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who are some of your fav skaters in the ladies field? :)

Oh, dear, aren’t you in for an answer way longer than you expect. You wouldn’t have guessed this just by looking at my blog but I started this whole figure skating following thing primarily as a watcher of the ladies. In fact, if you had asked me who my faves in the men’s field are you’d have received an extremely short answer containing one single name because really You-Know-Who is the only male skater I’ve taken an active interest in, ever.

At the risk of alerting you to the fact that I am a senior citizen in the FS fandom, I’d say the skater who made me a fan of the sport was Sasha Cohen and for that reason she is forever among my most beloved. 

My all-time favorite is Mao Asada and to date I have yet to find someone whose skating can move me the way Mao’s did (I am devastated that I just had to put that in the past tense. Yes, of course I will see her still in exhibitions but she’s such a competitor I know it just wouldn’t feel right…)

Among the currently active ladies, I have a lot of hope for Mai Mihara. Her skating IMO is a very nice balance between solid technique and musicality, moreover last season she was the one lady who made the most remarkable progress (just watch her at Skate America and at World Team Trophy, you can literally see her growing as a skater right before your eyes). I’m also looking forward to Marin Honda’s senior debut. That baby girl is packed with charisma, I just love the way she lights up the ice every time she steps onto the rink. I’m also watching out for Elizabet Tursynbayeva - if she can bring in the quad Sal next season we’re in for a real treat. Additionally, this is a kind of a long shot but I’m also hanging on to the hope that Elena Radionova can get her act together - among the Russian ladies she’s the one I’ve got a soft spot for (Elena dear can you please work with Shae-Lynn for your FS as well, because you really are in dire need of a sensibly choreographed long program).

I’ve also got a shout-out I need to make for Evgenia Medvedeva. While it is true that her programs have always left me in a weird and confused mood (caused by a constant swing between 10 seconds of oh wow she’s looking great and 10 seconds of OMG Janny what are you even doing), I have tremendous respect for her consistency and her confidence. The girl is 17 years old and yet somehow totally at ease with the fact that she’s been owning this sport for 2 seasons straight. Once I managed to push past the weird and the confused, I’ve found myself actually enjoying Janny’s skate - she makes it possible for you to just sit back and relax and watch without having to be on the edge of your seat, because, tell me, do you remember the last time Janny made a mistake? Me neither.

Stitches Don’t Make Friends (Bucky x Reader)

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I got a request for a hurt Bucky and I tried my best. I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: Blood, Language (which is usual), and I think that’s it.


The air is thick as you fight to pull it into your lungs. Your feet patter as they shuffle along the scuffed wooden floors of the safe house you have been staying in for the past month. And the more you think about what’s going on outside the more you want to scream.

Steve, Bucky, and Natasha were all out finishing the undercover mission you had started a while back, and you had drawn the short stick and were forced to hold down the fort. So here you are worried sick about your friends with nothing to do except pace and think about them being ambushed and having no way to help.

These thoughts continue plaguing your mind until a slam of the front door stops you in your tracks. Your hands fly up as flames crawl up your arms, but they quickly die out when you recognize the blond haired blue eyed man at the door.  

Of course the sigh of relief escaping your mouth is quickly sucked back in as a gasp of shock when you notice what, or rather who, Steve is dragging in with him. Bucky has his left arm draped across Steve’s broad shoulders, and his right hand is pressing into the large gash in his abdomen steadily pumping out a red liquid you’re all too familiar with. 

“What happened?!” You ask in a panic as Steve just storms past you on his way to the living room. 

Bucky, however, remembers his manners and gives you a quick smile as Steve helps him stumble past. “Hey doll how’ve you been?” You give Steve an incredulous look at Bucky’s words as Steve just dumps his best friend onto the worn couch in a groaning mess. 

“Seriously? Guys what the hell happened?!” You asked, watching as Bucky adjusted himself into a more comfortable position on the sofa and almost missing Steve trying to escape from the corner of your eye. “And where exactly do you think you’re going?” 

Steve ignored your question once again and you rushed after him, barely catching his wrist before he made it off the front porch. The fall air was chilly and nipped at your nose as the gentle breeze played with your hair. ‘Steve where are you going?!”

“Nat is still out there and I have to go find her,” Steve’s voice was low and steady but you could detect the slight panic. He was in charge of keeping evveryone safe and he had one person bleeding out on the ouch and another one missing in action. “I can’t leave her out there.”

“You can’t leave me and Bucky either!” You hissed, feeling a tightening in your chest as you realized what Steve was silently asking you to do. “He’ll die Steve.”

It was Steve’s turn to grab you as he shook your shoulders and faced you head on. “No. Bucky is not going to die because you are going to save him. You’ve trained directly under Bruce and he has a much better shot at staying alive if you help him instead of me. All he needs is a couple of stitches, you can do it in your sleep. Nat’s still out there so I have to go. (Y/N)… don’t be the reason this mission fails.” 

And with that said Steve pulls his cowl over his face once again, leaving nothing recognizable but his baby blues which don’t spare you another look as he runs back off to find Natasha, who you’d do anything to trade places with at the moment. 

You stand in the cool air for a few moments. Trying to let the cold simmer the burning fire rushing with adrenaline through your veins. But before it’s put out completely a loud crash and groan from inside the house catch your attention and you run back inside. 

‘Bucky what the hell?!” Bucky was laying on the floor beside the couch trying to use the rickety coffee table to help himself stand up. “I am not life alert I can’t just come help senior citizens every time they fall off the couch!” 

“I was just going to try and find some anesthesia before you started poking me with needles,” his breathing was labored as you lifted him back onto the couch but his tone packed a punch as he shot you a look. It was mostly spite but you could see a cloud of fear hanging behind it.

“We’re in the middle of fuck-nowhere Wyoming Bucky, where do you think we would get anesthesia from?” You knew you were being kind of harsh but you were just as scared as he was right now and you didn’t need him hating you for what you were about to do. “Now just sit here so I can go get the supplies to fix you up okay?”

“Stitches don’t make friends!” Bucky called after you as you made your way to the bathroom across the hall to get the first aid kit and a couple of towels.

“I’m not trying to make friends I’m trying to save one’s life!” You called back as you held the needle over a lit candle for a few seconds before pouring some alcohol over it to sterilize it. “Now take off your shirt!”

“Excuse me?!” Bucky sounded scandalized as you walked back into the living room with a threaded needle in hand. “You could at least buy me dinner first.”

“Bucky this is serious!” You hissed as you dropped to your knees in between Bucky’s legs and stared him straight in the face. “I am trying to save your life and if you keep up this damn charade you are going to die!”

“It’s not a damned charade!” Bucky threw back in your face as you stared at him in shock. “This fucking hurts and.. I’m.. I’m scared of needles okay?!” There were tears starting to leak out of the corners of his eyes as he looked you in the face. “This hurts but that needle is going to hurt so much worse if you stab me with it. So let’s just sit here until I die because I already feel like I’ve died of embarrassment because I had to tell the girl I’m practically in love with that I have the irrational fear of a two year old and-”

Before Bucky could continue his rant any further you press your lips firmly to his. He quickly kisses you back and there’s the slight taste of salt from his tears but mostly it tastes like freedom and desperation as neither of you can get enough.

When you finally pull away your forehead is resting against his and your voice is barely a whisper, “Well now I really have to save your life because there’s no way I’m living without that any more.”

Bucky gives a quiet chuckle and his eyes crinkle in the corners as he gives you another, quicker, kiss. “If taking a few needles means I get to do this everyday for the rest of my life then I think I can handle it….. But I do think I’ll need some help getting this shirt off.” 

The wink he gives you sends a shiver down your spine as you roll your eyes and place your hands on the hem of his shirt. “Fine. But you better hurry because if you die before Steve gets back he’s going to kill me.”


“So how’d it go?” Steve asked you as you both leaned against the kitchen counter, looking at the two assassins laying asleep in the living room.

“You know it would have been nice to know he had a fear of needles,” you shot Steve a look, but the corner of your mouth gave you away as it pulled into a playful smile.

“Oh yeah!” Steve laughed, giving you a pat on the shoulder, “Always has. I had to stitch him up once back in World War Two and there’s no way in hell I was going through that again. Just cried the whole time.”

“Well I figured out how to make that stop pretty quick.” You gave a knowing smile and watched fondly as Bucky tightened his grip on the pillow he was holding. “Maybe you should have tried it. Worked great.”

“Oh yeah what’s that?” Steve asked before taking a big swig from his coffee mug.

“Just kiss him a little,” your laugh quickly woke up Bucky and Natasha as Steve spewed coffee all over the kitchen counter. 

“What’s so funny?” Bucky asked groggily as he sat up and looked at the two of you in the kitchen. “Secrets don’t make friends.” 


Hope you guys liked it!:D Sorry if the ending is a little awkward. I’ve literally rewritten this story like five times so… Ta-Da this is the version you get! If you requested it and don’t like it please let me know and I’ll tr to fix it!

FIC and PREFERENCE requests are OPEN SHIP requests are CLOSED! Thank You!

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Red Lines - Chapter 1

Description: Ashton is an exotic male dancer. Skylar is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. She pays him for two weeks so she can study him. Things are bound to get interesting. 

Word Count: 8,556 words

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Old Ladies

I am interested to find out which ones of the posters here are senior citizens, because I would like to follow you.  I know a few, but every once in a while someone includes “I am an old lady” in her post and I miss it. Thanks.