i am a really supportive girlfriend

Okay, listen

I really love Jason Grace.

Jason “ready to stand up for a girl I don’t even know but these boys treated her like shit and I’m ready to fight for her” Grace

Jason “yikes Frank looks so sad I want to know what’s wrong with him because I care about him” Grace

Jason “It’s okay to be gay, I will still stand by your side and keep supporting you” Grace

Jason “you see this girl? yeah she’s my girlfriend and I am proud of her” Grace

Jason “I tried to change the way people treated the fifth cohort because that wasn’t fair” Grace

Jason Grace.

I really love Jason Grace.

Turning Me On

Request: Hi! Is it possible for you to write one where you and Shawn are dating and y/n is a Victoria’s Secret angel and Shawn goes to the show to support her and at the afterparty they mingle with everyone and he reveals to her how turned on he is about her performance and tells her everything he wants to do to her?

Word Count: 1,744

Turning Me On

“Shawn Mendes, welcome to the last Victoria’s Secret show this year” the interviewer said, sending me a plain smile.

“Thank you”

“Are you excited for this?”

“I am, really. I’ve never been to one before” I said, sending him another false but friendly smile.

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BTS REACTION - To finding out that their girlfriends are pregnant but they just had a really bad fight

  Hello guys! I’m here again, you are amazing, really . Thank you very much for the support, you don’t know how happy I am, you live in my heart, I love you <3


Rap Monster: He is paralyzed by the news, he looked at you without knowing what to say. “Jagi I’m sorry for everything I said … My God, I can not believe it!”

Jin: “What did you say? Seriously this? I am the happiest person in this world!” His smile was as honest as possible and he would hold you tightly. “I know we had a bad fight, but I love you so much and I think it is the right time for this … (Y | N) Marry me?”

Suga: He would be frightened by the situation and a little worried. “Are you sure? And you told me just now? You know how I always wanted to be a father! … I’m sorry for everything I said Jagi, I love you. ”

But inside he was like, “OMG I’ll be a father! I’m to be a father! I’m going to be a father!!”

J Hope: Once received the news a huge smile would appear on his face, “I can not believe it … We will have a baby! This is the best time of my life, I’m sorry Jagi, I swear that from now we will never fight, I love you so much! ”

Jimin: It will be completely excited forgetting the fight. “Are you serious? I’m going to be a father? I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!!”

V: He would stare at you for a few seconds without believing in the news and then begin to jump like a very happy child “I swear that I will be the best dad in the world! Sorry for fighting with you, this will not happen again. " 

Jungkook:  "I do not believe this! I have to imagine how it will be, I will teach you how to dance and sing. I know we had a bad fight, but I swear it will never happen. I love you so much!”

~ADM Jiminye

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Hi, I was wondering if you and Michelle are really dating? I see the tags and I was just curious.

i call her my girlfriend and i like her lots. 💕 @beanboyjoseph

but unfortunately, no we are not “dating”. but we don’t mind being shipped and we like being cute and all over each other and each other’s blogs so sorry guys.

our love is a special one and i just really appreciate her existence. she makes me really happy and i know i can turn to her for help or support. all in all, i just love her.

and yes i am accepting relationship applications. please submit them here.

there are requirements:
-be over 19
-love on all your pets
-be kind
-you gotta like twenty one pilots bc thats all i listen to and play

(im jk about the app but i mean tell me about yourself anyway. you never know)

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I just looked at the Questions for karlie to recommended book <The Feminine Mystique>, and found the thing is going to focus on feminist girls have a little gay, because I am also very concerned about women's rights (Yes, I'm gay 😳), my girlfriend sister is a very strong feminist (Yes, she is gay too😂), so I think karlie and taylor🌝🌝.Such ideas do not know whether there are related, but it is reminiscent of the elegant😅

Babe I don’t really understand your ask! Publishing anyway.

I haven’t read the book but I think the gist is for women to have a education, a fulfilling job and life of their own and not to be defined by their role as (a man’s) wife and a mother.

And for sex to be enjoyable and not for procreation only.

I would hope we had gone way beyond this but under Trump administration perhaps not.

It’s good to understand the historical context I guess. Karlie is already living this ‘feminist’ life.

(I so love the Dior blend of beautiful clothes and empowering messages. Great to see Karlie there in Paris and last night and hope she features more)



 “ @jackgilinsky: Seeing more & more of my supporters accept the fact that I am with this girl is an unexplainable feeling. I was always afraid of the reaction we might get from being together, but I’ve realized that I can’t let other people make decisions for me. She makes me so happy & is the most supportive girlfriend a guy could ever ask for. I am beyond lucky to have her in my life. I hope all of my supporters can learn to accept it & understand why I am with her, because she isn’t going anywhere & all I really want is for everyone to be happy. 


Some photos over my short time coming to terms with who I am. I came out to my girlfriend only last year. And Since then she has been so supportive and loved me while I learn who I am. Its been slow since she’s the only one who knows and its almost embaresing posting pics since I’m really just starting but I like who I am more everyday. And I look forward to my future


Hey guys.. I’ve got something to say. I know this probably doesn’t matter to you guys at all and you probably don’t care cause I’m just some random stranger on the internet…
But, one anon asked about my gender not too long ago. I didn’t know how to answer. So here it is. I thought about it a lot and my girlfriend was really helpful and supportive of me while writing this.
I am transgender. I know that the majority of tumblr sees that as something totally normal but I’m still really insecure about it and I’m still afraid you guys aren’t gonna like me anymore.
Only a select number of my friends- and my girlfriend- know about it. Not my parents or anything. I told my support worker I was questioning and he was totally supportive. My girlfriend ( ailurophile-in-distress )and her cousin who is also my friend, are going to help me get my school on board too. Like changing my name on the attendance, letting the students know, etc. And my school is a really supportive and welcoming place especially for people like me.
In case you were wondering, I am 110% male. I may not have a dick or a flat chest but that doesn’t make me any less of a boy.
I really want to thank my friends ( pegasistersrock , sad-teen-16 , hailthegay , and a few more) for addressing me as ‘Dylan’ and using he/him pronouns for me even if I do look female that day. I especially want to thank my beautiful girlfriend for wanting to stay with me even though I’m not cis and not judging that fact at all. She’s been super supportive and is part of the reason I’m even telling you guys this. It must be hard dating a guy with a vagina. But honestly, we’re both asexual so body parts really don’t matter anyways.
I don’t know how or when I’m going to tell my parents about who I am. I guess once my school, friends, and followers are aware, it’ll be easier to come out to family. I do have ‘Dylan’ in brackets at the end of my name on Facebook and I am out on Instagram already. I really hope that all of you understand and will accept me as who I am. And if any of my followers are questioning their gender or sexuality, or are just stuck in the closet, I am always here to support you and help you figure out who you are. I’m here for all of you.

Friends (Suga x Reader)

Requested by thedawnsky: Hello i rly love ur stories omg however i am so new to tumblr.. can i pls req me and yoongi scenario in which he is being a super badass yet my hero bestfriend who cured me from broken hearted pls 😂 actually i am broken hearted now thanks.. 

 [[A/N: I tried my best … I hope it’s sort of similar to what you had in mind]] 


Parties … You absolutely hated them yet you couldn’t seem to avoid them. Well you couldn’t exactly avoid them, you had to make an appearance to support your boyfriend - Changjo. You never really understood the life of an idol/actor but from what you could understand the parties were due to him winning awards for his great performance on-screen. 

He had promised that he would introduce you to the public as his girlfriend, which you were looking forward to but you were just happy being there to support him. You had invited Suga - your bestfriend to also attend the event. At first he didn’t want to go so you literally had to beg him until he finally gave in to you. Changjo never really appreciated Suga because of how close he was to you.

At the party, Suga stayed sitting in an open booth the whole time - narrowing his eyes in annoyance and closely observing everyone. It was so obvious that he didn’t want to be here therefore you took the opportunity to sit next to him while Changjo was talking to some of the people he worked on set with in Sweden Laundry.

“Jal jinaesseoyo?” You lightly nudged him “When are we leaving?” He sighed in exasperation whilst rubbing his eye with his index “Soon, I promise.” You sat up readying yourself to leave “You said that last time. Yah! Eodiga?” He grabbed on to your wrist but quickly let go when he saw Changjo coming your way “_____~ah where were you? I was looking for you everywhere.” Before you could even get to exhale he interrupted you “I’m going to do my speech soon.” You nodded “Don’t worry I’ll be there.” You reached to peck his cheek and he slightly jerked his head back “I need to go!”

Suga rolled his eyes at your boyfriends behaviour “What’s wrong?” You frowned not understanding what Suga’s problem was “What’s wrong is that you’re letting this pabo treat you like you’re his bitch. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to see you being treated like that, you deserve to be treated with respect.” You took a quick glance at Changjo who was gesturing for you to hurry up “He’s just really stressed out tonight. He treats me very well, I mean he buys me stuff and provides a lot for me … He loves me.” Suga chuckled softly “You call that love?! Is that really someone you should be calling your boyfriend?” You looked at Suga in disbelief still very confused by how he was being “What are you even talking about?” Suga tried to hold back on to what he was going to say but he couldn’t stop himself … He had to tell you no matter how much the truth would hurt “He’s cheating on you.”

However, you weren’t able to process this therefore assuming that he had too much soju “Suga … How much did you drink?” He blinked a few times puzzled by what you were implying “I … you do realise I’ve only been drinking water.” In the small distance you heard everyone clapping and cheering for Changjo as he made his way to the stage with a couple of his bodyguards. You yanked Suga’s wrist as you made your way through the crowd.

Changjo started talking about his award along with how priceless the time he spent on the set of Sweden Laundry and this whole time you were anticipating for him to get to the part when he would reveal your relationship “… Actually, tonight is all about someone really special to me. This woman holds a very special place in my heart and I love her very dearly. I promised her that I would reveal our relationship at this event today.” Your heart rate fastened by the minute “I met Song Ha Yoon on the set of Sweden Laundry and I knew that the first time I saw her that she was the one.”

Wait … What? “Who the hell is Song Ha Yoon?!” You muttered under your breath. Suga shrugged, he was too focused looking at Song Ha Yoon walking on the stage linking her arm with Changjo’s. This time your heart wasn’t racing in excitement - it was out of anger … Out of betrayal. Where the hell did this girl come from?! Was it possible that Changjo is actually cheating on you or is he cheating on her with you? You had no time to really think about it. As your emotions had taken over your actions you literally pushed your way through the crowd to enable yourself to climb on the stage. You really didn’t care who was watching … You were furious.

Finally getting on the stage, Changjo did his best to avoid looking at you. His eyes stayed fixated on Song Ha Yoon as she sort of hid behind him. You tried approaching him but he took a few steps backwards “Is this a joke? Who is she?” Tears were threatening to roll on to your cheeks but you did your best to restrain them “Changjo~ah do you know this girl?” Ha Yoon slightly shook his arm. Changjo glared at you for a while before replying back to Ha Yoon “I have no idea who she is” You felt so disappointed and deceived that you couldn’t help but allow the tears to ruin your ‘perfect’ make up “Jinjja?! You don’t know me … Okay, fine.” Even though you were upset your tone remained very calm. Suga had also managed to climb the stage - you hadn’t noticed that he was behind you the whole time. “Guards! Take this intruder away” Ha Yoon pointed at you, Changjo lowered Ha Yoon’s arm “Hajima”

It was too late, two guards held you as you struggled from their grasp. Instantly, Suga came to get the guards off of you “Let go of her.” Changjo also came to help you out of the guards grasp “Please let her go” he then faced you “I’m so sorry … I just - I wanted to tell you about her but-” At that moment you wanted to seriously injure him except someone had beaten you to it. Suga punched Changjo so hard on the face that Changjo had passed out.

Suga pulled you along whilst running off the stage and out of the building where the event was being held. He managed to get out without being stopped by the bodyguards - mainly because he outran most of them.

A few hours went by. Suga had suggested for you to come to his house as you usually did when you were upset. You sat beside him on his couch with your knees close to your chest “I should have listened to you. All along you were right. I wasn’t his girlfriend. Following his orders like a dog … I was his bitch. Thank you so much for always being there for me. You’re my hero.” Subjects like this usually made Suga very uncomfortable so the best way he could console you was by gently patting your shoulder “He didn’t deserve you. It really pains me seeing you being mistreated.” A hot fresh tear was slowly falling. Suga wiped away your single tear with his thumb “Princesses shouldn’t cry.” You looked at him pouting your lips “I’m not a princess.” He started playing with your cheeks “No? Fine you’re not a princess. You’re MY princess whether you like it or not.” He genuinely made you smile - much more than Changjo used to. “Where is all this cheesiness coming from?” He gave you his signature gummy grin “You started it … Besides, every princess needs a hero, right?” You started laughing “No, this is the most random conversation I’ve ever had with you.” His eyebrows raised “What exactly are you trying to imply?! You are way more random than me … You literally started this conversation”

All laughter had drowned. You and Suga looked into each other’s eyes intensely waiting for the other to react or just do something. The both of you started leaning in towards each other until both of your lips were pressed against each other, lips heating at the mere act of being in contact with each other. It took you by surprise however at the same time it didn’t. It wasn’t the first time you had been intimate with Suga … Before your relationship with Changjo, you and Suga used to mess around all the time just as friends. You pulled away pretty quickly feeling butterflies in your stomach - he always seemed to make you feel a certain way. “Suga?” You whispered “You don’t always have to call me Suga. You’re my bestfriend, I would expect you to know my real name by now.” You could feel your body getting hotter almost as if your blood was boiling under your skin “Yoongi~ah” you unintentionally breathed out making his heart skip a beat.

“Perfect” he mumbled placing his hands at your hips. “Do you remember how you always used to tell me you wanted to go to Hong Kong?” You hummed in response “Well, I can send you there tonight.” You literally had no idea what he was talking about “How?” He gave your neck short and rushed kisses “Watch” suddenly his hand unbuttoned your shorts - tugging down on them until he was able to throw them off. His fingers hooked onto your panties carefully pulling them off aswell. 

He positioned himself at your core … You had finally caught on by what he meant when he said he’ll be sending you to Hong Kong tonight. His tongue painted your folds unhurriedly several times causing you to grind closer to his face. “Yoongi” you moaned his name while your fingers made their way to his hair, playing with them a bit.

Suddenly, he started flicking his tongue rapidly at your clit - you found yourself in an immense trance of pleasure, no longer able to control the noises that came out of your mouth. The crazier your moans sounded the more encouraged he felt to turn you into an even bigger moaning mess.

He grabbed on to your thighs, holding you down very still to ensure you weren’t going to twitch at the subtle movements of his tongue. His gaze drove you insane … You didn’t know how he could concentrate on working your warmth up with his tongue while his eyes stayed fixated on you, searching deep in your soul. You couldn’t take it anymore, you grabbed a handful of his hair tugging quite harshly which seemed to amuse him because he started groaning while sucking on your labia. Sure, it felt amazing but you felt as though you were being punished with excessive pleasure.

It had been quite a while since any guy had given you that amount of gratification and satisfaction. When you were with Changjo he would usually just have sex for his benefits, never for yours and once he was satisfied enough he let you finish yourself off.

But with Yoongi it was different, he wouldn’t stop until your body would lose full control of its actions. So be it he pushed you to your limit. You could feel your juices already beginning to trickle down your thigh, he licked your thigh to clean up the mess then thoroughly moving on to swallowing all of your juices - Yoongi was so proud of the affect his tongue had on you but he wanted to give you more. Much more despite the fact that you were exhausted.

You tried catching your breath seeing the huge bulge developing in his trousers. “Are you tired?” Yes, should have been your original answer yet you shook your heard vigorously. He started unbuckling his belt, unzipping his zip and taking off his trousers. You took the time to take your top off - for some strange reason you had decided to not wear any bra on that day but you never knew it would come to your advantage. Finally, all of the remaining distracting clothes Yoongi had were off. His bare pale flesh revealed in the moonlight’s source through his window “Beautiful” you muttered absolutely dumbfounded by how amazing it felt to admire the body of a person before actually having sex with them. You ran your hands all over his body before allowing him time to prepare himself into sliding in between your legs. 

 -admin blxnktae

BTS reaction to their girlfriend having beauty surgery (removing an imperfection from her face like a mole etc.)

I’m doing this bc I’m having one on Saturday~~  wish me luck ohmygod


I think that he would be really concerned about the change and if it’s really worth it to go under the knife for a small imperfection that actually makes you who you are. He wouldn’t let this side of him show though and support your decision.

Suga: If it will make you more confident in yourself and the way you look then who am I to stop you. I’ll still love you endlessly with or without it.


He would be scared for you. I imagine him as the type of guy who would ask you multiple times if you’re sure that you want to do it and if you’re familiar with the side effects the surgery may have.

Y/N: I’m sure that I want to do it oppa

Jin: Okay… but are you 101% sure you’re familiar enough with this type of surgery?

*opens a 30 slide PowerPoint presentation about the topic*


He would be a combination of both Jin and Suga. Jimin would be scared about the surgery and make sure to read about the thing you want to remove and if it threatens your health in some way, but he wouldn’t want you to be unsure about the choice you made and will fully support you on doing it.

Jimin: Are you sure that the clinic is specialized in this type of stuff? 

Y/N: Yes, my dermatologist actually suggested it and said that he knows a surgeon that can do the procedure safely.

Jimin: I believe you jagi, if you’ll be more confident without it then I’m with you.


I think that he wouldn’t want you to do it just because he couldn’t take the thought of you going in a hospital and getting something from your face removed with a sharp object or a laser.


Y/N: Kookie they’re not cutting my face it’s just a-


Y/N: Jeon Jungk-

Jungkook: nO

Rap Monster

Namjoonie would be really supportive because he doesn’t want to see you not being confident in your looks. He would definetly organize the whole thing and search for the best clinic.

Rap Monster: Just know that I love you with or without your little imperfections


Hobie is also going to be a really supportive boyfriend and before you go to do the procedure he will constantly tell you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.

J-Hope: Jagiya~~

Y/N: Hm~?

J-Hope: You look so beautiful today I think that my heart would burst because of your beauty

Y/N: Aw Hobie-

J-Hope: No, seriously, look, it goes: *gif*


Tae secretly loves that little imperfection of yours, he would bathe you in compliments just so you don’t remove it and make you feel comfortable with it.

V: Jagiya~~~ your mole is sexy~~

Y/N: ??

V: I would 10/10 kiss you more if you don’t take this procedure~~


Hey there, I’m Chris! And it’s taken me a while to come to this realization, but I thought today is a good a day as any to come out and say that I identify as genderfluid (he/she). It’s been a long time coming, as my family raised me very conservatively. It took me 4 years to: find tumblr, realize LGBT+ people weren’t evil, beginning to relate to various androgynous/feminine characters, admitting to myself that I want to try wearing a skirt, and finally having an amazing girlfriend (@tsami) who actively supported me in trying on skirts and looking into gender identity.

I’m really happy now that I can put my finger on a missing piece of me. And if it turns out that after a while, this label doesn’t fit me correctly, I’m not afraid to change it. I love who I am, even if I’m a boy for a week and a girl one day and then a boy again. And I’m overjoyed that I can look at least okay in a skirt :D

(also submitting this to @genderfluidsuggestion selfie day!)

@jackgilinsky: Seeing more & more of my supporters accept the fact that I am with this girl is an unexplainable feeling. I was always afraid of the reaction we might get from being together, but I’ve realized that I can’t let other people make decisions for me. She makes me so happy & is the most supportive girlfriend a guy could ever ask for. I am beyond lucky to have her in my life. I hope all of my supporters can learn to accept it & understand why I am with her, because she isn’t going anywhere & all I really want is for everyone to be happy. (Yes, I’m wearing a straw hat & overalls.. Don’t ask.)

I am fucking incredible

I’ve become that person who, if you need someone to give you housing and other help, I will support you until you get back on your feet. 

I’ve been working like, 30 hours a week at my minimum wage job in order to support myself, my baby, and unfortunately my fiance who is out of work atm, also his brother and pregnant girlfriend just moved in with us and his dad is coming to live with us before the end of the month. 

On top of that, I’m juggling school, motherhood, and housework. (plus my totally bitchin’ tumblr account)


But it’s totally worth it because I know- UNDENIABLY- that I go above and beyond everyone’s expectations of a “teen mom” every. single. day. 

My life as a transexual, Pt. 10

The ending of the my life story that I wrote one year ago:

As previously stated my situation have gotten alot better. I have my own place, people around me who support me and accept me for who I am and my girlfriend who means everything to me.

But it’s isolated here, so most of the days I just sit around without really doing anything. I see how my body falls back into being more and more masculine since I don’t have the energy to do anything about it.
I lost most of the friend I had when I had to move away for a while, so most of the social contact I have is either by phone or internet.
So it gets rather lonely here and those who I talk to through the internet usually just wants to speak to me since I am trans. Because apparently that’s a cool thing.
There’s also way to many people who try to flirt simply because I’m trans, which just seems strange. Why would you specifically go for someone who isn’t happy with themselfs?

I don’t really get why alot of people seem to talk to me simply because I’m transsexual. There’s really nothing cool about it, it’s just something that brings me down everyday since I feel like I’m born into the wrong body. That’s not cool, it’s horrible.
People seem to think that I’m strong since I live they way I want. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m strong in any way.
Sure, I live as I want even though people around me may give me shit for that, but I’ve also done alot of bad things in my life.
To be yourself is important, but it does not necessarily make you a good person.

There’s alot of reason behind why I’m where I am today. I’ve been weak, I’ve done alot of things wrong and made the people around me feel bad.
I always try to change that and become a better person, but saying that I’m strong when I’ve done so much wrong seems kind of wrong.

There’s no real point to this entry, but I just wanted to say that just because I’m living as myself does not automatically make me a strong person.
But I always try to become a better person, and that’s what’s important.

So, that’s the end to the story I wrote one year ago. Not much has happened since, but I will atleast make one more post to make sure that the story at least gets to the present.
But that’s it for now atleast!

Seventeen reaction

“How would Dino, Vernon, Woozi, Jun and Joshua react if they noticed that you didn’t buy their album but illegally downloaded it”

Dino: “Im glad you are supporting our music babe but i dont want to visit my girlfriend in jail. Just be careful” 

Originally posted by the8ght

Vernon: “ahh illegally?” He’d say lightly. “I’m not disappointed in you, but i wish you told me earlier i could’ve done something. 

Originally posted by mountean

Woozi: “You- illegally why? But I could’ve easily given you a copy, you didn’t have to do that. You could’ve gotten in big trouble” 

Originally posted by mountean

Jun: “y/n, You know thats not safe. What if you had gotten scammed or worse? Just promise me to never do it again.” 

Originally posted by minghaon

Joshua: “Babe i really am thankful for you wanting to support us so much but i dont think that downloading it illegally was the right thing to do” 

Originally posted by jisood

You know what? I am so ready for romantic Riarkle. 

I’m ready for the hand holding, the goofy smiles directed at each other, the way they’ll both beam when they introduce the other as their “boyfriend/girlfriend”, for some adult to comment on how “adorable” they are (like the librarian in GM Boy) 

but I’m like really ready for them to overcome obstacles together as a couple like Corpanga did in Boy Meets World so many times. I want to see them fight then make up, support each other no matter what (well they pretty much already do this) maybe break up but have it only be for a few episodes because they actually can’t be apart for too long. I don’t know if the show will ever get to marriage territory like it did back in the 90′s - different time and all that jazz - but I want Riley and Farkle to go as far as this show will let them go.

Wouldn’t that just be so amazing to watch?

jackgilinsky: Seeing more & more of my supporters accept the fact that I am with this girl is an unexplainable feeling. I was always afraid of the reaction we might get from being together, but I’ve realized that I can’t let other people make decisions for me. She makes me so happy & is the most supportive girlfriend a guy could ever ask for. I am beyond lucky to have her in my life. I hope all of my supporters can learn to accept it, because she isn’t going anywhere & all I really want is for everyone to be happy.

Yes, I’m wearing a straw hat & overalls.. Don’t ask.

Martha Hunt Calls Calvin Harris "Fabulous" and Gushes About Being in Taylor Swift's Squad

Martha Hunt seems to have it all.

Whether she’s strutting her stuff on the catwalk of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or she’s hanging out with her famous friends, the Angel is always making movies and having a great time. E! News caught up with Hunt at WSJ. Magazine’s fifth annual Innovator Awards where she told us all about one of her BFFs, Taylor Swift , and the upcoming fashion show.

Having appeared in T.Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood,” Hunt described it as one of her favorite experiences because it allowed her to hang out with her closest friends.

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of a Taylor Swift video?” she asked E! News rhetorically. “It’s so great to have great girlfriends that have your back during this crazy time in the limelight. It’s been really great having such good, supportive friends.”

She added, “I am so lucky!”

Although there are probably many redeeming qualities about the “Wildest Dreams” singer, Hunt said her favorite part about her gal-pal is how she’s just “an amazing human being.” Whether she’s meeting and greeting fans or donating to charity, Hunt said she’s just great.

But such an amazing person would need an equally great partner, which Swift has found in Calvin Harris. Hunt told us that not only has she met the EDM DJ, she has also gone out with them!

“He’s fabulous,” Hunt said of Harris. “I’ve been on a lot of group dates, that’s for sure!”

Oh to be part of those outings! But for the next week she’ll be plenty of busy focusing on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which she said would be “the best show ever.”

“There will be some very exciting surprises!” she teased. “It’s really really sexy.”

We can’t wait to see!