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Hi, so I kind of had a weird request, it's different than the usual, I want the rfa reacting to MC and Saeyoung dating and being clingy, pda and stuff, like continuing from 707s after ending, and if it's not much trouble, rfa reacting to jumin and mc dating and also pda etc etc, if you decide to do it thank you in advance, if not, I understand, it might get quite long, nontheless thank you!!

what i kinda planned is under each member the headcanons will be how the other members react to them and MC ((idk if that makes sense but let’s see if this works out~~)) 


✮ everyone thinks y’all are goddamn adorable
✮ because yoosung is such a virgin 
✮ so you gotta be innocent as well to protect him
✮ jaehee is lowkey jealous bc your relationship is just so cute 
✮ but she’s hella supportive and Mom Mode is on because ‘omg look at her two children go’
✮ zen often gives relationship advice to yoosung 
✮ tries to be genuine but he complains about being single so much more
✮ jumin probably couldn’t care less 
✮ but when you both send photos of the other (or both of you) with your cat Lisa he’s like ‘!!! CAT’ 
✮ says it’s cute (you both just take the compliment, knowing very well he’s only talking about lisa)
✮ seven pranks yoosung even more but now he does it involving you
✮ as in, saying things like
✮ and yoosung fuckin fREAKS out
✮ he’s crying and shaking and he’s about to Zoom to the hospital
✮ until you call seven out on his shit (yoosung cried a little more while clinging on to you)
✮ yoosung will dubiously mistrust seven forever  


✎ she is hardly the one to do pda and be cutesy and stuff so it’s totally up to you 
✎ you like to send photos and selfies of you two working at the cafe 
✎ and when she’s completely engrossed in one of zen’s things 
✎ zen is highkey jealous upset. he just wants all the attentions and now the only two females in the RFA clearly aren’t romantically interested in him anymore
✎ jumin was kinda surprised by the whole ‘coming out’ bit when you announced y’all were in a romantic relationship 
✎ but he put away his salt about jaehee quitting and is probably the most supportive of the relationship (bc he says that jaehee is super responsible and that you’re patient and just all around great) 
yoosung probably gets turned on by it 
✎ you know he’s That Guy 
✎ but other than that he doesn’t really say a lot about it 
✎ he also complains about being single a lot more 
✎ seven makes fanart and writes fanart 140% 


✿ you think he’s a narcissist now?
✿ also says stuff like ‘we’re the perfect couple. there is no couple cuter than us. we should be you #goals’ 
✿ yoosung is jealous af 
so is jaehee 
✿ she actually probably has a joint ao3/tumblr/wattpad with seven
✿ jumin is Salt
✿ but he brings up the point of if zen has enough time for you between all his acting and singing and all that other stuff
✿ and zen sends back a candid photo of you talking to his director
✿ is like ‘HA’
✿ seven likes to make sex jokes all the damn time 
✿ definitely makes jokes about The Beast 


₩ it would probably be really cute 
₩ but when he tries to send photos of you/you with elizabeth/him and you/all 3
₩ they’re always B L U R R Y 
₩ so you teach The Jumin Han how to take a selfie 
₩ zen is probably uncomfortable and also very salty 
₩ jaehee appreciates the relationship because jumin is always in a better mood and you can convince him to give her breaks and paid vacation 
₩ so she lowkey loves y’all 
₩ yoosung could probably give less than a shit 
₩ he’s just playing LOLOL alone 
₩ but he kinda likes it because you can get Jumin to ease up on jumin’s LOLOL bashing
₩ seven also makes sex jokes 
₩ ‘have you ever made MC wear cat ears?’
₩ “Great idea Saeyoung”
₩ everyone is !!!!!!
₩ you try not to kill him 


⌨  he doesn’t like photos of him bc y’know 
⌨  privacy 
⌨  so you try to take selfies with him without him realising 
⌨  so the result is blurry photos with your face in the bottom corner laughing and saeyoung in the close background falling off his chair because he tried to chase you 
⌨  everyone lowkey loves the relationship because you two are always really happy together 
⌨  zen of course is salty because ‘he never leaves the house but gets a girlfriend?!’ 
⌨  seven likes teasing everyone about his Catch
⌨  so he’ll send random photos of you. always 
⌨  ‘look how cute MC is awwwww’ 
⌨  everyone, but especially Jaehee, really like and appreciate how you support each other’s emotions 
⌨  once made you dress up as a cat (like with the ears, maybe a tail with a questionable explanation of how it’s staying there)
⌨  took a picture you thought was ~private~
⌨  ‘jumin you were right~~ i am a cat abuser ;;;)))‘
⌨  you scream and spam the chat trying to make sure no one sees it 

okay so once i finished this i realised it was kind of only pda through the chat?? if you want another set where it’s more in person?? then definitely feel free to send in another request! 

But I hope you liked this ♡


Turning Me On


Request: Hi! Is it possible for you to write one where you and Shawn are dating and y/n is a Victoria’s Secret angel and Shawn goes to the show to support her and at the afterparty they mingle with everyone and he reveals to her how turned on he is about her performance and tells her everything he wants to do to her?

Word Count: 1,744

Turning Me On

“Shawn Mendes, welcome to the last Victoria’s Secret show this year” the interviewer said, sending me a plain smile.

“Thank you”

“Are you excited for this?”

“I am, really. I’ve never been to one before” I said, sending him another false but friendly smile.

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Second concept, Ford has a girlfriend who's on the Varsity LAX team and the boys have to try and be supportive when it's a LAX GAL



Karamel/Supergirl Rant.

A few weeks ago I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t respond to Karamel hate on Tumblr, but I’ve had enough. I’ve seen so many posts about Mon-El being a misogynist, abusive, and toxic (like, WHAT THE HELL???), and recently I’ve seen people pop up here and there and saying that Kara being with Mon-El somehow went against the show’s “feminism”. This even goes to the point of saying that Kara shouldn’t be with Mon-El, a guy she seems to genuinely like, and instead be with Lena when she is obviously straight.

But we’ll come to that later. First, let’s look at what feminism is. Here are the couple of definitions I’ve found online:

the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
-Merriam Webster

a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

any ideology that seeks total equality in rights for women and people who self-identify as women, usually through improving the status of females. Feminism is rooted in ending men’s historical power over women
-Rational Wiki

As you see, feminism isn’t about demonizing men, it is about getting men and women to the same level in terms of rights. Men and women, and all other genders, should be equal in what they are and they aren’t allowed to do/feel/say etc. That in no way means women can’t be with men, that they need to be single if they want to be strong and independent (or be with other women) or being with a man undermines their strength and makes them weak. No. Just no. And that is a really, really unhealthy message to the young girls of the generation.

So, let me make a list of misconceptions about feminism, and let’s go through why it’s wrong to think that:

Women should be single in order to be strong and independent. 
Um, no. Just no. I don’t know what you think strength means, but it certainly doesn’t mean not ever loving someone and being in a relationship. You can still be with a man and be strong and independent. One doesn’t exclude the other. This is such a wrong message to give to girls, making them feel bad for loving someone, making them think that somehow that love is wrong and makes them weak. It doesn’t. Being with a man doesn’t make you dependent on them. You choose to be dependent on them or not. As long as you’re treated equally, as long as you have the say in the relationship as much as your boyfriend/husband does, as long as you want the relationship and you’re happy, it’s more than okay, it’s great

Now how does this ties to Karamel? Well, as far as I can see, Kara is more than happy with Mon-El. I haven’t watched season 1 in a very long time, but I can assure you that I haven’t seen her laugh this much around anyone. It’s seen in her face, you can see it in the way she smiles at/around him. Now how is that a bad thing? Would you really rather Kara feel sad instead of being with Mon-El? HOW IS THAT FEMINISM??? Women have the right to do the things that make them happy, be with people that make them happy, and if Mon-El is that person for her then WHY THE HELL SHOULD SHE NOT BE WITH HIM??? She chose him, right? We saw it in the last two episodes. She wanted to be with him. If she didn’t want Mon-El, the poor boy given her a lot of chances to back down, from accepting just being partners with her to stepping back when he thought she didn’t think they would be a good match. If she truly wanted that, you can bet that Kara would back down, just like she did with Winn, just like she did with James. Are you really so blind to realize that saying that Mon-El forced the relationship on Kara actually UNDERMINES HER CHARACTER? HER CHOICES? You are all obsessed on Kara being a feminism icon, how is her doing WHAT SHE WANTS is going against that? Her actions actually teach girls to be brave about their feelings, to go for what they want. 

Women shouldn’t be with men, they’re bad (but that only extends to white and straight men and not POC/LGBT+, because somehow those things exclude you from that “men” category).
Okay, why? Why shouldn’t women be with men if they want to be with men? Isn’t that, I don’t know, taking away their right? Isn’t feminism about giving women right, allowing them to do what they want? What if I’m straight? What if I want to be with men? Am I not allowed? I just don’t understand this, because as far as I can see, not all men are bad. There are some bad men that you should stay away, that’s true, but that doesn’t extend to everyone. I have many guy friends that respect me, support me, love me for who I am. I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but that’s merely because I don’t really like someone right now (that’s a choice as well. If I liked someone, I’d definitely want to be with them). So if Kara likes Mon-El, why shouldn’t she be with her? Just because he’s white and straight? How does that equal to bad? I’m a very pragmatic person, and I can’t really see the logic there. Racism was bad because all humans should be equal, regardless of their skin color, beliefs, etc. Saying that Mon-El is abusive and toxic just because he’s white is also racism. It’s a different kind, but it’s still a prejudice against a certain race. That’s what racism is, right? Here’s the definition:

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior

Now that doesn’t mean that I think Mon-El is perfect. He’s not, not by far. But again, which one of us is perfect? Think about your best friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/family. Are all of them perfect? I’m gonna bet that they’re not. I love my best friend to the moon and back and do anything for her, yet that doesn’t mean I think her every action is right, that she can’t make a mistake. She does make mistakes. But I forgive her, because at the end of the day anyone can make mistakes. I might be angry at what she did, I might not approve it, but that doesn’t mean I’m just gonna leave her for it. I’ll point out that maybe she should’ve done it differently, and she’ll listen to me because she’ll know I want the best with her. Same happens when I make a mistake. I’m saying this because, as I’ve said, Mon-El isn’t perfect. He wasn’t a good person in the past, that is true. He even said it several times. That doesn’t mean he can’t change for good. M’gann had fought for White Martians, slaughtered Green Martians, yet I don’t see anyone accusing her for that, because she’s changed. Why can’t we extend the same courtesy to Mon-El? Why can’t we forgive him as well? It doesn’t make sense. Yes, he’s made mistakes. Yes, I don’t approve all of his actions. I was pretty mad at him when Kara found out he was beating people up for money. I was mad at him when he went after Mxy to fight and kill him. But I forgave him, because he was only human. Had feelings like a human, at least. He was jealous of Mxy. Can you blame him? If you were dating someone, and suddenly this beautiful, talented, and generally perfect person showed up and claimed they wanted to be with your lover, wouldn’t you be jealous? I would be. And it was pretty big of Mon-El to admit that he was jealous because he thought he couldn’t give Kara what Mxy could give her. 

All in all, yes, Mon-El made mistakes. But that doesn’t make him a bad person, just like the mistakes Kara made, the mistakes Barry made or Oliver made doesn’t make them bad people. Barry went back in time and really messed history up, yet I’m sure many people that hate on Mon-El forgave him. Oliver killed many people in the past, yet no one judges him for that. Why is Mon-El so different? 

And also, related to this point about not being with men, should I remind you that in the show Kara is straight? Is that too hard to understand? She never once showed interest to any women, not in a sexual way, except in some people’s dreams maybe? As a bisexual I know what it looks like to be attracted to women. I don’t see that in Kara. Is that a wrong thing? HELL NO! Why the hell being straight the wrong thing? Why the hell is that when people yell “WE SHOULD RESPECT LGBT+ PEOPLE” it’s right & honorable, but when us Karamel shippers point out that Kara is straight (so far) and we should respect her choices as well that we get roasted? Or branded homophobics? Do you people know what you’re talking about? I’m all for LGBT+ couples being represented in TV shows, but not by making an obviously straight character suddenly homosexual, or bisexual. No. Just no. That’s beyond forced. If you want to have a LGBT+ character on your show, then build up to it. Don’t force it down our throats. I don’t see writers taking that road with Kara. And frankly, that’s okay. Being straight is okay, it doesn’t make you a devil incarnate. It’s normal, just as being LGBT+ is normal. It’s not so different.

As a last point, I want to say to all of the people spreading hate and saying that Karamel is racist/homophobic, why are you doing that instead of supporting couples that are LGBT+ or POC? Spreading hate to straight white couples doesn’t earn you anything. Aren’t Iris&Barry dating in the Flash? Isn’t Sara bisexual? Isn’t Alex lesbian? And there’s also the thing between Nate and Amaya in LoT. Why don’t you go support those couples to show your love? Is it so hard to understand that hating on white&straight people actually undermine your cause? We should not promote LGBT+ and POC couples by hating straight and white couples, we should do that by supporting LGBT+ and POC couples. We shouldn’t promote feminism by hating men, we should promote it by supporting strong, independent women. Kara is a strong, independent woman, just like Alex, just like Maggie, just like Sara and Amaya and Caitlin and Iris and Felicity and Thea and more and more people in the DCTV universe. These are women that decide for themselves, that don’t take shit from anyone, that is open to love and relationships but don’t let men control them, that aren’t afraid to say no to the things they don’t want and pursue the things they want… We should support that. 


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Pairing: Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Request: “40 – Montgomery de la Cruz”


40. “Your girlfriend hates me too.”

Word count: 1.890

Posted: 22nd of May 2017

A/N: Here’s another imagine from Aja’s long list. I am happy to say that I’ve almost made through her list and I might post two imagines tomorrow. Who knows? I am hoping.
Anyways, I hope that you like this imagine. I hate myself, because I keep on coming up with sad endings. Sorry. HAHAHA. A massive thank you for your support guys and I love you so much. I am happy to receive some positive feedbacks from you and your nice comments really make my day complete. Thank you so so so much, really! Enjoy this imagine!

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x 

Link: Prompt list

Warning: contains swearing

“(Y/N), I need a muse for my Arts project, please.” Tyler, your best friend, insisted for the millionth time as he wanted you to model for him. He was the professional photographer of your school and he took pictures of everyone, but he has always wanted to have his own personal muse.

“Ty, I know that I’ve always been your muse, but I am busy this week. C'mon!” You answered, miffed. You explained him for more than thirty minutes why you were turning him down that time, but it didn’t seem that he understood your point.

“Damn!” He unleashed a heavy sigh as he watched you getting the things you needed for your Science class in your locker. “Who’s going to be my muse now?”

“I don’t know, Ty.” You shoved your books in your backpack and you carelessly shut your locker’s door. “Sorry.” You’ve never declined his offer, because you always had fun during your photoshoots with him, but you were really busy and you really felt sorry for him.

“Can’t you think of anyone who might accept my offer?” He desperately asked and followed you along the hallway as you started to walk towards your class.

You didn’t want to disappoint your best friend and you knew how paranoid he became when it came to searching for his muse. He never had this problem, since you’ve always accepted his offer, and he didn’t know what to do, panic was surely occupying his emotions.

You knew Tyler and he would always stick to only one subject for his school projects. You surely disappointed him, but he couldn’t blame you, because he knew that you had your own life too.

“Ty, why don’t you ask Jessica or Sheri?” You suggested as you stopped yourself from walking, which caused you and Tyler to bump into each other, fortunately not hurting yourselves.

“Alright, but you owe me one.” He was offended, but Tyler was a sweetheart and he understood serious things quickly. He was your best friend because he knew how to cope with you and how to respect your own decisions.

“No, I don’t!” You playfully replied, giggling as you saw him flashing his sweetest smile.

“Of course, you do.” He winked at you as he fidgeted with the cameras dangling on his neck. You both laughed, nevertheless it wasn’t really a big deal.

“I need to go, Ty.” You flashed him a smile as you thrusted your head to your classroom’s direction. He nodded with a big and wide smile on his face.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you and you just nodded as you started to walk again, increasing the distance between the two of you. “You owe me something, remember that!”

“She doesn’t!” You heard a deep voice along the hallway and you perfectly knew to whom it belonged: Montgomery, your boyfriend.

“What do you want, Montgomery?” Tyler’s shaky voice demanded for you to turn around and to check what was going on between them. The hallway was almost empty and some students were already in their respective classrooms. “(Y/N) is my best friend, I have the right to talk to her.”

“No, you leave her alone.” Your eyes widen and you quickly ran back to Tyler and Montgomery as you heard a sudden loud and sharp bang against the cold metal locker doors. “Freak!”

“Monty!” You stopped your boyfriend, but he just grabbed Tyler’s midnight blue button up shirt and tightened his grip as much as he could.

“Fucking leave her alone.” Montgomery threatened your best friend with his angry voice and eyes widened, showing that the sight of Tyler talking to you displeased and vexed him.

“These are thousand dollar cameras.” Your best friend tried to defend himself, protecting his beloved cameras. He really loved them, because photography was his life and favourite hobby too. You stood in front of them and you thought that your presence would have stopped Montgomery from pushing Tyler against the lockers behind him.

“Oh, yeah.” Montgomery nodded as he looked straight into Tyler’s eyes. He was struggling a little bit as Tyler was little taller than him. “I’ll break them on your face.”

“Montgomery, stop!” You pushed your boyfriend away, pulling his fist off Tyler’s clothes.

Montgomery was acting up, because he was jealous of your relationship with Tyler. You surely knew Tyler longer than you and Montgomery did, so he was afraid that you would leave him for your best friend.

“Threatening Tyler with your useless shit wouldn’t help you to ruin my relationship with him, okay?” You fiercely looked at your boyfriend’s eyes as you let him understand that he was doing the wrong thing.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler blurted out as he fixed his crumpled shirt. “your girlfriend hates me too.” He pointed out as he was referring to your action before, declining his proposal to be his muse. He shrugged his shoulders off, trying to assure Montgomery.

“Cut it off, Tyler!” You rolled your eyes. “I can do this on my own, go to your next class and I will see you later.”

“Alright, fine!” Tyler guiltily responded as he walked quickly through the empty corridors of your school. You watched his silhouette disappearing slowly from afar and you turned yourself to your still-miffed-boyfriend.

“Let’s go, de la Cruz!” You grabbed his forearm and you dragged him to the main entrance of your school. “We’re talking about your behaviour, because I am starting to be fed up. Okay?”

You heard him unleashing a long sigh and he foresaw the trouble that he was into. He was just afraid to lose you and you couldn’t blame him, but he was overreacting and he was menacing someone who meant a lot to you.

You both sat down on a bench, putting your school materials aside, and you inhaled some fresh air first, before you let the happening sink in your mind once again. The rage wrapped your body one more time and you looked at Montgomery, trying to catch his gaze.

“Fuck this silence!” Montgomery threw a fit and he stood up from the bench. He seriously considered your eyes and he saw your dull gaze. “I’m sorry, okay? I was just jealous.”

“I know, Montgomery,” You unleashed a deep and heavy sigh. You couldn’t believe that he was still jealous of Tyler and you were already dating for almost five months, five long months. “but you couldn’t keep on threatening my best friend whenever your jealousy takes control of your good and kind heart.”

“Of course, I can.” He bravely objected your statement. “I’m your boyfriend, he’s just your best friend.”

You knew Montgomery and he was a tough guy. He would do anything to protect you and your relationship. He would fight against people to maintain the bond between the two of you.

You loved him even though he was like that and you were trying to let him understand that he should stop worrying about your relationship, because your heart beat only for him. In fact, he was the perfect boyfriend that you could ever wish for, but all of us had our own imperfections. Montgomery’s imperfection was this: his inability to control his anger and his jealousy.

“It doesn’t work that way. Do you know that?” You remained calm as you fidgeted with your long dark sleeves. Finally shaking off the thought that you were skipping your class for a pointless chaos. You tried to not to cry, because you had to be strong. He had to listen to you and you knew that he wouldn’t if you just broke down.

“He is obstructing our relationship, (Y/N). I would be worried if I didn’t care about what he was doing, you know?” He debated, not getting the real point of your opinion. He was a hard-headed guy and you sometimes despised him for being one.

“No, Montgomery!” You protested, standing up from the bench. “You know what is obstructing our relationship?”

“Tyler!” He stated as he raised his voice, still convinced that the real cause was Tyler. You shook your head continuously to let him know that his answer was wrong. He wasn’t stupid, but he was blinded by his jealousy. Of course.

“Wrong!” You whispered as you leant towards him, diminishing the distances of your faces. “Your trust, Montgomery.” You poked his chest with your index finger as you ferociously pointed out. “Trust.”

“Okay, I had my doubts, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t trust you.” Montgomery lowered his voice as he calmly explained his thoughts, but you thought that they were just some sort of excuses.

“Your doubts?” You questioned him. “You had your doubts again?”

“Yes!” He bravely answered, almost shouting against you.

“And you want us to be together, nevertheless your doubts?” You asked him, being sure of what he had in his mind. Tears were about to escape, but you stopped them. You needed to be strong, remember? You couldn’t believe that he doubted on you once again, even though you never missed any chance to make him feel that you loved him. He doubted on you and it seriously hurt you.

“Yes!” He repeated with a sure and convinced voice timbre. He didn’t notice that you were hurt and he still kept his pride, shielding himself against your opinion.

“You know what those doubts are doing in our relationship?” You mumbled, the words were almost couldn’t be heard.

“No.” His feet suddenly became more interesting than seeing your face. His voice died as he honestly responded to your question.

“They are wrecking us.” You weakly blurted out. You couldn’t imagine your life without Montgomery and it broke you, everything broke you. “So, if you don’t want to lose me, start shaking off those doubts, because I love you. You, only you, and no one else, Montgomery!”

You grabbed your backpack and your books from the bench as you slowly walked away from Montgomery, leaving him with his mouth ajar. You decided to head to your Science class, although you were already late. It was always better to be late, than never. Right?

The journey was hard and heavy for you. The love that you were feeling for Montgomery was pulling you to bring you back next to him. You wanted to let him know that he would never lose you, no matter what happened between the two of you. He would never lose you, because you didn’t want to lose him either.

You loved Montgomery so much, but he doubted on you. It was heart-breaking, because you didn’t expect that he would doubt on you again, the first time was when he didn’t know that Tyler was your best friend and he thought that you were cheating on him. Sad, right? But he was excused that time.

You walked away from him and you let your tears to run down your face, letting your resentments out. Tears were slowly burning your crimson red cheeks.

He had his point on being jealous of your relationship with Tyler, but doubting on you? That was wrong, because, after all, doubts were the one who ruined relationships the most.

Montgomery hurt you and you would always forgive him, he just needed to realize his mistake after you opened his eyes.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry, right? Right.

Okay, listen

I really love Jason Grace.

Jason “ready to stand up for a girl I don’t even know but these boys treated her like shit and I’m ready to fight for her” Grace

Jason “yikes Frank looks so sad I want to know what’s wrong with him because I care about him” Grace

Jason “It’s okay to be gay, I will still stand by your side and keep supporting you” Grace

Jason “you see this girl? yeah she’s my girlfriend and I am proud of her” Grace

Jason “I tried to change the way people treated the fifth cohort because that wasn’t fair” Grace

Jason Grace.

I really love Jason Grace.

*hops on the bandwagon*

Okay, all. Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth (…which I guess would be two cents, lol). Kara’s got a thousand-yard stare here, but Lena doesn’t seem particularly upset. I don’t this is “comforting” so much as it’s solidarity. My guess? Lena kills her evil ex, not Supergirl (although maybe she does it to protect Supergirl, especially if it’s finally unequivocally revealed that Lena knows Kara’s alter ego, although please, she’s known for months), and she’s worried this’ll ruin her relationship with Kara. She’s all, “you said you’d support me always” and of course Kara wouldn’t walk that back. She replies, “yeah, of course, we’ll figure this out *stares into the sun*”

It’s just. Kara’s face. That’s definitely a “how do I get rid of a dead body” face. obviously, Kara, you throw it into space, duh

Of course, this makes the promo tag “how far would you go for love” really, really read as “I’d kill my evil ex-boyfriend for the sake of my new girlfriend bezzie mate”, which I am 3000% okay with, lol

To you, Mendes Army, from an old Directioner.

Please read.

Hey guys,

I’m not really in your fandom, so you clearly don’t know me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shawn Mendes’s music and he seems to be a great guy, I even went to a show once, but I don’t follow his life and my blog isn’t about him at all.

However, I saw something on Instagram and then here. You, freaking out about him and that girl model, Hailey Baldwin I think?

So little story, I was a Directioner when I was a teenager. I remember the fandom, freaking out every time one of the guys got a new girlfriend. I saw so many people hating on these poor girls. It was crazy, really. But I did nothing to stop it. In fact, I wouldn’t talk on social media, but I was so freaking mad when Taylor Swift started dating Harry Styles, lol. God, I’m almost ashamed now.

So yeah, I understand how you feel. And I know that a small part of you, even if you would never admit that to anyone in this world, do believe that you have your chance with him. You imagine a life with him. He is the perfect boyfriend in your mind. And that’s why you’re so angry. Because you’re jealous, even if you don’t want to admit it.

You’re jealous, so you hate her. She rubs you the wrong way. You think she will be bad news. You think she might even change your fav. You don’t support the relationship. Maybe it’s even just some publicity stunt, right?

And I understand, I really do. I’ve been a teenager too, once. (god, I sound like I’m such an old lady. Let’s make one thing clear, I’m 19. Oh yeah, I just fucked up the whole thing now didn’t I?)

But now is the moment you’re going to hate me.

There’s, what, maybe a 0.000001% chance that you will be the one to end up with Shawn Mendes. So let’s be honest.

You’ll never be in a relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Not because you’re not pretty enough, or smart enough, or funny enough, or well, you get the point. You are all of that. You are enough. But he’s a celebrity. He will end up meeting so many people, so many other celebrities.

He will be in a relationship. Fall in love. Breakup. Do it all over again.

And it won’t be with you.

He loves his fan. I’m sure he does. But he doesn’t know you personally. And he is not in love with you.

I’m sorry, I really am. But you are wasting your time, hating on a girl you don’t know. You are hurting yourself and in the process, maybe hurting Shawn himself and his friend/girlfriend/fuckfriend, whatever she is.

Just be happy for him. Love his music. His personality. Supports him. But don’t get that into his personal life. It is none of your business, and you’ll be far happier the day that you’ll stop obsessing about what he is doing.

I know it’s hard, I know you don’t want to hear this and I’m ready to receive hate (well, I would rather not). But guys, calm down.

It’s so not worth it.


you and shawn had met when you were sixteen. his career was just beginning to take flight, but he couldn’t resist direct messaging the pretty girl he had stumbled upon through twitter. truth be told, when you first met, you had no clue who “shawn mendes” was. nevertheless the two of you got to talking, and soon became inseparable. he would fly you out to wherever in the world he was whenever you were available, and you could almost always be found backstage at a weekend concert of his. although you had a celebrity boyfriend, your school work was still very important to you. throughout the hectic traveling and ridiculously early call times shawn had, you still managed to finish high school with a 4.0 GPA.

the summer after graduation, you joined shawn for the north american leg of the “illuminate world tour”. you knew you were to be attending college in washington, d.c. in the fall, so you hoped to make the most of what could be your last summer with shawn. as the weeks led up to the final show, you knew you had to make a decision. go back to the long distance, and virtual relationship you and shawn once knew? or end things after a beautiful summer of love and touring? your classes were starting in just a week. the thought of leaving shawn made your heart more than anything, but you needed to focus on school work.

shawn was on a high after his show in boston. it was the last american date of the tour, and he was excited to have a bit of time off. while you were happy for him, you knew it was time to force yourself to decide. being long distance with him was how you guys started, but it was also how you almost ended. the both of you often felt the stress that a long distance relationship can bring. though you didn’t want to leave him, those memories helped you decide that it would be for the best. you told andrew and geoff your decision, begging them to not let shawn know. they understood and helped you book a flight home secretly.

it was 5 o'clock in the morning when you departed the tour bus to get on a flight home. you had written shawn a note, professing your love and explaining your decision. you were positive he’d be able to see the drops of your tears on the scratch paper you’d used. with a final sigh you placed a small kiss onto his forehead and left the vehicle you’d known as home for the past three months. geoff drove you to the airport, silent sobs falling past your lips the whole ride there. geoff’s voice occasionally broke the silence, reminding you that you didn’t have to do this, that he could turn around and bring you back the second you said you wanted to. he didn’t know how many times you almost begged him to return you to shawn. but you always ended up closing your lips.

eventually you parted ways with geoff too. you knew shawn was most likely already awake, pacing around and trying to figure out ways to get you back. your fears were confirmed when you heard his ringtone play from your phone as you went through airport security. it broke your heart to let it ring out, but you knew you had to. simply silencing the device would’ve been too much for you. as you settled into your seat, you wondered what shawn thought of your letter. the words you had debated writing still tattooed into your mind.

dear, shawny,
i’ll be long gone once you read this. i tried for weeks to figure out how we would work once i went to washington. no solution was full proof and i couldn’t bare to leave you with a girlfriend who couldn’t be with you all the time. that’s why i’m flying home and ending us here. i’ll still listen to your music and buy your merch, i’ll never stop supporting you. i hope you find a girl in hollywood that can understand you better than i could. i love you and i am always yours.

Thrilled as i am about this kiss, i’m also feeling slightly uneasy about it. Nicole is very proud of her job and is always professional, and of course Waverly is supportive of her and “ loves watching her work”, that’s evident, but i also think she sometimes doesn’t take Nicole’s job seriously or gives her the respect her position deserves, especially while being in uniform. Nicole is feeling pretty deflated because of the recent un- deputizing, so i think she’s holding a lot to herself atm to prove to whomever and  even herself what a great cop she really is, that she isn’t just “ Waverly’s Girlfriend” ( that said, i’m so happy we get some backstory and this season is exactly about that, Nicole being her own person and not just attached to the “ girlfriend” position)..

I’m just worried if Waverly putting moves on her ( more then just a quick kiss or hug) in a public setting, while in uniform is going to turn out so well. 

Of course in the scene Nicole could be totally on-board with any public display like that, and i’d be wrong, but just some words of thought.

EXO Reaction to their girlfriend understanding a dirty joke faster than them

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Am I the only one here that has a dirty mind… sometimes? xD Admin A~

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“Did you just… and I thought you were already perfect” *You are his definition of keeper*


“Oh girl… that’s just… too sexy” *Someone’s very very naughty*


*Still trying to understand the joke* “What’s going on??” *He’s an innocent boi*


*Can’t believe his ears* “This girl really… what will they think I’m teaching you?!”


*You’re definitely a turn on*


“Ohhhhh so you understood?! Want to share where you learned to think like that?” *Someone’s intrigued* 


“So tell me… do you understand what this means??? ;))))))”


*Probably not feeling very manly atm*


“How … what… you… did… dirty… understand…. jagi?” *Probably a lot of xxx images are forming inside his head* 


*This argument is invalid now*


“this all sounds very nice but… what are we talking about? Dirty clothes or what?”


“We need a family meeting here…. this is all your fault guys… now…it’s forbidden to speak in such terms while my girl is here… don’t corrupt her!”

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The Night We Met (Castiel x Reader)

A/N: this is my first imagine on here so don’t criticize it too much lol

Title: The Night We Met 

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

Sumarry: Cas and the reader have been together for a long time when he suddenly disappears with Lucifer’s bby mama. The reader is finally reunited with him, only to lose him again. Based on 12x23.

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“I had all and then most of you, some and now none of you.”


His voice. That was the first time in weeks that you’ve heard it. It didn’t even bother you that he called out the eldest Winchester’s name instead of yours.

Then you saw him.

You could feel the relief of seeing him alive and standing run through you. It was enough to knock the wind out of you.

Mary’s hand grip your arm, almost like she knew that you could fall at any second.

Your heart pounded harshly against your chest. All you wanted to do was hug him and never let go. Yet you couldn’t let go of how uneasy he has made you feel these past couple of weeks. Never knowing if he was alive or dead sure as hell took a toll on you.

You kept a straight face as Sammy asked him if the cabin was warded.

His eyes fell on you as he answered the youngest brother’s question. Though you forced yourself to look away, scoffing as you did so.

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2017 have been particularly hard for everyone.

Lots of things happened… there were good things, I honestly can’t deny it. But this year have been painful, stressful and depressing for all the people I know and I’m probably sure that it’s your case as well. Some of you might had a good year, and I’m glad for you.

This year had been particularly painful for my mental health, I don’t think I would have been able to go through it if it wasn’t from my girlfriend, friends and supporters. I was really lost in my head, I seek for help, I went to get help and even these days, I’m still working on myself. I’m constantly doubting myself, I’m not confident and I easily beat myself up whenever I do something wrong.

I am scared and worried of many things, but even then, I don’t want to give up, I want to stand up and do the best I can for the year following.

I did some stuff that I can be proud off this year, and it’s clearly to have step up against my parent’s opinion to fly away to Ohio and meet my best friend. This have been a nourishing experience. I fight my fear of the unknown and tried something new. I want to keep doing things this way… maybe not as recklessly, but I want to keep trying, I want to believe in myself and not hesitate anymore.

I hope for the best for the upcoming year. I want to believe that things will get for the better.

Happy new year everyone. 
I love you all.

It’s a Matter of Taste

This is my submission for the third prompt of the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon - Taste. Oliver asks Felicity to pretend to be his girlfriend for Queen Consolidate Board retreat. Also available on AO3.  Thanks to @almondblossomme for proofing!

He could do this, he could totally do this. Oliver paced back and forth in his office. He had no fear staring down the bad guys as the Arrow but asking Felicity Smoak to be his fake girlfriend for a cottage weekend, THAT terrified him.

“So, when are going to tell me what’s going on?” Felicity stood in the door of his office. “Oliver, I could see you pacing for the last five minutes. Your walls are glass.”

“I have to ask you something and you aren’t going to like it.”


“So, if you could not use your loud voice I’d appreciate it.”

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Beginning of 2017 to the end of 2017! I have high hopes for 2018!

At the beginning of this year I was jobless, depressing, anxious, and not eating or sleeping. I never let it show, but I was hurting deep down.

Now at the end of 2017 I am living in a new city with my awesome girlfriend of 9 years, I have a well-paying brand-new job, and I’m closer than ever to being the buff baddass I have always hoped to be. I really believe now that things do eventually get better.

Thank you to everyone on here that have helped and supported me. Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions and well-wishes, they mean a lot to me :)

Here’s to 2018, and I hope you guys have an awesome year as well. I’m always here to help you guys get started or to keep going!

traaashyaaash  asked:

would you do a gryffindor x slytherin thing?

Slytherin would constantly roll their eyes at Gryffindor’s antics, but with fondness. They would love gryffindor’s righteousness and readiness to fight EVERY FUCKING FIGHT THEY COME ACROSS LIKE SERIOUSLY GRYFF CHOOSE YOUR FUCKING BATTLES !! But on the other hand, the Gryffindor would help them sort out right from wrong when they get confused or too ruthless, and push them forward when they want to give up.

Gryffindor would love their Slytherin’s practicality, sarcasm (cause real talk here they are just dripping with it) and cunning. They would make the best pranks together, Slytherin helping Gryffindor be subtle enough that they don’t make it too blatant and get caught and devising schemes to give dark villains a run for their money.
They would also be very fucking scared of them sometimes. Especially when Slytherin talks about their exes :

Slytherin : so they cheated on me
Gryffindor : oh what a bitch !! Do you want me to ruin their lives for you ?
Slytherin : no need, already done.
Gryffindor : really ?
Slytherin : yeah I told their new girlfriend what they had done and that they were super controlling.
Slytherin : and I got several of their other exes to support my claim.
Slytherin : so now the whole school knows
Slytherin : and they got rejected several times because of it.
Slytherin : I thought about punching them in the face at first, but then I thought : why sully my hand and reputation as a calm person when I can just destroy their image ?
Gryffindor :
Gryffindor : you are terrifying.
Gryffindor : and i am never cheating on you ever.

Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he's with her



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I wish you happy Easter holidays!

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He knew it wasn’t the best idea to invite his friends to a dinner with you, but you really wanted to meet his friends. Most of them are famous film actors and some of them are musicians. He was very close with them but you weren’t. When they came in you heard loud greetings and laughing. They were really happy to see each other again. You entered the room and introduced yourself. You recognized most of them from the movies. It made you nervous knowing you were among so many famous people. But dinner was just starting and you were chatting with everyone and got close with a lot of them. At the end of the day, you were all really good friends. You wanted to tell T.O.P something but Yoo Haejin, his friend from movie Tazza: The Hidden Card started teasing him about your relationship.T.O.P gave him a scary look with his eyebrows up and his brown eyes staring at him. You laughed at his comment but you wondered what will T.O.P do. He looked at him for a minute or so and made a threat against him then… laughed. He laughed.
“What did she tell you? You’re gonna have a private dinner later?”
*stares at him for a minute* 

“You…. You…. I’m not gonna forgive you…. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH got you there hyung!”

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You were at home when Jiyong came and brought a few friends with him. You came to ask him why did he bring friends but when you saw Seungri and Taeyang you didn’t even bother. They were here a lot so you got used to it. They decided to watch a football match together here. You made popcorn and snacks and joined them. They were just chatting for a while but when Seungri noticed you were laying on Jiyong’s shoulder he started complaining. Jiyong is used to his complaints so he just ignored him as long as he could so he didn’t do anything. He just took a deep breath and prepared for all the words he’s about to hear.
*stares at him for a while* “Shut up.”

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You were in a car with Taeyang driving to one of his friend’s party. You loved going to parties with him because you met a lot of new people. Today you went to a theme party and the theme was black-white. You loved themed parties. You both wore matching clothes and to make everything interesting you both wore the same shoes, but yours were black and his white. You arrived at the party and people greeted you. His friend came and started teasing him about your relationship and he just laughed. He didn’t like to take jokes serious because jokes aren’t serious. That’s why they are called jokes. You were a little bothered about listening to jokes the whole party so when you came home you just wanted some silence.
“Just don’t kiss too much at my party, okay? Because I will stop you… From being cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
“ㅋㅋㅋ You will?”

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Daesung was in Japan and you didn’t have work this weekend so you decided to visit him. When you arrived you called him where he was, because he didn’t answer you called his manager and asked him for the key of his hotel room. You waited for him in a hotel room and he came with a friend. He was also a singer and famous for his amazing guitar skills. He was very happy to meet you and Daesung was surprised by your sudden visit, but he was happy though. When he started teasing him how cute you are together and what couple things you should buy, Daesung was a little embarrassed but happy because he was his really good friend. You both promised him you will buy those things.
“You must go and see the cherry blossom trees and buy matching phone cases…”
“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…okay, we will hyung…”

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He decided to take you with him to one of his friend’s club in Denmark. You were really excited to go to a club in Europe. When you arrived at the airport, his friend was already waiting for you. He greeted you with a joke about your relationship which you found really weird because this was your first meeting. Later at his club, he was still talking about your relationship. Seungri was of course bragging how awesome girlfriend you are and where have you been until now. He loved to joke and so did his friend. So when he teased him how to watch over you, so no one will try to flirt with you, he just laughed and promised he won’t take his eyes of you as always.
“You should watch her over, because there are so many blond handsome men over here, you know, hyung…”
“What? I was blond too and she likes me if I’m blond or not, right jagiya?”*looks at you with his puppy face waiting for an answer*

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“Buzzing”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 782

Requested: no

 Summary: Alfie accidentally outs you and Joe.


“Joe wake up,” you said shaking your boyfriend with a panic in your voice. His eyes opened suddenly and he immediately sat up. “What’s wrong?” He said widening his eyes to wake himself more. “They found out,” you said. Joe sat up completely knowing instantly what you were talking about. He grabbed his phone scrolling through all his notifications. 

He ran his hand through his hair. You sat down next to him scrolling through your Twitter reading all of the hateful comments. “How did they find out?” Your voice said cracking.  "I don’t know but stop reading those, “ he said pulling your head up and kissing your lips. You kissed back. You and Joe had been dating for a while now but had made it very specific that you didn’t want your relationship to be public. He pulled you close before Joe received a FaceTime call from Zoe. He sighed and answered. "Hey Zo,” he said.

 "Joe I’m so sorry,“ Zoe said. "Did you..” he asked but drifted off. “Joe and Y/n I’m so sorry. I didn’t even notice it in my video until the comments started rushing in and I rechecked the video if you want me to take it down I will,” Alfie said coming into the frame. You looked away from Joe’s phone, looking at the new notifications. “What video was it?” Joe asked. “My most recent vlog around 5 minutes in,” Alfie said right before Joe hung up the call. He grabbed his laptop and quickly pulled up Alfie’s video. Skipping to five minutes late like Alfie said, we quickly found the part of the video that had everyone buzzing

You and Joe stayed at Alfie’s two nights ago and you had to leave early before Joe to go meet your family that lives in Brighton. In the video, you could see clearly that Joe walked you to the door holding your hand. He cupped your face and kissed you before you gave him a smile and walked out.  You grabbed his laptop and scrolled down through the comments to skim through them. “Y/n,” he said pulling it away. “I just want to see,” you said quietly. 

“Will you film a video with me?” He asked. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” you said with a frown. “You don’t have to say anything just be there with me,” he said quietly. You thought about it for a second before nodding. He stood up and pulled on clothes quickly. He held out his hand for you to grab so you did. He helped you up and pulled you close, kissing your temple sweetly.  

You smiled lightly and he led you into his filming room. He already had everything set up he just had to turn his lights on, turn on his camera and check the mic. You sat down straightening out your romper not worrying about the messy bun that sat on the top of your head. He sat next to you and grabbed your hand before clearing his throat. 

“Hey, everyone. I know that it’s not Sunday but this needed to be uploaded now. Before we start this video, you can obviously see that I have a very special guest with me today. This is my girlfriend Y/n. Many of you may have already seen Alfie Deyes’ new vlog where he outed me and Y/n. We are not mad or upset with Alfie in any way, however, I am very disappointed in you guys. In one of Caspar’s recent videos when he interviewed me, I shared that if I were to have a girlfriend, I wouldn’t make my relationship public and this is exactly why. It appalls me some of the hate comments that she has received. She’s not a whore, she’s not a slag, in fact, you guys don’t know her at all. I love her and if you love me, what matters is that I’m happy with her. So please leave Y/n alone and thank you to those you are supportive of my relationship. That’s all I really have to say and I know this is kind of weird coming from me, but it definitely needed to be talked about. I’ll see you guys Sunday,” he said getting up and turning off his camera.

 That night, he edited his video to be able to upload it. You laid your head on his shoulder drifting off as he made his final touches. He uploaded it and set it aside before kissing your forehead. “I love you Y/n and I want you to know that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love you,” he said kissing your lips lightly letting you fall asleep.