i am a smart citizen

anonymous asked:

Do believe you have male privilege, or does the use of lipstick cancel it out?

I have a ton of male privilege.  A ton.  Here’s ten examples:

1) I can choose to present as an average cis-male, which protects me from the violence and micro-aggressions women encounter every day.

2) My masculine name gives me social status.  Simply by hearing my name most people will assume I am a good citizen, smart, and safe. -also white privilege-

3) When I am married, I will receive more benefits than my female partner, and will be referred to automatically as “the head of the household” by solicitors.

4) I can safely expect to be paid more than women in any given job.  I do not have to work as hard for rewards/raises.   -also white privilege-

5) I am not expected to prove myself in nerdy social arenas.  It is assumed that I know what I’m talking about.

6) My raunchy outlook on sex and sexuality is considered charming, witty, and delicious.  I can make jokes about my genitalia and nobody feels scandalized.   -also white privilege-

7) I can look like an absolute slob and still get compliments/approval from strangers if I sport a bushy enough mustache.  -also white privilege-

8) Nobody is horrified when I choose to get a buzz cut.  Nobody challenges or questions my decision.

9) In conversation strangers will be more attentive to me than my partner.         -also white privilege-

10) If something heavy needs lifting and there is a choice between me and a woman, they will ask me for help first.

I may identify as transgender in certain circles but I can guarantee steady maintenance of these privileges and hundreds more by presenting as male to the rest of the world.  

I came into my understanding of gender kicking and screaming.  But the truth is undeniable.  We live in a patriarchal society with an established hierarchy. The more masculine you are, the more privileges you get - - and vice versa.  I may enjoy less male privilege when I wear lipstick, but it’s still there the second I call out “I’m going to a costume party!”

It’s something that needs to change.  It’s absolute bullshit.