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who are some of your fav skaters in the ladies field? :)

Oh, dear, aren’t you in for an answer way longer than you expect. You wouldn’t have guessed this just by looking at my blog but I started this whole figure skating following thing primarily as a watcher of the ladies. In fact, if you had asked me who my faves in the men’s field are you’d have received an extremely short answer containing one single name because really You-Know-Who is the only male skater I’ve taken an active interest in, ever.

At the risk of alerting you to the fact that I am a senior citizen in the FS fandom, I’d say the skater who made me a fan of the sport was Sasha Cohen and for that reason she is forever among my most beloved. 

My all-time favorite is Mao Asada and to date I have yet to find someone whose skating can move me the way Mao’s did (I am devastated that I just had to put that in the past tense. Yes, of course I will see her still in exhibitions but she’s such a competitor I know it just wouldn’t feel right…)

Among the currently active ladies, I have a lot of hope for Mai Mihara. Her skating IMO is a very nice balance between solid technique and musicality, moreover last season she was the one lady who made the most remarkable progress (just watch her at Skate America and at World Team Trophy, you can literally see her growing as a skater right before your eyes). I’m also looking forward to Marin Honda’s senior debut. That baby girl is packed with charisma, I just love the way she lights up the ice every time she steps onto the rink. I’m also watching out for Elizabet Tursynbayeva - if she can bring in the quad Sal next season we’re in for a real treat. Additionally, this is a kind of a long shot but I’m also hanging on to the hope that Elena Radionova can get her act together - among the Russian ladies she’s the one I’ve got a soft spot for (Elena dear can you please work with Shae-Lynn for your FS as well, because you really are in dire need of a sensibly choreographed long program).

I’ve also got a shout-out I need to make for Evgenia Medvedeva. While it is true that her programs have always left me in a weird and confused mood (caused by a constant swing between 10 seconds of oh wow she’s looking great and 10 seconds of OMG Janny what are you even doing), I have tremendous respect for her consistency and her confidence. The girl is 17 years old and yet somehow totally at ease with the fact that she’s been owning this sport for 2 seasons straight. Once I managed to push past the weird and the confused, I’ve found myself actually enjoying Janny’s skate - she makes it possible for you to just sit back and relax and watch without having to be on the edge of your seat, because, tell me, do you remember the last time Janny made a mistake? Me neither.

Ugh, guys, I got a part time job as an art history teacher at a senior university.

It was really all of a sudden, my friend proposed it to me last night and todag I had a meating with the head of the university.

She said it was the best experience she ever had and she was sad to leave and when she thought about who could replace her, someone who was as passionate about art and loved art history as much, she thought about me and if I didnt accept it then she couldnt possibly think of anyone else.

I am beyond flattered but also super nervous. I am teaching senior citizens art history whaaaaaaat

Red Lines - Chapter 1

Description: Ashton is an exotic male dancer. Skylar is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. She pays him for two weeks so she can study him. Things are bound to get interesting. 

Word Count: 8,556 words

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Old Ladies

I am interested to find out which ones of the posters here are senior citizens, because I would like to follow you.  I know a few, but every once in a while someone includes “I am an old lady” in her post and I miss it. Thanks.