i am a senior citizen

reasons i am a senior citizen

- knees always hurt

- enjoys werthers originals 

- wants the college kids next door to stop yelling

- excited about yarn

- always ready 2 nap

Sorry for being old.

Lady has her BMW Z3 parked across two handicapped spots. My pain is wicked bad, but no big, I’ll just park far away. As I am walking past, the vain, self absorbed woman - stereotypical NoVA wife - is walking to her car. Probably in her 40s, trying desperately to cling to her 20s.

“I’m sorry, ma'am, but even as a senior citizen, you still need a handicapped placard.” “What?! I’m not a senio-” “OK, sure.” Big wink. “But you still need a placard.” “I’M NOT A SENIOR-” “Mmm, sure. Good surgeon.”

I left her sputtering.

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Old Ladies

I am interested to find out which ones of the posters here are senior citizens, because I would like to follow you.  I know a few, but every once in a while someone includes “I am an old lady” in her post and I miss it. Thanks.