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It’s time for more Jedi Path! Will I ever tire of talking about this book? (No. No, I will not.) 

In today’s installment, Anakin and Ahsoka explore the section on Forbidden Force Techniques. Please enjoy Anakin’s improperly-punctuated question about his true lifelong love, Force Grip. (”It’s just misunderstood – like me! OK FINE so sometimes you could use it to cut off someone’s air supply which is bad I GUESS, but what’s the BIG DEAL? It’d be GREAT used against an annoying coworker and paired with a killer pun!”) Ahsoka being like “Dear Jedi Strangler, please do not ever tell me I am being a hothead ever again thanks” in reply, with her totally weird/badass handwriting, is just icing on the cake. 

Also I like the idea of Force Insanity. I’m pretty sure being pushed into permanent madness by the Force is what’s happened to a lot of this fandom. 

Another thing I love about Zack and Trini has a brotp is that they’re 2 different sides of the same badass coin. Zack is loud and extroverted and like, “LOOK HOW BADASS I AM WOOHOO!” (While also being a total softy who loves his mom and was actually observant enough with Trini to realize she might be queer.) And then Trini is introverted and keeps to herself and, while she gives off an “I’ll fuck you up” vibe, she doesn’t flaunt it until you push her and then she’ll go full-on beast mode on your ass. Like when they were first put into the pit to train, she already knew how to fight. She was paired with Zack and was able to immediately block him and put him into a headlock. 

So yeah, I love these two so much. They’re awesome! <3

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Yes oh my God let's please talk about destiel AUs?? Are you into punk!Cas and nerd!Dean?? How punk!Cas would be so badass but when it comes to his Dean he becomes such a softie for him?? How Cas would be Dean's first EVERYTHING and the first time they get intimate he would go so slow and so soft and take such good care of Dean and make sure he's okay and he's enjoying himself????(But once Dean's used to it all bets are off cause we KNOW this bamf is gona dominate the hell out of his little nerd)


Cas would be a total badass, looking quite intimidating with his tattoos, leather jacked and motorcycle.
And then one day he sees Dean, thick framed glasses on his - stupidly pretty- freckled face, and he’s laughing and Cas dies a little on the inside, the cigarette falling down from his hands. 
How is it even possible for a human being to be that beautiful?
It’s not, this man is either a god himself or a descendant of one, Cas isn’t sure which one is true and he doesn’t even care because the man - the god - is looking his way. 
And he can hear Balthazar laughing but it doesn’t matter because the gorgeous man blushes when he catches Cas’s eyes and then ducks his head and heaven help him, it’s cute.
It’s absolutely terrible.
And it gets even worse the first time they actually talk, because it’s like both of them forgot how words work or what even are they.

( he doesn’t seduce Dean- Dean, what a beautiful name - with his knife collection and combat skills, thank you and kindly fuck off, Gabriel.
In fact it takes him weeks to even mention anything about it, because he’s not gonna scare Dean with his dangerous hobbies. Turns out Dean likes them. Like, a lot)
And Dean’s inexperience?? 
Cas can’t believe how lucky he is that Dean loves him and trust him enough to go through so many of his firsts with him?
And you can bet everything that he gives his 110% to make the experience amazing for Dean. 

And yes, yes, it’s a lot of fun, showing Dean what he likes in bed. Small things at the beginning, you know, making sure Dean is comfortable with everything. 
Holding his wrists, telling him to not move, just like that, good boy - 

And guess what?
Turns out Dean likes it A LOT 



Featuring obviously the mains, Ams and I, then our sidekicks, Saeran and Saeyoung, and in the background- our dorky fanboy-turned-assistant <3 



i’m withholding expressing my emotions bc it’s not even fucking worth it lol. people create such false illusions anyways and i like to remember what i saw as gold and art. it makes memories more pleasant and makes me regret less. it may sound sad, but it’s ok. i just hope you’re happy, i don’t ever wish anything bad on anyone, my worst of enemies and so on. i just hope you’re happy and maybe someday learn what your actions did to not me, but a friend and possibly others. i just hope you’re happy and i don’t mean that in a negative way, i mean it as positive as i can. i still see good in everyone.

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I wanted to send this to you since this is partially inspired by Masquerade. But I was thinking about an AU that starts out w Viktor being a secret agent/spy. His enemies kidnap his current boyfriend, Yuuri, as some revenge/threat scheme but plot twist~ turns out Yuuri is an infamous retired assassin who met Viktor when he tried to kill him but instead seduced him by total accident. (I am v tired of the typical badass spy rescues lover plot, RED I am looking at u)

Ooh thank you for sending it to me! (Also yes, the badass hero coming to the rescue trope can suck my metaphorical dick - not even joking) 

But ooh, I like this! If Yuuri is pretty bad ass already then it would take a lot to kidnap him, no? Oh my goodness imagine Victor coming home to find him gone without a trace and he has to uncover all his old secrets to find him, do it! 

Hey fandom! :D How’s it goin’? How about that EW article? Pretty cool, amiright? New info about season 2, yeah! What we’ve been waiting for! :D I mean we finally got more news on Max! Friends with the boys like we all hoped! WHOO! Nice. :)

But, uh, I’ve seen some people upset?

… Because she’s “a love interest”?


Pardon me if I’m wrong…

But are love interests not allowed to be badass?

Are they not allowed to be awesome?

I mean, I’m just thinking of my girls Eleven and Nancy…Both attracted romantic interest from different characters and…


Am I forgetting something?

You guys… Max is going to be fine. She isn’t going to be left out in the cold, shoved in the “love interest and nothing else” corner. This isn’t just another show. That’s one of the many tropes it subverts. Girls aren’t “just love interests” here. I’ll say it again.
They were AWESOME BADASS characters (who also happened to be love interests).

As we’ve all seen, magazines LOVE to focus on the romantic interests. They blow up the love triangles because it’s JUICY. So of course, out of the vague information they were given, they’re going to zero in on their precious buzzword.

But it doesn’t mean that’s all Max is going to be! They aren’t going to tell us everything about her! The season is nine months away (*clutches heart*)! So let’s not judge the character on one line in a magazine.

Max is going to be fine.
She’s going to be awesome.
She’s going to be BADASS.
And it’s going to be an awesome season. Let’s just hang on, all right? 

It’s gonna be GREAT.

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NEW THOUGHT: so like alternate reality slav is totally badass right? so what if hot human slav is like a daredevil who calculates the odds of his survival when he does shit and i can't believe i'm typing this and shiro is shy and thinks he's so brave and amazing and PINING SHIRO



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I need a prompt for a badass girl, I am totally lost with this, the title of the book is Mildly Innocent

Hello :)

• The girl is super rebellious but also an activist. Think chaotic good on the alignment chart. She’ll do anything for her cause.

• Her parents send her to a boarding school/summer camp to control her.

• Her dad died in a gang war, so now she’s determined to bring down the gangs.

• After getting caught by a police officer doing something illegal, she is offered immunity if she becomes an informant on the other members of her law-breaking friend group.

• After taking the fall for a vandalism stunt, she is sent to “jail” (really it’s more of a scared straight program) for a month.

• She’s a thief who gets herself into trouble after she unknowingly steals from a rich and powerful albeit shady person.

• Someone attempts to mug her, but she fights back with expert skills. The mugger offers her a job.

• She gets kidnapped, but instead of falling in love with her captors (stockholme syndrome), she successfully pretends to and uses it to her advantage, so she gets the culprits arrested.

life has been so busy and so good. 

i am thankful for a big brother who looks after me, my wellness, and my health as closely as he does. i am thankful for his fiance who teaches, guides, and laughs along with me as i learn (and sometimes fail at) new things. i am thankful for parents who encourage each other, love each other, and choose each other, as it’s been (and continues to be) a wonderful example of what love really, really is. i am thankful for my mom who drops everything and literally flies to her kids when they need her most, and i am thankful for my dad who is continues to improve himself so he can better love + serve those around him. i am thankful for how easy it is to see and enjoy the blue skies + green trees when you get out of the city. i am thankful for walks with my family and our pups through my parent’s neighborhood. i am thankful for bourbon-fueled talks that run until 3:00am where vulnerability is abundant and ideas of how we can better love those around us are born. i am thankful for the little house with the big garden that i pass by each day on my way to work, because the smell of spring always rushes in when i drive past with my windows down. i am thankful for espresso because duh. i am thankful for the rolling green hills and tall pine trees of minnesota. i am thankful for my best friend and the endless supply of love, mercy, and grace she extends to me, as well as being a total badass. i am thankful for my best friend’s fiance and how well he treats not only my best friend, but how well he treats me, too. i am thankful for my pup who curls up right next to me when it’s time for bed and stays there all night and into the morning. i am thankful to live in the middle of the city, but still be within a five minute walk to one of my favorite lakes. i am thankful to know so many truly, truly good men who uphold the dignity of all life - their kindness can bring me to tears. i am thankful to know so many strong and courageous women who remind me that i am worth the things i desire. i am thankful for the gentleness and mercy of Jesus when i slip, stumble, and fall into lies and false realities, and how often he reaches out to help me back up.

A Badass Surprise

Request: “how is my wife more badass than me?” / shawn is stressed on tour and Andrew flies y/n out to surprise him

a/n: this one was really rushed but i wanted to get something out to you all!! i have a fairly busy week this week with tests and papers so i might be a bit mia!!! 

           Touring was stressful for Shawn.  You could tell by the late night text messages and voicemails he would leave you when he should be asleep, resting for the night’s show. He wasn’t like this when the two of you were dating, so the recent stress might stem from how this is the first time he’s been away on an extended tour since being married.

           While Shawn was away, you kept up with your job to keep you busy.  Being a wedding planner was something you loved more than words could describe. You love the aspect of two families together becoming one.  Even though planning the event is probably the most stressful thing ever, it all makes it worth it when you see the glowing smiles of the two people coming together out of love.  It was also why you didn’t plan your own wedding.

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