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Love Like A Comic Book || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: your friend gives you a worn notebook filled with a drawn comic that depicts you together with spider-man, however, there’s just one problem.

you can’t draw to save your life, and you have no idea who would be crushing on you hard enough to draw you as spider-man’s love interest.}

inspired by Nathaniel Kurtzberg’s character on Miraculous Ladybug. Pls pretend that peter is somewhat artistic for this story.

also, this is dedicated to my dead laptop. RIP bae, you will be missed as I attempt to type all of my future stories on my phone 。゚(TヮT)゚。

warnings: none

OC mention: David “Dave” Pennington: [Name’s] best friend

[author’s note: okay so Dave has been a long time OC of mine, and admittedly, I drew inspiration from Dave Strider in personality and appearance. However, just to make this a bit more fun, you readers can also picture David Pennington as looking like Harrison Osterfield ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


{As she talked to her friend,/ that smile of hers looked so sweet,/ Her form was like the heroine of a comic I drew in my head/ It was love at first sight/ I truly, truly came to like her/ But with the way I look,/ She would definitely hate me.}

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Why the MCU missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye...

Much like many other Hawkeye fans, with each and every new Marvel movie that is released, we hold our breath and hope that our favourite bandaged, broken badass will actually be allowed to come out of his shell and be, well, HAWKEYE.

He’s gotten a lot of flack as a character, usually due to his stiff, stoic, far-too-serious portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But I came up with ten reasons why Marvel and Disney REALLY missed the boat when it came to marketing Hawkeye, and why he could’ve been just as popular and well-loved a character as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and all of the other characters that are branded as the “real Avengers”, whilst poor Hawkeye and Black Widow are typically removed from merch and ignored by the marketing department.

The first thing that really interested me about Hawkeye, and the thing which upset me the MOST when it wasn’t included in the MCU, is the fact that Clint Barton is almost COMPLETELY DEAF in both ears. In Earth-616, he’s been deafened several times over, having it surgically fixed on one occasion and having special hearing aids constructed by Tony Stark on another. It baffles me why Marvel and Disney wouldn’t want to promote a deaf superhero to children who may also share the same disability and would take great solace and comfort in seeing a badass superhero with the same affliction as them. Here’s to hoping Clint comes too close to a violent explosion in Civil War

My second favourite thing about Clint Barton as a character in a setting such as the Avengers team is the fact that he is absolutely, unapologetically, unashamedly, 100% HUMAN. There is nothing enhanced or supernatural or magical about him, he doesn’t rely on a high-tech exoskeleton or technologically advanced suit – he’s just a normal dude who happens to be able to keep pace with superhumans, legends, and gods due to his incredible archery ability. And not just keep pace – unlike in the movies, in the comics Clint is an essential and critical member of the team, despite the fact that he’s not in any way special. If that’s not inspiring to the everyday person who feels like they can’t accomplish anything compared to their friends, I don’t know what is.

The Hunger Games, Arrow, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider – archers are sexy, and pop culture is LOVING them. I never really understood why Marvel chose not to push their own badass bow-slinger given the reception received by DC Comics’ Oliver Queen and District 12’s Katniss Everdeen.

The hardest thing to get through to people who have no idea who Clint Barton is beyond Renner’s reluctant, rigid acting is that Hawkeye is NOT a character who stands on a rooftop as a silent, deadly badass, shooting off arrow after arrow with a stoic face behind his sunglasses. Hawkeye is the most self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up, who spouts cocky one-liners and does his best to make it through life in one piece. Who can’t relate to a character like that?

Matt Fraction’s work writing for Hawkeye, particularly in alliance with David Aja’s artwork (which captured and reflected Clint’s personality PERFECTLY), has really put the kooky superhero on the map as one of Marvel’s best. Don’t believe me? Go buy Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon, read it, and get back to me!

In the world of Marvel comics, Hawkeye rises to the task of training, coaching, and sometimes even acting as a personal therapist towards many of the new recruits to the Avengers. He’s a staunch supporter of Captain America, and would follow him to the ends of the earth. But one of the best relationships Clint has is with his sidekick Kate Bishop, whom he worships and respects for her skill despite the fact that she’s much younger and much less experienced than he is. I am praying that the Russo Brothers give Clint a bit of a mentor role with the newbies in Civil War and touch more on what we saw between him and Wanda Maximoff at the climax of Age of Ultron.

If you’re a comic book fan who believes in equality between the sexes, and you’ve never heard of The Hawkeye Initiative, you need to check this shit out RIGHT NOW! In order to combat sexism in the way female superheroes are drawn and portrayed, artists across the Internet have been redrawing the ridiculous poses women are often drawn in (usually a butt-shot), but replacing the heroine with Hawkeye instead. This has given Hawkeye more of a reach than people think, as most Internet-goers who know their memes will have heard of him before even if they aren’t an Avengers fan.

Hawkeye is one of the mouthiest Marvel characters (Deadpool aside, obviously), but I suppose it’s hard to find time for the side characters to act as they normally would when all of the funny moments, comic relief, and good witty one-liners are given to The Only Four Avengers Disney’s Marketing Department Thinks People Are Capable Of Caring About. Blah.

If you don’t know who Kate Bishop is and you like strong, independent, badass female superheroes, you’ve been missing out and a Google search or a trip to the comic book store is very much in order. Kate spends most of her time (when she’s not helping run the Young Avengers) running after Clint, telling him to stop being a screw up, saving him from various bad guys, and assisting him more like a PARTNER than a sidekick. He even let her keep his name, figuring she was badass enough that she’d earned it – you gotta love a guy without an ego complex! I’m still hoping Kate Bishop will eventually show up in the MCU… and that she isn’t destroyed in the same way Clint was.

While a lot of us can empathize with Tony Stark’s self-destructive tendencies, or Bruce Banner’s anxiety and rage issues, I firmly believe that Hawkeye is the type of character who, if given a proper and equal shot at the silver screen, could capture the hearts of children and adults everywhere for one simple reason: we’ve all been Clint Barton before. We’ve all been a self-sabotaging, hapless, ridiculous, damaged, broken fuck-up at some point in our lives, and this charming, sweet, cinnamon roll of a character is exactly what we need to remind ourselves that while we aren’t in any way perfect, while we are flawed and broken and are struggling to get through life, that’s okay. Because even without superpowers, you still matter. You’re still important. You’re still a superhero!


Part One | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five  | Part Six

Man, I am on a roll! I can’t wait to do the next panel, you guys are gonna love it! I hope.

Best thing about this page is that I don’t have to write out all the backstory stuff, it’s in the dialogue right here where you can make enough inferences on your own.

I saw Doctor Strange and here are some thoughts:

-I enjoyed it.

-I didn’t mind Blendedoot Cumblesnort as Doctor Strange at all.

-I didn’t mind Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. I’m aware there was a lot of upset surrounding casting a white person as the Ancient One but I think they were pretty good about not trying to pass her off as appropriating the role of an ancient Chinese master (like they explicitly mentioned her being of Celtic descent etc.) and I don’t think it detracted in any way by not having what has become a trope of the “Ancient Chinese wise master”. (In fact there was one interaction where they tried to dispel that trope which I thought was nice.) 

-From a feminist perspective, I was glad to see the mandatory love interest part of the film handled quite well (i.e. Strange was shown sympathy following his redemption arc but his love interest didn’t drop everything and run back to him, instead forgiving him and still moving on without him.)

-The magic (what I was most interested in tbh) was interesting and had a lot of potential.

-Following on from the last point, I am consistently let down by superhero movies from an artistic perspective because I feel like they’re still all trying to stick to a formula too much that leaves them predictable and not reaching the full potential of the story. I would much prefer to see these stories told in a different medium, such as a TV show, where you have the time to be able to explore every aspect. I’m interested in the world building that the film simply doesn’t have the time to delve into. 

-Despite the above point, as far as superhero movies went it was enjoyable. 

-I think the Tumblr criticism of the film before it was even released is mostly unfair, unwarranted and not well thought out.

-I’m really glad that we are finally seeing some superhero movies that deal more with magic and the supernatural as opposed to super sciency explanations for everything - I just really like the idea of and going into magic and the mystic and stuff.

-I’m excited to see Doctor Strange fitting into the wider Marvel film universe.

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  • Mucinex
  • fortune cookies
  • lip balm
  • safety pins from one of the protests earlier this year
  • loose change


  • a painting from an art exhibit where I got into a long argument with the artist
  • two very large dogs
  • entirely too many mugs stained with tea
  • a superhero costume
  • a collection of masks


  • be traditionally published
  • get my self-pub sales up
  • get my mental health back on track
  • I dunno, I’m pretty much good.
  • Seriously, though, I’m fairly happy with where I am right now


  • the Penumbra Podcast
  • tea
  • dungeons and dragons
  • horror
  • Tropes. Just, the abstract concept of tropes. 


  • finish rewrites on the novella I’m supposed to be releasing later this month
  • get my taxes filed
  • fix the front gate so only one of my dogs escapes when they get out the front door
  • visit the Winchester Mansion
  • go on an impromptu camping trip


  • I can lift 100 lbs of writhing dog without too much trouble
  • I find referring to people as ‘followers’ a little creepy, so the people I interact with online are my ducklings instead.
  • I have two tattoos and am considering a third
  • I’ve participated in about as many sports as I’ve held jobs, and for just about as long.
  • Repairing furniture after my dogs eat it has made me damn handy with a sewing awl.

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Why do you ship stony?I really love this paring, and I want to heir your reasons for loving it and why you ship it.

I’m very glad to answer and to meet another fellow Stony fan!

1) They are Superhusbands & Soulmates of the Multiverse!

This is a common favourite trope of mine also with my other two major ships, Spock/Kirk and Holmes/Watson. Spock/Kirk has the original series, mirrorverse, and the crossover with the new movies. I shipped Holmes/Watson while reading the books, and ship the Joan/Holmes, BBCSherlock/John and RDJ/JudeLaw versions.

No matter which universe Steve and Tony are in: the more popular 616 or the MCU, Avengers Assemble or Avengers Academy, 1872, Ultimates, EMH, Marvel Tsum Tsum, the list goes on and on…. Steve and Tony’s relationship is always integral to the universe, and they are always important to each other. Their interaction always greatly impacts the world they’re in. I can’t even believe our fandom is blessed with MARRIED STEVE AND TONY IN CANON WITH A WEDDING KISS! (3490, shown in 616). 

(Exhibit A: Our marriage and genderswap trope is NOT AN AU IT’S ACTUAL CANON!)

Multiverses allow us fans a lot of material to explore, write, and make art of different versions of Steve and Tony. It shows that their love story is so resonant across different situations and worlds.When I read fic, I don’t even know what’s canon and what’s fanon because CANON READS LIKE A FANON TROPE. (I’m looking at the ultimate gays, Avengers Assemble lmao)

2) They complement each other. They are equals and partners. A balanced pairing.

Western ideology is generally obsessed with dichotomies. I don’t buy that. This is not a case of “opposites attract”.  I was drawn to this pairing not only because of their obvious differences, which people like to point out, but how they balance each other.  And it’s not just the stereotypical idealist/pragmatist, man-out-of-time/futurist dichotomy that balances their relationship, but also their similar goals and dreams. They help each other be a better person, and a better hero. 

I believe that with Steve and Tony’s similarities and differences, they complement each other, and it makes them great co-leaders, partners and lovers.  

3) Superhusbands = Superdads. “YOU GAVE ME A HOME”

I love the idea of Steve and Tony co-parenting a bunch of unruly Avengers and hero kids (that includes you, Clint) just pleases me a lot. And Steve canonically said that Tony is his home. THEY ARE HOME WHEN THEY ARE TOGETHER.

(Exhibit B: Superhusbands also means a lot of bridal carrying like it’s one of those trashy romance novels we all secretly read)

4) RDJ and Chris Evans ship it, too. Marvel writers ship it. Marvel merchandising ships it. My mom ships it, and she knows all.

The Civil War pre-nuptials RDJ/Chris photoshoot and kissing and the Age of Ultron behind the scenes Steve and Tony kiss are my sources of oxygen, tbh


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(Marvel Creators knew what they were doing when they made these romantic and dramatic panels:)

(The One True Merchandise Pairing and Protector of Our Private Parts from @inkyubus at twitter)

5) The fellow fan creators and fans.

I’ve stopped participating with other fandoms for many reasons, but I mostly stay because of my relationship with fellow fans. A lot of my struggle with tumblr is the lack of interaction, but with the help of dedicated fans in the Bringing Food to the Lab: Stony Imzy Community, as well as lovely writers, creators, and artists in tumblr as well as wonderful anons and people who comment and make me feel welcome, I am so happy to be with fellow Stony fans! 

And of course, the quality of art and fic is just one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been in online fandom since the early 2000s.

I wrote more about My History of When I Loved Steve, Tony, and SteveTony here, if you’re interested! It’s like an essay of what it’s like to ship superheroes in a third world country, lmao. 

Title: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows
Issue Number: 5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Nathan Stockman
What I Liked: We had some classic Spidey action mixed in with the fun and humour of family fun night. Peter and MJ are shown dealing with with being parents AND superheroes, and doing it well. I am interested to see what’s going on with Normie too.
What I Didn’t Like: I didn’t like the way Annie looked in some of the panels in this issue. All the other characters looked normal, whereas she looked a bit like a caricature.
Overall: A fun filler issue, but not the best.
Rating: 4/5

I’ve always had this winged OC but her name keeps changing every few years because I can never decide on what I feel fits her the best. Do you guys have cool name ideas?

I am open for sketch requests, so shoot me a message or ask.

P.S. If you are the anon that asked for that one thing, do not fret, it is in the works. I have not forgotten you 💙

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i am Sorry that you saw penis brush man (new superhero 2k17) but i saw something.. Worse. some guy was fully naked and had put blue paint In His Asshole, and was just. squirting it onto the canvas. from His Asshole. idk if it was a real artist i saw or if it was a weird fetish thing. the paint got Everywhere

idk about you but that’s TALENT

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Nickname: Becca, Becs, and a whole bunch of other ones…

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5′8

Last thing you googled: what type of car is a Honda Civic (It’s a Coupe in case anyone wonders) 

Favourite music artist: Idk, right now I’m in a Lady Gaga and Panic! At the Disco phase

Songs stuck in my head: All the songs from Moana (I just watched it a couple days ago for the first time) 

Last movie you watched: Ghostbusters (The new one and I am in love with Holtzmann) 

What are you wearing right now: Jeans, a t-shirt that says “The Periodic Table of Superheros” with a whole bunch of Marvel superheros on it and a indigo zip-up sweatshirt thing. 

What do you post: Mostly multi-fandom wlw stuff

Why did you choose your url: Dark Protector is my sword name I got off of one of those things that combine your birthday and first letter of your name to come up with your name for whatever. 

Do you have any other blogs?: Nope

What did your last relationship teach you?: Never had a romantic relationship, but my last crush/friendship taught me 1. That I was super into girls and 2. Sometimes people don’t like you back but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. (Which I know people say all the time but it’s just something I had to go through to learn)

Religious or Spiritual: Uh… Idk. I love Jesus and God, but the politics of the Christian church I’m not super pleased with because ultimately it’s not about rules. But I’m also not going to hang out at Stonehenge smoking weird stuff out of pipes so idk. 

Favourite colour?: Blue and orange       

Average hours of sleep: 6-10

Lucky number: 4

Favourite character?: Kara Danvers, Emma Swan, Juliet O’Hara, Willow Rosenberg, Root, Alex Danvers, Elena Alvarez, Caitlin Snow, Tara MaClay, Regina Mills, Lena Luthor, Felicity Smoak; there’s too many

How many blankets do you sleep with?: In the summer like a sheet so 1 and in the winter 3-5

Dream job: Who knows?!?                

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i havent been following you for very long, so i am still unsure what the ultimate 'theme' of your tumblr is but i am very much enjoying seeing you on my dash and i wanna say keep up the quality :)

Theme? THEME!?

AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAA There is no theme, only my madness. There’s bad jokes, visual puns, memes, my friends saying or doing cool stuff, social justice, music, fandoms, video games, comics, superheroes, me being a needy artist that participates in WAY too many creative endeavors from music videos to singing to let’s plays to drawing.

It’s just anything I think is worth sharing. You followed a madman but thank you for coming by, I’m always pleased to entertain. You are fantastic for saying anything at all.

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Hi, I'm sorry I posted one of your works of art (Daddy's little superhero) without giving credit and I am so sorry. But I was wondering what type of art style that is? I wanted to use some reference for my drawings and stuff (soz for no credit ;-; )

Hey there! No worries, it sounds like an honest mistake. Thank you for letting me know. As for my art style, I have….no idea what I would call it! Ummm….anime-comic-disney hybrid? How about I point you in the direction of my artist heroes instead: Steve Ahn, Shiyoon Kim, Stephen Silver, and Jin Kim are four of my biggest influences. Color-wise, I guess Karl Kerschl? That’s liable to change though, I’m still working on improving on coloring ha. I hope that helped!

Bueno…  dibuje esto porque, AMO A @suguru y SU #superheroau (que es au?) y aparte amo a Akaashi! es perfecto (mi dibujo no lo es ._.)

@suguru​… si algún día vez esto… te quiero decir que eres una de mis artistas favoritas y que tus ideas son súper originales, te amo <3     ( if one day you see this, you are one of my favorite artist and your ideas are super original, i love you <3) 

edit: omg, now i hate this drawing xD

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I've recently started to practice integrating my own sketches into my typography, and I just struggle with how to encorporate my tablet into it. I have minimal experience with the tablet, and was just wondering once you scan in your sketched letters and bring them into illustrator, how do you take the sketch and make it a vector? do you use the pen tool to trace each letter? with the tablet or a mouse? could you explain a bit how you do this, and sorry if this is too detailed of an ask! :\

Hello! I prefer sketching directly in Illustrator because I suck on paper. Every time I try to sketch on paper, I always end up changing almost everything when I start to render. On the rare times that I do start with a sketch, I just use that as a guide to redo everything in Illustrator. Once inside Illustrator, I create another digital sketch based on the paper sketch, which I then trace using the pen tool/brush. So it’s like sketching on a sketch. (sketchception woops)

Case in point:

Words like “the”, “to”, “to increase”, “& decrease”, “create“ and ”awesome“ are all created with the brush tool (I used a Wacom tablet for this). The rest are a combination of pen tool and brush. Let’s say I build a letter with the pen tool and it looks too stiff for me, I paint the edges over with a few strokes using the brush tool. I have this weird frustration that I don’t want my letters to look very "measured”. As much as I can make them look really casual, hand drawn, and playful, the better.

Here are a few samples of me trying (and failing) to sketch on paper

^Everything is pen tool except for “were”, “&”, “was“ and ”a

^I don’t know why I even bothered to do that sketch when I ended up altering like 95% of it haha! “The man” until “London” are pen tool, the rest are brush.

^I spelled mistakes with an extra ‘s’ on purpose to indicate a “mistake”, but when I showed it to my friends they didn’t get it (and it looks dirty). Just another one of my sketches that I changed entirely. In here, the word “Let’s” is created with pen tool, the rest are brush.

^The last two examples are created entirely with the pen tool.

*please excuse my sketch of the infinity sign, I am perfectly aware that it looks like a freaking superhero mask*

Anyway, what I also love about sketching directly in Illustrator is I can easily resize/align/erase/adjust the letters to my own liking without having to erase my way through it on paper. It’s just so hard for me to align the words on paper, so frustrating! And working digitally has the undo button, my forever hero <3

But this is all just me, different artists have different preferences. Go with the method you’re most comfortable with. I hope this helps! 


I wanted to draw myself in the style of all of my favorite cartoons, both now and growing up. These are all my influences and the ones from my childhood are the reason why I am an artist today. So it was a really fun challenge. My style is really influenced by a lot by shows like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, and obviously Disney so it was kind of cool to channel the core of my style and isolate all the individual variables. 

Anyone who has actually watched all these shows gets brownie points from me.