able to talk to them like this again breaks my heart.

I can’t believe my ears when Top asks for my phone number, not in a hit on me way though, definitely a friendly way. With the other boys hounding me, I can’t say no to them, not that I want to. After typing my number in Top’s phone I feel nervous and can’t help but start giggling. When we land the boys leave first, actually giving me hugs as they go, Top being the last and the longest hug. Even though we are only friends, if that, we didn’t want the fans who were waiting to spot us together.

I find myself laughing at the last day and a half of my life, thinking that would be the high point for me. But little did I know, that it was just the beginning.

PS I love watching you guys binge read Good Girl and other stories, my friends keep asking why my phone is blowing up and I don’t know how to tell them it’s from a bunch of girls reading my dirty fan fiction. Please enjoy and let me know how you like it!

Idle Talk

REQUEST by MBNMNB04: Hey can I request a imagine/oneshot for a Roman Reigns. Where the reader is also a WWE diva. And when another diva and superstar start talking trash about Roman, the reader confronts them. Kinda like what happened when The Miz and Maryse had John Cena as their guest and later on Maryse slaps John. Then Nikki Bella comes out tell Maryse “You mess with my man, I’m gonna break you bitch. You hear me?” Sorry if this is a lot. I just love your writing!

Warnings: Language
(A/N) I’m sorry it took so long and my apologies to y’all since I had difficulties writing this so I wanna thank @x-fivefoot for helping me out with this request since I really struggled with it😚


‘’You ready for tonight?’’ my boyfriend Roman asked me as we were in his locker room.

‘’Yes, I’m all set,’’ I replied with a smile as I took his hand in mine, ‘’You nervous?’’

‘’Babygirl, me and nervous? Not at all. Besides, I have you to cheer for me on the side of the ring so I’ll be fine.’’ He smiled. Just like my boyfriend, I was in the WWE business. A few months ago, I made my debut on RAW and Roman and I immediately fell for each other. I know how cliché ‘love at first sight’ sounds, but that’s what happened with us.

‘’You have a big ego Reigns,’’ I laughed and kissed him.

‘’I’m aware of that baby, but you praising me every day, makes it even bigger.’’  

‘’Keep on going like that and I’ll stop all the compliments,’’ I warned him playfully. He pretended to zip his mouth shut and throwing away the imaginary key. ‘’Alright, so I’m going to check the arena out for a bit, you just stay here and get ready okay?’’

‘’Whatever you wish, but come back asap.’’ He pouted his lips, wanting another kiss. I rolled my eyes and gave in, kissing him one more time before I exited the dressing room. I decided to just look around a bit, curious about how the whole arena looked like. When I was a kid, me and my parents used to watch wrestling all the time and as a little girl, I wanted nothing more than being a part of the business. So when I was probably around twenty years old, I decided to follow my childhood dream to become a wrestler myself. There was nothing more I enjoyed doing than working out every day, even though my body couldn’t even function anymore the day after, developing and getting to know different and new tactics, being trained and being guided to the wrestler, more important, woman I am this present day. Of course, there were bumps on the way, but everyone has that when you’re dreaming of something that is hard to accomplish. Once I could go from NXT to RAW, it was like my life couldn’t get any better. But the moment Roman and I saw each other and finally talked, I knew that I didn’t need or want anything else. He became so important to me in such short time and being around him made me feel even more confident. We trained together, traveled together, shared hotel rooms together, he would give me advice on how to beat everyone’s asses in the ring. Sure, we also have some alone time, everyone needs that from time to time. I’m blessed to have him in my life so you could imagine that when someone said or did something that would be in his disadvantage, I would step in and fight that person. As I made my way to the ring, I could hear someone mention Roman’s name. I frowned and walked over to a spot where I could hear what female voice was saying.

‘’Honestly, he’s just a show-off and an comedian,’’ Maryse laughed as she was talking to Lana. ‘’Not to mention his lack of experience and talent. He pretends to be ‘the guy’ around here, that this is his so called ‘yard’ or whatever, but how funny is that.’’

‘’You can’t just talk about him that way,’’ Lana replied as she rolled her eyes. Almost everyone knows by now that Maryse loves to talk shit about almost anyone who she dislikes, so I wasn’t surprised. But the fact that she was talking about my man that way, made me pissed.

‘’Lana, you know damn well that I’m right and his girlfriend, what’s her name again,’’ she pretended to think, tapping her heels on the floor, ‘’y/n, that was it, she’s getting on my nerves. Now that she’s new, everyone is talking about her and that pathetic boyfriend of hers. She’s dating him just because of the fame. Not that it helps,’’ she laughs and walks off. My blood was boiling while I walked towards Lana. She saw me coming her way, biting her lips, not knowing what to say.

‘’Y/n,’’ she started, ‘ ’Before you decide to break everything on your path, I hope you’re not mad at me.’’

‘’Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you?’’ I asked as I sat on the side of the ring, facing Lana who was standing in front of me.

‘’I don’t know, maybe for not saying anything.’’ She answered guilty.

‘’Lana, you did stood up for him and I appreciate that, I really do. It’s just that she frustrates the shit out of me, oh my g0d,’’ I groaned. ‘’She has been talking crap about me and Roman for quite some time and I’m on the edge of losing my shit.’’

‘’I can imagine,’’ Lana sighed.

‘’I couldn’t care less about the fact she’s talking about me, but no one talks about Roman that way.’’ I felt myself getting more angrier than I already was and a plan formed in my head.

‘’Y/n, I know that face, what are you up to?’’ Lana asked concerned. I’ve known Lana for a long time and we became close friends. She knows me too well, sometimes even better than I know myself.

‘’Nothing,’’ I simply said and hopped off  the ring, ‘’you’ll see tonight.’’ Giving Lana a hug, I walked back to the locker room. As I walked inside, I saw roman sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone. He looked up at me and frowned.

‘’Alright, spill it out, what’s wrong?’’

‘’There’s nothing wrong,’’ I lied and sat down next to him.

‘’Oh yes there is, I ain’t stupid babygirl.’’

‘’I never said you were,’’ I gave him a smile and rested my head on his shoulder, ‘’You’ll see tonight.’’


‘’You ready to go,’’ Roman asked me as I stood next to him, holding his hand. I nodded and walked right behind him as we walked out of the door. The fans started to scream loudly as we came out; some of them booed, some of them cheered. It felt amazing going out there, especially having Roman by my side. He had a match with Jericho and he was already standing in the ring.

‘’I see you couldn’t handle me on your own Reigns,’’ Jericho laughed as Roman stepped into the ring.

‘’The fact you lost your ‘best friend’, doesn’t mean I can’t bring mine.’’

‘’Touché, let’s hope for your sake you fight as good as you talk,’’ Chris said as the bell ringed. Roman gave me a kiss on the cheek before he started the match by slapping Jericho in the face. I stood behind the ropes, cheering for Roman and occasionally shouting what he should do and what not. Both Roman and Jericho got beaten up pretty bad, but they kept going. Eventually, Roman performed this breathtaking Samoan drop, causing him to win the match. Boy, I was so proud of him. I stepped into the ring and gave Roman a big hug before grabbing the mic in the corner. He frowned at me, not knowing what I was about to do. As Jericho rolled out of the ring I started to walk back and forth.

‘’So I overheard something,’’ I started, ‘’I heard that someone named Maryse, has been talking crap about my man and I ain’t gonna let that happen just like that of course. So I thought, why not clear the air a little.’’

‘’What has she been saying about me?’’ Roman asked with a grin on his face.

‘’Something like you being a comedian and a huge show-off. She also mentioned that I’m dating you because of the fame,’’ I laughed. ‘’I’m surprised you can’t see that your man is comedian and a pretty big show-off too. I mean, what’s it with ‘The Miz Show’ anyways?’’ As I was about to continue, Maryse and her husband came out.

‘’Roman, why don’t you keep your lady in control man? That’s not the attitude a new diva is supposed to have,’’ Mike said shaking his head.

‘’My lady is independent and has her own will and unlike yours, mine is standing up for me and she has my back. So how about the two of you just turn around and walk away before we kick your asses.’’ Roman angrily said.

‘’Roman honey, can’t you see that y/n is just dating you because of the fame and your money?’’ Maryse said. That made me snap.

‘’Listen up, doll, why would I date anyone for the fame and the money? I’m in the business as well so I gain my own money and my own fame. I have my own fans and my own style. It’s called being original, but I don’t expect you to know what it means. And just one more thing,’’ I continued, ‘’If I ever catch you talking crap about my man again, I’ll fucking kick your ass.’’ I dropped the mic and my music started to play. Everyone seemed to be cheering and I smiled as Maryse and Mike walked off irritated. Roman gave me a hug and shook his head

‘’You’re something else y/n, thank you,’’ he smiled.

‘’You’re welcome Ro,’’ I laughed. He gave me a kiss before we walked back to the locker room.

The Start of Something Crazy - Chapter 1

A/N: Ahh! Here is chapter one of the prequel for Always Mine! If you have not already read Always Mine, no worries! You DO NOT have to read that to understand this! I really hope you guys like it! Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! 

P.S: I am imagining Negan looks like his Ike Evans from Magic City :)

Summary: Before the apocalypse, Katherine was a normal twenty two year old girl. That was until she met the man who would soon change her life forever.

A loud, sharp, ringing jolted her out of her deep sleep. She let out a soft groan as she pulled her blanket over her head.

“Shut up!” She groaned, covering her ears with her hands trying to block out the noise. When the ringing stopped, she slowly pulled her hands away from her ears and poked her head out from under the blanket. She quickly ducked back under however when the bright rays from the morning sun hit her eyes. She reached a hand up to rub at her aching temples.

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Kit gets dropped off in some foreign country. (Possible slight spoilers for The Dark Artifices.)

Hey! I’m not too happy with this fic, but I hope you like it! Kit is in Myeongdong, which is a really popular shopping area in South Korea. (And one of the places I’ve actually been to.) I hope you enjoy! 

Kit briefly wondered where he was. He could have been in New York City; he could have been in Bangkok, Thailand. Or Tokyo, Japan. There were a lot of symbols that looked like Japanese (or was it Chinese?) characters.

Then Kit wondered how he had gotten himself into his current situation. Something about muffins. It could have been scones.

Kit decided to ask someone for a phone so that he could call Julian or Ty. Preferably Ty. He had stupidly not brought his own phone, for reasons Kit didn’t want to think about. “Excuse me?” he asked a lady pushing a stroller down the busy sidewalk. “Can I borrow your phone?” The lady gestured with her hands and shook her head. Kit took it that she didn’t speak English.

He moved on and tried to find someone who looked like they spoke English. As he passed by brightly lit stores that had signs in some foreign language, it became clear that Kit was not in the United States anymore. He was probably somewhere in Asia, judging from the people around him and the conversations around him.

Kit was jostled and stared at, and he desperately wished to be back in Los Angeles. With Ty. Kit finally spotted a group of foreigners among the crowd. He made his way over to them. “Uh- excuse me? Ma’am?” The group of girls turned to stare at him. Kit was aware that he probably looked like a mess. “Do you have a phone I could borrow?”

“Of course!” gushed one of the girls. She looked like she was around twenty years old. “Are you lost?” She was also almost certainly American.

Kit shrugged a little, running his hand through his hair. “Ah- well- kind of?”

“Oh, you poor thing!” another young woman said. “It is quite easy to get lost in a crowd like this.” She whispered something to the last of the three young women.

“If you don’t mind, could you please tell me where I am?” Kit asked.

The woman who Kit had first spoken to handed her his phone, and gave him an odd look. “We’re in South Korea. The capital city.”

Nothing made any sense to Kit. “Oh. Okay, then.” Kit dialed Ty’s phone number from memory and waited for someone to answer.

Finally, Ty’s husky, familiar voice said, “Hello?”

“TY!” Kit burst out. The young women around him looked startled. Kit tried to calm down, but he just couldn’t. “Ty, why am I in South Korea and not in L.A?”

There was silence from the other side of the phone. Then Julian’s cool voice asked, “Is that you, Kit? Why are you-”

“That’s what I’m asking you! I don’t know how I got here,” Kit said. He was aware that he probably sounded like a lunatic, but he was past caring. He looked around; noticed the huge, ivy-covered building in front of him; noticed the street vendors; noticed the blaring advertisements and the worn stone ground beneath him. “How the hell am I supposed to get back?”

He heard Julian sigh, and then a weary, “I don’t know? I could contact Magnus so that he could make a Portal and come get you. But you don’t know where you are.”

“Hang on.” Holding the phone away from his face, he asked the woman who had lent him the phone, “Can you tell me specifically where I am?”

The woman looked flustered and turned to her friends. “We are in Myeongdong, South Korea,” she said slowly. “And we are in front of a large Nature Republic building that is covered in ivy.”

“Great! Thanks,” Kit said. He relayed this information to Julian, who seemed to be writing it down. “So now can you contact Magnus and make a Portal?”

The three women widened their eyes at him. He realized what he had just said, and how bizarre it would seem to them. Kit turned in a circle craning his neck to look above him. The sky was a hazy gray, but it didn’t seem like it was about to rain. It just seemed dismal.

“Sure. I’ll do that right now. Are you using someone’s phone?” Julian asked.


“Can you keep on using that phone for like, fifteen more minutes?”

Kit grimaced at the thought of having to ask the women for more help since they had already helped him so much. And he had been stopping them from their shopping. “I’ll try?”

“Great. I’ll try to get Magnus to make a Portal as soon as possible, okay?” Julian said. Kit heard the sound of a chair scraping back as he stood up.

“Thanks, Julian.” Kit hung up and then steeled himself for the conversation ahead. “I’m really sorry about this, but my friend asked if I could use the phone for about fifteen more minutes. If that’s alright with you.”

The woman whose phone I was holding smiled brightly and nodded. “That’s all right! Take your time! We don’t have anything urgent to do.”

Kit felt a wave of relief as the other two women nodded and gestured for him to take his time with the phone. Kit held on to the device, taking comfort in the case digging into his palm. As they all waited for something to happen, the women peppered Kit with questions.

What’s your name? Kit. How old are you? Fifteen. Where do you live? Is it Los Angeles? Yes. Do you have a girlfriend?

At this last question, Kit hesitated. He didn’t have a girlfriend, but he wasn’t not dating anyone. He possibly had a boyfriend. But Kit wasn’t about to come out to three strangers. “Um- well, you see-” Kit started.

“You must have a girlfriend,” one of the women said. “A handsome boy like you-”

One of her friends cut her off. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Kit felt his face go from hot to burning. “Ah- um- uhh…”

“Jess!” scolded Phone Woman. “Don’t be rude!”

Kit seized the opportunity to switch the subject. “I never quite got your names.”

Phone Woman looked shocked. “Oh, my! We certainly have been rude. I’m sorry. I’m Alice, she’s Caroline-” Caroline waved at me cheerfully, “-and she is Jessamine.” Kit felt a strange urge to laugh. The Jessamine standing in front of me was quite unlike the ghost Jessamine he had spoken with in London.

Nice to meet you all, and thank you once again,” Kit said politely. Johnny had always taught him to be polite to strangers. Good for business.

Alice waved her hand dismissively. “No problem.” Kit saw a flash of light in the corner of his eye, and he turned and saw Magnus Bane striding over to him. The crowd parted quite easily for the warlock.

“Magnus!” Kit shouted in relief. “Thank Raziel.”

Magnus’s eyebrows shot up at the sight of the women Kit had been talking to. “Hello, ladies.” Magnus waved a nonchalant hand, and the shock was swept away from the womens’ expressions.

Kit handed Alice the phone in his hand and thanked her once again. The three women giggled when Magnus smiled blindingly at them. Magnus and Kit thanked the women for their time and walked toward the building wall Magnus had just come from.

“Thanks for coming to get me,” Kit said. “You must have been busy.”

“I was at my apartment, trying to feed Max. I think you saved me from a lot of trouble,” Magnus replied easily.

He traced a door-shaped pattern on the wall, and a Portal slowly took shape. Kit looked around them, trying to see if the people around them could see the Portal. Magnus noticed and said, “Mundanes can’t see the Portal. It has glamour magic woven into it.”

By now, the Portal had fully formed, and Magnus gestured for Kit to step through first. He eyed the Portal and stepped through. The strong winds blew him around, and then he was back in the Los Angeles Institute. Kit landed on his back, the breath knocked out of him. He closed his eyes, and then when he opened them, a pair of gray eyes were staring thoughtfully down at him.

“Ty?” Kit asked.

“Kit!” Ty said happily. “You’re back! I’m glad I didn’t send you to like, outer space.”

It took a moment for Kit to grasp the meaning of Ty’s words, and by the time he did, Magnus had arrived. Kit pushed himself off of the floor and thanked Magnus. “No problem, Kit. Just be glad you were sent somewhere that I had been before. South Korea has changed so much since the 70’s. I should get back to New York. Alec could get lonely.”

“He has two kids to take care of!” Emma said from the doorway of the library.

“Which is another reason why I should get back,” Magnus said. “Goodbye, Blackthorns. And Herondale,” Magnus said, looking straight at me.

“Bye, Magnus!” the Blackthorns and Kit chorused.

“Thanks again!” Kit said. Magnus waved and disappeared into the depths of the Portal. Kit whirled around to face Ty. “You sent me to Korea? Why?”

Ty winced and worried the hem of his shirt with his fingers. Kit regretted speaking so harshly to him and stepped closer to Ty. Kit reached out and took one of Ty’s hands in his. “Hey. Sorry for that. I just- I don’t understand what happened.”

“I don’t understand either,” Ty said. His ink-black curls contrasted sharply with the white headphones that hung around his neck. Kit could hear faint classical music streaming from them. “You were here one moment, and then you were gone. I think it might have been one of those new runes Clary made.”

Clary Fairchild was famous for saving the world, and for being the only Shadowhunter alive who was able to invent entirely new Marks. “Hmm. Maybe we could ask her someday?” Kit wondered.

“Yeah. Until then, I’ll try not to get you sent into another foreign country,” Ty said.

Kit grinned. “Thanks.”


A/N: so I looked up skandar keynes’ ethnicity (Edmund Pevensie from Narnia) and I found out that he’s tURKISH, PERSIAN, AND LEBANESE and I got super excited bc my ethnicity is close to his; then I decided to write this bc I’m also learning turkish so why not lol… btw half of this was edited at my school’s library, that shows how dedicated i am to you guys ;)

  • PAIRING: Skandar Keynes x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a pair of 20 year-olds have a horrible time at a wedding, but end up having fun with each other.
  • WORDS: 509

He was never fond of coming to these events. The dancing, the older women asking when a marriage is going to emerge, or when he even gets a girlfriend for that chance. Twenty-five and still single. A sigh escaped the dark-haired man’s lips, mentally cursing his parents for inviting him here.

However, one thing distracted Skandar from his dreadful thoughts, a girl. The brown-eyed man studied her from where he was sitting, her head resting on the palm of her hand as she stared off into the distance. She looked as if she was deep in thought. The girl was a beauty though; her flowy dress complimenting the color of her eyes, her hair cascading down her shoulders, an obviously bored look that hung on her face. A tiny smile found it’s way on his lips just looking at the beauty. At least he wasn’t the only one having a dreadful time.

A few girls were surrounding her, in the same table. Though no one could compete with her beauty.

She was at least two tables away from the dark-haired man, she smiled when a girl, about the same age as her, came from behind to sit next to her. A look of enthusiasm was across her face. 

The man just stared from afar, tilting his head a bit to look at her. The girl actually looked happy now, as a laughed escaped her putting a hand over her mouth to cover her teeth. 

Skandar was determined to talk to the girl now.

A few moments passed. All filled with dancing, singing, and eating. Yet the man was still having a terrible time. Though when he saw that her table was empty now, and realization hit him when he thought now was his shot.

Skandar took a deep breath, his hands jittery, as he got up from his seat and waltzed over to the girl.

Her head shot up when he took a seat next to her, muttering a sentence in Turkish, an accent laced in it, “Kötü bir zamana sahip olan tek ben olmadığıma sevindim.” 

She shook her head, “I’m sorry I don’t speak Turkish.” Which caused Skandar to have a relieved look on his face. 

“Oh thank God, because I can barely speak Turkish.” He smiled, showing off his pearly whites and that’s when the girl noticed he had a nice smile, “I was saying though, I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s having a bad time.”

She gave him a sly grin, “yeah…I usually don’t come to these type of events, I’m more of a stay-at-home-eating-ice-cream-while-watching-Netflix type of girl.”

The pair chuckled, once the laughter had died down he introduced himself. “I’m Skandar by the way.”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” 

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He smirked, but immediately regretting what he had said when she responded with silence. Though his nerves were calmed down once he heard a giggle escape her rosy lips. 

“Okay, lover boy you don’t have to flirt to get my attention.” Y/N laughed. Skandar smiled, she was truly something else.

[A/N: i know this was extremely short, but if you guys want a part two just ask in my ask box! yes, i made an ask box lol]

Alex Summers + “You’re lying!”

When a sullen looking Hank McCoy walked up the cobblestone path of what had been yours and husband Alex’s home, only to tell you he had died you don’t really remember what had happened next.

You can sort of recall Hank’s lanky twig like arms going around you, keeping you from falling to your knees, and you can semi remeber your hands clap over your mouth, muffling the loud heartbroken wails that were coming from you. And you can be faintly certain of the fact Hank had then carried you inside your home, to the dark twade couch Alex had once loved.

You’re lying!” You said into Hank’s shoulder, his pale fingers running up and down your back as he tried to sooth you.Your own hands hand left your face and were now on his light blue button up, balled up into fists

“I’m sorry,” Hank choked out. Alex had teased him when they first meet, Alex had still teased him despite nearly twenty years of knowing one another, but they were friends and now like so many of his friends Alex was gone.

“I am so, so sorry,” he whispered into your hair, rocking the both of you back and forth.

“Mommy?” A small tired voice sounded from the top of the stairs, both you and Hank froze. Well Hank did, you had just bursted into another fit of loud.

A tiny girl, no older than four years old, with a sharp jawline and pigtails, and a ragged plush bunny toy dragging behind her, clambering down the stairs with a concerned look on her face.

“Uncle Hank?” She cocked her head to the side, not understanding why her uncle Hank had tears in his eyes or her mommy was red faced and gasping for breath.

“Hey Rosie.” Hank didn’t mean for his voice to sound so thick voice, it had just happened. Rosie looked so much like you, but at that very moment Hank could only see Alex in her young features.

He could feel your shoulders shaking, but your cries quite as you rub your eyes, trying, and failing to rid yourself of tears.

“Why are you and mommy sad?” Hank felt your grip on his tighten. Your mutation was the ability to talk to and control animals, not super strength, and yet the way you clung to him, like he was the only thing keeping you grounded to the world, almost made him wonder if you had gained another ability.

“W-We should wait until your brothers are home,” Hank said to Rose, making his chest tighten around his hurting heart even more than it already was.

Alex had left behind a wife and four kids, the youngest being Rosie, a four year old who would without a doubt forget what her father was like within a few years, and Chuck, the oldest, being a fifteen year old who’d feel the weight of being the new man of the house.

He than thought about twelve year old AJ, Alexander jr, and how that boy would never get the awkward ‘birds and the bees’ talk from his father when he came of age, or how ten year old Sean would never get to hear his father’s proud cheers from the sidelines when the boy won his first high school football game.

“Okay,” Rosie agreed, lightly before cramming in between you two. Her tiny arms wrapped themselves around you and squeezed tightly. She was such a good girl, a daddy’s girl. Your eyes meet Hanks as your lip quivered and though neither of you possessed telepathic abilities he understood the question: ‘How am I going to tell my kids?’


Can’t Help Falling In Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

Please listen to the song above! Only if you would like to!

Also, I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you could read the authors note at the end, it would mean so much to me! Thank you my beautiful lovelies, and I really hope you enjoy :) <3 xxx


Joe couldn’t help but grin from the head table of the room, his eyes casting over the crowd. The view from up here was rather spectacular, giving him a view of almost every guest. Music played from the live band that were situated on the other side of the grand  hall, the voice of the soft jazz singer echoing around the room.

“You know, Alfie and I just wanted a small and private wedding..We never stick to plans, do we?” Zoë’s voice giggled, her body now sitting down in the chair beside her brother, her flowing white dress fanning out in front of her, the small diamonds along her waist line glimmering in the light.

Joe chuckled at his sister’s words, his lips now pressing against the glass of white wine he sipped on. “That’s just what you two do, isn’t it? Make a successful plan, but never follow it through. You know what though? I think having every single one of our friends and our family here, makes the day even more special.” He grinned at his newly wed sister, his eyes gleaming with pride as he took in her sight, taking hold of her petite hand and gently squeezing it.

“I bet you never thought you’d see this day, right? I didn’t expect to see it so soon! After an entire year of planning and it’s finally here.” Zoë gleamed, her bright blue eyes twinkling with happiness as she took in her brothers attire; a clean black tuxedo, with a fresh crisp white shirt and a simple black bow tie.

Joe grinned with pride, wrapping his arm around his sister’s shoulder, holding her against him closely. “I’m so proud of you, sis. I’m also proud at the fact that you finally managed to make dad cry. That was quite a sight at the alter.” Joe sniggered, following the giggles of his sister.

“I think he’ll soon get over the shock. Besides, look at him now.” Zoë laughed, pointing over to her father with her husband Alfie, the two of them dancing on the dance floor in attempt to try and start a conga line. “He’s having the time of his life!” She grinned, rolling her eyes playfully at the sight before her. “I think it’s all of that wine that’s gone to his head.”

“Mhm, he’ll pay for all that drinking in the morning.” Joe sniggered, sipping from his own glass of white wine, feeling the wine making his head spin ever so slightly. A comfortable silence lingered over them both, only the sound of the music filling their ears as they enjoyed one another’s company.

“Y/N looks absolutely gorgeous. You’ve definitely got a keeper there, broseph. I hope you don’t plan on letting her go.” Zoë smiled, nudging her brothers side with her elbow while motioning her dainty hand over to Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of three years, dancing away with the siblings younger cousins.

Joe couldn’t help the smile that continued to grow on his lips as he watched his girlfriend dance with two left feet with his younger cousins. Her long and soft pink pastel bridesmaid dress, swaying side to side. Her hair/colour hair, perfectly curled, framing her beautiful features. Joe could feel his heart skip multiple beats as he looked at his girlfriend in awe, wondering how he was so lucky to win the heart of such a beauty.

“She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Joe grinned proudly, his eyes never leaving his sweet love. “I don’t plan on ever letting her go. I’m so in love with her. I want to continue spending the rest of my life with her. I want to be the first to greet her in the morning and the last to bid her goodnight. I want to marry her. She’s the one.” Joe breathed, his heart thumping quickly against his chest as he took in the beautiful sight of his sweet love, watching her twirl two of his younger cousins around to the beat of the music.

Zoe simply grinned at her brother, watching him speak so highly of Y/N. Zoe could feel it in her bones that one day soon, Joe would ask Y/N to be his bride and become a new member to the Sugg family. Zoe could see how loved up Joe was and indeed how loved up Y/N was, they were the perfect match. The love Y/N and Joe shared, reminded Zoe of the love and the feeling of falling in love she experienced with her husband Alfie.

“You’ll marry her. You’ll know within your heart when to ask her too. You’ve got a very special love that you share between you both, and I hope you know that, don’t take advantage of it. Cherish that love you have and treat it with tender love and care, because a girl like Y/N, who has a heart of pure gold, does simply not come around that much.” Zoe spoke softly, patting her brothers shoulder as he slowly turned to face her, watching as she stood to her own feet.

“Come on now, you can’t sit here all night! Dance with your sister!” Zoe smirked, grabbing hold of Joe’s hands and pulling him up from his chair and leading him to the dance floor.

Joe laughed at his sisters silliness, twirling her and her dress around to the beat of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ song. The smooth jazz singer from the live band, hit  the high notes perfectly. The two Sugg sibings were now stomping their feet to the beat, dancing around one another clumsily. The photographer for the wedding, snapping pictures of the pair as they belted out the lyrics at the top of their voices.

“I’ll give you that broseph, you’ve always had some good moves.” Zoe laughed as the song slowly died out, coming to an end giving the band a chance to grab a breath.

“I’m the talented Sugg, what can I say?” Joe smirked, sticking out his tongue at his older sister before running a hand through his hair, calming down his fast beating heart with a deep breath.

Suddenly, the lights slowly dimmed down to a soft glow that casted along the dance floor. Fairy lights glistened like soft shimmering stars around the room.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I steal my lovely bride, do you?” Alfie questioned, his arms snaking around Zoe’s waist from behind her, pulling her backwards into his chest and already pulling her away from Joe.

“She’s your wife now mate, I’m not in charge!” Joe laughed, rolling his eyes at the newly wedded couple as they sauntered over to greet some of Alfie’s family.

Joe turned around slowly, grinning widely at the sight of his cousins still dancing with Y/N. Joe sauntered over to them both, crouching down to their level.

“Excuse me pretty ladies, but you don’t mind if I steal the lovely Y/N away for just one moment, do you?” Joe asked kindly, smiling triumphantly as the small girls nodded and ran to their parents, leaving a breathless Y/N facing Joe.

“Might I say, that your cousins never tire.” Y/N laughed, brushing a strand of her hair to the side. Joe hummed in agreement, watching his younger cousins race one another to the sweet stand that Zoe organised.

“Well, eight year old girls tend to have a lot of energy, and I am certainly not surprised with all of that sugar they’ve been eating.” Joe smiled, placing his hands on Y/N’s waist while her own petite hands wrapped around his neck, drawing both of their bodies closer together. The jazz band were now strumming their guitars in a soft rhythm. The instrumental sound to 'Can’t Help Falling In Love’ now beginning.

Y/N sighed dreamily, listening to the band strum the version by twenty øne piløts begin. The sound of the lead jazz singer now crooning through the microphone. Joe could feel himself melt like butter as Y/N pressed her forehead against his, both of them softly swaying side to side.

Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can’t help falling in love with you.

“You look so beautiful, m'love. You’ve left me breathless.” Joe whispered, pressing his lips to the shell of Y/N’s ear as he spoke. Joe kept his hands pressed down on her hips as they slowly swayed.  

A rosy blush now coloured Y/N’s cheeks, a smile drawing onto her lips. Y/N could feel her heart flutter like a butterfly in the Summer sky at Joe’s words. The soft glowing light from the fairy lights hid the crimson blush on her cheeks.

“Are you sure your not breathless after that dance battle with Zo?” She teased, knitting her fingers into Joe’s hair gingerly, earning a pointed look from Joe, causing her to giggle lightly.

“The line that ruined the perfect moment.” Joe mumbled amused, his eyes rolling playfully at his lovers words.

“It’s what I’m known for.” Y/N humored, allowing Joe to twirl her out from his body and then twirl back into him. The melody of the song wrapping around their bodies as they swiftly glided along the dance floor, moving gracefully.

Joe smiled in awe down at his sweet love. Joe could feel himself being brought back to the very first day they met. It was quite a coincidence really. Joe was running late for a big meeting in the heart of London. He was in a desperate rush to leave and as he exited his house, he began running away from his housing estate and onto the main road where there were many taxi’s. As Joe hailed a cab, little did he know that Y/N also hailed the same cab. As the two of them reached for the door handle, their hands touched. Confusion sketched on one another’s faces as they glance at  each other, wondering how they ended up hailing the same cab. After a short argument about who should have that taxi, Y/N decided they could both share it. They were both heading to the heart of London, so, why not? They could split the fare and make it cheaper too.

After deciding on splitting the cab between them both, it resulted in both of them being stuck in heavy traffic. Y/N was the first to break the awkward silence and ask Joe how his day was and where exactly he was heading. After slowly opening himself up, Joe couldn’t help but begin to slowly fall head over heels in love with the girl. Joe was indeed late for the meeting, but overall, it didn’t matter because he managed to score Y/N’s phone number and manage to find the courage to ask her out.

Like a river flows,
Surely to the sea,
Darling, so we go
Some things were meant to be  

“You know, I still think about that day we met. I think it was most definitely meant to be that I was late for that meeting. Because, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have met you.” Joe spoke, keeping their bodies close together as they gently waltzed around the dance floor, friends and family members clearing the path for them as they danced.

“We would have met one day. Who knows, maybe if we didn’t meet, I would have sparked a relationship with a Spanish sailor and sailed the seven seas with him.” Y/N spoke jokingly, sticking her tongue out as she did so causing Joe to chuckle quietly at her humor.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t want a sailor. The last time I took you on a boat was the first and only time because you were awfully sea sick.” Joe laughed, his eyes twinkling in admiration down at his sweetheart as she laughed lightly at Joe’s words, reminiscing on the memory.

Y/N closed her eyes, allowing the moment to consume her as she danced with Joe. Joe could feel Y/N’s nose against his, giving him the opportunity to give her a gentle Eskimo kiss making her smile. As she smiled, Joe could feel his stomach do back flips at the sight of her.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Joe questioned softly, gazing down into Y/N’s orbs. As Y/N gazed up through her dark lashes, Joe could feel his heart pound rapidly and butterflies float throughout his stomach. He could feel himself falling in love with this girl even more, constantly falling in love with her again and again.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N asked, repeating Joe’s words.

Joe simply shook his head.

“Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his heart pounding a little harder and a lot faster than before.

Y/N was Joe’s everything. If Joe did not have Y/N, he simply would not be living. Y/N completes Joe in so many ways and Joe loves Y/N unconditionally, that is why it is so important for Y/N to know how much Joe really loves her.

“Why do you ask?” Y/N spoke softly, twirling once more back into the strong and muscular arms of Joe, her eyes glimmering with innocence as she moved her hands down to Joe’s chest.

“I ask because I need to make sure you know how much I love you. I love you so incredibly much, Y/N. I love you with my entire heart and all of my soul. I never thought I would find a love so powerful, and then you walked into my life Y/N.  I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you over these last few years. I have fallen so hard, and in moments like these, I fall for you all over again. Every day I look at you and feel love and inspiration. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you in my life Y/N.I cherish you above anything else in my life.  I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you, because I know I would never be as happy as I am in this moment, with you. Every day, I wake up smiling, simply because I get to spend another day with you and I am so incredibly lucky that I’m the man that gets to do that. I will never love another person with as much intensity as I love you, Y/N. I will scream it from the top of the tallest mountain if we ever travel there. I love you Y/N L/N, and I will never stop loving you.” Joe expressed, his hands now tightening on Y/N’s waist as he pulled her against him closely, leaving no space between them. Joe could feel his head rush with blood as he caught his breath, his eyes gazing into Y/N’s desperately, hoping with all of his heart that Y/N knew how special and loved she is.

Y/N could feel herself getting emotional at Joe’s words. The smile on her face was now becoming impossible to grow larger. Y/N could feel happiness radiate from her skin, almost like a glow. Her heart was now melted into the pit of her stomach. Joe’s words were now being sung into her ear by angels. Y/N always wondered what she did to deserve such a sweet, loving and caring guy like Joe. She was so grateful to have Joe in her life and she would never take him or his love for granted.

“You’re getting me emotional, Joe. I love you so incredibly much. You mean the absolute world to me. I can’t even begin to describe my love for you, and I certainly will never be able to tell you through so many beautiful words like you have. My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like go bungee jumping or sky diving.  Falling in love with you..I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me. I love you so, so, so very much and I always will. You are simply the most amazing, caring and sweetest guy in the world and I will never stop loving you. Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N breathed, her hands now softly caressing Joe’s cheek as they spun slowly around the dance floor, the entire world drowning out behind them, everyone now becoming a blur as they gazed up at one another.

Joe could feel a shock of electrifying and excited butterflies swarm around his stomach. He could feel his heart almost grow with the love he had for Y/N. He could feel his body grow warm and fuzzy, a delightful tingly sensation trickling down his back at her words. He could almost see the gold spark fly from their bodies as they touched one another.

“I do.” Joe grinned, gently swaying side to side. “Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his words drawn out soft and slow.

Y/N smiled brightly up to Joe’s striking blue orbs, nodding her head slowly. “I do.” She beamed, earning a beaming smile from Joe.

“Promise me, you’ll practice those words.” Joe whispered, his lips brushing lightly against her ear.

“What?” Y/N asked amused, fixing her eyes up to Joe’s in confusion.

“I do.” Joe whispered, listening to reality slowly creep its way back into both of their lives. “Because you’ll be saying those words on our wedding day.” He smirked, pressing a soft and gentle kiss against Y/N’s lips, her heart physically bursting with love at his words.

Y/N kept her promise to Joe. Four years later, all of that practice came to good use, as Y/N smiled brightly at her lover on the alter and whispered those two special words.

“I do.”


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